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Review #26, by peacock33 Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

7th November 2014:
That was devastating! I even started crying. But I will keep hope since Scorpius does have the chalice. I wonder how the Malfoys are involved and why the Council wasn't more hesitant to use Scorpius that way. And I wonder what Eva will do after this and if she'll try to redeem herself by helping to get Scorpius back. Is this the end of this book? Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: There are still two more chapters, which will start to explain some of the fallout, though no doubt there will be questions left unanswered until the next book. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #27, by blu Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

7th November 2014:
i don't know how to feel…too many emotions running inside me now…but sure as heck loved it!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it in spite of everything! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by Tom Hase Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

7th November 2014:
Let's just hope Scorpius is a good singer. I heard you need these kind of skills in the underworld if you ever want to come back. Well, a chalice might help as well.

Author's Response: Though Orpheus was breaking in to try to get his dead lover out. Maybe Rose should be the one with the singing voice. Or Albus!

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Review #29, by greenphantomme Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

7th November 2014:
Oh no.
I also feel the need to comment on the chapter, but I don't even know what to say.

'Tis a sad day in fanfic land right now.

The only thing I can think of is how's the third book-part coming along? Is it mostly written with an alive Scorpius trying to use the chalice to make his way through the underworld? (I will keep hope forever!)

Author's Response: I cannot comment on the contents of the third book, but I'm NaNo-ing it and it's coming along nicely (broken 40k today). It probably won't see the light of day until the new year so I've got time to edit (very rough job so far) and chill out, but it will be here, have no fear.

Otherwise I am a cruel writer, though I take no pleasure in this right now. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #30, by guilty_pleasures Ashes, Ashes

4th November 2014:
So I realised I can leave another review.

I just want to let you know that I totally disagree with people who think Albus' character is lacking. I might be bias, because I've been with you awhile now, but I think he's perfect. Some people in this world don't need to be loud about who they are to be who they are and that's the way you've written Albus... and it's perfect to balance the five. He's the big, strong, quiet, loyal observer - always taking everything into perspective and making as cautious decision as possible, always taking it upon himself to look out for everyone but also give them respectful distance, always trying to do the right thing by everything, he's caring but also stern. The natural leader.

Scorpius and Rose admitted a few chapters ago that they're all grown ups now. In Ignite Lockett says the same. But Albus is kind of the grandfather of the group. The old soul ;) He is SO not lacking. Albus just rarely needs to say a lot to put a lot of meaning out there. He's the one who knows what people should do but also lets them work it out themselves. He is just good, and his friends know that makes him vulnerable and they are protective over him, like you would be over a grandfather. Or Dumbledore.

Yeah! He's true to his namesake. Whats bad about that?

I think people are a bit used to a Potter romance being the center of a Next Gen fic. Unless its a Sco-Rose fluff. But you are different. You write mystery! With a crazy, unheard of thing in fanfiction... PLOT.

Sooo Albus hasn't been in the spotlight much. But he's always been there, in the background, keeping them honest, whether it's been 'don't tell Albus' in Ignite or 'talk to Albus about it' in Starfall... he helps the characters grow. I think the group would completely fall apart without him. Like, without Rose they'd be short a rule abiding, love-d up, semi-insensitive brainiac, but they'd have Matt and Scor and Selena who could try to fill the void. Without Matt, they have less information readily available, and less of an emotional punching bag, but they'd have Rose and Selena. Without Selena, they'd have a lack of determination, of spunk, of biting sarcasm, of out-of-the-box thinking and heartbrokeness, but they'd have Scorp and Rose and Matt. Without Scorpius, they'd lose a lot of lightheartedness, wit, cunning and plot twists... but Selena and Rose can do that too. But without Albus? They'd lose their purpose and honesty. I think they'd all go their separate ways and most likely end up letting ambition get the best of them all. Whether it be for research, for revenge, for righteousness, for power... they'd end up working for the wrong people and the wrong ideals. I think it's Al who keeps them all on the right side.

That's why I don't think he's static. I think he's in the background cos he puts everyone before himself and gives the others enough hope to keep them GOOD.

For example, without Albus, Eva wouldn't have ever wanted Lisa to be a part of her, let alone believe 'Lisa' might be the overwhelming part of her that wants to be more than Thane's servant, the part that wants to do the right thing, or not pick a side at all. She would have continued to be a hateful assassin on the side of power, money and greed if it wasn't for Albus' belief in her, his endless hope and influence to do good.

