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Review #26, by water_lily43175 The Gleaming

27th October 2015:
I LOVE the start of this chapter. Especially this: "perhaps there had been some softness in Draco Malfoy if he could love a womanís smile." Beautiful.

Continuing to enjoy all the nerdy history lore.

It's not at all surprising that Rose has had it out with Astoria. After all, Draco has been a terrible father, and if Astoria has kept away from Scorpius for a reason, he deserves to know what that reason is. Poor kid.

So they're all arguing. That's going to help when they go off to a plague-ridden place on a rescue mission. Sort it out, guys!

Author's Response: You make me reread my own chapter so I remember what I wrote. :P And yes, ALWAYS HISTORY NERDY LORE. Still more to come.

Astoria kind of deserves getting it from Rose. Rose twigged a long time ago that she wasn't just the innocent victim Scorpius has chosen to imagine her as, and while she IS a victim, it's still complicated. But more from Astoria and Scorpius soon!

Yeah, these guys can't go five minutes without having a barney, especially in a Crisis Situation.

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Review #27, by water_lily43175 Moonlight and Roses

23rd October 2015:
I was thinking I was getting somewhere with this and I've just realised how many chapters of Starfall are left, not to mention Oblivion, and suddenly it feels like I'm climbing Everest.

I still think Albus is my favourite character of yours. Scorbus is definitely my favourite dynamic. Although absolutely any dynamic with Selena is pretty damn amazing. And I hadn't realised that up until this point Scorpius didn't know the true reason why Albus was Sorted into Slytherin...

And new light (in a way) is shed on the Matt/Rose friendship. Cos, well, there WASN'T one. So, the whole time, instead of just having a friendship to fall back to, they've been having to feel out a completely new relationship between them. No wonder poor Matt is struggling.

Ooh Scorose finally did the dirty! Good on em!


Author's Response: My work is like unto Everest. Sorry not sorry.

I love my Albus, and I'd like to think he only gets better. Though down the line I think he might be one of the least sympathetically flawed of the lot of them; he's occasionally weak in a way the others aren't. BUT I digress. Lots to read. And nope, Albus never had reason before now to tell Scorpius; he kept his cards close to his chest.

Matt and Rose have been pretending they've had a prior friendship to fall back on. They really haven't. Poor boy's trying his best, but Rose has been a bit delusional or downright misinformed about how the two of them interact, so that's not made it helpful.

YES the all important teenaged romping.

BOOM, Astoria.

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Review #28, by water_lily43175 A Star to Steer Her By

16th October 2015:
And then Lily proceeds to explain exactly WHY James doesn't have a leg to stand on when it comes to telling Albus off. I won't lie, that night out sounds like a riot. Definitely the sort of thing my James would have done, back when he was all irresponsible.

And I continue to adore your Lily as well.

Very interesting chapter in terms of Eva's position. For someone who's supposed to be integrating herself only to betray the group, she's becoming a lot closer to them than she needs to. Helping Selena out with duelling? That's not necessary. That's Eva letting herself become one of the group, more than she ever planned on. And regardless of whether she's doing it as Eva or Lisa, that's still A Big Thing.

As is throwing Prometheus out of the window. INTERESTING. Breaking free of shackles etc etc.

Author's Response: I do love this Lily. She gets the littlest screen time, but totally makes the most of it. And absolutely points out the hypocrisies of James. I'd be lying if I said Rails James hadn't influenced mine (but a kind of Flanderised Worst Traits James).

Eva is kind of slipping. She has no justification for helping Selena, not as an infiltrator. But at the same time, the best infiltration is the most believable, right? And then cutting, or at least delaying ties with Thane. It's an important decision, just unclear yet what that decision IS!


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Review #29, by water_lily43175 Mercurial Matters

16th October 2015:
Look I'm reading a Starfall chapter YAY. Whether I manage to leave those long reviews where I pretend to be all insightful or just 5 line reviews is another matter.

I'll confess, I had to read the last chapter over again to remind myself where we were. And then I went back and read the dragon chapters again, because PUNS. But yes, now it's family time.

You know, right the way through this chapter it's possible to completely empathise with the parents. Because there ARE legal, international organisations which are trying to tackle the Council. But these guys have made more ground than the Convocation, they're able to move about with somewhat more secrecy, and they're not infiltrated by Council members (except they are - here's looking at you, Eva). But nobody knows that. All the same, why should it be a bunch of teenagers who goes off and does this?

