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Review #51, by MercyWaters Angelina, December 1994

12th November 2012:
This was an absolutely adorable chapter. Although I love all of this story, I have to say I especially like the Angelina chapters. They're just so entertaining to read.

George is so bashful around Angelina! So unlike him, yet so cute. He should be more confident, he's George Weasley after all! Haha, I'm excited to see what happens between them in their Hogwarts years. I like all the little subtle parallels you're including between 1994 and 1998, like how they danced together in both and sat next to each outside in both. I may be reading into it too much but I'm going to assume it's intentional?

Excited to read more, as always! :)

Bri, xx

Author's Response: I've always wanted to write a Ball chapter -- so how better to do so than with the yule ball?? Angelina's chapters are fun ones -- there's something refreshing about seeing the cast of characters so young and carefree.

Yesss. George may be all boasts and brags and jokes and pranks, but around the girl he fancies he certainly clams up quickly. Annnd very good!! I did intentionally include those details to link the chapters. I will admit that not every pair of chapters has links like that, but a lot of them do! You'll have to keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you again for your reviews and I hope to hear from you again, I really do appreciate it and value your opinion. :)

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Review #52, by MercyWaters George, September 1998

12th November 2012:
This was a sweet chapter. I like seeing that George is steadily getting better, no matter how slow that process may be. He deserves to be happy! I do notice, however, that the "George" chapters seem a bit slower than the "Angelina" chapters. I do realize that that may be due to the mood of the chapters and how he's still quite depressed, though, so it doesn't bother me all that much.

I thought the bit about Fred's name being on the envelope was so sad. :( There's always going to be unexpected reminders lying around like that for George, I just hope one day they'll make him smile instead! I also appreciated the little flashback to Hogwarts and Canary Creams, I thought that was artfully done! I love seeing writers building off things that actually happened in the books, but weren't gone into a lot of depth about.

Finally, a few questions. First off, is icebox another word for refrigerator? I'm assuming so, I've just never heard that term before so I'm curious. Also, I forgot to mention this in my review of chapter one, but I believe you said something about Fred having died two months previous? Fred died on May 8, and I see that chapter is set in August, so his death would've been about three months prior. Just thought I'd point that out in case you didn't know!

I'm really liking this story :) Keep up the good work!

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Ah, yes. George's chapters do start out a bit slower than Angelina's do. I think it has a lot to do with the mood of the chapter and where George is at emotionally in dealing with his grief over Fred's death. As he learns to deal with it and to accept it and live with it, I'm sure you'll find that they pick up. :)

Ah! I nearly forgot about the envelope thing -- that is really sad, isn't it? :( Poor George. I big goal of mine with this story is to tie it to what little twin canon we do know so that it could for all intents and purposes be an extension of the stories we already know.

And to answer your questions, yes... an icebox is another term for refridgerator -- they were used before the advent of electricity to keep perishables from spoiling. With being a wizard from a pureblood family living in diagon alley, I didn't think it likely that George has electricity or an actual refridgerator in his flat. And Fred actually died on May 2... when the battle of hogwarts took place. the two months mentioned here refers to the two months since George left the burrow to return to his flat. After fred's death he stayed at the burrow until mid-july and then returned to his flat in diagon alley.

I'm glad you're enjoying this story! I know I'm enjoying your reviews. thank you so much!!

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Review #53, by MercyWaters Angelina, December 1994

12th November 2012:
The more I read this, the more I like it! You have a lovely writing style. It flows really well and your characterization of everyone is perfect. No one seems out of character, which is a real accomplishment!

I liked the bit about Lora and her boyfriend. Michael the Muggle, haha. It has a nice ring to it. :)

I also really like how apparently this story will be switching perspectives AND times! It's very intriguing and makes the story so much more interesting to me now. I'm not sure what the purpose of jumping back and forth from the past to the present is, but I'll certainly be reading on to find out!

Lovely writing, keep it up!

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Baww. Thank you so much! I think I may be blushing right now. I'm a huge fan of canon and of characters in general, so it is very important to me to create realistic characters that coincide with how they are portrayed in canon.

Michael the Muggle was meant to be a quick, one time joke... but as you continue reading I'm sure you'll notice that the nickname sort of stuck. :P

I had wanted to write a cyclical timeline story for a while before I ever attached that story format to my idea for this story. Basically, Angelina's timeline will run from here up until Fred's death whild George's will extend from Fred's death onward. Hopefully, when it's all said and done, angelina's last chapter will flow smoothly into George's first chapter. :)

Thank you again for your review!

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Review #54, by MercyWaters George, August 1998

11th November 2012:
This seems really interesting so far. :) I've always loved stories centering around the Weasley twins, as they've always been included in my all-time favorite characters, so I'll definitely be continuing on to read more! I also particularly love stories that are Post-Hogwarts, focusing on the aftermath and how George coped with Fred's death. I can't wait to see where you take this.

One thing I particularly liked--the bit with Ron at the beginning. I like how you portrayed him as a caring brother, reaching out to try and see how George is doing. I feel like a lot of fan fiction writers portray Ron as a bumbling idiot with no tact or common sense, when in fact I think he's very kind and intelligent, especially when it comes to his family and friends. Thanks for portraying him in a different light!

I'll definitely be reading and reviewing more of this. Perhaps not today, but hopefully tomorrow! Lovely writing.

Bri, xx

Author's Response: Hello!!

