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Review #26, by DracoFerret11 Angelina, December 1995

1st January 2013:
Hello again! :D

Okay, let's start off with a moment of continuity. At the very beginning of the chapter, you say something about spells crackling in the night air during DA practice. Since they're inside, does that make sense?

Characterization: Okay! We have another Angelina chapter. :] I love how you portray her. Really great job. I think she's very believable and I was sad for her too when she thought George had stood her up. Which, of course, he didn't. He's too sweet for that. Hopefully they get to talk soon, though! Also, good job on all of Angelina's friends.

Descriptions: Great job! I loved the DA scenes and how I could feel Angelina's impatience when she was waiting for her friends in the Great Hall. I like that you show so many things through the details you choose to portray.

Emotions: As always, absolutely loved that I could feel what the characters were feeling. Angelina's sadness when she was waiting for George was perfect. And the suspense at the end was great. I adore this story. :]

Plot: Loved that Angelina had decided to tell George about how she felt. I was so disappointed that she didn't get to, but I think it worked perfectly with the story. I also think you did a really good job working in canon details so that everything seems believable. Awesome job.

Interactions: I really liked the conversations between Angelina and her friends. There's a really believable dynamic between them. I like that. :] And I liked that they all have distinct personalities. Only thing that seemed a little off was the moment when George was massaging Angelina's shoulders. I understand its place in this story, but if you tried placing that action in real life, it seems a little more awkward. :/

Fantastic job, as always. I'll read more soon. You have me captivated.


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Review #27, by Santa Claws George, December 1998

31st December 2012:
Ack! It's so cute in both time lines I'm just about dying and this was just so typical relationship . It always works out this way, I think, with both parties thinking things then thinking their reading too much into things when actually they're reading exactly the right things but aren't explicitly stated in a formal contract or whatever (although that would be interesting and unusual and a bit creepy).

But I was definitely on edge about the whole kiss thing like WHAT was going to happen. And it's funny because it says in your authors note that oyu were planning to post this around the new year and I've just realised THAT'S TODAY. So I'm a year late from your intention but it definitely had all the new year feels.

Although, I'm sick, so I've had to cancel my new years plans and I'm just going to be sat inside thinking about how I did exactly the same thing last year when all the tickets sold out to the place I was supposed to be going to (oh, the life of the tragically alone). But still.

THE ONLY THING that I've had in terms of criticism so far is actually really stupid and a bit lame, but it struck me half way through this chapter so I thought I might as well ramble on about it for a bit. My Saturday job for awhile was shop work and... well, I just don't think it's possibly for WWW to be a three person job.

The shop that I worked in was fairly large. But, if you took just the top floor which is just bigger than standard shop size... we'd always have a minimum of like... three 'sales assistants' on the tills/helping customers on the shop floor and then one and a half supervisors and/or the manager, and then a woman who comes in sporadically to do the paperwork. Just... even assuming George/Verity/Ron are all senior enough to do things like give discounts to customers at will (if things are damaged or whatever) that's a lot of shopping for three people... because it makes lunch breaks a bit of an impossibility as well as you know... days off. BUT this is really unimportant and only struck me thanks to sleep deprivation and me going 'huh? George is dealing with making new products and marketing and the stats and margins and working the tills seven days a week? No wonder he's tired'

BUT YES. Largely unimportant and this chapter was lovely and beautiful. Can't wait to read onwards a bit further (although I think I will have to - work calls)


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Review #28, by Santa Claws Angelina, June 1995

31st December 2012:
Being the utter GENIUS claw that I am I saw your status regarding this reviews and nearly commented going IT WAS MY PLEASURE TO BE READING SUCH A LOVELY STORY before I realised that was beyond levels of completely idiotic.

And then as you're still not quite at your 350 and meandered back over here (it's not the middle of the night this time, which is probably worse because I should be revising and essay writing but this is just such a lovely story) to read some more of your lovverrrlly loverrrllyy words.

And this chapter was lovely as well. You have a way of writing about sad things that doesn't make them seem... well, like the end of the world. It's just a certain quality of hope and life moving on that runs throughout this. I'm trying to put my finger on what it is, but all I can think of is perhaps the dual chronology. Hm.

