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Review #26, by heart4siriusblack six.

15th July 2013:
Love love love! Its so original and squee-worthy because its so well written!

Author's Response: Ahh you've made me blush! Thank you ever so much!

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Review #27, by feathers101 six.

15th July 2013:
hahahaha this was an incredible chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #28, by Albus Potter's Woman six.

15th July 2013:
I really love this story. I think that this different idea of Fred opposed to an idiot who can't use his brain is pretty appealing and well I wish you all the luck with this story. Please update soon

Author's Response: Tehe, he's got a brain. And he knows it ;) Thank you so much, you're too kind!

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Review #29, by silverashes six.

15th July 2013:
I honestly cannot get over how beautiful your writing is! It's just so nice to read! I love, love, love all the characters! Eoin, Harriet, Evangeline, Freddie, Ronan...ohmygosh. They're all so likable. Eoin and Evie are hilarious together. I really like their friendship! Please update soon!

xx Rachel

Author's Response: Eee you lovely person! Thank you so much! I like the characters too, they're like my little brood. I'm so glad you like them!

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Review #30, by silverashes three.

15th July 2013:
I adore Eoin! He's such a character! Another brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: I know, Eoin's a blast to write, I adore him. Thank you so much!

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Review #31, by silverashes two.

15th July 2013:
This is so beautifully written! Oh goshh, I just love Freddie. He's one of my favorite characters to read about! This is absolutely lovely! I cannot wait to continue reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you're far too nice! I realised I abandon Freddie somewhat, and tada, here he is! Thank you!

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Review #32, by Lympha five.

17th June 2013:
I really love this story. Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #33, by Cirque Du Freak five.

16th June 2013:
THIS WAS SO SHORT HOW COULD YOU. Blarrrggh I am not happy with you *shakes fist*

I'm not sure whether to laugh until I cry or just be grossly weirded out, because I appreciate the gory-ness of a good horror film (i.e sit there and laugh about how someone is being pulled by their legs in a green screen suit) but this is my *~*~*IMAGINATIONA*~*~* and I'm not sure how to deal with this so I think I'm going to laugh, because otherwise I will have nightmares and then I'll attempt to track you down and haunt you as a giant finger with a nicely shaped nail.

On the other note I am sad that Oven didn't make it through the night, but better luck next time, eh? :P

I shall not give into thy temptations Freddeth Wease(like fleece)ly.

I am curious, however, at how... desperate Fred seems to be in trying to "attain" Eve, because they've met for all of five seconds and there can't be that much more to it, can it? Does he just have a penchant for unattainable girls? Is there really something lying underneath?


Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY! -hides- I promise I'll make it up in the next one! It's a bit of an epic adventure time with MORE NEW CHARACTERS AHH (I know you're looking forwards to it, more names! (I have banned myself from making more Irish guys thought because this is a weak point of mine that needs addressing))

Eeep, I'm glad you settled for laughing, nicely shaped nail or not I don't fancy a giant severed digit for a stalkee.

Oven just reminds me of a stove. Is this because they're hothot?! :P

I AM SO TEMPTED TO TURN ON THE FREDDIE CHARM (if he has any which is doubtful) I don't think any deeper sinister things, just built on ego and Eva's wiles (oh dear hahaha)

I know, he's a strange fella. But all shall be revealed. In my characteristic way: very slowly, infuriatingly with lots more characters thrown in along the way.

Now I have a confession: the characters in the wedding (Lola, Emily etc) were the girls from my Dominique fic. Ahh, cross overs!

YET ANOTHER LOVELY REVIEW. I'm praising your existence in the world right now. As Harriet would say: you're absolutely brillo-pads. Top notch! Thank you so much you wonderful creature!

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Review #34, by Cirque Du Freak four.

16th June 2013:

You've got characters in abundance, just leaking from your knuckles (looking back on this now I'm sure it was meant to be fingers/orifices, but no... its knuckles now, apparently).

And then and then and then (see how my reviews unwound by excitement and lack of coherency) YOU GIVE ME THIS HILARITY: "something about forever and ever and some other bull" -- I have no idea why, but this just made me burst into laughter, because FRED WEASLEY son of GEORGE WEASLEY is crooning along to some random bit of tosh and on a stage trying to be a bit serious and sultry and heartfelt and Eve just doesn't give a toss. Its brilliant. Also extended by the fact that she's trying to have a good old snog with Eoin. Yum.

And then you hit it with Owl Me Maybe and I feel like smacking my head on a wall whilst hysterically laughing. A bit of an oh dear, really, Freddie? kind of moment, pahaha.

The last bit gives me chills and the beforehand comment by Ronan about Fred being dangerous comes into my mind. Just how dangerous is Fred?

