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Review #26, by EmmaGM Fire and Ice

9th February 2015:
I was waiting for this! I was expecting it to happen, but you somehow still surprised me. Very well written.

It seems unlikely that the two of them will jump into a relationship, however. Although they would definitely make a good couple, it can't be too easy to get together after 'hating' each other for so long. And Rose still has a boyfriend, right? I'm curious to see where you'll take it from here.

If the previous chapter was one of my favourites, then this is without a doubt my favourite of all. I loved it.

Author's Response: It was inevitable, yes! And, there are a whole lot of obstacles to cross besides accepting the attraction between them. Rose's boyfriend is one of the more major ones! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #27, by EmmaGM Powderkeg

9th February 2015:
This was one of my favourite chapters so far. I'm liking the character of Scorpius more and more as the story progresses. Going into the Forbidden Forest himself to help his friends is something only one Malfoy would decide.

The scene with Thane was amazing. We learned more about his character, but he stayed vague enough so his motives stay unclear. Great work!

Author's Response: Scorpius has hidden depths and certainly deeper virtues. Regardless of the sort of thing his father would have taught him. Glad you find Thane compelling! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by EmmaGM No Smoke Without Fire

9th February 2015:
I was surprised to see that Hermione decided to ask Scorpius to keep Rose and Albus out of trouble. It's not like her previous experiences with Malfoys were that good. Of course she would know through Albus that Scorpius isn't a bad guy, despite animosity between him and Rose before this year.

This was another great chapter. I'm loving this story and I'm glad there's more to come!

Author's Response: Hermione has no trust that Rose and Albus will stay out of trouble, and no trust that Lockett can keep them out of it. Scorpius is kind of her last hope, but she knows he's Al's friend, and does presume the animosity between him and Rose is just teenagers bickering (and NORMALLY Rose has better things to do than complain about Scorpius, especially at home).

Shedloads more to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #29, by EmmaGM Cleansing Flames

9th February 2015:
This Thane character is getting really interesting. The part with the Marauder's Map was a very nice touch. I loved it!

Author's Response: Thane's a mystery we'll take some time to unravel! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #30, by AvadaKedavra1 Steam Out

8th February 2015:
At last, finally, a next-gen story that doesn't blow chunks. Very well written chapter, I don't know what to think yet.

Author's Response: Ha, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the chapter, hope you try more and that you continue to enjoy it! I assure you, there's, like, plot and everything, not just high school romance shenanigans. Cheers!

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Review #31, by EmmaGM Hot and Cold

5th February 2015:
I just love the relationship between Rose and Scorpius. You write the interaction between the two of them so well.

A lot going on in this chapter. Seems like Scorpius has discovered the identity of one of the culprits, and probably the leader. I'm curious what his story is.

Your writing is absolutely amazing. The story is very descriptive without boring the reader and your dialogue is fantastic. Terrific work!

Author's Response: They have their bickering chemistry rather down, don't they? Scorpius will remain hot on the heels of this Thane fellow, of whom we'll certainly learn more.

Very glad you're enjoying the story, and thank you for your kind words and reviews!

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Review #32, by EmmaGM Burning Question

5th February 2015:
Another great chapter. I really liked the converstation between Albus and Rose in the end. For some reason, I didn't expect the part about Scorpius being obliviated. I should have seen that coming... Amazing story!

Author's Response: I'm glad my plot is somewhat opaque. ;) The conversation between Al and Rose was somewhat overdue, those two have their history! Cheers!

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Review #33, by EmmaGM Firefight

5th February 2015:
Very good chapter. The action scene was written very well.

Author's Response: Thank you! I guess it's the first fight of the whole saga, glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #34, by EmmaGM Irons in the Fire

4th February 2015:
Poor Scorpius doesn't seem to be taken seriously by the others. Possibly with good reason if I imagine his behaviour in the past. But we all know the most unlikely people can rise to the occasion in a crisis situation.

Lockett really doesn't seem to have things together. She doesn't strike me as the most authorative person and she doesn't seem to be the best teacher to be in charge in this situation.

