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Review #26, by charlieee The Fat Lady

22nd April 2012:
1. bloom-weasley enterprises. weep sob choke etc
2. their friendship is just .. so perfect. i've never read fic before with this good of a dynamic. it's incredible.
3. 'that would be an awful waste of a fork, don't you think?' ahaha the sad thing is i can just picture jesse saying this oh god take me away
4. 'there's a giant slug where your heart is!'
okay well i ran out of reasons. but um, i just really love this story. i am so thrilled you put up another chapter. i'm so excited for the chapter where they spend christmas together, also. keep it up :')

Author's Response: ugh dani i swear your reviews are amazing and i laughed so loudly and my mom was looking at me so weirdly but i really don't care because sdffdjhsjkfd your comment just warms my whole soul and i promise i will update tonight

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Review #27, by charlieee A Hard Day's Night

11th March 2012:
'Right? Two unsociable hobos; who'd think we could accomplish something of the sort.'
i love this story SO MUCH it hurts. their friendship is so mismatched and audrey's so cynical and hugo is witty and sharp and deep down just as cynical and their relationship is just so perfect, i can't even stand it.
impatiently waiting for chapter five. until then i guess i'll re-read the entire thing multiple times because it's that good.

Author's Response: i love your reviews so much it hurts lol. thank you so so so much, i'm glad you like the story so far! hahaha tbh i like hugo a bit more than audrey. but they do match themselves well together, even though they are, like you said, mismatched. ugh i really want to post chapter 5 but i have just half of it done. i will make it a good one haha. thank you so much once again!

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Review #28, by charlieee Exploding Snap

11th March 2012:
wow, meghna. wow. WOW.
okay, well, i admit to only reading this story because of jesse eisenberg on the banner, but.
honestly though, this is singlehandedly the best chapter of a fanfiction that i've ever read in my life. the banter and language throughout is perfect. it's literally perfect.
i think what i like most about this though is just the truth behind the words - i think audrey is a very relatable character, at least for me. and nothing beats a mismatched relationship. my fingers are crossed for her and hugo.
sigh. i just really love this chapter. and i'm pretty sure the rest of the story will be just as excellent, if not better.

Author's Response: whatt hpff just wiped out my entire review.
ARGH thank you so much i literally died at 'best chapter of fanfiction'. the plan was to keep audrey as realistic as possible, and as far from superficial, and i hope i can keep that up till the end. argh that's so sweet, thank you sooo much again!

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Review #29, by hpgrl A Hard Day's Night

22nd February 2012:
Another awesome chapter! I'm a bit in awe of you updating skills, do you already have everything written? I can't wait until the Christmas chapter! I loved Hugo being all brave in this chapter. I noticed that you mentioned Uncle Fred instead od Uncle George though :D I think it's going to be funny having Audrey on a diet, and I love how Hugo keeps complementing her, it's so cute. I'm already shipping Hugo/Audrey, though it's probably too early. She going to transform then Hugo is going to fall in love with her, then they're going to live happily ever after ♥

Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha well I said I'd try and get a chapter up every day [: No more updates for something like a month though, because exams are just eating me out. ARGH Yeah I will fix that >< This is what happens when you write fanfic early in the morning. You forget which ones have died and which ones are alive. Lol as for the last bit, no comment, can't give away any plot here :) Thank you so much for the review, I really look forward to people's opinion on the plot/writing so this is great! Thanks so much!

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Review #30, by Miss Muggle A Hard Day's Night

22nd February 2012:
That was great! I feel bad for Beatrice, though. But Hugo and Audrey were justified and pretty amusing.
I think my favorite line is "“Right? Two unsociable hobos; who’d think we could accomplish something of the sort.”" So funny!
I wish you could update sooner, but I understand. Good luck on finals!

Author's Response: Haha I felt a bit bad for Beatrice as well, but nasty people deserve some nasty, even if it's only in fanfiction .-. Aw thank you so much :3 And I will probably break my resolution and update anyway, but pray that I don't or I'm failing finals for sure XD Thanks very much again!