BUT YES this was a lovely chapter and I'm ssooo excited about the joke shop even though like... it already happened quite a bit in the other timeline and now, yay, I get to go back to George, right? So now I'm going to close this review up and get back to that other chapter :)

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Review #29, by Santa Claws George, December 1998

30th December 2012:
This is going to have to be my last review of the night because I think I'm about to fall asleep at my keyboard (not a good plan) but I have to say that I LOVE your dual timeline so much, but that I think I will hate it very shortly because I simply need to know what's happening with each storyline right away.

It's reminding me a little of that Doctor who episode (Amy's choice?) where there's the two realities and ones the real one and the others the dream, and whilst they're in one that's the one that seems real. Well, it's a bit like that but completely different. When I'm reading the Angelina timeline - as I'm going to tall it - I'm determined that I just want to read more of that bit for a long time, then it swaps back to George and I don't want that to end. And at the end of each chapter I convinced that THAT timeline is the one I need to know about right now. And then I read the next chapter

But this was brilliant. I've always thought that Ginny and the twins had a very close relationship, where as Ron was always the slightly more separate one (although I was never sure whether that was because we just always see Ron separately), but I really think that the twins always understood Ginny's sassiness and probably let her join in with twin time a lot more than they did with Ron. So that little bit was basically my head canon and given that's the only bit of my Ginny Head canon I actually like, I really love that you included that.

And WWW is open again! And Verity's a feminist! And it's all so perfect and cannony that it's beautiful . And I must know what happened with George/Ang in the past and when it's going to happen (repeatedly and on a long term basis) again.

So this is Santa Claws completely enthralled and again appologising for not leaving you as many reviews as I would have liked, or letting you know that you're fabulous as much as I intended at the beginning of the month (I was really excited about getting you as my SS too! Knew I was in for a treat :D)

Lots of christmassey love, mistletoe and tinsel (and a happy new year!)

Santa Claws

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Review #30, by Santa Claws Angelina, February 1995

30th December 2012:
ooohhmyyyggasssh. So this was SUPER cute beyond the levels of sweet and into the valley of unadulterated fluffyness (in the unobtrusive, nice squeey way) and I lovveddd it!

I actually really liked the fact that George sort of tricked her into a date rather than actually asking her on one, if you see what I mean. It seems like the sort of thing that the twins would do and it also seems like the thing that would be oh so annoying from a female perspective (I'm envisioning a bit of but what is he thinking moment, but I'll guess I'll have to wait and see - it's one of those things where it's obviously but nothings been SAID so maybe you're just making stuff up in your head), but ack snowballs and lunch and honeydukes and all sorts of cute.

AND they're going to end up together! Although not for a really long time for these guys, and for however long it takes for the others to get their act together. Also I meant to say that I really like the way that you have your Fred's and Angelina's in the multiple timelines so very obviously the same person and yet so very obviously different ages. It's really nice to see that and very clever and great and wonderful.

Onto the next chapter!


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Review #31, by Santa Claws George, October 1998

30th December 2012:
Okay so this is my new favourite chapter of this story.

I think it was just the loveliness of reading about the Weasley's all back together and making fun of Percy and, like George said, you almost feel like you could close your eyes and everything would be just fine and the war might never have taken over their lives and ripped so many lovely things apart.but even with the knowledge that it's not all okay I defy anyone who can read this chapter without grinning like a maniac at the lovely Weasley Banter.

Percy Weasley and the Femme Fatal should be a novel and would be one that I would absolutely love to tell (and Ron taking the joke too far - lovely) and ackkk. This is the sort of thing that makes me want to nudge my family and go wake them up and laugh with them (although, at this point I'm fairly sure I could substitute 'laugh' for 'be yelled out').

I'm falling in love with this story again. I don't think I actually ever fell out of love with this story, I've just been so busy in this past year that I've barely read any fanfiction. This, though, is reminding me of everything that I love about the whole thing.

