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Review #76, by wicKeDwitch1316 The Devil to Pay

7th May 2012:
Hiya! (LOVING the regular updates, btw.)

The only thought in my head after reading this chapter: Oh, Nick! Just so much sympathy and pain for him. He's already feeling terrible about possibly losing his long-term girlfriend and then his entire family is killed because of his actions. And not only killed...I really hope nobody lets him see his parents and his little sister. Just devastating.

That being said, I kind of love the Nick-Jennifer-Gabe triangle. Jennifer has loved Nick for so long and I think she wants to love him (and keeps telling herself she does), and yet it seems like she doesn't truly respect him. There's just something about Gabe that she can't get out of her head, and it's really fun to watch these interactions. Though once again, poor Nick. I would love to see another scene between Nick and Jennifer :)

I also really liked the brief scene where Tanith thinks about Toby.

"Come back. Come back to me from the far side of the world, when the wars over and we dont risk death every day just to bring a little bit of hope and justice to the country wrapped up in darkness. Then well talk about promises." What a great line!

I love what you're doing here in terms of having these characters grow from teenagers into adults by way of their relationships. Most fanfictions have these 17-year-olds falling madly in love with their first loves and those relationships lasting "forever." But in truth, the strongest relationships are more complicated. Puppy love is wonderful and you never forget your first love, but grown-up relationships between two people who have loved and lost before and who have a better sense of who they are because of that are much more interesting to see. And with N-J-G and David-Tanith-Toby, you have these girls figuring that out, which I really appreciate.

(Of course, I may just be projecting and you may not mean any of that!)

As always, beautiful and heartbreaking.

Author's Response: Yeah, Nick Wilson, that big old bag of self doubt under a veneer of alpha male, someone who has been made a better person due to a horrid war where horrid things happen to people... there's not much more to say about his story than that, which is why he's never been a centre-stage character. But no, while the Lions have the resources to learn specifically what happened (especially since Lestrange WANTS people to know), he would have no opportunity to SEE the scene.

His relationship with Jen is one which probably wouldn't last once they were out of school, but then the war happened, and they remained attached and comfortable with one another, so they neither had the time nor opportunity to analyse their relationship. Perhaps I should see what I can do about a closer look at the two of them, though - because every triangle needs all three corners strong to be decent!

And that is, indeed, the point. First love's intoxicating and world-changing and powerful, but I think people learn things from holding someone else's heart in their hands, and people build on that experience and take it with them into future relationships. One way I've always described the Tobias/Tanith romance in particular is that it's a romance between two people who might BECOME perfect for one another, but they're not done becoming those people yet, and who knows where they'll be down the line. And while some of that Becoming is in learning to be together, or learning to be independent, some of it boils down to learning how to be with other people and with the world at large and - no, basically, I don't think you're projecting. David's important, but if I were to be crass about my own work and summarise what he means, he means 'TANITH GETS TO BE WITH SOMEONE ELSE FOR A CHANGE'. I just like to word it all fancy, like.

Ahem. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #77, by wicKeDwitch1316 The Die is Cast

5th May 2012:
Hi Slide! I'm so glad to see you've started up on this story again! I'm not active any more, but I like to keep up with a few of my favorite stories every once in a while.

Oh, Tanith! Despite my excitement over hers and Toby's two kisses, I totally saw this coming with David. *sigh* As an ardent Tanith/Tobias fan, this wounds me, but in my head it still works out in the end. Tobias had Annie, so I guess Tanith needs to love someone else before she and Tobias can find happiness. Sort of be on an equal foot, I guess. But if she ends up with David, my heart might be broken :P

I love this story and admire your ability to write the day-to-day conversations, the actual plot. It makes each interaction between the original foursome so precious and makes me love each one that much more.

Can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Glad you're still keeping up with this even if you're not much involved in the community! I'm not sure I'd consciously describe David and Tanith as it being Tanith's 'turn' to get some non-OTP romance, but certainly I am not of the school of romance which dictates one love in one's life, ever. Even IF Tobias and Tanith still have a shot in the future, it's certainly healthy for them to both have a bit of experience of the empathy and self-awareness which can make relationships work. I couldn't possibly comment on how it's all going to end up - David is playing an integral role in keeping Tanith sane and stable through horrific times, and that builds a tremendous bond - but certainly the fat lady ain't singing yet.