And here I have decided my ship and its Evin (except not Ev-In but OV-IN just like the pronounciation of Eoin's name for the OH bit. I declare thy Oven, er, I mean Evin!)

Author's Response: I feel like apologising for the amount of characters but then I just feel like flinging them all out into the open and shouting DEAL WITH IT there's lots of people in her life and THEY'RE ALL EPIC AHH

Not that I'm biased at all. But I believe them all to be.

Hehehe she likes Eoin. But I think that ship has already sailed (I'm not entirely sure though, this story's not too clear in my head, everything could go any direction at the moment!) though she likes to revisit it every now and then. I don't blame her. The Irish Captain is a corker (yes, I'm confused with where the shipping analogy is going as well)

Ooo a bit of danger never hurt anyone (what was that? it does?! oh, okay...) he likes being called sultry, he likes that a lot.

I probably should apologise for that appalling little snippet of terrible music but... I'm not going to. Mwaha. I'm going to leave it there with no regrets because the Ben Howard cover of that song is scrumptious. (And it's one of those songs you dance to with abandon in your room, not that I ever partake in such frivolous activities)


(I also had a weird image of characters literally coming out my knuckles which I must admit was a tad disturbing)

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Review #35, by Cirque Du Freak three.

16th June 2013:
And now more characters introduced! I'm loving all these pop-ups everywhere - they're all just so dramatic and decide to bust in the room like a rainbow on fire and say LOOK AT ME.

That and Eve got saved in the end by her sometimes FWB guy who I, of course, imagine to super hot. Go Eva for scoring decent guys ;) I liked him a lot actually, it was interesting to see Evangeline change very slightly when she was with Eoin and when she was with Harriet. Although I must say I could have done with that marvellous drunk scene Eoin talked of!

And then it all ends with the correct assumption that, indeed, Evie didn't go to Hogwarts at all and Eoin, too (surprisingly to me)!

P.S. I think I mistakenly said Napoleon instead of Sybil in the last review when I mentioned the cat - I had the owl on the brain, obviously. :P

Author's Response: I have a character addiction. I'm so sorry. But how could I stop Eoin?! He's very look-at-me, and we don't mind looking. Oh yes, so hot it hurts. And he knows it :P

I actually had the drunk scene written out but I cut it out in the final edit. I apologise! However she's not the stranger to a few drinks so I'm sure one will reappear soon. Evie says some things are best left to the imagination and this apparently is one of them :P

You're so good at guessing things! Bravo to you! I'm impressed with your Sherlock-esque deduction skills, very snazzy ;) Once more you're the most fantabulous person in the world. I love your reviewing spree (mainly because I get all these lovely kind things said about me and it's very nice -smug grin-) LONG MAY IT CONTINUE! -loves-

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Review #36, by Cirque Du Freak two.

16th June 2013:
And then we meet Harriet (tell me she has a biscuit addiction - I've been waiting for one with a penchant for chocolate digestives/chocolate chip with nuts). She seems pretty fabulous actually and is being appropriately best friend-ish in this particular scene. She seems like the type that may bring a bit of drama into Eve's life (as she already has done with Fred!)
So disappointed in her as she just rejects the tickets (no doubt, he'll seek her out I'm banking on it).

EVE'S GOT A CAT. I love it (what? of course I'm not a cat lady...ahem) Its terribly sad that Knockturn Alley doesn't have a lift, because it would be hilarious if little Napoleon wanted to go off and tour the streets and decided to go down in a lift to go out.

And then you introduce us to Eve's mum - now why would you do that? Why would you torture me? What's the matter with you? :( So many questions and not enough answers!

Now this is interesting also - the fact that Eve doesn't know much of Harriet as we initially thought. Also the tidbit that Harriet is also somewhat older and the fact that its possible that Eve didn't go to Hogwarts, perhaps? TOO MANY QUESTIONS.

Author's Response: C'mon now, every girl's gotta have a Harriet ;) Biscuits are a girls best friend. A best friend who likes forcing biscuits down your throat = the best thing in the world ever.

I was tempted to have her accept it, but wouldn't that be too easy for her and we couldn't have that now could we :P I KNOW I'M JUST EVIL. It was all too much fluff I was drowning in cotton wool. Had to bring it down to Earth and down it came, with a mother shaped bang.

I'VE CALLED SYBIL NAPOLEON A FEW TIMES I'M SO SORRY -hides- I'm not even sure where that came from. I have put it back into the queue to be edited. I apologise profusely. I'm so sorry Sybil. Your name is very manly and you don't suit Napoleon better, I'm sorry for getting your hopes up.

I know I'm just so cruel aren't I! I should make them write an auto-biography and be done with it all :P But where's the fun in that?! This way I can drip feed you information when it suits me, mwahaha. YOU ARE AMAZING ONCE MORE

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Review #37, by Cirque Du Freak one.

