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Review #26, by water_lily43175 Heads or Tails

8th January 2013:
Our updates seem to be spectacularly well-timed at the moment! I enjoy this a lot.

I like the little touch with Tanith and Katie trying their best to get their heads around the Muggle world, and yet not quite getting there. Of course, it would possibly be best to let Harry do the Muggle-related investigating, given that he's probably got the most knowledge of the Muggle world ... but that would be letting him do the fun stuff, and that would get in the way of the girl power. So, Tanith and Katie struggle on!

THIS is how paranoid and thorough I've become with this fic and my theory - the protection spells are compared to the ones the Lions used, THEREFORE the person who set them up is clearly someone who knew about the Lions' protection. Therefore Tom is guilty. THIS IS MY INVESTIGATIONAL PROCESS.

Oho, they've found something. But WHAT? Intrigued. Scene change. I hate you.

Jen being particular about her coffee seems like you projecting again. JUST SAYING. Anyway, I'm a bit concerned about them visiting Lackardy. Because Tom is clearly guilty. And I am clearly paranoid. Reading on ... Jen is confident, and yet Tom is tense. HMM. You observed their body language for a reason, there is always a REASON for these things. My suspicions are heightened further. Not to mention, Tom clearly has strong thoughts on Lackardy deserving punishment - not that Lackardy DOESN'T, but that's the reasoning behind these deaths, so it definitely FITS.

Oho, so THAT'S what was in the post box. That means someone from the Ministry (so Tom basically). I guess that was pretty much the suspicion anyway, but this confirms it.

Whoa. WHOA. Lackardy's dead. Cripes. Jen's GUILTY? Or Tom did it without her NOTICING? Which sounds unlikely. Someone else may have done it, but in the space of half an hour? It's TOO coincidental that Jen and Tom visited the cell when they did; one (or both) of them is involved to some degree here. NOT GOOD.

High clearance rune. Right. This means someone important must have authorised it, for a start. Would Jen be important enough to get hold of one? I expect so... and they planted it when they were in there, and ... someone else Apparated in? Or one of THEM Apparated back in once they'd left with Harry? Either way, it looks bad for both of them. Tanith really has no choice but to pull them both in - my only worry is that they might have left the Ministry or something.

It's just ... Jen has no alibi. None at all. And it's very interesting that it turns out that Katie knew that, all along. But despite that, I just CANNOT believe that she's guilty. It's JEN! Yes, she wants justice as much as the next person, but THIS? It's just not her at all! And yes, that IS a gut feeling, and no, that shouldn't get in the way of the facts ... but I just can't line it up. Tom, yes. But Jen? Bleurgh. And calling in Gabe, too. Oh, TANITH. This really is a horrid state of affairs. They're right; if only they'd investigated Jen's alibi more in the first place...

I know Ignite should come next. But I'm begging, I'm BEGGING, please post the next BTP first! You can't leave me on this note!

Author's Response: 'Sorry', Ignite is already in the queue. You'll just have to have Ignite and like it!!

It would probably make more sense to bring Harry. And he's definitely up to hard work. But Katie isn't hugely clueless, she's just lacking in some personal experience - but TV can only teach one so much! Plus, they get by. Yes, the protection spells are compared to the Lions BUT Katie was the Lions' specialist in protection spells. So she's going to compare this to things she knows. It does, however, match your theory, yes!

Maybe I am projecting about the coffee. Good coffee's important, okay?! And yeah, Tom has issues. But, who wouldn't? Plea bargains and the like are a sticky wicket with justice. Jen doesn't like them, either, she just has to be more pragmatic than Tom. And you're right, it would be a WACKY coincidence for Lackardy to have been murdered in his cell within 30 minutes of their visit. So it definitely implies guilt of one of them. Which, perhaps, is the plan? Though only a narrow range of people could get those runes. And only a narrow range of people could legitimately get the files which were in that post box.

And Jen could be that person. But you're right, it's completely crazy to believe that she could have done it, which is why Katie and Tanith were wholly unprofessional. Tanith knew, deep down, Gabe's alibi was wrong, and Katie ACTUALLY knew it was. But it's Jen Riley - why waste time investigating a dead end when the biggest clue is an incongruity in a lovers' tiff? I'm glad it doesn't come across as completely stupid that Tanith and Katie chose to believe Gabe's lie and that Katie covered for Jen. Because it is unprofessional but at the same time it SHOULD be ridiculous to consider that it's Jen.

BUT they have to now consider it. And this means, if it is her, then there's certainly something unknown going on, below the surface...

...of course, it might not be her. Muwahaha! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #27, by margravine Dangled Over a Tank of Sharks

4th January 2013:
Not sure when I last reviewed. But I sorely missed this during the que closure!! mwhaha the 'review and continue reading next chapter' message I see below me now also gives me hope!

firstly, I've been suspicious of Tom BEFORE the awkward run in with Toby. Pretty sure he dun it.

Secondly SO MUCH SQUEE FOR NAT AND CAL HOOKUP. Even though it goes *profoundly* against my breakup principles and is ironically exactly what Cal was worried about with T/T, it was just so RIGHT and natural and chemistry laden that I was cheering for them even though I know from your next gen fic that Life is Not Kind to Nat (if you kill Cal off, we will have Words).

What I really do adore about this fic though, is how you haven't shied away from the uglier side of humanity. We're heroic in the face of evil. We stumble when it comes to everyday life and mundane reality, and we never really entirely get over old loves.

Anyhoo. You remain my idol. I want to see our crazy kids finally get it together!

Author's Response: Everyone's so suspicious of Tom! This is Tom Everard, the man who was THIRD choice for Head Boy in his 7th year. Bless him, poor, maligned Tom!

Or he's evil. That's possible, too.

Yes, the hookup was... I didn't *specifically* plan for it when writing the chapter, I just kicked back and let the characters decide, but when I knew it was going this way I thought it would be a considerably worse idea than it turned out to be. I think they can only 'get away' with it because they don't live in the same sphere, they won't see one another for months on end (versus the awkward spiral of self-destruction it would become if it were T/T, with their mutual friends), so an entanglement is less likely to get them stagnant in their lives. Or for once I've got two characters with an ounce of emotional sense, it could happens. But yes, BTP is compliant with Ignite (though as the Igniteverse rolls on, I will deviate from my own personal external canon if needs be!), and so Nat's life is... going to get tough, poor girl.

Thank you so much for the kind words. This is very much the intention of the story, of showing the best and worst of humanity in the hard times and in the normal. We are scarred and flawed and brilliant.

And there's plenty more to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by water_lily43175 Dangled Over a Tank of Sharks

3rd January 2013:

Light fixtures. That makes me think - surely candles and lanterns can't be the ONLY forms of artificial light in the wizarding world? So do they have electricity anywhere? Hmm, ponder time.

Bahaha, I just had an image of someone living in a pillar box. This amuses me a lot. Nevertheless it's intriguing. A muggle-born presumably, but why use a PO box? Hmm. This is beginning to throw my crackpot theory of it being Tom out of the water, which I Do Not Like.

Unless she's his girlfriend or something.

Or it's him under a different name.


Haha, I love that Tanith and Katie punish Harry and Ron for their Jen investigation by not letting them do the exciting investigating. Girl power!

OHO, here we go. Cal visiting Nat! In Paree, eh? The city of lurve. I love how he's clearly over-thought what he's wearing. He doesn't want to seem anything more than casual while he's Portkeying to a hotel in a different country to see his ex-girlfriend, NO BIGGIE.

Green hair? Nice touch.

Right, here we go. Time for Cal to have the sense knocked into him, and for him to LISTEN to it. And I utterly love Nat, because she knows when to talk and when to listen, and when she listens she DOES actually listen, and she doesn't judge, and is basically the complete opposite of the rest of Cal's friends. It will be a shame if they're not able to remain friends because he needs her around for that.

And of course she can pinpoint the issue when nobody else can. He thinks he SHOULD see Thanatos, and that's where the problem lies. And of course, he shouldn't think that at all, which I've near enough said; his best move is to walk well away and stop thinking of Thanatos as his father, because that's the only thing he deserves. And anything else would be a bad move for Cal. So, he may not KNOW whether he wants to keep it up or not, but at least he's settled what question he should be asking in the first place.

And then the kissy happens. Bless them. Survive a war, only to trip up when real life turns up. Because ... they both value their career over each other, it would seem. Or, rather, their careers aren't those which lend themselves to spending time with a significant other. In fact, it all seems quite similar to Tanith and Tobias' problem, just magnified by the whole issue of foreign countries.

And he went back. Oh, this pleases me in the sense that I'm still shipping them big style. I can't see this doing them any good, in the sense that I doubt they'll get back together, but ... eh. Is there much harm in it?

Knowing you, there probably is.

Oho. OHO. The man takes something from the box! Hm. Something is happening here! I'm really concerned about my theory now, it looks to be dying a death! Nevertheless, are we making developments here? Oh, Tanith, you and your stand of postcards. Intrigued, very intrigued! MORE PLEASE.

