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Review #26, by Roisin Hot Pursuit

29th October 2014:
Methusalah and Scorp make such an excellent team! Just the counterpoint between them is excellent!

I also really like that Methusalah initiated the whole little venture. Like, that this forest jaunt wasn't some hotheaded, Gryffindor hero complex thing, but a dispasstionately calculated Ravenslaw decision.

That the map didn't seem right gave me Lockett suspicion feels. Still going back and forth on that one!

And I just LOVE the thing about Scorpius' 'prey tactics.' That was such a great analysis! Plus, it's just fun being in Methusalah's head.

And TOTALLY DID NOT SEE DEMENTORS COMING. Also, the weirdly, the fact that Methusalah had this moment of super not-courageousness really kind of endeared him to me. Like, he might be a robot, but he's still a teenaged robot. And that he felt real fear, almost made a mistake, so on.

And just this: 'Dementors aren't answers, unless I was doing my OWLs f- wrong.' Ah, loved that!

Author's Response: Methuselah and Scorpius are perhaps the most inefficient team ever. I mean, Methuselah Jones is a TERRIBLE team player, but Scorpius doesn't play well with him, either. And he has logic, a Ravenclaw's logic, it's just also tempered with the incredibly arrogant presumption that his Ravenclaw's brain can see him fit to handle whatever's out there.

The map wasn't outright WRONG so much as... I reckon the Forbidden Forest is hard to plot, and right now it's changed by the ritual, so navigation is a little trickier than usual. Especially for two kids who don't know it well.

Methuselah's head was fun to write. I needed to save him from the Scrappy heap, too, and while I don't think I ever wrote from his POV again, because he's always at his most effective being interpreted by other characters, it felt like it worked for this chapter. His perspective on others and, yes, the fact that he really was prepared to run away and leave Scorpius to die because he's SIXTEEN and SCARED. It's okay to be sixteen and scared.

Scorpius' grasp of the OWL Defence syllabus is second-to-none.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #27, by Roisin Fever Pitch

27th October 2014:
SO MANY HEAT BASED IDIOMS!!! This one is especially brilliant ;)

You do a really excellent job of ramping up the story in this chapter, and writing all this chaos. Writing this rapid outbreak is definitely an ambitious and challenging task, and I thought you did a tremendous job of it!

And the way you introduce the necessity of quarantine, and explain it, is really realistic and organic. I also really like that you looked at all the questions raised (for some kids, it was their first week at Hogwarts), and wrote it tightly enough so as not to leave holes (portraits can communicate).

And I love Scorpius' little bit about how he can help by making people roll their eyes at him, because they enjoy it :)

When I first read this chapter, I really didn't know how wide the illness would spread! I was all surprised and stuff that the ones on detention were the only to be spared!

I also got super suspicious about Lockett for hiding, but then that doesn't actually make sense to be suspicious of, now I think on it. If she'd planned it, she wouldn't be so freaked, right??

And then, the whole 'should we go into the forest' arc also plays out in a really realistic/believable way. Not like, yelling "DON'T SPLIT UP" at your TV screen stuff.

But, GAH, that door riddle is driving me crazy! What???

Author's Response: You'll see me struggling with these as the story goes on. Eventually I cheat and move on to light in general. No more idioms for the third story! I'm all out!

This chapter was particularly difficult to write. Moving from 'one person is sick' to 'this is an affliction striking the whole school' was oddly tough as a transition, and it's easily the chapter I had to crack at hardest and longest. Thank you!

While the grasp of the nature of illnesses may be shaky (thank you magical plagues, you can take whatever form I wish you to), I have tried to think as logically as possible about the various problems and challenges. Though it's also taken some consideration of portrait power.

Lockett COULD be hiding deliberately to assuage suspicion. Hmm? HMM? And, yes, Scorp's special power is making people laugh. He doesn't always value it as much as he should.

It's a joy of writing kids - they can do impetuous stupid stuff like going into the EVIL FOREST, but it's still best to wind them up and drive them to that point.

The riddle upset Scorpius as much as you. 'What is the mother's name.' No question mark. Statement. Evidently the Ravenclaw door was trying to be a difficult little so-and-so that day!


