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Review #26, by whykay The Witching Time

19th September 2014:
Helloo there!

Rose did it! But what is in those three words? Are you going to pull a Holmes (introduce us to a new fact) or a Poirot (it was there all along; we just didn't see it) on us? :P :P

Astoria is truly ... - well, I find it hard to not judge her as a harsh person and perhaps too practical. Poor Scorpius. Abandonment by a PARENT cannot quite be disguised as something else. At least he has acknowledged Draco and this is a thing I always felt - Draco made an effort to be in his life while Astoria and her sunny smiles just vanished. So Draco's history is out here - is it an accurate version of events? Why is he into illegal trade and such, if he only on preserving the family name? It does sound flimsy. Both Draco's and Astoria's story - it is like Scorpius said - I can almost understand, but I just cannot. Well put.

Selena is so Selena. Sad sex, it seems. Haha :))
Selena and EvaLisa are playing in the same league however one might try to see the 'love' situation otherwise. It seems right that Lisa is the one who calls out to Selena - can't imagine another carrying it off (except Matt). Nice work.

I wonder why the queue is this slow! I expected faster updates :(.

Anyway, I really want to nominate both Ignite and Starfall for a number of categories. However, I am unable to. I created a login for the forum as well but I am not allowed to reply to the Dobby awards sub-forum posts. Is this open to people in the UK / US only? You write so well and I have seen some of the nominations / winners from the past years - you definitely deserve your place high up there and I want to help. So if you or anyone knows why I can't reply or participate there, please let me know!!

Author's Response: The answer is 'somewhere between the two'. The clues have not been established in the prose so that you could get it. But I am not making up something new. You'll see!

Astoria certainly, certainly has a selfish streak. On the other hand, Draco WAS abusive towards her, so I have a hard time, myself, judging her too harshly. And while Draco's love for Scorpius is beyond reproach, his behaviour is not. Still, the story of neither of them is done yet, especially not Draco's; we will continue to uncover more of the Malfoy family history.

Lisa, despite it all, is actually trying to help Selena. In some ways she's not wrong; Selena thinks that Lisa is being evasive about an embarrassing past, not a secret to doom them all, so in that regard they're really NOT playing the same game. Rose might have called out Selena, but Rose is a bit too caught up in her own stuff by now. Oddly, this was Lisa genuinely trying to help.

I suspect the Dobbys have helped swamp the poor validators.

For the forum, have a good read of the forum FAQ! I believe you'll need to properly activate your account after registering, so check out all the new users sections and all should become clear.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #27, by mymischiefmanaged The Witching Time

19th September 2014:
Hello! I was really happy to see your update. I know I've been astonishingly bad at reviewing but am trying to make it up to you by leaving you reviews from now on and also slowly back reviewing. Your stories are great and I've been really enjoying them, so feel like I probably owe it to you :)

Okay, reviewing as I read, so hopefully it all makes sense.

I LOVE the description of Harley's clothes. He's become such an interesting character, and I think your treatment of him as a person when you're writing creates a really interesting viewpoint when house elves do come up against prejudice (not that they have done recently). Basically it's unusual to see somebody describe house elves in the way they describe people, and it's a welcome change.

Little thing - 'Half Scorpius’ height, he cut almost a comical figure, but he’d learnt long ago to respect the House Elf' - I think the second 'he' should be Scorpius's name, because you've already used 'he' to refer to Harley. It doesn't matter much but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you come back and edit.

I REALLY like the distinction between wizarding wars and muggle wars. It's really interesting and very true, especially when we consider that the Order of the Phoenix were the only people really doing anything to defend themselves in the second wizarding war.

I can't figure out Astoria. She seems to really love Scorpius, but not enough to be seen as a good mother, and her explanations of why she left just don't really seem good enough. I don't know whether there was something more going on than we know, or whether she's just a very selfish person, but it feels like her situation isn't straightforward. Poor Scorpius, either way.

That said, I really like Astoria's explanation of why Draco's the way he is. I've always found your Draco convincing within the context of this story, but I'm unsure that he really would have grown up to become this person. Astoria's discussion of him explains how he developed into the person he is, and it makes him seem much more real as a character.