Author's Response: I considered it might be spoileriffic to have Nat for the Chapter image - but I thought the teasing for readers would be more fun. Plus she doesn't get one otherwise!
Logically, yes, a muggle-born would be the one to use the muggle post to get what they want, though if a wizard with reasonable knowledge of muggles wanted to be discreet... as becomes evident, the wizarding world is not so hot about understanding and intercepting muggle ways of life! Good way to operate under the radar. The name is NOT Tom's quite, but... who knows. ;) Tanith and Katie on the case, 'cos screw the boys.

Nat is great. I always forget how great she is (for she's very different by Ignite!). She knows how to listen, she knows how people can be silly and what's right and wrong but she doesn't judge them. So she cuts to the heart of matters. And yes, an entanglement was inevitable. These guys were the Dark Side of the problems faced by Tanith and Tobias, only their dreams and their relationship were absolutely mutually exclusive. One of them would have to give up on what they wanted to do in their life to be with the other. Nat would have to work in England instead of racing around the world, or Cal would have to follow her and give up Quidditch. They both know this, so - is there harm in one fling? Perhaps emotionally, perhaps it just makes it harder. Perhaps it's worth it!

Your theory is... suffering a little. But we are finally making leaps and bounds in plot. It doesn't calm down from here on!

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Review #29, by Rose Of Bloodlines and Ideals

21st December 2012:
I've just finished reading your entire series, haven't had time to review each chapter, but can I just say that it is AMAZING? I'm totally in love with your four main characters, especially Gabe, and I think you have something really incredible here. This is awesome because it goes along with the canon series, yet veers in it's own direction. I really like that you didn't just use JK Rowling's plot, but you moulded yours into something completely original, that still allowed the canon plot to happen. Your characters are consistent, yet they still grow through the series, and their relationships are believable. It really gives a great insight into what was going on politically in the wizarding world, and is very believable in the sense that the inner-workings of the government are just as complicated as in real life. I don't know if you got any inspiration from WWII, but I can definitely see some connections there. I also like that you get a real sense of the Slytherin character while staying away from the typical bad-guy sort of stock. All in all I think this is beautifully crafted and comes across as effortless. Thanks for an awesome story. As for this chapter, I love the relationship between Tobias and Jen, and I'm SO glad that Tanith and Toby have finally figured out their relationship. Daedalus's reaction is also believable in that his character is still stubborn and abrasive, yet it's still clear that he loves his daughter and wants her to be happy. All in all an amazing chapter, and a great story. Please update?

Author's Response: I'm glad people are still discovering this series, even so late on, and that you review at all is hugely appreciated! I have tried to keep it very tight with canon and yet its own thing; it makes it all more 'real' in its way, or that is my hope, to believe that these events could well have happened alongside the book.

I am quite a nerd for politics and history, and so yes, I have certainly drawn on real world inspiration like WWII for the developments I've made - but then, the WWII parallels were already there alongside JK's own work! I am happy that it's working in a compelling way, and I am very happy that you've enjoyed the work so far and this specific chapter. Yes, Daedalus is a difficult and cynical man, but he does at the end of the day love his daughter. He also knows it's not worth going head to head with her over some issues, he's learned his lesson!

Thanks for reviewing. Updates are forthcoming!

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Review #30, by water_lily43175 Of Bloodlines and Ideals

6th December 2012:
Okay, so this is basically Jen's chance to get all of her post-war woes out into the open. She's coming to terms with Tanith's actions and Gabe's lie of omission. This is good, and very healthy. And very Jen. I was worried that we were going to have a big Tanith/Jen showdown, but it seems that this isn't going to be the case now. Although we still await their next meeting obviously, and I'm now scared that it's going to be when Tanith is forced to arrest Jen or something. I'm not certain that that little issue has been put to bed yet!

And, of course, the Nick stuff. Of COURSE she feels guilty about getting with Gabe, but she can hardly confide in HIM about that, can she? Indeed, her and Nick weren't suited at all, and the mere fact that during the war she could let her guard down to Gabe and didn't feel pressured to stay strong and not show any kind of weakness just goes to show that they were made for each other. AND ALL ON ACCIDENT.

"Only following orders". Mmm, it all comes back to that, in the end.

Oho. OHO. "You think you know someone..." Bad reaction to Tanith's role at Gullsmere. Tom's guilty. HE IS.

Enter Melissa! Happy happy. She won't be lonely if she HOOKS UP WITH WILL. Or Dimitri. She could have a toy boy. Now THAT'S an idea.

Right, this Tanith summons MUST be related to Toby asking his permission to marry her (or not, as the case may be...) but that's where I get confused because I don't see why Daedalus would object; he's not anti-Muggle at all! Hmm. Fear in his eyes? What, like he's SCARED of Toby? Scared of what he's going to do with his staff if Daedalus says no? (Incidentally so much amusement at Toby carrying his staff because IT LOOKS BETTER.) Reading on.

Oh Daedalus. You've disappointed me.

Oh. OH. I take that back. It's not quite as clear-cut as "I don't want you marrying into a Muggle family", he has a REASON for it. And whether or not it's the RIGHT reason, it's hard to criticise him for it. Because he's seen a lot over the years, his role in the first war has been revealed to everyone, it's totally understandable that he'd worry about his family becoming targets ANYWAY, even without marrying half-bloods left, right and centre. And this explains the fear in his eyes. Fear for his daughter's safety. Oh, DAEDALUS. He's just a loving, paranoid man. And he's endeared himself to me SO MUCH here.

And now he's giving him the HOUSE. Amazing. I love the Pureblood pride shining through here, the total refusal to let the Sprague family absorb the Cole estate, that would be simply preposterous.

And of course he's still a little bit upset about his daughter marrying a half-blood. But he's still going to let it happen, and he's going to support Tanith and be happy for her and invite Toby round for dinner, and this makes ME happy. FANTASTIC characterisation, GOOD CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: Yes, this is where we go: Jen's mind, explore! And Tobias is one person she'll tell, because she can't confide in Gabe about these things. There will still be A conversation between Tanith and Jen, but it won't involve punching in the face. Not for those reasons, at least.

My accidents are awesome, apparently. But yes, Jen was pretty in love with Gabriel even while Nick was still alive, which chewed her up inside something rotten and has been worrying away there since Nick died. And that's why she's still that little bit messed up by it all.

I love your Tom theory. I really do. But then I cannot judge about crackpot theories, I am the MASTER of these!

Daedalus is, in fact, throwing a hissyfit and summoning Tanith and making her panic. Because... sometimes Daedalus Cole is crazy in the face. I am glad that his paranoia and fear are understandable; he is a little judgmental but not THAT judgmental, he's mostly just scared Tanith's going to make her life worse. It would be safer if she married a nice Pureblood instead of a high-profile halfblood. But he gets over it. He's not thrilled, but he's made his case, calmed down a bit, and will try to soldier on.

And people wonder sometimes why Tanith is so messed up when this man is her father! XD

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #31, by water_lily43175 Risk Life and Limb

5th December 2012:
Ah. Tanith and Katie visiting Gabe. Chasing up Jen's alibi. Which ... she doesn't have. Eek.

I love Tanith/Katie interactions. I love how nothing fazes Gabe. I love how he claims he Sees everything. Basically so far I love this chapter already. BUT we've not gotten down to business yet and I'm a bit nervous about what's to come.

And he's lied. Tanith's made him lie. Jen lied in the first place. Oh god if this comes out it could go badly, you have me very worried right now.

"'I like having you around,' said Gabriel abruptly." AW.

It's good that Gabe doesn't feel guilty about leaving his father. It's the right thing to do at the end of the day. WELL DONE GABRIEL.

Cal's asking Gabe for advice now? Oh, this kid needs to stop looking for someone to justify what he's doing. Because that's what he's doing, isn't it? If he didn't want to see Thanatos, he wouldn't be bothering to even think about it. But he's talked to Tanith and Toby and Will about it, and none of THEM think it's a good idea... and yet he's still thinking it over. He's not asking them to help make his mind up; his mind is near enough already made up and he just wants someone to agree with him.

...And Gabe's just said exactly the same thing, aha. Great minds and all that. And I know I shouldn't, but I found this exchange funny. Gabe getting angry that Cal's not asked why he's quit his job - to which my thought is "well he's got a point" ... then Cal says that Gabe would tell him if he wanted him to know - which I also agree with ... and then Gabe isn't going to talk about it anyway. SO TYPICAL of them.

Cal's going to go see Nat, isn't he? He'd better do, because I've missed her. She'll bang his head against a wall and make him see sense. JOB DONE.

Gabe apologised. Bless him.

Jen wouldn't have killed Jacob. That's that sorted. She'd have known that he was one of the good guys, she wouldn't have gone for him. I'm fairly certain on that. She has motive for the Mulready death, yes, but there's no reason that she would have gone for Phelps either, and she definitely wouldn't have targeted Jacob of all people. NOT HER.

Love the Tanith/Katie banter. They'd make a cute couple. Except, you know, T/T.

They're out of milk. I love the reference to Mulready's death, haha. IT WAS THE NEIGHBOUR.

Whoa WHAT? Cliffhanger? You can't do that! Has Toby been to see Daedalus? Oh god has he summoned Tanith home about that? Or has he found out about Gullsmere? Or has something else happened? I AM THINKING OF SO MANY POSSIBLE THINGS RIGHT NOW I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS NEXT CHAPTER NOW PLEASE. Look, I said please. I'm being POLITE. You have to indulge my curiosity now.

