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Review #26, by RelentlessFire The Darkness and the Light

30th December 2014:
I'm so sorry I haven't read anything in ages! I had the worst end of year at school, I've been really frustrated lately. So good to have this many chapters to enjoy, while at home on break!! I'll get going then, I have a lot to read ;)

Author's Response: Ha, no worries, just glad you got to it now, and sorry to hear about your time at school! I hope you find the story a fun diversion on break. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #27, by prettywishes Daybreak

10th December 2014:
After a crazy semester I finally got a chance to sit down and finish this up, and it was all rapped up perfectly. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT LOCKETT was involved with them, but at the same time it's not exactly something that surprised me either. It just makes that whole moment between Scorp and her that much more like.tearjerking? Also really shocked that he died, though I think that it was all done very well. I can't wait to see what happens in the next one, I'll be keeping my eye out for it!

Author's Response: Lockett's always been a mysterious one, in her way. She's got her motivations and her plans, and we'll find out why she's done the things she's done at some point in Oblivion.

Which, speaking of, will be starting early in the new year! Just getting to work on a buffer and post-NaNo editing. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #28, by Endless_Forms Daybreak

3rd December 2014:
You are so mean. Even so, you are a fantastic author and I have greatly enjoyed your works for these two fics. I absolutely loved the intricacies and the myriad references to world history in this. It was truly fascinating and better than most published works I have read. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to the conclusion!

Author's Response: I am mean, this much is very true. I'm glad it was entertaining, though! I've enjoyed my research for this, even if it's mostly been to the almighty Wikipedia and the odd Google-bash for extra information, so it's been a hijinksy adventure I've had a lot of fun writing.

Thanks a whole bunch for reviewing, and for your kind words. Cheers!

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Review #29, by Rani Smith Showdown

1st December 2014:
Normally I commend you for thinking of every possible situation, but here, why couldn't they have simply apparated?

Author's Response: At which point? They couldn't apparate out from inside the 'boundaries' of the Rabbit's Foot (including the courtyard), and once they were outside the boundaries they were in the middle of Muggle Monte Carlo - hence Rose's bluff that Thane wouldn't start a fight in public.

Or do you mean a different point in the chapter? I can't pretend to be flawless, there will be likely logic gaps somewhere in the story. Cheers for the review!

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Review #30, by Enantiomeer Daybreak

28th November 2014:
Dear Slide,

I have really enjoyed both the Ignite and Stafall stories. About the death of Scorpius I was wondering about a detail in your story line. This concerns the Chalice of Emrys. Since Scorpius was holding it when he fell through the veil it would be fairly logical to assume that he would still have the chalice in the afterlife. Wouldn't this then enable him to come back to the living world by simply drinking from the chalice? After all, there is enough proof in the Cannon that death in the HP world is not necessarily a permaent condition.

I know this might sound like an overly romantic view. Nevertheless it would make for a great plot wist, especially when introduced at an unexpected point in the next story.

Author's Response: Canon would imply death IS permanent once you ARE dead-dead (I would say Voldemort avoided outright death and got caught in the middle a lot, as did Harry, though as I've had to use the term 'dead-dead' I do concede your point). The Chalice of Emrys thus far has been presented as a power on a par with the Philosopher's Stone (for immortality) and records imply its powers of reviving the dead are pretty short term. Matt's recovery was stretching it, though he was admittedly right as rain within hours of being DEAD.

Scorpius drinking the Chalice would require the capacity to do so in the afterlife (if he moves on, Fred implied heavily that the Beyond is a different, more abstract place), and for the Chalice to work the same on both sides. Remember it isn't just a healing device, it is a bridge between the realms; when in the realm of the living, it makes one more alive. What does it do in the realm of the dead?

But all I'll confirm is that you've got good questions. Certainly I didn't kill Scorpius in this way for no good reason, whatever the consequences of that are. So... wait and see!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #31, by harrietm Daybreak

26th November 2014:
Congrats on finishing another epic installment of this trilogy! I haven't reviewed many (if any) chapters of Starfall because I've been shamefully lazy, but my goodness reading this novel has been a fantastic ride. Really cannot compliment you enough on your writing style, character development, grammar, and general awesomeness. And I cannot wait for Oblivion - in which I'm sure you'll keep us all guessing until the very end! :)

Author's Response: Very glad you've been enjoying yourself through the story, and thanks for coming along to review! I don't need the reviews but I like 'em nevertheless. Cheers!

