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Review #26, by Siriuslover177 Firefight

19th June 2014:
I cannot believe Scorp did that to himself -_- he is really dumb:P I am glad that Rose was there to savd him though. And that the ingrediants are safe.

To think, in a plauge, and to almost die by that? *sigh*. I hope Al and Scorp recover fast. They really have more important things to worry about than them.


Author's Response: Scorp can be brave but pretty hapless. And Rose helped, but Lockett also did save him! It would be a silly way to die.

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Review #27, by Siriuslover177 False Dawn

19th June 2014:
Oh no... why cant things ever just go good for all of them? There is always something in the way of their plans. I really hope they get out of this okay. If not... *sigh*

I liked the whole thing with Scorp bringing Rose food! I like that, please continue:P I want them to get along well. No fighting.

And Jones... could he be any more down. He is saying there is no cure, I mean, they cannot have that attitude. They need to believe there is a cure.

I hope everything goes well!


Author's Response: If everything went right all the time, there'd be no story! Scorpius can be quite sweet, sorting Rose out. They're starting to learn how to get together. And Jones isn't so much saying there's NO cure as that it's complicated.

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Review #28, by Siriuslover177 Irons in the Fire

19th June 2014:
I am glad that they finally made contact, and that they will be able to help them out a littke bit. I like that everything is coming into place, and everyone has a job... Well, besides Scorp. I feel bad for him. He is always last to do something, and I really dont think the teacher trusts him, or likes him.

I hope the teacher can brew up something to help. At least to get them out of pain or something. But it is good that the house elves are helping them now. Hopefully they will start to feel better.

I liked thks chapter. Although I am hoping for some more Rose and Scorp things to happen :P


Author's Response: Scorpius has his uses, but they're not as obvious as everyone else's skills. He's pretty good at finding trouble! Lockett will do her best to keep people in one piece, but it's a hard task. More Scorose undoubtedly to come.

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Review #29, by Siriuslover177 Cooking on Gas

19th June 2014:
Okay, good? With the house elves helping it will be much easier to try and find out what is really going on. They really need help, and if the ministry or mungos cant give it, then I am glad the house elves can.

What happened on that stairway? I mean, Scorp was getting pretty close to Rose. And then Rose just running away like that. I can feel the tention already, and I like it. I want them to get better friends, and maybe more?

I am glad they are going to sleep somewhere else too. That seems like a good idea.

I hope everything gets figured out soon.


Author's Response: Rose did a good job at getting the House Elves on board. They'll be a lot of help. Scorp and Rose are starting to figure out maybe they don't hate each other, which makes things a little weird for them! We'll see how it goes down.

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Review #30, by Siriuslover177 Out of the Frying Pan

19th June 2014:
How could the house elves not help??? There are one six people not sick, they need help! I really hope the other house elves help out, because if not I dunn how they are going to manage helping out that many people.

And how are they going to contact thr ministry? There is nothing they could do besides maybe using their patrones, but I dont think they know how to use that spell.

I just hope that everyone gets better!!


Author's Response: Harley's got his reasons to be stubborn, but they're not the best reasons in the world. And no, they don't know how to cast patronuses, not even the professor!

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Review #31, by Siriuslover177 Hot Pursuit

19th June 2014:
Oh no... not Hugo too? We cannot afford to lose anyone else! I mean, more than half the school is sick already! And a lot of weasly's and Potters are now too. This is just not good.

What what is up with the dementors? Why would they be in the forest? That does not make any sense. I hope they figure that out and tell someone.

Jones isnt a really good person. He was about to leave Scorp and Hugo there without a second thought! That is just a terrible thing that anyone could do. I wonder how he is going to react to Hugo being sick now.

This is all just so crazy!!


Author's Response: The Dementors are there for a reason, one we'll eventually find out! And Jones is - well, he's not a hero. He was scared witless and like most people, when that happens, your instincts tell you to run. We'll see if he does any toughening up. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by Siriuslover177 Fever Pitch

19th June 2014:
Oh my goodness... everyone is getting sick! There is only one teacher left? And she wont even do anything about it. Hogwarts is going to turn into caous.

