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Review #26, by Marauder__Lover23 Beauty is beyond me

8th November 2013:
I've been a avid reader of the fanfiction for a little over two years now! I finally came around to rereading the whole thing and i have to say that i'm even more in love with it than i was in the beginning.
You are torturing me with not updating in over a year though! On the last chapter you even said you had prewritten the next chapter! I beg you for my own sanity to PLEASE upload something! Anything! I'll be happy with even just a small paragraph, but a new Chapter would make me absolutely ecstatic!
I just need to know how it ends! I've been going mad with all the possible endings swirling through my head... What happens with Ace? That cliffhanger at the end of the last Chapter was just cruel! I NEED TO KNOW!
I'll do anything for you to upload soon!
This story is my favorite fanfiction ever! Its actually one of my favorite story lines out of all the books i've ever read.
So please for your number one fan i beg you to upload the next chapter! And if you do i'll owe you big time :D

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it took so long for me to get round to updating! I thought the chapter'd been lost until I found it on dropbox! I don't know if you're still around/still reading but if you are, I will try and have the next half of the story up soon!

Thank you so much for the review and hope you haven't lost faith in fanfiction as a whole!

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Review #27, by zoemuppet Won't Back Down

5th October 2013:
Im so glad you said you are woking on it! i love Iris and Sirius! i never liked Anthony. And i was in LOVE with Ace! Still am!!! i hope he is going to be ok, i really really love him!!!

Author's Response: I still love Ace haha defintely one of my favourite characters!

I'm sorry it's taken so long!

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Review #28, by Hopeful Won't Back Down

9th September 2013:
I used to be super obsessed with this story, and still am for that matter, I just re foud it a and read through it again from the beginning and I think when I was obsessed with it was about a year ago and from what I remember there are only 1 or 2 additional chapters since then and it's so close to being done that I literally can't wait for you to finish it!! I really want to read all the way through but at the rate its going I'm afraid I might just have to forget about this story completely :( I don't want to at all it just makes me sad when I read through the entire 41 chapter monster again and I still don't get to know the ending. You're killing me!!! Please, for the sake of my sanity, just push through these next couple chapters and finally finish it!

Author's Response: Oh god I'm so sorry it took so long, I don't know if you're still around but the next chapters up now!

Hope your sanity's still in place!

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Review #29, by StellaRose Turning Tables

1st September 2013:
I'm in love with this story, I really am! I've been reading it from the beginning for three days now--it's very addicting!

I'm constantly in awe of your OCs. You've done such a marvelous job with them that I feel like I know them in and out.

And your plot--omg, I cannot wait to find out what happens next. You definitely know how to keep the suspense building and even chapters where there's not a lot going on, I'm still completely entertained.

PLEASE say you're going to have Iris and Ace resolve their conflict. I'm going to be heartbroken if Ace is completely lost to the dark side. I kind of feel that's what you implied but I'm still hanging onto a thread of hope :)

Holy Wow! I was NOT expecting Iris to not end up with Sirius...but now that she's with Antony it kind of makes sense. I didn't want to like him but he's slowly won me over. I think Sirius made a huge mistake when he continued going out with Mary--I mean what did he think would happen? That Iris would just wait around for him?

Please update soon, your story is definitely going on my favorite list :)

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Review #30, by StellaRose Time for Heroics

30th August 2013:
Oh my Merlin. Ace is the best OC ever. I'm actually quite sad he and Iris broke up. Is Ace ever going to find out the truth about Cane?

Gah, this story is beyond addicting. I'm loving every chapter more and more :)

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Review #31, by Miriam Won't Back Down

22nd August 2013:
Please, please write the next chapter quickly!!!

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Review #32, by marissa lily potter Mad About the Boy

29th June 2013:
I am loving this story although Iris is quite indecisive. I love where this is going and I think it's progressing at a fairly nice rate. It's well written and funny!