Welcome to the story and thank you for taking time to review!! It really does mean a lot to me. I feel like loads of people love the Weasley twins, but not many people write them. Post Hogwarts is my favorite era to write and to read, so yay!!

Ron has always been one of my favorite characters, so any chance I get to portray him as the kind, loyal character that he is in canon, I will. I'm very glad that you noticed and appreciated it!

Thank you again for your review!

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Review #55, by gina George, July 1999

8th November 2012:
I love this story! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I appreciate your reviews.

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Review #56, by Toujours Padfoot George, July 1999

3rd November 2012:

Lee was perfect. You know just as much as I do how little face time he gets in fanfiction, so it's lovely to see him front and center in this chapter with his unlit cigar, doling out cards. You wrote their boys night magnificently, which is important to include in a story that half-centers on a young man; it could not have been a simple feat for you and I admire your ability to get inside a bunch of male heads so seemingly effortlessly. Ron whining about his nagging mum, but reluctant to move out because he would have to cook for himself, made me laugh. Geoffrey was a nice addition, too. But you continue to make George one of my favorite fanfiction characters ever because of the way you write him - part canon perfection and part Melissa's-canon, because you've evolved him and made him even better. It will be impossible for me to go back to the actual books without thinking of this story: Marlow the macaw when Zonko is mentioned, Indira when Lee is mentioned, and George getting this deal from Zonko and chewing it over, not jumping in all the way like Fred might have. I like that he's taking his time to consider it thoroughly before signing up, because that displays how he's matured, how serious he is about his business. Even in a business about jokes! It's seriously brilliant. It's exactly as he should be.

The occasional feels about Fred hit me right in the gut, I will have you know. They were well-timed and just fleeting enough to be a nod to his honor but not so long that it would bog George down. I can't imagine having to walk that tightrope but you do it wonderfully. It's the perfect balance.

Also, I really appreciate your details about the shop. It would be so easy to just focus on George/Angelina but this story is all-encompassing; you include details about everything, which makes it so much easier to feel like I'm there. Your inclusion of the interns and their various jobs, and the merchandise and money and paperwork and everything, is so neat and organized and realistic. I just love those details. You remind us that running a business is rewarding but it needs a lot of maintenance to continue being a well-oiled machine. George's personality is so compatible with this lifestyle, which becomes increasingly evident due to your excellent characterization of him. And the slow-burning evolution of his relationship with Angelina is like the cherry on top. You write it so well that I can't tell when they stopped becoming just friends and started blossoming into this couple. I love it.

I have nothing but praise for this story.

Author's Response: SARAH. THIS REVIEW ♥

So as per usual, I've save answering your review until last of the group I'm working on. I don't know why, (probably b/c you're amazesauce) but I always get all babbly and nonsensical when I read your reviews (more so than usual). So, bare with me. :)

Lee ♥ I really adore him, I don't know if you can tell... but I sort of based the entire first scene off of an image in my mind of him chewing on a cigar dealing playing cards. (that scene didn't even exist in my outline! craziness) It was sort of fun to be inside a bunch of guys heads for a while and to imagine what they did and said when no lady-folk were around. Mr Zonko is cray cray for shizzle, but so, so much fun to write. It's sort of liberating to have a character that can do or say anything without a real, motivating reason to do so. Annnd Fred. :( I will never forgive JKR. neva eva, bitter 5eva... but hopefully it's evident how the mentions of Fred have changed in context as George goes through the healing process.

Gahhh. How do I even respond to some of the things you say!!? The fact alone that you'll take a piece of this world with you to the canon books like blows my mind. My heart is melting and is on the floor and I am ded. That literally may be the kindest compliment that I've ever been paid.

Sarah, you're seriously one of my favorite authors on HPFF and I can't even begin to tell you how much your kindness and enthusiasm towards this story means to me.

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Review #57, by peanuts11 George, July 1999

2nd November 2012:
I've been looking for a story exactly like this for ages and yours is just perfection.
My first favourite!

Author's Response: I recognize you from the forums!! Thank you so much!! I'm flattered by your favorite and appreciate the review.

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Review #58, by Jchrissy George, July 1999

30th October 2012:
Rawr! Finally! RL tried to keep my away from With All Things. ;).

You have so many awesome elements going on in this chapter! The humorous tone of the poker game.. boyish teasing, brotherly jokes, but.. but. :(. Well, you know. He wasn't there and he should have been. But I love the way we're seeing George strengthen. he doesn't fight against his own pain when it comes to the fact that he had his twin so brutally ripped from him, but this time he lets himself feel it. Feel the tickle in his throat. I loved it.

The scene with the interns. It was all just so perfect. I love the fact that you're showing growth for the shop, and you don't ignore the fact that the shop is a huge part of this. You don't just mention it every so often, but you make sure a lot of the story takes place there. Because that shop is George and Fred, but now it's just George.. and that's honestly heart breaking. It means so much to him.. it's those kinds of thing that make this story so amazing and unique. (True fact, I just sounded unique out as -- U/Ni/Cue)

Anyway. You're really showing how much work this shop takes, and how, despite it being a massive passion, it isn't all fun and games.