I am glad only Lily is sick out of the Potters and Weaslys though. I hope they get some help... i dunno how these students are going to save everyone.

I hope Scorp finds something in the forest. I dont understand why anyone would want to attack children. I mean, my goodness. And their parents probably have no idea what is going on.

This is just crazy... i hope everyone gets better soon! This spread sooo fast.


Author's Response: Unfortunately there'll be more than just Lily succumbing to the illness, and there are Other Assorted Weasley Cousins out there. Some people out there really are evil enough to attack children. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #33, by Siriuslover177 Afterburn

19th June 2014:
My goodness... what happened in the forest? People chanting does not seem like the best thing that could be happening.

I am glad that they are all okay, and that the healer is correct, and that nothing bad happened to them.

I was so happy when Scorp and Rose were getting along! I thought they were all good until Flynn came and ruinned it. Ughh, I do not like that guy one bit.

I am happy that Al and Scorp are better now. It would suck if they were still fighting.

I love how Scrop was telling her off, but then she had to get sick -_- I hope she will be alright though. Although I do wonder why Scorp brought up Flynn. Maybe they did have something going on? I dunno!

Great chapter


Author's Response: Dark rituals, chanting with cloaks? No, never a good sign. Flynn has this way of screwing things up, and of course Scorp and Al made up, they always will.

He had his reasons for mentioning Flynn, but we'll see! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #34, by Siriuslover177 Sackcloth and Ashes

19th June 2014:
This detention is going to be interesting. I really hope Rose and Scorp can keep their mouthes shut for one night. And if they dont finish they have to come again? Goodness, they are going to have to bust their butt tonl get this done.

That Matt guy seems like he still likes Rose. I mean, him not liking her boyfriend, and the whole him getting mad at her for her being short kind of shows it.

I hope her and Flynn break up soon. Yes, he visted her before practice, but still. I just dont like that she isnt really all that into him either. Like, he isnt smart, and he apparently does not kiss well.

I hope Al forgives Scorp soon too. I dont want Scorp to have no one. He needs Al with everything going on with Miranda.

Great chapter.


Author's Response: Scorp and Rose not argue for one night? Unlikely. Though they'll have to buckle down to get the detention done, which will be a hard task.

Matt's a guy we'll see more of in the future. He and Rose have a complicated past, and as you can see, there are problems with Hector! Though Rose is enjoying having a more low-maintenance boyfriend.

Albus and Scorp will be okay. Give them time! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #35, by Siriuslover177 The Melting Pot

19th June 2014:
*sigh* why did Scorp have to do that? He knew Rose and Al would get mad at him. And of course the teacher is going to say something. I understand that he is angry with what Rose said, but I agree with Al, he cant be mad if he doesnt want people knowing the truth.

Although Rose really shouldnt believe everything that she hears. I mean, what would Flynn really know about the situation woth Sirius and Miranda? Nothing.

I hope Al doesnt stay to mad at Scorp. I dont want everyone to be mad at him.


Author's Response: Scorpius' worst trait is that he will act or speak without thinking, especially if he's angry or hurt. That's a curse which will bite him a few times to come.

Rose's worst trait is that she thinks she has all of the answers, which means she decides ahead of time who to listen to and who to ignore. She'll learn.

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Review #36, by Siriuslover177 Heartburn

19th June 2014:
I wanna know what really happened! Hiw could Scorp just let all these horrible rumors go around without wanting to tell the truth? I mean, if he really was the victum, people should know that.

I am impressed with the second year. We did a spell thrid years learn? Nicee. I am glad that he got him. I reall do not like this guy. Maybe him and Miranda can get together. Perfect couple!

I like how you didnt have them both make the team both as first years. That is a lot more realistic, and not totally perfect like some fics are.

Really nice chapter.