What I'm trying to say is. I know reviews are helpful. But please don't feel the need to change Albus. I think, if what I've said is what you mean for him to be, then you've characterised him beautifully!

Yeah... I'm way too invested in this fanfic. I should leave you alone now! Hahaha.

Author's Response: Ha! Thank you for the defence of Albus. I would outright say that I have made some mistakes in the planning of his character; I was very resistant to the idea of Harry Potter's son having an angsty and bad relationship with his father, which I think clipped Al's wings and didn't come from the perspective of a writer so much as the perspective of a fan. I made him the straight man foil to Scorpius, which meant he's worked alongside him and alongside Rose, but less so of his own accord.

If I had my time again, I would portray Albus differently. I would have probably made his story of Ignite more of the good guy being reluctant and circumstances eventually pressing him into stepping up, and thus becoming that good guy through trials and difficulties. As it stands, I'm working through the portrayal of Al I've got, in that now he's getting his principles tested by them blowing up in his face.

I would agree that he provides a perspective and attitude none of the rest share; his earnest, positive and moral stance without cynicism, without judgement, and without compromise aren't something the rest bring to the table. Nobody else would have been able to bring Eva around the way they did, because they would have been cynical and cautious and even if they'd have been RIGHT, it wouldn't have challenged her viewpoints on the world.

Al will change, because the experience with Lisa will change him, but it's going to make him examine his principles and be tested. Not be forever transformed into a cynical and brooding guy to angst next to the rest.

Thanks for the bonus review and defence of Al! I would do him differently if I had my time again, but I do love him as he is.

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Review #31, by inevitable_bliss Ashes, Ashes

4th November 2014:
This is my first review for your story as I've just stumbled upon it recently (and what a happy surprise!). I've got to say, I love your blend of fiction with history and culture. And I have a love/hate relationship with how invested with your characters I have become emotionally, so kudos to you friend. (Except, unfortunately, Albus. He's just so static, I hope you are able to grow his character further)
This next chapter will have to be bringing together a lot of elements: a veil, the chalice, a pureblood (sacrifice? Or are the golems meant to kill him?), Lethe, and some type of absolute power for the council. Not to mention the interference of our favorite pesky teens since Scooby Doo.
So, breaking it down, from what I'm reading about Lethe, the words forgetting and reincarnation are popping up. Perhaps the ultimate power is brainwashing the whole world? But that seems to simple and doesn't explain the Chalice nor Scorpius. I have some ideas forming but for now I will have to wait for you to upload the next chapter :)
I have to say, I love Eva/Lisa and the road she has been careening towards of her own inner salvation. I hope she finds it, whatever happens. (Because i know you have a penchant for killing off lovely characters).
Speaking of, Scorpius. There was that terrible foreshadowing of his death in this same temple, and it's by falling. And they are building a scaffold...Not liking the maths here.
Thane is a continually interesting character. Self serving to a fault and veritable genius with an honor code, something is going on to make him serve Raskoff. Raskoff who, by all accounts is a mad old man out for a century old vendetta.
Well, that's enough of my scattered conjecture. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the history! It was a lot of fun to do the research and, honestly, it rather wrote itself (like I had to make up so little about the Parisian Catacombs to incorporate them into my plot plans). The characters are what drive the tale, though, so glad you like them. Albus is the most static, but we'll be seeing some significant changes from him in the future.

Bear in mind with 'Lethe' that the Stygian Plagues have always been named, well, according to the Styx, and there was only so much of literal fire associations with the Phlegethon plague. Sometimes the Council of Thorns are just melodramatic.

Thanks for reviewing! Glad you've enjoyed the story so far.

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Review #32, by whykay Ashes, Ashes

4th November 2014:
So they need a pureblood but how did everything start with Scorpius? Does he mean his interactions?

Eva is unwanted by both sides. Doesn't surprise me. Thane is onto her and Albus.

And Albus - of course, he is more angry at himself than getting heartbroken. And Scorpius is being so true to his character.

What I am scared about is their prior experience at Ager Sanguinis - Will Rose and Albus be broken because of Scorpius? Will it come true? Will it come true for Albus wrt Lisa?