The Selena/Lisa conversation was really really great. Selena's quickly becoming my favourite character. I love how good she is at reading people, but it's just not her priority. She has a great way of acting like other people are being stupid for not noticing the things she's noticed, rather than acting like she's really clever. I know it's pretty much the same thing but it has an interesting effect. Her comments about Al are sweet, and I wonder if she's guessed more about Lisa's background than she's currently let on. She's all round fab, and I'm enjoying Lisa's growth as a character as well.

And then Rose and Scorpius. I'm really impressed by how well you've developed their relationship. They're so much more in tune with each other than they used to be, and you've made their closeness very convincing. Rose knows exactly the right things to say to Scorpius, even though they've not really been together all that long, and it's obvious that they're perfect for each other. Scorpius letting himself panic and get upset in front of Rose is another interesting change, and shows that they're becoming more mature in their attitudes to each other. I like them a lot.

And NO cliffhanger :( I guess I should have seen that coming. What does Scorpius know? How can he know something the others don't? Ah I want to know what's going on SO BADLY.

Update soon! (And can we have some Al in the next chapter? I miss him. He's my other favourite I think).

Emma xx

Author's Response: And I'm being astonishingly bad at replying to reviews! *claws in* I had a cold.

Harley is fun to write. He was hard to find the voice for originally (if I could go back and edit, I'd adjust his dialogue like woah), but now I have such a strong image of him that I had to put it on paper, so to speak. I worry somewhat he shifts House Elves closer to goblins than is fair or ideal, but it still works.

...and there's something else I'll come back and edit some day, cough! Thank you.

Trying to write a wizarding war, this distinction struck me early on. You can't really have lined up armies because someone would notice. Or that has to happen in isolated places, and then what's the point of such a battle other than to pepper each other's resources/numbers down? Fighting a war is about destroying the enemy's powerbase, and in wizarding society, powerbases generally aren't large settlements etc. Sooo yes, daggers in the dark, else I could ramble about this extensively.

If the scene with Astoria left you kind of 'eh?' in terms of not feeling like everything makes sense, then... good! While this is a big insight into how and what she did, and why, if it's kind of unsatisfying and not explaining everything, then, well, that's how Scorpius feels about it, too!

Draco in the Stygian Trilogy is who Draco needs to be for the story, so I make him make SENSE for the story - but no, I don't believe he would likely turn out this bad, either!

That's an interesting point you've made on Selena acting like her insights are obvious rather than acting like she's smart. I think it's possibly because she tends to attack others rather than build herself up; despite being haughty she's not arrogant and, as we've seen, doesn't have a high opinion of her own intellect. So I suspect it's partly that she drags down others to keep control - when she's being petty and cruel, at least. And, by now, it's kind of habit, and it also knocks people off THEIR high horses, which is the most positive part of her attitude. 'That thing you're being fussy about? THIS is a really obvious insight into it.' It can stop people from taking themselves too seriously. Or, more hurtfully, be dismissive of real problems, but nobody ever said Selena's NICE! She hasn't guessed anything specific on Lisa, but she DOES believe there's more to her story than Lisa's letting on. Just not for a moment does she imagine the truth.

Rose and Scorpius once spent a long time misunderstanding each other, their every interactions hampered by miscommunications. Not only have they come far by now, it's felt necessary to SHOW it; gone are the days of them getting the wrong end of the stick quite so naturally. So it felt good to not just show them avoiding a row when one would have come up before (Rose's confession about the kiss, for eg), but also showing it positively. Also, Rose has LONG suspected the truth about Astoria, because she's not been blinded like Scorpius has and has put two and two together with her absence, so she's kind of had time to prepare.

Soon, the reveal shall make sense! Scorpius knows nothing, but ROSE has found something. And we'll have a bit more Al, too! Thanks for reviewing!

- Cath

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Review #28, by whykay The Darkness and the Light

14th September 2014:
My heart beats for Al, Scor and Matt. Poor guys. At the heart of all these adventures are two certain heartbreaks - Matt (check) and Al. I do hope Lisa tells Al before he finds out in front of Thane or Raskoph or from any other third party. Because that wouldn't just be too cruel, but also quite dangerous.