Author's Response: The secret is, well, one that shall be revealed in due course. Scorpius just wants a quiet life, for now, and for it to all go away. He cares more about that than what people think of him.

Nah, there was no way he and Al would make the team as first years. Harry wasn't just good, but he was lucky to be able to show his talents at a time of need.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by Siriuslover177 Steam Out

19th June 2014:
This was a really nice first chapter.
I felt bad for Scorp when he was with the Potters and Weaslys. He was so awkward with them. And then when Harry talked to him about his dad, he was awkward again.
although I feel bad for Scorp, I mean, his parents didnt come to see him off, and his dad doesnt like him playing the guitar.

I do not likr Rose's boyfriens, he seems like a bad person, and is probably going to throw some huge fit about Scorp and Al.
And I cannot believe Scorp wrote the wrong name!! He is dumb, he deserved to be yelled at, but I feel bad that it was in front of all the parents.

The Rose and Scorp fighting is funny. I cannot believe she threw a chocolate frog at him! That was great.

I felt bad for Scorp having to be with that Jones fellow. He seems really weird, and not fun to be around. I am glad Al is here to save him now.

Altogether, I really like your writting style, and I am excited to read the rest.


Author's Response: Scorpius has a hard time with the Potters and Weasleys! He wants to make a good impression, but isn't sure how to. He's got a hard lot in life, with Harry to make things awkward and his absent parents.

Hector's definitely trouble, though we'll see more from him. Jones, however - there's a little more to him than meets the eye. We'll see.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by kayleefrank Steam Out

25th May 2014:
Just wanted to tell you I absolutely love this story. This is the second time I've read it. Going to start starfall after I'm done refreshing myself with this one. Great job! This also was the first fanfiction I ever read and is a huge part of why I can't stop reading them. Its all your fault lol.

Author's Response: Can't argue with someone doing a re-read. :D It'd probably help coming to Starfall if you're refreshed on the incidents of Ignite!

I have no remorse if I helped drag you into fanfiction. I hope you continue to enjoy it. ;)

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Review #39, by CambAngst Steam Out

8th May 2014:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

So I confess: I saw your username and I thought that you were probably a new member. Imagine my surprise when I discovered how long you've been around and how much you've written! I feel fortunate that you tagged me because I read the first chapter of your completed novel and I really enjoyed it.

I really like the version of Scorpius you've created. He seems to do whatever he's able to do in the world in order to vex his father. It's interesting to me that it seems like he inherited a bit of his father's patronizing sense of humor, only without the arrogance and cruelty. I guess arrogance and cruelty were things that Draco learned, however, so there's definitely a family resemblance here that goes beyond their physical looks.

There's an old southern saying, something about not letting your alligator mouth get your hummingbird behind in trouble. Scorpius definitely has that alligator mouth, and he chooses to exercise it in mockery of somebody much bigger than him. Oh, look, the muscle-bound guy is also Rose's boyfriend. Swimming! Good thing Albus is there to keep Scorpius from getting pummeled. Already, I like some of the things you're setting up. Rose's boyfriend is, at some level, a bully, but she obviously doesn't see that in him. I can almost see the tiny threads of "I hate you so much that I'll like you when everything goes horribly wrong" forming between Rose and Scorpius.

So I get the feeling that the reasons Harry acts awkwardly around Scorpius are not the reasons that Scorpius thinks. It doesn't seem like it's so much the fact that Harry is put off by Scorpius's family, but rather the fact that Harry sees some parallels to his own childhood. That's Harry for you. Still trying to save the world, even if he has to do it one person at a time.

Rose is quite convinced that she knows it all, isn't she? I can see so much of her mother in that one, although I think Hermione wasn't quite so pushy by her sixth year. I can also see some of her father's "I can't admit that I might be wrong" streak. She's a pretty well-rounded character, I think. Plenty of nuance and I'm sure that will only get better. When she throws the chocolate frog, that was pure Hermione, though.

Lastly, there's Albus. This is definitely the first story I've ever read where he wasn't written to be scrawny. It's going to be a challenge to get my head around Albus, the Gentle Giant. I love the way you wrote his interactions with other characters, the effect that he has on them.