Great chapter! I loved it, as usual.

Author's Response: Scorpius has made a reputation out of not taking anything seriously. Now it's backfiring when circumstances are turning seriously. We'll see if he's got more mettle.

Lockett is absolutely the worst teacher to be in this situation. She's an academic without much experience of handling children, and while she's not unaccustomed to a crisis, she's not prepared for THIS crisis.


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Review #35, by EmmaGM Cooking on Gas

3rd February 2015:
Amazing work. You write beautifully.

Author's Response: You flatter me. :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by EmmaGM Out of the Frying Pan

3rd February 2015:
Great chapter! I particularly liked the part at the end. It makes sense that Hermione pushed through for elf rights and it's nice to see she was succesful. It's also logical not all elves wanted freedom and chose for their old lives. Nice writing, as usual.

Author's Response: Hermione certainly spent time working towards House Elf rights, but I can imagine the transition was harder for some than others. And then, some of them are Foreman Harley.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by EmmaGM Hot Pursuit

3rd February 2015:
Amazing chapter. The dementors are back to stir up some trouble... That opens a whole range of possibilities. Loving the story!

Author's Response: Dementors are an indicator of SOMETHING, certainly! Who knows what? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by EmmaGM Afterburn

2nd February 2015:
Great chapter. I'm loving the story.

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for the review.

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Review #39, by EmmaGM Like Wildfire

2nd February 2015:
Seems like this is where things really get interesting :) I love how you write the interaction between the teenagers. Perhaps you were one yourself not too long ago? It would explain a lot!

I really liked the story up until now and I'm very eager to find out what will happen. Jones and Selena appear to be pretty interesting characters as well. I hope to see more of them in the future. Great chapter! I loved it.

Author's Response: Yes, the plot finally kicks off! Alas, I was a teenager longer ago than you'd think. *weeps softly for her lost youth* I'll take it as a compliment to my writing. ;)

Definitely will see more of everyone, including Jones and Selena, in the future. Cheers!

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Review #40, by EmmaGM Sackcloth and Ashes

2nd February 2015:
Great chapter. The story is flowing nicely and your writing is amazing!

Author's Response: This is a bit of a filler chapter to shift characters around, so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #41, by EmmaGM The Melting Pot

2nd February 2015:
Very good chapter. It was nice to see one of the new teachers at work. I think you handled the friction between Rose, Albus and Scorpius wonderfully. Their reactions were very believable for sixteen year olds.

Author's Response: They're very silly kids right now! And prone to bad decisions, like bickering like this. Thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by EmmaGM Heartburn

1st February 2015:
Great chapter. You made me curious about what happened between Scorpius and his ex-girlfriend. You write very well. I really liked these first two chapters and I'm looking forward to see where you took this story.

Author's Response: Yeah, the plot thickens on Scorpius' history! We'll delve in the mysteries over the course of the story. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by EmmaGM Steam Out

1st February 2015:
That was a very good first chapter. I loved how you wrote the characters of Scorpius, Albus and Rose. You did a great job introducing your main characters and making the reader love them immediately. Very good writing!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm quite proud of this as a first chapter. Glad you're enjoying the next gen guys here! Cheers!

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Review #44, by libbyptter Steam Out

23rd January 2015:
yours are the only fanfics i re_read. your Al, Rose and Scorpius are simply the perfect characterisations

Author's Response: :D Thank you so much. I headcanon that Scorpius would probably be less of a clown, that Albus probably wouldn't be the huge, good-natured type... er, Rose is much as I headcanon she'd be... but I couldn't write any other versions of these guys. It would feel wrong.

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Review #45, by StarryKnights Sackcloth and Ashes

8th January 2015:
So far I really like this story! I like how you portrayed Scorpius in a different way than most other fan fictions.. he is usually portrayed as being a "bad boy" or popular and I like how he is much different in this one. I also love how you have all different aspects of a good story in yours: action, humor, romance, tragedy, it has the makings for a good story cant wait to read it!