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Review #28, by Roisin Afterburn

25th October 2014:
Something I really like about the ScoRose flirtation in this chapter (ok, so it's pretty one-sided from Scorp), is how you can also read it as not a HUGE deal that it's directed at Rose. I mean, he's just a MASSIVE flirt!

'Scorpius liked cake.' That was just GAH! Such a great moment. I also loved Albus battling off centaurs shirtless :D It's kind of funny, because Scorpius is really the main character here, but looking at it another way, he totally fulfills the 'sidekick' archetype. He's smaller, wise-cracking, sillier, from a less Noble lineage, etc. Al is more a cliched hero. Anyway, I just really like that the traditional sidekick is actually the main protagonist!

I also really like Lily! I enjoy that all the little siblings here aren't just, like, *props* for the main character, but seem like full and real people too :)

And just, THAT ENDING! I didn't actually see it coming when it was happening - it was so well paced and shocking and brilliant and GAH!!!

Author's Response: Scorpius really is an enormous flirt. It wasn't exactly intentional, then a friend read the first chapter and pointed out he flirts with EVERYTHING, and I realised the guy's probably not 100% straight...

I think he's harboured a bit of a crush on Rose for some time, but he also has legitimate and genuine problems with her, so that mixes badly. He pulls pigtails a bit, but he also fights back against things which she does that annoy him. The latter is genuine dislike, but if he didn't have the slight crush I think he would have been much more capable of ignoring him. She ignores him MORE, but if something he's done sets her off, she will be strident and blunt in his face which... it's a ridiculous cycle and I feel sorry for Al.

I had intended on Al being pretty much the textbook hero, except Scorpius is the protagonist. He really would be the Lancer to Albus' Hero, if I were 5-Man Band this gang (and I have, oh, I have Troped everywhere).

The little siblings I didn't have much planned for, but I couldn't ignore them so I wanted to make sure they served a purpose. The dang huge Weasley family tree is a blight upon my planning and my cast of characters.

I live for shocking endings. Cheers!

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Review #29, by Roisin Like Wildfire

25th October 2014:
That whole beginning is just amazing! Methuselah correcting Rose, Selena's whole "I wasn't the one who was just *wrong* thing" - all excellent!

I like that, even this early in the story, Selena has all these really off-putting qualities that are usually assigned to People We Aren't Supposed to Like - but she's also just kind of excellent :)

And then I really like the attention to subtleties in the Scorp/Al/Rose dynamic. The awareness of boundaries, limits, necessity. Like, they all kind of know on some level that it's kind of all in good fun, and try not to push issues when it's important. But then sometimes they are just young and dumb and end up pushing those things and antagonizing each other when they shouldn't.

OK, so I haven't finished yet, and am still only on Ch24, but it was about here that I started to suspect Lockett??? I still have no idea whether I'm right or not, and keep going back and forth on that idea...

And GAH, I have no idea how I would have survived reading this before it was all finished! THESE CLIFFHANGERS.

WHICH, by the way, means I have to commend you on another point: I can't believe you wrote this in a serialized way!!! It seems so steady, the chapters flow into each other so well, it REALLY doesn't seem like it was written in pieces. AND, your whole narrative is so tight, and you keep track of all of your threads so well!

Author's Response: Selena is absolutely That Girl in High School, but I will never try to cart out an archetype like that without at least once digging under the surface. And she's ridiculously fun to write.

It's become a Game, with Rules, for Al/Scorp/Rose by now, even if Al hates it. They banter, they make digs, Al flaps after them, they go their separate ways. It's just What They Do, and then there are the big red buttons like Scorp's relationship with his father.

Suspecting Lockett? Interesting idea! She'd be in a prime position to make all sorts happen, wouldn't she.

I'm cruel with cliffhangers. I'd probably hate reading me. I do usually have a Large buffer before I go into posting (though as I recall, the buffer on Ignite couldn't have been too big by now), but if I can chop a chapter into very set events before I get started, it makes it easier. Cheers!

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Review #30, by Roisin Sackcloth and Ashes

25th October 2014:
I really love the way you flit into Artemis' POV! It's such a great way to weave levity and comedy into the story, and also, YOU ARE AMAZING AT WRITING CATS. Again, your easy wit shows!