16th June 2013:
(i'm on a reviewing spree can you tell?)

It started off with an introduction to a load of different and new characters that we don't know yet so it was lovely to get to know everyone at the same pace just as your OC is as well.

I like the beginning where you said "The first time I saw Freddie Weasley, there weren't sparks." It was a normal setting, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary except for the fact that these two had a pass. Freddie's memorable and Eva is treating him like any other punter despite what she might actually think of him.


Its an interesting take on his character (he's a singer and he's going to woo the life out of Evangeline and its going to be great amirite?) This obviously makes up for the crap note that Eva got from her, who I'm assuming is, ex.


Author's Response: IT'S YOU AGAIN -tackles and loves-

I don't do fluff so I challenged myself and I'm so glad you like it! I always think it might be too much but I kind of like it -hides from angst's wrath-

I LOVE FRED. He is so underwritten and under appreciated, James II who?! It's Freddie all the way ;) I know, the ex is rubbish. But what ex isn't?!


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Review #38, by BBWotter five.

15th June 2013:
omg hahahahahhahaha this is priceless! A FINGER HAHAHHAHAHAHA I *gasp* CAN'T *gasp* STOP *gasp* LAUGHING. Okay, I need to breath. Thanks for the chapter! (Even if it was short :P) xoxo

Author's Response: Hehehehe, I must admit to a few evil chuckles when thinking this up. So glad you liked it ;)

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Review #39, by AlexFan one.

8th June 2013:
This was a really pleasant chapter. It's the only way that I can describe. The entire thing has this feeling of calmness to it and peacefulness which is actually very difficult to put into a story. Most chapters are intense and full of drama but this was nice to read.

The speed wasn't fast and even though it was a rather short chapter there was still plenty of description and a good balance of dialogue and description. This is one of the few stories where I actually enjoy reading in first person, most times I just find 1st Person POV choppy and I dislike reading it but you make it work.

There weren't any grammatical or punctuation errors as far as I could see and you did a good job of sticking to one verb tense.

I really enjoyed reading this.

Author's Response: Eee thank you so much! It really means a lot to me! I have to say I'm rather bad at writing dramatic scenes, I'm more of a real-life kinda girl ;)

I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #40, by feathers101 four.

30th May 2013:
I love love love this story! Please update again soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're so lovely!

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Review #41, by 800 words of heaven one.

30th May 2013:

After reading your stellar review of my story (to which I haven't yet replied - sorry. Give me a day or two), I thought I might return the favour!

I like this! This seems like it could be fun, like one of those comedy-dramas. Actually, for all I know, the main characters could spiral into a deep, dark depression, but you know, that's part of the excitement!

I really like your author voice. It's very clear, and crisp, with just a few frills and trills, which makes for a refreshing read, without being bogged down in too much literary flash - which I really enjoy.

Eva seems interesting. I'd like to see her further reactions to this mysterious (to us, at least. I assume she knows who it is) note - and of course, more Freddie, because we all have a bit of a soft spot for the bad boys, even though, like Ronan pointed out, they're trouble.

On another slightly unrelated note - amazing chapter image! Ronan looks like a cutie! Also, he sounded really nice in the chapter as well.

I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Wow, aren't you just lovely! I don't even know what to categorise this as, myself. I do angst but then suddenly my brain explodes with fluff and tries to be funny and it all goes a bit wonky, ah. I'm so glad you like Eva, I was afraid she'd come over a bit wishy-washy because she's just a bit 'ah cool, okay guys' rather than the AHHH characters everyone seems to like.

Oh Freddie ;) he's not as cool as he thinks. I think.

I know, it's just gorgeous isn't it! Ronan is adorable, I just want to cuddle him up. So cute.

Thank you so much for your loveliness! Made me beam like a madwoman x

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Review #42, by ramenunicorn one.

28th May 2013:
I like it so far :) Freddie has such potential to be an interesting character and I thought Ronan would be Scorpius when you mentioned blonde ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! Ooo now why didn't I think of that?! That would have been a good plot twist... but alas he's just little old Ronan from Ireland (I need to stop collecting Irish characters, they're growing rapidly). A gaggle of Irishmen? Not that I'm complaining...

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Review #43, by ramenunicorn one.

28th May 2013:
I like it so far :) Freddie has such potential to be an interesting character and I thought Ronan would be Scorpius when you mentioned blonde ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #44, by losers_lurgy four.

27th May 2013:
i've been loving it! Evie's character she's refreshingly upbeat and just lovely. The dialogue between her and Eoin is really natural and just great. ahah just wetting myself waiting for freddie to find her!

