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Review #26, by HP fly on the wall Shattered (Part 2)

31st October 2011:
ugggh!! this story is so good! i'm addicted!

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment! I appreciate you taking the time even with just a few words to let me know you are enjoying it. :)

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Review #27, by HP fly on the wall Consequences

29th October 2011:
Really good chapter:) i can totally understand why they're all so pissed; what Sirius did was just stupid, he didn't think about it all but.I feel so bad for Sirius! ounce you here his side of the story of how he came to tell Snape all that, you really feel for the dude, he was legit crying! and he had a good reason to be! and also, Snape was being such a jerk! i know he probably has VERY good reason to hate them but still, he was being an asshole.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! That was exactly my goal to get you feeling bad for all the characters. I hope you continue reading and let me know your thoughts.

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Review #28, by Jess Taking Strides

17th October 2011:
glad you updated! i've been waiting for one. this is a pretty good chapter. I'm happy things between Sirius and Remus are getting better :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #29, by 90112 Wading Through

23rd September 2011:
how long till the next chapter

Author's Response: I'm working on it at the moment...I'm writing my thesis at the same time so trying to balance the two. I will update as soon as I can! Thanks for reading!

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Review #30, by Jess Wading Through

12th September 2011:
pretty good chapter...I understand why you didn't have too much interaction between Sirius and Remus, though it would have been nice to have more. Loved the bit with Lily in it. please, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I will try to update soon!

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Review #31, by girly1393 Wading Through

12th September 2011:
The blood politics are really clever. I'd always thought the purebloods would've been angry with Sirius and it would've effected his school life, but I never really sat down and thought about what they could've done. That was seriously amazing, having them push him into a sort of hiding.

I don't think Sirius realizes how much better it seems to Remus that Sirius didn't beg for forgiveness, but rather asked on James' account. And I wonder when Remus will allow Sirius to talk about it; I can't say I expect them to be the best of friends anytime soon, but I do wish Remus would cool down enough to at least listen.

Best way Lily's given James a detention, ever. Seriously.

Definitely looking forward to the next chapter. This one was marvelous.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I was trying to think up how the students at Hogwarts would react, especially purebloods and came up with this.

Remus will cool down more in the next chapter. They will be friends again soon, but you are right about it will take some time for them to be best of friends.

I'm glad you liked the bit with Lily!

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Review #32, by Robyn Wading Through

9th September 2011:
This was a good chapter. I'm glad they're back at school and I liked the idea of all the purebloods avoiding Sirius but I wish Remus would at least show some signs of forgivness haha. Peter is just annoying, but no matter what he does he'll still be annoying lol. How many more chapters are you writing for this story? Can you write about like a prank at the end of it or something if you're writing about them getting back together?

Author's Response: It has only been a week of term...but fact Remus listened to Sirius about sitting with James when he's not around is a very small hint that he's heading toward forgiveness (or at least that was what I was going for). More will come I promise! At least 4-5 more chapters, I'm still debating about whether to take it until end of the year and cover Snape's Worst Memory. I'm playing around with ideas for how to handle that so I will see if I can make it work or if it just drags it out. I will try to fit a prank it...once they've forgiven each other there will be some good friendship moments of course.

Thanks for lovely review!

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Review #33, by peanut Wading Through

9th September 2011:
loved the chapter worth the wait i cant wait till the next one

Author's Response: Thanks for review! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #34, by 890yo Going Back

29th August 2011:
great chapter keep them coming

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and happy to hear you liked the chapter!

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Review #35, by peanut Going Back

28th August 2011:
when the next chapter

Author's Response: I don't know yet...but hopefully in two weeks or so. I'm having some difficulty with the next chapter...

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Review #36, by Robyn Going Back

28th August 2011:
This is a great chapter. The warrant bit was a good touch I thought lol. I like the way Remus isn't that forgiving because it's such a big thing. Peter annoys me, but then again he'll annoy me anyways no matter what you do to him haha.

Author's Response: haha...yea Peter is annoying. I do try to make him not too pathetic that it is unbelievable that James and Sirius would be friends with him. I think Remus's reaction is one of the hardest to write, but at least so far you like what I've done. Thanks for the review!

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Review #37, by ilovehp Going Back

28th August 2011:
SO GOOD. cant wait for next chapter (:

Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #38, by ilovehp Consequences

28th August 2011:
this is so good, spent agees looking for a marauder era that mostly sticks to what really happened during that period, and one which isnt a one shot! really enjoying it :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :)
I have tried to stick to cannon as much as possible and so glad you've enjoyed it so far!

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Review #39, by quidditchscribbler Going Back

28th August 2011:
I have only just discovered this and I really enjoy it! Most interpratations of the Marauders era skims over the incident with the Whomping Willow and you have made it so deep and insightful. The relationships between the boys is expressed very well and are so believable. Thank you for writing a story that lets us see who the Marauders really are and not just the overused superficial image I've seen so many other times. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm a big fan of the Marauders and spent a lot of time thinking about how they interact with each other, so I am glad to hear that it is believable! Whomping Willow is certainly not an easy topic to write about and I do agree that many stories that center on their fifth year don't go into much detail...though I know part of the reason are most of the time they are Marauder/OC stories. Thanks again!