Methuselah is just tremendous. I love the way he speaks! He reminds me of someone, but I can't remember who... Hmmm... Someone from a book or movie :(

I also like this whole Matty Doyle situation. I kind of ship him and Rose? I'm also shipping ScoRose??? I like that you threw another ship in there!!! Especially since I'm not usually big on romance and stuff! More on how you do that well later :)

I continue to be impressed by the handle you have on your characters. Charming, charismatic, dynamic characters can be difficult, and the fact that he appears so natural and effortlessly written and REAL really shows your strength as a writer. Sometimes, "I want you to like this person" gets a little out of hand, and varies into inconsistent. Here, he's consistent, but not without depth.

I also really like that Rose is a Smart Girl, but not some asexual prude who needs to be Awakened by a Bad Boy into Burning Passion. [FEMINISM!]

I also like that, as far as I've read, Rose's appearance isn't ever a big deal - yet she clearly has pretty healthy self esteem (knows she looks good in leather trousers).

I also appreciate that Rose has actual tangible reasons for liking Hector (even if the reader disagrees). I hate stories where girls are a Prize, and they go out with antagonists Just Because, as if they have no actual agency, and are there to be won.

Basically, I love how you write Rose!

Author's Response: Writing cats is my guilty pleasure. Artemis steals the show every time she appears.

Methuselah was loosely inspired by Mordin Solus of the Mass Effect games. Albeit considerably younger, more vulnerable, more insecure and, lacking a better word, more 'human'. Some people have also compared him to the Beeb's Sherlock, but that certainly wasn't an influence as I'd not really watched any when I wrote Ignite (*cough*And I'm not a huge fan*cough*).

Doyle was a sneaky side-character never planned who has... well, rather grown in his role. I think his existence partly helped to flesh out some of Rose's emotional background beyond Hector, who's not all that likeable. She has had perfectly nice boyfriends before ScoRose kicks in! And yeah, the girl's allowed to HAVE these emotional entanglements, and she's allowed to want a hunky boyfriend without much going on under the surface if she wants to! I have tried, VERY hard to not let Rose get demonised for her relationship history, even by other characters. She had a very unsympathetic start to Ignite and it would have been too easy to dismiss her and Hector as that generic relationship solely there to create a triangle. But there are reasons for her choices and her feelings... I have been stubborn and feminist on these matters.

I'm glad/surprised you like Rose by now! I mean, I DELIBERATELY wrote this segment because there was some audience backlash against Rose, and I realised we'd seen her ONLY from very unsympathetic POVs of Scorpius, so I knew the Rose in my head wasn't getting a fair shake on paper. But I'm glad this chapter's worked for its Intended Purpose.


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Review #31, by Roisin The Melting Pot

25th October 2014:
I love the whole 'researcher who things teaching would be better without the students' thing! That's TOTALLY how a lot of college professors are!

Also, and I totally forgot to mention this in the last review, but I really like how you write Slytherin attributes. Like how Scorpius is really aware of when he seems convincing, whether or not people suspect him, etc. And then, in the last chapter, the whole thing about whether or not to fight the rumors, etc. I like reading about Slytherin qualities without them having an Evil edge - where instead of 'manipulative,' people are 'keen social observers,' and so on.

I also just can't believe how tightly plotted and just PERFECT this whole story is! You have this inciting incident, and then all these clear lines of cause and effect later. Everything happens for a reason, but always feels organic rather than forced. And you have these more interpersonal plotlines to keep the story progressing and interesting before the Main Plot gets going, and carry them through the piece. JUST EXCELLENT.

Plus, all your characters are really great and dimensional. They all have flaws (well, maybe not Albus so much, at least not right now), but they are still endearing!

On to the next!

Author's Response: Yeah, I've had professors like Lockett. Harsher for a schoolteacher, but she's not been there long and isn't thrilled by it.

I really try to keep my Slytherins nuanced rather than evil/unpleasant. When they're more heroic, I see them as being heroes of quick wits, in action and with people. We'll see more of that from Selena as well as Scorpius.

Albus is a much simpler character than the rest, and in many ways he's my biggest weakness here because I let him become a foil more than as 3-dimensional as the other guys. But he grows into it.