Thank you for writing this :)


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Review #32, by Santa Claws Angelina, December 1994

30th December 2012:

"Merlin, Harry looks like he may vomit on Parvati."

was just wonderful.

Not only did it fully capture such a great moment (and one I really wish I was there to see, but that would involve a lot more detailed wishes also coming true so it's probably best not to get into the technicalities), but it was also a really clever way to bring this straight back t cannon. I've read a few Yule Balls scenes before and they were all good, but none of them seemed to fit so solidly with the Yule Ball we see in the books. And this might as well be in the books for the amount of continuity, and it's so sensible and obvious for Angelina to seek out Harry and find his awkward attempts at dancing somewhat amusing.

It also becomes clear, the more I read, the more that Angelina is my sort of girl. Down to earth and real and not head in the clouds, but not in your face with her lack of girliness or anything like that. She feels very real so I really have to congratulate you on such a nice characterisation of a little seen character. i would like to meet her and make her my friend.

Also, your writing is just geeoorrggoous. :D


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Review #33, by Santa Claws George, September 1998

30th December 2012:
Dearest, darling, lovely Mel.

It seems to be one of those periods of time where my good intention seem to be of much greater proportions than the time available to fulfill said intentions. Plus there was a bit of a mix up with me being a silly clot and editing in my extra gift to you into the PM - thinking my er...elf person (Lottie) hadn't yet looked at my post so would just see the extra gift and yet... that didn't exactly happen. Now I'm just figuring that can be your third gift and this is part of your first/second (I'm a terrible horrible Santa who deserves to be written off the nice list). BUT THEN I saw this nice status about WAT nearly reaching 350 reviews (you deserve it!) and I'm big on reaching goals like that and sleeps not important really so HARRAH.

And this was every bit as lovely as I remembered this story to be from the last time I was reading. I think this has to be my favourite chapter so far, just because it was nice to see George. I like how you're not focusing on sheer angst here, because it's not about that, and instead it's hopeful and lovely and real life. Don't get me wrong, it's still sad as it will always be sad that poor George is sans Fred, but this George is... well, I wouldn't say he seems hopeful at this point, but he's okay in that not being okay sort of way. I don't think I'm making any sense here... but I mean he's not utterly falling apart. Just a little. And that's really nice.

My favourite bit of the chapter has to be the early trials of the canary creams and the way he associates that with his youth and Fred and feathers. That made me all goey inside because I associated WWW with youth and joy and... awwwh, I just loved everything about this chapter - especially the little bit of Angelina at the end.

Here's to getting a well deserving story to 350 reviews!

Santa Claws

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Review #34, by DracoFerret11 George, May 1999

30th December 2012:
Hello there! I've been away from HPFF for a little while, but I just saw that there are lots of new chapters posted in this story and I just HAVE to read them! :D So, here are my thoughts on this one:

Characterization: I love the way you write George. It's so impressive and wonderful and perfect! I just love it so much. His emotions were so real. This story just makes me melt. You know that feeling where you get all tingly because of something you hear (like a song) or read (like this story)? Yeah, I have that.

Descriptions: Gorgeous. Loved how hectic things were when George first got to Hogsmeade and then the way your descriptions changed when he went into the Hog's Head. It changed the entire mood of the story. And the memorial service! Oh my gosh. I just kept tearing up. It was so beautiful.

Emotions: This is your forte. Every. Single. Chapter. You write such fantastic descriptions of George's feelings and they're so striking. By far one of the most impressive writers I've read on HPFF. Great job.

Plot: This memorial service was a great idea. I haven't ever read something like this. So pretty. And I loved the way you wrote Angelina into this. She's always so supportive. :] I love her. I love the whole story, honestly. It's perfect. :D

Interactions: Loved the moment between Percy and George. It's so realistic that Percy would be feeling bad about George not being there when Fred died. That's something I can really see happening. I also adored the moments between George and Angelina (obviously). Why didn't Mr. Weasley recognize her, though? I thought she'd been around the Burrow fairly often? Maybe I'm thinking of something else. :P

Keep up the beautifully fantastic work. You impress me. I'll keep reading ASAP and you'll see my reviews. :D


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Review #35, by Aphoride George, September 1999

30th December 2012:
Ahhh, my gosh, why do I somehow never manage to keep up with stories? I always miss them and regret it so much later... I've missed this story while the queue was closed and with the server migration and all that jazz.