Then during that, you're building us up for even more! Mr. Zonko!! Finally! You made me wait for so long!! I think George's initial skepticism was very smart and well done, and then when he tells Angelina!!! He wants her opinion! He wants her to know, because they're in this together and WHAT THE HECK. You've melted my heart. Melted it. I'm so angry at Vet School, because I know it will be a bit before you can find the free time to write more.. but I will be constantly chipping away at you, just so you know. I can't wait until this is finished so I can start it back over and read it from chapter 1 until the end. And Bah. You know how in love with your writing I am, m'dear. You give me such amazing, perfect details topped off with even better (if possible) characters.

I absolutely loved this chapter. And! For having been taught about poker and not played it, you did an awesome job there!!! I enjoy poker quite a bit, and felt like I was at the table in the game with them! Impressive!

Okay. I have to go be a productive member of society. Boo.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, Jami... I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this. No excuses -- this is such an awesome, well thought out review too!! I really, really appreciate it.

I had a lot of fun writing the guys night -- it was really entertaining to try and think about what a group of dudes does for fun when their women aren't around. :P Annd boo. I know. Poor, poor Fred. :( :( :(

It's really important to me to continue to make this story about George and Angelina as individuals outside of their relationship with one another. WWW is a huge part of George's life, and now that he's back up on his feet and the shop is thriving, it's sure to be featured more heavily in his life. Hee. Zonko is so much fun to write. He's sort of like that character that can say or do anything and you just accept it no matter how cooky or strange it may seem. I recommend everyone have a character like him at some point. :)

Thank you so so much for all of you support and enthusiasm!! It really means a lot and I hope to be able to respond to your next review in a more timely fashion.

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Review #59, by Gabriella Hunter Angelina, December 1995

29th October 2012:

I'm so, so, sorry that I haven't properly attacked this like I'd said I would a while back. I've been stupidly busy and everything and it really blows.
Anyway! We're back to Angelina again and I really do love how you have her character. I can really relate to her and her nervousness about finally telling George how she feels. Really enjoyed what you did with the Dueling Club, its very vivid and seems like something I would have read in the actual books. I think I'd have failed horribly describing it all but really nice job and poor Colin, I really do hope he was all right. Hahaha.
I thought you described all of Angelina's emotions very nicely and I sort of had a fangirl moment when George (I'm such a sucker for George anything so I was especially happy) actually agreed to meet her.
Alicia and Lora were funny too about their mild bullying and such before Angelina actually went through with asking him. That's what friends are for, right? I thought their banter was really funny and realistic, they seem even more like good friends than I'd thought before. :D
Anyhoo, I know you're super busy but one last thing: Loved what you did with the reference to Mr. Weasley being attacked, it was smoothly tied in with the chapter. And Angelina's concern was very touching. Sigh. Poor Arthur.
So, loved this chapter and all that and congrats on your nominations! I'm rooting for you! You've got my support and everything, Georgelina shippers stick together! Hahaha.
Much love and I'll be back! Promise!

Author's Response: Busy-ness (almost typed business and realized that actually was a word :P ) is no fun, but I can completely empathize.

While I'm sure I've said this before, I really do love writing both the angelina and george chapters equally for the different things they bring to the story... but angelina's chapters do tend to come a tad bit easier to me. I never really intended for it to be this way, but I can relate to a lot of situations that she's found herself in throughout the course of the story.

I wrote the scene with the DA specifically for a friend of mine. She's a big OotP fan, especially for things DA related and had made a comment about wanted to see a scene with it in one of her reviews. It was actually a lot of fun to write!! And, yes. Poor colin... i'm fairly certain Madam Pompfrey fixed him right up.

hee. Alicia and Lora. Those two. Angelina's relationship with her friends is one of my favorite things about this story!! I'm very glad you enjoyed their scene. Annd thank you! I tried really hard to tie the canon occurence of Arthur's attack into my story line. I'm very glad it worked out.

thank you again for your reveiw -- georgelina shippers 5eva. :)

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Review #60, by caoty George, April 1999

27th October 2012:
Oh, George. I love him.

So I haven't been keeping up with this at all and I now regret it very much. The realistic style of this fic in general is just something I absolutely love: it's a romance novel whose protagonists just happen to be magical.

I love how normal this chapter in particular is. Guy stays up late working, visits his parents on his birthday, meets his brother's girlfriend, spends the evening with the woman with whom he's slowly building a relationship. Except it isn't normal at all, because his twin should be there. But it's still fun. What I'm trying to say is, you've struck a really good balance between woe-is-me and life-goes-on, and I'm sure I told you that last time, but I wanted to tell you again. Just so you know.

Sometimes minor details still feel a bit odd, like:
>Oi, Mr Weasley.
Yeah... that's not how you talk to your employer if you want to keep your job. :P
I get that they have a more informal relationship and all, but I just thought "oi" was a little bit OOC for Verity. Probably just me, though.

> his smiling, blue-haired godson stood in his arms
Not even Teddy can stand on thin air. It's a bit nit-picky, I know, but that was weird.

Anyway. I will attempt to keep up with WAT in the future (and try to get Teddy to behave long enough to conform to some sort of plot that both we and the validators approve of... *sigh*), and thank you so much for the swap! :)

Author's Response: Heyyy. So, dreadfully sorry about how long it's taken me to respond to this review. I know excuses are lame... but so is the amount of free time I have with Vet school course work. -___-

Oooh. I really appreciate your description of this story -- a romance novel whose protagonists just so happen to be magical!! I really did want to accomplish something like that -- a story about two individuals and how their lives and the world at large influence their relationship with one another.