Author's Response: Tanith/Katie are my runaway favourite 'couple' of BTP. I found myself stressing so hard over a new long-term partner for Tanith (I considered it being Ron but couldn't break up the Dream Team, plus it felt a little bit too much like messing with canon) but when I started, Katie was a runaway star. And I had to get my slashy undertones in there somewhere, even if, as you say, T/T.

And yes. They've lied. They've ALL lied, and that's what covering for friends winds up being. Jen has no alibi and they're all so certain it can't be her, so why waste time chasing up this thread when it will lead nowhere? Any other day and Tanith would have chased this one, but guilt's a powerful thing.

Gabriel Doyle: Sometimes quite emotionally smart, actually. Including on the topic of Cal who, well, you've pretty much assessed properly. He wants to stick around with Thanatos, everyone's told him not to, so he's trying to find the excuse. Or, really, the explanation. He doesn't disagree with anyone who's told him it's a bad idea, but he still WANTS, somewhere, to see Thanatos more, and is looking for someone to justify it and explain it for him.

Except Gabe isn't feeling happy about being used like this, and now they're being Boys and being in a stink over this issue. At least they're more capable these days of getting over it because by now they know when they're being illogical.

It is very true that, had Jen killed Jacob, that would be contrary to what we currently know about her as a character. Based on all information we have to hand, it is logical to assume there is some other explanation. But we are not at the end yet.

Aaand cliffhanger, go!

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Review #32, by water_lily43175 Looking Right Back

5th December 2012: this it? Is this The Moment? EEK.

Oh, I love them. NO WORDS. Just happiness.

I am SO GLAD that Gannifer manage to work things out so quickly all the time. They're so straightforward! I'm also glad that Gabe has told Jen that he kept his vision quiet partly for Tanith's sake, because that's something that Jen needs to understand and come to terms with. But it's ALL OKAY now. Except we haven't had a Tanith/Jen showdown yet.

So much love for Jen's title quote. Beautiful.

Oh Tanith, unsure about taking Toby's name. This is clearly her attempt at a modern subversion of traditional family roles. Her trying out his name makes it all feel so REAL. Like, this has been four stories in the making, and we're finally there! Oh wow, Tobias/Daedalus conversation needs to happen please.

Oh. OH. She's telling him about David. THIS IS IT, this is everything resolved, from now on they can be a happy couple together with no resentment about not spending enough time together or keeping things from each other and I swear if you put them through anything else I will send the ninjas out.

Cal. DRUNK CAL. I love him. Of course, he hasn't got a clue about ANYTHING that's happened, proposals or injunctions or anything... This will be fun.

This scene makes me think of the time I requested that you insert Cal into EVERY SCENE. I still maintain that would have produced an amazing literary work. I can't believe you rejected the idea!

Naw, cute Tanith/Cal moment. Bless them. This review isn't really providing an in-depth analysis of the chapter, is it? I APOLOGISE IT'S JUST ALL SO HAPPY AND FLUFFY and I love happy and fluffy.

Oho, not so fluffy now. Harry suspects Jen. Yeah, I guess that was only a matter of time. I'd probably be considering her right now if I wasn't adamant that Tom is our man. But even then I'd only consider her for a split second because it CAN'T be her... can it? Either way, this isn't going to help Tanith/Jen relations which are already frosty enough. And OH NO she went out last night, she doesn't have an alibi ... oh this is going to go badly. Mmm. Juicy end to the chapter. Next!

Author's Response: This is, indeed, The Moment. And they pass, for once! Yeah, even I squee'd a little at writing 'Tanith Grey', though this is her effort at a rebellion. That said, marrying a half-blood is pretty much a rebellion against her family's expectations. After four stories we're finally here. I remember you commenting once upon a time that you reckoned T/T wouldn't get married, or that they wouldn't make a big fuss, and I was sitting on this chapter at the time and giggling to myself evilly. But no, they're engaged, she's bringing everything out into the open about David and the rest, and at this precise moment you do not need to dispatch ninjas. Not just yet.

Cal, still slightly drunk from the night before! It's a horrible feeling but he's at least getting a good morning. Maybe it should be DRUNK Cal inserted into every scene. Though that would have been super-awkward with some of the recent scenes.

You're allowed to be happy and fluffy! I quite like this Cal/Tanith scene, they don't get to be friends very often, even if their friendship is the most underrated of the foursome other than Tobias/Gabriel (who have literally only had that scene in Tobias' office as a conversation exclusively between the two of them, in FOUR STORIES). Sometimes they can be squishy.

Gannifer are over THIS issue, for now. Gabriel was brave to stick to his guns but Jen's a smart girl and anything else would have been something they both knew was a lie. But we are definitely due a Tanith/Jen conversation, that is absolutely still on the cards and will not be easy.

But might come about sooner with this suspicion of Jen. After all - she has motive.

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Review #33, by Margravine Looking Right Back

2nd December 2012:
The reason it took me so long to review this crowning glory of chapter is that I actually needed to give it a few days to process and appreciate at it's value. You deserve no less than a real review for this baby.

Firstly: the shifting between perspective was beautiful. This really is Tanith and Toby's story equally, and I love so, so much that they are finally at a place where they not only know each other better than anyone, and are using that to heal rather than hurt each other (is any of this based on real people?!?)


also, cal pretty much sums it all up and voices what everyone was thinking. YOU CRAZY KIDS (with the real fear that this was another dark twist).

Supremely happy. This chapter makes all the angst and grief and mistakes worth it!

WHAT A TWIST RE JEN. Don't believe it. But highly interesting and devastating if true.

FAVOURITE FAN FIC OF ALL TIME. Surpasses some of the orginal novels IMO.

Thankyou Slide - you've provided so much entertainment, interest and even comfort through your work, over years now, and it's rare, and wonderful to have fictional characters and stories who can retain this level of love :)

Author's Response: I can only be flattered this chapter merited, nay, required such attention and thought! I don't mind well-considered reviews being late if they are like this! And it really is the final culmination of everything between T/T, and while originally Tobias WAS the protagonist of the series, and arguably still was as late as Shade, Tanith leapt forward come Shadow and it's very much about BOTH of them, and both their pain and their endeavours. I always say those two were a love story of two people who weren't perfect for each other YET, and the question was if they'd grow up to become those people or not. Finally, thankfully... they have. And as you say are using their intimacy to heal.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental! Thankfully. All sorts of Bits and Pieces are drawn from life, and people, but I assure you my life is not so messed up. And YES. FINALLY there are no secrets between them. FINALLY.

Cal totally gets to be audience voice. I pretty much had to stick a lampshade hanging on this issue to reassure that I wasn't just going to screw with you guys even more. Aaand... I can make no comment on the topic of the possibility of Jen's guilt. Certainly Harry's logic is sound, she has motive!!

Thank you for your kind words. As a story I've been working on for way, WAY too long, it's thoroughly satisfying to see everything come together in this final furlong and especially to see readers enjoying the ride along with. I'm very proud of it and can only hope to continue producing this kind of quality in my work. My humblest thanks, again!

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Review #34, by water_lily43175 Save the Day O'Clock

21st November 2012:
Okay. I'm here to leave a coherent review. HONEST. I'm not sure how long it will remain coherent, but I'll give it a go.

I thought this was a bad move, going to David's pub when he'd be there. And yet, despite me being the biggest T/T flag-waver there is (I've clearly scientifically proven this) I still found myself WANTING David to remember her. It seemed like a long shot though; them Obliviators would have done the job good and properly. So you were cruel, to give me false hope. To give TANITH false hope. But it's okay because Toby more than made up for it!

Tanith seems to think that her guilt is interlinked with remembering the fallen; that if she stops feeling guilty for her sins, she forgets the likes of Nick whose deaths she feels responsible for. She can't keep thinking like that because it's just not healthy. She needs to let herself move on from it all! Bless her.

And then we now of course have the slight issue of the attempted murder. And I have literally in the last few seconds come up with a possible candidate! My eyes just fell on this line:

"But even as she grabbed it a looming figure, indistinct in the dark, closed the gap between them and delivered a heavy, vicious punch to the side of her face. There was something strangely familiar about it all..."

WHOA I missed this first time round. Something familiar? About what, Tanith being attacked down an alleyway while drunk? Or Tanith being PUNCHED IN THE FACE? Because that's happened before ... at Gullsmere ... Tom Everard punched her in the face ... whoa what's everyone been saying about him? Is he the one who's gone a bit nutty since it's all been over? IS HE? I'm going to have to read this WHOLE fic again to look for references and I'd better not be barking up the wrong tree here BUT IT ALL FITS! The curse, the Lions knew about the curse ... HMM.

I have a strong hunch that, whether I'm right or wrong, you're going to be laughing at me as you read this.

Oh, the little "Harry and Ron have ... let him get away" dialogue made me chuckle. I love Harry and Ron and Katie. LOVE EM.

I like that Katie - and Harry and Ron too I guess, but mainly Katie - understood why Tanith had to kill Nick. Or at least, they seemed to understand. Jen's reaction was totally understandable of course, but it's nice that these three aren't judging Tanith for killing a man given the circumstances. And Harry taking control here is FABULOUS, partly because I find it so funny how Tanith tries to not approve of it but still can't help but like him.