This always just astounds me with just how George-like you make him. He isn't someone's (well, in this case yours) version of George, he isn't Fred-and-George, he's just George. I can imagine him with Fred, imagine what they would get up to, but he is so capable of standing on his own and you've made him beyond his own character, he's practically his own person. And Angie... she's just wonderful. She's so strong and so family-oriented and she's just so right for him that if I ever met someone who didn't ship George/Angelina, I'd advise them to read this before making up their mind.

I love Angie's family, as well. They're kinda like the Weasleys, with a lot of them and sort of noisy and boisterous (but with the twins being little boys, that's kinda only to be expected), but they're a lot less magical and just... well, different. Less chaotic, as well. The twins are my absolute favourites, though - Andre and Elliot are just the cutest! They remind me of Fred and George, but not... gah, they're adorable! :)

Percy! I really like how you're including Percy in this and showing his relationship with his family and with George in particular changing and growing. There was always so much tension between Percy and the twins and it's so nice to see them getting along (after all, a few pranks here and there won't really hurt? :P). He's pretty much perfect, as well, with the 'puffing out his chest with pride' and all that... I can just see him getting all excited over having to do a bit of free legal work, lol.

And, absolutely, contractual law isn't exactly the most interesting bit of law, having studied it. It's definitely not the worst, either. I liked the inclusion of the scene with them coming out of Shunpike, Shunpike and Associates (classic law firm name, lol, and the idea of Stan Shunpike secretly being a lawyer made me giggle for about twenty minutes), and all the information about Mr Zonko. He seems like what George will be in about fifty years time, lol. I hope he turns up again - I like him :)

I hope we see more Alicia and Lora and Michael the Muggle again - there's so many other characters in this and I'm not sure if it's my memory of this or whatever, but they don't seem to have been around for a while (like I say, though, that could just be me). And the twins... lots of Andre and Elliot... so cute!

It's strange, whenever I read this it's almost like reading the series again, you know? Kinda like an extension of that, telling us bits we didn't know before which we didn't see in the books and then telling us what happened afterwards. It's so clever and so lovely and so well-written... I really, really do love this :)

Thank you very much for writing this and for the swap!

Aph xx

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Review #36, by Hogwarts27 George, September 1999

29th December 2012:
Hi again. Well, while this chapter didn't have the intense drama of some of the others, it did take the reader through the background details of what was going on in the character's lives at this point in time. It's always interesting to see George and Percy together. They were pretty amiable in this chapter, so it was good that you mentioned all the nasty pranks the twins would generally play on Percy. Once again, you did a great job with vividly describing settings and new characters. It definitely helped me get a clear image of the scenes in my mind as the story moved along.

I certainly did not anticipate George's question at the end of the story, but I think romance reader's will absolutely LOVE the idea and be anxious for this couple to get together as quickly as possible. I must say it's too bad that readers already know from JKR that George and Angelina will end up getting married, because if they didn't, this cliff-hanger of a question would have even more impact and serve the purpose of adding risk to the romance plot. Reader's would not only be wondering if Angelina would agree to move in, but whether it would be good or bad for the couple to take that step. Interestingly, real life statistics reveal that more than 50% of couples who live together will split up, so living together seems to spell doom for most relationships in real life. So George's proposal for Angelina to move in would create a serious risk in the story if we didn't already know the outcome according to JKR. Of course - I'll say this in a whisper - you don't have to make your story agree with her if you don't want to. EEK! Reader panic.

