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Review #26, by water_lily43175 The Right Stuff

13th May 2012:
Probably one of my favourite chapters so far. I like that it's from an 'outsider's' point of view, so to speak. And Tanith certainly held her own there! I think she and Tonks are both right in what they say about Tobias, I just hope that if he doesn't get through, he doesn't find out what she said...

Author's Response: I really liked writing Tonks. I'd write her more, but it MAKES ME SAD.

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Review #27, by water_lily43175 The Stars Above

13th May 2012:
Oh, poor Cal :( I can totally forgive him for that curiosity about his dad, I can see why he did it. And oh god does he need Nat in his life. I just hope he tells her what's been going on, and then tells the others too, and that they don't react Too badly...

Gabe time! Yay! It must be hard, to see stuff and yet be told he can't change it ... you write Firenze very well by the way. There are some canon characters who have to be captured so exactly, and Firenze is one of them, and you definitely succeed.

Author's Response: Firenze was fun in that scene. I think the trick with characters like him is that they have to have a specific purpose, something specific to say and do, else it becomes kind of weird.

I really do feel for Cal. At least he has Nat at this point, or I don't know what he'd have done.

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Review #28, by water_lily43175 The Day After Tomorrow

13th May 2012:
I can't see Toby as an Auror. I think he's very good at magic and stuff, but like he acknowledged last chapter, he plays by the rules too much. Plus, I think he's too rash at times. I mean, in the circumstances it was understandable but he rushed in to try to save Annie, whereas Tanith was so much more methodical and logical about it all, and THAT'S why she'd make a good Auror but he wouldn't. I think. You're the author, you know better than little old me!

Once more, I feel sorry for Gabe. He's clearly so confused about everything, but Tobias is mourning Annie, Tanith is worried about Tobias and Cal ... well, Cal what? I hope we find out what's going on with him soon, I can't take much more suspense!

Love the last line. So sad, but so true.

Author's Response: Certainly Tobias would have a lot of learning to do to become a good Auror. Some of that is youth, but yes, some of it is temperament. He's stuffy enough that he doesn't deal with his emotions well when they explode; Tanith, on the other hand, exists in an almost constant-state of emotional upheaval, so it's nothing new! But I'm glad, considering where the story goes, that you think Toby wouldn't make a great Auror. It was certainly the point that his scheme to become one was flawed!

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Review #29, by water_lily43175 The Sound of Silence

13th May 2012:
I feel so, so sorry for Tobias' mum. Regardless of whether or not Tobias is right in what he says about her ... that's one hell of a lot of bad luck to be served up.

Oh, this will be Gabe's vision when he touched Wilson then...

Wilson and McLaggen are idiots (other insults are available but wouldn't comply with the 12+ rating required). Do they REALLY think Tobias wanted this any more than they did?

I like that Tobias actually listened to his mum, and isn't going to mope around. Because that would depress me. He's going to be one dangerous animal now though... the Death Eaters really should have thought of this!

Author's Response: Melissa Hart's story is particularly sad - to throw away her world for the man she loved, only to lose him. And on top of that, Tobias has so idealised the notion of the father he never met that she gets all of the bad, so to speak.

Wilson and McLaggen don't really consciously think ANYTHING, they're just helpless and frustrated and deciding to be pissy at Tobias about it, as he's the best target. Fortunately they're not dumb enough to actively lash out at him, and Riley would have their balls anyway if they did.

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Review #30, by water_lily43175 The End of All Things

13th May 2012:
Oh, Tanith. Oh, TOBY...

Author's Response: Yup. Rough for them both.

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Review #31, by water_lily43175 The Dying of the Light

13th May 2012:
CRIKEY MOSES GABE SAW ANNIE'S DEATH. I can't believe you just did that! And even worse, how anti-climactic it was, and how Brynmor and Robb just don't give a damn - well, of course they don't, they're Death Eaters. Oh, Cal, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

If Tobias turns out to be dead next chapter, I'm going and not coming back. (This may not be true.)

Author's Response: A spot of murder in the middle of the night is no skin off a Death Eater's nose. I rather enjoyed putting together the juxtaposition of how they orchestrate terror and pain - and are so laid-back and calm about it all. And yeah, poor, poor, mistaken Cal...

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Review #32, by water_lily43175 The Tables Turned

13th May 2012:
Oh, TOBIAS! He's such a babe sometimes! I love how the minute he sees that Tanith's hurt and upset he just forgets about everything else ... And the fact that their 'moment' is interrupted by something to do with Annie just sums up their relationship. I'm seriously dreading what you have in store for Annie and Tobias though...