For a pretty long chapter, this flowed really well. It had a nice pace to it and I moved through it with ease. I also liked the way that you didn't waste any time dumping extraneous back story on us in this chapter. Instead, you took the reader right into the plot of the story and only delivered the details as they were needed. I remember things much better that way.

Great job! Cheers!

Author's Response: Ha, not a new writer, just one who didn't get involved in the forums until recently.

This story started with a couple of compulsions - one to write an epic adventure, but the other was to write this Scorpius. He's the guy who burst into my head and demand I write about him now, right now, and as you can imagine he was not inclined to take 'no' for an answer. While different to his father, and trying to be different, I have tried to keep him with those certain Malfoy traits. He isn't devoid of arrogance, but it's an arrogance of a different sort; nor is he devoid of cruelty, but it's usually pettiness towards people who have 'wronged' him (rightly or otherwise).

That is an awesome saying. And very true of this Scorpius. He certainly couldn't have counted on Albus saving him from Hector, but he would refuse to let himself be intimidated into silence, even if it made things worse. And, belligerent tension with Scorpius and Rose? Say it ain't so! No, it's not a surprise, is it? :D

I hadn't intended to have Harry see himself in Scorpius, but then I wrote the scene and saw the parallels, and realised Harry HAD to see them, too. And his instincts to save a kid, save the world, AND to do his son's friend a good turn - those would run rampant.

Rose has, in some ways, inherited the WORST of her parents. The good traits are there, too, but she's right now an arrogant know-it-all who never went through the harrowing experiences her parents did which made them question themselves. Her father's pride and the self-importance her mother had at a young age have made a dangerous cocktail. While I'm glad you see her as well-rounded in this chapter (I mean, I'd like to think she is, and she has one of the most robust maturing arcs of all the characters), I am surprised. Most readers found her thoroughly unlikable, to the extent I had to specifically write a Rose-centric chapter to give some introspection and sympathy for her.

I don't fully know why I wrote this Albus as the Gentle Giant. Mostly, I suspect, as foil to Scorpius, which is his primary purpose for a lot of the time. Poor kid takes a while to find his own stride.

I'm quite happy with this chapter as an introduction of most of the major cast, and the minor-but-important-but-not-often-seen cast (ie, the parents - they influence the characters tremendously but won't be in the story). I'm not sure I could replicate this feat of introducing all I wanted it to introduce in one smooth swoop, though there would be more details to come in future chapters.

Anyway! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #40, by Ravenclaw333 Steam Out

28th April 2014:
I am honestly so glad I jumped on your status in the forums - finding this story has got to be one of the best things I've done on HPFF recently. I love your characterisations and the relationships you've established between characters - and your Scorpius is nothing short of inspired. And 37 chapters plus a sequel? The gods have truly smiled upon me!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story! It's been in the works for coming up on two years now, so plenty of writing here, and plenty more to come.

I'm rather fond of my Scorpius, too. He's pretty much the reason this story even got written. He sprouted in my head, fully-formed, and demanded to be the centre of attention.


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Review #41, by Gary Embers

3rd February 2014:
An absolutely AMAZING story. I wish I could memory charm myself so I could read it again!

Author's Response: You don't have to do that! There's a sequel you can amble over and read. :D

Very glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #42, by MeByAMile Steam Out

28th January 2014:
This is my second time reading the beginning of this story, but I haven't actually finished reading all of Ignite yet, but I loved this story so much I thought I'd come back and review.

Easily my favorite next generation story. Scorpius is wonderful, I've never seen an incarnation of him quite so entertaining, he accomplishes being a jerk but most of the time doing it in a way that makes you want ruffle his hair like he's a little puppy dog, yet other time throughout the story I honestly wanted to smack him upside the head.

I love the comparison of Scorpius and Harry, how they both think of Hogwarts as their true home,(Harry's probably moved from that thinking by now, though I think he will always asociate the place with his childhood), It's also interesting to see how the hand life dealt them affected them differently.

