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Review #51, by water_lily43175 The Chain of Command

11th May 2012:
I like your attempts to reason why Dumbledore gave the trio all those points in PS. Because, let's face it, it stinks of favouritism. But this ... this makes it more understandable. And he actually just OWNED Tobias there. But he's right, in that Tobias would have drowned in self-pity if O'Neal had lived, and that's why I like this story so much, because none of the characters are perfect, they all have their flaws, and it makes it seem very realistic. Which is A Good Thing. Happy times and all that jazz.

I get the feeling that this chat between Tobias and Tanith isn't going to result in a happy ending. Sigh.

Author's Response: This conversation is one of my favourites. Because Tobias isn't wrong, Dumbledore's not especially done right by the school - but he has been doing the Right thing, and even then, Tobias is personally motivated and doesn't even realise it. I do like these kind of arguments with people hurling truths at one another and neither of them coming out either destroyed or perfectly spotless. Tobias has a lot to think about - and I fancy Dumbledore himself came out a bit rueful about his past deeds, though it was too late to change anything by then.

No happy endings yet? From me? Say it ain't so!

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Review #52, by water_lily43175 The Way We Were

11th May 2012:
"He wondered dimly if these things did 'just happen' - perhaps there was an epidemic of students falling onto each others' lips that he'd been previously unaware of." DYING.

Oh. Oh, OH. Tobias/Tanith time - oh, Toby, you IDIOT.

Aww, poor Jeremy! People are so, so cruel. He's only ickle! Toby is ACTUALLY adorable with him. If Tanith had been there to see that, she'd be jumping his freaking bones right now. WHY IS THAT NOT HAPPENING?

Author's Response: That IS true, if Tanith had stuck around for that she would have probably melted, and that doesn't happen very often. Though, those two being those two, the second The Moment had passed they went back to their emotional vaults and began locking things up.

Though Jeremy is a total re-run of Tobias' hissyfit when Malcolm Baddock got booed for being Sorted into Slytherin back in Goblet of Fire. Only this time he gets to do something about it! Like a Head Boy should.

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Review #53, by water_lily43175 The Fall

11th May 2012:
I think Tobias is missing the point here. A Death Eater is hardly going to give a damn about whether his or her opponent is out of action for six seconds or not. He plays by the rules too much. Odd, for a Slytherin. Aaaand here we go, Snape says the same. Nice. Oh, so much sexual tension between them! JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY - WHOA GABE? What have you DONE to him?

My, is this a passage from Gabe's point of view? I don't believe we've had one of them yet! And I can see why, this is peculiar. What's he hearing? Weird. And Cal DEFINITELY met his father, there's no doubt about it. What's going on?

Author's Response: Nope, Tobias is being uptight and mostly a bit prickly that he lost. He's not WRONG, as Snape points out, and if nothing else he has a point because if he'd been operating under the same lack of restriction as Tanith he'd have probably won. But he's predominantly being a sore loser! And Tanith, of course, will never pass on an opportunity to needle him about it.

I think this is the very first segment from Gabe's point of view, yep, though it won't be the last, as there's definitely stuff going on with the boy...

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Review #54, by water_lily43175 The Shape of Things to Come

11th May 2012:
I kind of find it odd that the other teachers actually managed to timetable Binns an extra lesson on a Saturday, because he seems so oblivious to everything else going on around him, and so set in his ways... it seems as though it could have been quite difficult!

Okay, I'm not really all that sure what Snape is trying to get at here ... what on earth DOES he want Tobias to do?

Ooh, this gal seems to have had quite an effect on Cal! I have a horrible feeling he's been writing to his father ... oh god, if he becomes a Slytherin nutter I will CRY!

Author's Response: I imagine they probably somehow just steer Binns into a classroom on a Saturday and let him get started. Though that depends on how ingrained his habits are, whether they're just a short-term case of reacting to what's in front of him, or if he has several years' worth of academic timetable entrenched in his ghostly memory and the teachers have to plan entirely around him!

Snape's trying to help, in his clumsy way. He wants Slytherin House to be closer to the rest of the school, because otherwise more of them will likely become Death Eaters. But Tobias achieves popularity by distancing himself from the 'default' Slytherin, so all he changes is universal perception of him, Tobias - rather than their perception of Tobias changing, in turn, their perception of Slytherin House. Of course, Snape doesn't really have an idea how to properly change the House's reputation, and I don't think cares enough to make a HUGE effort.

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Review #55, by water_lily43175 The Beautiful Game

11th May 2012:
GET IN THERE, CAL. I like this Lockett girl. She doesn't judge him for being a Slytherin. She'd better stick around!