I think Lisa will triumph over Eva. But I don't know if they will stay back to help her.

Good Chapter!

Author's Response: Thane has his reasons, not all of which are apparent, for picking Scorpius. But some of it is because he's a melodramatic type, and it's always been him vs Scorpius, since the beginning. Plus, yes, he knows that Eva is lying, he's just considering that as a later issue to deal with (because under no circumstances does he expect her to betray him as much as she's doing). She's changed a lot from the woman he expects her to be.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #33, by jack Ashes, Ashes

4th November 2014:
I do like the fact that Eva is choosing to help the others. The fact that Thane is willing to both call Raskoph sir and compromise on his promise is a great reason for her to help. The issue I have is that Thane is willing to compromise his code for Raskoph. Its not that I dont see Thane as self-serving enough to be willing to do something like that. It is that Raksoph has been nothing but incompetent the entire story. Unless he has been successful off screen, I dont see how Raksoph has gotten such power that Thane is willing to be subservient to him. I do recognize that he is brutal and not to be trifled with. Its just the council does not seem powerful enough to be able to handle the overt terror Raksoph loves to use. That is the one thing that is likely going to give the IMC enough power to stop the council. Mind you this wanst enough to break my suspension of disbelief it did bug me. throughly enjoyed the rest of the chapter. I really liked how Evas comment about golems was just dismissed

Author's Response: Eva is hitting crunch time, and picking where her loyalties lie - Thane has changed, and SHE'S changed, and there's only so much she can put up with what she tolerated before.

It's true; Thane at least pretends like he has a code, just like Scorpius and Eva both identified, and it would be weird that a man like Raskoph, whom he has no particular reason to RESPECT - follow, perhaps, depending on his well he's paid - would make him compromise himself. Basically, don't worry about your suspense of disbelief. :D There is more to the Council's workings than we know, and though that's really Book Three's story, you're not odd for side-eyeing Thane's actions here.

Raskoph cares nothing for her observation abou golems. He can make more golems! I guess we'll see if he's right or wrong there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by Whimsical Diva Ashes, Ashes

4th November 2014:
I wonder why they need a pureblood to kick off Project Starfall? Golems don't kill purebloods, right? Yet Raskoph doesn't believe the old immunities will work. And why did Thane choose Scorpius, when either Matt or Selena would've sufficed? And I also wonder how Draco or Astoria are involved in all of this? Ah, questions, questions...

I knew they'd be back in Ager Sanguinis. What I fear now is whether Scorpius is going to die, as foreshadowed previously. Of course they have the Chalice, but then it'll all be too easy if they can bring him back to life with the help of the Chalice, won't it? I'm surprised though, why this place didn't affect any of Raskoph's or Thane's men the way it did the Six? And what about those Dementors? Totally see those making a reappearance as well at the denouement. Will Matt or Eva be able to cast a Patronus this time?

OK, I have to admit, I loved the bit where Eva was exposed. I mean, it's cliche and a bit banal, but enjoyable nonetheless. Albus deserves everything he's getting for being such a copper-bottomed muppet, but poor Scorpius doesn't deserve to die.

Part of me believes that Chalice will be destroyed by Matt's sword (it IS destroyable, right?) I still have a hunch that Eva might die, trying to save the Five. Also think either Thane or Raskoph is going to snuff it. And also think it'll be nice to read something from Albus's perspective - I think except that one scene in Ager Sanguinis with Lisa, I don't remember reading anything at all from his POV, which is odd, given how long this story is.

Anyway, this review was all over the place, and be a dear and put that next chapter in the queue. Only 3 more to go, right? Can't wait to see how this all ends.

Author's Response: Golems most certainly do try to kill purebloods! The defences in Badenheim didn't ACTIVATE unless a non-pureblood triggered them, but the golems were from there indiscriminate. And the ones in Ager Sanguinis originally, the ones Matt and Scorpius fought, were triggered by them, as the Templars didn't care about blood purity (especially as they worked with Muggles). Thane had his reason for choosing Scorpius, and some of these are personal and some of these are professional. Also, Selena is definitely not Sacred 28 material pureblood; she's got good ancestry but there'd be interbreeding in there. And while the Doyles wouldn't have been caught dead marrying Muggles, the Rileys, while a respectable wizarding family with no Muggles in their lineage in recent generations, would be similarly not Sacred 28. Malfoy? Malfoy's the purest of the pure. Raskoph's also not SURE the old immunities will work. It'd be a bit of a gamble to assume.