Lisa's arc seems cliche but it is so well done that it actually reminds us what cliches actually represent and is a shining example of how they work. Great job!

Astoria does seem to be genuine in not knowing the extent of the events, but it is certainly astounding that she did not keep track of her son's heroics. How could she not know?! Or she knew it from the perpetrator's side of it all and therefore, did not really think about the impact and the consequences of every event and incident. Theories abound. I have a feeling we will see more of Astoria in the third book (oooh... I cannot wait man!).

And.. Rose and Matt.. it was touching. Her ramblings have a ring of truth, sincerity, apology and hope.

Scorpius's reaction was decidedly underplayed or.. he has GROWN UP. Really? Aw. I like the immature jokester. The one who actually was a teenager (maybe apart from Selena).

And Selena IS scary when she watches. Haha. What
will Rose do now? Confront Al? Tell Scorpius? Do some more digging on Lisa?

Author's Response: Matt was doomed from the start, poor boy. As was Al, really. We'll see how things go for Lisa, but there's no easy road forward now.

I'm glad you've said that about clichés; I think there's a lot of traditional tropes I've used in the Stygian Trilogy - telling this kind of Heroic Arc, this Hero's Journey, was what I WANTED from this trilogy - so I take it as no insult that Lisa's story is very archetypal. It's just one I'm trying to do as believably as possible. Also I think the really interesting questions - how does it end? Can she be redeemed, really, what kind of life can she have? - come later, and we're still on the road to those sorts of complexities.

We'll have more from Astoria, but also in this book! Her tale is soon to come in Starfall, so we'll see what people make of her then.

Rose is, at least, acknowledging her feelings rather than bottling them up. I think it seemed cruel to consider that she did love Matt, because there was nothing to DO about it, nobody to tell, and it was over. But it still left a lingering effect on her. She's coming to terms with it, but now she's worried he'll, you know, DIE.

Scorpius is growing up. But he's always going to be a jokester who makes light of serious situations; I just think we've had enough of Scorpius blowing his lid on emotional situations, and after Paris I don't think Rose would cope with going through the wringer again (though her misplaced sense of guilt might let him get away with it this time). Also, I would argue that Rose really was a teenager in Ignite - just the very fussy, uptight, know-it-all teenager. She was immature because she thought she WAS right and beyond reproach, rather than immature because she was irresponsible.

Selena has always been smarter than even she gives herself credit for, though she knows people and she knows how to use them.

We shall see what comes next. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #29, by pfapsm The Darkness and the Light

14th September 2014:
Ooh, Al and Lisa finally getting themselves together! Getting it together. Getting together. Whatever. But it's not going to help Al's trust issues when Lisa's secret comes out... and Scorp will NOT stand for her either when they find out. (I'm excited to see Scorpius' reaction to Al and Lisa, the part where Al said she was 'kinda cool' made me laugh out loud.)

On the other hand, Al is really good for her, for soothing her and making her feel like life isn't all bad, because he's... Al. They're both very strong characters in different ways.

I really like Rose as a character because her internal conflicts and worries are so real and she is a very genuine character with choices to make. And I'm sure she feels terrible that Matt did a Scorpius for her. Thank God Matt wasn't awake to hear her rant, though, because it would have killed him if Eridanos didn't.

Scorpius and Rose are wonderful together, I think, because they counterbalance each other very well.

Astoria is tricky. I can't decide whether to love her or not. (Which is probably the mark of a well thought-out character.)

Also, I'm not sure if it's just me but is there a heck load of foreshadowing in this chapter? (The Orion part struck me as particularly important for some reason...)

Thank you for the great great writing! I am waiting not-so-patiently for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, no prizes for seeing Al and Lisa will get worse before it ever gets better. We'll see how it comes about, and what it does to Al - and a very good point that Scorpius is indeed protective of his best mate in all of this. But certainly getting this involved with Al is genuine on Eva's part; she's not stupid enough to do this as part of a deliberate deception (just stupid enough to let her feelings get the better of her).

