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Review #26, by SilverShadow04 Winifred, the Pirate.

16th October 2008:
Well I have to say this is funny and with me funny is gold! The dialogue is good but this chapter could use a little more visual description. Doesn't have to be a lot just a little to aid the reader's imagination.

Author's Response: thanks for the review, i'll get on it!

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Review #27, by Marauderette Winifred, the Fashionista.

14th October 2008:
This story is so funny, without being completely random and OOC. I love that it actually has a plot and is amazing. 10/10

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Review #28, by Marauderette Winifred, the Bootlegger.

14th October 2008:
Slutocity is my new favorite word. Thank you.

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Review #29, by rosebomb Winifred, the Fashionista.

14th October 2008:
ha ha this is funny! I like it - and I absolutely cannot wait to meet remus and sirius, as well as pippa. and that gag about Ima Wiener: so good!

Can't wait for the next chapter! update soon!

Author's Response: thanks so much, your review really made my day!
:) may

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Review #30, by La-Da Dee-Da Winifred, the Bootlegger.

12th October 2008:
Ha, this is a great story. Good plot, good writing. What exactly was she buying from Snape? Was is polyjuice potion or something?
Anticipating chapter three...

Author's Response: you'll find out very soon, wink wink

:p may

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Review #31, by Miss_Marauder Winifred, the Pirate.

8th October 2008:
very cool.
I can feel for her, poor girl. idiot Sirius and Cousin.
haha, i WAS wondering about the houses, "Gryiffindors best beater", and then in your preview-y thing "P.S. I am Ravenclaws newest dimwit" or something along those lines.

but, ahhh. Its all straightened out now.

Keep it up and post up a new chapter! I cant wait!

Author's Response: poor winnie, but she's a fighter! thanks for the review.

:D may

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Review #32, by Athena O Riley Winifred, the Pirate.

6th October 2008:
Oh my God, that was so great!

Hilarious, especially the interaction between Winnie and her mum, the bit where she tells her daughter to watch her language. . .

I nearly gave myself an aneurysm laughing so hard. My sister gave me this really frightened look, sort of like, "Oh my god, she's gonna spew orange juice all over the keyboard again."

That only happened once, mind you.

Anyway, great story, please write more. I will be eternally grateful for being spared the pain of having to read all the sappy crap on this site. We desperately need more humour.


Author's Response: thank you, thank you, thank you
Ariel is so much fun!!

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Review #33, by Quidditch_wife Winifred, the Pirate.

6th October 2008:

nothing else will do...

your story is... wow...


Author's Response: YEAH! my first review! thanks!!!

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