I thank you a lot for your kind words. This has really been a labour of love and so I'm keen to keep it enjoyable for the people reading. And yes, even in writing, since FtS has had so little interactions between the Big Four, they seem all the more important - and they really do write themselves. I hope this continues to entertain.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #78, by Aspiraine The Living Daylights

25th April 2012:
This was absolutely amazing. I'm beyond gleeful that you continued this story.
(copied from ffic. net)

It seems ffic. net isn't forwarding my messages back so I did not see any indication this had been updated past chapter 1. Please take my ever enthusiastic (and possibly annoying) goading to continue.

So far, this third installment has been extremely emotionally gratifying. Although considerably dark, all of the deaths and bad events have been in a way, required by your driving of this powerful plot.

I love how this story is weaving the whole tale of the war out so fantastically as a side story to the main canon. Considering all the foreign implications and the description of life during the war was an absolutely inspired tactic.

Poor poor Tanith. She held up so strongly until news of Tobias' death, which I believe you did amazingly right in showing her breakdown. Your illustration of her knack of keeping everything within herself is so well done. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your characterization of her. There is such a beauty in her resilience.

Your scenes are absolutely colorful and full of imagined detail. I can't remember exactly what you describe but I could see totally clearly the whole scene of Ritter's corpse in the Ministry unfolding in my mind's eye as clearly as if it was a movie screen in front of me.

The scenes of Tobias are equally well done. The parts in Russia are done so well that they feel totally necessary towards the plot and also exceedingly well done in how brilliantly vivid they are.

I really like your fleshing out of Gabriel and Cal's story. It makes them feel more rounded out. They are the two characters I have a harder time understanding emotionally or being empathetic towards.

The muggle David was rather interesting. I was kind of hoping to see it go more places emotionally though. While I understand how Tanith's personality makes that difficult I think it would have done well to also see how she let off some of that steam.

On that note, I'm going to end this. I do not have a way with words... but I do with music. I've been looking for a title for an arrangement of one of my own pieces. The original was called "A Brilliant Resilience". This arrangement, if you don't mind, I would like to be an homage to your writing. "Tanith"


Author's Response: (also copied from ffdotnet, 'cos bugger that site's reliability)

The good news is that I have finished writing the story. Clocking in at 44 chapters there's still a long way to go, and I intend to release updates on a regular basis! I am also working on a post-war piece to wrap up the loose ends which would make for a rather rambling epilogue but would stand alone fairly well. So there's plenty more to come, and it should come swiftly and regularly.

I am immensely gratified at your feedback. It's great to know my work's enjoyed, and it's great to know the emotions I'm aiming to evoke are, in fact, evoked. While originally I could claim Tobias to be the protagonist of the Anguis series, I think FTS is more Tanith's story than anyone else's, considering this is a tale intending to embrace and explore the canon which Deathly Hallows didn't and couldn't, and she's the one standing at the front lines of that canon. As such, that her emotional journey is one people can appreciate is important. As for the others, Gabe and Cal (especially Cal) suffered somewhat in my plotting, but Gabe's story will only grow and develop from here, and Cal is by no means out for the count. I hope the story to come with those two satisfies. On the matter of David, the emotional impact he's going to have on the story in general and Tanith in particular is not over, one way or another. Watch this space.

I can't say much more, really, than thank you! It's a great thing to wake up to such an in-depth and appreciative review. As for your request, I am utterly flattered and would be truly honoured if you wished to name an arrangement for Tanith. Brilliantly resilient indeed. My only request would be that I have a chance to hear it!

Many thanks for reviewing,
~ Slide

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Review #79, by Whimsical Diva The Back of Beyond

22nd April 2012:
HA! Knew he was alive. Well, he had to be, hadn't he?

Glad to know the updates will be more regular henceforth. Looking forward to this, as well as anything else you decide to write about this lot.

Author's Response: He kinda did. But I will continue to be a terrible tease, I'm sure! Very glad to see you're sticking this out. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #80, by Margravine The Ends of the Earth

10th April 2012:
no. way.