Rose has grown up a LOT in Starfall and Ignite, probably more than anyone except possibly Selena. Certainly in terms of everyday behaviour and how considerate she is of others, I think Rose has changed the most, and generally for the better. Scorpius helps her brighten up and empathise and FEEL more, and she helps him be more thoughtful and confident; it's a good partnership.

More on Astoria Soon. Decisions may or may not be made then. Or you'll just remain conflicted.

I do like my symbology! Then again, I also like my ruminations on random mythological and legendary notions. Make of that what you will with foreshadowing etc. New chapter soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #30, by j The Darkness and the Light

12th September 2014:
So glad she told scorpius... Don't know why i loved the scene with al and lisa, because i can see heartbreak coming... I'm still loving the story - still waiting anxiouly to read it from start to finish in one go. Still can't forgive scorpiuss mother.

Author's Response: Rose has grown up enough to know she has to bite the bullet sometimes, even if she didn't want to tell Scorpius at first. Al and Lisa are quite sweet together right now, but yes, it will all end in tears before bedtime, that's pretty much inevitable.

Astoria has her own tale, which we will get to soon - but I'm actually quite glad you can't forgive her! Means people are having a reaction to her. More to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #31, by RelentlessFire In the Dead Vast

7th September 2014:
And the research for the Chalice is back on!
I can't wait to read more about Matt and the team trying to save him.
Update soon

Author's Response: And more shall be coming soon, have no fear! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #32, by Nicole Swift In the Dead Vast

6th September 2014:
No, Matt! Live, damn it, live!

Oh Lisa, your world is such a mess. How ever will you clean it up?

Author's Response: Lisa's pretty good at making a bad situation worse, isn't she! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #33, by Whimsical Diva In the Dead Vast

5th September 2014:
So. 8 more chapters to go!

Matt being infected was kinda predictable, but it's what's going to happen henceforth that I'm most intrigued about. Especially Selena's reaction, and Rose's too, I suppose. Though, I suppose, it will begin to raise doubts as to why Lisa hasn't been infected. Maybe it's because I just reading a novel where the protagonist knew all along his lover's deceit, but it'd be funny if it turns out Albus knew all along the truth about Lisa, and simply played along. Can't really see that happening - and I still suspect she might either end up dead or might end up unwittingly betraying this lot, but in the meanwhile, her character development has been pretty damn good, if a tad predictable.

You know, once Starfall has been completed I definitely will read it all over again. Thus far, I'd say Ager Sanguinis is a tall order to best - but I'd love for that to change by the time we reach the end.

Author's Response: Run around on an island like that, infection's going to be a risk. It'd be unrealistic if they got away from their island of zombie-curse monsters and evil magical plagues unaffected (irony intentional). We'll see the full gamut of reactions before the end, especially Selena and Rose.

Lisa's story - certainly it's tropey. But I assure you there'll be tears before bedtime. Nobody here is going to shrug and hug with all sins forgiven when the truth is out. There's a long, long way to go.

Ager Sanguinis I'm quite proud of, but we've got some more twists and turns before the end. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by whykay In the Dead Vast

5th September 2014:
Poor Matt. Oh no! Please! I thought you would use your writer's license and discretion to say he is immune. JUST A WEEK.

My heart's in my mouth. I am hoping the queue gets faster and the next few chapters are out soon!

Lisa and Albus. Hmm. Love in the time of Eridanos.

Author's Response: No way was he getting off that island unscathed! It's a vicious virus, and he's been getting into fights with the carriers, up close and personal.

Love in the time of Eridanos - a thoroughly bad idea.

Updates coming all the time! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #35, by kashish Bad Moon Rising

3rd September 2014:
Can you mail me the remaining chapters? I can't wait that patiently for week after week kind of update... please?

Author's Response: Alas, I cannot. If nothing else, they're certainly not all proof-read and edited yet!

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Review #36, by whykay Bad Moon Rising

3rd September 2014:
Thank you for finishing Starfall. Post 'em all at once. All the remaining chapters.


