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Reading Reviews for The Satellite Heart
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Review #26, by peppersweet 6.

13th June 2012:
that little line - harry thinking, not here, please don't let that be true here - nearly broke my heart, I swear. I don't even know why this is affecting me so much but I am, like, on the verge of tears right now. TOO MANY FEELS.

AH HA HA tears cured. harry is ~property of draco malfoy~ I actually just laughed out loud. draco, you, oh, you.

oh, but I like post-war draco too. he's so...he's like my headcanon draco, haha. perpetually grumpy.


that is some beautiful physical description of draco.

too many feels, too many feels. I can almost taste the sorrow of the ending from here in the review box.

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Review #27, by peppersweet 5.

13th June 2012:
the quote you used to start this chapter. JUST. DON'T. DO THIS. TO MY FEELINGS.

omg the neon sign - there is a light and it never goes out, there is a light and it never goes out. this is so so weird but...I have a really powerful mental image whenever I listen to that song of two boys in a car, one driving the other home, in total silence, and the song is just what's going through the passenger's head, because he loves the driver more than anything and can't tell him at all. and the light that never goes out is a neon sign that reflects on the windshield. bit prosaic for such an epic song but...that mental image, I sort of see your harry and draco transplanted into it now. because ofc in the dreamworld harry can love draco and have him, but he can't in his reality and, yeah. that made no sense but I felt I had to tell you, haha.

omgg harry's dreamworld dreams are about voldemort. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE AND EVERYTHING HURTS.

oh. oh. oh. oh my. is this the real life, or is this just fantasy, caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...

What if, Harry thinks. What if this is his life and he’s somehow missed it all, lost in the dreams of another world? - no, annie, stop it. STOP IT.

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Review #28, by peppersweet 4.

13th June 2012:

ooh I kind of like how you characterised ginny in that one little line. okay, she was feisty and stuff in the books, but she was a bit, you know, creepy at the same time, and I can imagine her saying that (it always creeps me out when people are like I'll do anything for youuu - but like, wow, no, please don't devote yourself to me and have a bit of fun instead)

They fight constantly and sometimes it takes them days to make up, but Harry just chalks that up to the fact that their love for each other burns so brightly that sometimes it catches fire and it always takes some time for the flames to go out. - ROMIONE IN A BEAUTIFUL NUTSHELL.

they're so adorable together. they read like the most perfect of real couples.

poor harry. poor, poor harry. omg I just...even though there are bursts of brilliant fluff in this fic, I feel so sad reading this. I just put on the saddest smiths song ever on repeat, by the way. prepare for gross sobbing errwhere.

just, you. ♥

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Review #29, by peppersweet 3.

13th June 2012:
harry ;A; let me hug youuu

if this could be reality, I would be happy. but I don't know what reality is anymore. I just want harry and draco to be happy okay. OKAY.

But this — he can almost taste the memories that are written on Draco’s lips and the whole thing nearly has him pressing forward to try and make the words out more clearly. - asdjkasdfasd brb hyperventilating at the loveliness of this line

I know drastoria is my otp but I'm willing to suspend that for this fic because - oh my days - when harry looked at draco and draco only /nodded/ in recognition my heart broke a wee bit.


ew I hate roddy already. omg what is that even short for. rodolphus? rudolph?

this was beautiful and heartwrenching and all other kinds of keyboard smashes asdafsfgdsfgdfgfghfgnhjghjhgkkl;;; ♥

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Review #30, by peppersweet 2.

13th June 2012:
I owe you all the reviews. ALL THE REVIEWS.

I have been a bad bad person and my life concertina'd out like an accordion and I forgot to come back and read this. but. I am here now. and so so so excite.

sorry but I'm quite incoherent.

I love the way you write this and set it up because - no beating around the bush - harry's slash dreamworld is kinda hard to get your head around. BUT not here. the way you've written it...asdfdhgj it's so convincing, so honest, so real. this is kind of weird to say but it feels like the narrator - your voice, btw, lolol - is telling this story in a semi-darkened room to a bunch of people listening intently. like...it sounds like a story. it sounds like something you'd be told. and that seems like a stupid comment to make because this site is all about stories, but the narrator in most is just like, eh, whatever. this actually sounds like it's being told.

I think draco's probably more than okay with seeing harry in his boxers oh ho ho

that is the most beautiful piece of breakfast-themed fluff ever. EVER.

Harry wonders which of those lines are from the death of his mother, from his first year at Hogwarts, from when he was born, and tries to imagine what it would have been like to see them all as they formed. - I adore this line.

omgomgomgomg THE FEELS. I think...if this was literally just a fic set in the dreamworld, where harry's never had to face voldemort and has that confrontation with his father, it'd be sad enough. but the split realities...like, james is dead, and when he's alive harry still can't have the relationship with his father he always wanted and, oh, my creys.

