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Review #26, by DracoMalfoyLover Consummation FTW!

9th December 2010:
I love this story! It's, like, the best! Oh, and just 'cause before we could say anything random, Russell Brand just said that Scotland is like England's Canada! Oh, I just love late night shows!

Sorry for the randomness...

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Review #27, by Guerilla Tragic Tony the Scarface (Ian, for short)

8th December 2010:
I don't care about Max's "plight" or your friend who got in a car wreak. I just care about Max getting laid. Or anyone else, for that matter.

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Review #28, by Miley Cyrus Looks Like a Pickle! Is He CRAZY?!? Oh. Wait. Of Course He Is. He's a Marauder.

8th December 2010:
Live, live, God damn it! Get her with, er, Jimmy! Or... erm... Jackson! Or somebody!

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Review #29, by Miley Cyrus Looks Like a Pickle! Part Three of Three: The Clean-Up

8th December 2010:
Why didn't Hattie or Lily or Eira get in trouble, but Max did?!?!

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Review #30, by Miley Cyrus Looks Like a Pickle! Under the Bleachers

8th December 2010:
Snape called James a Mudblood. He's a pure-blood. And why was Max put in detention? And is Lucy and Jeanne Irish?

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Review #31, by Miley Cyrus Looks Like a Pickle! Follow the Yellow Brick Road...wait, WHAT?

7th December 2010:
Atelectasis. That's probably the type of lung disease Max would have. Look it up, if you wish. And BTW, this is really good! More than 100,000 words and your not even done!

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Review #32, by Shannon I Love You, Remus Lupin

23rd September 2010:
THIS is amazing, i just spent so many hours reading this non stop, i had to continue, its amazing. bravo. (:

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Review #33, by emilysoxo I Love You, Remus Lupin

15th August 2010:
hey! i reallly like this fic!! just some notess
i like your diction, word choice etc its funny and pleasant to read.
max is great and i love all the characters :]
i would work on the actual...action a little? the prank chapter was absolutely amazing but the second prank/ adventure - the whole retrieving of the files could have been more exciting if it had been harder to actually doo. im sure theres more to the situation but it was a great opportunity for something really funny or really dramatic- espionage is alwayss fun. and it was resolved in a way that was neither.
yeah so i think thats it. i love love this story dont get me wrong! and will def
keep up with it. maybe try experimenting with suspense factors to give your story a real kick!
OH. and the summary in the beginning is a bit off putting.
this fic is up there with some of the really really good marauder ones, its quite different too, but instead of original... the summary comes off just weird? a james/oc dying girl thing?
you could play off the athletic-girl type [ everybody loves ze fifth marauder types] and then bring up the dying thing with the lung illness [ oh the drama! art of breathing type] and thenn weave in something about boyss in general- since she has an eye for quite a few of them .. or a lot of them are interested in her [ the ideal type of life sort. like... coming back a swan. or really any fic lol] idk... just an idea! to help popularize this fic because again, its a gem!
cheeerss and update quickly!

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Review #34, by Radioactive I Love You, Remus Lupin

10th August 2010:
ISSHEPREGNANT ISSHEPREGNANT UPDATE? Pretty please with batman on top??

I really need to get some sleep.

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Review #35, by LunaLovegood72 I Love You, Remus Lupin

28th June 2010:
I like quick updates, but I saw that this was up but didn't get to read it until today and was sad! Haha. the chapter was surprising - especially the whole dying-because-of-a-cold thing. It seemed like you were rushing to get this chapter out, and it kind of feels like you're rushing toward the end and that's making it less funny/interesting. Sorry... I'm trying to be honest :-/ I still love the story, though! :)

The "I'm closer to the situation than you might think" line of Remus's seemed kind of mysterious... are we going to find out why? Or does he just mean because he's a werewolf? I thought Max knew he was a werewolf... wait, does she? Now I can't remember! So... um... I have a question... Does Max already know that Remus is a werewolf?

PS Remus is awesome.