And okay. Downing set up the null-magic zone. Why didn't he take Lockett along with Harley? I do hope Harley doesn't do a Dobby. I don't want to see Scorpius and Albus digging a grave and crying. :(

And okay. What I don't understand was why Lockett could not apparate when she was out in the island (not the null magic zone) - she still had a wand and location. I am sure she could have created a moment and still can. Everyone can escape / rescue that way, ain't it?

Is Downing dead? I still feel Eva was being Lisa. She is going to get so confused, that one.

So Eridanos is getting extinct. What are they going to do with the Chalice? Maybe I lost this bit of the plot through these chapters. Time for a reread.

Matt, Rose and Lisa are the rescue team. Maybe Selena will come around this time. Or Matt (for Selena). Sigh.

As I said, post 'em all at once and we will devour them eagerly. It'll be such a treat!!

As always, 10/10. Big Fan!

Author's Response: I am subject to the queue for updates, and also there's still quite a bit of editing to be done to the upcoming chapters before they're ready to see the light of day.

Downing expressed he was leaving Lockett specifically as bait for anyone who might come rescue her. And, really, it would have worked without Lisa. As for apparition, I've worked in this story that apparition's range only reaches so far, else you could truly flit across the world in the blink of an eye. Brillig Island is simply too isolated for apparition.

Downing's certainly been very stabbed. Eva, Lisa - the lines are getting blurrier and blurrier, aren't they?

The Council have never outright let on why they want the Chalice. Eridanos is already working, so they don't need the Chalice for it. All the gang know is that the Council want the Chalice, ergo they don't want them to have it.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by RelentlessFire Bad Moon Rising

2nd September 2014:
Great chapter and congratulations on finishing Starfall, I can't wait to read the next chapters! Do you think you'll be writing a sequel?
Update soon

Author's Response: Thanks! The chapters should come as quickly as the queue allows from here. There'll definitely be a sequel, don't you doubt that. Starfall doesn't finish the story. It might not get written right away as I focus on other things - but who knows where I'll be by the time posting Starfall is done, and we've got a way to go yet. Cheers!

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Review #38, by Kashish Bad Moon Rising

1st September 2014:
There's just one thing I can say, you are awesome... Simply awesome. There's only three sets of harry potter fanfics I've found with the time and effort... Your series is one of them... Super from G. Norman Lippart's james potter series and Dobbyelflord's harry potter alerted and balancing destinies

Author's Response: I'm not familiar with the other works; I should check them out! Thank you for the high praise, though, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by Whimsical Diva Bad Moon Rising

1st September 2014:
JUst 9 more chapters? Does that mean I have to wait for 9 weeks (give or take a few) to finish this fic. Oh well, but I really CAN'T WAIT to read how this ends.

This chapter was amazing, but I especially loved the bit where Lisa killed Downing. I had to read that bit twice. good heavens, it was brilliant.


Yep, that's for the 9 remaining chapters, and then the sequel.

Author's Response: I will be putting things in the queue more or less straight away from here to the end. So we will be subject to the queue's whims and cruelty! Hopefully it'll be a better rate than 1 a week and now I don't have to worry about my buffer.

Lisa's whole story so far has been leading up to this point, so I'm glad it paid off. So GEE, I guess I better go put the next chapter in the queue!! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #40, by pikachewbites Bad Moon Rising

31st August 2014:
omg I love your writing & everything of the Stygian Trilogy so far! I've been recommending it on my blog so many times because I just want everyone to read this amazing fic.

I'm so happy to hear that you've finished the writing on this fic! I can't wait!

Author's Response: Amazing, very grateful for the recommendations. There's still so much to come I'm mad keen for more people to enjoy the rest of the ride.

It should be easy cruising to the end of Starfall... then, eventually, What Comes Next. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #41, by RelentlessFire Landfall

31st August 2014:
I'm extremely sorry I haven't reviewed earlier, turns out I'm not the best with bicycles and had an accident too. I really love the description of Brillig island, I could picture it so well in my mind! I'm also very intrigued by the Inferi and the way you described them (incredible!) I love the fact that it's finally Rose doing something risky and heroic.
Great chapters as usual
Update soon :)

Author's Response: Oh no! I hope you're okay.