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Review #32, by Roisin Heartburn

25th October 2014:
OK, getting it together to actually go and review all these chapters (I'm actually at Ch24 right now).

Something I've noticed across all chapters, is that you are especially talented at STARTING and ENDING them. You are excellent at opening chapters with an action or piece of dialog, and in the rare event it begins with a summary, it's always just masterful. And then every ending *forces* me to click 'next.'

Your Scorpius is such an amazing character. So charming, dimensional, vulnerable, witty, and immature. The interplay between him and Albus/Rose is just a joy to read. And when you focalize through him, the voice is always hilarious. Even in third person, you really make his POV obvious through all the wit and turns of phrase.

I blame this chapter for my reading-and-not-reviewing spree - /because I really wanted to know what actually happened between Scorpius and Miranda/. Now that I JUST found out the full details - oh the gut wrench of this scene. In retrospect, it says even more about Scorpius' character than I fully understood on the first reading. I really love how you set up the complexities of your characters so early, and how they get drawn out over the course of the narrative.

Also, considering what a tight, action packed, intriguing plot develops later, I really commend you that these earlier/more mundane chapters inspire so much interest. You manage the ambitious Big Plot so well, but then never reduce or ignore the relatively pettier issues.

Basically, this TOTALLY lives up to the hype!

Author's Response: Haha, not sorry if you're swept up. I know it can be a balancing act to stop and give thoughtful reviews when you want to gobble up a story (funnily enough, having the struggle with Year Five!).

In media res is my go-to chapter start. Dialogue or action make life much easier than just starting with someone walking up to someone else. The summaries are usually necessary if time really HAS moved on, and those I work at a lot more. Pleased you like the chapter ENDINGS, though, I find those a whole lot harder.

Scorpius walked into my head fully-formed and demanded he be the protagonist of Ignite. We might have got a more traditional hero otherwise, but nope, he decided to be... him. I can take no responsibility.

I usually struggle with dumping a reader years into character dynamics and relationships; my writer's brain tries to start at the beginning. So I'm glad you've enjoyed how Ignite unpeels the histories of all the characters, because I was very pleased with how it came off in the end! I guess it helped that characters like Rose had no idea of the truth about Scorpius/Miranda, and characters like Albus had no idea of the reason for Rose's problems with him. Rather than the audience knowing nothing as all the characters know all.

I enjoy big, epic stories mostly because I love how they push characters around. So I do try to remember the more drama aspects, because without those, why would we care about the people living through these epic adventures?

Thank you, a whole bunch, for this review.

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Review #33, by roisin Steam Out

23rd October 2014:
GAH I LOVE THIS! I really REALLY love this!

All of your characterizations are just excellent. You manage not to take anything for granted, which I really appreciate. I think the epilogue left most of us with some sort of base headcanons for what nextgen relationships would be like, and I really enjoy how you flesh it out here, without just kind of summarizing it. And then, at the same time, you have some really fresh interpretations (Albus), that still very much make sense.

I really loved the voice here, and there's a real easy wit to your writing. So many excellent turns of phrase! Scorpius' humor is just tremendous throughout, and you write everyone's interactions really well. And also, it has the more poignant element of being a kind of defense mechanism.

Also, I commend you a lot for gently weaving in a lot of information. Scorpius' family situation, that Hector character (I'm getting bad news vibes off that one - mostly because Albus doesn't seem to care for him, and Albus seems a very solid and level headed individual).

I wish I had more useful or specific things to say, but I enjoyed this so much that I just kind of read all at once without stopping to take notes!

EE! On to the next!

Author's Response: I'm very proud of this first chapter; it's one of those which fell into my head and the writing came quite naturally. So I can't take too much credit, in some ways; I -wish- it was the product of hard work and delicate crafting, but it was one of those times the stars aligned.

I agree that a lot of people have had headcanons after the epilogue, and a lot of those headcanons have matched up in broad terms. I've tried to not deviate from those, because I'm not massively trying to subvert expectations. This story is a pretty Campbellian Monomyth in many ways, so working with audience expectations is necessary. And then I try to shake up individuals like Albus, because he makes a useful heroic foil for the more trickster-hero Scorpius.

I should have considered the weapon here: if I don't want the audience to like someone, I should make Albus dislike them. That's a powerful tool I shall have to bear in mind.