I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it. That's simply not the end of Toby.

there is a small kernel of doubt that you could be that cruel (props to you!), but overall IN DENIAL.

again, wonderful, gripping, beautifully written chapters - my apologies for the lack of reviews, I've been away!

Author's Response: How dare you be away and not massage my ego with reviews! Hah, just glad you're still here and enjoying. We've got a good old way to go still (Early estimations suggested Shadow would be shorter than Shade, but it's looking now like they'll be roughly equal in length), so I suggest you hang on and take nothing for granted!

No comment as to whether or not I am cruel. All I will say is that we haven't heard the last of Will Rayner and Dimitri Radimir.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #81, by Katie The Ace of Spades

26th March 2012:
I am loving Tanith's interactions with David; they've been one of my favorite things about this third part of the story. Awkward and fascinating.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad David's going down a treat! He's been a tough character (and plot line) to pin down and work into the events of the story; I believe he's integral to Tanith's arc in this fic, but it's been difficult to balance his involvement with the rest of the story, him being so effectively detached. That he's having an impact and that the interactions are compelling is GREAT to hear. He almost hit the cutting room floor at one point.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #82, by Margravine The Book of the Dead

20th March 2012:
Apologies for the tardy review: my mobile didn't let me when I first read this. Very fast moving chapter; blown away by just how much happened and reeling from the emotional effects. I did not see either of those coming, although in hindsight it seems obvious - which is what I love about your writing. You've consistently pulled off unexpected twists that seem perfectly natural and I applaud you yet again for how engaging and utterly enjoyable this work is. It's genuinely good fiction, and I hope to see you publish original work (lots of them) so I have access to your amazing stories and characters forevermore! Very happy to have these stories for now though!
Also I don't know I've ever mentioned it, but I particularly like the rather macabre but apt 'this is how the world ends' on your banner!

Author's Response: The actual original fiction's in the editing stage as a prelude to attempted publication. Who knows, in the next year or so I might get to plug it here! Iiiin fantasy land. But a girl can dream. ;)

I thank you very much for your kind words and am immensely glad that this writing is finding an enthusiastic and appreciative audience who are enjoying the ride as much as I am. I am determined to finish this story over the next few months, and to let these characters ride off into the sunset (with perhaps one-shots) in a manner which is satisfying to them, me, and my readers.

As for the quote on the banner, both it and the title are drawn from T.S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men', a poem I enjoy very much despite, or perhaps because, its rather macabre and desolate tone. Despite what I have been asked elsewhere, the line is not, sigh, derived from Halo 3...!

But thanks for reviewing! The kind words are, as always, much appreciated.

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Review #83, by Margravine The Exception that Proves

13th March 2012:
I find I need to read your chapters at least twice - one race through because I can't help it, and then a slower savouring to process the sheer amount of action and appreciate the full complexity and nuance of each chapter.

I love that you used tanith's family connections to get her out, drake pulling string and DE power play is highly believable - more than Toby breaking her out in some high drama rescue.

Clearly the trouble is far from over though - I look forward to it! How many chapters have you planned? I intend to stick out right to the end!

Author's Response: Ours is a political tale, with political deeds and political ramifications. Of course I would, too, love for Tobias to have some whirlwind adventure rescue, but there is a time and a place for everything, and all I can assure you is that Tobias will get his chance to be awesome. For better or worse.

At present I have 22 chapters written (I wrote the bulk of the past ten or so in the past couple months and my momentum is now paying for the deranged writing spree) and I am confident that puts me past the halfway point. So let's say roughly 40-45 chapters? It will probably be shorter than Shade to Shade by wordcount (the chapters, overall, are fatter, though), though not by a great deal.

Thank you very much for the reviews, especially as I know I have been inconsistent (at best) with my updates and my writing. That there are still people out there reading, enjoying, and reviewing is really a great motivation. My thanks!

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Review #84, by Margravine The Girl of Your Dreams

13th March 2012:
Wow. Well you really don't take the easy or expected routes do you? I'll admit every instinct had me screaming for a grand dramatic and immediate rescue. Yet this is so much more true to your story, and to the incredibly three dimensional character of Toby that you have built - he would do the clever thing, however much it hurts his heart.