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Review #32, by scorprose Daybreak

25th November 2014:
When the chalice could bring back Matt from the dead, why shouldn't Scorp have a chance. Plus Selena's hinting towards Rose and Matt is just not sitting right. With Lockett (many readers are going to keep their fingers crossed hoping Lockett is with a plan) suspense thrown in the hope for seeing Scorpius back is still going good. I am damn pretty confused and dying to feast my eyes on Oblivion. Wishing these days in between to fly away soon. Anyways exams are going to keep me busy. I often sit daydreaming about Scorpius return from the veil with books in hand. Argghhh. I just love all ur characters (Except Matt maybe - the thick head is pretty much waiting to win back Rose). Good going. All the best with Oblivion.
Happy holidays.

Author's Response: Matt drank from the Chalice, but the Chalice is lost with Scorpius, so... it would have to be used very differently to bring Scorpius back!

Selena is a cynic, and her own worst enemy sometimes - even if she's right about the writing on the wall, this is within weeks of Scorpius' death, and she's pulling away from the two of them? Matt isn't plotting anything, I'll give you that for free, but he's not over Rose, so make of that what you will.

Guess we'll see how it goes down in Oblivion! See you in the new year!

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Review #33, by whykay Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
And.. am back. NAT? NAT?!! Okay. This is fishy and awfully interesting. She has been associated with them for the 'past year' includes Phlegethon, but surely she didn't make a hash and cry about it to find the cure for the heck of it (and she was not supposed to find a cure, innit?) - so, since Eridanos and Scorpius? Or is Thane a double agent? What about Cal-bear? Nat has come a LONG way then, since the war. A LONG WAY.

My heart still beats for Scorpius and I trust you - as you ask! You have always killed off the characters I didn't like and I love Scorpius. So I did the math and I will see him alive in Oblivion.

I don't want to comment on Albus and Rose coping except that I don't think Rose will move on so quickly (cuz Scorpius is coming back) and I do certainly hope that if she does, Matt is not Scorpius' rebound in any manner whatsoever and Selena's reading of the 'writing on the wall' is wrong.

I do hope we see more of Eva Saida. And Albus' journey. And you have lit up a cracker of a prologue for Oblivion. And I am waiting... Cheers!!!

You should really consider de-magicking the trilogy once it is done and publishing it as original fiction. I am very serious!!

10/10 always!

Author's Response: Nat HAS changed a lot since the war. What she's doing here will hopefully make sense when the whole story's out, but we've got a long way to go, and a whole lot more secrets to uncover, before we get to that point.

One of these days I had to kill off someone you liked! Maybe he's the exception who proves the rule.

Selena is a keen observer of people, so there's probably some merit to her seeing writing on the wall. On the other hand, she's also her own worst enemy, as evidenced by her ALREADY getting distance from Matt and Rose; talk about leaping to conclusions.

Eva Saida and Albus, whether in the same place or not, will be seen in Oblivion, guaranteed.

I don't think I could de-magic the trilogy! Or, de-Potter it. For starters I'd have to make this actually a hunt for the Holy Grail, and while I've drawn on Grail mythology I've also in places explicitly sought myths which WEREN'T about the Grail.

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Review #34, by mossdagane Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
First of all, I did'nt review in a long time and I'm sorry for that. Your chapters, each one, were all amazing. The emotions of each characters were well described, and believable. The evolution of each of them was perfect. But the death of Scorpius let me sort of dumb. I did'nt really realised at first. It seems unbelivable that one of the main characters die. I read the last book of the divergent series and I feel the same way. I had to reread to understand because it seems impossible and unrealistic. I undersood he was dead reading the next chapter and one of your autor's notes. I hope he will come back because he had the chalice with him. I can't believe otherwise.The last scene was very well done, a good introduction for the next book. Who is the mysterious person behind all this? Who was the spy ( Astoria?)And what is doing Natalie Locket in all this? She fought the diseases and seemed to respect Scorpius. I had the feeling her mission has something to see with Scorpius. Anyway, your fic was amazing and I can't wait for the next book. And I trust you, believe me, I know that the tird book will be fantastic, no matter what.