Ager Sanguinis had to make a comeback. It was almost happy accident in the planning; I intended on 'somewhere in Syria' and then there was going to be the final throwdown, and when I developed the castle I knew it had to be where all the chickens would come home to roost. And yeah, the Chalice is established as being PRETTY dang powerful. It makes death a rather more questionable issue.

Dementors are a problem, though the gang had no run-ins with them on Ager Sanguinis' grounds.

Albus has indeed trusted until it stabbed him in the back, and os he's getting everything he 'deserves' with Eva's exposure. It becomes theatrical because Thane is demonstrating his power over her, to HER as well as the rest. It's true, we've not had much from his POV. I think one scene just after Badenheim (with Rose, I think it was his POV, not hers?) and the immediate aftermath of kissing Eva. But otherwise we've not had much from his POV, mostly because other people have had more to give. And a lot of his personal scenes have been with Eva, whose POV has been more valuable.

Next chapter in the queue soon. Though I must do my NaNo writing of book 3 today, so... it'll be in by the end of the day. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #35, by Guilty_pleasures Ashes, Ashes

3rd November 2014:
Suspense. Oh this build up! Still can't even. Gah!


So impressed at how you threw in what we have to look forward to in your next installment. Lethe! ... sounds frightening and excellent and just so glad you love to write these because I love reading them!

Mind blowing chapter as always. Excited for the next!

Author's Response: As ever, Lisa is cursed with matters never being as they appear. Sometimes to her benefit. Sometimes REALLY not, and the Council would rather not show their hand on how they really found the Five when they have an effective scapegoat to cover up their sources.

There'll be more info next chapter on what's REALLY going on, but next chapter is also It, The Real Climax, so... we'll see what happens! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by whykay In the Pale Moonlight

29th October 2014:
I knew it. All of them are lulled. Even Albus. I am confident nothing is going to happen to them. I am not so sure about EvaLisa. And the Chalice.

Author's Response: The Chalice is the thing, so we'll see how the other guys cope with it all - and what Thane/Raskoph want. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by Guilty_pleasures In the Pale Moonlight

29th October 2014:
Remember when I mentioned I found it hard to leave reviews on your chapters because sometimes I just become a total fangirl and can't even anything because my brain is a mush of OH MY GOD THIS IS EVERYTHING I NEEDED AND LOVE ABOUT FANFICTION HOW ARE YOU SO AMAZING I NEED THE NEXT CHAPTER ASAP THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME ...?

... This is one of those times.
Everything is perfect. I am so glad Selena and Matt have decided to be imperfectly perfect together and work through their heartbreaks together. I am so glad scorp and Rose are aware they're grown ups now and that NEWTS aren't all there is to life. And Albus? I just... I can't... Yep. Mush. Need Eva to confess in the midst of a drama fueled Prometheus raid for the chalice. I need Eva to be the good guy and for Prometheus to get away without the chalice because those kids don't need to hunt it any more than they have already. I need Eva and albus to live happily ever after. But I also need that third book to happen. So ARGH! Mush. Love.

Please keep doing what you're doing!
Thanks for another great chapter. Excited for the next!

Author's Response: I don't mind fangirling flailing. Lets me know I'm doing something right. Even if in the flailing I'm not entirely sure what. Probably the cliffhangers. You guys love those, right?

Selena and Matt being 'imperfectly perfect' together is... perfectly put. The lot of them are growing up, in their way, and learning to cope with the question of what's next. Okay, so what's next is an abduction at the hands of Prometheus Thane, so...

It's not over 'til it's over. But there'll still be content for a third book, so we'll see. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by kaeliebear In the Pale Moonlight

28th October 2014:
I've been completely engrossed in these stories for the past several weeks, and they've been worth every minute. I absolutely adore these characters and the way their stories are being told. I love them. Can't wait for more. And I really hope Eva stands up to Thane and tells Al the truth. Keep up the great writing.

Author's Response: Guess we'll see how Eva chooses to handle this, for better or worse. Glad you're enjoying yourself reading this story, though, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #39, by Whimsical Diva In the Pale Moonlight

28th October 2014:
‘I don’t love you! No! That’s not what I meant!’ Despite herself, she grabbed the lapel of his jacket. ‘I mean it. Not in the slightest. Not even a little bit.’