Toby. Oh, Toby. I knew he'd gotten the injunction, and I knew he'd done it for her! I take back EVERYTHING I've said about him. Because yes, he was wrong, and yes, so was Tanith, but the fact here is that he's not only realised where he was at fault but has acted on it, and more importantly he's not getting angry at Tanith for her misdeeds. Basically, HE'S decided that he's not going to let this chance slip away from him. And that's where he's got one up on Tanith. (Alternatively Dimitri sorted his head out for him because he's the bomb.)

And again the guilt from Tanith. She seriously doesn't know how to deal with this! Poor thing. She just kept it all locked away for too long. But IT'S ALL OKAY NOW because Toby understands!

I LOVED this moment. "There's one thing I can't do." I thought OH NO WHAT NOW TOBIAS? Pretty much Tanith's thought process. "I can't get down on one knee." JAW MEETS GRAVITY. Beautiful. Wonderful. SO HAPPY.

"Of course the answer's yes, I think the answer might have been yes since I was sixteen..." CRYING WITH JOY.

Basically from "There's one thing I can't do..." through to the end of the chapter... Best thing EVER. Beats "I know you're Tanith just by the way you say my name." Beats "Fiendfyre couldn't drive me away." It even beats "Scorpius liked cake". THAT IS HOW BIG THIS MOMENT IS.

Of course, I am well aware that it wouldn't be unlike you to put them through the ringer some more, and I am also aware that Tanith still has ... problems ... that need seeing to, so I don't think it's going to be all bunnies and rainbows from them from now on. But I HOPE that this is their Big moment, that from now on they'll be able to DEAL with it all ... because I don't think I could cope if things blew up again. I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH.

I kind of feel like my attempt at a coherent review has failed. There's still a bucketload of excited caps lock going on. So I'll wrap things up here before I get too carried away (imagine that!) or I run out of characters, which is becoming rather possible right now. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS CHAPTER. Good work bro.

Author's Response: I know. It's a big chapter. Might be all downhill from here! But it's not, I promise. Yeah, I have a soft-spot for David too (of course, I wrote him); he had to be a fully formed character in his own right to help Tanith grow, so... it's more than a little sad he'll never remember her, or what he saw, or what they went through. Only she remembers. It's not even just FORGETTING the fallen will happen if she feels guilty - even if she doesn't think she belongs in PRISON for what she did, she doesn't think that you get to kill someone and then walk off and have a happy life. Because that's not "fair". And she's kind of right, but... life's more complicated than that.

Interesting theory about Tom Everard! It's true, he punched her in the face in Gullsmere, though I suspect he's not the only person to ever punch Tanith in the face. There has been some exposition so far on what's happened to Tom since the end of the war. He's had a hard time in his own right.

And yes, I'm giggling to myself, you're right.

Harry, Katie, and Ron are a comedy trio in their own right. I can't see Harry and Ron getting judgmental about hard choices in war, and Katie is... I think it helps that her first go-to issue was that JEN now knew, so her initial emotional reaction was of concern for her best friend. And then once that had cooled down, she could think clearly. Tanith is still NOT happy about being removed from the field, but Harry has this unfortunate habit of being RIGHT.

Toby to the rescue! Toby with an injunction! Toby making everything okay. And, indeed, realising that one of them needs to suck it up and put on their big boy boots to make everything okay, and Dimitri has reminded him that it has to be HIM. And also seeing the trial made him realise Tanith was WAY more messed up than he thought she was, which explained a whole lot. She might have done okay. But then everyone who knew, died, and telling more people required THINKING about it.

I haven't had The Moment as one of those things I've been working towards for years or anything, but the moment I started BTP I had that "There's one thing I can't do" line in my head. In original drafts it wasn't going to happen until the end of the fic, but I realised that would be terrible for pacing (I'm sure I'll ramble some more at you some time on the things BTP Almost Was) so instead we can actually get some story time spent on them as a couple... until I throw the next curveball. You know me. ;) I make life hard. But I try to not be too repetitive.

Laughing so hard at you citing "Scorpius liked cake". I had to actually go back and check just when he invoked cake! Clearly one of my finest and most heartwarming moments!

These kinds of rambly reviews at the best! Keep it up! And thanks, a whole bunch.

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Review #35, by Margravine Save the Day O'Clock

21st November 2012:
Yes. yes. YES


About time. and beautiful. and so typically angsty rather than romantic. Oh those crazy kids!

Author's Response: :D :D :D That is quite fair. This is the mushiest, isn't it? I hope, after X number of years of angst and woe, it's been worth it. It certainly was satisfying for me to WRITE it. Glad you enjoyed it, and more chapters coming so there might be more coherency. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by water_lily43175 Until They Serve a Day

13th November 2012:
...I get the feeling this is going to be a good one. I DON'T KNOW WHERE I GET THAT IDEA FROM ;)

...oh no. OH NO OH NO OH NO it's all going wrong. This is what I was excited for but now it's happening and WHAT.

Okay. Constructive thoughts. Because that's clearly easy right now. The only thing you could have done to get a messier review is to have thrown Dimitri into the mix.

Jen is angry. Really angry. I don't blame her; she has every right to be. Not that Tanith deserves it because she REALLY didn't have a choice, but that's not going to make it better for Jen right now.

Toby. Toby got the injunction. For Tanith, or just to stop the Ministry looking bad? You just KNOW that it's the latter. Or maybe I should give him more credit? I don't know. The T/T discussion that comes from this will be VERY interesting though. And ... I love Vaughn. I honestly, truly love him. Everything that he says is right, and it's the reason why Jen should, once she's calmed down, forgive Tanith for it. But it's not going to be easy for her, bless her.

HAHA. "Or, in Gabriel's case, he knew something was wrong because Jen slammed the door behind her loud enough to make the wall shake." DEAD. No. No laughing. This is going to be serious.

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Jen's angry. REALLY angry. And I can't blame her for anything. At the end of the day, nobody is in the wrong here. She's hurt, REALLY hurt - because it's a big thing to find out, especially given that she found it out in the middle of a court case AND found out that Gabe had kept it from her. But ... oh, Gabe. Two steps forward, two hundred steps back. There never WAS the right time for him to say to her "hey, by the way, my best pal killed your fellow". And Jen IS unfair to suggest that she should come before Tanith - but then, she's not in the most rational place right now, so I guess more can be said for her reactions once she's had time to calm down. But really, this is where the Jen/Tanith issue is going to kick in big time. Because - and part of me doesn't even want to say this, because I really don't want to be criticising Jen at all, because I DO love her and I know that she's hardly the most emotionally stable person right now - but she lets her dislike of Tanith influence her thoughts over Gabe and Tanith's friendship. She seems to disregard that they've been friends for YEARS, and that this is a difficult situation for Gabe to be in right now. And she can't seem to fathom that Gabe could possibly think of Tanith's wellbeing here. I KNOW that there are so many mitigating circumstances here but that could possibly be an issue going forwards. If she liked her more, she'd possibly be more understanding of Gabe keeping it from her, but as it is, it just makes things worse.

...and I don't even know if that point is right or even MAKES SENSE. Eh, I can elaborate on it when words are more freely available to me and my bottom jaw has become reunited with my top one. COOL CHAPTER BRO.

Author's Response: Wo yes your mystery psychic powers are on. This chapter is where it All Goes Bananas. Everyone has a lot of Feels about Jen Riley in this chapter, it seems. Which is interesting! Not that it's wrong, but I am surprised she gets the focus more than Gabe or Tanith. Then AGAIN we have been through Gabe and Tanith's thoughts on this topic before, so not much NEW comes out about them. Still, I thought Gabe was going to get more backlash for how he handled that conversation.

Interesting theory on Toby. Interesting theory on his motivations. I guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we? But yes, Vaughn is Da Bomb in this chapter. He earns his keep and his chapter pic!

*crackles knuckles* Jen. You're right, pretty much... entirely. She's got a right to be angry and outraged and bewildered and hurt. And at the same time she might have been a wee bit more calm about this if it hadn't been Tanith at the centre of it all. Not so much that she sees the situation as worse because it's Tanith, but if she LIKED Tanith a part of her brain might have demanded she stop and think and that might have affected things. It's less that she treats Tanith worse in the situation so much as she doesn't treat Tanith BETTER, if that makes any sense? STILL, you are right, she's outraged and indignant and unhelpful. The proof will be in the pudding when it comes to how she behaves once she's calmed down from all of this.

Of course, she might still be being indignant and unpleasant. ;)

Thanks for ze reviewwws.

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Review #37, by Echo95 Until They Serve a Day

12th November 2012:
Ooooh. That. Was. AWESOME! Honestly, I just spent the last half hour obsessed with this, and then I HAD to read it again. First, I think Tobias got the injunction, because he's still in love with Tanith. Jen and Gabe though, that looks like it's going to take them a while to sort out their issues, especially since they're so opinionated.