Choosing between the two was not something he should have ever been forced to do. If anyone was going to take the need to make the choice away from him, it should have been his father, his blood, and not some stranger, who had so obviously given Harry his heart, with no expectations or prerequisites. His dad, it seems, expects everything from him and it isn’t fair. - I also adore this line~

and I adore you, oh onnoo ♥

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Review #31, by just jennifer 7.

24th May 2012:
I love this story so much! I actually read for the first time last night but fell asleep before I could review so I said I'll come back and review but I ended up reading it again :D I love it I love it I love it! You don't get many stories this awesome, ever! Keep writing please because you're an inspiring author! So I'll just end my review here because, while this has been the second night in a row reading this, it is also the second time I have stayed up late reading it when I have an exam the next day, so thanks for the story and keep on writing!!

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Review #32, by Lillylover22 7.

17th May 2012:
That was so sad. I want the life with draco to have been real because harry was happy there. Even if it was a sad ending. 10/10 : )

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Review #33, by Soph 1.

16th May 2012:
So far so good! onto next chapter :)

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Review #34, by justonemorefic 7.

10th April 2012:
I remember most of this chapter ;A; it was actually one of the earlier things I read, I think, when you were sending me things. Draco and the radio is the one thing that always stuck to my mind, and especially after everything it's just so Draco. Like reading this whole thing in order finally, this scene already means so much more.

breaking apart with this sentence right now This Harry. The one he is right now, at this moment.

Pastries and lard, you perfect perfect soul.

Draco is singing along loudly to an awful song on the Muggle radio now, making up lyrics that smack of impropriety, and still has one hand intertwined with Harry’s, their fingers a tangled knot of pale, English skin. THIS. BIT. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THE PUREST SCENE OF PURE JOY IN THIS WHOLE FIC RIGHT BEFORE THAT? ;A;

Oh my god, oh my god why is so perfect. And it's so easy to do the switching in a confusing way, but I can see everything so well, between the wreck and real!Hermione's worry, and the dual 'stay with me's AND THAT ENDING.

Okay okay, let me try to think about this. What's kind of interesting is that, I never really questioned the dream world at all. It always seemed very plausible to me (and it's says hugely of your gloriousness to be able to do that even though it's completely AU), and so much so that I can't really imagine that it was all simply in Harry's head -- especially with the leaks to reality. Not just with the ending and with the PROPERTY OF DRACO (snerk), even Ginny "wondered" about Harry. I think with the emotions too. Harry feels so strongly, and the presences of people in the dreamworld are strong too.

There's always been something fateful about it all. Harry is plagued by nightmares so he finds this dream world, and that's what helps him. It's kind of like a super complex defense mechanism. And I was snooping other reviews and saw you talking about how the nightmares are key and I was thinking about that with the ending. I can see how once Harry gives himself to the dreamworld completely (in that he's there more and more, and that's what he yearns for) that this why this happened. He can't exist in only one world; to lose himself in one means that he'll be doomed in both and of course gdi, it has to be when he's so utterly happy ;A;

Of course, I could be completely rambling but I shall take that license to interpret as I will to a max. And by that I mean, k-pop Drarry AU shall be my mental sequel.


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Review #35, by justonemorefic 6.

10th April 2012:
perfect quotes by perfect people.



Those are some sexy, sexy descriptions. Literally and just, ugh, how you always describe backs is just so glorious. And eep, special love for the bit about the color was sucked out of him at birth and he had to be printed with failing newspaper ink instead. Like AHHH. AHHH

Oh and now I can say that you can write bed scenes well, you know the ones with just people in bed, and you can write Bed Scenes well. Heh.

I wish I could end here and know that everything will be all right and happy and oh god Annie I don't want to move from this chapter I don't ;A;

-sobbingly clicks next link-

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Review #36, by justonemorefic 5.

10th April 2012:
Uuugh how do you canon. My god you make me like this Ginny so much. I love that she's this energy. I love that Harry's dream world is very visibly affecting his life here, from Ginny's I always wondered to pondering about whether Ginny's missing out (I reaaally liked that extra)~ And the brilliance of the vacancy bit ugh Annie how.

he picked that specialty because he liked the idea of being able to mess with people’s heads. So much love for you Draco I can't.

Oh oh ohh, now comes the confusing mindfudge. I knew it was going to come but it's still so glorious ;A; Blue tiles and always with the Draco details (english channel) I also love how you ended the scene as a whole actually, especially that bit with the towel, because it shows so much about how Harry's reacting to the dream world at the moment in that one single action.

OH HAY I'M IN YOUR AUTHOR'S NOTE ~ snort oh lawdy, I vaguely remember that.

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Review #37, by justonemorefic 4.