You know what, rectifying this deserves a sequel in its own right. Matt and Selena are my favourite of the Six, and it's just beautiful what they have.

In fact, it's interesting that the three relationships are wonderfully poised. There's Rose and Scorpius, who're well and truly 'in love', then there's Eva, who might very well be in love with Albus, even if neither of them has acknowledged this, and then there's Matt and Selena, who're at the beginning of something they quite bring themselves to accept or even identify fully.

I remember saying at the beginning of the story - before Monte Carlo, I think - that I find Rose a tad lacking. I do like her now, even if she does happen to be my sixth favourite of the Six. Personally, if I were her, I wouldn't have chosen Scorpius over Matt, but I'm not her, so I can only judge her choices. I also remember saying that I find Albus really bland - I still feel he's 'too good to be true', but in some ways, the way his relationship with Eva progressed has leavened the one-noteness. I think their relationship works (the last section of this chapter was achingly poignant!) , because his 'goodness' countervails Eva's sins, but individually, while Eva appears to have grown and developed a lot as a character and as a person, Albus simply hasn't. Then again, I suppose that is what the sequel in the offing would be about, and I do remember you saying that Albus's story doesn't really take off until the third book. But whatever happens, I guess one thing is certain - this lot aren't going to spend another idyllic two years at Hogwarts.

You really need to put the remaining chapters in the queue pronto.

Author's Response: This Matt/Selena scene was probably the hardest of anything I've tried writing in Starfall. Mostly because it was a complete PAIN to judge what remained subtext and what became text. They're neither in a position to make emotional assertions, they both have too much healing to do, but I didn't want to end their relationship arc of this story on an unsatisfying note. So it's had to wind up here; they're friends, but they both know it's more than that, and the rest is just... time. But I'm glad you're rooting for them. I genuinely didn't go into Starfall planning them as a couple (I wasn't oblivious to the possibility, they just weren't Planned like Albus and Eva), so I've tried to let the flow come as naturally as possible. And while I don't really know how it's going to wind up in the sequel, I'm really glad people find them compelling as a duo. Especially as Matt is such a Marmite character (though I'm happy that way).

I don't think even Eva knows what she feels for Al. It's kind of hard to separate feelings for the man from what he represents - though the former are valid and powerful - and so she's not thinking about it.

Albus's virtues are selling him up-river, as it's his virtues which have got him in this situation with Eva, in many ways. So that lightens the one-note-ness, I think. Then again, if I had my time again, I would probably shake up Albus' plot arc from the beginning of Ignite. I was perhaps too focused on making him Scorpius' foil, too amused by the idea of him being the heroic sidekick while Scorpius was the sidekicky hero. Also some of the Albus tropes out there irritate the bejeezus out of me, and I perhaps neglected them more than I should (considering how much I crow about how I use the Next Gen tropes and play them straight, it probably wouldn't have hurt for Albus' arc in Ignite to be resenting his position as a hero's son and then rising to the occasion). But I'm here now, and the way things will fold out in the end of Starfall and moving on for Oblivion will put more meat on his bones, so to speak.

While I have (obviously) a soft spot for Rose, I can see why she's the Least of the Six for some. She's the least dramatic, sensible without being a common sense powerhouse like Albus, down-to-earth without the snark of Selena, smart without the flair of Matt. In some ways I've found her the most 'everyman' pair of eyes, the most 'normal' in terms of emotional reactions, but that doesn't help keep her exciting. We'll see where her journey in Book 3 takes us and her, though.

I probably would have chosen Matt over Scorpius, too, but Rose isn't wrong that she and Matt just sort of fall into a black hole of heavy reflection while Scorpius lightens the load. ;)

Anyway, ta for the review! Going to go put the next chapter in the queue RIGHT NOW. The queue has been my bane, I wanted this all out by November... though I probably won't start posting Oblivion 'til the new year (time to NaNo a chunk and edit) and this way there's less of a wait.


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Review #40, by j In the Pale Moonlight

27th October 2014:
Uh-oh! The final confrontation?? I'm so excited about this!!!

Author's Response: Oh yes, the End is Nigh. Cheers!