Author's Response: Certainly Nat Lockett is not bound by conventional societal expectation! Which is made easier by the fact that Slytherins would get on with Ravenclaw best of all the Houses, in my head. So there's less expectation to defy.

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Review #56, by water_lily43175 The Space Between

11th May 2012:
Ariane and Melanie seem like they're up to something more than just concern for a housemate here. It's odd. Course, it may well turn out to be innocent but at the moment it seems odd.

Love Pansy's use of the word "plebeians", I'm quite fond of it myself. I'm surprised she even knows it.

I like the end of this chapter. Very dramatic!

Author's Response: Ariane and Melanie are rather childish, in that they see the political wranglings of their parents and then imitate them when they shouldn't be worrying about more than friends and studies and boys (or girls). So they manage to put a clumsy Machiavellian overlay on everything they do. Thing is, they're not NECESSARILY wrong in the current circumstances. The two of them will also go on to thoroughly scene-steal every time I write them, completely independent of anything I, the author, might have planned.

I think Pansy probably heard 'plebeians' from someone and decided she liked it.

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Review #57, by water_lily43175 The More Things Change

11th May 2012:
OH GOD CAL DID BUMP INTO HIS FATHER DIDN'T HE? That's the only thing I can think of that would make him go so weird. And now he's going to become a deranged Death Muncher and he's my favourite and if that happens I will be Very Upset.

Oh, Cal, way to create an awkward situation! And on the topic of awkward situations, hello Annie, nice to see you again...

Whoa, he DID meet his dad! Oh crikey, I can barely handle the angst. Poor Cal!

Author's Response: If they were called Death Munchers, then maybe I *would* have Cal sign up! But yes, his life is rather difficult right now, poor guy.

And we'll see a good deal more of Annie as time goes on...

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Review #58, by water_lily43175 The Way We Live Now

11th May 2012:
Ah, now you're even making me warm to Snape! I mean, yeah, he turned traitor and was a hero and all that blah blah blah but he was still a complete douche to anyone who wasn't a Slytherin. But he's really nice about Tobias! Even if it is in an attempt to advance Slytherin's interests... But yay, Tobias is Head Boy! I half expected him not to take it, on one of his moral crusades...

Okay, now I don't like Bletchley. Tit.

Cal's attitude is surprising me here. What's happened to him?!

Aww, Tanith's reaction to the badge is ADORABLE. Devoted Tobias/Tanith shipper here. Don't disappoint me!

Author's Response: I'm really NOT a Snape fan, but I seem routinely compelled to be even-handed, even to characters I don't like. And he should be an important presence in a Slytherin-centric story, which he hasn't really been before now.

Bletchley IS a bit of a berk. Cal's circumstances shall be revealed as we get further into the story. And... yeah, when T/T are doing well, they're insufferably cute.

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Review #59, by water_lily43175 The Change of Heart

11th May 2012:
Bletchley is a little bit hilarious. Especially his thoughts on his fellow Slytherins. I like Urquhart too, smacking Cal back on the team. Love the concern about Cal humping him in return though. Also, I feel a bit sorry for Montague! Okay, he was an idiot, and kudos to Fred and George for a hilarious prank, but it was definitely on the harsh side.

Cal's an idiot! TAKE THE CHANCE, MAN. JUST SAY YES. There we go. He needs to swallow his damn pride sometimes. Foolish boy...

Author's Response: Miles Bletchley - your everyday kinda dumb teenaged boy, with a goodly dose of ego to him. And yeah, poor Montague, but it seemed a perfect time to turn the tables of usual Slytherin-on-Gryffindor cruelty. But I do try to not over-egg it, because it's not especially clever to go "ACTUALLY THE GRYFFINDORS ARE THE EVIL ONES" when it's more about highlighting how neither side are saints (and Slytherins are undoubtedly worse!).

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Review #60, by water_lily43175 The Truth

11th May 2012:
Wow. Tobias put his foot in it a little bit there! Note to self: always read the news every morning. Jennifer seems fairly decent, actually, given that she's part of that crowd that none of our Slytherins like. I'm still half-expecting you to NOT make Tobias Head Boy, just because that seems like the type of thing you'd do to him... He doesn't seem to be blessed with good luck!

I'm wondering whether things could go a bit wrong, if Cal finds out that his dad killed Tobias' dad...

Author's Response: Yeah, I always feel for Toby in this scene, but people do and will get over it. Evidently I am already making it seem as if I am habitually cruel to my characters (who, moi?)!

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Review #61, by water_lily43175 The Plan

11th May 2012:
Oh, poor Tobias! He so deserved to be Head Boy! You are a cruel, cruel person. Cal makes me laugh. "I think I forgot sugar and milk!" Bless him. Gabe off on one of his walks again?