I still ship Iris/Ace. You gotta love Ace haha.

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Review #33, by JMarie_MischiefManaged Won't Back Down

28th June 2013:
Okay at first I was angry that you killed Antony off. but I'm even more angry that you practically abandoned this story and on a chapter like this!! I love this story, you can't stop it here. Iris hasn't found out that the person she loves most is dead! Oh come on, update soon please! you are an amazing writer!

Author's Response: It hasn't been abandoned! I've been busy but I'm working on it! :)


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Review #34, by ZoeMuppet Won't Back Down

26th June 2013:
Please update!!! this story is just incredible and I am obsessed with the story! Just love it! Why haven't you updated have you abandoned it? Please don't! :) Anyway I love this amazingly awesome story and I hope I can read more of this wonderful world soon xx p.s I am team Sirius xoxo

Author's Response: It's not abandoned, I promise! Exams and stuff have just taken over my life but I'm working on it!

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Review #35, by Me. Won't Back Down

23rd June 2013:
GAH! It's been over a year! Pleas. Update it, the story is great but please post some more chapters.

Author's Response: I know D:
This is the first time I've looked at it in forever but I promise I'm working on it!

Thank you for reminding me!

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Review #36, by ilovefood20 Won't Back Down

16th May 2013:
Omg I'm so glad you killed Antony off, because I am definitely his biggest hater. Ace for the win seriously. But unfortunately I know that can't happen, so Sirius is my second choice :)) please please update soon

Ps the rating is not only for your wonderful writing, but the death of least favourite character, next on my imaginary hitlist is definitely Andy god what is it about characters with names that start with A. Except Ace of course :)))

Author's Response: Haha, yay? Andy's really annoying, he just had to go in there because I know too many guys like that (i.e. two more than I ever should have too.. :P)

I'm working on the next chapter!
Thank you for the review

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Review #37, by JAM Won't Back Down

26th March 2013:
Hello ma'am, this is your new reviewer, here to give you tidbits of the good, bad, and the amazing of your story! Feeling like a queen yet? No? You should be. (JK, of course, I'm not actually that sassy.) This is one of the rare stories I actually bother to review, which means it's pretty dang good. And before I say anything else: THANK GOD FOR YOU KILLING ANTONY!! I'VE WANTED HIM TO BE MURDERED FOR THREE CHAPTERS!! YAY! I AM SO RELIEVED! (I felt a little bad when I read the torturing part though. But still. Dead suits him VERY well.) He was just becoming a rather annoying character, and the plot was becoming very 'in love'-y. But not quite too bad. It was great! I love Iris, and, well, I liked her better as 'the bitch', honestly, and now that she's gone all soft and in love it's not quite as hilarious, but still! Make her get over Antony, move in with Sirius, and then change it to an AU, let her save the world, defeat Voldy single-handedly, and have a brilliant wedding with Sirius! (But actually don't, that might just be a bit too great.) I like the story, and I think your voice is pretty good, and you're actually pretty good at keeping things changing, vocab-wise, but you may want to add a bit more variety to the dialog adjectives. And there's always a few errors, but I think that's just spellcheck problems, or whatever, nothing on your writing, because your absolutely GENIUS plot makes everything good! Antony is dead!
Time to celebrate!

~Perfect, I loved it! J

Author's Response: I'm working on the new chapter as we speak! Have no fear (famous last words...xD). I can't stand Iris when she's with Antony but the only thing worse is her post-Antony, hence the reason it's taking me so bloody long (among other limiting factors...).

When I start the next half of the story/the next book, I promise to spellcheck, double-check and then get my friend to triple-check because reading over my story makes me cringe and then one day, in the very distant future, I shall fix up this story from start to finish xD

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #38, by Danielle_x Won't Back Down

13th March 2013:
You have a new reviewer :D post as soon as possible I LOVE this story its amazing and so unique!!!

