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Review #26, by Roisin Cleansing Flames

16th March 2015:
'Scorpius gave an elaborate bow to hide the twisting in his gut'--Scorpius in a nutshell.

Just giggling solidly through the opening section. I'm having a difficult time believing this story is something that got written on a once-blank page, and instead suspect that it actually just sprang fully-formed out of the aether.

Man, the building comparisons between Thane and Scorpius are really potent. Very interesting!

I love the line 'September was dying.' Also, I just realized that Scorpius and Artemis have weirdly similar personalities... There's something in there...

Hah, your reveal with the Marauder's Map was brilliant. (Also some feels, because, you know)

Man, I just got kind of wrapped up in this chapter and completely failed to make comments. The whole Draco/Scorpius bit was really well done, and I like that the meeting early helped set the stage for it. Very well planned! Scorp's ranting was a really marked shift in personality, which mirrors Rose's change in behavior in an interesting way. I wouldn't say they're expressly connected, but they're both the results of parallel emotional arcs.

Anyway, the plot and emotional pacing is just fantastic!

Author's Response: An unintentional nutshell, but an apt one!

I wrote Ignite right off the back of heavy, war-time, coming-of-age angst fanfic, so I think I was just so relieved getting to write something light-hearted (you know, with people getting trapped in a house of plague - that kind of light-hearted) that I just went to town on whimsy.

Scorpius and Artemis... pretty faces, easily distracted, mollified by fuss and attention, may savage you if sufficiently provoked (and very capricious on what counts as provocation). Yeah, I can see it.

I enjoyed writing the Marauder's Map a whole guilty lot.

Huh, interesting point on Scorpius' anger about his father being a serious shift. It's one of those things where, writing from inside his head, I've always KNOWN it was there, so while it was a new layer to come out, the feelings with it weren't necessarily meant to be something NEW... ahh, the joy of perspective.

Parallel emotional arcs are entirely coincidental. :D


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Review #27, by Roisin Hot and Cold

16th March 2015:
Bah--I love how disconcerted Scorpius is by Rose being civil to him. Like, he's so very disturbed.

Artemis' little POVs always make me giggle. You're basically writing in 3rd person deep POV for a lot of this, so head-hopping is a dangerous business, but somehow you really make the Artemis thing work! I guess because she's a cat? Anyway, it's always delightful!

The way this transitions into an argument is so masterful. Like, it just wouldn't be in character for Scorpius not to comment on Rose's change in demeanor (and he wasn't privvy to last chapter's convo with Albus), but Rose has pretty good reasons for finding it annoying (I try to be nice to you and you accuse me of manipulating). It's a totally convincing road back to Rose's BF conflict.

I'm just constantly in awe of how carefully crafted this story is. From the plot, to the dynamics between characters, you toggle everything with such an assured hand.

'Keep on smiling, Mister Malfoy. Most people canít even see through it'--that kind of destroyed me. So good.

*Squee* Selena having a good idea and Methy assuring her for it gave me so much happiness! The dynamic they have is an unexpected one, but again, you really make it convincing. Their seemingly opposing personalities end up fitting together and harmonizing in really interesting ways, and I love it! And it makes sense--Methuselah is used to being smarter than everyone, so he wouldn't treat Selena like she's dumb. And because he's totally indifferent to normal social behavior, he wouldn't think to be unkind to her or withhold appreciation.

Bahahaha--have I said before that this story is almost weirdly like the Breakfast Club? Like, people who wouldn't usually hang out become isolated together, and then find out they strike up weird bonds? Selena's interesting, because her kissing Methy's cheek is partially motivated by whatever drive for attention made her behave the way she did pre-outbreak, and also she has limited options. But I like how something that /could/ be a flaw in a person becomes something different once context changes. In a way, she's the most open minded.

And then way to reinforce a positive image of Selena! The way she criticizes Rose's interactions with House Elves is so apt and brilliant--I just love that bit. Super duper on point.