I kinda get where Tanith's dad is coming from. I guess he's used to keeping out of trouble, and he wants his daughter to do the same, and becoming an Auror definitely doesn't achieve that. Having said that, I'd love to know what he HAS been up to, because by the sounds of it there's more going on there than Tanith thinks.

Also, I like the presence of a 'feeding time' category on the clock!

Author's Response: Gabe just wasn't with them in Kittering; off doing Gabe-like things elsewhere. Daedalus Cole is not an unreasonable man; few parents probably relish the thought of their children putting themselves in harm's way for a living... but yes, he has particular reason to be so paranoid, as we shall see!

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Review #62, by tydemans Epilogue

21st November 2010:
Excellent! So happy to see you and the gang back.

The problem with teasers, though, is they just start the stalking again and that's not healthy for anybody.

Author's Response: There will be something in early December. Of this I am certain.

I am not convinced I will hit 50,000 words, but I have broken 35,000 words today. I am just at the point of despising what I am writing, but that's nothing a break wouldn't be able to fix. But the gang shall return! You do not stalk in vain.

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Review #63, by Kahlan Epilogue

2nd November 2010:
Yes! I can't wait for this. This teaser was all sorts of original and exciting - and I'd almost forgotten how much i missed following Shade to Shade.

Have fun with NaNo, and I'm looking forward to see more to this! :D

Author's Response: I forgot I wrote this epilogue as a teaser. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #64, by Whimsical Diva Epilogue

2nd November 2010:
Can't tell you how glad I'm that you're writing this again. Haven't found a half-decent novel to read in months. Anyway, can't wait for the sequel. God, I've missed these characters!

Author's Response: They were fun to come back to. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #65, by Margravine Epilogue

1st November 2010:

I haven't read or reviewed anything in an age , because I'm insanely busy in the middle of my final college exams and wayy out of the fanfiction loop. So it's spooky that I just was thinking this morning 'in my finals this time last year, I was an emotional wreck over that Slytherin story'.. I wish she'd continued it. A whimsical visit back to hpff, cue SCREAM IN EMBARASSING FANGIRL MOMENT

Anyway, this was both exciting and cruel and you're a shameless tease but I'm thrilled you are continuing it and looking forward to reading what is coming. Thankyou so very much for not giving up on it, you've set the stage for truly epic and amazing finale and I'm confident you couldn't possibly disappoint! [/jealousy]

Author's Response: Muwahahaha! Day 1 hit 4k words. The characters are coming back like a comfortable pair of shoes.

And this story has lived in my head since... oh, about DH came out. It needed to be written. And I got a lot of work on my novel done this year, I was in danger of burn-out, NaNo was looming and I thought 'Hey, you know what I want to write?'

I just hope that, once it's out, it doesn't disappoint!

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Review #66, by Celtic_Dreamer7 Prologue

15th August 2010:
I love this! Your writing style is so vivid, its like the words just jump off the page forming a picture in my mind. I like reading stories set in the time of Hogwarts but from OC's point of view. Plus, your story is set in Slytherin house, my favorite to read! My only critism of this prologue was that I didn't know who anyone was so it was kinda hard to follow in the beginning but I'm sure that won't be the case as I continue to read. I'm so glad I found this story completed and I can't wait to continue on.


Author's Response: One of these days I'll come back and edit/revamp this prologue. But not yet! Thanks for reviewing anyway!

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Review #67, by Kahlan The Parting of the Ways

21st April 2010:
What? No, you can't do this XD Don't leave us with all your ominous pointers to things that didn't happen, like "He didn't know then he'd fail to keep that promise. At least, not in the way he meant." and "They would, it would transpire, do no such thing, but all nodded in agreement that it was an excellent idea."

You're going to make me cry.

Still, this story is brilliant. I'm sorry I've been a rather sporadic reviewer, but I've loved this from beginning to end. It's nice to see it finished, but I'm torn between that and wanting to know how they end up faring in the war. I'd hate to see more hearts be broken.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, and I'd really love to see something, anything, more from this!

Also, I wish you all the best on your food-on-the-table writing project! ^^

Author's Response: Food-on-the-table is still a work in progress. But the stories are all finished, at least! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #68, by Margravine The Parting of the Ways

21st April 2010:
Oh my God.