10/10 and I've only given that once

Author's Response: Yay! I love new reviewers! Sorry for the long wait, I'm working on the new chapter now!

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Review #39, by maraudertimes Won't Back Down

28th January 2013:
Finally! Sorry but Iris shouldn't be with Antony! That makes me sound horrible but its true. Anyways, I like it and oh my gosh, ACE! My poor darling babykins. Gay! I knew this would come. But great job! Its not often I curse at or plan the death of the author of the fan fiction I'm reading (in my head of course), but sometimes the writing and plot are really good. Case in point here.
Ok, 1) sometimes though, I don't know who you're talking about because you say 'he' a bunch. Perhaps just say 'the blond one' or 'the shorter one' a little more just because I (being the idiot that I am) can't follow it.
And 2) please oh please oh please post the next chapter. I'm dying to know what is going to happen with Sirius.
And if I seem like I hate you because of the whole plot right now, don't worry I do. I just love you twice as much for the whole plot right now. Okay thanks!

Author's Response: Haha oh god I know! There are times where I read through this story and just have to stop and walk away due to severe cases of chronic cringing! It's terrible and I will edit!

On the subject of the next chapter! I'm writing it as we speak!...although as this response suggests I'm procrastinating a bit at present...I'll get back to it O.o

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Review #40, by Potterwatch124 Won't Back Down

27th January 2013:
How could you kill Antony!?!? It was going to happen after the last chapter, but still... on another note, update soon!! :) what happened to the prewritten chapter?

Author's Response: The prewritten chapter disappeared in the great computer crash of whenever-the-hell-it-was and I never really got round to rewriting it xD

I promise I'm working on it now though!

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Review #41, by mel Won't Back Down

31st October 2012:
What?! I can't believe you left it there! You better update soon, because I need to know what happens next. Okay, so you know I've never been a huge Antony fan, and I was pretty disgruntled when you changed the vision, the James and Lily's wedding one, and I had a feeling with the whole scar thing and Iris's weird feeling, that Antony was going to die, but. I still cannot believe you killed him. I mean the whole time he was panicky at at the beach with Iris, I knew it was coming, but still! I was sorta beginning to wrap my head around Antony and Iris. Especially when you said there were 4 chapters left? I totally thought happily ever after. :( even though I was all for Ace/Iris and then Sirius/Iris, Antony's death is still really sad, and while I'm at it, so was Marie's, I really don't know why she had to die. Poor Francesco! And Ace is right, Iris is going to go absolutely mental over Antony.
Some positives of the chapter were the Iris and Sirius convo about their future, tragically sweet. And Ace's pov, while I'm not happy about him being a deatheater, and I didn't particularly enjoy his pov, I was glad to see that there's a bit of the old Ace in him still.
Onto the plot, what is going on with Iris's visions? And Hemera too? Something big must be happening, though it could have been the lead up to Antony's death. Which reminds me, you have to update soon! I need clarification on what the hell happened, and also Iris's reaction. And I want to know what's going on, so update please!

Author's Response: I know, I know! I just seem incapable of writing at the moment but I'm working on it and I'll try really hard to knock out the last few chapters before the end of summer!

I'm going to go and write now but thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by mel Mad About the Boy

31st October 2012:
No! I can't believe she broke up with Sirius! Not that I hate Antony or anything, but still, Sirius! Sob, I will now just comfort myself with that vision Iris had in like chapter 2, where she was still friends with James and Lily, and more than friends (?) with Sirius.

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Review #43, by mel The Rhythm You Started

31st October 2012:
I cannot believe Iris! Really? Antony AND Sirius? Iris, seriously, what are you doing?! I wasn't very happy with the developments, but then you brought Ace back! Still though, Iris needs to sort it out. She better not cheat on Sirius. But I also feel a bit bad for Antony too. Ugh, Iris.