Author's Response: Yeah, I wanted to play around with the stereotypical depictions of Scorpius. I thought the charming joker could let me use the usual ploys while still shaking things up a bit. He's still a popular Quidditch player who's good with girls, but... also more than that.

I do like stories to run the gamut in style. Not pure anything. Action is best when you get the emotions and complexities with it. Emotions are best shaken up with high stakes and danger to push characters in unusual ways. I'm glad it's enjoyed! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #46, by Guest :) Hot and Cold

3rd January 2015:
o loving this so far! I was curious about Thane's first name and apparently Prometheus, was in greek myth, a titan who gave the knowledge of fire to mankind- was this perhaps intentional?
Interesting characterizations of everyone, I especially enjoy reading about Selena, although on the face of it she is just a typical 'pretty, dumb blonde' you slowly integrate her less shallow aspects of her personality- which is great because that adds a sort of depth to her character.
I was inclined to dislike Selena at first but I find myself warming up to her more often
And Jones! His speech is sometimes difficult to follow but i think that's sort of the point. I'm excited to see his play in the future chapters.
Overall good job- i'm very excited to read on, the idea of a quarantine is very unique and you've managed to play it off very realistically
And your depiction of modern day house elves is hilarious tbh, and I adore burly Al (who's normally described as scrawny)- the image of him is quite attractive lol

Author's Response: The symbolism of Thane's name, and the connection with the fiery motif of Phlegethon and the story in general, is, indeed, intentional. Selena's a favourite of mine, she has a lot of depth which we'll get to over time.

Very glad you're enjoying the story! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #47, by Roisin Irons in the Fire

19th December 2014:
I wish I could just magically transmit every thought I had when I first read these chapters into your brain, BECAUSE SO MUCH /IMPRESSED/ AND /INTO IT/ HAPPENED. But alas, you wrote a hugely engaging story--and while I know it behooves reviews to take notes as you go, it also distracts me from reading SO I DIDN'T SORRY. YOUR FAULT. WRITE WORSE AND MY REVIEWS WOULD BE BETTER.

ANYway. You are the best at opening chapters (as is established). And just... Scorpius... Yes... All of this opening interaction is so great.

I've mentioned before about how much I appreciate your Rose for feminist reasons. Selena is such an oft crapped-on archetype, and I love what you do with her (stripping away the minstrel mask, rather than using her as an internalized-sexism-punching-bag). She really does call people out on their faults and hypocrisies, and that she KNOWS and OWNS these things makes her a strong and self-assured character (because, she's right: Scorpius also cares about his hair). I really love how much of a bad*** she becomes!

And I've DEFINITELY mentioned my protectiveness of Hermione--YOU DO A VERY GOOD GROWN UP HERMIONE. I APPROVE SO MUCH. THANK YOU.

Oh, and this is totally not a real thing at all--but I really like your FC for Lockett! I totally imagine Tamsin Greig as her, and it genuinely works! (Still have so many feelings about whether or not she is the big bad! There's this toggle of me REALLY liking her, which just makes me think she IS because you are probably VERY CLEVER AND WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT TO ME!)

Blargh--there are other praises I want to give this story (reading ahead and backreviewing just makes me want to mention later stuff!) I'll try to make stuff relevant to what actually happens in the chapter I review! (I will likely fail :/ )

Author's Response: I should clearly just plough through Year 5 and hit you up later on reviews but the desire to Sit Down and Say Meaningful Things (and flail) HAS slowed me down. Sooo you don't get to apologise.

Selena was the stealth success of... this series, actually. She was HEAVILY inspired by Buffy's Cordelia, in terms of taking the archetypical popular girl and exploring such, giving depth to her motivations and wants. I have been adamant that her growth will not be her deciding that looking nice and caring about 'superficial' things is wrong! People are allowed nice things! People can care about luxuries as well as important matters! And Scorpius IS such a dandy and nobody would criticise him for being superficial and vain half so much as they would criticise Selena. So I love Selena as my bit of feminist activism and I'm glad you do too.

Hermione also ran away from me a bit. She was the logical contact with the patronus communication technique but I did love having her as a point of call.