Al and Scorps friendship is great, their energies play off each other well. Al being the long suffering best friend. You can tell the to are really close, finding brothers of the unrelated sort runs in the family I guess. A part of me really badly wants to see them as little kids, but I think I'd die of cuteness overload.

Why do I feel the need to watch Albus go to Prague possibly with his family, and be culturally enlightened?

Interesting Scorp seems to think Rose would blame Hector for any altercation they might of had, that or he's just trying to verbally insult Hector as much as he can.

Just how many times has Scorp been put in a headlock by Al?

'Only to realise he’d made a pass at her in front of her parents. His smile faltered.' One of my favorite lines.

Hugo made Quidditch captain at fourteen?! I just realised that. Wow.

Rose would dislike Quidditch wouldn't she? I can just imagine Ron trying to get her to appreciate the sport with her little brothers and cousins. I can also imagine him going into complete over-protective dad mode as Rose is starting to date.

Scorp writing Miranda's name on the chocolates seems strange since she cheated on him, is it supposed to be a Freudian slip of some sort?

I'm trying to figure out just who Scorpius and Rose were to each other before everything went mental.

Scorpius annoying and making passes at her seems to be the norm between the two. Scorpius seems to have a bit of a a crush.

Rose however hates him, or at least says she does for mostly petty reasons. She doesn't seem to give him too much thought other than the guy that helped tear her and her cousin and best friend away from her.

Something that greatly upsets me about the Scorpius-Albus-Rose friendship triangle is that had things gone differently they'd be the best of friends by now, and as fandom speculates the next trio.

Oh little Tim Warrick, why does your story have to be such a sad one?

'He’d been off to a bad start when his parents had named him “Methuselah”, which wasn’t a name you gave a child unless you wanted them to sprout fully formed and aged eighty from their mother’s womb.' Loved this line so much.

I liked Methuselah from the get go, but I initially had a very different impression of him both appearance and personality wise. At first I thought he was trying to be a superior git, but then I realized for the most part that's just how hes wired. I also imagined him to look like Abed from Community.

'Not to mention that the course is entirely unnecessary with sightings of Dark Wizards or Dark Beings at a record low.' Oh, irony.

I have no idea why but I this desire to meet Diarmuid at some point. Any words on him?

'It was shaping up to be an all right sort of year.' She says now.

Overall great introduction to the story!

Author's Response: I had a nice reply for this all written then my computer crashed... anyway, thank you for going back to review, it's thoroughly appreciated. I always like coming to a big review!

I'm fond of my own Scorpius - of course. There are basically two reasons why this story got written: the first was that I wanted to write a big, epic adventure for the Next Gen, something cinematic and sweeping. The second was that Scorpius walked into my head, fully-formed, and demanded my attention. The similarities with Harry were not planned but once they started interacting they were impossible to overlook. Albus came soon after as an inevitable counterpoint; a Scorpius like this would have to have a fairly laid-back and supportive best friend. Alas, I'm rubbish at writing little kids, so no flashbacks any time soon. Al probably put him in a headlock back then, too.

Hugo did make Quidditch Captain at fourteen - bear in mind, Wood was a fifth year in Book 1. He's good at the game and the vacancy opened up with James leaving school, plus there's merit in having a Quidditch Captain who's going to have several years in the role. Also it kind of depends on his competition, a little bit. But yeah, kid's good at what he does.

Secret: Rose doesn't dislike Quidditch as much as she pretends she does. She just likes being uppity and awkward at this stage in her life.

Scorpius would have just been absent-minded while writing the card for the chocolates - distracted and writing out of habit, or sulking about Miranda, results in not paying attention and her name coming onto the card without him noticing.