Author's Response: Tobias Grey, sucker for the ladies and their waterworks. And good friend.

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Review #33, by water_lily43175 The Dark Side of the Moon

13th May 2012:
Yes! Ariane/Melanie time!

I love Nat. That is all. I love that she finally bit the bullet with Cal!

The fact that Tanith and Annie would actually get on well if not for the whole house rivalry and Tobias triangle thing is quite ironic. I very much enjoyed their conversation with Nat until Tanith found out about Tobias and Annie. Sad sad times. And that is so typical Tanith, try to find a way out by doing THE worst thing possible ... I hope things begin to look up for her soon! Not sure how realistic that hope is, mind...

Author's Response: Unfortunately I think this is the last of Ariane and Melanie for the rest of the story, certainly of any significance. Boo. They demanded to come back (with a vengeance) in the next one.

Tanith and Annie share a certain dry sense of humour - after all, for Tobias to like them both, they almost certainly have something in common. I think Nat's adorable in this scene, because she doesn't get 100% what's going on, but she's trying to be a good friend (and potential girlfriend) to Cal by having all of his female friends/girlfriends of friends getting on - and she's achieving it rather well, minus the bombshell getting dropped on Tanith.

Who, yes, goes off to be a complete pillock, as is her wont!

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Review #34, by water_lily43175 The Importance of Being

13th May 2012:
Naw, I love Cal/Tobias scenes. They're both a little bit hilarious. I'm hoping Cal and Nat get together properly soon, too! Also, well-written scene at the end, I utterly fail at writing them and it's not often I come across one that doesn't make me want to pull my teeth out! I'm actually liking this step in Tobias and Annie's relationship, I've definitely warmed to them. If only because T&T clearly aren't ready to be together yet and need to mature first, and being with Annie is maturing Tobias :)

Author's Response: With all the Epic Relationships (romantic or otherwise) going on, it gets easy to forget that Cal and Toby are really good friends - in fact, it's because there's nothing epic and dramatic there (usually) that they ARE such good friends. And they bring out the laid-back fun sides of one another, or perhaps I should say Cal brings it out of Tobias, since Cal's is usually out anyway.

One must be judicious with application of writing sexytimes! I think the trick is keeping it to the point - in this case, the emotional journey more than anything else. And you are quite right about T&T. Their story is, as I self-indulgently tell any reader who'll listen, a romance of two people who have the potential to grow up/develop into being perfect for one another, but aren't there yet.

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Review #35, by water_lily43175 The Ties That Bind

13th May 2012:
I really feel for Tanith's dad here. I mean, he's seen a lot of the world and knows the dangers that are out there, and at the end of the day he's just trying to protect her. At least she sees that now.

The whole relationship between Tobias's mother and this Aurora woman intrigues me. There MUST be something more to it than what Melissa's letting on?

I love Cal's home life. Will seems cool. Definitely the kind of person Cal needs in his life.

And, once again, Gabe is conspicuous by his absence!

Author's Response: Gabe's home life is a mystery I should REALLY TELL at some point. Thankfully your reviews are inspiring me to revisit all those things which lived 'in my head' for a bit too long (like, several years too long).

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Review #36, by water_lily43175 The End of the Line

11th May 2012:
I really feel for Gabe here. I mean, these visions are clearly freaking him out, and it's obviously not the kind of thing he can talk to about easily to someone - not helped by the fact that Gabe doesn't really talk to anyone about anything in the first place. Added to that, the other three all have their own issues to worry about ... this is one of those times when maybe being a loner isn't such a good thing! Bless him. The whole thing with his dad is intriguing too.

So, part of me likes Annie. Especially when she's interacting with Tobias, or Cal, or generally anyone who isn't Tanith, because she seems to become a bit immature with Tanith - mind, given their history, it's not a surprise that she's a bit insecure around her. Though there's still a part of me that's not so keen on her. But Nat? Love her. 100%. She's the BOMB.

Author's Response: Gabe has certainly made life difficult for himself. For someone who, for various reasons (it's shocking, looking back, how atrocious my pacing of the reveal of Gabe's Inner Workings has been!), has become focused on being self-reliant, his current situation is just backfiring horribly, because he needs help. In many ways that's why he's gone to Tanith - she, of all people, isn't going to push emotionally, like Cal might have done, without being as potentially cold as Tobias could have been (in his "this-is-so-fascinating-I-forget-there-are-people" kind of way). Her hugs are present, but implied rather than forced upon someone so standoffish, because they're BOTH pretty standoffish.