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Review #40, by RJ Going Back

27th August 2011:
Loved it! Cant wait for the next chapter x

Author's Response: Thanks! I will update asap, but I am having some difficulty with the next chapter...just can't get it to sound right.

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Review #41, by girly1393 Going Back

26th August 2011:
That drama, the tension, wow. You really nailed. Remus, Jesus that was perfect. I wondered when some faulty reasoning was going to get Sirius ousted. Having the warrant was a clever idea.

I'd never thought about how serious it have been for Sirius to run away from home, not from the pure-blood perspective. I always think of it from his, so that was a really nice touch, a wonderful insight.

You're doing amazing and I really enjoy this story.

Author's Response: Thanks again for the lovely review! I'm so glad you liked Remus's reaction because I wanted to make it believable. I had fun writing the warrant part. Hopefully I can update soon, but next chapter is giving me so trouble...

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Review #42, by Robyn Shadows & Truth

19th August 2011:
Can't really say anything more then Brilliant. You are an excellent writer!

Author's Response: Thank you for leaving a review! Glad you hear you are continuing to enjoy the story :)

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Review #43, by AmethystBlack<3 Shadows & Truth

16th August 2011:
AHHH! This is really good. I was really scared about reading stuff about the Mauraders as they (excluding Peter) are my favourite Harry Potter characters and I didn't want them to be ruined - but you did such a good job! Carry on writing NOW! I want to read more :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you gave my story a chance and that you felt I did your favorite characters justice! Thanks for leaving a review and will update soon.

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Review #44, by RJ Shadows & Truth

16th August 2011:
How pleased I am that I stumbled upon this little beauty! Ive read this whole story so far this morning and I love it! Your writing is awesome, and it's been ages since I read a story that I have really enjoyed from this part of the Marauders lives. Im impressed, and I cant wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and your compliments! I'm so glad you are enjoying this story. I agree about it is hard finding good Marauder stories that focus mostly on their friendship.

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Review #45, by girly1393 Shadows & Truth

15th August 2011:
Hooray for a reconnection! I'm in awe of your ability to make it take so long. Even though it won't be right away, I hope Remus can forgive him relatively easily. I really, really enjoy your story and I apologize for reviews more sub-par than I was planning; however, I'm reviewing on my nook and it is surprisingly difficult. I am genuinely excited to read more, and am definitely adding this to my favorites. Out of curiosity, will you take this story through their seventh year? Because I cannot deny how much I want to see you write Lily getting togetherwith James; I think you'd do it so well. And it's my favorite part of Marauders stories. -sheepish smile-

Author's Response: I appreciate you taking the time to review each chapter! Yes James and Sirius finally talked! yay! Remus's forgiveness will def need to take a different path than James's just because difference in personalities and what would have happened to them if worst had come to worst. Next update should be in a week or so. No this story will end in fifth year...though who knows once I finish if I decide to write a sequel into sixth/seventh year.

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Review #46, by girly1393 Blurred

15th August 2011:
The ever-so-slowly mending relationship. Really well written!

Author's Response: Yes...thanks again for the review :)

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Review #47, by girly1393 Removed

15th August 2011:
His parents are bleepity bleepy bleep bleepers terrrible! You wrote that scene so well, I felt like I was really there. I love Mrs. Potter! She handles James so well, and it's so obvious how much she loves him, and Sirius, too.

Author's Response: Thanks! I enjoyed writing Mrs. and Mr. Potter. I thought it was good to show such distinction in their parenting.

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Review #48, by girly1393 Shattered (Part 2)

15th August 2011:
I honestly can't imagine having a family so terrible, and I'm so proud of him for getting out.

Author's Response: Thanks! And it took a lot of courage on Sirius's part.

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Review #49, by girly1393 Shattered (Part 1)

15th August 2011:
God his home life sucks. He made a terrible mistake, his friends have a right to be angry, and he deserves to be punished. But he doesn't deserve that. What Remus said to him before I'm only now registering and I'm so angry with them all before being such BOYS! (I appreciate thst Lily said "happy birthday" to him.)

Author's Response: haha...right? they are being such boys! It is one of the things I keep trying to remind myself that they are boys when writing things like that. Thanks for another review!

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Review #50, by girly1393  Rumblings

15th August 2011:
I, wow. Like, I don't know what to say. I feel bad for all four--Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter, and I'm actually a little mad at all four of them in an inexplicable way.

Author's Response: I'm glad you said that about feeling bad for all four of them and yet being a little mad at all four of them because that describes this incident perfectly and exactly what I was going for. You can't blame their reactions, but if they had each reacted a little differently a lot of it could have been avoided.

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