That said, I was pretty surprised by George's proposal for Angelina to move in with him, only because it's not what I would expect from canon - and this just my own opinion of the books, and in not in any way meant as criticism of your story, which is absolutely delightful. Okay, here's the thing - I always thought JK Rowling painted very traditional and rather old-fashioned family and marriage customs in the books, even to the point of being stereotypical. Everyone in the epilogue ended up marrying their school sweethearts, getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after. Rowling never hinted that anyone got divorced, which simply isn't realistic, nor did she mention unmarried young couples ever living together, which is a pretty common modern-day practice, but also not reflected in the books. I don't know if she left it out because it wasn't a necessary element to her story, or because she would like us to believe that the customs in the wizarding world are much more old-fashioned than our modern-day customs. Aside from couples in love, a lot of pure-blood marriages must also have been arranged, so most of those couples would probably be staying married out of a sense of duty to the pure-blood line rather than actual love - which again seems to reflect old-fashioned tradition rather than modern practice being followed in the wizard world. What I'm saying is that the books seem very out of step with reality in that regard. I certainly have nothing at all against YOUR story which portrays the way it really is for most couples when a relationship gets serious nowadays.

Anyway, now that you've teased us with this cliffhanger, I'll be interested to see where you take it from here. I'm really enjoying the way you're telling this story, and all the creative additions of your own that compliment the magical world so well. As always, I look forward to the next chapter.

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Review #37, by DianainGA George, September 1999

28th December 2012:
This is one of my favorite fan fictions! Love the journey!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review!! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #38, by Gabriella Hunter George, September 1999

27th December 2012:

Like the stalker that I am, I saw that you had updated this story on the forums and after whooping and forgetting about what I had to do today, I came here! I really loved the opening to this chapter, there was so much detail weaved into George's disdain for the entire legal affair and I found it really realistic. I'm not sure how you were able to talk about legal jargon without losing your mind because I would have skipped over that completely. Hehehe. Cause I'm lazy like that. :D
But what I really enjoyed, other than George explanding the shop and taking over Zonko's (Mr. Zonko is a tad odd, isn't he?) was that he took Percy along with him.
The added bonus of having my second Weasley brother was very nice. Though, I'm sure that you didn't add him in just for me, of course. Right? Heheh. I like to see that George is making a closer connection with his other siblings, not too many fanfics venture into that and I'm really happy that you did. Percy especially wouldn't be the brother that most would have had him growing closer too but I think it makes more sense. He was there when Fred died and I think he adds a bit of a steadying calm over George. It was great to see him asking after his personal life with Angie and I was glad to get a glimpse of HIS relationship with Audrey. I remember that first awkward not-so-date, hahaha.
Anyway, it was my favorite part of this chapter too.
Moving on! Ah, the romance blossoming! George is starting to really care for Angelina more and more as the days go by and the fact that he's accepting of it is a really good change. Somehow, him allowing himself to be happy leaves me feeling a little bittersweet. Too much pain to get there if you understand what I mean? But anyway, its great that he went to surprise her for her birthday and I loved the way you've portrayed the Ministry and its strange employees. :D
The sweet moments at Angelina's home were really great too and I enjoyed getting to know her family in more detail. The conversation between George and her father was something that made me a little nervous too, I couldn't hope hard enough that they would get along! D':
But it turned out better than I would have thought and the added bonus of having the Johnson women in the house along with their kids was a great read.
And now that ending! From the last chapter, I'd assumed that something good was going ot happen, going by how you're writing the story now. And I must say that Angelina is one lucky girl, I want to move in with George! Hahah. It really showed how much their relationship meant to her for him to ask her something like that and I'm really eager for when you get back to this. :D
She had better say yes! >:D
Anyhoo, thanks for the great read as always and also, thanks for that lovely review you gave my Roxanne Weasley story! Very appreciated. :D
Have some cookies!
See you on the forums and much love,

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Review #39, by Toujours Padfoot George, September 1999

27th December 2012:

And booo, I won't get to find out until chapter 19. Crossing my arms at you.

