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Review #26, by Courtney Pompeii

16th July 2013:
I love this story so much!

Author's Response: thank you very much! glad you liked it :)

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Review #27, by harrypottergirl55 Pompeii

21st May 2013:
loved this story! update soon ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much and what a lovely thing to read! there's a new chapter up now, plus I finally seem to have got over my writers block which means the chapters should be written and posted much more quickly now :)

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Review #28, by EmmaLois Attracting Flies

13th May 2013:
I love this story but can you please do some different POV'S. Like sirius or Remus please :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that you like the story :) I promise I will definitely do some POV's however and rather unfortunately it won't be in this story but rather in its sequel!

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Review #29, by Stephanie Welcome To The Jungle

3rd September 2012:
WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW EXCITED I WAS WHEN I SAW YOU HAD POSTED ANOTHER CHAPTER! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I love this story and it's the only fanfiction story I ever read! Please keep it up :)

Author's Response: Reviews like this literally make me grin from ear to ear! :) I am so glad that you like my story :)

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Review #30, by ness17 Take Care

11th March 2012:
i loved it! ive always loved this story and i was so happy to see an update!! cant wait for more!

Author's Response: That's so lovely to hear thank you :) updates are definitely coming more quickly now!

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Review #31, by Johanna Take Care

8th March 2012:
This is such a great story.
I hope youŽll finish it, donŽt let it go:)

Author's Response: I promise I couldn't ever let Callie go without finishing it :)
thank you for a lovely review

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Review #32, by stephanie Take Care

13th December 2011:
You have no idea how excited I am that you have kept writing this story! Brilliant as usual!!!

Author's Response: I'm really pleased to hear that :) thank you very much

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Review #33, by MoonyistheBestMarauder Take Care

12th December 2011:
This is a really great story and I really like it!!! Please update soon! Sorry for not reviewing before, if i have time, i'll go back and review!!! I love the drama of this whole story, and I love the OC's like Callie and Annie. Great chapter, can't wait for the next one! : )

Author's Response: I am so pleased to hear that you like the story :) I appreciate the views and much as the reviews :)

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Review #34, by I<3Padfoot (don't wan Take Care

10th December 2011:
I'm addicted to your story! Please put another chapter up asap!! You inspired me to write my own fanfiction set at the time of the marauders. It's still in the early stages (first/second chapter) but I hope to put it up if I think it's good enough. X

Author's Response: So glad to hear that you like the story! what a huge compliment that is to hear!! good luck with yours and be sure to post a link when it's up for me to read! I am sure it will be wonderful x

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Review #35, by anonymous I Need Air

23rd October 2011:
Please! Been reading this all day and you stop here?! :L

Author's Response: More are up now! (apologies for my slow writing skils) but very please that you're reading!

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Review #36, by Fallinginthedark I Need Air

14th August 2011:
NO THE LAST CHAPTER :O I've really enjoyed reading this. I read all the chapters, though I didnt comment on every one of them. How did you get the humour? Bad phrasing for the question, I know,'s so funny, some of this story! It's witty and makes my sides hurt! Could you give me a tip?

Author's Response: Must be the world-renowned dry English humour I have been blessed with from my native country ;) this phrases of Callie's tend to come from either something that just suddenly pops into my mind (though only when I'm in Callie Stebbins mode and thinking about how infuriated she'd be with Sirius) or it's taken from things my friends and I throw at each other.

Anyway thank you very much for such a complimentary review x

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Review #37, by Fallinginthedark Hollywood

14th August 2011:
Yay they returned to school! :P

Author's Response: Always much more interesting when at school - least of all Sirius will get to tease and taunt Callie more ;) x

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Review #38, by rachel Do Me A Favour

13th August 2011:
GO LILY. WOOO! you show potter ;)

Author's Response: Someone definitely has to put James in his place ;) thank you very much for taking the time review x

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Review #39, by Fallinginthedark 4 Kicks

13th August 2011:
Yay, my oppinion matters! I love this chapter!

Author's Response: I really love reading my reviewers opinion! And they sometimes help in the direction that the story or chapters is heading. Thank you so much for all of your lovely reviews x

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Review #40, by Fallinginthedark Do Me A Favour

13th August 2011:
I like this chapter, the stink thing made me laugh.

Author's Response: Really glad you liked the chapter! X

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Review #41, by Fallinginthedark Smile Like You Mean It

13th August 2011:
love! Oooh I want Remus and Cal together!

Author's Response: You may be one of very few atm! I did consider developing their relationship but Sirius and Callie has always seemed far more appealing though for some unexplained reason!? X

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Review #42, by Fallinginthedark Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

13th August 2011:

Author's Response: It was bound to happen with all the flirting going on ;) thank you very much for reviewing I love hearing your opinion and enjoyment of the story x

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Review #43, by Fallinginthedark Empire

13th August 2011:
I like this chapter, it gives insight to Lily and Cal's friendship :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think that :)I'm always aware of how much of Sirius vs Callie there is and i really don't want it to become tiresome, hence these little chapters. Really glad you liked this chapter and thank you so much for taking the time to review x

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Review #44, by Fallinginthedark Everything Is Average Nowadays

13th August 2011:
This made ma laugh, was so good! :) You write well and I do love the backchat they all give eachother.

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Review #45, by Fallinginthedark A Million Ways To Be Cruel

13th August 2011:
Wooo! I really like this chapter too! I never imagine Lupin quite like how you made him, but it's a different edge and I like it :)

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Review #46, by Fallinginthedark In One Ear

13th August 2011:
I really like this! :) I like your character, and it was written quite well. I'm curious of how this is going to turn out!

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Review #47, by Lil_Miss_James_Black I Need Air

17th July 2011:
Oh god, it's Sirius! please let it be him!

Update soon!

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Review #48, by leopard Everything Is Average Nowadays

18th May 2011:
the ending was so funny- i laughted so hard!
remus seems a lot bitchier in this one than usual- often he's quite docile. but i think that it makes it funnier :)
i can't wait to read more!

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Review #49, by leopard The Girls

18th May 2011:
i like how you have included some lyrics at the end of every chapter.
this story is very well written and very funny- i am really enjoying it!
well done :)

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Review #50, by bella I Need Air

29th March 2011:
this story is amazing. please update soon!

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