I absolutely loved how every single event has a deeper meaning in your tale: the romance I loved earlier, but I'm blown away by how you've used that as an anchor for tanith's sanity, this was no gratuitous snog but perhaps what will save her.


Author's Response: No, poor Toby, much as he would like to charge off on his own (and probably would, if he didn't have someone to make him stop and think about it), will usually dig in his heels and do the Right Thing, or at least the Smart Thing, rather than risk it all. But he's going to remember this.

The power of love is, as we have had hammered into us over and over, a big theme for the Potter'verse, and certainly it is no different for me in my writing. It comes all the more true for someone like Tanith, because where Tobias (passionate though he can be) is cerebral at the end of the day, she's all about guts and blood and bone, and so that kind of anchor to love keeping her alive is all the more apt.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #85, by Reader The Girl of Your Dreams

10th March 2012:
Oh please, please do update soon.

PS:- I don't think living people can be mentioned, so I think you have to remove the reference to Elton John in one of the previous chapters lest the chapter gets taken down.

Author's Response: I shall get an update soon!

Huh, didn't think about that with Elton John. Then again, if using him comes under copyright, the various mentions of bands which still exist would likely cross it as well, which would need a bit of work. I'll examine the rules more closely and ask staff if needs be. Thank you for the heads' up!

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Review #86, by Katie The Girl of Your Dreams

9th March 2012:
I was so excited to see you'd updated this! And Gabe is back! And Tanith -- oh my goodness I'm worried for her. Cal's attempt to "reason" with his former classmates on her behalf was perfect. I wonder if he's realized that she was lying to him...

Thank you!

Author's Response: Cal knows that, at least, if Tanith's not helping Tobias it's only been for lack of opportunity. His indignation is at least not fuelled by a belief in her innocence! More to come, though, of the fates of them all!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #87, by Margravine The Domino Effect

27th February 2012:
Good God. Did you just upload half a dozen chapters or have I not been stalking this enough?

so very glad you haven't abandoned this, this remains one of my favourite stories. absolutely terrified for tanith, please don't leave us hanging indefinitely!!

Author's Response: Basically, yeah. There's more to upload, to boot (as well as more to write, but there's always more to write!). I'd been doing it in odds and ends but didn't want to start uploading until I had a buffer and the time to get back to properly working on it, instead of uploading a chapter here, a chapter there.

The cliffhanger shall be resolved... soon... Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #88, by WHimsical Diva The Domino Effect

27th February 2012:
Just popped round to say I'm so glad this hasn't been abandoned. Brilliant, as always.

I'd love to leave a more in-depth review, but I have an assignment due in about 7 hours (and shouldn't be reading this, to be honest) and I'm really cutting it fine, so this is all I can say at the moment. Will definitely read the last few chapters again.

Author's Response: It has not been abandoned! I have got more chapters than this written and intend to keep ploughing on for a bit. I'd be very disappointed in myself if I failed to get this finished ever.

Get the assignment done! It's still much appreciated that there are people out there happy to see the story continued.

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Review #89, by Katie The Right Time

17th October 2011:
Loving this. Like the HP books themselves, the tone swerves from the epic to the everyday in really interesting ways. Hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Exploring the everyday amongst the horrendous was part of my plan for the tale. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #90, by tydemans The Right Place

14th March 2011:
Fascist. OUCH! Tanith can't win for losing.

The hair on my neck stood up every time Rob or Thantos mentioned Tanith's actions in their previous encounters. Talk about negative attention. And Rob's little pick you're mate chat - beyond cringeworthy.

I missed Jacob. I hope he did charm the rain in Yaxley's office. Although, I suppose that goes under the same category of risk/reward as ineffective pamphlets.

Take care!

Author's Response: In my own little continuity, it was indeed Jacob Van Roden who charmed Yaxley's office. Being the most-hated prefect in Hogwarts teaches you some tricks, especially when you've got to be a prefect in the hey-day of Fred and George.

I am glad Robb is coming across as odious, because that's really what he is. Tanith's going to have fun times dealing with those two. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #91, by tydemans The Quick and the Dead

14th March 2011:
Is Tobey ever going to get good at the whole identity-question thing? I suppose I should give the boy a break, he had a rough night. Will's casual 'you can do better' was great. Its easy for me to forget he's an Unspeakable because I see him so much like Cal, but you do see it in his refusal to take a lame reference.