Annd thank you for those critiques!! I really do appreciate them. I've found that this far into a story, criticism is harder and harder to come by. And no pressue to keep up! The archives are called that for a reason, and WAT will be here whenever you get a hankering to read it. :)

If you do, I'd love to hear your thoughts ;)

Thank you again!

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Review #61, by ValWitch21 George, July 1999

27th October 2012:
I loved this chapter so, so much.

I would love to develop except I don't know what to say. You've got the description of the George and Angelina relationship spot on, as well as their characterisation - though that may just be me, and I'm far from being an expert.

Congratulations on your nominations/votes for the Dobbys!

And good luck for the following year(s) of veterinary school.



Author's Response: Yayy!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter and took a moment of your time to let me know! It really, really means a lot to me. Annd pssh. Expert or no, I value your opinion and appreciate your compliments.

Thank you again, and I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #62, by gina Angelina, December 1995

10th October 2012:
I hate having to wait for the new chapters!! Love this story, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this review!! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #63, by Toujours Padfoot Angelina, December 1995

9th October 2012:

I should have been paying closer attention to the dates, but of course I was too giddy thinking about Angelina telling George that she thinks he's hot stuff to lend a fleck of attention to what was happening right under my nose. AGH. VOLDEMORT, YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO INCONVENIENT. She wasthisclose to telling him and AGH. Rude! Rude, rude Voldemort!


Lora and Alicia's pseudo-intervention made me laugh. ANGELINA, YOU ARE IN DENIAL. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU. WE WANT TO SEE YOU MACKING ON GEORGE. Snort, isn't this also when Harry and Cho snogged in the RoR? EVERYONE GETS ACTION BUT ANGELINA. I did love Peeves; no one ever includes him in fanfic and you did his wickedness justice here. I also really enjoyed seeing practice-y bits with Dumbledore's Army! I love Dumbledore's Army, it's one of my favorite things. It was inspiring to witness it again (totally makes me want to go and read OotP), and to see Angelina mentally trying to work out what to do. I especially appreciated how she illustrated the differences between Quidditch and dueling; Angelina has the foresight to predict how Quidditch will go, but dueling is so much murkier. You honestly never know what's going to shoot out of the other person's wand, so you've got to be ready for absolutely anything. Her nerves about that, and then the bit where GEORGE MASSAGED HER SHOULDERS, OH MY GOD, I MADE NOISES OUT LOUD, and poor Colin, and ♥ ♥ ♥ Seriously, you are not capable of making a dull chapter. Each and every chapter is loaded with stuff that tells me more and more, that is vital to the story of GeorgeandAngelina even in subtle ways.

I also did a lot of sad smiling because Fred was so alive and vibrant. :( I just want to trap them here in this era so that George and Fred can still be the sneaky boys who brew illegal potions in disused classrooms; but then again I don't, because I like seeing George when he's just George, and how he functions as an individual instead of half of a two-man show. And I like seeing how he copes, how he gets on with Angelina and makes the shop an even bigger success than it ever was. I just have so much love for George, and it's all thanks to you and your extraordinary talent with writing him. You've made me love Angelina, too (and I can see bits of you in her!), and Lora and Alicia. And the most amazing part is that I have different feels for the same characters depending on what age and places they are at in life. Lora-the-perfect-student is different from Lora-who-is-engaged-to-Michael, and yet they're the same, and that goes for all the characters. They're the same, but not. They're perfectly evolved. I just love going around and around, back and forth, and seeing all the differences, and seeing how everything happened.

Georgelina headcanon forever. ♥

Author's Response: TROLOLOLOL~

Your reviews, Sarah. Oh my goodness. This is the /only/ review from chapter 14 that I haven't responded to, but since I posted 15 today I decided that it was time to stop dragging my feet and respond. I never know what to say to you -- your reviews are so kind and supportive and slightly overwhelming. Thank you so, so much for all of them. You are remarkable and it's always exciting to see a new review from you b/c you are one of my favorite authors around here (true story).

I felt so badly for angelina and sort of evil through this whole chapter -- building up her nerves and the readers expectations just to party crash it all down. And yepp. er'one getting action except poor georgelina. Writing the DA meeting was so much fun!! I actually never had included it in my original notes for this chapter (truly, until I revamped my notes very recently I hardly had anything in my notes -- I don't think my subconcious expected me to make it this far into the story), but something you said in a review of the last Angelina chapter (when they all met in the hogshead about forming the DA) sparked my inspiration for this scene. So thank you for that. :P

hehehe. George trying to be sauve and Angelina being too rational to just enjoy him rubbing her shoulders. I love that you mentioned how each chapter subtlely provides more information to the story of GeorgeandAngelina -- sometimes I worry that this story isn't really about anything... just the normal everyday lives of these two characters and how their relationship comes from thank you.

Writing Fred is so bittersweet knowing where it all goes. It's very odd to write him so alive in one chapter and only as a memory in the next. I'm so thrilled that you love george (I do, but I'm a bit biased) -- I've really tried to make him more than just half of a two man comic relief foil. And Angelina... I sometimes feel like I don't have as good of a grasp on her character as I do Georges, but I think that has more to do with the vast difference between being 17 and being 22... a lot changes. You can see me in Angelina?? huh... The evolution of these characters has made me love them all, even the minor ones, so much more than I think I would if I only wrote them in one of these timelines... seeing where they end up, knowing that they're husbands and wives and parents and friends makes writing all their teenaged shenanigans more meaningful to me.