10th April 2012:

if someone manages to give Draco a gift that he really likes, they suddenly became his new favorite person for at least the next hour. can I keep him, can I can I? I adore Harry's descriptions of love btw, from Ginny to Ron and Hermy and him and Draco. Perfect contrast, and I think descriptions you gave the first two very accurately describes canon.

:3 be a good little kettle Harry. I could roll around this world all day. and oh stop denying the looove.

Oh oh oh that is such the perfect nightmare scene like, I can't. like I'm drinking it up. I love that Harry's imagining Draco because I can see it as sort of a "Maybe if I just..." and he tries to think of him and it works.



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Review #38, by justonemorefic 3.

10th April 2012:
Ugh all the feeels. I'll be less rambly with this one because I just want to keep reading. But like, I love the way that Harry's slowly getting used to everything, like wait I THINK I KIND OF LIKE THIS BUT NO. NO. I BUT. NO. and that seeing real life Draco just like puts on the abort abort abort running shoes on him.

Omg heee the sick!Harry scene. I can just imagine him being like 'Oh of course I'm sick here. OF COURSE, DREAM ME." Everything with Draco and Soup is glorious. SHIP ALL THE DRACO/SOUP.

You could melt the one ring with that soup, man.

Eww Roddy. Go away. I just see him with this creepy smile on all the time D:


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Review #39, by justonemorefic 2.

10th April 2012:
lol Harry, when you're accustomed to crazy dreams, that's called a 'problem'. But it's okay, I still love you.

Oh I remember this scene ;A; I remember I was like OHHH THAT IS SUCH A GOOD WAY TO WRITE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE DREAM AND REALITY. Things like how James is different in this too. And I was uber jealous. Draco's little "I know how hard it is sometimes" omg so perfect

Also perfect first weird dream kiss. Like still I just, I can't get over this characterization just because I love how Harry's taking all the absurdities. Lol like how the 'losing his mind' thought comes after the 'crud I overcooked the eggs' thought. snort Harry.

;_; ugh lily is still gone. ugh James and the disapproval. oh my god my heart oh my god Harry this is your dream but this is not what you dreamed and heart breaking already I hate you Annie for these feels and for this gloriousness and even Draco's bad singing does not make up for this.

Oh I still forever love that Harry is rational enough to realize that Dream!Harry obviously fought for this life. Seriously I can't tell you how much I love all the characterization details of this because it's so obvious you thought this through.

Along with the cashmere and cat crack.

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Review #40, by ericajen 7.

10th April 2012:


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Review #41, by ericajen 6.

10th April 2012:
oh i remember the draco tattoo discussion, methinks. i rather like the one you decided on. classy quotes are classy. and also eeek! because harry and draco are like, crazy cute. like out of control adorable together. but there's still all this mystery and i want to know what's going onnn! which i will hopefully find out in the next/last chapter. off to read~


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Review #42, by ericajen 5.

10th April 2012:
DUDE YOU'RE CONFUSING ME. you've really got me sucked into this story. and only two chapters left to go! which is sad, but i'm excited to know the ending. and yes, i've given up on the shift key. it's not been my friend today. anyway. fab writing, fab story, and fab cashmere sweaters on draco. to answer a question in your a/n, i don't know if harry is really being delusional at all. i mean, in a world of magic, it's a bit difficult to tell fiction from reality.

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Review #43, by ericajen 4.

10th April 2012:
Harry and Draco are so domestic it kills me. Like srsly. I just have all these feels and I'm like what do I even do with all these feels there are so many of them? YOUR WRITING ALWAYS GETS TO ME MY DEAR ANNIE. Also that made me crave sesame chicken. Which is inconvenient since it's 1:15 am.

Boo your Drarry is so cute.


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Review #44, by ericajen 3.

10th April 2012:
I realized as I was reading this chapter that I had read part of it before! Which isn't all that important, but yeah. The part where Draco was attempting to take care of Harry.

Anyway. Another lovely chapter from the lovely Annie. I really love the Drarry relationship in this. Like, the way you write it. It's so effortless, which is an impressive feat indeed when you consider the subject matter.

And I'm glad you're not crying in your bathroom listening to Dashboard Confessional, as your a/n suggests you might be doing without yo frandz. I much prefer the kpop love you have.


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Review #45, by ericajen 2.

10th April 2012:
Things that make me sad: James and Harry not having a great relationship. That was heartbreaking. All the feels for Harry while he was crying at home afterwards.

Things that make me happy: "If you try to dump me for my own good, I promise I'll take all your cashmere jumpers and shrink them in the wash." DYING. SO HAPPY THAT IS A THING THAT IS IN THIS STORY.

ily annie. this is fab.


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Review #46, by ericajen 1.