AHA, the whole 'Scorpius/Miranda' reveal is so perfect! Again, every thread connecting perfectly. I love Miranda's strategy for telling Rose, too. Like, everyone has their part to play, and Miranda is a gossip, so she can process-of-eliminate based on peoples' relationships. Brilliant!

The whole drama around Miranda was, while petty, a well drawn out little mystery hook that made me want to click 'next chapter' right away, and it's so amazing that by the time you reveal it, there's SO MANY NEW REASONS to keep reading! A well utilized device all in all.

'crazy in the face'--*snort laughs*

You also wield the mulitiple POVs admirable. Like, /we/ know about Scorpius' drawn out battle with the Ravenclaw doorknocker, but it's amazing to see Rose's perspective of him in his mania. Just SO FUNNY!

Now to avoid mashing my hands on the keyboard and shouting "SO GOOD" over and over again~

Author's Response: Scorpius has never fully understood Rose's hostility towards him (and being Scorpius, just plain retaliated) so he has so many reasons to be suspicious of her changing tack.

Artemis jokes are cheap and silly and I will never stop writing them when she's on-screen. I could wax lyrical about how if a cat wants to be the centre of attention, they will BE the centre of attention, and thus I demonstrate it by even the prose derailing to contemplate Artemis' love for tassles, but... I just want to make cat jokes.

Rose and Scorpius in this scene just wrote themselves, honestly. I don't tend to plan emotional arcs in detail in a story; I know what the end goal is and I USUALLY know the major turning points, and I of course know when the Main Plot will affect the personal plots. But I certainly didn't go into Ignite knowing exactly at what point ScoRose would turn romantic, for instance.

Lockett; she gets Scorpius, and yet is never going to be the most delicate hand at managing him.

Would you believe me if I said I've never seen the Breakfast Club? Though I did realise partway through planning that I was basically writing it with MAGIC and LIFE AND DEATH STAKES, like going Michael Bay all over that movie.

It's taken looking back at Selena kissing Methuselah on the cheek before I'VE fully understood why she did that. Because, yes, they're actually relating as PEOPLE, in a way neither of them is particularly used to doing, and so they're finding a connection there. But Selena is accustomed to most of her interactions with people being manipulations. Even if she's got quite innocent intentions, she hasn't just kissed Methuselah on the cheek because she wants to; she DOES want to wind him up, get him questioning, play a game. It's a NICE game, and I could argue that here she's shunting him into HER territory, when talking nerd is HIS territory, but it's still a very deliberate act, not natural, easy affection.

Selena is in some ways the worst of them all because she doesn't CARE that she's flawed; she doesn't really care when she hurts or upsets people. And yet, that lack of caring transforms to a rocking self-awareness, because she doesn't build up this image of herself as a Good Person, which helps her stay insightful and also really good at dishing out truths.

The Miranda Mystery is such a high school thing, but then, Ignite's all about these characters shedding their misconceptions about each other, and this is probably the first misconception I introduced to readers. I'm still glad something so VERY silly was compelling!

Sometimes it's funnier being in Scorpius' head. Sometimes it's way funnier watching what he does with no idea of his mental process, and who better to be bewildered by this than Rose?

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #28, by Roisin Burning Question

16th March 2015:
Bahahaha, I love how Selena and Rose just aren't having any of his 'wounded hero' schtick. GUH I LOVE YOUR SCORPIUS SO MUCH. He's such a snarky little dandy.

It's so clever that he describes it as a 'malfunctioning chocolate frog card.' I see a lot of references to 'tapes' and the like in fics, which always strike me odd (I mean, even MUGGLE kids in the 2020s probably wouldn't know what VHS was).

Oh my gosh... I am the worst... I seriously grinned like a fool when Scorpius took off his shirt... THIS IS NOT WHO I AM. The writing just perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the situation.

I like how you have Scorpius describe his memories instead of writing him remembering them. The uninterrupted block of story-telling is a nice shift, and I liked getting it all in his voice and perspective.

And then 'That's on the one hand really useful, and at the same time, not.' So good. Like, the reader wants ANSWERS, so you give us something, but of course it only raises more questions!