Author's Response: There's a lot more to come of the death of Scorpius. Aftermath and consequences. So it's okay to feel cut off at the pass, or a little misdirected, because the story isn't finished yet, you don't need to make full sense of it yet.

So many questions, though! Astoria is a favourite candidate for our face in the flames, but we'll see more of her, and more of Nat, in Oblivion, for certain.

Thanks for reviewing, and see you in the new year!

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Review #35, by Orange Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
Oh my God. What an end :) I hate and love it at the same time. I can't believe Nathalie Lockett is the traitor. And I can't wait to read Oblivion!
Thank you so much for the great book that Starfall is! I really liked this book - you are an amazing writer and I enjoyed reading every chapter!

Author's Response: This is the middle of a trilogy, Stygian's Empire Strikes Back; it was never going to be easy or kind. :D We'll see more from Lockett in the future, and the hows and whys of what she's doing.

Thanks for reviewing, and the kind words!

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Review #36, by EarthsTrueGreen Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
I'm so glad your taking this two years into the future. I was thinking that that was what you might do to allow for a cool off period for the characters. As for Lockett was she the one who told where the five were or was that someone else who is working for the Council and they just brought Lockett in to work on this project. Cough cough which I believe is to somehow bring Scorpius back to life because he was part of the ritual for eridanos making him the tool that the council needs and their only option. Because if that's the case yeah I can totally believe that Lockett would sign on to this project considering her and Scorpius relationship. But if she isn't the one to turn them in the I think it was deffinetly Selena's mom who did it. That woman just doesn't sit right with me and I think she was the face in the fireplace. As for the story, good ending I still have hope for Scorpius to cone back, you have put him in an indispensable position with the council so... Also Matt needs to get a life, how crummy would it be to always be the second best. Seriously dude work on your feelings because your not going to compare even if Rose does actually give you the time of day again. Also love your a/n im presuming that's your way of saying you've got it covered. Anyways thank you for the fascinating story I spent many of days checking for updates from you and I can't wait to start reading Oblivion after the new year.

Author's Response: Couldn't comment on what Lockett's up to, either in her own motivations or in what the Council's up to. Lillian Rourke is an interesting guess on the Face in the Fire; nobody's cited her before!

Matt's going to have a tough time always competing with Scorpius' ghost when it comes to Rose. Some day he'll find his own path, maybe, but he's got a long way to go before he gets over the girl, especially now setting himself up to be her rock and shoulder to cry on. Whether Rose ever reciprocates... guess we find out in Oblivion.

A cooldown period between the stories is necessary. How long was up for debate, but it's always been between a year. Technically it's winding up 2 years, 4 months, but the specifics of the duration aren't THAT important. A While Has Passed.

And you bet I got it covered. ;)

Thanks for reviewing, and following the story this far!

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Review #37, by Whimsical Diva Daybreak

23rd November 2014:
Oh man! It's over? But ohmigod - that was a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant story, and what a fitting end.

It's funny, I rooted for Matt/Rose all throughout this story, but when it finally looks like a possibility, I'm just going meh. It's also nice that Eva is redeeming herself, after a fashion. It'll also be interesting to know what Albus is planning on doing - surely he's got to be more decisive and assertive in the next book!

I can't quite bring myself to believe Lockett was the spy - but I wouldn't put it past her to work with Thane to bring Scorpius back. Also, while I don't think the face in the flames was Draco, I'm starting to believe it could be Gabriel. It'll also be interesting see how Thane's story ends - while with Eva there's a definite possibility that during the course of the next few years, she might turn against the Council in full earnest instead of staying neutral, with Thane it's harder to predict. I guess he'll just see which direction the wind blows and plot his path accordingly.

