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Reading Reviews for Waking Up In Vegas
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Review #26, by ohsayitaintsox3 Chapter 1

18th September 2009:
Ahahah perfection, I must say. Vegas + Rose/Scorpius is an amazing concept. I like James, too (: Keep up the amazing work. I'm excited for the next part.

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Review #27, by Ninelli Chapter 1

15th September 2009:
Well, if this isnt going to be interesting... >:)

Looking forward to the next chapter

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Review #28, by LiveforLuna Chapter 1

14th September 2009:
This is beyond amazing! update soon please!!!

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Review #29, by bespontaneous Chapter 1

12th September 2009:
i love the concept!
i can't wait till you update[:

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Review #30, by craziiJBlove Chapter 1

10th September 2009:
damn thats hella good.
its going in my favorites!!
u better update soon or im gonna turn u into a frog!!
lol how cool would that be if i could actually do that

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Review #31, by Bookworm045 Chapter 1

9th September 2009:
Please, please, PLEASE write more! I love it! Absolutely LOVE it!

My favorite line is:

*It was clear. I would have to assassinate Scorpius Malfoy.*

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Review #32, by JL6 Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
i actually love this! cant wait till the next post! update soon please!

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Review #33, by Slytherin_Seeker13 Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
This is sooo amazing! I love it, post soon!!!

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Review #34, by FrizzyxNightmare Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
NO!! D: D:
I feel so bloody Sorry for Rose D:
Its not the fact that she lost her main innocentness To Scorpius (cause i would love that

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Review #35, by NorahGP7 Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
haha I laughed so much reading this! I can't wait to read more. James was so funny! Does Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry have anything to do with this fanfic?


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Review #36, by disgirl0 Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
ahahha...!! that was hilarious!! great start!! hahaa..and in vegas!!
me and my frewn went there a couple years bac and we were taking pics in our room of us "fake sleeping like were in lov"! it was funny when we see it now!! ahaha...
anyways...i loved how u characterised both rose and scorpious and james!!! ahaha...it was just soo funny how he got scared and closed the door on her!! hahah... cant wait for the next update!!

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Review #37, by Siriius Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
-Sniggers- I am not the biggest fan of Scorpius/Rose but this was hilarious ;D! Great idea for a story; can't wait til you update!
Aw, James, I love him. 'Mazeltov!'
ilyyy c:

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Review #38, by hannah17 Chapter 1

7th September 2009:
Ande this is completely epic

I love love love it so much. I laughed the entire way through xD Rose and Scorpius are perfect - just perfect :P and I love how they talk lmao. So effin rude to each other and so win.

I love you update soon or I shall harass you incessantly over msn


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Review #39, by sammm Chapter 1

6th September 2009:
haha i was laughing throughout the chapter!
Hahah, i like the prologue/first chapter ande! I look forward to reading more soon enough!

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Review #40, by XxXForEverYoursXxX Chapter 1

6th September 2009:
Great start!!!..You've got me hoocked! Can't wait for the next one...please, update soon!!!

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Review #41, by Childish_Fairy Chapter 1

6th September 2009:
amazing amazing amazing, I was laughing the entire way through. I love the song and I know I'll love this story!


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Review #42, by prongsie4ever Chapter 1

6th September 2009:
this is sooo good. I can't wait to read more

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Review #43, by i love prongs Chapter 1

6th September 2009:
really great chapter this story has so much potential I can't wait for more! Is it inspired at all by Katy Perrys Waking up in vegas? I was thinking the other day that someone should write a vegas story about Rosius! Update soon please!
Chelsea :)
(I think im the 1st reviewer! yay!)

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