Back to the differences between Rose+Lockett and Methuselah, since I have the privilege of knowing it's a story, I suspect their differences in approach will prove valuable. Like, it's good to have one team working on one problem in a methodic way, and then one weirdo genius kind of riffing it on his own. But I like the conflict you make between both camps, because both are very convincing (and they don't know they're in a story where narratives are tidy!)

Ooh, something I like that continues to come up: Rose and Albus' relationship with their parents' past. I love how they have such a different perspective about gall and daring, because it's something their parents are celebrated for. Like, with the trio the criticism was always "you're just kids, leave it to the adults!" but for Rose and Albus, they're older than their parents were for a LOT of things. It's really well played, and I love it!

There are a lot of other things I want to praise and gush about, but they're largely the same things I've BEEN gushing about, so I'll try to avoid resembling a malfunctioning chocolate frog card!

Author's Response: The first sign of unity on Selena and Rose, and of course it's on Scorpius being RIDICULOUS.

Sometimes I remember to keep my turns of phrase very strongly in-world. Sometimes I forget. I freely admit that this series cares more about the wizarding world in the 2020s than the Muggle world in the 2020s, but even relatively Muggle-aware Scorpius (or, at least, he likes some Muggle music) isn't likely to think of video recordings.

I considered a flashback for Scorpius with the full memories, but it felt better to keep the recollection detached. It gives the facts but less context, which kept it mysterious, AND made it easier to write. I mean, this is a big moment to confirm there's a conspiracy and an attack, but it seemed better to hold off on it all being 'on screen' per se.

Certainly the two types of intellect means they're not all working on the same thing. They all have their projects and, yes, that serves specific purposes.

I feel so sorry for anyone trying to discourage children from doing anything heroic when this is the generation raised on the stories of Harry Potter, teenaged saviour. It's just never going to go down well.

I NEVER mind gushing. Thanks for the review!

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Review #29, by Roisin Firefight

16th March 2015:
You are so clever! Gah! How do you write serialized fics yet they flow together so well? Like, you established in the last chapter that the crate-legs were starting to ware out, and that's critical to this scene. Just. Bravo.

I also like how you play Heroism throughout this story. Like, Scorpius' first instinct is to run, because IT BLOODY WELL SHOULD BE. In the end he decides to fight (and that decision doesn't take long), so it equals a net heroism. But I like that there's realistic reluctance to his arc.

And I really appreciate how the action isn't always "they went looking for trouble" or "they were just minding their own business," but is a combination of both. Sometimes they hatch a scheme to go to the forest, sometimes they're just picking up supplies. Having a mix makes it much more believable than just having one or the other!

Hah, I love this line "Stupefy. Petrificus Totalus. Locomotor Mortis. Stop. Bloody. Coming. You. Stupid. Things." Also, props on making the redcaps legitimately scary and threatening, despite their size!

Ah! And then the way you orchestrate the series of events for Scorpius to straight up act as bait, and it's convincing! Especially now he's invested so much into the battle, I'm willing to believe his choices.

"If Redcaps kill me because I shot myself, this is going to be so embarrassing." Bahahahahahaha

And then, BAM--cliffhanger number two! Gosh this is such a well-plotted story! The lines of cause and effect are both clear and intricate, and everything works so well to serve the narrative. And like, COMPREHENSIVELY. You even got a little ScoRose shipping out of it.


Author's Response: I wrote this with a little bit of a buffer, but I think any of the flow off Ignite is sheer luck, not craft.

Scorpius really isn't an anti-hero - but he's got a way to go before he becomes a more typical hero. I'm always keen in these more action/heroic stories to explore physical courage, and its development in the series is integral. I must say, it makes life much easier when it comes to danger to be writing for teenagers. They can do risky stuff which gets them into trouble without stretching credulity!

Redcaps are a super creepy bit of mythology, but being kind of small they presented a good 'intro' threat, an enemy that could be worrying but manageable, and also inhuman enough to avoid the worse questions of violence intrinsically threatening one's sense of self.

