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Review #26, by rogue_bludger When It All Begins

19th April 2013:
this is such a feel-good happy story and i'm so glad i bumped in to it. harry and ginny seem very in-character, and i love how this story has started off. i can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: So glad you like it!

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Review #27, by Hermione Spencer When Exams Arenít the Only Thing Stressing You Out

17th April 2013:
This is amazing!!! :) Carry on please! You have a lovely style of writing and it really flows! Thank you!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Thanks!

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Review #28, by Trezzan When Lily Starts to Wonder

14th April 2013:
Oh this story, it is so great.
Scorily! Never thought I would read about the next generation and like it. I've always been a Marauders girl. And then you come up with this story! ._. MORE.
And a kiss between Lily and Scorpius wouldn't be wrong. :3

Author's Response: So glad you like it! I love next generation/post-Hogwarts stuff because I always had a longing to know what happened after the war and when Harry's kids went off to Hogwarts. That said, I agree that Marauders are fun to read too! Don't worry, there's more on the way!!

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Review #29, by Trezzan When Lily Starts to Wonder

14th April 2013:
Oh this story, it is so great.

Author's Response: Haha mistake review :/ thanks for your other review though!

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Review #30, by gryffindorlion15 When Lily Starts to Wonder

14th April 2013:
love this story! I am addicted! please post more soon! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #31, by HPManiacs When Lily Starts to Wonder

13th April 2013:
I just started reading this story and I was hooked! Please write the next chapter soon! I really want to know what is going to happen between Lily and Scorpius!

Author's Response: You'll find out soon! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #32, by Melody When Slytherin Plays Gryffindor

10th April 2013:
It was really good, but you should try to make your chapters a little longer with a bit more detail. Other than that great writing!

Author's Response: I have been trying to lengthen my chapters in the story I'm currently writing. I'll probably end up going back and embellishing this one a bit. Thanks!

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Review #33, by Dedicated Fan When Slytherin Plays Gryffindor

8th April 2013:
Love it! Thanks so much for writing these! They rock! Can you post the next chapter soon? It's so good!

Author's Response: Haha it's waiting to be validated now :)
The whole story is already written, I'm just posting each chapter as soon as the last one is validated.

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Review #34, by A dedicated fan When It All Begins

8th April 2013:
It was SOO good! Thanks so much 4 making it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it :)

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Review #35, by kbear When Tom Finally Understands

7th April 2013:
I like your work. Keep going

Author's Response: sure thing!

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Review #36, by Water_Fay When Lily Finally Understands

3rd April 2013:
I really like your story and it's on my favorites list, but it seems a little too youthful in that it lacks depth. The characters are a little too "Mary Sue, Gary Stu". I want to really get to know their personalities at a deeper level. Learn about Lily's faults. Good idea but try to grow on your characterization skills a little. Something what I like to do is set up a fake interview with my characters where the interviewer is you (the author) and the person being interviewed is them. If they were famous and people wanted to know about them what would you ask them? Make the character honest truthfully so you can start to develop them more as separate entities. Look forward to your next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback.
I know that the story is a little dull at the beginning, but I really did try to add some depth in the later chapters. There is more drama and in the next chapter, and the chapter after that is when the story gets really interesting. Thank you for reading, and I hope you keep reviewing so I can know if I've fixed this problem!
Next chapter is waiting for validation right now!

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Review #37, by MoonshadowWeasly When Lily Finally Understands

2nd April 2013:
This is a really good story! I love the plot line. I'm exitedly waiting for the next Chapter!

Author's Response: It's waiting to be validated as of this morning. Thank you so much!

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Review #38, by sweaterweather21 When The Lessons Begin

1st April 2013:
Good chapter. I really enjoyed seeing both sides of Scorpius - the eager student wanting to be at least friends with Lily (I saw right through the tutoring scheme, I'm assuming he just wanted to spend time with her) and the jealous prat. You did a nice job portraying both of them.

A little bit of criticism here- Lily seems a bit fake. I get that she's at the point where she's realizing that Scorpius just might have a crush on her, but her thoughts don't seem to go much further than that. She hasn't thought about how going with Tom to Hogsmeade might make him jealous and just her though process in general seems a bit too simple.

You have a really great story going here. I love the initial concept, and you're doing a good job sticking to the plot (Scorpius=James Potter I and Lily Potter=Lily Evans) and the action is coming along well- I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!
I'm really happy both sides of Scorpius came out. He is a really interesting character to write, and it's a lot easier to write him than Lily.
Lily is getting there. What you said about using Tom to make Scorpius jealous, it's really funny that you mentioned that because that has a big part in later chapters. The next few chapters are more for setting up the grand finale I have written out, and I'm so excited to post the rest of the story (the queue needs to speed up!!).
Keep reading :)

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Review #39, by kbear When The Lessons Begin

1st April 2013:
I like your work. This is the first lily story I've read and i really like your idea of putting her in slytherin. Keep it coming

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm updating as fast as I can!

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Review #40, by kcool When The Lessons Begin

29th March 2013:
twas great!!! luv it. also luv the idea of lily in slytherin sorry for not leaving reviews tho. will try to!!!
look forward to reading more. pretty much the best lily/scorpious fanfic ever :)

Author's Response: Yay!! Thanks so much for the support! I'm updating as fast as I can, the story is already finished so as soon as one chapter is validated I post another. Keep reading :)

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Review #41, by Olivia When We Talk About BOYS

26th March 2013:
I love this story! The way you're basing Lily and Scorpius on Lily Evans and James Potter's relationship is a great idea and your writing is good enough to pull this off. Can't wait for more chapters (glad you've written them all in advance so you can update quickly)! Great job so far :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! The next chapter is in the queue and should hopefully be up tomorrow :)

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Review #42, by Olivia When the Unexpected Happens

26th March 2013:
I actually really like Lily's sorting - she seems to fit perfectly there. Can't wait to see what will happen next, I'll probably review again after the last chapter you have posted.

Author's Response: That's really great to hear!
I was nervous that readers would find her sorting unbelievable, but I tried to write her so that her personality would be suited towards Slytherin.

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Review #43, by Amber When We Talk About BOYS

24th March 2013:
I think it's a good story.

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope you keep reading :)

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Review #44, by JilyPotter When We Talk About BOYS

22nd March 2013:
LOVE IT! I am the biggest fan of Scorpius/Lily! Best couple ever! Can't wait to see some real scorily action!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really like them too. I thought of the idea and started writing right away. Glad you like it! The next chapter should be validated tomorrow hopefully!

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