God, sarah... this response so rambly and probably barely sensical and probably like a flashing LOOK AT MY EGO billboard, but your reviews leave me with so many feels and thoughts. Thank you so so much.

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Review #64, by Hogwarts27 Angelina, December 1995

3rd October 2012:
Okay, I've arrived at the last posted chapter where I will patiently wait for the story to continue. Not as much going on in this chapter as in some of the others, but it was a nice turn of events to learn that George's absence was because of Arthur's attack. I'm sure a lot of your romance-loving readers will be feeling a let down that the promised meeting didn't materialize - well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes!

Let me just say that it was nice to find this story, and I'll gladly come back to it when more gets posted. And as much as you have enjoyed my reviews, I have equally enjoyed your responses.

Author's Response: yayy!!

Well, I'm incredibly glad you found this story too!! your reviews have been so lovely and encouraging. :) I think one of the reasons I love this chapter so much (it is one of my favorites for some silly reason or another) is that nothing really happens -- I feel like normal things are overlooked a lot in fanfiction like courses and eating and things like that. I've been itching to write a DA scene for ages, and so I really enjoyed the oppurtunity to do that here.

Ahh. yes. a bit of a let down, but it's only chapter 14!! Indeed that is the way the cookie crumbles.

thank you again for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

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Review #65, by Hogwarts27 George, May 1999

3rd October 2012:
Well, what can I say about a very sad chapter except that is was - well sad. I felt a real twinge at the one line Fred had before he died about the twins knowing the secret passages better than anyone and that he'd better see George at the end of it. There's just something about knowing what a person's last words were before they died that makes them feel very haunting.

On a lighter note, I kept reading that part in the beginning where the strange man wanted to talk to George, thinking to myself - okay, what am I missing here? Finally, it made sense in the end, including his odd costume, when the name was revealed. I also liked the little scene with Arthur, George, and Ron at the end, and your line about every time Arthur cried it was into Molly's shoulder - what a great line. Again you point out something about the characters as you imagine them that was never in canon. Nice!

Author's Response: Hee. Thank you again for your (as always) wonderful review. I had reread the chapter in Deathly Hallows where the forces at Hogwarts were splitting up to protect the castle, and all the relevant scenes involving characters that weren't Harry and realized that George wasn't with Fred when he died! This made me really sad, especially when I realized that the last time they likely saw each other was when they split up to gaurd the entrances.

Molly and Arthur have such an amazing canon relationship and family that I'm sure the Weasley children look up to them as models for relationships in their own lives. George's thoughts about his dad and mum, and reflecting it on himself and ang (though he doesn't completely realize it) is a sign of how much she has come to mean to him.

Ahh. Mr. Zonko. I really didn't plan for him to show up in this chapter, but he ended up in it anyway. :P He's a fun sort of character that doesn't necessarily have to make sense. I can gaurantee you'll be seeing more of him in future chapters. :)

Thank you so much for your continued enthusiasm and support. It really means a lot to me.

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Review #66, by Hogwarts27 Angelina, October 1995

2nd October 2012:
A very pleasant and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the quidditch scene where you so aptly pointed out what was going on with all the players, Ron's insecurity, Harry's distraction, etc., - all so true, but I'd never put the whole dynamics of it together for myself before, and your explanation made me see it in a whole new way. In the books we only saw things from Harry's perspective, but it's nice that you shed light on all the players.

It was also really nice to get a glimpse of an ordinary day at Hogwarts through the eyes of Fred and George's class - with Umbridge showing up no less! And you rose to the occasion with fine use of humor again throughout the entire chapter. I thought your Flitwick was great. His dialogue really fit him, and I loved him insulting Umbridge. He didn't seem intimidated by her at all, which was refreshing. We all know how the rest of the year goes from the books, but I'm interested to see what you'll include of it in future chapters. So many possible good scenes to come yet. You're doing a marvelous job.

Author's Response: Hee. Hogwarts is such a central facet of the HP world -- it's so enjoyable to write with it as the setting. This was and still is one of my most favorite chapters. I'd never written any quidditch before this chapter, hence the very abbreviated look at it (lol, I totally had a longer scene planned and chickened out :P ). I enjoy very much being able to take moments we know from canon and analyze them from another character's perspective. OotP is such a complex school year, that there are a lot of oppurtunities to play around with.

I think you may be my first reviewer to point out how sassy Flitwick got with Umbridge. That part makes me giggle (hopefully that doesn't sound too egotistical), so I'm so so glad you did point it out. Fred and George are so much fun to write when they're up to mischief, I just couldn't resist it here. At the same time, knowing that in the next chapter (george's timeline) he won't be there, makes writing him in angelina chapters very bittersweet.

Gah. You spoil me with reviews, and for that I am very grateful. I've not received nearly as many reviews for these later chapters and so I appreciate them even more. :) Only two chapters to go, and you'll actually have to wait for an update!!

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Review #67, by Hogwarts27 George, April 1999

2nd October 2012:
This was a lovely chapter with so many facets in it, George's birthday with thoughts of Fred, a family gathering. I enjoyed Molly's ranting as she tidied up her grown sons, and Percy's introduction of his girlfriend, all well written as usual. The Three Stooges made me laugh - nice choice.