I will never object to people being too swept away by the reading to not make tiny notes. Thanks a bunch!

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Review #34, by Helen J Haslam Embers

7th October 2014:
'And besides, I realised you've never had one of my mum's Sunday roasts and I reckon that's the worst thing I ever heard.'

I've come to accept that the source of your best humour is understanding the sheer joy and delight that is the Weasley family ;-)

Thank you so much for writing not only one of the best fanfictions I've ever read (there is an argument to be made for *best ever*) but that was better than most published YA novels I've come across in the past few years. You have a mastery in character building, budding romance, drama and heartache. I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book.


Author's Response: *I* can't keep track of the Weasley family without my notebook. I pity the public at large.

Thank you very much for your reviews! I know it's not easy to sit down and write a review regularly when you're powering through a story, so I appreciate it immensely, as well as your kind words.

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Review #35, by Helen J Haslam Blaze of Glory

7th October 2014:
I knew something like that had to happen, otherwise the whole ordeal would have been worthless.

But damn you all the same.

Author's Response: Happy endings come with a price... which tends to make them bittersweet, alas.

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Review #36, by Helen J Haslam Melt Into Me

6th October 2014:
Aww Harry, I've got tears in my eyes again!

Author's Response: Harry's letter has been in the works since the story began. I didn't expect the parallels between him and Scorpius to come into play but when they did, they were blatantly obvious! He would be such a softy for someone being to his son what he was to Ron, basically.

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Review #37, by Helen J Haslam On an Open Fire

6th October 2014:
"Scorpius suspected their existence was a Christmas obligation which no cursed plague dragged from the depths of hell could expunge."

It's been a while since I remembered to quote back at you ha ha :-D

Seriously though that was a pretty emotional chapter, happy and sad. I loved it, great job x

Author's Response: Seriously, it'll take an act of God to stop Molly from knitting those things. Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #38, by Helen J Haslam New Flames

6th October 2014:
This chapter was so much fun! A nice change of pace from the seriousness that has dominated the past several chapters, a lovely reprieve :-D And the kiss was brilliant!

Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter really brightened things up, it was a lot of fun to write, as I recall. It was one of the first I got to after a hiatus from writing and everything was just FUN and sweet. Bless 'em.

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Review #39, by Helen J Haslam Rising Heat

6th October 2014:
Oh okay. I cried the whole way through that. Brilliant plot wise but right now I do hate you a little bit :'-(

Author's Response: I *am* cruel, I'm afraid you'll keep finding that. The stakes needed raising.

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Review #40, by Helen J Haslam Break the Ice

6th October 2014:
Oh gosh, that was so intense, I've got tears in my eyes!!

Author's Response: Yeah, this is where everything goes pretty harsh.

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Review #41, by Helen J Haslam Hot Issue

6th October 2014:
Rose and Al's heart to heart was so touching, but Scorpius' radio show is genius, I love him so much right now!!

Author's Response: The radio show was one of my first ideas when the quarantine plan came in. It's so silly and so Scorpius. But yeah, about time Rose and Al really touched base.

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Review #42, by Helen J Haslam Crash and Burn

3rd October 2014:
No! It's all going wrong, idiot boy!!!

Author's Response: They're both pretty silly, though I feel for Rose here. Just Scorpius isn't taking it well in the slightest.

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Review #43, by Helen J Haslam Fire and Ice

3rd October 2014:
YES! Woohoo! That was so perfect, thank you! :-D

Author's Response: At last things progress! But will it all go wrong? Dah dah DUM.

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Review #44, by Julie Embers

2nd October 2014:
I've read fanfictions for a few years now, but I can assure you, this one is the best one I've ever read! The characters fit great together and stay out of the clichés, there is romance (so glad to find a fic with romance AND an actual plot, unlike the classic ones where Scorpius and Rose hate each other with no reason, but become prefects and fall in love during the chrismas dance but then are getting jealous and blahblahblah), action (I was so scared when the five of them were in the forest and Scorpius saw the Dementor), emotion (even if at the end, there were a little, but really tiny little bit too much of those, I think this is the only critic I could give and it's almost nothing), suspense (oh my, you plot is AMAZING), realism, we really can see the difficulties they have to face without getting fed up with their temper (you almost made me cry when Tim moved again after being killed by the illness only to become an Inferius), and you gave a whole new face to Hogwarts, used all of it capacities: I usually get tired of the place because usually you have nothing less to discover, if there is, it doesn't feel natural and if you put your story out of Hogwarts a little something is missing...