And when is there going to be more happy brother-sister relationship stuff? :-P

Quick updates are awesome :) I'm using way too many smiley faces in this review... I think that means it's time to say bye bye 'til next time! Which should be soon, okay please? PLEASE?!? Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Author's Response: Never apologize for honesty!!! I'm sorry it seems rushed, I'll really try and do better. The last thing I want to do is ruin the story with a lame/rushed ending!
About Remus: the situation is complicated. Snape told Max that Remus was a werewolf during their detention together, but she just sort of blew it off. Then later, after the huge prank, she saw Remus's scars and sort of put two-and-two together. But since so much happened after that, that was sort of the last we've seen of the issue. So, as far as Remus knows, Max has no idea that he is a werewolf, and hasn't ever told her. We'll definitely hear more about it next chapter!
Thanks for the review! I appreciate you taking the time! :D

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Review #36, by Megan Elaine I Love You, Remus Lupin

21st June 2010:
i love this chapter!
and excellent quick updating!

Author's Response: Thanks :D Glad you liked it!!

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Review #37, by Jamesie Poo I Love You, Remus Lupin

20th June 2010:
I'm addicted to your story. Really.
The only thing that bothers me is that Max isn't... WITH James, if you know what I mean. 'Cos there's Jimmy, Ian, Remus, SIRIUS and Jack and you can never be completly sure who she likes at the moment.
I really hope it's James. Although Jimmy's kind of cool too, I guess, but not the guy-with-Max type. Um.
Ian is really not in the 'boyfriends' category, Remus or Sirius will be just too mean, and I do suspect that Sirius IS in love with Max. Even if it's just a pasing crush.
Oh, and is Max pregnant?! I thing so. (:
Anyway, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. I hope you'll update soon!
I really like your writing! :P
You're one of my favorites authors.
Good luck~

Author's Response: Thank you so so much! I really appreciate your feedback and predictions and whatnot! :P It's reviews like this one that keep me writing!

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Review #38, by naflower05 I Love You, Remus Lupin

17th June 2010:
Great chapter!!! i liked this chapter more than the last one too, dont know why though. hmmm... well update again soon!! =]

Author's Response: I'm glad! Thanks for the review, and I'll do my best to get the next chapter out ASAP!

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Review #39, by tinydancerm I Love You, Remus Lupin

17th June 2010:
I miss Ian so I am thrilled that he is back!

Jimmy! Love that dude and I completely want to run my fingers through those dreads! You didn't answer the most important question of all IS SHE PREGGO, KNOCKED UP, WITH A BUN IN THE OVEN. I need to know.

Yeah, me + suspense = disaster.

Loved this chapter especially the quick update.

p.s. are you ever going to mate a MTA page?

Author's Response: I'm trying to make a MTA page, hopefully it will be up soon! :D And as for the pregnancy thing...well, we'll see :) Sorry to keep you in suspense!
I love Jimmy too! Which is why I HAD to add him into the story again soon! We'll definitely be seeing more of him in the next few chapters!
Thanks for the great review!!

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Review #40, by moony12 Becoming Benjamin

16th June 2010:
IS MAX PREGGERS? Because methinks that would be a rlly good idea! You continue to amaze me! can't wait till next chapter, update SOON!

Author's Response: Kay, I'll do my best :) Fanks lots, darling!

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Review #41, by Megan Elaine Becoming Benjamin

16th June 2010:
omggg weird! shes pregnant!
But, good chapter!
A tad rushed, but oh well. Still wonderful!

Author's Response: Yes, sorry about it being rushed :( But thanks so much for reviewing anyway!!! :)

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Review #42, by asianvoice Becoming Benjamin

16th June 2010:
I do hope you update soon, because I positively love this story. I kind of miss Jimmy though, in all honesty, and I miss Jackson too. I can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Jimmy will begin to show up more in the next couple of chapters, and Jackson and Ben too! Thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #43, by naflower05 Becoming Benjamin

15th June 2010:
Great chapter! Is she really pregnant? I hope not, that would really suck! Update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: I'll do my best! Thanks for the review!

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Review #44, by LunaLovegood72 Becoming Benjamin

15th June 2010:
You did not post for so long that I have forgotten how to post long and rambling reviews! Oh well. Here goes my pathetic attempt!

I liked the A/N in the middle. I felt that it really added to the story :) Okay, maybe not, but it was funny.

The problem I had with this chapter was that you transitioned so suddenly from a rather depressing situation to an extremely funny one. It seemed a little bit too mood-swingy to me. I think it might be because I did not like the tranquilizer idea... sorry :( It just REALLY doesn't make sense. Even if it wasn't really supposed to, it just seemed way out of character for Mrs. Potter.