Hmm, the kiss - okay, my own opinion is that George would have taken the lead and not been the one to pull away - just because the twins were such opportunists at everything that came their way, and because they were pretty bold and unabashed about everything. I think George would have taken full advantage of the situation, maybe even to the point of having to be called off. But that's just my own opinion. It didn't really put me off that you wrote it the way you did. I was quite happy to go along with your idea of how it should be - because it was time for a kiss to finally happen, regardless of how. And it was so nicely written that it was easy to just go with the flow of the story and enjoy whatever came. I did like your description of the hesitancy BEFORE the kiss, like any little thing could get them running apart. Terrific job as usual. I'm glad there's more to come.

Author's Response: Why thank you!! I'm starting to get spoiled here. Everytime I log on I seem to have a new review from you!! I really do appreciate them. :)

Ahh. This chapter was a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride, and for that I apologize. I am glad you enjoyed it though. Molly is the best, and it was so much fun having a chance to write her in a mothering sort of context -- those are the scenes with her I love the most in canon.

Ahh. The kiss. I do appreciate your opinion. George is definitely a go-getter, oppurtunist sort of person, but at the same time -- THIS IS ANGELINA -- they have such an drawn out history that I think it would be very realistic to have developed a bit of a stigma about it all. Otherwise, George would have kissed her way back in the Yule Ball chapter... So, I think I'm going to chalk this one up to lurve~ and say that George is just a bit hesitant and unsure with most everything to do with Angelina due mostly to all the time he's spent trying to analyze their relationship.

I'm so glad that you are continuing to enjoy this story!! You're almost all caught up and I hope you enjoy the next few chapters as much as you have the first few. As always, I look forward to hearing from you again!


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Review #68, by rez Angelina, December 1995

2nd October 2012:
this fic is brilliant, I love your style and I love the way you've structured it, it makes the story so much more interesting when you have to think a bit to figure out what's going on and to pick up the little references from the future and the past ;D this is so underreviewed, my apologies for not reviewing the other chapters but I couldn't wait to get to the end :$

George is just too adorable. I was reluctant to start on this even though it's at the top of every favourites list I've seen because I thought it might be another one of the typical caught between the brothers type thing but this is different and i like it :)) keep on writing! looking forward to the next chapter

Author's Response: Hey!! Don't apologize for not reviewing as you read! I'm just thrilled that you are reading and enjoying this story. The time line is a little experimental for me, but so far It seems to be working. :) The fact that you've noticed this story on other ppl's favorites list is beyond thrilling.

George is adorable; I know I'm biased, but I can't help but agree Iol. I do understand your hesitancy to Start a fic you fear may be a fred-is-gone-so- Ang-settles-for-george story, but i hope you've noticed that i'm trying very hard to revamp that bit of fanon.

gah. thank you so much for your review!! made my day.

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Review #69, by Hogwarts27 George, December 1998

1st October 2012:
Well, I've gone on reading and the story continues to be delightful. I especially enjoy the chapters that are written from George's point of view. Not that the other chapters aren't lovely, but because I'm a twin's fan and you've got him down so well, which many other fanfic writers' don't. I think the way you portray what's going on in George's thoughts is just
perfect. The scene with George and Ginny was touching and absolutely in character for both of them - what a great job you did with it - I loved it. It was funny, it was emotional, just perfect. Angelina's nephews added another lovable and funny element that fit perfectly into the story. Here again, for someone who claims not to be a funny person by nature, you're doing spectacularly!

One little thing I noticed is that George calls Hermione by her first name. In the original books, I don't think the twins ever did that - they always seemed to call her Granger. In fact, to me it always felt like the twins might purposely continue doing that even after Ron and Hermione were married - just as a way of getting under her skin, and maybe Ron's too. Not that I'm criticizing, I'm just throwing it out as a casual observation and a personal opinion of my own.

I don't read much fan fiction, but this story has been a joy and I'm looking forward to continuing. Let me also say that your writing style is engaging and versatile. The humor comes off extremely well, and the heartwarming scenes are captivating. Your writing is ray of sunshine. Do continue!

Author's Response: Hello again!! I'm so glad you continued to read the story after your last review, and it's great to see another review from you :) I think one of my favorite things about writing this story was the freedom it's given me to explore different groups of relationships -- angelina and her friends, George and Lee, George and his family, Angelina and the gryffindor boys, and of course, Angelina and George. The two timelines gives a lot of freedome too, and it's always interesting to see which one readers prefer.

I'm so so thrilled that a self-proclaimed twins fan approves of my George characterization. thank you for such encouragement!!

Agh. that scene with ginny was such a headache to write, but i'm always relieved to hear when readers think it turned out well.

I really swear to you that I'm not funny... I base all of the goofiness and comedy in this story on observations I've made of people in RL, and always just hope that it works out. :P

Huh. that's a great observation!! thank you. I will definitely look into that now.

For somebody who doesn't read much fanfiction, you leave really lovely and helpful reviews. thank you so, so much!! As with last time, I hope that you continue enjoying this story and that you pop back in to let me know what you think :)


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Review #70, by Hogwarts27 George, October 1998

30th September 2012:
Hi, I happened to find this story as the latest chapter came through the queue, and I've been been enjoying it. I don't usually read a romance, but this story seems to be more than just that, and I do enjoy a story that portrays the twins well, and you're certainly doing that.