In the very, very first draft, the Teacher Mentor in Ignite was a guy, and much more with it, and was going to become a kind of Surrogate Father figure to Scorpius. Then I decided I wanted a much more flawed individual - mostly for dramatic reasons, because the kids get to do more if the responsible figure isn't all that responsible, and wondered why the Surrogate Parent Mentor is almost always a GUY, and then decided that Tamsin Greig would be a hilariously amazing Flawed (drunk) Grumpy Mentor. Like, Lockett would be a grizzled Clint Eastwood type if she was a guy. Apparently that translates for a woman to Tamsin Greig. I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry about winding you up about her loyalties either. :P

I also really don't mind if the reviews are rambles like this! They're fun. Thanks!

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Review #48, by Roisin Cooking on Gas

12th December 2014:

So I said last chapter how much I just LOVE how you played this whole Harley thing--rereading this chapter reminds me how brilliantly it was done. Like, here, we're from the kids' POV, so they seem all awesome and cool and like they owned Harley. It makes it that much more meaningful later when they get SUPER PUT IN THEIR PLACE about their kind of Privileged Paternalism. Like, 'I AM YOUR SAVIOR, DO AS I SAY.' I love the kind of socratic arc you gave the whole thing, and how you occupied Rose and Scorpius' POVs, only to show how they were wrong later.

Like, they objectively get it about Civil Rights and all, but it's clear that they never really internalized what that *meant.* Which also makes sense, because Hermione's early days of SPEW were definitely well intentioned but, critically, culturally insensitive (I could go on and on about how that was an intentional allegory for NGOs and Missionary organizations, since Rowling said Potter was directly inspired by her experiences at Amnesty International working in the African Research department--she would have been keenly aware of that stuff).

The other thing I like about Harley is that he isn't 'cute.' Like, I think Rowling was being very intentional about the fact that all the elves she introduced readers to on a bigger level were really different from one another (Dobby, Kreacher, Winky), and used them as ways of showing how the issues of oppression can manifest differently (and also, how all communities are diverse). The rights struggle for elves is definitely a central thematic point in the Potter ethos, and this is one of the only NextGens I've EVER read that continues that theme towards its logical next steps!

And then, I just really liked the whole mini-newspaper thing :) It actually seems really realistic, and reminded me about how the Deaf Community campaigned for closed captioning on News Channels during the 80s.

Oh, and ScoRose too--that was good. Really, so much was good about this chapter. Very easy wit, much clever. I JUST GET REALLY INTO ELF STUFF.


Author's Response: I'd like to say I fully planned Harley's dramatic arc; I didn't. House Elves became a natural question, and I knew I wanted to present them making progress, and enjoyed the idea of some of them becoming complete unionist die-hards. Harley came from that, and was awkward in a stereotypical way, but I do try my best to find the truth behind even minor characters and stereotypes. So as I kept writing, he became more fully-fleshed and dynamic, which updated the whole House Elf movement for the story.

The kids don't have a clue. Intellectually, yes, but they don't get exposed to House Elves, and now thing aren't continuously horrendous it's harder to get outraged about it. And I could see Hermione (who I imagine would have moved to significantly more sophisticated activism, and in this world helped the House Elves unionise rather than stuff like SPEW) boring the life out of her children by ranting as a cause they would see as being 'over.' Basically, they think they live in a post-prejudiced society, poor naive fools.

I came from originally not caring much for Dobby (I mean, I still don't) to really appreciating the House Elf story and the nuances of it as I got older and reread the books. Though I do wish it had been concluded in a slightly tighter matter, but that's an entirely different subject!

Cheers for the review!

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Review #49, by Roisin Out of the Frying Pan

5th December 2014:

So when I first read this chapter, I was all like "GUYSuh, HOUSE ELVESuh!"--and then, just as I was thinking it, you did JUST THAT! Bravo!

And THEN, I almost got a little stroppy over Harley's characterization (just because personally, I really support labor unions)--but since I've read what comes later, I think you did a really admirable job of doing a nuanced analysis. Harley might come off like a negatively stereotyped labor boss just now, but it does lend itself really well to what happens later, with Scorp and Rose reevaluating their perspectives. Great job with that!