Um. I found the beginning sufficiently suspenseful. I was confused about the heightened magical abilities, though - you've probably mentioned it, but I don't remember...

The Max-as-Ben-pretending-Max-is-dead thing was kind of depressing..., especially because there was NOT ENOUGH BEN!!! (The real one, I mean)

You freaked me out there for a moment with the pregnant thing! Haha... but that would make for an extremely interesting mini-plot thing!

The chapter did seem quite forced and rushed, but on the bright side, at least you posted an update!

Speaking of procrastination, it's time to start studying for the math final that I have tomorrow! (I've only been procrastinating for the past... oh, say, 5 hours or so... I FEEL YOUR PAIN. :) )

Thank you for updating! Please update soon(er)!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I appreciate all of your opinions! So, to address some of the things you mentioned...
1. I also felt that it was too rushed, but honestly I find myself in a tricky situation because I really need to finish up this story because I am honestly just too busy to continue updating forever and ever. At the same time, I know it is important to keep up the quality of the story, because I owe it to my readers. So I guess I need to somehow find away to do both of those :)
2. I understand what you're saying about Mrs. does seem out of character at first. But what I was picturing when I wrote it was that she cares so much for Max, and seeing her upset (Mrs. Potter didn't know what Max was going on about) just made her want to help in any way she could. I didn't see it so much as Mrs. Potter knocking her out, just helping her calm down a bit. Okay, this is a really lame excuse, I know, but sometimes when I'm writing my mind works in mysterious ways, which is why I need lovely reader such as yourself to point these mistakes out to me :)
3. The heightened magical abilities were mentioned before, in the chapter with one of her tutors, I believe. And you probably don't remember it because it's been so long since you've read the story due to lack of updates :(
4. There will definitely be more Ben in the next chapter :D
5. The reason it seemed forced/rushed is because I started writing it before finals, right after the last chapter update, and then stopped for ages before picking up again. So my line of thought was sort of lost.
6. Good luck on your math final! I know how stressful those can be!
Well, there you go! Hope this clears some things up (it really doesn't, does it? Oh well, I tried.) and thank you SO MUCH for your review, despite the general crapiness of the chapter. I'm so lucky to have such loyal readers who stick with me no matter what :) Thank you!

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Review #45, by a rollerball Becoming Benjamin

15th June 2010:
gr update sooner, your story is amazing, i want to read it all, please :) :') thank you xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll do my best! Your reviews are EXTREMELY appreciated :)

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Review #46, by Aimeeee Becoming Benjamin

15th June 2010:
Two months since your last update. TWO MONTHS. Thanks a lot.
On a brighter note, awesome chapter! I'm excited to see where this whole pregnancy scare thing leads. Honestly, I don't really care how/why her parents died, I just want drama :P
Is the ball thing going to be next chapter? I hope so! I have a feeling something excitig is looming :D
Anyway, good luck with your little disease thing (haha) and hurry up and write more, because I LOVE YOUR STORY!!

Author's Response: I know, everyone is very upset with me and I deserve it :( But thanks for reviewing anyway, I love hearing your thoughts even if they are angry ones! And thanks for the compliments regarding my story, I do appreciate them, truly! :)

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Review #47, by tinydancerm Becoming Benjamin

14th June 2010:
UPdate? We will get through your horrible disease of procrastination together. I also suffer from it and trust me I understand. Sometimes I even procrastinate procrastinating. You have my deepest sympathies but UPDATE. I hate cliffies is she preggo? I need to find out! I'm sleep deprived, sorry for the rambling.


Author's Response: THANK YOU! For your support with the story and my seemingly incurable disease :P Seriously though, thanks so much for the review! Keeps me inspired :)

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Review #48, by KingLeo Consummation FTW!

4th June 2010:
You need to update! I've been waiting so long! Please! Thank you.

Author's Response: I know, I know, I'm really sorry :(

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Review #49, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Consummation FTW!

21st May 2010:
Cant wait til the next chapter. love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #50, by Jamesie Poo Consummation FTW!

25th April 2010:
HA! It was PERFECT! (Altough waiting for the chapter was killing me. Ahem)
I love ur story! :D
And James.

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, James is def the best :)

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