First time I wrote this chapter, it was Scorpius doing the stupid dashing-off thing. But then I peered at it and realised that this was the same old, and also there was no way Scorpius had the know-how to pull it off. He's mad, but he usually has a plan. The only person who could blow something up like that was Rose, and then it made perfect sense that it was HER turn to emulate Scorpius' insanity, in her own, brilliant way. Scorpius isn't liking getting a taste of his own medicine.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #42, by Anonymous Landfall

28th August 2014:
This is amazing? Like, everything? I've spent 2 days reading this series and it's so good, IT'S SO GOOD. This is probably the most interesting characterization for Albus Potter I've ever read and everyone is just as perfect and flawed and I love everything. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE.

Author's Response: Must have been a busy two days, I hope it was a fun time! Thank you very much, especially for the Albus comment. In some ways his story is still beginning, so hang onto your hats! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #43, by blu Landfall

27th August 2014:
one word: amaaazzing!

Author's Response: And a good word it is! Thank you.

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Review #44, by Whimsical Diva Landfall

26th August 2014:
Sorry, I haven't been reviewing lately. Was a tad busy. Nothing much to say here - just a brilliant chapter. I can guess what might happen... Matt being the only one who isn't immune to the plague... Pooy guy.

Please update ASAP. I've enjoyed this journey of Starfall more than any of your other novels, and I'm certain the denouement will be utterly captivating.

Author's Response: No worries, just glad you're here. This chapter's not setting up anything GOOD to happen, is it?

I find Starfall occasionally riddled with trouble, myself, though I'm happier with it now as a complete piece. But still, I shall not complain that my readers are enjoying! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #45, by whykay Landfall

26th August 2014:
Exciting! Null magic is a wonderful concept that calls for extreme creativity - a writer like Slide and extreme intelligence - a Ravenclaw like Nat! :) Am simply AMAZED! These things you come up with - well they sound so logical (and never a quick fix solution) for something.. well.. that really doesn't exist (I know we can never know)! :) :D

Rose is safe. She must have lured them into a farm and set them on fire. Thing is - how will she get into the watch tower? Can she apparate in?

Lisa is risking outing herself. But I do not foresee her betrayal now - that has gotto be the climax. Does the sword help in combating Inferi? Maybe yes. Eridanos? Doubtful. Hmm. Will she take benefit of immunity against Eridanos from the sword (if any)?

Author's Response: I wouldn't imagine Null magic to be easy, or that's an instant-win for whichever wizard is prepared to fight without magic - though arguably none would be happy to, based on canon depictions of wizards. But we'll see a little more on the magic, how it works, and why. I do try to base the magic I invent as much on the style of magic JK presents. Though of course my own interpretation comes in.

Rose, well., I suppose it was her turn to do something nuts! Lisa is certainly sticking her neck out, and interesting theory on the sword.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by couldyoureallyknow Landfall

25th August 2014:
Your writing style is so superb. The depth of the characters is impeccable. Amazing! Amazing!

Author's Response: Very glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #47, by whykay Out of a Clear Blue Sky

11th August 2014:
*I will wait for you*. Oh, that evoked such sadness. You've portrayed Matt's angst beautifully. Its soulful, heartfelt, ripping and poignant.

Rose's guilt is definitely more than just letting Matt kiss her - maybe its because he is a good guy and she ran away from getting in too deep with him.. maybe its only now that she also truly knows it is over and that it can never be... until Matt went *I will wait for you*. oh.. that gives me goosebumps.

Rose didn't tell Scorpius, I don't like lies AND Scorpius is not a sodding idiot.. And I shudder to think what will happen when he does learn of it, as the thing that happened just before Rose Iloveyou'd him. Did it prompt her? Was it guilt? Did she mean to tell him if not for this? Did she mean it? The signs don't look so good. And I have a feeling this will come out, if not in this book, then in the next. (I rem the Tanith-Nick vision of Gabe and its aftermath in the next book)

I do know Rose not telling Scorpius may save Matt from a potential beating, but I also think that it is messing up Rose more. And I don't think it is particularly a good idea to get into an Inferi and other dark creatures infested area with such torturous thoughts in the mind. They tend to distract and oh, maybe provide fodder?