Overall, this chapter did an excellent job of keeping stones from going unturned. You addressed everything that a picky reader might think of, and all the while, continued to build the dynamics between the characters.

OH, and I continue to really enjoy your Rose. Hermione is a character I'm really protective of, and so by extension, I have a lot of feelings about Rose. Throughout this story, we really see her exhibiting both Hermione-ish and Ron-ish characteristics. She's clever and righteous, but not a carbon copy of her mother. Stubborn, and easy to anger like her father, but more circumspective.

And then I think I've already said how much I like your Albus and Scorpius characterizations. They really feel like the sons of the men I imagined Harry and Draco growing into. (But if I'm being super honest--I'm not feeling the faceclaim. He looks about 30 years old!)

Author's Response: If the writer can provide the plot thing just as the reader thinks of it, that's apparently excellent pacing! It happens to me sometimes.

Ha, Harley doesn't get the best introduction in the world, does he? It was intentional. I'm highly sympathetic to his cause (and the real-world causes to which he is analogous), but I think it's important people like him aren't always seen as Grateful to be Saved (like Dobby) or Unaware of their Plight (like Kreacher). Harley is unpleasant, he is prickly, he is rude, he is defensive, and he is, in my opinion, pretty *right* about the state of his people and how they are treated and seen. The Gang doesn't get the luxury of hearing the hard truths from someone who tells it to them in ways they find palatable - tl;dr, I wanted to portray Harley's oppression in a different way to how these things are often portrayed. *cough* ANYWAY.

I'm glad you enjoy Rose! The poor girl has, in some ways, the WORST of both worlds from her parents. Stubborn, proud, quick to anger, occasionally insensitive... lucky she got the brains, huh?

Who was facepic for this chapter - oh, why did I use that picture? Huh, weird choice. I'd probably rethink a few of my FCs a few years on ('specially Albus) but that requires redoing pictures, the height of interruptions to my lazy days!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by Roisin Hot Pursuit

29th October 2014:
Methusalah and Scorp make such an excellent team! Just the counterpoint between them is excellent!

I also really like that Methusalah initiated the whole little venture. Like, that this forest jaunt wasn't some hotheaded, Gryffindor hero complex thing, but a dispasstionately calculated Ravenslaw decision.

That the map didn't seem right gave me Lockett suspicion feels. Still going back and forth on that one!

And I just LOVE the thing about Scorpius' 'prey tactics.' That was such a great analysis! Plus, it's just fun being in Methusalah's head.

And TOTALLY DID NOT SEE DEMENTORS COMING. Also, the weirdly, the fact that Methusalah had this moment of super not-courageousness really kind of endeared him to me. Like, he might be a robot, but he's still a teenaged robot. And that he felt real fear, almost made a mistake, so on.

And just this: 'Dementors aren't answers, unless I was doing my OWLs f- wrong.' Ah, loved that!

Author's Response: Methuselah and Scorpius are perhaps the most inefficient team ever. I mean, Methuselah Jones is a TERRIBLE team player, but Scorpius doesn't play well with him, either. And he has logic, a Ravenclaw's logic, it's just also tempered with the incredibly arrogant presumption that his Ravenclaw's brain can see him fit to handle whatever's out there.

The map wasn't outright WRONG so much as... I reckon the Forbidden Forest is hard to plot, and right now it's changed by the ritual, so navigation is a little trickier than usual. Especially for two kids who don't know it well.

Methuselah's head was fun to write. I needed to save him from the Scrappy heap, too, and while I don't think I ever wrote from his POV again, because he's always at his most effective being interpreted by other characters, it felt like it worked for this chapter. His perspective on others and, yes, the fact that he really was prepared to run away and leave Scorpius to die because he's SIXTEEN and SCARED. It's okay to be sixteen and scared.

Scorpius' grasp of the OWL Defence syllabus is second-to-none.

Thanks for reviewing!

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