Ok. So here's my opinion on Jen Riley, even if you don't want to hear it. She's a great character, and if I was in Gryffindor I would probably want to work with/for her, especially during the war. But she's INCREDIBLY opinionated, judgmental, and sort of assumes she has the moral upper hand. She just sort of assumes that her opinions are right. So, if it's a two way street for Tanith and Tobias, then it's a two way street for Jen and Gabe and Tanith and Jen as well. Obviously she's just had a traumatic experience, but for someone who seems like she's going to take the moral high ground, she seems to have always ignored that she was LUCKY in some ways. Tanith didn't have the choice to leave the Auror office during the war, but Riley was free as a bird to start the Lions. I mean, eventually she'll probably at least accept why Tanith killed him, but she might also hate her forever, which is wrong and a touch bitchy, actually. It's kind of obvious that Tanith is punishing herself for killing Nick Wilson, but no one else sees it, which is interesting. Even so, for all her "I'm persecuting war criminals" moral high ground, and her brief notion of fighting for Lackardy, she's very one sided, and obstinate, and probably should never be in a true position of power again. She's too emotional.

Still, I loved it. I can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I always want to hear opinions! Yes, Jen is a very opinionated and strong-willed person with a strong moral compass. I suppose it's true she assumes her opinions are right, but at the same time, we all generally assume our own opinions are right, which is why we hold them! :) But you're not wrong, she is the most morally forthright of the characters, which means that she is decisive when she is right, and fanatical when she is wrong.

I think the assessment is perhaps a little harsh, however, and based on two factors. The first is that: this is the initial fallout. This is her *just now* learning what happened to her lover, in public, in the middle of doing her job, no less. So yes, she's losing her nerve quite fantastically, and it's a double-whammy once she realises that Gabe lied by omission. The second is a worse defence: Jen just doesn't like Tanith very much. She tries, for Gabe's sake, but it really makes the knife twist more and she's only human against such a personality clash. I would remind that it's Jen, really, who catalysed Tanith into taking action against the administration in Shadow, saving Nick from Azkaban and Jen demonstrated her capacity to look beyond her own nose when it came to trusting Gabe. These are all older information and half-written and I have put very little of Jen's background on paper, really, to indicate the risks she took compared to Tanith's (though, indeed, Jen was far, far freer to act than Tanith). Most important, really - this sequence is not done, Jen's emotional reaction to these events is not done, and the impact it will have upon her and her self-reflection is not done. I, personally, would still consider Jen a more professional person than Tanith. ;)

BUT I am not saying you're wrong! I am HAPPY that my characters get reactions and such like this, and it's always interesting how people respond to the more morally forthright characters - there's no set universal agreement, in my experience. So PLEASE do feel free to give more back and forth on this topic, it pleases me!

There WILL be more to come, from Gabe and Jen and Tanith and the lot, and - interesting theory about Tobias. There's logic to it. We'll see if you're right. Thanks a whole bunch for your thoughts!

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Review #38, by water_lily43175 More Important Than Them

11th November 2012:

Ahem. I am excited at this development. I've missed Dimitri. DIMITRI!

Oh I love him. I LOVE HIM. "Officially, that was a holiday". Ahaha. He hit Tobias round the head with the Prophet! Amazing. I LOVE THIS MAN. I'd like to apologise because this review isn't going to be at all thoughtful and insightful - DIMITRI!

Oh man, I LOVE HIM. Have I said that yet? Everything he's said ... YES. This is EXACTLY what Tobias needed to hear! Go Dimitri! COCKROACHES. Amazing.


I love how it's still so relevant that Tanith learned what she did from Altair. Because it will ALWAYS be an issue; that wizards are too reliant on their wands, that they don't know anything other than duelling. Love Ron's distraction tactic too; him and Harry are an awesome team! Not hard to see that with a bit more training from Tanith, they'll be the best partnership in the Auror office before long. YEAH.

...I'd been wondering about Gabe's mother. I'd gathered that she wasn't around, but I wasn't sure if that was relevant ... but of course, with someone like Gabe, it HAD to be. And ... I love him. Not as much as Dimitri OF COURSE but I just love seeing his vulnerable side after so long. It's crazy; he's so uncomplicated but yet at the same time so complex. Mind-boggling. And basically I loved this entire exchange. I hope Gabe DOES carry on with Daedalus' work in the end, because it would give him a purpose, something to DO. But Jen's right - stay well away from Doyle sr!

I love this chapter. LOVE it. Basically just for the Dimitri appearance. Well, NO, I love the Gannifer too obviously, and trainer!Tanith is always good fun, but this chapter could have been just the Dimitri bit and it would have satisfied me. MORE DIMITRI PLEASE.

Author's Response: I thought you'd like this chapter. Dimitri comes in and is Dimitri everywhere. And don't worry, this isn't his only appearance in the whole fic; I hadn't expected that much of deep and meaningful from you with Dimitri around. ;)

But yes, he's here to deliver a tall, cool glass of reality to Tobias. Which he needs. I might have been writing this chapter while I was posting the one of Tobias talking in Greece with Dimitri about Tanith, or around that time anyway.

Altair's lessons to Tanith are literally life-savers. Not just hand-to-hand combat, but her lateral thinking in using spells and magical tricks like the Wheezes. Considering she couldn't beat Harry in a straight-up fight, the only things she can teach him are how to be an investigator as an Auror - and these, the tricks of Altair's. I'm glad that showing her as a mentor while also making it clear Ron and Harry don't need her help with everything is working!

This is THE Gabe reveal, yep. The one which explains... more or less everything, at least that Chapter 7 didn't. I'm glad it works, it's pretty much his whole backstory in one go, but finally Mister Mysterious is de-Mysteried. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #39, by water_lily43175 These Soul Wounds

9th November 2012:
Oh, no Gabe reaction to finding Tanith! This disappoints me. Though actually, he was never going to do anything more than bat an eyelid at coming across her in his flat, was he? He's hard to surprise, is Gabe.

"You have to practice not looking surprised when things happen so people believe you're all-knowing." I love him.

Oh, Gabe. When he's being caring friend, he is honestly the most amazing person in the entire world. Jen, you've got yourself a catch.

Oh Jen, not understanding Toby's road metaphor. Bless her. Toby DOES need to stop completely blaming himself - but then, I guess that's the typical reaction in this situation. And it is, as he says, so ironic that he really couldn't be bothered with his work right now, especially as Tanith was let off her own as well...

Also ironic that he's now realising that there's more to life than just work. Because it seemed as though he'd become completely one-eyed, totally focused on the election and NOTHING ELSE, and didn't realise what it was to have Tanith. Course, in the words of Joni Mitchell (or Counting Crows, as we do love them) YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT TILL IT'S GONE. Tragic.

And finally, Cal tells Tanith what she needs to hear. She can't keep all of this locked up, she should have talked to Tobias about it, for her own sake more than anything else. And I don't think I'd realised just how much of an effect Jacob's death has had on her until now. He was really the only person who understood what she went through in the war. And now she feels like she doesn't have anyone. But that's really her FAULT, because she's not said anything to anyone else. Silly billy.

Fortune cookies. DAVID. More references. I am SO intrigued as to when this is all going to come out. EXCITED.

Ugh, I hate what Thanatos says. Because it's true, but at the same time ... it's not RELEVANT. It shouldn't be relevant to Cal. The similarities are biological; in every other way the two aren't alike at all! And Cal shouldn't let Thanatos play with his mind like that. It's not going to do him any good, visiting him, even if it IS just to talk about Quidditch and girls and family and friends. And neither is the idea that Cal keeps Thanatos' spirit alive. Bleurgh. HORRIBLE thought.

Oh, Gabe. You truly are an amazing person. I'VE CHANGED MY MIND HE'S MY FAVOURITE. Love the fluffy Gannifer at the end. Beautiful stuff, and a fantastic contrast to T/T. MUCH LOVE.

Author's Response: I suppose it was cruel to build up Gabe's possible reaction only for him to react... like Gabe. Hopefully Jen's freak-out compensated for it a little!

Nope, pureblooded Jen can only grasp a road-based metaphor from context. Fortunately I like to write these characters as being smart enough TO figure out what's going on from context, compared to some of the truly dim canonical wizards! But at least she's not someone to let Tobias blame himself thoroughly, as she's hardly Tanith's biggest fan. But yes, from here on we explore a wee bit more of why the breakup wasn't wholly Tobias' fault, despite his guilt (and how typical that, depressed by the breakup, he's less enthused by his work... which caused the breakup).

It's Cal's turn to throw truths in Tanith's face! Only he doesn't end it in a fight, like she did. You're not alone in underestimating the impact of Jacob's death - everyone has, including her, mostly because everyone else doesn't know what she went through, and she doesn't THINK about what she went through. But it's out there, and Everything is going to come to a head soon. My Chekhov's Guns are on the wall and will be fired some day.

Thanatos is manipulative and he is desperate and he is, perhaps... genuine. But, yes, how much DOES just plain biology matter, if at all? While the judgement's firm that Thanatos cannot even begin to compare to Will, does that mean Thanatos is entirely irrelevant? Or should forever be irrelevant? Probably, yes. Cal's basically a bit of a sap here, bless him. I think my personal opinion stands with Will when he says he doesn't know if anyone deserves the fate of being locked up forever and forgotten - but if it's possible TO deserve that fate, Thanatos Brynmor totally does.