Anyway - it's been one hell of a journey - literally. Starfall will always be special to me, simply because it's been a constant source of a much needed distraction and comfort during a chequered year in my life - completion of grad school, unemployment, infidelity, relationship breakdown, employment at a crappy place followed by employment at a really good place. The year's not over yet - it looks to end on a high, but it's been turbulent and there've been times when reading a new chapter made my day immeasurably better, so thank you, thank you, thank you for that. And just thanks you, for writing what's in my opinion the best HP fan fiction. Starfall's going to be a touch act to follow, but I'm sure Oblivion will be every bit as brilliant as this, if not more.

Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Thanks. I mean it. For the praise, for letting me know my writing's had an affect on people - I do try to take it seriously, even my 'silly little fanfiction'; I try to make it solid storytelling. And I want solid storytelling to have an impact. Sometimes that impact's just to entertain, and that's enough, but if it's entertained in tough times then I'm proud. I'm glad you've found decent employment; I feel you on the toughness of life sometimes. 2012-2013 beat me up pretty good.

But with Starfall - you've been one of my sharpest critics and I want to say I appreciate that, genuinely. I've not always agreed with your critique, but I usually have. It's nice to hear when I'm doing good; but knowing when I've missed the mark makes me square up and aim better, even if it'll only do me good for next time. That you've been a sharp critic while still enjoying the story has been pretty much best of both worlds. All the better to work hard for an appreciative audience.

Matt/Rose - Selena might be observant, but Selena is sometimes also her own worst enemy, and does what she has to do to protect herself. Not to mention that Matt and Rose might not be the world's best idea with Rose's grief over Scorpius. Guess we'll see.

Thane always has his own agenda, which we'll get an explanation of in Oblivion. I guess we get an explanation of pretty much everything in Oblivion, and we will certainly be seeing more of Gabe. So... as ever, we'll see. Especially with Albus. In writing Oblivion-Albus, it's clear killing Scorpius is the best thing that's ever happened to make him more interesting.

Anyway, thanks a whole bunch, again. And happy holidays to you, too!

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Review #38, by razorlight. Wander Forth the Sons

22nd November 2014:
I literally read both parts of the Stygian Trilogy in the past 3 days, so sorry for my lack of reviews.
I just wanted to let you know that the depth of your characters is quite impresive and i'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Also, the last chapter made me cry. A lot.

XX Tina

Author's Response: Hey, I'll never object if people are main-lining my stories. Reviews are nice but not essential and you're here now! Glad you've enjoyed yourself, and I'm not THAT sorry at making my readers cry. It's kind of what I'm here for. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by kayleefrank Leap of Faith

22nd November 2014:
As much as I love your stories, stop trying to teach me things! I kid of course. You make learning things I'll never remember fun. You should be a teacher. Thanks for the great story!

Author's Response: I will never stop putting topics of my nerdy interests in my stories! I'd be a terrible teacher, I have zero patience, but I like reading and writing about history. Glad it's been entertaining to read! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #40, by yellowpetals Wander Forth the Sons

18th November 2014:
First of all, hello :)! I'm a first time reviewer, but I have been with this trilogy from the very first chapter of Ignite you posted. I'm addicted to it. I generally don't feel like reviewing stories, but I have an itch now, so here it is.
I dare say I took last chapter quite well, there were no tears, no return of the endless sadness that followed methuselah's death. Because I am certain in my heart of hearts that Scorpious will come back because he always does. Because even if I am scared that we might not even see or hear from him during the next book at all( depending on what dead people in the realm of death do in your book), I must believe he will come back.
But this chapter, oh this chapter got to me and got to me hard. Because even if I can choose to deny what happened for now, then poor Albus and Rose can't. Their grief right now is true and as raw as it gets. And who can keep their heart closed and not sympathise with such tragedy.
Well, anyway, I wanted to get this off my chest in a hope it will get a bit more bearable. And to say how beautifully I thought you've wrote this story so far. And to tell you that it's appreciated even if not everyone leaves a review to show it. So thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for coming from the ether to write me a review! I appreciate all readers - I'm just glad people are enjoying themselves - but it's good to know what you're enjoying, or just to get a little reminder you're out there. But I know it takes extra time to write these, so I do appreciate it. Reviews don't come naturally to me, either (so apparently I write them huge, which makes me less and less inclined to write them, but that's not the topic here).