True, Annie's territorial hackles get up when Tanith's around... which isn't especially unreasonable, but it doesn't bring out her good side. It doesn't get explored as much as it might, but I think Annie is aware on some level that Tanith only needs the slightest poke to become unreasonable, which makes Tanith the bad guy and strengthens Annie's position. Giving Tanith enough rope to hang herself with, essentially. It's not a conscious manipulation on Annie's part, and she'd be horrified with herself if she realised she was doing it, but when the rival for her boyfriend's affection is her oldest friend it's understandable she'd be a bit insecure and irrational.

And yes, in rereads I do forget how awesome Nat is. I did explicitly go "this is a character - and, consequently, a relationship - who does not fall into self-indulgent angst traps". I almost feel I'm lampshade hanging myself with her around...!

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Review #37, by water_lily43175 The Life and Soul

11th May 2012:
"Shindig. Hoot-nanny. Ho-down." Nice. EXCELLENT, in fact.

Oh, poor Tobias. He really is hapless with the whole Tanith thing, isn't he? Maybe I'll slightly forgive him for what he said to her...

Author's Response: I ran out of synonyms. Or Cal could have been there a while.

I think it's a pretty good bet, when frustrated with Tobias, to assume 'hapless' rather than 'malicious'.

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Review #38, by water_lily43175 The Day Is Gone

11th May 2012:
Oh, Ritter's hilarious with the trick wands. Love how he likes a bit of a laugh here and there.

And I've gotta say, I love the whole "more important things than surviving" thing. I have a fic about the first war, and that's the kind of thing I'm trying to explore in that, so yeah, it's nice to come across another story with the same kind of theme going on.

OH NO DON'T SAY THIS IS THE VISION CONVERSATION COMING UP. I have an ominous feeling about this...

"Because I'm in love with you, and I shouldn't be!"

Ohmigod. Poor Tanith! Oh, TOBIAS, no, don't be so horrid! Oh gawd, I get where he's coming from, but it's so heartbreaking... WOW. Way to stick the knife in... Could he have been much more harsh? I dislike him now. I get where he's coming from too though... she put him through hell two years back ... but even so! It's so so sad :(

Author's Response: "Things more important than surviving" is a theme only lightly touched on in Shade, because life at Hogwarts is not quite so dreary and weary, but it will be returned to come Deathly Hallows era. I shall have to check out First War fics, I don't read nearly enough...

Yyyyeaahh. This scene is pretty nasty. Toby reading the worst into it - a little to shield himself, because if he villainises Tanith he doesn't have to over-think the situation... but boy did she blunder into it clumsy and, well, charging after the train once it's already left the station.

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Review #39, by water_lily43175 The Ides of March

11th May 2012:
WHOA I'm disliking what Gabe just saw when he touched Tanith! This suggests more bad T/T times, and I can't cope with that! Oh, poor old Gabe ... PRESSURE MAN. I love when he's being all friendly, and advice-giving-y, and stuff. And Tanith ... that's not just a thing, that's lurve. YES, FIGHT. Argh, love this chapter ... there's so much goings-on!

Author's Response: More bad T/T times? Moi? I can't really use French any more, it's an outright indicator of blatant guilt. Gabe does try, rather hard, even if he's going to flounder and possibly fail. It doesn't really come so naturally to him. I'm quite pleased with this chapter, I must admit, it works even when not much is going on IN it.

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Review #40, by water_lily43175 The Masks We Wear

11th May 2012:
Oh, it's Ariane and Melanie time. I love these girls. Sheer hilarity ensues whenever they're around.

YES. Cal/Nat time. I love this girl. The funny thing is, he's a perfectly fine conversationalist when he's not worrying about what he's saying! Bless. And he needs some happiness, does this boy, it had better work out between them...

Author's Response: They scene-steal completely! I just start writing and hilarious things (completely irrelevant to the plot) occur. So I can't use them too often, or this would turn into an episode of Sex and the City, Hogwarts style, and nobody wants that. Nobody.

Cal will learn to unclench. If nothing else, because Nat will teach him. And she doesn't take failure lying down!