Dimitri still makes me giggle. I really hope he's not Dark.

Author's Response: Haha, Toby is usually better at these procedures, he just keeps getting asked at tense times. I'm glad to dust off Will now, he's been in the background all along and yet he's a massively important character in Cal's background.

I have a soft spot for Dimitri too. ;-) But is it because he's fun, or is it because he's devilishly evil and hiding it? You'll just have to find out! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #92, by tydemans The Boy Who Cried...

14th March 2011:
Poor Cal and his sad little mug.

First impression, don't trust Perkins at all. In a choice between Cal and Thantos (now a loser with a nice office), I have to believe she'd side with the political clout. Then again, I could be wrong. You've proved me wrong before.

You're certainly not pulling punches with the realities of the occupation. I'm all tense now.

Author's Response: Poor, poor Cal. And yes, Perkins has a part to play. I think she'll hopefully prove entertaining to watch as the plot ambles along.

The occupation shall be hard hitting, indeed. But, I hope, still enjoyable. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #93, by addie531 The Abyss

6th February 2011:
I was one of your ff dot net readers and was indescribably excited to discover there was more to read here. And wow, it is all so wonderful!

It's interesting to see the beginnings of the war from those who will be experiencing the day-to-day changes first hand (rather than hearing about them on the radio). I'm especially worried for Tanith -- I expect she'll have to make some incredibly difficult decisions if she remains an auror.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us! I can't wait to see what you have in store. :)

Author's Response: Well, this is a tardy review reply. I am glad that you found here and that you've been enjoying it!

Yes, I do intend to tackle the difficulty of facing the occupation first hand, rather than just the results of it. I intend to stay close to canon instead of ambling down the Grimdark route, but I don't think that's going to make anyone's life any easier as the plot goes along!

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #94, by margravine The Darkest Hour

26th January 2011:
Wow. just WOW
You never cease to impress! I LOVE Russia, so I've been enjoying this immensely, but you took it to a whole new level with this, and the speed of your updates means that Russia situation parallels and contrasts the Britain one so perfectly.

Loved it, cannot get over how original and amazing this piece is and SO glad you continued the story!

Author's Response: I regret to say I have never been to Russia. This has been something of an exercise in research for me, and I hope a successful one, but Moscow occurred to me as a rather more striking contrast to London than, say, Paris (a city which I am, in opposition, I am considerably familiar with). I am glad the update time is not just keeping you entertained but also working well for the framing of the story.

I'm glad I'm continuing the tale, as well. I am determined to see it through to the end. I hope you'll see it through with me!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #95, by Kahlan The Darkest Hour

26th January 2011:
Oh god! I love the action sequences in this. Also every way in which you describe the system and the institutions and all the technical stuff is great. You're constructing a real and believable world where all this takes place, where people have to go through motions instead of just taking it upon themselves to go rogue and finish the bad guys themselves. There's a system to the world, and they follow it.

I don't know if I even make sense, but I really love this story. I guess that's the point I'm trying to make. It's doubly nice to see this happening while having what's happening elsewhere in the HP-story in the back of my mind.

Author's Response: Certainly it is my intention to, in this fic, deal with the Real World of the Voldemort Occupation. Which does include not just the life and times of the oppressed, but also the means via which one can fight back. I suppose it helps in that there are some truly talented and capable people amongst the cast, but even they still need to play by the rules, by laws and government, if they want to survive.

I do my best to keep this fic in-line with canon, as well. Quite frankly, in my personal canon, these guys exist. They are alongside the books. When HBP and DH came out, even when I was reading them for the first time, a part of my mind was going "what does this mean for Tobias and the gang?" It helps the suspension of disbelief which, I hope, helps the enjoyment.

Anyway, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the tale, and there's plenty more goodness to come! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #96, by tydemans The Beat of the Drum

18th January 2011:
And, there it is.