Scorpius and Rose basically fought like cats and dogs for five years. Rose STARTED it, yes, because of viewing him as having 'stolen' Albus from her, but Scorpius gave as good as he got, and so it was impossible for Rose to grow out of the habit - Scorpius just reinforced every bad impression she'd had of him, and Scorpius found winding her up too amusing and satisfying to give up on. He does seem to have had a little bit of a crush on her, albeit unknown to him; he found it satisfying to get a reaction. That said, Rose was rather fixated on HIM - while Scorpius would wind her up, Rose was the one who would notice what Scorpius was doing even when it had nothing to do with her! So that kind of hateful obsession went both ways. They do have a chance, of course, to set things right.

Poor Tim. I'm pretty mean.

Ah, Methuselah. You can tell the character developed in the writing, as he comes across a wee bit different here to how he does in later chapters, but in many ways that can be treated as a depiction of how he was perceived. Everyone did think he was pompous and self-important when, in truth, he just failed at dealing with people on a very fundamental level.

Diarmuid? Nobody asks about Diarmuid! I think he's possibly a long-suffering Ravenclaw (did I specify him as a Ravenclaw?) who means well but isn't quite bright enough or assertive enough to cope with an irritable Rose on any given day, and doesn't deserve the hand he's been dealt. Think a slightly nicer and more dim Percy.

Thank you for the big review!

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Review #43, by MadiMalfoy Embers

6th January 2014:
Well I was basically blubbering through Methuselah's self-sacrifice and the pain Selena was going through. Urgh, such angst and pain and plot but such good writing! I'm very very very jealous of your skill because not many stories can make me feel emotionally attached like this one did. I've read many books in my lifetime so far, but a fair few don't come close to the greatness of this piece of fan fiction. You're an amazing writer with such great skill and I hope you become a published author sometime in the future because you deserve it! I'll be reading Starfall as soon as possible. :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Poor Selena. She wasn't originally going to get a scene in the final chapter, but I realised I couldn't have her as basically the only character to NOT have a scene - and I realised I couldn't end her story in Ignite with her in the clearing. That, and I wanted to introduce her mother.

I do try to tackle my fanfiction with roughly the same level of dedication I approach my original fiction, though fanfiction is sometimes less inhibited - which is good, I can experiment, do more stuff for 'fun'. But hopefully writing will become more than a mere hobby soon.

Thanks for all your support and reviews, and I hope to see you in the Starfall ones soon!

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Review #44, by MadiMalfoy Down in Flames

4th January 2014:
Ahhh such a good chapter!! I've missed reading this! So many things have happened but you've really allowed lots of character development and all that and it's amazing!! Absolutely fantastic!!
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: And plenty more to come from here! Ignite's finished, the sequel's coming strong (going to sit down and write it once I'm done with this review backlog I've let build up), and all the more adventures with the gang out there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by tori20444 Embers

2nd January 2014:
You're story was the best I've ever read. There should be fan fiction about your fan fiction. It had me crying and laughing, it was wonderful. I love/hate you. (more love then hate. i just- Methuselah. T-T i used a hole box of tissues on him) Please keep up your wonderful writing.

Forever your fan,
tori20444 (or Tori for short)

Author's Response: I'll take hate if I'm getting an emotional reaction! It hurt me, too, to kill Methuselah, but it had to be done. His story had to be cut short, or else it wouldn't hurt, else we wouldn't have lost anything, and we need to feel that loss, that denial of his dramatic arc, just as the characters feel the loss of his presence.

Plenty more adventures to come. Whole sequel out there, still in the works. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by RelentlessFire Embers

2nd January 2014:
Absolutely one of the most amazing fanfictions I ever read, the emotions I felt in those two days that I've stuck by, reading your story nonstop, were incredible. My blood froze and boiled through out the whole story. I'm sorry Methuselah and Tim died but I'm glad the Crisis is over, although I can't wait to read about the Council of Thorns again and this new pending war. Please never stop writing because you have a gift and a special talent that not so many have. I have a question for you: what are Rose and Selena's Patronus/Patroni (whatever that is)?
Answer soon please, Giulia.