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Review #31, by hpgrl First Wicket

22nd February 2012:
The poem was so funny! and McGonagall, and Hugo asking Audrey to come over for Christmas after only two days of hanging out, and the whole Roger Davies scheme- it's all pretty awesome stuff. Looking forward to the next chapter and how the next prank unfolds. I also love the small hints of mystery--like how the people on the Tosser list are going to be trying to figure out who's next. It has the feel of a good murder mystery - that is without the killing :D

Author's Response: was it? i thought it was awful lol. yeah well, what can i say about hugo. he's very .. forward lol. argh that's really just great to here and i'm glad it's keeping everybody on their toes :D i'm so thrilled that it's coming out well, really. thank you so much for reviewing, it really means a ton!

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Review #32, by hpgrl Strategy

22nd February 2012:
I loved this chapter! I love how hugo and audrey just click, and seem to always be on the same wavelength. I'm starting to wonder if Hugo has any other friends though, cause now he always seems to be hanging out with Audrey. The Tosser list is pretty ingenious, and the whole plot is exciting. It's going to be great getting through each prank and each person on the list. Great job! now off to the next chapter :D

Author's Response: ahhh your reviews make me so happy XD thank you so much; i'm beginning to get used to writing the audrey-hugo scenes. i'll try and introduce something later re:hugo's friends, i know it hasn't been very clear. thank you so much, i'm so excited that you like the story!

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Review #33, by Miss Muggle First Wicket

21st February 2012:
That was epic revenge :D Hugo and Audrey are brilliant. I love all of their plans so far (especially that one for Davies) I can't wait to see how the riddles pan out. Does Audrey really need to practice changing her voice or is there a spell for that?
I'm so excited to see Audrey at a Weasley Christmas! I can't express how excited that makes me! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I tried looking for a spell but couldn't really find one, so she's going to have to practice it, I'd htink. Well, the Weasley Christmas isn't decided yet, but I hope it happens! Again, thank you so much for reviewing! I'll try and have the next chapter up today~

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Review #34, by Miss Muggle Strategy

20th February 2012:
*evil laugh*
This is great! I love Hugo; he's funny. I love their plan for revenge (can't wait to read what happens (hint hint update soon)). I love the whole idea of this fic! This is what real people should do in real life. Please please please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and I completely agree :D Wow this is really making me grin from ear to ear XD I will definitely update as soon as I can~ I have a plot for the third chapter. Thank you so much again!!

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Review #35, by Miss Muggle Exploding Snap

20th February 2012:
I love this! I love Audrey's character and I can't wait to read more of Hugo's.
There are a few spelling mistakes. Crow instead of crowd, for instance. Also, the Harpies are an all girls team so what's-HIS-name shouldn't be on it. Although, I really like your description of the team.
I love Hugo and Audrey's pact. Great way to start a friendship :) I love the way they both think. I can't wait to see how they act as friends! And on that note, I'm onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D And for pointing out the errors as well, I hope I've fixed them all. The pitfalls of not having a beta, I would think XD Especially when I leave my brains outside whenever I write fanfic. But ugh this is great and I'm glad people like it; I'll try and update as soon as I can!

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Review #36, by looneyluna12345 Exploding Snap

19th February 2012:
I hope you make more chapters really soon!

Author's Response: Thank you :D I hope so too? lol I'll try and get at least 3 chapters up a week. I'm working on the second one at the moment so hopefully it will be up soon (: Thank you for reading!

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Review #37, by hpgrl Exploding Snap

19th February 2012:
Hi! This is a great first chapter, and I absolutely love Audrey, her cynicism and basically everything about her. It's only been a couple thousand words but you've already got me sucked in. It was the title that attracted me, so kudos for that. Hugo is also very well characterized, and I love how natural and realistic their interactions have been up to this point! Great job! And I'm looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds :D

p.s first reviewer!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was all very much experimental, so it's great to hear that it's working out! Thank you so much again, this really means a lot :)

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