Yeah, this end bit is my favourite Gannifer fluff. And they DO their fluff so very well. They're like the anti-T/T throughout this story.

MUCH LOVE for reviews.

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Review #40, by water_lily43175 Like a Dying Flobberworm

3rd November 2012:
Yes, woman Beater. Feminism for the win!

Hmm, mention of Nat. Still want to know exactly what happened. Cal misses her. I knew he would. Bless him.

I love Cal/Tobias moments. I DO feel sorry for him, and at least he's realised that he DID cause it this time.

...and, here we touch on the exact reason why it IS a two-way street. Because, jobs and offers aside, Tanith hasn't told Tobias a thing about Gullsmere or David. But even then I find myself finding that more reasonable than Tobias' lie of omission, because it's such a huge thing to have to talk to him about, and it's not the kind of thing she can just drop into a casual conversation.

...but then, wasn't that Tobias' reason for not telling her about the job offer? Two-way street indeed.

Oh, the David pub. Because THIS is a good move. I'm scared that he'll walk in, and that's the last thing Tanith needs in her state...

Harry and Tanith singing. AMAZING. All the cool kids (or crockery, take your pick) sing McLean. Hey, it's that Blues Brothers reference! You know, that totally threw me, I was certain that it would be a Cal line! But no, it's KATIE who says it. Another wonderful bit of dialogue from the girl.

I love what Katie said to Tanith at the end. She's RIGHT, Tanith did all she could in the circumstances and she really shouldn't punish herself! Tanith nearly said too much to Katie there. That could have made things interesting.

The thought of Gabe's reaction to finding Tanith in the morning is far too amusing...

Author's Response: I thought that was "woman-beater" for a minute and was a bit "Bwuh? What did I put in this chapter? And why is this feminist?" Then I used my word-reading and it made sense. Yep. Cal's Beater partner's a woman. Because I CAN. *feminist fist-bump*

Nat Will Tell All Soon. Ish. At Some Point. But yep, Cal is realising way more is going on between T/T, or NOT going on, than he'd thought. Two-way street Indeed. Almost never just one person's fault. Because while Tanith's stuff was bigger and harder to tell than Tobias' omission, it was also BIGGER, and also she's been sitting on that for six months. Toby had been sitting on it for a couple of days, if that.

David pub. I could drop him in there. I'm pretty mean. But nah. Not today.

All the cool kids and crockery DO sing McLean. This was originally just some Celestina Warbeck but then I thought, hey, Tanith would know some Muggle songs, and so what songs might she AND Harry know? Had to go for the classics. And yep! Blues Brothers! Katie does indeed get all of the good lines. Would rather it didn't have to be Blues Brothers, but hey, at least I found a fictional duo. Even if Katie has to be a good bit of a nerd to remember their individual names. And Katie's not just a producer of the fic's best one-liner's, she's a smart cookie in her own right.

Reactions next chapter. Promise. ;) Thanks for the slew of reviews! Oops, I better get back to that queue...!

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Review #41, by water_lily43175 Two-Way Street

3rd November 2012:
Ah, yes, the troublesome chapter! Haha. The summary doesn't quite have the same impact this way. Tragic times.

Poor Tanith. Oh, poor Tanith. Think of it this way though; it's been a year since you got that gangster coat...

I miss Altair. Sniff.

Oh no. Tanith. TANITH. What a horrible way to find out about Toby's offer. I KNEW this wouldn't end well. If only Toby had said something...

And she's flipped. I can't criticise her; nothing she said was WRONG, and it was totally right that she should defend Jacob's honour because he doesn't deserve to be thought of as one of the corrupt Aurors. But ... there's a time and place, and this isn't it.

Uh oh. Bad move, Tobias. Too much obsession with public opinion. And it's only going to end badly. This IS a two-way street but I still find myself sympathising with Tanith more than Tobias. And this was ALWAYS on the cards, it had to come to a head sometime. This wasn't a good day for her, was it? Poor Tanith...

Author's Response: Verrry troublesome chapter! Couldn't quite use the traditional summary. And haha! Tanith rewrites it in her mind as "Happy Coat Anniversary" instead. That'd be one way of looking at it.

This is the price one pays for a little bit of fame. Tobias is pretty second-string with fame, which is dangerous; it doesn't happen often, but this just means he's not so sure howto deal with it when it does. Which means he didn't anticipate this...

She's flipped. But, seriously. Who thought it would be a good idea to let Tanith handle the press? Really? Who didn't see this coming? Anyone?

Tobias: "I can't fix the problem so I'll freak out about something else I can do something about, namely the PR issue that just happened". Of course, that makes it worse. Tanith does, on the issues discussed right here and now, have the right of it. Just the situation is Bigger Than Today. We'll see more of that as it unravels.


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Review #42, by water_lily43175 French Gnomes Are Worse

3rd November 2012:
Oh, Tobias, you are too proud! Just let someone mend your darn leg before you lose it altogether, foolish boy.

Frustratingly, Harrigan does indeed seem like a nice enough guy. More frustratingly still, he's offering Tobias a job which he REALLY shouldn't take. Tanith probably half-expects Tobias to carry on at the Ministry IF Kingsley wins the election, but she's surely clinging to the faint hope that if Harrigan wins, he'll get a different job with better working hours for them both. This ... could end badly. In fact, knowing you I expect it WILL.

Cal/Tobias chat. YES. Not liking the way that Toby just talked about Tanith there. SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND MAN, HAVE SOME RESPECT.

Cal's trouble here is that whoever he asks, impartial opinion or not, is going to say that this is a bad idea. Because EVERYONE has their own reason for hating Thanatos. Except perhaps Gabe, whose advice would actually be quite interesting because I'm not sure what he'd say. Probably that Cal should do what he wants to do and not what anyone else says, which in a way would be good advice... But I hate the idea of Cal having anything to do with the man, it will only end in tears.

I LOVE Toby here. "You have a father, his name is Will Rayner". YES.

Toby needs to TALK to someone about what he's been through. Heck, they all do. I've been saying it about Tanith, but they're near enough all struggling. And that's the thing with Gannifer; they TALK about stuff. That's the only way things are going to get better for them.

Oh, Tobias, you fool. You utter fool.

Tanith massage. Learned from David? SO MANY SECRETS.

Author's Response: He's getting better. This is his first proper visit to the hospital in months, but yes, he IS suffering quite a bit for the sake of his pride. It's not easy for him to say "I need help". Baby steps. Harrigan's a nice enough guy; it's politics, beliefs don't always inform the personality and I didn't want to demonise him. But he is a wee bit more old-fashioned and conservative. Kingsley's definitely the progressive, which one might argue is best for a post-war society to make sure it moves on. In this leftie's honest opinion. ;)

Pretty much got it in one with Tanith. She's no fool and knows Tobias is stuck into his work for more than the temporary. But she's had no reason to suspect, if Kingsley LOSES, he'd stay in government. So that one would come out of left field.

I think I have poorly phrased Toby's comment about Tanith. His coldness is meant to be towards Cal, not about her; he's being a bit of a berk but it's more that the topic of Thanatos makes him deeply uncomfortable, and his knee-jerk reaction is to not have a lot of patience for Cal feeling torn on the issue - his knee-jerk reaction is, "it's not complicated". So he refers Cal to Tanith to kick him in the rear, because Tanith's good at it, but it's more him saying Cal needs a kick in the rear than a slight on Tanith. Wordy explanation for a single sentence. But he's being a jerk to Cal, not about his girlfriend. IF THAT MAKES IT BETTER.

And yeah, Cal wasn't expecting much balance from Toby - but they've NEVER Talked about it. If Cal's to reflect on his Thanatos issues, he kind of HAS to do it now or he really is just hiding. As for what Gabe might think? Read on...

Toby does better than most at talking about what he's been through. But that's weirdly one thing he and Tanith could bond further over; they've both been horribly wronged by Thanatos Brynmor. And you're right about Gannifer; they TALK. Throughout this fic, I'd find myself writing a scene of people, usually T/T, being dysfunctional, then move onto a Gannifer scene - and they'd do practically the same thing, but healthy (and yet, I like to think, still interesting. Somehow. How they do that?). It was an entertaining juxtaposition for writing, hope it works in the reading.

Toby IS Silly. And, yep, David-taught massage tricks. 'cos I'm like that. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by Margravine Like a Dying Flobberworm

30th October 2012:
Oh my word. I keep meaning to sit down and give each chapter the in depth review that it deserves but I haven't had time.

This killed me, even though it does feel very in character - the two of them have gone through so much, but still have so many issues. They came so close and I had such hopes for them after the last few delightful doses of intimacy after so, so long, and I don't know how both of them can do the growing up they still obviously need to do.

Gabe and jen's relationship is a surprise show stealer, and I am enjoying the thought of his face in the morning.

I do really want to know so much more about nat, especially since I'm fairly disturbed by what she's become in "ignite", but I've really enjoyed seeing tanith interact realistically with Harry and Ron. Update schedule has been absolutely brilliant as well, as have chapter images (always been in love with the guy from alias)

Anyway I thought it was past time I reassured you that you are still the force keeping me in fan fic long after I've stopped writing!

Author's Response: Not that I'd say *no* to an in-depth review for each chapter, but I'll take the reviews I can get! I'm just happy to know there are people out there enjoying what I've written.