There's more to come on the nature of death, death magic, and the bridges between the realms of the living and the dead in the next book, which is all I can say to people's hopes of resurrection. Nothing in this world is easy.

But no, Rose and Albus can't see such a prospect, can't imagine it. It was tough to write, meaty and satisfying but tough. I'm glad it was effective for readers, and thank you very much for your kind words. I do know the silent masses are out there, my read count tells me so, and I appreciate all of you anyway, but thank you a bunch for taking the extra time. Cheers!

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Review #41, by EarthsTrueGreen Wander Forth the Sons

17th November 2014:
I have never cried over a piece of fanfiction before, but this chapter broke my heart and made me cry twice for your character's heartache. Good update can't wait for the last chapter.

Author's Response: I do put these poor kids through the wringer, don't I? I'm not sorry it hit you in the feels. I hope they were good, cathartic feels, mind. Else I am a bit sorry. Last chapter Incoming. Cheers!

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Review #42, by kaeliebear Wander Forth the Sons

17th November 2014:
I had a feeling it was the future that they were seeing in Ager Sanguinis, I had just really hoped that I was wrong. He's not dead, he really can't be. it's not possible and I refuse to believe it!

Author's Response: Sirius Black taught us that falling through a Veil was hazardous to your mortality. Scorpius Malfoy has learned that same lesson, I'm afraid. And it was the plan all along from Ager Sanguinis.

All things happen for a reason. Cheers!

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Review #43, by Whimsical Diva Wander Forth the Sons

17th November 2014:
Ugh! I don't know why my reviews for the previous chapter were deleted. Anyway, this chapter felt strange - in that I wasn't quite as moved as I've been in the past, simply because I refuse to believe that Scorpius is gone forever. Sure, he's dead, but Matt was dead too, and isn't the whole point of having the Chalice defeating death, or being able to travel between the world of the living and the dead? And of course, he can't be gone when his nemesis Thane is still around. I mean, if he still remains dead at the end of Book 3, then I might come back and read this chapter and allow myself to feel sad, but as of now, I'm just looking forward to the next book.

One thing though, I'm glad Albus promises to be more of a proactive and less implausibly idealistic character in the future. If that needed killing Scorpius, so be it. It'll be interesting to see how he'll now walk the tightrope between having a more sensible and calculating outlook on life, and being the good guy he deep down always will be.

So just... one more chapter? Like I'd mentioned in my previous review, hope it answers some questions about de Sable, Eva and how she's going to manoeuvre her way, and just what the mainspring of book 3 is going to be - revenge, probably? Please do update, especially if this is the last of this lot we'll be seeing until 2015.

Author's Response: I don't know what happened to the last ones either! I read them, I just hadn't got around to answering them (I do it in batches). So thanks for them anyway, even if I don't recall anything specific you said which specifically needs addressing.

Except, of course, this crazy theory like Scorpius might be able to come back. All I'll say is that I didn't draw a Veil death out of a hat (I did not spin a Wheel of Cruel Deaths on choosing how to kill him off, though I feel I should make such a Wheel), so Oblivion will be dealing with the hows and the whys and the whats and the consequences. Beyond the apparent.

Albus has a whole new path to walk. That naivety and idealism got his heart broken and his best friend killed, or so he believes. The trial of courage questioned if he could be brave, really, without understanding loss; will he risk his neck and the necks of others, will he stand up for beliefs he once held so fervently, now he knows what the price REALLY is? Those will be the questions we'll face. In some ways, this is the story I should have been writing all along; two-thirds through the saga, Albus' story of Becoming is only just beginning.

The next chapter's in the queue and it will reveal some of those questions you've posed. It'll be out hopefully by the end of the week (the queue is a power beyond God and Man. Or, beyond me). Cheers!

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Review #44, by Solana14 Wander Forth the Sons

17th November 2014:
I'm feeling much like... well, at least one reviewer has already said and maybe more. I too don't particularly want to read any more.

Yes, that you evoked such feelings in readers proves how brilliant you are at what you do here... but does it really?

Your writing is absolutely superb, characterization, setting, tone -- top notch. Story? I wonder...