Author's Response: Thank you so much; you're so lovely! I love Eoin, he's my darling boy so I'm so glad you like them! x

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Review #45, by UnluckyStar57 one.

24th May 2013:
Wow!! You've really intrigued me with this first chapter!!

I love your descriptions and the way it moves the story along. The sentence structure is really good, to, but you've got a bit of a misplaced modifier when you say, "Finishing his drink, I look once more..." To me, that sounds a bit like she drank his drink, which is silly. But otherwise, everything flows really well!

A few questions:
Why are Ronan and Freddie so special that they get to come in the pub after hours? And why have they chosen to write their song in the Leaky, of all places?
Why does Ronan call Freddie "Bam?"

Though I haven't read many Freddie/OCs, I really like them, and I like the beginning of this one. It's quite intriguing and quite well-written as well. :)


Author's Response: Oo yay intrigue! Awesomesauce.

Descriptions are my favourite thing ever (especially people, I love people so much) so I'm so glad you like them. I'll go back and fix that; I am an idiot. Really need to be more critical with my proof reading skills rather than giving up and just posting!

Oo questions... Ronan and Freddie are just special ;) They know the owner and all will be explained later on!
And Bam is a cutesy nickname with dubious origins that will be explained later.

Thank you so much! You're lovely and this has made me smile! Have a lovely day, I'm so glad you like it x

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Review #46, by patronus_charm one.

23rd May 2013:
Hey there!

I’ve never read any Fred II stories and I really liked what you did in this one so it makes me want to read more of them in the future. I liked how you characterised him and didn’t make him perfect and that he had flaws. It may be due to him being drunk but I quite liked the arrogant nature he had about him as it makes me think he’s going to change in the future.

I also really liked Evangeline as she’s seems to be a really interesting person. She doesn’t seem to be showing any Mary-Sue traits at the moment, and looks fun and original. That really pleased me, as it’s so easy to slip up when writing an OC and make her out to be an annoying person but I liked yours.

For an opening chapter you left me wondering lots of questions, which is just how an opening chapter should be so I was happy about that. I wonder how this Evangeline relates to magic, because I don’t think you mentioned anything magical in this chapter and how later opinions of Freddie.

The only CC I have is that there were a couple of tenses changes throughout the chapter. Here you write in the past ‘“Really? Now?” the Irish lilt was melodic, soothing.’ And here ‘“You,” he says.’ I would suggest re-reading the chapter aloud as they get rid of those annoying errors. It’s quite an easy mistake to make and I do it all the time so it’s nothing to worry about too much.

That was a really good chapter and it made me smile! ♥


Author's Response: Ah thank you so much!

I personally love Evie, she's my baby. So I'm really glad you like her; I was worried she was going to turn into a cliche and be riddled with pit falls and errors. So yay!

Ah Freddie's a bit of an arrogant, yes, yes ;) Ee yay for flaws! I did hope he wasn't some perfect guy but he is a lovable arrogant little chicka.

Oh the dreaded tenses. I always do this. I will go back and edit them; I need to poof-read more thoroughly! I always get into my stride and end up flipping between the two. Very confusing.

I'm so glad you liked it and it made you smile; your review made me beam ear to ear! Thank you so so much you lovely person. Have a nice day! :D x

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Review #47, by mrsronaldweasley262 three.

23rd May 2013:
I like it, I think you're doing awesome. The writing flows nicely and it's nice and light, not overly heavy and dramatic. It's good!

I really like Eva, she's very... Real? Does that word work? It works in my head. I like Harriet and especially Eoin. How do you pronounce his name? Is it like Eeee-oh-in?

You should update really soon ;)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love them all, they're like my little brain children. That sounds weird... Eoin is just O-en, like Owen, but nice and Irishly spelt :) You're so nice, ee, made me so happy! Thank you so much

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Review #48, by DracoAndTheMalfoys three.

22nd May 2013:
I'm really liking this story so far! Maybe you can tell us more about Eve, a slight back story and why she was home schooled, why she's working as a barmaid etc. Um, so far it's really good and I can't wait to read more! -And I've added it to my favorites. :D
Bye ^_^

Author's Response: Ooo yes that's probably a good idea... I have her all sorted in my head that it's hard to forget you don't know everything about her :P Thank you so much for the review and the favourite! You're too kind! x

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Review #49, by Heart4siriusblack three.

22nd May 2013:
The characters are all very realistic and definitely alive, incredible. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This means a lot. Hopefully I'll be updating soon with the queue being as short as it is!

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Review #50, by Heart4siriusblack one.

22nd May 2013:
This is enchanting! Evangeline's perspective is a pleasure to read from, it's real and interesting. Freddy smoulders and is totally believable as a rock star. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much! Evie is a darling. And Freddie, my, oh my! ;) You're too kind, thank you! x

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