ScoRose. They sneak in everywhere, those crazy kids. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #30, by Roisin False Dawn

16th March 2015:
BACK! (Just so you know, I plan to review this WHOLE story)

I love the idea of there being dullness in crisis. It's both interesting and true. The best thing I have to compare it to is being in an E.R. waiting room--much like what you describe in this story, it's simultaneously nerve-wracking and boring, and one really doesn't know what to do to be useful. I've said it before, but CRISIS seems like a really daunting thing to write about, and your story is just SO convincing!

This sentence seems confusing, either I read it wrong or something happened to it during editing? "--sleeping in for as long as he could get away with wasteful."

Your use of summarized action and dialog through the opening of this chapter is really well placed. Some authors struggle with summary, because it can get telly-over-showy, and some don't summarize when they ought to, but you've found the perfect balance. It helps that you insert specific details into your summary.

Hah. "All quiet on the west side."

Man, it's so nice to return to this story! The prose is just so refreshingly masterful. Like, you know how reading a well-written story just kind of feels like less work? Your balance of description is also absolutely perfect, to the point that your writing has a kind of invisible quality. Like, I read it and get absorbed, rather than seeing the pen.

I like how Scorpius' affection for Rose is obvious to the reader without being belaboured, but also decoupled from Beauty. Like here, she's got ink smudged across her cheek, but he's clearly /into that./ You also include the language of annoyance ('smug smile'), which I think matches really well. I've said it before, but I like that Rose has her flaws, and I think she is owed them. I mean, she's a freaking BATTLESHIP in her own right (and working really hard), so she absolutely has a right to some smugness or whatever every now and again.

Also (you know I've read ahead and know where this is going) I love that you establish Respect before you establish liking. Scorpius' thoughts here about Rose's intelligence are really wonderful. Also, the idea that someone doesn't need to be THE SMARTEST EVER in order to be smart. Like, recognizing Methy's genius doesn't diminish from Rose.

It's very clever the way Scorpius kind of sets Rose off, and then lets his eyes kind of glaze over. It's clever because then /you/ don't have to detail whatever she's talking about, and also, because I KNOW THE EYES GLAZING OVER LOOK (my field is incredibly specialized and academic, so questions like 'what do you study?' tend to result in glazed eyes).

"Albus is leggy"--*snort laughs*

Your analysis of the whole Teamwork vs Individual Genius is wonderful! It's so satisfying to read an action/adventure story that also has so many smart and clever observations throughout!

The pacing of the hole 'riddle' sequence was genius. His realization was comically perfect!

I like that the crates have legs, because that's a canon spell! (Tantalegra?) Well done!

Aannd CLIFFHANGER! Nice. I remember why I read the first twenty-odd chapters all at once!

Yay, I will be back soon! I love this story so much!


Author's Response: I would be sorry you've got so many chapters ahead of you to review, but... I'm not. Also I totally need to get back to Year Five, but I keep wanting to sit down and Review Properly. Maybe my 2 AM excitable rants were more productive!

A crisis can be horribly dull because either you're expected to be Ready For the Crisis even if there's nothing to do, in which case you're waiting around, or you're so stressed you can't think about anything BUT the crisis, even if there's nothing to do. The hospital waiting room comparison's about the only thing I could compare it too, though, personally, yeah. Not that this was a conscious choice. It just seemed inevitable with days of Waiting. The sweeping, overall STUFF of the crisis was just a PEST to write, and I don't think I knew what I was signing up for when I started, but... yeah. Came with the territory, so I am VERY glad it's worked.

'Get away with wasteful' - okay, I see the word and there was probably meant to be a 'without feeling' before the 'wasteful' there, but, no, no. Nothing happened to that sentence in editing. This is, I suspect, the problem!

I actually hate covering the passage of time in prose. I use scene skips WHENEVER possible. So I had to beat up and agonise over these segments SO MUCH - it's not a natural forte of mine, they were uncooperative paragraphs, so THANK YOU for saying it worked.