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Review #41, by Whimsical Diva Or Fordoes Me Quite

21st October 2014:
I'm grinning in vindication, not because I'd correctly predicted that Matt would be brought back to life, but because Scorpius is extending his father an olive branch of sorts. Now, I don't think Draco is a half decent sort of chap who is just misunderstood, but it's just that it appears he does care about his son, all things considered. Draco may well turn out to be the one to rat on the lot to the Council, but I'd believe his concern for his son is genuine.

Speaking of the Council... I fear something's about to happen in Venice, and expect the Council to have the Chalice at the end of the next chapter, or the one after that, and Starfall ending with, well, Starfall being unleashed on the world. Personally, I feel now would've been the best time for Lisa to have come clean to the Five. Matt's resuscitation must've buoyed them up like nobody's business, and she could've been the beneficiary of their magnanimity and gratitude. I mean, without Lisa banishing those ghosts, they totally couldn't have made it out of the cave. For that matter, without her clueing them up about Watlings, they wouldn't have even got to Cat Island. And of course, they'd wouldn't have quite made it alive out of Brillig without her and so on and so forth. But I kinda have the feeling that they're going to find out about it in the worst possible way. And to be honest, I'm kinda expecting it. ;) I'm most interested in Selena's reaction - Lisa contributed as much as Thane to Methuselah's death, and I just can't see Selena being able to forgive her for that. And Scorpius too, what with Tim's death and everything. If anything, I think it'd be the easiest for Albus to forgive her, since nobody close to him has died owing to her, and all he'd have had to contend with would be a broken heart. But we'll see, won't we?

Update, please!

Author's Response: Yeah, killing Matt would have just been gratuitous at this stage.

Draco's flawed but, yes, he is certainly invested in the wellbeing of his son. For the right reasons? Maybe. What defines the right reasons, anyway? They certainly have a lot more to talk about, and Scorpius is aware he's been fictionalising an awful lot of his parental relationships. One way or another, he needs the truth.

Everyone's feeling all paranoid about Venice, and what comes next. I don't know if there's ever a good time for Lisa to come clean, but you're right, this would stand the best chance. They got through Brillig AND Cat Island with huge credit both times due to her, and that could be enough to make them realise that she really has changed her ways. On the other hand, that would be a huge leap of faith for her to make, and it's questionable how much that's in her nature.

Eva certainly deserves blame for the work done for the Council, though she wasn't at Hogwarts like Thane and Downing were. So whether the guys would hold that personally against her, any more than they hold it personally against ALL the Council - it would depend on how they spun it. It's true that Albus is the one who's suffered the least from the Council's hands (even Rose has that 'Downing almost killed me' objection), which diminishes the obstacles before them.

But we shall see! Updates Imminent. I bloody hope. Cheers!

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Review #42, by Helen J Haslam Shot in the Dark

20th October 2014:
I really enjoyed the start of this chapter with Thane and Saida, good atmosphere. Hurrah for Matt! Though everyone's having a bit of a hard time of it at the moment lol.

Author's Response: I needed to reintroduce Saida, she's got a part to play. Nobody's life is simple right now, though, is it? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by Solana14 Or Fordoes Me Quite

20th October 2014:
omg, thank MERLIN you didn't kill off Matt!! I wasn't ready to see anyone else die -- certainly not any of the other 4 either. But Lisa ... we'll see, won't we? Could be she may have to be sacrificed or something else. Either way, I've the feeling we're going to see a very brief respite and holiday before they're cornered in Venice. I was hoping at about this point they did deserve a little break and I'm ready for one, too, before going on. We've another book to look forward to, so it'd be nice to end this one on a good or at least relatively peaceful note.

I too dearly love our Scorpius! He has truly made a great protagonist. Oh, so looking forward to his talk with his father. Not a whole lot of hope, because it seems Draco will continue being the way he's been portrayed here, but at least Scorpius has a chance to make peace with it all and realize he's not at fault for them being the way they are.

So so so looking forward to the end of this one!

Author's Response: Killing Matt off at this point would have been pretty brutally pointless. Guess we'll see what prices need to be paid for victory, though. Unsurprisingly, everyone's pretty paranoid about Venice. WOULD I ruin everything at the eleventh hour?