Except Harry, Ron and Hermione have no leg to stand on when it comes to that argument, as Rose rightly points out.

I continue to adore your Ron.

Guh I got so excited about a James cameo, but his chat with Albus just broke my heart a little bit. The poor dysfunctional Potter family. I like how we've taken totally different stances with them, in Railsverse Harry and Ginny are pretty emotionally healthy (aside from the daddy issues James had) but you give them a very different attitude, and it's just as realistic. I think in this chapter James has more of a point than any of the parents, in some way ... while Albus is off saving the world, James is having to hold it all together at home, and it's understandable why James should think Albus is being selfish by doing what he's doing. But then James has hardly lived a blameless life, so there we go. Everyone is at fault somehow in this universe.


Author's Response: Holy cow a Starfall review! YAY! Even 5 line review is awesome though. You're further ahead than I'd thought. I thought I couldn't complain about Portugal at you. But I HATED writing Portugal, HATED it. Except the puns.

Yeah, it's tough being the parents here. Especially as they tried to make government better so their kids didn't have to do the same as them. Unfortunately, they can't impact the whole world! And by now, they can't really stop them. They're adults, they have a lead, and a proven track record by now.

I love writing Ron. I kind of want to write more Ron. Or more older Trio in general. But NEVER TIME.

90% of the time, Stygian Harry and Ginny ARE fine. Railsverse Harry and Ginny didn't have to contend with thinking Albus was dead. But yeah, under pressure, Harry and Ginny here kind of run to their trauma.

James isn't wrong, but he's being a bit of a hypocrite, because he was absolutely the firebrand rich kid getting in trouble in the press and public mess. Albus might be causing his parents more grief, but it's for a good cause. James caused his parents years of stress for pretty petty reasons!

But yeah. LIFE IS COMPLICATED in Slide-world.


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Review #30, by AriesGirl40 Arisen

2nd July 2015:
Never scrap your scraps. Place them in a scrap folder for future look overs, copy and past snippets you liked. my file is called "Quilting" when the file gets too large, place it on a thumb drive. Just an idea i had that worked out to an advantage.

Author's Response: I do keep a lot of what I've written. Oblivion in particular has a whole project sub-folder of canned scenes - mostly ones I only reworked a bit, but I kept the original 'just in case.' In this incident, as I recall, it was a WHOLE chapter pursuing a plot point I canned completely from Starfall. I wanted to put it into Oblivion. Hasn't even made it that far.

Keeping my scraps has yet to make my Dropbox cry, but we'll see. :D

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Review #31, by KjMalfoy Daybreak

27th June 2015:
LOVED THIS STORY.! Wonderfully written & can't wait to read the next book! :)

Author's Response: So glad you've enjoyed! The sequel, Oblivion, is indeed up and being worked on as you read this. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by x-rayLady Daybreak

27th April 2015:
Another brilliant story! With a very confusing ending, though... I am actually a bit afraid to start reading Oblivion, lol. But I al sure I will anyway ;-) And I definitely am going to take a look at your books.

Author's Response: The ending's a little harsh, I must confess. Oblivion's a bit of a change of pace, but I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #33, by water_lily43175 Back in Black

24th February 2015:
Ah, yes. Now the families of these guys know they're alive, they're going to try their hardest to get them to go home and stay home, aren't they? Yeah, that's not going to happen...

Matt and Selena's relationship becomes yet more fascinating. Whether or not she has romantic feelings for him, she certainly feels differently about him than she does Albus and Scorpius. Actually not sure whether I'm shipping them or not at the mo.

LOVE all the lore, de Sable's had an interesting life...

Author's Response: Okay, so don't try to type 'Sable' with the accent. Lesson learnt.

Most families would want them to go home. We'll be seeing that NEXT chapter. And it is kind of hard to know, to ship or not to ship Mattena (as I have now decided to call them)? At this point I was very much playing it by ear in the writing. They have a Dynamic, it's just hard to quantify.

The history in this chapter was SO MUCH FUN to write.

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Review #34, by water_lily43175 The Fall that Kills You

24th February 2015:
ALL OF THE FEELS. Lisa's reaction when the dragon fell. SELENA'S reaction when the dragon fell. The six are no longer dead! Poor Hermione, put through the ringer like that. And where is de Sable?!