Being a dedicated reader all my life as well as a writer myself, I know characters get killed off all the time. There are reasons for that in fiction. That includes beloved characters, major characters, too. And that's the author's prerogative.

I remember JKR saying shortly after Deathly Hallows 2 that she'd considered killing off someone major -- I think one of the main 3, maybe even Harry himself. And in the end she just couldn't do it.

I'm not saying that has any connection with your story which is your own, of course. You as author make the judgment call. You said you had reason. I'm just saying that, as a reader, I feel this time it was wrong.

Not wrong according to your reasons, of course, only you determine those. But wrong for me as a reader.

And I've never felt this way in literature, ever. Sad though I was, I always had a strong desire to continue -- which said loads about the story and, yes, the author's skill.

I am, of course, extremely curious about what happens with certain things -- Draco's involvement which I do now feel is occurring in some way, Astoria's reaction, where Albus ends up going, his relationship with his family, what Thane, Eva and them are up to, etc. That I want to know these things shows the excellence of the writing. But the excellence of the writing is not all that matters to the reader.

I'll probably come back at some point to see what happened and how it all ended. I must know that. But I'll not be following regularly anymore. Because this time, something was done to the reader which I find -- not palatable.

Author's Response: I understand why you're feeling what you're feeling. It appears I have been callous and cruel, not just in killing off a protagonist character, but doing so abruptly, and doing so with a seeming lack of emotional significance. Methuselah's death was a price to be paid to earn the ending; Scorpius' death was no such price. Methuselah's death had some dramatic impact upon everyone, especially Selena; Scorpius' death just seems to be breaking everyone and tossing them into a pit.

Hope is what you're looking for, and it feels right now like I've just dumped hope in the Veil along with Scorpius; the senses of innocence and adventure and a FUTURE are all gone.

Or, such is my guess on what you're feeling, on why this is being difficult for you. I can understand that. Hope is necessary, else doing harsh things to one's characters isn't automatically clever writing, or good writing. I can write a hundred words on kicking puppies; just because it's dark doesn't make it good prose.

All I shall say is that this story is not done. Not even the story of Scorpius' death is done; it was done in this way for a dramatic purpose and that dramatic purpose has yet to be played out. If this remains for you a story without hope, then I understand that, and I'll be sorry to see you go as a regular reader. My request is, simply, to trust me. I know sort-of what I'm doing, though of course I don't know 100% what I'm doing or I would have bought my reader's trust already.

There will be answers to lots of things, and they will be addressed some day. Thanks for all the reviews and the time you've taken to write this, and read my stories!

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Review #45, by whykay Wander Forth the Sons

16th November 2014:
I hate this. I don't want to read on :(

Life's a b* even in fanfiction and you are cruel and so very brave to do this to Scorpius. And BRILLIANT for evoking this sentiment.

(I will come back, but later perhaps, after the third story has gone on for a few chapters.. or not? Ugh. Life's dilemma's on how to cope with the loss of a fan-fictional character in an alternate universe set in the future.)

Author's Response: Cruelty is not always brave, but I'm aware I'm going to upset a LOT of people with this choice, so thanks for sticking it out (and sticking up for me). I give you such HARSH dilemmas don't I? You'll have a while to decide on what to do with Oblivion. Only one more Starfall chapter. Oblivion's not 'til 2015 anyway. Cheers!

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Review #46, by BellaLestrange87 Wander Forth the Sons

16th November 2014:
I'm still mad at you for the last chapter. But, moving on. (First!)

I think everyone's grief is really well-portrayed here. It makes sense that Albus would want to leave the house that he shared so many memories with Scorpius in. I think the fact that he moved Scorpius's trunk to the attic, even when he knew he was leaving, shows just how much he is sad/depressed/grieving over Scorpius's death.

I like Albus's argument with Harry, and the points he brought up. They're entirely valid: Harry didn't really lose anyone he knew for his whole life. Yes, Fred died, but Harry wasn't extremely close with him. If you really think about it, to truly understand Albus's pain, Harry would have to lose Ginny, Ron, or Hermione. But you're not going to make him go through that, are you? *stares suspiciously* I do think it's touching that Albus put on Sirius's old jacket, though. It's like a kind of bond: the one who lost their best friend because of the Veil wearing the jacket of the one who fell through the Veil and died. It would've been even more ironic if Scorpius had been wearing it when he fell through. Reading your review responses to the last chapter has made me give up on denial. He's dead now.