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Review #41, by water_lily43175 The Female of the Species

11th May 2012:
Okay, so the Tanith/Cal/Gabe dialogue here is possibly one of my favourite moments of the story so far. I just like that they're all discussing their problems and stuff with each other. There's not been many moments between any combination of them aside from T&T all story. It's sad. And it is quite funny that Tobias has the most experience with the opposite sex. Cal's hapless, bless him...


Sometimes I like Annie. Sometimes I don't. Here, I don't. Though Tanith is an utter fool. Still.

CAL-DUCK! I love the Cal/Gabe bromance. It should feature more!

Author's Response: One good thing about the Tanith/Tobias divide - it does drive everyone else to interact more. But yeah, once outside of the Romantic Angst the lot of them do manage to be Good Friends all the more often.

Poor Annie! I fancy she comes off fairly well in this conversation, though I suppose it's hard to not feel SORRY for Tanith being so useful, and thus Annie just looks like she's kicking someone while she's down. But from her perspective Tanith has come up and had a go at her while Annie's not really done anything wrong.

I don't know when I decided upon the ducks thing. But those guys are hardcore, man.

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Review #42, by water_lily43175 The Talented Mister Doyle

11th May 2012:

Aww man, what's he SEEING? Poor, poor dude. Oh, so, like, he sees stuff when people touch him? People's .. futures? That's mental. WHO DIES? If Cal dies I'll be gutted. ACTUALLY gutted. He's still my favourite, even if he is an odd one at the moment!

Author's Response: Certainly physical contact is how his visions are manifesting themselves at present. But I cannot comment as to the specifics, or their accuracy!

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Review #43, by water_lily43175 The End of the Beginning

11th May 2012:
Ah, Cal's looking for this bird in the pub, isn't he? Bless him, he's besotted already! Yup, here we go... Also, Tobias is hilarious when he's being witty and not up-tight or self-pitying whatever. Except - no, don't chat with Annie, you fool, this won't end well! See, didn't I say? Oh Tanith you silly billy.

OH. I knew Tanith's dad was up to something! He is one clever, clever man. I'd love to know who he was feeding his information to though! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT AT ALL THIS KICKING OFF. Oh, poor Tanith though... why do you have to do this to her? AGAIN?

Author's Response: Cal IS besotted. And he's promptly useless about it. He and Tobias are good friends in times like this, though, they bring out the best in one another while being supportive - and having fun. They don't get to do that nearly often enough.

I don't think I ever specify who Daedalus Cole was feeding information to, but it would almost certainly include the Order of the Phoenix and trustworthy parts of the Ministry. But he would be far too cautious to officially affiliate himself with either.

I was going to admit that Tanith is one of my favourite chew-toys, but I think they all get their turn...

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Review #44, by water_lily43175 The Chain of Command

11th May 2012:
I like your attempts to reason why Dumbledore gave the trio all those points in PS. Because, let's face it, it stinks of favouritism. But this ... this makes it more understandable. And he actually just OWNED Tobias there. But he's right, in that Tobias would have drowned in self-pity if O'Neal had lived, and that's why I like this story so much, because none of the characters are perfect, they all have their flaws, and it makes it seem very realistic. Which is A Good Thing. Happy times and all that jazz.

I get the feeling that this chat between Tobias and Tanith isn't going to result in a happy ending. Sigh.

Author's Response: This conversation is one of my favourites. Because Tobias isn't wrong, Dumbledore's not especially done right by the school - but he has been doing the Right thing, and even then, Tobias is personally motivated and doesn't even realise it. I do like these kind of arguments with people hurling truths at one another and neither of them coming out either destroyed or perfectly spotless. Tobias has a lot to think about - and I fancy Dumbledore himself came out a bit rueful about his past deeds, though it was too late to change anything by then.

No happy endings yet? From me? Say it ain't so!

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Review #45, by water_lily43175 The Way We Were

11th May 2012:
"He wondered dimly if these things did 'just happen' - perhaps there was an epidemic of students falling onto each others' lips that he'd been previously unaware of." DYING.

Oh. Oh, OH. Tobias/Tanith time - oh, Toby, you IDIOT.

Aww, poor Jeremy! People are so, so cruel. He's only ickle! Toby is ACTUALLY adorable with him. If Tanith had been there to see that, she'd be jumping his freaking bones right now. WHY IS THAT NOT HAPPENING?

Author's Response: That IS true, if Tanith had stuck around for that she would have probably melted, and that doesn't happen very often. Though, those two being those two, the second The Moment had passed they went back to their emotional vaults and began locking things up.