I couldn't review the last chapter, amazing as it was, because I was in pieces all over my keyboard. I'm going to endeavour to try and form a coherent review for this though.

the actual chapter - as usual, is sprinkled through with all those insightful little observations (like Toby giving them a month to find better things to do) which are so true to life and really ground this story the way few fanfiction are. Loved the return of the Orb. Can't say I was too surprised by the open T/T ending, but while I desperately wanted them to resolve that affair, I also completely understand how that would have lessened the power of the end. The fact that readers can understand that shows how freakishly good you are at this =P

I love this story so very much. You know that. I simply can't believe it's come to an end, or that I've been following it for months, emotionally invested in it as I have never been in a fanfiction before and may never be again. This is a wonderful, rich, complex, funny, intense, magnificent epic. Your characterisation is rivalled only by your plot and dialogue. (btw I giggled through the beginning of tears at your 'slide out' - thanks for ending it on a happy note.

I very much hope - would demand if I could - you write the next installment (it would be AMAZING to have our freedom fighters and the Occupation), but I completely understand that RL gets in the way. I DO however insist that when your book gets published you inform me (Stalk my author page and PM me from my mta. OR ELSE) so I can get a copy.

And if whatever you write as a follow up, I'll be here to devour.

Thankyou for many hours of procrastination, endless entertainment and enjoyment. This story is pure brilliance, and you should be most proud of what you've achieved.

Author's Response: Not much to answer here other than saying that I hold this review very close to my heart, and I'm ridiculously grateful for all your support and kind words. Thank you.

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Review #69, by Sad Romantic Fool The Sins of the Father

6th April 2010:
I love you.

I really thought Tobias was going to die and Cal was going to flee in fear! It was so suspenseful that I was trying to prepare myself for the shock.

Author's Response: That would have been pretty horrific, wouldn't it! Thankfully not. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #70, by tydemans The Sins of the Father

29th March 2010:
This was just brilliant.

I can't imagine that little family reunion going any other way. Tense, emotional, rather surreal and wands pointed in all directions. At least the man realized what he missed.

OK, this may sound a bit nuts, but I actually felt Gabe's presence in the scene even though he physically wasn't there - his narration as remembered through Tanith's thoughts along with the note. Wow. He did a little more than 'wing it'.

Not to take away from Tanith. It takes a particular kind of courage to go in knowing the odds are against you and you're most likely going to be tortured. The fire was inspired. Simple but effective. She winged it pretty good.

My question is this, would Gabe have told Tanith if she hadn't confronted him in the library and seen the notes? The potion was already in play so he had to have some sort of plan... unless it was a contingency. Maybe one of many contingencies he was working through?

I wonder what Toby is going to take away from this. His guy got away - again. There is still a lot of anger to deal with. And he and Cal may never know what would have happened because I can see Tanith and Gabe possibly not sharing that bit with anyone.

Thanks for a pretty wild ride here. Looking forward to the next chapter as always.


Author's Response: Gabe was figuring out what to do when Tanith forced the issue. He'd anticipated being incapacitated and so the draughts were considered to be something he might need himself. But it worked out in the end, with everyone doing their part. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #71, by tydemans The Witching Hour

13th March 2010:
Hey, milestone. I'm review #100.

Box? There's a box? What else hasn't he told her?

I'm all tense now.

Can't wait to see what you have crafted for the encounter. Not sure there is much else to say except, 'More, please!'


Author's Response: 100 reviews! Awesome.

And yes, Gabe keeps things up his sleeve. It's Gabe. It's amazing he told anyone anything at all. Of course he's still going to have some secrets.

Next chapter's up. Go enjoy it!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #72, by Whimsical Diva The Witching Hour

11th March 2010:
You have to update. End of.

Author's Response: Request granted!

...a little while later than intended.

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Review #73, by Margravine The Witching Hour

11th March 2010:
Oh dear lord. Will the cliff hangers ever end?
I'm at least as enthralled as always, and you are really to be commended for managing to maintain suspense and interest 40 chapters in. Well done!

Author's Response: They will end. Possibly by falling off.

Next chapter's up. Hope the interest continues. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #74, by Margravine The Long and Winding Road

5th March 2010:
Oh you are such a tease leaving it hanging there. Brilliant as always, this story is maintaining its spot in the very top of my favourites of all time.

Author's Response: I *am* a tease. I only get worse, I fear. The end is nigh, though, so I hope I can bring a conclusion that satisfies.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #75, by Whimsical Diva The Silence of the Grave

5th March 2010:
Gosh, I haven't been reading much fanfiction lately and caught up with this fic only today. The last few chapters have been brill as usual. Wondering how many chapters are left and how it's all going to pan out. It's interesting, the build-up to the denouement what with Gabe's vision of Cal killing Toby. I don't think that'll come to pass, but one can never tell.

Amazing work. Update soon. :)

Author's Response: I've been lax with updates, I admit, so being not reading much doesn't hurt so much! Not that many chapters left, we are approaching the end (I forget exact number). I think it might be no more than half a dozen.

I am glad the build up is working. Hopefully the pay off will as well!

Thanks for reviewing!

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