Seriously, what was Hugo thinking, reading Rose For Whom the Bell Tolls? Even though I've never read the book, I googled it when you mentioned it in your author's note, and boy, did he make a stupid choice there. I think his next choice though - Alice in Wonderland is a better idea than a romance novel. If he read her one of those Rose might remember all the happy times she and Scorpius spent together and fall even further into grief.

Speaking of grief, Rose's is excellent here. It seems realistic - and I say seems only because I've never lost someone that close to me as Scorpius was to Rose - but I remember the pain of losing someone who I didn't know as well, and it sucked. A lot. Poor Rose. I'm almost glad Matt's there for her, if it wasn't for the fact that he spent the first half of this book pining after Rose and beng jealous of Scorpius. It seems kind of convenient that he showed up the minute Rose realized that she knew that Scorpius was going to die.

Ah, tied up plot ends! To be honest, I forgot completely about that. I don't know what I thought when I first read that chapter. Probably what Rose initially thought.

Good chapter. Heart-rending chapter, but good.


Author's Response: I accept anger. Anger is normal! Maybe some day you will forgive me. I will try to earn said forgiveness.

Al just can't cope, poor kid. He only had a few months living with Scorpius, but so much of his life and his identity have been built around this friendship, it's just inconceivable to him of how to be a whole person without the guy. I feel I was hard on Harry, because grief is grief, but at the same time, Harry can't know what he's going through. If Harry had lost one of those three, he might, but in some ways he was tremendously lucky; he didn't lose any contemporaries, equals in his life. The closest was Fred and I'm sure that was deeply sad for him, but it's not the same.

I can't comment on who I'll kill in future! Apparently I'm a danger. But while we should see more of the parents and extended family in Oblivion, the story remains very heavily on our gang. Who are decreasing in size. Because I kill them.

The parallels with Scorpius and Sirius have never been intentional, honest. I didn't choose a Veil as my Weapon of Choice, just those two men have wound up walking a very similar path. So by reaching out to a symbol of Sirius, Albus is kind of reaching to a symbol of Scorpius.

I don't know why Hugo picked that book. As a writer, I was sat flailing for what Hugo might read her (I should have invented Magic Literature, I love doing those things), and while Alice in Wonderland came to mind quickly, I honestly just spun in my chair and picked a book at random. It was such an AWFUL book I couldn't resist putting it in. I have a problem, don't I? It's not a HAPPY romance, either. It ends in death.

I have no first-hand experience... or second-hand experience... of the sort of grief Rose is going through (loss, yes, but not even on this scale of closeness. It is still for the suck). This is one of those 'project my writer brain' into the situation and imagine, much like imagining having a magic fight on top of a flying stone dragon, except sadder. But I'm glad it's convincing and compelling! Matt is trying to help, in his Matt-like way... possibly with suspiciously good timing, who can say.

One more chapter before it's over. Thanks a whole bunch for the review. Apologies for my late-night, whimsical responses. Cheers!

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Review #47, by Kaeliebear Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

10th November 2014:
Oh no! I don't even know what to say!! Hurry and post the next chapter!

Author's Response: I will be posting up the next chapter soon! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #48, by Guilty_pleasures Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

9th November 2014:
He's not dead.
I'm sure he's not dead. It's not even denial, it's logic. He can't be dead, not dead-dead, not if you're going to write another entire book about a plague that now lives inside him. Not when he's fallen between the world 'with locked gates' between life and death with the one magical peice of metal that allows access to that world. Not when he and Rose had Actual Plans. He's a Canon character. You wouldn't... you couldn't really kill off Scorp. Not when you've made him so completely yours. Not after he WAS book 1. No. He might be a shadow of himself in a veil that took Sirius Black so easily... but he's not dead. Sirius had James and Lily and Remus and dumbledore and basically everyone he ever loved in that world. Scorp's people are on the living side. We'll see him again.