Scorpius has grown up a lot in this story and the previous, and seems at a good stage for progress. Draco's a troublesome type, but suppose we'll see what comes of Scorpius opening a dialogue with him. There will definitely be consequences.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #44, by guilty_pleasures Or Fordoes Me Quite

19th October 2014:
I knew it! I just knew you wouldn't let Matt die! I knew you wouldn't bring Gabriel and Jen and Tanith and Tobias into Stygion on such a sad note! I'm so happy! And I'm so glad Matt has now got the time to do things he'd left unfinished. Rose is amazing. Scorp is a better person than I can ever hope to be.

Loved that he told Nat that she 'hasn't been sh*t', as a prelude compliment to pointing out how heroic she is. Perfect.

Is Selena quiet in this because she's thinking about Methusela and how she might have brought him back if she'd known about the chalice then? I know I would be. She must be devastated. Then devastated at being devastated because she's lead the most impressive excursion to do it, determined by hope and chance and historical conjecture which are such uncertain terms... And they did it. Despite everything she did it. She should be proud. But her mask was back the second he woke up. She must be dying inside, wishing Matt was Methusela... Hating Matt with no good logical reason except why does everything get to work out for him?

This is nearing the end! My god. What an adventure. Things seem to be resolving, but I'm sure something huge must be on its way if there is going to be a whole last book about it. Eeee! So excited.

Author's Response: Sometimes I offer my people a reprieve. Killing Matt would have just been cruel for cruelty's sake.

Scorpius is partly being nice to Matt because... well, he knows the guy almost died saving him. And he knows Rose still has some affection for him. And he knows it's harder for Rose. So he can at least suck it up, especially as he trusts Rose. Though Matt entirely deserved the strips she tore off him.

We will hear more from Selena soon, worry not. This chapter became part transition and it wasn't especially the time to start diving into her head and, as you say, her masks come up. She could save one man, but not the other. It's a messy, painful conflict.

Yet more to come, have no doubt, here and in the next story! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by whykay Or Fordoes Me Quite

19th October 2014:
Uhh. WHAT A RELIEF (though quite simplistic - it worked. Huh.)
But they are going to get busted in Venice. In next chapter we see Lisa's judgement, ain't it? Poor EvaLisa. Poor Albus, stuck between the both of them.

I love Scorpius. He is an awesome kid, and is turning out to be such a great person. I've said it before and I say it again here - I love how you have tackled the greys in your books. I love your understanding / observation of the human nature and the perspective you bring to good and bad - the idealistic ends of the same idealogical spectrum. I think it's too presumptuous to say 'good job' and move on, when there is so much depth in your writing. :)

Matt is beaten and worn out. Who wouldn't be?! I like it that Selena didn't rush to declare her hidden affection. And that it was Rose and Matt who hugged after such a great conversation. It makes for some perfect transition. :) But I do hope they talk soon.

And last but not the least - Yaay - Selena is the heroine and umm.. the heroin? She is literally the drug and the catalyst in this story. She is a meaning-er (you know what I mean!). I suspect she will now have a run - in with Thane in Venice since she is carrying the all-important Chalice. And will be forced to part with it; maybe at the risk of EvaLisa's life (too far fetched?!). I somehow feel Selena is the only one in this story who is perfectly poised with the right rhythm, the right amount of indignation, the right amount of anger, the right amount of bitterness (after Ager Sanguinis) to negotiate for EvaLisa. Albus - well, he would be too carried away by emotions and the others couldn't care two hoots about EvaLisa.

Anyway, those are my ramblings. I know the queue is to blame for the slow updates and not you! - so here is a request to HPFF - Q up!

Author's Response: The Chalice has been recorded as working. But who really wants to test its limits?

Everyone seems really worried about Venice. Can't imagine why.

Scorpius has done a lot of growing up, and despite her many flaws, Nat Lockett really helped with that, sometimes even despite herself. I'm glad you appreciate the greys, for even though I'd say the Hogwarts Five are rather heroic, they are certainly not flawless heroic. Maybe Albus. ;) Though he can be dim at times.

There will be talks with Matt and Selena, worry not. Though he really had to conclude Starfall's story of his feelings with Rose, even in a 'it's tough but he needs to get over it' kind of way.