Percy should become a lawyer. He seemed so adorably chuffed to go skipping around with his fine-toothed know-how, representing someone. Percy's really grown on me through fan fiction, especially because of this story. He gives it to George straight and I really think that's why George gets on so well with him nowadays. Where George probably still finds pitying eyes in everyone else on occasion, Percy's usually too self-absorbed to be pitying, and his personality is so blunt that he doesn't bother to hide whatever he's thinking. So George is safe with him in the way that when they're sitting down to lunch, he knows Percy isn't secretly feeling sorry for him or something. He's genuinely focused on whatever his top priority of the day is. I love that I can glean these things from your writing, which really makes me think about the hows and whys, and it feels like a story that continues playing even when no one's watching it.

♥ ♥ ♥ Your mention of Hollis. ♥ ♥ ♥ You have no idea how happy it makes me to see her still floating around in George's memory, seeing her linked to Fred's memory like that. HAPPEH FEELINGS. ♥

George's bowtie, lulz. I enjoyed his interaction with the Johnsons, and how they Apparated a few blocks away so that Angelina could show him around a little, and it's a place that you can really tell feels like someone's home, a place where someone could grow up and be happy. I feel bad for Mr. Johnson, surrounded by magic. Wonder if Muggle spouses ever play with people's wands when no one's looking. Arthur would probably bowl this man over with his eagerness to know Muggle things.

I really hope Angelina says yes and moves in with him, but I can't completely count on it. She's so stubbornly practical and reasonable about everything and if moving in with George will lengthen her commute to work by five minutes she might very well toss the whole plan. She's not one to really run away with her passions. She and George really even each other out in that way. They would make such wonderful parents. Baww. Now I'm just sitting here wondering if you'll ever give us a follow-up one-shot about George and Angelina and their babies, and an old Oddie still flying around, and an older Andre and Elliot coming by to show off some prank to George because they have taken it upon themselves to outdo him someday, and I am really getting carried away with myself.

P.S. I really want a mouse cake.

I'm a little bit scared for Angelina's chapters now because George's are getting so lovely and uplifting, and if you show the Battle in detail I might just die, and Fred's funeral and ksjfksjdfkj -curls into ball of sadness-


I'm so proud of you for still writing this and sticking it out to the end because I don't know what I'd do with myself if I didn't get my continuous fix of Georgelina. ♥ I LOVE YOU, MEL.



I absolutely love giving slight nods to Hollis through this story. She is the beginning of WAT, the inspiration for this story and so is intimately tied to my Weasley twin canon. It's so funny about you wondering about a Weasley baby one shot considering the epilogue I just read for this story... but all things in good time. :P

Angelina's nephews are so much fun to write. I've always imagined George as being a fantastic father and his interactions with the two boys are a bit of foreshadowing for that.

:( I know. Ang's chapters really are getting dark. And fairly quickly. The next one takes place near the end of HBP, and the last two are set in the DH time period.

I can't even begin to articulate how grateful I am to have such a fabulous writer and person as a friend and fan of this story. Sarah, your reviews always manage to reassure me and motivate me onward. Thank you so, so much for everything.

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Review #40, by CherryBoom George, August 1998

17th December 2012:
I actually had added this to my TBR pile a while ago, but never got around of reading it. Hence this swap was an excellent reminder of to me to start reading it. I'm very glad I started it, and that I have plenty of time to read it through on holidays.

I'm bit surprised too, how few there are longer Weasley twins fanfics. And most of them are more comedic in their nature. George/Angelina is indeed rare find. I'm very interested in how you're going to spin their story. =)

The idea of moving on after losing basically a part of oneself is unbelievably sad. Since we all know, how strong Fred's and George's relationship was, it's easy to imagine how hard it must be for George to move on all by himself. He's so brave to try to get back to routines and living in their apartment.

I loved Ron and his backstory of spending summer rebuilding Hogwarts. Bringing fish and chips was a very (sweet!) guy thing to do, and try to see that his brother would eat something too.

Libby McNaulty was a memorable character, although very, very annoying. =P I can see how her type could stir up some trouble in other chapters of this story.