That's what I choose to think anyway.

Loved how you repeated things that were said to him by people that mean everything to him throughout your chapters to him near the veil. So very well done.

How come he didn't hear Rose, though? Not everyone he heard is dead...

Good god, Lockett is going to be a MESS.

Also loved the scene with Gabriel and Jen and Selena's mother. And Hermione. Brilliant. I love imagining the aged version and relationships between your Anguis characters' in Stygion when their kids are the ones having near-death experiences.

Near death, because Scorpius isn't dead-dead. He'll come back, every time.

In your next book, right? Yep. I just know it.

I am not going to allow myself any other idea until we get to read on (:

Amazing chapter, as always.
Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: There ARE a lot of Chekhov's Guns on the wall, aren't there? I suppose we'll see when they go off, and how. I will never stop this kind of theorising from my readers. :)

Scorpius wasn't explicitly hearing things said to him by people that mean everything - he didn't hear Albus, either. He did hear from the living, but they were all about moments of death. Methuselah's last words, Nat's words right before Tim died, all about the dead, not just about the ones he loved. We will see Lockett before the end. But yeah. She is going to be hit HARD.

More chapters to come to answer your questions... though some may be kept for another book. Glad you enjoyed the Anguis cameos; Gabriel at least will play a bigger role in Oblivion, because he's sneaky like that. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #49, by whykay Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

8th November 2014:
I can only chant - 'chalice to the rescue', 'chalice to the rescue'... why else were the explanations put in place on how the chalice helps to navigate the Veil? Scorpius will come back, this time too.

But yeah, it is so sad.. Poor Rose and poor Albus. This will change them. It was premonition after all. I have to go back and read the chapter on their experiences with the Veil. Again.

Gabe and Tanith are awesome, like always and I am glad to see Jen playing not quite the foil to them. Lillian, I hope, is merely reacting and will come around. She should really be grateful than spewing at them, as are Harry and Hermione. One more question - are Thane and Raskoph arrested? Will De Sable's presence help?

I hate to say this, but Draco will be shattered. Maybe the true nature of his role in the Council will be revealed? ooh.. I would love it if he were a double agent too, like Snape was. Anyway, getting back to 'Scorpius' falling through the Veil' incident, I think it will be days or months before he resurfaces. But I wonder if the ritual has done any lasting damage to his body.

And lastly, my appeal - please do not kill him off. There wasn't even an unresolved love triangle here (as if that is the only reason that justifies killing off a character, but still). That is too cruel.

Author's Response: It's true there's a lot of Chalice lore out there of which we have not seen the full implications, but the Chalice can remain lost and its effect still impacting the world. It was premonition. And it was a premonition Rose ignored wilfully, as the Guardian condemned her for in her Trial of Wisdom.

Cameos from Gabe and Tanith, though we'll see more of Gabriel in the next book. Which wasn't planned, but it makes more and more sense he'll have a role if he's stepping up to take his own action against the IMC. Lillian is... upset, and reeling, and stressed. She almost lost her daughter and all of her power couldn't stop this; the institution she built not only didn't help, but was nearly a detriment. We'll see more from her in the future, too.

Thane and Raskoph got away. As for de Sablé... couldn't comment! His part is not over. We shall see Draco before the end of Starfall.

Scorpius IS dead. My interpretation has been that this killed Sirius, even if I can't make full thematic sense of killing him in such a manner, but Veils are passages to the realm of the dead and you can't be alive in such a place. If there is method to my madness, it may be revealed another time.

But thank you for reviewing!

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Review #50, by scorprose Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

8th November 2014:
How could you even think of writing like this. You broke everybody's heart dear. Its unnecessary to say how brilliant is your writing when it can easily elicit tears in the readers eyes. But pl give any absurd reason you want and we will believe it but pl pl pl bring scorpius back.
Just reducing 1 pt in rating bcos i cant digest scorpius death. Sorry.

Author's Response: All I shall say is that I do everything for and with a reason. There is method to my madness, even if this seems random and cruel right now.

If I'm hitting hard enough to hit my ratings, so be it! Thanks for reviewing.

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