Albus is probably not making a conscious Western Front comment. I just couldn't bring myself to phrase the sentence differently.

I usually describe my own prose as 'workmanlike'; I know it's not flashy and florid, so I'm glad it's carrying the rest of the story and sweeping you along, because... well, if I'm not waxing lyrical in an exciting manner, better the penmanship is not noticed!

Scorpius slowly discovers he has a thing for brains. Or, yes, he sees Rose in her element, at her best, and her best is her being kind of frantic and forthright and brilliant but a bit unstoppable. And he's just IMPRESSED, so he kind of falls for that, warts and all. If she stopped to fuss about ink smudges, she would be less focused, and so would lose some of the vim and vigour he's drawn to.

While I suppose I could write a romance of flirty crushing growing to deeper affection, I tend to not. And these two certainly need to tear down their preconceptions about one another before anything remotely sensible or healthy could happen.

I feel sorry for Rose, stuck next to Methuselah. She really is the keeper of both her parents' legacy: brilliant like her mother, insecure about her achievements like her father (inevitably compared to her mother and family, and stood next to someone who overshadows her even at her best). I should ALWAYS give my Rose more moments of awesome, because she deserves them for all the hell I throw her way. Such as being one of the more unsympathetically flawed of my protagonists.

Yep. Scorpius glazing over means I don't have to make up more technobabble about magical medicine. Hell with that! And, cough, couldn't comment on setting off glazed eyes myself when on certain historical ramblings, cough.

Albus IS leggy. Scorpius appreciates hot.

I don't TRY to make these points, but it seemed natural. Methuselah is so introverted as to not be very useful to a team. Rose is better with people, and I think a bit more willing to do the rubbish leg-work bits of research and hard work (while I suspect Methuselah's very train-of-thought, just happens to be RIGHT), so she's way more use to Lockett.

I may have been thinking of the canon spell when I wrote walking crates (I don't recall, it was over 2 years ago I wrote this). I MAY have been thinking of Pratchett's Luggage...

So glad you came back! So glad you're still reviewing!

~ Slide

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Review #31, by JilyBlack Embers

5th March 2015:
Alright, first of all I LOVED your Story.
I couldn't stop reading it and finished it all in one go. Very compelling and a huge distraction from everything else (Which is a good thing by the way :D ). I haven't seen such a thought through, convincing and at the same time interesting plot in a long time.
Your Story made a boring trainride very exciting, so thanks you for writing it :)

x Jily

Author's Response: I'm so glad I could kill a train journey with the story! I always have a special place in my heart for books which make trips go faster, so happy to provide!

Thrilled you enjoyed the fic, the sequels are out there, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by EmmaGM Embers

9th February 2015:
First of all, I'm sorry that I didn't review for the last couple of chapters. The story was so stirring, I just had to read on right away.

Second of all, congratulations on finishing such a wonderful story. It was beautifully written, but above all, the story line was fantastic. I never read anything like it, and I loved it. This was definitely one of the best stories I've read in a long time.

The way you write the relationships between the characters is extremely well done. Scorpius, Rose and Albus seem to have an extraordinary friendship between the three of them. Thinking back to Harry, Ron and Hermione during their time at Hogwarts is inevitable when you read about them.

You didn't only do well with the characters we already know. You did a great job developing your own characters. I think, as a writer, it is much more difficult to make the readers care about other characters, simply because they didn't know them before reading the story. But I found myself laughing, caring and crying for Methuselah Jones, Selena Rourke and Professor Lockett.

In my opinion, Jones and Rourke have made the biggest character development during the course of the story. Jones' sacrifice was one of the bravest things I read, despite the fact that he knew it was the only thing left to do.

I remember you telling me that Professor Lockett was the worst possible person to have around in this crisis situation, and I agreed with you. But I was glad to see that she eventually came around and was able to find a cure for Phlegethon. Still, I wonder if she will chose to return to Hogwarts as a teacher. This year must have her doubting her career path.

The last chapter was both sad and good. You did a great job on the confrontation between Scorpius and Draco. It went exactly the way I hoped it would.