Lee's speech was very touching. Also surviving Umbridge's reign in Hogwarts is a very notable achievement. Right up there with encountering dragons in triwizard tournament. =)

We didn't yet get much out of Angelina, but I'm so glad she knew that George needed some diversion from dark thoughts. They will be so good to each other. =)

I quite enjoyed reading this chapter, and will continue reading it on holidays. Writing was smooth and characters were very realistic and believable, I quite liked them. Thank you for an excellent swap review. =)

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Review #41, by Hogwarts27 Angelina, April 1996

29th November 2012:
Hi again! I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this chapter. First off, it was wonderfully written, and you put in your original creative ideas that complimented the Hogwarts' world so well. From the very beginning when you described the tedium of studying for NEWTS, your descriptions were so tangible - I loved the way you described the castle being so cold that students wanted to keep their hands in their robes. And the part about measuring Asphodel seeming like blah blah to the minds of students - how perfect! Hmm, somehow it shows that you're no stranger to long hours of studying yourself!!! You described it perfectly! And all of the potion descriptions,including the harmful effects of Dittany were so creative. It was delightful to read.

The humorous banter between the friends was spot on. Your characters are always 'in character' - it's as if they flowed straight out of the original books. The scene with George coming into the library - you got his character down so well with his humorous little remarks. He was perfect. And your description of the romantic thoughts going through Angelina's mind really drew me in. I'm not even a lover of romance stories, but this was good! I was completely absorbed.

Then the description of when they went through the secret passage was so vivid and well-done that I was totally captivated with it. And then it only got better! I loved the scene when George told Angelina about the shop and gave her that little glass gift. It teased the reader the entire time, wondering what George had to tell her. It sort of mirrored an impending marriage proposal, even though I really didn't think you were leading to that and would have been really surprised if you had. But it was perfect, because the shop WAS a big event in George's life. I was a little surprised that Angelina wasn't a little more forthright in voicing her true feelings for George, but I also think it made it a better chapter for her to discourage him because it created a small setback that the couple will have to overcome - and every good romance story needs that. It just makes me eager for the story to continue! An absolutely FANTASTIC chapter!

Author's Response: Hello!!

I hope that you had a merry christmas! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this chapter and thought it was well written -- it hadn't been beta'd at the time you read it, so I was a tad nervous about it being unpolished. Writing Angelina's stresses over studying was definitely the scene I've been able to most closely identify with her -- long hours of studying is sort of my middle name. :P It's so nice to hear that you enjoyed the passages from the potion's text. I quite enjoyed writing that.

I know that technically, this story is a romance, and I may be egotistical in saying so, but I'd like to think that this story isn't just a romance story -- it's a story of a young girl and her experiences being a teenager and student in an increasingly dangerous world and it's the story of a man trying to overcome his grief and put his life back together. I sort of feel like the romance stems from these stories.

!! I had a lot of fun writing the scene when they were sneaking out of the castle, and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. WWW is one of the most important thing in George's life after his family, so I think it was only natural for him to want to share it with Angelina, the girl he fancies.

Ahh. Yes -- Angelina is a rather forthright sort of character, but I think that in her logical mind, the two of them moving on from Hogwarts was enough of an excuse to not be involved in a relationship. He is one of her better friends and I think that she was sort of scared of putting that friendship at risk.

So glad you enjoyed this chapter!! Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter. :) Thank you for all of your support.

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Review #42, by Toujours Padfoot Angelina, April 1996

28th November 2012:
Oh my god, Mel, I don't know if I want to shun you or hug you. I've been sitting here yelling at the screen throughout the entire chapter, "Kiss! Snog! Declare feelings! Mature actions!" With every new scene, I grew more and more excited and confident that a kiss would happen. George taking her somewhere mysterious at night? Alicia's well-placed remark about wimping out on potential relationships simply because the familiar is so, well, familiar? ALL VERY PROMISING EVENTS. Like, you should have seen me. On the edge of my seat, smiling triumphantly, fully expecting only the happiest of instances. By the time they were sitting in the dusty Wheezes shop and George was giving her "the look", I was already skimming down the page to see that she was SNOGGING GEORGE WEASLEY and I did several fist-pumps and mental I-told-you-so's. All was right with the world.


I am making faces at you right now. Let me describe these faces. They are of me looking away from you with the air that I know you are looking at me but I am decidedly ignoring you because I am letting you feel the full effect of my cold shoulder. Let it be cold. Let it be very cold. I hope my shoulder snows all over you.