Though Jeremy is a total re-run of Tobias' hissyfit when Malcolm Baddock got booed for being Sorted into Slytherin back in Goblet of Fire. Only this time he gets to do something about it! Like a Head Boy should.

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Review #46, by water_lily43175 The Fall

11th May 2012:
I think Tobias is missing the point here. A Death Eater is hardly going to give a damn about whether his or her opponent is out of action for six seconds or not. He plays by the rules too much. Odd, for a Slytherin. Aaaand here we go, Snape says the same. Nice. Oh, so much sexual tension between them! JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY - WHOA GABE? What have you DONE to him?

My, is this a passage from Gabe's point of view? I don't believe we've had one of them yet! And I can see why, this is peculiar. What's he hearing? Weird. And Cal DEFINITELY met his father, there's no doubt about it. What's going on?

Author's Response: Nope, Tobias is being uptight and mostly a bit prickly that he lost. He's not WRONG, as Snape points out, and if nothing else he has a point because if he'd been operating under the same lack of restriction as Tanith he'd have probably won. But he's predominantly being a sore loser! And Tanith, of course, will never pass on an opportunity to needle him about it.

I think this is the very first segment from Gabe's point of view, yep, though it won't be the last, as there's definitely stuff going on with the boy...

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Review #47, by water_lily43175 The Shape of Things to Come

11th May 2012:
I kind of find it odd that the other teachers actually managed to timetable Binns an extra lesson on a Saturday, because he seems so oblivious to everything else going on around him, and so set in his ways... it seems as though it could have been quite difficult!

Okay, I'm not really all that sure what Snape is trying to get at here ... what on earth DOES he want Tobias to do?

Ooh, this gal seems to have had quite an effect on Cal! I have a horrible feeling he's been writing to his father ... oh god, if he becomes a Slytherin nutter I will CRY!

Author's Response: I imagine they probably somehow just steer Binns into a classroom on a Saturday and let him get started. Though that depends on how ingrained his habits are, whether they're just a short-term case of reacting to what's in front of him, or if he has several years' worth of academic timetable entrenched in his ghostly memory and the teachers have to plan entirely around him!

Snape's trying to help, in his clumsy way. He wants Slytherin House to be closer to the rest of the school, because otherwise more of them will likely become Death Eaters. But Tobias achieves popularity by distancing himself from the 'default' Slytherin, so all he changes is universal perception of him, Tobias - rather than their perception of Tobias changing, in turn, their perception of Slytherin House. Of course, Snape doesn't really have an idea how to properly change the House's reputation, and I don't think cares enough to make a HUGE effort.

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Review #48, by water_lily43175 The Beautiful Game

11th May 2012:
GET IN THERE, CAL. I like this Lockett girl. She doesn't judge him for being a Slytherin. She'd better stick around!

Author's Response: Certainly Nat Lockett is not bound by conventional societal expectation! Which is made easier by the fact that Slytherins would get on with Ravenclaw best of all the Houses, in my head. So there's less expectation to defy.

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Review #49, by water_lily43175 The Space Between

11th May 2012:
Ariane and Melanie seem like they're up to something more than just concern for a housemate here. It's odd. Course, it may well turn out to be innocent but at the moment it seems odd.

Love Pansy's use of the word "plebeians", I'm quite fond of it myself. I'm surprised she even knows it.

I like the end of this chapter. Very dramatic!

Author's Response: Ariane and Melanie are rather childish, in that they see the political wranglings of their parents and then imitate them when they shouldn't be worrying about more than friends and studies and boys (or girls). So they manage to put a clumsy Machiavellian overlay on everything they do. Thing is, they're not NECESSARILY wrong in the current circumstances. The two of them will also go on to thoroughly scene-steal every time I write them, completely independent of anything I, the author, might have planned.

I think Pansy probably heard 'plebeians' from someone and decided she liked it.

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Review #50, by water_lily43175 The More Things Change

11th May 2012:
OH GOD CAL DID BUMP INTO HIS FATHER DIDN'T HE? That's the only thing I can think of that would make him go so weird. And now he's going to become a deranged Death Muncher and he's my favourite and if that happens I will be Very Upset.

Oh, Cal, way to create an awkward situation! And on the topic of awkward situations, hello Annie, nice to see you again...

Whoa, he DID meet his dad! Oh crikey, I can barely handle the angst. Poor Cal!

Author's Response: If they were called Death Munchers, then maybe I *would* have Cal sign up! But yes, his life is rather difficult right now, poor guy.

And we'll see a good deal more of Annie as time goes on...

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