10th April 2012:
Surprise, I am reading this now! /finally/. I've been meaning to for ages, of course. You know how much I fangirl over your writing and this story has already got me hooked! You always come up with such interesting plot lines I'm really not sure how you do it but ily for it. (:

These reviews will be horrible by the way. I'm trying to be quiet since roomie is sleeping and typing isn't very conducive to that. Not that my reviews would be that fab anyway haha.


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Review #47, by MGC 7.

6th March 2012:
Wow, I loved it. Not exactly a Drarry fan, but I'm starting to get into it. And I have a thing for loving, committed, established relationships, as well as mindscrews so... You found my weaknesses. Really enjoyed it!

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Review #48, by Avidreader 7.

6th March 2012:
This is an amazing story. To be quite honest I tend to hate open endings, but not this one. No, not this one. It almost had me in tears, the writing was beautiful and it just made sense because there was really no happy way this could have ended. Thank you for writing it.

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Review #49, by brian 7.

6th March 2012:
yknow what would be a GREAT sequel? Harry having therapy sessions with real!Draco. The other world, in this idea, is a total fantasy, and after the cardiac arrest, Harry takes time off his job and is made to go to the psychiatrist. And then Harry is totally depressed because he missed not-real!Draco, but with time he and real!Draco start getting to know each other. There could even be real!Draco feeling jealous of not-real!Draco that Harry apparently loves so much. Idk, i'm so full of ideas. But it's a lovely story, thank you for writing it.

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Review #50, by marinahill 2.

7th February 2012:
Okay, so first off an apology in reference to your review response - I'm really annoying like that and my friends ask me not to talk during films and stuff because I just sit there trying to figure out the plot haha. So yeah, sorreee...

Anyway, this chapter was just as good as the last, but actually really more heartbreaking. Harry gets this minor glimpse of hope that he could spend time with his parents again but then he has to lose his mother all over again. I think it would be quite common for Harry to have dreams that his parents are alive so it makes perfect sense that they would be in this other dream-world of his. It was so sad, I really felt for him.

And his Dad doesn't approve. That was so bittersweet. He got to meet his father at an age where he never could have possibly imagined them meeting and it's not as he would have wanted. He's disappointed and feels let down, which you would have thought would be the last thing he'd ever have felt if he finally got to meet his father. But in reality, they don't have the relationship that he wants because he can't remember or hasn't experienced growing up with him and it's not the same. Agh and he still chooses Draco. I can see why, but for me I think I would have done anything to be back in his life. But Harry even admits he would have thought that, so I don't know where he'll go from here. Confusing.

This is so wonderful, Annie. It really tugs at my heartstrings!


Author's Response: No apology necessary! My best friend is that type of movie-watcher as well, so I'm used to it and find it pretty amusing lol. I'd rather someone tried to figure out the overall plot than not pay any attention.

Something to get you thinking though would be to try and figure out what the one thing in the timeline was that I changed for the dream reality, because there is only one thing that I specifically changed, and everything else that happened is merely in reaction to it.

I thought a lot about what canon character I would include in this, because there were a lot of different directions I could have gone with it. Some of the things I chose to do in my head will never come across, but it's really sort of my headcanon for this story. Like, I often wonder if James and Lily would have gotten married if it weren't for the war, and if they did, whether or not they would have stayed together. Maybe they would have had Harry later? Maybe they would have had more children? I did decided that both of his parents weren't around in this dream world because I didn't want it to be perfect. If Harry had dreamed of his perfect world, this would certainly not be it -- he would have both his parents and certainly not be in a relationship with Draco Malfoy. Another angle you could come at this from though, is that he is dreaming of his perfect world (perhaps a place where he had someone who really loved him and who he loved in return?), but he never considered the details, and so this life with Draco actually is an example of that.

...I think I'm babbling. I can talk for hours about AU's and I've been tempted to write a collection of short stories for other character in this universe, but I feel like that magic is kind of gone because it's Harry's creation.

Okay, confession time: I honestly have never really liked James Potter as a character. I've always thought he was a bit of a jerk. Of course, he would have loved his son regardless, but I sort of can see him having very, very high expectations for him and expecting him to be very manly, so his reaction to Harry's homosexuality would have been very difficult. I honestly have no idea what Lily's reaction to it would have been, except that I don't see her agreeing with James absolutely. I've seen so many different takes on homosexuality in the Wizarding that it was kind of challenging to decide what I thought was the most realistic.

As for Harry trying to interact with his dad in any way possible, I think he was just so shocked and disappointed by the reality of things in this world that it was easier to just forget it. He's never known his father anyway, and the one that is here for him to talk to isn't what he expected (or really even wanted, probably), and so he'd rather not have to deal with it at all.

The whole thing really is a bit of a mindbend when you really think about it. Dreams are so mysterious.

Thanks so much for reading and I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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