Author's Response: JK says one thing, Latin convention says another, but Methuselah was being a bit of a snob considering it's FAKE Latin, anyway. So in JK we trust. Ha, I tend to not pick a patronus until I'm at the point of writing that scene (you would not believe how long it took me to figure out that Albus' is a horse, though I think it's perfect now I've got it - similar to the stag while not being just a copy of Harry). Selena's is, I think, a cat - a sleek, graceful, domesticated cat. Proud and smart and beloved. Or, possibly, a snake, because she is a Slytherin to the core, beautiful and manipulative. Rose's is - and bear with me here - a hawk, for the associations between intelligence and teamwork. Yeah, I know. She'll grow into them. The girl has further to go than any of the characters, in some ways.

That said, don't hold me to those or consider them carved in stone until they appear in prose. I change my mind periodically!

But, yes! More adventures to come, more on the plans of the Council of Thorns, more on Prometheus Thane. I don't intend to stop writing; even if I don't make it as a professional, I've done it for pleasure for the past 15 years, I'm not about to stop now.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #47, by Europa27 Melt Into Me

31st December 2013:
the letter was just so heartwarming... i had tears in my eyes reading it... it felt lie i was reading it from Scorpius's perspective and it really really was incredible... the story has been very engaging and i havent been able to stop coming back to it in the midst of my work...

Author's Response: I'm not that sorry I'm distracting you from work. ;)

The letter is something I'm particularly proud of. I hadn't intended on the connection between Harry and Scorpius, it just wrote itself back in the first chapter, and I think that it's been so long coming is what makes it particularly effective. Scorpius needs adults in his life who can back him up, as he only now has his cruel father, absent mother, and... Lockett, who's more like a flawed big sister than a parent. Having Harry's support will do him a lot of good.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by Europa27 Burn Through

31st December 2013:
Come on... How can it be that a staff member does not know the password to the headmaster's office... i would think that each and everyone of them knew... In the books even Hagrid knew them even though he was just the Groundskeeper at that point... Apart from this one point i like all other ways you are moving this story... Giving us an insight into each and every person... how they think and so on... you are not able to dislike one person for the way they act cause you know why they do that... but i can still really really dislike Rose cause i think she only lives in her own world.. where what she believes in is the only truth... i hope she realizes and changes for the better.. a little more open minded by the end of this story...

Author's Response: Hagrid was particularly close to Dumbledore. This is a different headmaster, and Lockett is pretty second-string so far as the teachers of Hogwarts go - she keeps herself to herself, she doesn't engage more than she has to. She's probably one of the last to run extra-curriculars or cover for her colleagues and that kind of thing. Basically she's brilliant at Potions but only average as a teacher and a TERRIBLE team-player. As such, there was never any reason for her to be trusted with the password to the Headmaster's Office, and Stubbs never went out of his way to give her such a privilege. And then he went and misjudged Phlegethon, which took out the senior staffers quicker than he anticipated.

That said - I never explain this in the story, so that's my failure!

Rose is the biggest offender for seeing things only in her way. But A) She does have reason for believing and thinking the things she does, and B) Of all the characters, she's the one who gets her misconceptions proven wrong and will grow to put her great mind to more empathetic ends.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the characters AND dislike them - they are not flawless, any of them, and should still be shouted at when they do wrong and hugged when they do well (or maybe that's just me). Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #49, by Europa27 The Melting Pot

30th December 2013:
I really dont like Rose here... although i dont know her side, i feel like she is behaving too much like a high and mighty princess...

Author's Response: At this point, no, Rose isn't hugely likable. On the one hand, we haven't had her point of view yet - which is why it comes next chapter. As a writer, I knew what was going on with her and why, but I was aware she wasn't coming across as so sympathetic, so I wanted to get more into her head so we could see her when she wasn't being wound up by Scorpius. That said, "Why does Rose hate Scorpius?" is probably THE big question of the personal dynamics of Ignite.

But she's not meant to be flawless, so I'm glad she's getting a reaction! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #50, by julianna ls Embers

21st December 2013:

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reviewing.

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