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Review #44, by mel Venice

31st October 2012:
Yep, Antony is boring. Marie and Francesco on the other hand, are absolutely brilliant! And what is going on with Iris and Sirius, and Ace for that matter. I hope he isn't going to become a deatheater :(

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Review #45, by mel The Twist

31st October 2012:
Yep, random. I was getting all squeally about Ace, and then bam, random adoption by filthy rich parents. An actress who's a witch never the less. Woah, I have no idea where this is going. But look, everything people thought was Iris's life, is now actually her life.

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Review #46, by mel Time for Heroics

31st October 2012:
No!! On two things, one the end of Ace and Iris! :(( and how sweet was the whole, if its not you, then there's no one else line! I sniffled, but it was a nice, amicable, sweet, albeit sad, break up. Naww Ace and Iris. And I'm terribly upset that she's not going home with him for Christmas, but you tied that up really well. Oh, Ace, I'm missing him already. But I liked your/Iris's take on things, maybe they would have been happy, but who knows, that line was perfect. And there was always Sirius, which brings me to the second problem, he was about to say he loved her! Damn these deatheaters and their timing! Argh, but at least they're friends again, and that starting again scene, re-introducing themselves was really sweet. Can't wait for more Sirius and Iris, though I'm still mourning the end of the power couple that was Iris and Ace.

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Review #47, by mel The oh so Sacred Day of Ace

31st October 2012:
I know everyones just being friendly because of the truce, but look! Iris talking to her roommates, and Hemera, and Sirius, even though it wasn't a great convo.
It was nice to finally find out about Iris's family, but like her, it doesn't really mean much anymore. I can't believe she didn't realise that Voldemort and Lestrange were talking about her, come on Iris!
Onto Ace, I really really really do love him. I have never loved an oc in a siriusxoc fic introduced for the purpose of making Sirius jealous, so much. Usually I don't even like them! And Hemera, forever the voice of logic, they totally fancy each other! But I feel a bit bad, because she's going to end up with Sirius isn't she? Poor Ace.
I can honestly say, at this point, that I never, never expected the story to have taken this turn. Was it around chapter 10 or so, that Sirius and Iris had the cutest friendship, and I thought yeah, maybe one or two chapters of beating around the bush, jealousy and what not, and they'd be together! And that scene where they'd made up, with the fight about Tupps and him asking her to move in, naw. But now, they're so far from that. :( but I'm glad we got these chapters, because... Ace!

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Review #48, by mel 'Family Issues'

31st October 2012:
Oh I think I like Ace and Iris more than Sirius and Iris. Which is worrying. But how cute was the broken hand thing! And the pool scene. And how he kinda likes her and couldn't cheat on her. Naww, and Ace caring about Aiden, in that I hate you but you're my little bro way. LOVE.
Sirius, on the other hand, what is wrong with him! Even if Mary didn't sleep with Tom, she still came onto Ace, even though he doesn't know that, but she's a slag! And everyone knows that! Grr! And now Iris has like no friends, because they're all on Sirius's side. When will her and Hemera make up! Oh and Moody as the overprotective father was adorable! Haha

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Review #49, by mel Kiss of Life

30th October 2012:
Oh wow, developments. So Cane's father was married to Iris's mother, and I wonder who Iris's father is. And I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, in regards to Cane that is.
I loved Ace and Iris in this chapter, except for when, you know, he almost killed Sirius. The pregnant thing was hilarious, and Ace is right, they would make amazing kids!

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Review #50, by mel Unthinkable

30th October 2012:
With every chapter, Ace is either a comple arse, like in the Sirius chapter and with the Leda false alarm pregnancy, and I can't stand him, or he'll be an (expected) egotistical arse, like in this chapter, and the Greens party chapter, and I love him and his charm! Ace, you're confusing me.
I also just wish Sirius and Iris would sort things out already. Sirius, seriously, get rid of Mary! And I'm beginning to feel Iris' annoyance at Alec. What a stalker.

Author's Response: I know, them getting together is long overdue! And he does change quite a bit haha

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