Pretty sure I say this every time, but you do write these sorts of action scenes so vividly, I LOVE it. NEXT!

Author's Response: De Sablé's cheesed it. He doesn't want to be picked up by the authorities. Glad you liked the action sequence, I recall this one being a right bugger to write.

And everyone panics when people plummet potentially to their deaths... drama queens...

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Review #35, by water_lily43175 Wing It

24th February 2015:
The puns. OH MY GOD THE PUNS. De Sable still living WHUT. Awesome chapter need moar.

Author's Response: I couldn't resist the puns, and apparently, neither could Scorpius or Matt.

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Review #36, by water_lily43175 Like a Stone

24th February 2015:
HA, Weasley-Malfoy-hair-fumble-fear, I love Selena.

'saying "you can leave the man you love and become a crazy cat lady" is, like, the worst argument ever. Just so you know.' Lies. LIES. Still standing by the crazy cat lady option in life. I do love Rose and Selena's friendship, they definitely need each other on this venture.


Rose hoping Albus' principles will stay strong enough to stop her going too far. Oh the feels.

Matt has issues. Poor boy.

Oh man. Raskoph. Ritual. DRAGON.

Author's Response: Rose's hair isn't quite her mother's, but Scorpius' is thick and rumpled. There would be SO MUCH HAIR.

Rose and Selena are such an odd couple, but they do each other good. They ground one another in the ways they need to be grounded.

YEP. Dragon. You knew it was coming.

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Review #37, by water_lily43175 Whistle in the Dark

24th February 2015:

I am so far behind BOO. So many chapters. So many reviews. Here goes.

(Incidentally I'm sickened that I stopped reading this pre-Portugal, because I remember getting excited about reading the Portugal stuff at the same time as being there, and that was SEVEN MONTHS AGO. I could have had a baby in that time. Almost.)

Anyway, on with the chapter!

Yay Greek! I'm gonna learn Greek properly, I've decided. I'll be like Matt, only less... nerdy. Bless him.

I love love love that point that it's harder to Confound a Muggle now because of all of the computers and whatnot. I think this a lot when I'm pondering over Derailed - what with the internet and globalisation and all, it must be very hard for the wizarding world to remain hidden these days.

So much to say about Eva in this chapter. Her reaction to Rose using Legilimency just says it all, really - she's lucky that Rose didn't stumble upon anything that gave her away, although I can't help but wonder if that was luck or just a well-organised mind. And the fact that she just shrugs it off, that she APPROVES of Rose rooting through her memories ... oh Eva.

Probably should have more to say on this/better words to say it with, but I'm tired and I haven't read this for a while and I'm still trying to catch up and get my head round where we'd gotten to. Anyway. ONWARDS.

Author's Response: Ugh the PORTUGAL BIT. I mean it wound up fine, but you never got here so I never bellyached at you about all the plotting I struggled with. And scrapped. Gone FOREVER. I'm reusing some elements but the really squiffy bloody action sequence I basically story-boarded ended up GOING - anyway. Portugal was Not Good for Writer.

Matt is SUCH a nerd. And yeah, the Statute has to be hell in the modern age to keep. Youtube and Instagram must be the devil to Obliviators. I can only assume that magic has developed to keep up with the internet.

Eva would have to be an accomplished Occlumens to do what she does, and I can't imagine Occlumency is only something you do consciously; it's certainly implied in canon that it can be done without the target's knowledge (Rose just isn't good enough to do that), and so it has to be a form of subconscious training. So even if Rose plunders her dreams, she comes up against her mental discipline. And of course Eva expects it! She's still not used to the gang not doing things the way SHE'D do them.

Yaaay all the reviews...

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Review #38, by Peter Wander Forth the Sons

18th February 2015:
I still don't think he's dead. Unless you wrote a third instalment without Scorpius, which is just a good way to get killed.

Author's Response: I would probably get lynched, yeah. You make a compelling point!

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Review #39, by EmmaGM To the Occasion

11th February 2015:
Rose and Albus truly are their parents' children, aren't they. And Scorpius is anything but. Great chapter.

Author's Response: They both have the best and worst of their parents, in their way. Scorpius does have some of his father in him; his arrogance, his temper, and even his capacity for cruelty, but there's that streak of goodness. Maybe it comes from his mother.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #40, by EmmaGM Into Darkness

11th February 2015:
That was an amazing chapter! The scene between Selena and Scorpius at the end was terrific. Beautifully written and heart-wrenching. You are a very talented writer!