And I got a hint of a grim satisfaction from Selena after her cross-examination of Rose - may be I am wrong, may be it is wishful- but was she glad/ waiting for Matt to get over Rose before anything could possibly happen?

Good going and as always, a great job! And btw, what's a queue break??

Author's Response: Matt's very romantically melodramatic and angsty in this chapter, isn't he? Well, he is a seventeen year-old boy in love. He's also his father's son, and thus prone to being loquacious when his emotions get the better of him.

Rose's guilt is... complicated. A little bit of it is feeling guilty for stuff that's NOT her fault, like Matt's feelings and his actions. It's not unusual for her to feel some sense of responsibility, even if it's unwarranted. And while I let my writing speak for itself often, I would stress that in this case, I think that the only person who's responsible for Matt's actions is Matt (and kissing someone when you know they don't want to be kissed, which he really does know deep down, is Not Okay). Rose will realise this.

But yes, some of it is because, well, she is genuinely fond of Matt, was once pretty crazy over him, and he just gave her an ardent declaration of love. That'll spin anyone's head.

There are pros and cons to her not telling Scorpius. Whether or not it's right, I bow out. Certainly Scorpius has the capacity to be VERY hurt if he finds this out, and especially if he finds out she hid it from him. And especially if he realises this came immediately before her dropping The L Word on him. If/when this is tackled... we'll see.

If anyone came to Selena and told her they were interested in Matt, she'd warn them he's not over Rose. She's smart enough to see that, and smart enough to know that ANYONE seeking to be involved with him should wait. Does that advice extend to herself? I can't really say. But she does have her own non-romantic problems to work out with Matt.

Queue break is me misusing words. Validators on HPFF are on a break for a week or so. Thus, no new updates from me in all that time! I shall see you when it's over.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by RelentlessFire The Gleaming

7th August 2014:
Great chapters as usual!!! Can't wait to
Update soon

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #49, by Jaz The Gleaming

4th August 2014:
I love this story! It is absolutely amazing in every way and I cannot wait to read what happens next!!! Rose and Scorpius interactions make me giddy and you portray them magnificently =D

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying! Thank you for the kind words and for reviewing.

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Review #50, by whykay The Gleaming

4th August 2014:
!!! Oodles of tension. I do think that this is the gang being their worst at each other, after having gone through so much. And funny, Lisa being guarded about Astoria, for the gang and her, breaking up the impending fist fight. And oh, Selena definitely needs to sort herself out, and rather quickly, at least for Matt. And Astoria herself, with sunny smiles and icy glares - though I don't think it had much to do with guarded secrets than being defensive in the face of Rose. But, two questions - 1. Did Scorpius always know of her location, so much that the Al and Rose knew of it as well? 2. Wassup, Astoria?

Hmm.. Are they really immune from all forms of Phlegethon? Because I remember you stating in your response to one of the reviews that they may or may not.

So they are going after Nat, except Lisa and Matt, who will, I suppose stay back with Astoria or the ship. And.. wonder how Astoria will react to this!

I hope you feel better now. And (as an added bonus, of course) meet your writing targets! :D :D

Author's Response: Yeah, this is the gang really feeling the cabin fever, the combination of now being so close and yet there are a few too many different formative experiences, like Lisa and Matt not having been part of Phlegethon. Lisa is... adapting. Even she's not sure where she stands right now, though we'll see as we go on.

Astoria was certainly defensive at Rose, yes. Who wouldn't be? Whether it was indicative of anything deeper, alas, I can't say. Scorpius knew where she was - Al and Rose did not KNOW, but they suspected from the way Scorpius was acting, and I think they had a general ballpark of 'somewhere exotic' in terms of where Astoria was. Still, so many questions.

I was ambiguous in the past reviews. I'm often ambiguous! Seems Nat Lockett's been doing okay with Eridanos based off her Phlegethon immunity. We'll see.

I'm not quite as better as I thought - I promptly had another physiotherapy session which has given me all-new, painful exercises - but between my buffer and the pending queue hiatus, I imagine it shouldn't make much of a difference. I do want to get back to writing almost as much as I want to be running around. :D

Thanks for reviewing!

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