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Review #26, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans Help... Alex… Lions

21st March 2009:
i LOVE this story!!!
ive been looking for one like this for so long!!
come back and update it!!! please!!
its amazing!

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Review #27, by VelvetChinaDoll Help... Alex… Lions

18th January 2009:
I love this story!! It had me laughing the whole time, which let me tell you is a great thing when I'm supposed to be studying for finals and my mother comes in the room to question my sanity. ;)

But in all seriousness, it is an amazing story, and I am totally in love with all the characters!
Keep writing!!! Hope you update soon!

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Review #28, by nire Help... Alex… Lions

16th January 2009:
I LOVE IT! I was giggling all the way thru this! you have some awesome one-liners :)
cant wait to read the next chapter

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Review #29, by sreduaram Help... Alex… Lions

16th January 2009:
haha i love addie! she reminds me a bit of myself...i tend to have random outbreaks of pyschosis :P

great chapter :D can't for the the next one!

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Review #30, by lou black Help... Alex… Lions

14th January 2009:
ok well i have a few things to say...all good...i think. first of all i love your oc, most of the time, i think she hilarious. buttt because the stroy is progressing and this is just constructive (feel free to ignore), maybe she could be a tiny bit more serious some times...and only sometimes. and i think that the oc and sirius scenes could do with a little for affection and touchy feelyness just to get the ball rolling and to establish the relationship a bit better. btw i love remus and that he's also really protective and i love that peter isnt in it cus really he's just a prick. oh and i love that Collin is Irish (talk about hottest accent ever).

Update soon!

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Review #31, by smileyface Help... Alex… Lions

12th January 2009:
CANT BREATHE!hahahahahhahahahahahahaha! i was so so so so so girly when i saw you had added another chapter. wow, what i really ment to say i was squealing like a little 4 year old on christmas who just got a puppy or something! i was so utterly excited i almost peed my pants. that sounds horrible but it was because i was so so dang happy. altho it took me awhile to read the last chapter because i had forgotten what had happened i still loved even rereading the last chapter. anyways this chapter was so histarical! it was so long too. it took me forever to read because i enjoy reading slowly so i dont skip anything but that is good for me!i love long stories because then it goes on forever and it never stops and its amazing!:)im so busy right now i have to:clean my room, study for finals, take a shower, and dont forget about sleeping! but im so glad i took a break and checked up on all my favorite fanfics! so i would go into detail about everything that made me laugh but im obviously a bit busy so it shall be a quick one! HERE I GO!!! i loved the part where alex puts on the music and hinds it and steals everyones wand! is she a tomboy? because im unsure of that. i love that she goes into the boys room and asks for help and just sleeps there! i wish i could do that!!! and i thought it was one of the cutest thing ive ever read when sirius was sleeping with her and then pulled her in close even when he was still sleeping. SO CUTE, i could have cried. okay this review sounds really emotional. ROXANNE! that was so funny and omgomgomgomg i love that song so much. i was listening to it the other day. like no joke! in the car. kinda blasting through the speakers. :) good times. colin is weird in my opinion. w/e ill just get used to it. UGH i love sirius and i want them to get together. PLEASE anyways amazing stuff!!!


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Review #32, by Lina Help... Alex… Lions

11th January 2009:
I love your story!
I can't wait for chapter 16!
upate soon please?

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Review #33, by SpiffyGriffy Help... Alex… Lions

10th January 2009:
Hey!! I love this story!! :D I would probably have reviewed on like... all the chapters but I just started reading this yesterday and I can't stand reviewing while I could be reading the next chapter! :P So, great job and stuff and hopefully the next chapter will be up soon, EH?!?!? It had better be!! >:D

Author's Response: Hahaha, no worries, m'dear. Thanks so much! Yes, I promise it will be up really soon.

Thanks again!


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Review #34, by I am Lily_hear me roar Help... Alex… Lions

9th January 2009:
oh dear god. that FREAKING lion never stops sleeping!! kill me now, yea? lol it was creepy i was right on queue with the Roxanne belting. it was pretty amazing if i do say so myself. UPDATE! (AS SOON AS YOU CAN) i will love you forever and ever :P

Author's Response: I know, right?!? First he's sleeping in the jungle, then he's sleeping in the village. Wake up, gosh darn it!!

Hahaha, I'm so proud. I'm not the only one who bursts out into song. That is pretty amazing, though.

I'm trying, I really am! I'm about, ehhh, half way done with 16, and I plan on writing a lot this weekend, after exams. So I'm sure I'll be able to submit it within the next week. Love you forever and ever, too!



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Review #35, by I am Lily_hear me roar Silence is Awesome

9th January 2009:
hah! amazing! better late then never you know? and i LOVE the knights who say NI! or i think they turned into the knights who previously said NI and now know one knows what they say. and why they want shrubbery. hmmm. cool beans. anyway i wanna read the next chapp. :D

Author's Response: Haha! That's what I always say.

Who doesn't, I ask you? Hahaha, I think they now say something along the lines of Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing and then that last part of which no words can accurately describe. And again, who doesn't want a shrubbery? I know I do!

Thank you again!!


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Review #36, by Ivoryrose x Help... Alex… Lions

9th January 2009:
I wanna read more

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm writing whenever I can. It'll be up soon, promise.

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Review #37, by Blibbering Humdinger Help... Alex… Lions

9th January 2009:
Hahahaha. Awesome Chapter.
Please update soon.
Love your best fans.
Loz and Tash
aka. .teacup socioty.