Once again, congratulations on finishing your story and thank you for sharing it with us. I can't wait to get started on the next instalment.

Author's Response: Heh, I can't judge you for wanting to rush to the end. If the story weren't so compelling I wouldn't have done a good job!

Very glad you enjoyed yourself, and enjoyed the characters. I'm fond of these guys myself, especially the New Trio, but Selena and Methuselah were heartbreaking to write at times - especially knowing what was coming. I have a soft spot for Lockett, but for all her smarts she is not a good TEACHER, and, no, will not go back to it. At the least, she's redeemed her reputation in the world of research and academia and could easily go back there.

The Scorpius/Draco confrontation was inevitable, but there will be more to come of their relationship.

Thanks a whole bunch for these reviews, and I'm stoked you enjoyed the story!

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Review #33, by EmmaGM Fire and Ice

9th February 2015:
I was waiting for this! I was expecting it to happen, but you somehow still surprised me. Very well written.

It seems unlikely that the two of them will jump into a relationship, however. Although they would definitely make a good couple, it can't be too easy to get together after 'hating' each other for so long. And Rose still has a boyfriend, right? I'm curious to see where you'll take it from here.

If the previous chapter was one of my favourites, then this is without a doubt my favourite of all. I loved it.

Author's Response: It was inevitable, yes! And, there are a whole lot of obstacles to cross besides accepting the attraction between them. Rose's boyfriend is one of the more major ones! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #34, by EmmaGM Powderkeg

9th February 2015:
This was one of my favourite chapters so far. I'm liking the character of Scorpius more and more as the story progresses. Going into the Forbidden Forest himself to help his friends is something only one Malfoy would decide.

The scene with Thane was amazing. We learned more about his character, but he stayed vague enough so his motives stay unclear. Great work!

Author's Response: Scorpius has hidden depths and certainly deeper virtues. Regardless of the sort of thing his father would have taught him. Glad you find Thane compelling! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #35, by EmmaGM No Smoke Without Fire

9th February 2015:
I was surprised to see that Hermione decided to ask Scorpius to keep Rose and Albus out of trouble. It's not like her previous experiences with Malfoys were that good. Of course she would know through Albus that Scorpius isn't a bad guy, despite animosity between him and Rose before this year.

This was another great chapter. I'm loving this story and I'm glad there's more to come!

Author's Response: Hermione has no trust that Rose and Albus will stay out of trouble, and no trust that Lockett can keep them out of it. Scorpius is kind of her last hope, but she knows he's Al's friend, and does presume the animosity between him and Rose is just teenagers bickering (and NORMALLY Rose has better things to do than complain about Scorpius, especially at home).

Shedloads more to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #36, by EmmaGM Cleansing Flames

9th February 2015:
This Thane character is getting really interesting. The part with the Marauder's Map was a very nice touch. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thane's a mystery we'll take some time to unravel! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #37, by AvadaKedavra1 Steam Out

8th February 2015:
At last, finally, a next-gen story that doesn't blow chunks. Very well written chapter, I don't know what to think yet.

Author's Response: Ha, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the chapter, hope you try more and that you continue to enjoy it! I assure you, there's, like, plot and everything, not just high school romance shenanigans. Cheers!

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Review #38, by EmmaGM Hot and Cold

5th February 2015:
I just love the relationship between Rose and Scorpius. You write the interaction between the two of them so well.

A lot going on in this chapter. Seems like Scorpius has discovered the identity of one of the culprits, and probably the leader. I'm curious what his story is.

Your writing is absolutely amazing. The story is very descriptive without boring the reader and your dialogue is fantastic. Terrific work!

Author's Response: They have their bickering chemistry rather down, don't they? Scorpius will remain hot on the heels of this Thane fellow, of whom we'll certainly learn more.

Very glad you're enjoying the story, and thank you for your kind words and reviews!

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Review #39, by EmmaGM Burning Question

5th February 2015:
Another great chapter. I really liked the converstation between Albus and Rose in the end. For some reason, I didn't expect the part about Scorpius being obliviated. I should have seen that coming... Amazing story!