I absolutely loved this chapter with George's visit to the Burrow. It was so touching. I think you've portrayed the family in the early days after Fred's death really well. As soon as I got to the end of the chapter, I wanted to read it all over again! I'm not so sure Molly would have tolerated the crude humor about Percy and his 'plaything' without reprimanding her sons to curb their manners - I kept expecting her voice to break in, sounding appalled, but maybe she didn't overhear. Anyway, the humor was delightfully funny. Great job.

All in all, this was a wonderful chapter to a lovely story. Your writing is great, your descriptions are vivid, and you've done a marvelous job at capturing even subtle hints of the underlying emotions of the characters. Fred and George dialogue can be hard to get right, especially in a romance! But I think you're done it extremely well so far, and I look forward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: It's so wonderful to hear that you found this on the recently added page!! Welcome to the story. I'm so glad that you decided to read this and that so far you are enjoying it. :) One of my biggest goals in telling this story is to tell the story of their lives -- sorting through the mail, doing homework in the library, talking about boys, visiting friends, etc. I think those sorts of things tend to fall by the wayside in a lot of fics labeled as 'romances' for sake of the romance. I'm trying really hard to make this first a story about them as individuals and how their relationship grows from that.

Ahh. Weasley sibling humor is my favorite -- their banter is just so much fun to write. And if I did state it, I intended for Molly to be out of the room (perhaps grabbing trays of pudding or fixing Percy his plate) when that conversation happened. I will definitely go back and look that over once the Dobby Awards are over and I'm permitted to edit again. :) Because you're absolutely right, Molly would not permitt that sort of language and insinuations in her presence -- if they tried, I'm sure somebody would be getting slapped with a spoon. :P

It's always such a relief to hear that my George/Fred dialogue works. I am not by nature a funny person, and so it was by biggest fear going into this project.

Anyway, thank you so much for this review!! I'm very proud of this little story. I look forward to hearing what you think of the rest.

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Review #71, by pennyardelle George, August 1998

30th September 2012:
So, guess what? When you posted on my status update earlier, I thought to myself that THIS story is one that I've always kicked myself for not getting around to reading. So, here I am, hooking myself in by writing a review, because I always find that if I write one, I'll eventually write more.

Now, having sat down and read the first chapter, I see that yes, I should have started reading much sooner. Your George is SO well-characterized. From the first paragraph, I felt like I was right in step with how he was feeling. I loved his stoicism, and the conversation between him and Ron was really...well, I can't find the word, but it just seemed right. I can completely picture the Weasleys being worried about George on his own, and the way George kind of brushed Ron off was like evidence of his grief.

I felt so bad for him when he was out with his friends, too. I could just feel how hard he was trying to be strong, but whenever he spoke, it was clear that he wasn't himself. And THEN. When he saw Alicia and you talked about him having to look at himself in the mirror...devastating. AND THEN. Lee's toast. You nearly killed me in this chapter, I swear.

Because of all of that, it was the biggest relief when Angelina showed up and treated him like a normal person, and made him laugh. I assume that's exactly the effect you were trying to create, so...well done. Excuse me while I go try to recover from the emotional trauma.

On a less depressing note, I love the creativity you have with the magical world. The description of "microwave" dinners, The Fizzing Whizbee, the Fuzzy Cauldron--all very clever. :)

Okay, so, as I said, I'm hooked in now--it may take me ages to actually get through the story, especially since I'm starting a new job tomorrow, but I will be back. You are a lovely writer, and I'm really glad I finally started to read With All Things!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, Penny. I was scrolling through my WAT reviews tonight trying to make a feasible plan for responding to them, when I came across this one! I remember typing a response to it... I'm claiming innocence and blaming the black hole of the interwebz. ^_^

Anyway, sorry this has sat without a response for so long. That looks terribly ungrateful of me. I am so so ecstatic that you decided to read this story, and even more thrilled that you enjoyed this first chapter. George was a very daunting character for me to write -- we all know he's wickedly funny, but I don't consider myself to be very funny at all, and then there's the issue of the effect of Fred's death on him. Needless to say, any praise at all of his characterization (especially in these early chapters when his grief is still so raw) is very reassuring!!

Lee's toast was a huge area of concern for me while I was writing this. I have very little confidence in the decisions I make whilst writing -- and I always worry about whether something was too dramatic or too over the top or too just about anything. Needless to say, Lee's speech fit the too-dramatic worry bill.

Angelina is very good for George, now in 1998... as you'll come to find. :) I'm very sorry, but I'm also not, for all the emotional trauma!

Thank you again for this review, and once again, my apologies for it being unanswered for so long.

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Review #72, by Siriusly89 George, April 1999

30th September 2012:
HI THERE! Siriusly89 here reviwing :)
I really do love this chapter! As requested, I started my reviews on Chapter11 :) I'm really sorry, but I'm attempting to write the next chapter for one of my stories, but at some point in the very near future, I will go back and read the rest of this story :) Angelina and George are just perfect together! You got the relationship balance just right! I really, really enjoyed it! No critiques here :)

Author's Response: hey there! thank you so much for your review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter. Looking forward to what you think about the next few chapters. :)

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Review #73, by Jchrissy Angelina, December 1995

29th September 2012:
MELISSA I WANTED TO SEE THEIR MEETING. I WANTED TO SEE HER TELL GEORGE THAT SHE LIKED HIM. Bahhh! First of all, I'm really glad that the reason George stood her up was because of the attack. I was temporarily very annoyed at the idea of him getting distracted and not meeting her, but he couldn't do that because he does like her and he must know what the talks going to be about. And Fred and Lee are probably giving him the same must-tell-her-you-like-her talk that Alicia and Lora are having with Angelina. Which means I should have realized it would be something bad, but it didn't and now I'm so mad at you! Only because you put zillions of feels into me with this chapter.