It's a horrid chapter in its way, dealing with that immediate emotional fallout, but you're right: there are still hurdles between the two of them which need overcoming, and right now they've not made the progress necessary to get there. It would take some serious movement for them to get there to any sincere degree.

Gabe and Jen really do steal the show, don't they? I say this as a surprised writer. They always wrote themselves but they REALLY write themselves in this. I do love 'em. They're like the counter-point to all of T/T's silliness.

We shall see more of Nat, have no fear. Her story is not done yet, and there will be more explanations and development forthcoming. Update schedule has enjoyed the luxury of... with Shadow's release schedule, I actually FINISHED this story before I ever started posting it, so it's coming out as regularly as is reasonable, which makes life easier. Ta on the chapter pics, they came out better than I hoped (and I, too, like my casting).

Thanks for the review! And the reassurance, so long as there's people out there reading, I will continue to scribble away!

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Review #44, by water_lily43175 All Your Fuss-Eggs in One Fuss-Basket

24th October 2012:
Yay, a Ron chapter!

Tanith feeling bad for having mocked Harry. She's definitely coming round to him! I like this, naturally.

Scindo sounds... Vicious. Really vicious

I love the Jen/Vaughn interaction. Absolutely LOVE it. Because Jen is a total stickler for doing things right, because you can't be caught short when you're prosecuting, and Vaughn really couldn't care less about procedure!

Okay. Lackardy didn't kill Jacob. This is getting REALLY suspicious now. Did the same person kill an Auror and a minor Death Eater? Though I guess that for all most people know, Jacob was a part of Thicknesse's lot too. I knew that something would come from Lackardy's statement that someone broke into his place. HMM. And another bad-MLE-person death. So... Someone trying to punish people who've done bad stuff? Someone trying to punish people who they think should be carrying on with the Remnant? INTERESTING.

Yay, Will time! I've missed him. Of course, Cal now feels as though he owes Thanatos his company. Or at least that he shouldn't leave him to rot in prison. Which he SHOULD, Thanatos really deserves nothing more. In a way, Will isn't the person to ask here - because he may tell Cal to do what he thinks is right, but the bottom line is that Will can't stand him, and rightly so, and doesn't think it's a good move for Cal to keep in contact with him. I'm beginning to see what's going to happen here - Cal's going to keep up the contact and Thanatos is somehow going to try to poison his mind. NOT GOOD. Interesting chapter. DEVELOPMENTS. Excited for more :)

Author's Response: Because sometimes Ron gets good lines too. Not just Katie. Oh, Katie, if I let you have your way, you'd get the title quote every time. Even chapters you don't appear in.

Harry is - well, he's Harry. Even Tanith, the eternal cynic, is not immune to the powers of Harry Potter Being a Nice Guy (especially now he's a load more relaxed with a dead Voldie). On the other hand, Jen and Vaughn were never going to see eye to eye, because Vaughn isn't exactly played by Clint Eastwood but he's not a man for the book (which is why he avoided corruption and RANK during the Fudge era), while Jen believes in the system. Though at least her thoroughness found what the Aurors didn't - indeed, not everything adds up with Lackardy's situation. Vigilantism's the obvious guess.

You're right - Will is not the best person to ask here because of his various biases. Not that his biases are unreasonable but if Cal needs to hear objective ideas, Will isn't who he'll hear them from. On the other hand, hearing some biases is pretty useful when it comes to Thanatos! But more on his little schemes later. Many developments (even if this is, I think, one of the more filler-y chapters in the whole story). More to come! Cheers for reviewing.

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Review #45, by Echo95 Completely Unnecessary Optimism

18th October 2012:
This chapter, in general, is my favorite. Cal and Tanith have been together throughout most of the war, always thrown together, and usually supportive of each other. It was really interesting to see if that "affection" would still be between them, even with Tobias and training Harry Potter to distract Tanith.

There was more Gabe and Jen! You, quite frankly, are amazing for that. Gabe was an ass, because he is an ass, and she didn't just shake it off immediately. That was great, because a normal person doesn't get over a blasé statement on their friends death instantly. It was also realistic because she forgave him, because it is incredibly annoying and a bit unrealistic when characters fight for chapters about one silly, little mistake. I do think that Gabe will take the job from Daedalus Cole, though. He doesn't seem like one to back away from anything interesting, let alone a challenge.

I do wonder whether or not we'll see Nat again. It seemed strange, how quickly she and Cal got over each other. Tortured in prison, I understand. But I don't really understand Cal getting over her that quickly.

Tanith and Tobias are the most dysfunctional, competitive, obnoxious, and adorable couple I've ever had the pleasure of reading about. They have chemistry, they fight, but they don't have the type of relationship where they fight and make up in some ridiculously sexual way. They're realistic; their problems are large, and they deal with them as best they can. I do worry about them, though. Tobias has still got that Slytherin ambition, it looks like. I wonder how long they'll last.

This remains my favorite story. YAY!

Author's Response: I always forget how much this chapter has going for it until I reread it. This is the first proper conversation Cal and Tanith have had since their huge row; all credit would have to go for Cal for why things aren't tense, 'cos God knows that kind of reconciliation isn't Tanith's strength! In some ways, the distractions help - she has a lot on her plate, ergo doesn't have time to make a fight with Cal!

Gabe is, indeed, an ass. A recovering ass, but an ass nevertheless - and Jen also KNOWS this. She can't really get on her high horse when he says something insensitive, because it's what he's good at; all she can do is try to help him STOP doing it, which does include calling him on it when he's unpleasant. I find, in this story, G/J inadvertently make a foil for T/T: they have and will face similar choices, and 9 times out of 10, G/J will make the more sensible choice more quickly!! And yet I find them no less compelling to write, so I hope their relatively healthiness makes them no less compelling to read. I guess we'll have to see on what Gabe does about Cole. ;)

There is certainly more to come on the Cal/Nat front. He's keeping his cards close to his chest - though it has been a few months now. And thank you! T/T are, indeed, obnoxious at times. They're quite horribly damaged, and that's pretty much this story's question for them: Now stuff's not keeping them apart, are they too damaged to stay together?

Very glad you're enjoying the ride, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by water_lily43175 Completely Unnecessary Optimism

17th October 2012:
"...hey." So cute! Oh, I love this T/T moment. I can't express in words just how much. It's so fluffy and adorable. :)

O-ho, the Thanatos visit. This could be interesting. I love the Cal/Tanith banter!

"There was only one person in the world he liked calling him by his full name"... Gabe? Possibly? I'm not sure. I think it is though.

Oh my. As I was reading this bit, I was wondering if Thanatos would bring up that Tanith killed Nick. And he did, he DID. Oh, good god, I'm in love with this chapter already. I just ... I don't LOVE Thanatos at all, that's entirely the wrong word, I hate him, but I love his moments with Cal. At first he seemed genuinely remorseful, especially with the whole trying-to-kill-Will thing, but then he riled up Tanith and I went back to totally hating him. And then Cal said that he was saying goodbye and I thought YES, but it's so hard to not have a shred of pity for Thanatos - only the merest shred, mind. Because HE DID IT ALL FOR CAL. Only, Cal doesn't want to know at all. And then when he totally broke down in the corridor, it just about broke my heart. The poor guy. I hope that this IS his goodbye, and that he can leave Thanatos behind for good now, because it's for the best in the end. He's learned who he is, he's learned that he doesn't WANT him to be his father, so now's the time to leave him to rot in Azkaban.

Mmm, Gannifer. Gullsmere. If ever there was a hint of something to come, this HAS to be it. Jen referencing that, and more particularly that they have no idea what happened there, in the same chapter as Cal finding out that Tanith killed Nick? That can't be a coincidence. When that comes to light, things are going to get MESSY. And I think I like the sound of that, actually...

I find the name Doyle & Son singular a little bit hilarious, haha. Amazing.

There is ... so much that I loved about that Gannifer talk. Like that Gabe said something stupid, and then felt guilty for it, even if his guilt WAS partly just because he'd upset Jen. I think it's interesting that she doesn't think he should do the job, especially because he's a lot less secretive with her; heck, he acknowledged it when he said he'd talk to her before making a decision! Basically what I'm trying to say here is that so long as Jen sticks around - which she obviously WILL - then I reckon he'd be alright with doing the job. Though it's interesting that he's still holding stuff back from her about his dad. HMM.

I've already read this chapter about three times in total ... I just feel as though there's so much to pick out of it! I'm reserving judgement regarding whether this classes as a 'lull' chapter because at the moment it really seems anything BUT. Not much action but a lot of talk and reveal and development and hints. I LIKE.

Author's Response: A lot of this is setup for the next main arc, which is why I've referred to it as a lull. But yes, I do underestimate how much goodness is in this chapter!