Author's Response: Selena was due having someone get upset with her for what she's done, but she was also due the explosion, and of course, it's Scorpius who puts his foot in it. I did love writing that Selena scene. Thanks for reading!

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Review #41, by EmmaGM The Bigger They Are

11th February 2015:
Indeed, humanity does not need magic to do terrible things to each other. Just watching the news is enough to see what horrible things are still happening to this day.

On a more cheerful note, I loved the chapter. Scorpius saving Doyle's life was a strike of genius.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's hard to inter-weave real life events and history with fictional wizards, especially the great horrors of the past. Nazi occultism is a cool, fun trope, but it can also make out like it wasn't normal, everyday people who did horrible things. So! Delicate tightrope-walking for me.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! Smug Scorpius is fun.

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Review #42, by EmmaGM Fly-By-Night

11th February 2015:
Selena turning up at the last moment and persuading the others to go to a place where the Council of Thorns resides seems a little too much of a coincidence. I hope she is being impersonated though. I'd hate it if she actually changed sides.

Great chapter. I loved it. Your writing is, as always, amazing.

Author's Response: Traitor? Impersonated? Something more sinister? It would all be a bit of a problem. There are certainly ulterior motives to what's going on.

Really glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by EmmaGM Hitch Your Wagon

10th February 2015:
Great chapter. I'm glad Selena decided to join them after all, but the timing seems a bit strange. The fact that she changed the destinaton seems rather odd too. It seems possible that she is being impersonated. Or maybe I just read too much stories :)

Author's Response: Selena has her ways. Being impersonated? Great theory! Love it!

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Review #44, by EmmaGM Many Moons

10th February 2015:
Great chapter. I loved the part at the end. I don't think they would be able to get anything past Harry, Ron and Hermione, considering everything they got up to themselves.

It's a shame Selena won't be joining the others. I'm sure she is having a much harder time coping with Jones' death than she lets on. I hope she'll still play some part in the story.

Author's Response: Harry, Ron and Hermione basically expect their kids to be doing the same disastrous stuff they did. For once, they're wrong!

We'll see more of Selena, and her grief, in times to come.

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Review #45, by EmmaGM Dream On

10th February 2015:
Well, of course there's going to be trouble. Why write a story if there's not?

I hope Selena agrees to join them on the trip. I really liked her in the first story. On the other hand, new characters are always interesting. Great chapter!

Author's Response: We'll see more Selena; I wouldn't cut her out of the story for good! But there will be new characters, at least! And, of course, there must be trouble.

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Review #46, by EmmaGM Prologue

10th February 2015:
Interesting start to the new story. The new character seems promising!

Author's Response: We'll see an awful lot of Saida from here. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #47, by SilverPatronus Daybreak

11th January 2015:
Are we allowed to write HP fanfics on NaNoWriMo?

Author's Response: Well, I did it!

On a more sincere note, yes (there's even a fanfic section on their forums). The point is just to write; considering one doesn't win anything but satisfaction, it doesn't matter a great deal.

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Review #48, by RelentlessFire Daybreak

8th January 2015:
You've written an incredible story, I bet you would be proud! Heck I'm proud of myself for being one of your readers. You are so worth all the compliments. I have a feeling that Thane is very much connected to the Malfoy name, and that Scorpius (even if dead) will play a huge part in Oblivion (Chalice+Vail=?) I'm looking forward to read Oblivion.
Congrats again, you deserve it

Author's Response: Can't lie, I'm pretty proud. And yes! Be proud too! :D Guess we'll see about anything from Scorpius in the future, but Oblivion marches on.

Thanks a bunch for reading and reviewing!

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Review #49, by Guest Daybreak

7th January 2015:
I will soon leave a more thorough review but for now I will make a prediction.
Lockett, I reckon, is in fact a double agent like Snape was. Of course, you're probably not going to confirm or tell me i'm completely wrong either way- I am very excited to read Oblivian. You're a fantastic writer with a brilliant plot and in depth characters.

Author's Response: Lockett as a double agent is an interesting theory - no, you're right, I'm not saying a thing. Oblivion marches on, so I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by Sisyphus Daybreak

6th January 2015:
It's after the first of the year!
*hits refresh*
Hope you had a good holiday.
*hits refresh*

Author's Response: Hey! It's been a good holiday! I see you've seen my author page! ;)

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