I really think you did such an awesome job with grumpy Angelina. Her feels were so real. I think everyone can identify with that bad mood that just makes you want to mope and fall asleep. Her heart hurts and she doesn't want it to, and then she almost was going to tell him and gahhh!

I seriously love these two. I can't believe how amazing of a relationship you're creating, and I'm so excited for these two to just figure it out.

This chapter was extremely awesome. It was so tense, but at the same time it was so familiar. Just everything about Hogwarts, the DA meetings, gah. You're awesome ♥

Sorry if this was just review made no sense, but your chapter did that to me!!!


Of course George didn't actually stand her up! Even if Angelina doesn't know it, we all know that he's crazy about her. I'd like to imagine that Fred and Lee tease George about Ang just as often as Lora and alicia tease her about him. that's just what friends are for, you know??

ang is a really independent lady and so her preoccupation with George is really frustrating to her. they really do need to figure it out, but time is ticking and their seventh year is half over already.

Hogwarts is the best, and it's so much fun to exploit all it's magicalness.

Thank you so so much for your review, your general loveliness and all your enthusiasm

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Review #74, by SnitchSnatcher George, May 1999

15th September 2012:
Oh my goodness, Melissa, this is such a wonderful story. I could kick myself for not reading it sooner. It's so beautifully written, full of both tender and heart-wrenching moments. And this chapter - ugh, my heart just about collapsed in on itself, it hurt so much. I doubt it helps that I was listening to Death Cab for Cutie while I was reading, not knowing what I was getting into. The sheer weight of George's emotions was overwhelming, yes, but not in a bad way; I felt the sadness he felt, even if it was only a fraction.

I love the subtlety of the romance that's been building between George and Angelina throughout the entire story thus far. It's cute at times, touching at others, and then there are the times when I wanted to knock their heads together for being so silly for waiting so long. When they finally did kiss, though, you better believe that I cheered so hard, I nearly toppled backwards in my desk chair.

Your characterizations of both Angelina and George are gorgeous! So true to canon yet so unmistakably Melissa. You've always had a knack for writing canon characters very well and it shows in this. I love how you write Lee and Alicia as well as the rest of Angelina's friends. It's very refreshing, this story is - you rarely see George and Angelina stories and this one takes the cake as the best one out there.

I cannot wait until the next update! This is just such a wonderful and beautiful story that I can't even imagine what the future chapters hold!

Fantastically stellar job, Melissa., I'm speechless!

Author's Response: Molly!! It means so, so much to see a review from you. I adore your writing and so all your compliments and kind words have me fan girling :P Don't even apologize for taking a while to get to this story. I'm just tickled that you read it at all! This story has definitely been a bit of an emotional roller coaster... but it makes writing it really fresh and fun since each chapter the tone and mood switches back and forth.

This chapter in particular was extremely challenging. The emotions were so strong that I worried I was over doing them or that they'd stray into the world of melodrama.

It's so wonderful to hear that you can see the subtle romance... I worry sometimes that there's not enough romance in this story. I really from the get go intended this to be a story about two people as individuals and how their relationship develops from that.

I'm so happy to hear you think their characterizations are good!! I'm so far into the story now that I hardly have to think about it, but I was very nervous at first about getting them right, especially George. I don't consider myself to be especially funny. :P Lee and Alicia are two of my favorite characters because they both serve as the same foil to their respective friends. Annnd they're both sort of ridiculous. and fun.

Thank you so much for this review!! The next chapter is now posted, and I can't wait to see what you think of it. :) You're amaz-sauce.


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Review #75, by hdawg Angelina, August 1995

14th September 2012:
REVIEW 300 WO! I should start by saying something else about my love for this, but from the other reviews I've left, I think you've probably figured that our yourself already!

"Biscuits were always a good companion to help pass the time, and she was almost certain that there was a brand new tin in the cabinet." sounds like a good day ahead. BOURBONS YES.

"He paused for a several seconds before nodding very seriously. "Let's do this." I love this little lad. You capture his innocence so well!

Ahehehehe, this friendship is just to die for! "Michael, this lovely individual with the really attractive smudge of ice cream on her chin is Alicia Spinnet -" You just capture every single aspect of human life perfectly - from loss, to happiness, to friendship, to children, and relationships. You are the bomb!

"You caught me - that's exactly what I was trying to do. Merlin knows it's loads more handsome than yours." I don't think this was meant to fill me with as many feelings as it did, but it invariably did.

"She wasn't sure if it was his smile, her anticipation to begin captaining the Gryffindor Quidditch team, or the feel of his broad hands around hers, but a light tingle buzzed in her head as she fell into step with him." FEELING THINGS AGAIN.

And what an awful 300th review for you to have received. It was just a lot of Hannah's feelings spilling out onto the page and incomprehensible sentences. Ah well! I think it describes how much I love this ♥ You are a genius and I am so jealous that I didn't think of this first. Although if I had, I wouldn't have written it half as well as you, and I know that for a fact :)

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