Author's Response: I'm glad my plot is somewhat opaque. ;) The conversation between Al and Rose was somewhat overdue, those two have their history! Cheers!

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Review #40, by EmmaGM Firefight

5th February 2015:
Very good chapter. The action scene was written very well.

Author's Response: Thank you! I guess it's the first fight of the whole saga, glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #41, by EmmaGM Irons in the Fire

4th February 2015:
Poor Scorpius doesn't seem to be taken seriously by the others. Possibly with good reason if I imagine his behaviour in the past. But we all know the most unlikely people can rise to the occasion in a crisis situation.

Lockett really doesn't seem to have things together. She doesn't strike me as the most authorative person and she doesn't seem to be the best teacher to be in charge in this situation.

Great chapter! I loved it, as usual.

Author's Response: Scorpius has made a reputation out of not taking anything seriously. Now it's backfiring when circumstances are turning seriously. We'll see if he's got more mettle.

Lockett is absolutely the worst teacher to be in this situation. She's an academic without much experience of handling children, and while she's not unaccustomed to a crisis, she's not prepared for THIS crisis.


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Review #42, by EmmaGM Cooking on Gas

3rd February 2015:
Amazing work. You write beautifully.

Author's Response: You flatter me. :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by EmmaGM Out of the Frying Pan

3rd February 2015:
Great chapter! I particularly liked the part at the end. It makes sense that Hermione pushed through for elf rights and it's nice to see she was succesful. It's also logical not all elves wanted freedom and chose for their old lives. Nice writing, as usual.

Author's Response: Hermione certainly spent time working towards House Elf rights, but I can imagine the transition was harder for some than others. And then, some of them are Foreman Harley.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #44, by EmmaGM Hot Pursuit

3rd February 2015:
Amazing chapter. The dementors are back to stir up some trouble... That opens a whole range of possibilities. Loving the story!

Author's Response: Dementors are an indicator of SOMETHING, certainly! Who knows what? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by EmmaGM Afterburn

2nd February 2015:
Great chapter. I'm loving the story.

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for the review.

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Review #46, by EmmaGM Like Wildfire

2nd February 2015:
Seems like this is where things really get interesting :) I love how you write the interaction between the teenagers. Perhaps you were one yourself not too long ago? It would explain a lot!

I really liked the story up until now and I'm very eager to find out what will happen. Jones and Selena appear to be pretty interesting characters as well. I hope to see more of them in the future. Great chapter! I loved it.

Author's Response: Yes, the plot finally kicks off! Alas, I was a teenager longer ago than you'd think. *weeps softly for her lost youth* I'll take it as a compliment to my writing. ;)

Definitely will see more of everyone, including Jones and Selena, in the future. Cheers!

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Review #47, by EmmaGM Sackcloth and Ashes

2nd February 2015:
Great chapter. The story is flowing nicely and your writing is amazing!

Author's Response: This is a bit of a filler chapter to shift characters around, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by EmmaGM The Melting Pot

2nd February 2015:
Very good chapter. It was nice to see one of the new teachers at work. I think you handled the friction between Rose, Albus and Scorpius wonderfully. Their reactions were very believable for sixteen year olds.

Author's Response: They're very silly kids right now! And prone to bad decisions, like bickering like this. Thanks for the review!

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Review #49, by EmmaGM Heartburn

1st February 2015:
Great chapter. You made me curious about what happened between Scorpius and his ex-girlfriend. You write very well. I really liked these first two chapters and I'm looking forward to see where you took this story.

Author's Response: Yeah, the plot thickens on Scorpius' history! We'll delve in the mysteries over the course of the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by EmmaGM Steam Out

1st February 2015:
That was a very good first chapter. I loved how you wrote the characters of Scorpius, Albus and Rose. You did a great job introducing your main characters and making the reader love them immediately. Very good writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm quite proud of this as a first chapter. Glad you're enjoying the next gen guys here! Cheers!

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