Gabe is, indeed, the only person who can get away with calling Cal 'Caldwyn'. Not even Nat got away with that, though perhaps because she didn't try. I fear this isn't the only time we're going to see Thanatos in this story; his situation and his relationship is complicated, and writing it was quite fascinating because I went in having no idea how it would end - not because I hadn't plotted it, but because I had no idea how Cal would conclude matters, and decided to go on the journey alongside him as I wrote. Let him figure it out as it happened, and see what he decided. So Thanatos is at his best here; expressing how he'd make the world a better place for his son, and then antagonising Tanith the next second. 'cos we could hardly forget THEIR rather tense relationship, could we? But leaving him to rot will be - well, I won't go into that. Later chapters will do that for me. ;)

Certainly I've put a few plot points from Shadow, with Gullsmere and with Thanatos, back on the table, and I have no intention of leaving these things unresolved - though Jen already knows Gabe knows more than he's told her, because obviously she knows he had the vision. Glad Gabe being stupid/downright nasty comes across well; he's hardly been made a saint by Jen and he still has a gift for just being horrid specifically to provoke a reaction. But he's learning - to stop doing it, and to be more open, even if he's not yet at a point of sharing stuff about his father yet. He's not shared that with anyone EVER.

Still, really glad you like the chapter! I do feel each scene has something meaty in it so it's probably got something for everyone. And there's more of everything to come! Cheers for the review.

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Review #47, by water_lily43175 There'll Be Another Time

12th October 2012:
Ah yes, we were in Manchester with some baddies, weren't we? EXCITING. There was a fleeting moment here where - well, I didn't FORGET, but it wasn't at the forefront of my mind that Kingsley was an Auror and Tobias was an Enforcer. It was a bit of an "oh yeah!" moment when that was mentioned. SILLY ME.

'I doubt Avery's that dumb,' said Tobias. 'But if he is, then Sweeney's got a nice new coat.' I LOVE this line. It's of the best things about your writing; even in fighting scenes, the humour isn't forgotten. LOVE IT.

Vaughn seriously has a knack of turning up at the right time, eh? Well, I say the RIGHT time, he could have been a bit quicker, and it would have saved Toby's leg from being stood on! But he gets there just in time. Oh, and Kingsley with his politician speak, bless him. He's a natural in the job! And I love Tobias's minor dislike for Vaughn and his sharp tongue. Bless him.

Oh my, Tanith in a negligee. Ariane strikes again! Oh. OH. The Chinese food - of course, Toby doesn't know about David yet. THAT will be an interesting conversation if it ever crops up. Flustered Tobias' thought process is hilarious, bless him. And OH GOOD GOD his leg gets in the way. That is so TYPICAL! Now I'm crying with frustration, haha. If it's not one thing it's another! BUT, at least they've got time together, and they're TALKING, as they've observed. Savour every moment, kids. You know, I twigged something the other day - these guys are younger than me. That's such a weird thought!

ANYWAY, loved the chapter, obviously. Nice bit of fighting at the beginning, good that everyone survived it, and also nice that Toby's tactical skills come into play a bit here. And HUGE thumbs up for the T/T of course. Possibly a good thing that Toby's leg distracted them because they possibly need to do more talking first, but then at the same time the worry about Toby dying clearly spurred Tanith on and I'm more than slightly concerned that in different circumstances she's going to freak out like she did with David. Not sure. And, of course, that little reminder that she HAS got a lot that she still needs to talk to Toby about. Exciting stuff!

Author's Response: Yeah, Manchester with baddies, just a little deal! ;) I know what you mean about forgetting Kingsley and Tobias' past - especially Tobias. He's in politics after a year of running the newspaper; that he was an Enforcer, if only for a few months, is easily forgotten. It's also not the world's *biggest* advantage right now because it was a while ago, for a short time, and he's suffered a crippling injury since then. These DE's are perfectly capable of taking on experienced, fully-trained Aurors. Tobias is not fully qualified to be here. But he does have a bit of an edge!

Yeah, that's my characters, humorous even in the middle of a catastrophe. I wonder if they're trying to avoid having an honest emotional reaction to anything?? And no, Vaughn and Toby won't like each other much even if they're saving one another. They're on the same side, but come at it from too different directions.

Yep. This is all Ariane's fault. Also, apparently Chinese Food is the heralding of Tanith's Awkward Intimacy Issues - not that they raised there head here YET but you're right, they could have done. I must admit I'm a bit smug at this review; you're right, just because fear of Toby's death managed to put her at ease for one night, doesn't mean everything's better or been swept under the carpet. I'm glad that I'm getting across the nuances of this kind of contradictory state of mind properly! They still have a long way to go, and a whole lot more talking that needs doing.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by water_lily43175 Footloose and Fancy-Free

2nd October 2012:
Yes, Melanie and Ariane! That's what I'm here for! And they don't disappoint, they truly are amazing. Oh, poor Ariane, with her scarves. She really did go through a lot in the end, the poor thing. I AM glad you didn't kill her, mostly because I don't know what I'd do without this double act.

And this, of course, is Tanith's turn to be told that there are two people in this relationship and thus two people who are letting work commitments get in the way. Though clearly Ariane and Melanie's reasoning that it's because they've not slept together is slightly left-field, and, you know, WRONG. I think. And it's so IMMENSELY typical that Tanith sees her job as more important than Tobias', even if it is a sub-conscious musing.

Uh oh. Hospital explosion. Dark robes. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

Intrigued about Annabelle. I kind of like that she doesn't give a fig who Harry is. And I really do feel for her, but I'm not so sure that she's not guilty, or at least partly guilty. Hmm, this is a mysterious case indeed.

I actually LIKE that Tanith hasn't gone to Manchester regardless of orders. This was a good thing for her more than anyone else, given her this responsibility. She HAS to toe the line now, and it's just generally going to force her to be more mature and to THINK more in some matters. Hopefully. We shall see. Desperate for more right now!

Author's Response: This is why, of ALL the characters I've ever planned on killing, Ariane is the only one to get a reprieve. Because she's hilarious and she's hilarious with Melanie, and Melanie couldn't be written alone. She'd A) Be too maudlin, and B) Exactly, they're a double act. You can't kill half a double-act. So Ariane gets the reprieve that Annie, Altair, Nick, and Jacob never had.

Tanith's been told it takes two to tango - but she's not really listening just yet. As you say, she does basically think being an Auror is more important than politics, so that justifies, in her mind, the things she's done. It might be WRONG for Ariane and Melanie to make the assumption they do about the relationship - but it wouldn't be A&M if they were entirely useful. ;)

Glad the Annabelle scene came out good. The whole lack-of-faith-in-the-system thing is a pretty major theme of BTP so her perspective needed to ring true! And yep, bad news with robes around hospitals. Tanith is going to have to be more grown-up - not just as the mentor for her trainees, but just in and of herself. No more running off half-cocked. Vaughn IS on the case. It's selfish to ignore her superior's orders for personal reasons like that. She's learning, and growing - and by default, trusting, because she has to trust Vaughn to do the job.

More is in the queue! So, soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #49, by Echo95 Breathe When It's Over

26th September 2012:
This entire series is AWESOME. It's really, really original, and it actually addresses something magical instead of just a bunch of weird common room parties. Your characterization is amazing, considering the progress that Gabe and Jen have made. I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I have endeavoured to explore part of the world which make it, well, Harry Potter, instead of just plain 'teenage hijinks + magic'. Very glad to hear that you've enjoyed the story so far; plenty more to come (and definitely still from Gabe and Jen)! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #50, by Whimsical Diva Breathe When It's Over

24th September 2012:
Oh dear! That meeting was excruciating.

I don't know whether this has been mentioned before, but Gabriel reminds me a lot of Sirius. He might be a lot less of a heart-on-sleeve type as Sirius had been, but deep down there are a lot of similarities. I think this chapter also offers a lot of insight into why Gabe turned out to be the way he is, and it's sort of surprising he turned out as well-adjusted as he has. Pureblood families often get romanticised in fan-fiction, but from what JK has ever written about them, these old money types invariably come across as deeply unpleasant.

Though does Jen know about Gabe's plans of becoming a spy? It seems she does, but I don't remember reading about them having a conversation about it.

And Toby… oh well, he seems to have got the bit between his teeth. He's starting to come across as a tad Percy-esque now.

Anyway, I haven't been reviewing as frequently as I'd ideally like to, and I haven't reviewed Ignite yet, albeit it being my most favourite fix at the moment. Will certainly review it soonish.

Brilliant as usual.

Author's Response: An important thing to know/remember about Gabe is that he wasn't just being cute when he said he came back during the war for his friends. Not for higher principles or ideals, which is arguably what motivated Sirius. Without his visions, I imagine Gabe would be a good deal more selfish and a good deal more closed off. They forced a lot of empathy on him and drove him closer to first Tanith, then Jen. His family - his father - left a lot of marks on him, and yes, I am keen to avoid romanticising that sort of a household as fanfic likes to. This is one of two chapters in BTP which really get under the skin of Gabriel, and why is he how he is, so I'm glad this one came off well!

Jen does not know about the conversation with Daedalus. If it seems at all like she does, that's 'cos she's smart and knows SOMETHING is up, but she's not yet pushing on the matter. Trust me, that will be a talk I won't gloss over! Toby is being a wee bit obsessive. We should start digging under the surface more soon on his particular foibles, hopefully to demystify or de-Percyfy (though I like Percy!) him.

Hey, reviews are reviews, however frequent; thanks for taking the time to leave one! Glad to hear you're enjoying this, and glad to hear you're enjoying Ignite! Cheers!

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