Author's Response: THANKS!!!
I'm trying! Exams just have a pesky way of postponing things, don't they.
Thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #38, by SilverEssence An Offer He Can’t Refuse

9th January 2009:
ahahahaha i love addie and her wacky names for food and their utensils :)

Author's Response: Everything needs a name. At least I think so.
Hahaha, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #39, by SilverEssence Interrupting Cows

9th January 2009:
LOLOL!! I LOVE HE INTERUPING COW JOKE!! ahaha, that's it, you officially have me hooked :)

Author's Response: Best. Joke. EVER!

There's just no beating that.

Aw, thanks! I'm really glad you like it.

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Review #40, by SilverEssence Cavaliers and Cotton Fields

9th January 2009:
lolol, i really am likiung your story alot! addie sounds like a fabulous character!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!!

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Review #41, by SilverEssence Faulty Taste Buds

9th January 2009:
“Hey Cat, I got you cheese.”
best line ever
i'm also guessing that lily is not added into this soup full of fun?

Author's Response: Hahahaha, thanks!

Oh, you'll see her soon enough.


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Review #42, by SilverEssence Rock, Dynamite with a Cutable Wick, Scissors

9th January 2009:
lolol, i like addie as a marauder :) great work so far!

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm glad you like it!

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Review #43, by SilverEssence Early Wake Up Calls

9th January 2009:
so am i right in guessing there is no peter in this equation?

Author's Response: No. I know a lot of people hate it when you just ditch him, but I just really didn't want to talk about him. Oh well, I can't really go back and change it. Well, I can, but it would take up a lot of much needed time and energy and would totally mess up everything else.

Rambling = over.

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Review #44, by purplermonkey Help... Alex… Lions

8th January 2009:
Well, I had something awesomely amazing to put in here, but I typed it in a previous chapter and copied it because I wanted to keep going on the chapters, although now that I think about it, I could have posted it and then continued on to the next chapter, but I didn't. But then when I pasted it here it came up as a bunch of gobblty gook. But, a shorter version of the gobblty gook is that when when the person person woke up at 12:23 I looked at the clock and it was the same time. I am of the opinion that you are a witch and made it so the time matches real time just to mess with the heads of your oh so innocent readers. Ha!

Author's Response: Ha! That's uber-wierd, yo! And I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone learned my secret. Ah well, you won't remember, soon enough. Muahahahahahahaha!


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Review #45, by believeintrees_emfl Help... Alex… Lions

7th January 2009:
i like this fanfic :). good chapter!! i agree, school majorly sucks :P.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Ugh, it's such a time consumer. Hahahaha, thanks a lot.

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Review #46, by believeintrees_emfl ANARCHY!

7th January 2009:
i liked the ANARCHY part :) want to continue reading, cannot write more. :P :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, no worries. Thanks so much!

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Review #47, by lala25525 Help... Alex… Lions

7th January 2009:
YAY! he asked her out! haha lol luvd the 'sleeping situations' lol 10/10!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!! Yeah, very exciting, lol.

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Review #48, by Meeeeera Help... Alex… Lions

7th January 2009:
Hey Rachel!
Yay for more of Addie's ... Addie-ness! Great chapter once again - you certainly made me laugh a lot. Poor Roxanne. And the "Marauder & Co. Inter-House Good Ol' Fashion Friendship Gang"? Nice work Ellie!

As for the updating - don't worry about it. We don't mind waiting so long as it's the best chapter you can give us - and you can count on at least one fan to do some serious mental squealing whenever she sees this story at the top of her favourites list.

Oh, and a belated Happy Christmas and New Year to you as well!
- Meera :)

Author's Response: MEERA!

Thank you! Oh, I know, I felt for that girl. Well, with a name like Roxanne...

You know, I have been waiting all my life to meet a Roxanne, just so I can sing when she introduces herself. I've also been waiting for a Lola... and a Cecilia.

Hahaha, if you've ever see arrested development you will know what I'm talking about.

Oh, thank you! Meera, you are definitely one of my favorite people in the entire world, just so you know.

Thanks a super-jumbo-extra-gargantuan lot!


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Review #49, by silver phoenix Help... Alex… Lions

7th January 2009:
OMG! RACHEL! AN UPDATE! *screams at the top of my lungs in glee*

I've missed your story SOMUCH!! It's so HILARIOUS! I love your interpretation of the Marauder lads, and Remus had me in stitches when he said "Uh, yeah, going back to bed now." XD Remus!! Hahahahahaha! And possessive Sirius...he's so adorable. *snuggles him* But OMG I can't wait for Hogsmeade! And for Sirius to find out about Addie and Colin... ;] Hey, no worries about long updates, I'm just as bad with them, lmao XD I've finally updated too! HUZZAH FOR US PROCRASTINATORS!

Author's Response: OMG-I-KNOW-ABOUT-TIME-RIGHT?!?!?

Aw, thank you kindly! Hahaha, Remus is adorable, isn't he? No, wait, yeah, I love Sirius more. OMG neither can I, seeing as I haven't written that yet. Hmmm, what's going to happen? I don't know!

Hahaha I've been waiting to read your new chapter (for like a while now) but I want to wait so I'll have time to actually read it. I mean, I have TIME just not ENOUGH to thoroughly enjoy the reading experience. But, mark my words, I will read it (probably during this weekend since exams will be over) and I will leave the best review in the word ever! Okay, well, maybe not the best in the world ever, but It will be a review (and I hope it will be good).


Sound the procrastionation horn!


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Review #50, by ladyfair Help... Alex… Lions

7th January 2009:
I love this story! Addie is soo incredibly funny / mental. :P Please update soon, or I won't be able to live...

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm so glad you like it (that is what I'm aiming for). I will!! Soon!! Well, eventually, but not to eventually, like, pretty soon. Never mind. Thanks!


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