'Meaning-er'. That is a perfect description of Selena in this story. It wasn't intentional; in some ways, she was only the catalyst because I needed some reason why the kids would chase Thane and the Chalice instead of just REPORTING this to their competent, authority figure parents, but Selena's damage was the best reason to set them on the path. And since then she has absolutely borne all the struggles and themes of the quest, physically and emotionally. Whether she'll have a part to play with EvaLisa... I guess we'll see.

The Q will hopefully speed up! Next chapter should be Imminent. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by R That Either Makes Me

18th October 2014:
Oh, my goodness.

What what WHAT could possibly happen next? Matt coming back as an Inferius because of Eridanos? Will they have to set him on fire? Rose and Selena and going to take this so hard oh dear oh dear... THE SUSPENSE!

The Chalice plot-twist-sort-of-thing was wonderfully written, by the way. And it targeted their personalities perfectly. I loved how Rose defended Scorpius!


Author's Response: Setting Matt's corpse on fire after he becomes an Eridanos would be pretty horrendous. Then again, I made that happen with the twelve year-old Tim Warwick, so...

I'm glad you found the trial compelling! It was oodles of fun to write, especially Rose jumping in for Scorpius (not planned, just came out in the writing). Thanks!

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Review #47, by Helen J Haslam Star-Crossed

17th October 2014:
'You disappeared under an invisibility cloak and just said "trust me". That's not a plan, Malfoy, that's barely even a concept.'

Ha ha yes :-D

Oh Scorpius, what are you doing! Get back to her lol!

Author's Response: Scorpius has his damage and his reasons... but he is definitely, as Rose points out, a terrible planner. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by BellaLestrange87 That Either Makes Me

16th October 2014:
But. but... but. why?

*shakes head* No. He's not dead. I refuse to accept it. He's asleep, and Nat Lockett is stupid.

Aside from the heartbreak at the end of the chapter - WHY? - I really enjoyed this (except for the debate between the group and the Guardian. That's not your fault. I got lost.)

I believe that Lisa is truly Lisa now, and Eva Saida is gone; until, of course, they find out. If Albus is in an undeclared relationship with her, how will that affect the fight that will happen?

All the same, I'm happy Matt was unconscious when he - fell asleep. I'm still denying that IT happened. Nope. He's alive. *fiercely remains in denial* It prevents me from wondering whether or not he knew he was going to... yeah.

Maybe in the next chapter he'll be resuscitated, preferably as an actual living, human being, and not an Inferi-thing that Eridanos turns its victims into. Why, Matt, why couldn't you have stayed on board the ship? Bad things happen to idiots, but at least he was noble. Still, I liked him. He didn't need to - fall asleep. Yeah, he's asleep.

Author's Response: I have been often told I am a cruel writer.

Lisa's identity is rather taking over Eva, isn't it. Her choices in this chapter certainly solidify a lot of that. The question is what the world's going to do about those choices.

Guess we'll see the consequences of what's gone down with Matt... thanks for reviewing!

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Review #49, by guilty_pleasures That Either Makes Me

16th October 2014:
'What - in this world - is fair?'

Selena. My absolute favourite character. You really have done such an amazing job developing her.

I think she summarizes my thoughts of this chapter quite nicely. I so hope this isnt goodbye, little Doyle. I couldn't bear it if the scene where your Anguis characters finally meet up, grown up, in Stygion - happens because they need to bury Gabriel's boy.

I am so hoping that Nathalie is being possessed by a spell of final judgement test. Or that the entire dawn-thing is a spell to test them. That someone works it out, beats the final test, and suddenly it's midnight and Matt is alive and the the Chalis' magic cures him.

That's what I hope happens next.

Also, I'm gutted about the Dobby's. I think Selena's statement worked well to summarise that too. Unfair. You absolutely deserved one. Next year will be your year!

Keep on amazing us please! Can't wait for your next update (:

Author's Response: Selena pretty much owns this chapter, and in many ways Starfall's primary themes. It would be pretty horrendous if this was where I dragged all of the Anguisverse together in the Stygian trilogy, for a funeral; it was bad enough in the not-death earlier.

There will always be next year for Dobbys! Honestly, just knowing I've had so many readers out there keen to nominate me has been more than enough. Thanks a whole bunch!

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Review #50, by EarthsTrueGreen That Either Makes Me

15th October 2014:
Not this again. Stop killing people off its breaking my heart! On another note, good update.

Author's Response: I fear I can be very cruel, or so I am often told. Thanks for reviewing!

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