So... The story is just perfect! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUU you should become an author because your writing skills are truly amazing and I had difficulties to put my reader down and focus on studies... I'm not sure I should thank you for that one, hahah!

I'm sorry this review is a little long and maybe is too much of compliments but I really needed to make you feel how I enjoyed myself by reading your fanfiction! I'm heading right to the sequel (screw maths)!

PS: I'm sorry if I did some mistakes and if my vocabulary is a little poor compared to yours (I learnt a few new English words) but English isn't my native language, I tried my best!
Please keep writing!

Author's Response: I need a bit of action in my stories; even if I'm here for the characters, I like the risk of life and death to force the characters in new directions! So I'm glad the whole ups and downs were fun and compelling to read!

I do kind of agree with you on 'too much' emotion at the end. If I had my time again I'd handle some of the character arcs differently; I find Scorpius' a bit sloppy in hindsight. He gets dumped, he sulks. Tim dies, he's even sadder. Then he just Sort Of Gets Better over Christmas - it was a bit of a messy Down in the Dumps and Recovery process. I don't know how I'd change it, but I'd probably consolidate more events if I could. But that's hindsight for you!

I'm working on being an author, some day my original fiction will find success! I'm not that sorry I kept you from your studies. Okay, a little sorry. Go study!

No such thing as a review that's too long and full of too many compliments. I truly appreciate you taking the time for this review, and don't apologise for your English! My second language is French your linguistic skills put mine to shame. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #45, by Helen J Haslam Hot and Cold

2nd October 2014:
Selena really shone in this chapter, I love her :-D

Author's Response: Selena's kind of a breakout star; she starts small but her part really does grow as the story goes on.

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Review #46, by Helen J Haslam Burning Question

2nd October 2014:
Aw that was an emotional one! I loved it :-D

Author's Response: The events needed an emotional conclusion, and it was a needed-insight into Rose and her behaviour.

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Review #47, by Helen J Haslam False Dawn

2nd October 2014:
I think my favourite aspect of the story at the moment is Scorpius' uselessness. Very clever plot device, really adds to the narrative and makes him a sort of (I guess) inevitable anti-hero.

Author's Response: I like Scorpius as an irreverent joker. While he can think out of the box and be quite ingenious as a result, I dislike when that archetype is also matched with being somehow brilliant and entirely capable. It has drawbacks, it's not all irritating charm. But then, a lot of Ignite is about Scorpius finding his strengths and his place, and he is really the (anti-)hero of Ignite.

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Review #48, by Helen J Haslam Cooking on Gas

2nd October 2014:
"It was a common expression she encountered whenever anyone thought they might have to march into the intellectual battle of figuring out the Weasley family tree..."

Told you.

Argh! This is just too good! Scorpius and Rose's relationship is being drawn out perfectly, and do I love a proper disaster story :-D

Author's Response: *I* struggle to grasp the Weasley Next Gens. Imagine these poor people meeting cousin after cousin after cousin...

Scorose take a while to boil, but I prefer my romances that way, myself.

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Review #49, by Helen J Haslam Out of the Frying Pan

2nd October 2014:
When Scorpius Malfoy said “I’ve got an idea”, standard procedure was to duck and cover.

At this rate I'm just going to keep quoting back my favourite lines at you...

Author's Response: It's good advice still. Glad you're enjoying it! :D

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Review #50, by Helen J Haslam Hot Pursuit

2nd October 2014:
'Dementors aren't answers, unless I was doing my OWLs fucking wrong.'

Actually brilliant.

Another excellent chapter! Methuselah is fascinating, he reminds me of BC as Sherlock, or a Vulcan, or both lol.

Author's Response: Scorpius is cranky after almost getting killed by Dementors. Methuselah was fun to write; I didn't think of BC's Sherlock initially as an inspiration, but I can see it. Just less good at reading people (though equally terrible with them). He's a bit nicer, deep down.

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