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Reading Reviews for Daddy Dearest
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Review #26, by nick9n Welcome Home Rosie

15th February 2013:
I'm sorry but I'm stopping reading this story now as you are an american writing from the point of view of an english person. I can tell by the use of the word 'mom' when any english person would say 'mum'. I know you can't help it but for me it just takes something away from the story.

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Review #27, by Rose A Little Birdie Told Me

10th February 2013:
Don't please it's so good! I love it

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Review #28, by ahhhhh...... Bliss in the Breakdown

5th February 2013:

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Review #29, by scoroseforever Tearing Apart at the Seams

5th February 2013:
I feel like crying. Ron's so mean.

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Review #30, by Emily Never As Planned : Part 2

3rd February 2013:
So I have to say that I have put off reading this fan fiction for awhile now simply because I love Ron and can't imagine him being abusive. But I've got to say that i am really enjoying this story so far! your an incredible writer!

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Review #31, by scoroserocks How Far We've Come

2nd February 2013:
I love it! It's so romantic... I seriously cried! Im proud of you, author, for making such a nice novel. I love you doratonks14!

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Review #32, by HiImReveiwingAsYouSee How Far We've Come

26th January 2013:
Beautiful story, I cried at almost every chapter. Please write a sequel, I know all of your readers would be happy about that!!

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Review #33, by Adam How Far We've Come

10th January 2013:
I love it! One of, if not the, best SM/RW fics I have ever read. Perfectly written, and it was sooo sweet.

Thank you so much for writing this story, it made my day.

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Review #34, by erinemma Welcome Home Rosie

4th December 2012:
i will nit pick. dont take it personally, that does NOT mean i dont like your story, because i mostly will get so into it i wont sleep properly tonight. A. there would be no one with an american accent. Hogwarts only accepts children from england and ireland. B. charlie never had kids nor did he marry etc. he is the only weasley child that never married and reproduced. except fred of course. but we all know that. because well, hes dead.
BUT. so far so good, im definitely interested in the story so far. normally its always, rose is ron's baby girl. shes his little girl. dont you dare hurt her shes my baby. but in this one its so different and im EXTREMELY interested in how this is going to pan out. definitely an interesting twist.

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Review #35, by Tantin Welcome Home Rosie

27th October 2012:
Lovly I sortta hated Ron here

Ps are you a reader of dream_BIG's?

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Review #36, by roch Welcome Home Rosie

8th September 2012:
Nice! Though, Why is Ron so mean to his own daughter?

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Review #37, by LilyLou One of Us Now

2nd September 2012:
Alright, maybe I might've skipped this, but did I miss the part where this became an official thing or are they still pretending? Haha I'm sorry I am just confused! It's amazing, though. Best story I've ever read on this site! I love how warm you make The Malfoys! It's absolutely astounding!(:

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Review #38, by Darkwitch333 How Far We've Come

29th August 2012:
Hiya, I just wanted to say how much I loved this story, I think it was great how the story was a bit different to all the others on here where all the adults are perfect, with just the right amount of angst. It's better because even though it's in the first person of a teenager, it's not just another hogwarts drama thing, especially towards the end. But again, with the perfect amount of that in the begining with them all falling out, and the Anna being a b* and everything. Rose being portayed as not majorly goody goody is nice as well, because she wouldn't just be her mother, she has Weasley blood in her too and I think it's that mixture that means she's proud enough to admit she could fall for a Malfoy, but not so proud as to refuse to have anything to do with him because he IS a Malfoy if you know what I mean? I think this is a realistic story in that the characters have develpoed in a perfectly plausable way, Ron was never one to be happy in someone elses shadow and Hermione could always be a little tactless when it came to her work and her desire to be the best. Wow, this is basically me just telling you how awesome you were. Hope you appreciate it, and thanks for the story
Rosa (:

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Review #39, by 227743Weasley Family, Friends and Other Idiots

24th August 2012:
you just killd me with the ann and al thing. seriouly i just started cursing and freaking out. but besides the whole ann and al thing i really like this book. :)

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Review #40, by TimeSeer How Far We've Come

22nd August 2012:
I love this story. It is awesome. Please keep writing!

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Review #41, by Lily Potter How Far We've Come

23rd July 2012:
You know what?? This is the best fanfiction I have ever read. I haven't read many, though? But still, I think it's great. There are some gramar mistakes, but I think you could even have it published. I am sirius. But if I really had to say something, it would be that we'd almost think that this is taking place in the Muggle world... It's not magical enough... But I had to think really hard to find something to say against it...

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Review #42, by WishfulMuggle How Far We've Come

17th July 2012:
This is one of the best stories I've read on here by far!! I wish you were still writing...

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Review #43, by WishfulMuggle Meet the Parents

16th July 2012:
I'm really enjoying this story:) my only question is what day did they come home? After they got off the train Rose used magic and I just assumed she had at least a couple more days until her birthday seeing as how it being her seventeenth and you hadn't mentioned it. But maybe not...you're doing a great job:)

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Review #44, by Alessiaaa2645 How Far We've Come

8th July 2012:
Wow. Its now 5am and I just finished. That was a pretty amazing story. And I'm so glad there was no pregnancy shit with Rose, that's really overdone. I'm glad her and Ron sorted it. Yay :) well done, you're an amazing writer! And now I'm going to sleep :) x

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Review #45, by Mrs.Malfoy Tearing Apart at the Seams

27th June 2012:
OMG!!! This was amazing!

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Review #46, by dramionefan2314 Breaking My Own Heart

17th June 2012:

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Review #47, by MoonlightFaerae How Far We've Come

29th May 2012:
I just don't know what to say! This is amazing! I have laughed, cried, smiled, ended up so far on the edge of my seat that I fell to the floor! I stayed up till 1 o clock in the morning (falling asleep reading it) the day before (eventually of) a major GCSE exam. But I love it! I'm so sad its over but you ended it well! It was amazing! I felt so many emotions! You are such a captivating author. If you write your own novel I will have to check it out!!! I will be following your writing from now. But overall, well done and thank you for writing such an amazing story! Xx

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Review #48, by MoonlightFaerae In a Perfect World

28th May 2012:
So far, I haven't been able to stop long enough to write a review. I've only stopped now, to let you know how much I love this! I will write a full review at the end. For now, I do not have the time :P xx

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Review #49, by Jo Tearing Apart at the Seams

27th May 2012:
Good to know somebody has a life as messed up as mine. Im also curious of where you get your inspiration, theres much adult stuff to this story (and I dont talk about s*x). Im very impressed by your ability as an author and I dont say that often.

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Review #50, by coolsilver How Far We've Come

19th May 2012:
I loved being able to take part of the day today and just read this. I was intrigued by the plot idea, and I liked being able to see how both you and Rose matured and changed throughout the story. Your writing style did change as the story went on, and Rose really grew as a character in a believable way.
I feel like this should probably be left as a stand alone story, with no sequel, but if you wanted to explore some of the events in the story and flesh them out, (E.g., Ron's accident, back stories about Tony and Anna, and other characters), that'd be a great starting point. :)
Thank you for writing this, this story was definitely a high point in my day!

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