Not sure what to say. First thought - Nat in Azkaban? NO! Second thought - he punched him? The loser! ( Not my first choice, but the term least likely to get me censored)

It's sad, but I'm so suspicious here I'm not entirely sure I take muggle David on face value. He may have been casually bar scoping, but not so sure. One thing I didn't get - wondering if Jacob's pretty blonde thing was a slip of the keyboard? I didn't get him juggling with the dippy brunette. I did think 'Aurors night out' in all its awkwardness was exceptional. Truly enjoyed that and thought it was a nice contrast to the stark events waiting at home. Not to mention Cal and Nat's last night together.

Got a million questions but will be good and wait for the next update.

Take care!

Author's Response: Damn the brunette slip-up! I thought I'd caught that, evidently not. I am glad the events worked as a stark contrast, and that the awkward evening out was sufficiently engaging/convincing. And yes, David the Muggle. What's up with him, hmm? As if I could tell you.

Glad you enjoyed it all, anyway. More to come, perhaps even from Russia. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #97, by Margravine The Getaway

10th January 2011:
Ah, I love how many layers this story has! Contrasting the legal and 'military' perspectives was interesting, especially considering how things do end.

I love Nat, and I think she was a very necessary inclusion for Tanith's story. Toby's talk with Aurora was also just perfect for setting a contrast to Toby/Tanith. The t/t has been such a driving force of the last novel that their current separation is interesting.. do you know how many chapters you're planning/have any sort of update schedule? I'll be here regardless, but it'd be good to know so I can check in regularly on your epic tale!

Author's Response: I don't know about chapter count. I have I think eight-ten written from NaNo, but I hope to not have updates which take longer than a fortnight. I do need to build up my buffer, I've not written any since the end of November. Bad Slide!

Nat is a character who insinuated herself far further than I had anticipated. I knew that Cal's girlfriend would have to become friendly with the group, but the influence over Tanith of actually having a Female Friend was something I under-estimated. And she's a good counter-point to her. Generally she's too damn healthy for the whole lot of them!

The T/T separation is, I fear, not going to end any time soon. On the other hand, they will both have plenty of things going on, and what they do will continue to have major influences on the other, above and beyond what they expect. But it should make the conclusion all the sweeter.

I'm glad you enjoy the contrast - I like me a good civil rights argument - and, as ever, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #98, by tydemans The Odyssey

10th January 2011:
"- Not a man with a scary name. Grindelwald did not hide his name. He wanted everyone to know who he was. Perhaps it is British modesty?"

Not sure I trust Dimitri, but I had to giggle at that.

Author's Response: I do like Dimitri. He has his own stuff going on, but if nothing else writing his pattern of speech makes me giggle in a way that's probably insensitive.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #99, by tydemans The Great Fire

10th January 2011:
Thought I'd work my way back, just because I can.

Liking Jacob and wondering if he was fishing a bit. Also, had wondered if anyone ever knew Tanith was the one to spark the fire in the stands, what with everyone else so self involved.

I personally, would love to hear what Mr. Cole has to say about things. Maybe later?

Author's Response: Jacob is... well, his story's to come. That sounds rather unintentionally ominous! And Tanith would have told some people about the fire - she would have had the actual presence of mind to tell the Aurors that there had been a break in beyond the Battle at the Astronomy Tower, which would have included explaining her role. She'd have just omitted "My psychic friend hid an adrenaline shot because he knew I'd need it). But Jacob would know, even if she's not got around to properly filling in Tobias or even Cal.

We will see Mister Cole before too long, I confirm.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #100, by tydemans The Getaway

10th January 2011:
It seems no matter how strong the anticipation, I'm doomed to a late entry.

And you're absolutely killing me here with the build up. I start each chapter thinking- its coming! If the chapters weren't so good, I be a little mad at you.

Had to be Altair with the letter, I think. Nice! Gotta say, if you kill him off I'm not sure I'll recover.

Too bad Tobias can't pick up a pen, though, eh? Here's hoping Tanith learned something from seventh year.

Author's Response: Soon! Soon, I promise. And I hope it will not disappoint. Certainly I don't think I'm pulling blows with it.

Could be Altair! Might not be. I cannot vouch one way or another for his safety, or the safety of anyone else in this fic, as a matter of fact.

Tobias is just useless when it comes to letter-writing. He gets all distracted with being a humungous geek and getting obsessed with his work. And he's being horribly self-conscious. But mostly useless.

Thanks for reviewing!

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