WHYYY, ANGELINA. WHYYY. WHY MUST YOU BE SO INFURIATINGLY RATIONAL AND OVER-THINKING. SHUT YOUR BRAIN OFF FOR TWO SECONDS AND ENJOY YOURSELF, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO. She made George sad and skdjfskdj and I know this means that in the Angelina chapters, at least, things are going to get worse in their relationship even as they simultaneously get better (THEY'D BETTER GET BETTER) in George chapters.


And now George is going to leave Hogwarts thinking that Angelina only wants to be friends, and Angelina will also be thinking she only wants to be friends BECAUSE SHE IS A WIMP AND NEEDS SOMEONE TO POUR SOME COLD WATER OVER HER, and just for this I hope that her N.E.W.T.s are very hard. -_-

Despite my intense frustration at this moment, I do have a few favorite lines and will have to overlook my despair for a moment to share them:

"If your face is any indication of how good that book is, I'm even more glad than usual that I dropped potions."
- Stop writing George so perfectly canon. Stop making him say the perfect things that are always funny and good-humored and wonderful because it makes my ears steam when Angelina doesn't throw herself at him like a spider monkey and never let go because let's face it, anyone else would be doing that.

♥ George ♥

"Ah, mum's the word, lo -"

I'm just such an asset to have on staff - people say it's because of my big heart. Literally, ask any healer at St Mungos - they all know me by name. My heart is actually almost twice the size it's supposed to be. It's practically a miracle I'm still alive."
- loool, Libby, you delusional soul. And your heart that is twice the normal size. Lee, what are you doing with her. ALSO I REMEMBERED when you mentioned earlier in the chapter when Indira got a face full of porridge that she is Libby's friend. LIBBY IS GOING TO BE ONE UNHAPPY WOMAN IN THE FUTURE.


Loved this chapter but also still want to shun you. I am torn. As are my feelings.

Author's Response: I vote for the hugs. :D shunning is so m33n.

Ahaha. I cackled like the witch from wizard of oz when I first read this review, and very nearly did again now, responding to it. Angelina is very very frustrating and I just want to mush them together and let them get married and have babies and go skipping down the road together holding hands or riding a tandem bicycle or something, but alas... plot notes. :P

Angelina is infuriatingly logical sometimes, but I also think she's scared -- George is one of his best friends; putting herself out there, having a relationship with him puts that friendship at risk. What if it falls apart? Could they go back to being friends? Gahh. At least we know things get better in the George timeline, right? :)

George is da bomb, tru storeh. I'm just so thrilled every time you praise my characterization of him -- you write the Weasley twins so, so well and lskjfowaie. It means a lot.

Libby. That girl is so much fun to write. As I get closer to finishin up this story, I'm scrambling to find scenes I can shove her into just for lulz.

Thank you so much sarah. You are the bestest and I hope you like the next chapter and don't want to shun me after it. ;)

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Review #43, by Jchrissy Angelina, April 1996

28th November 2012:
Melissa. Me-freaking-lissa. You and your absolutely uncalled for stress about this chapter. This is AMAZING. I'm green. I'm so jealous green that i'm surprised my letters aren't green. This is by far my favorite chapter so far. I'm even iPhone reviewing because I can't handle not reviewing right away and you know how much I hate iPhone reviewing!!

Feels. I'm covered in them. Sad frustrated feels about it being so close to the end of the year, and I know just how she feels and I love how well you translated your own frustration of studying into her. Feels wishing she would have told George then all over again, although these feels were the break my heart kind, when they were joking about seeing her all the time and probably ending up in her sofa because.because.because Fred never gets that and it crushed my heart. He knew for so long how much George fancies Angelina and he deserved so much to be apart of their future life together and be Angelina's brother in law and stand by George when he married her and gah. I'm going to start sobbing. You are a mean (amazing) girl and just play with my heart strings like they are your own little toys!!

Then! The kiss! And Angelina! I wanted to slap her. You'll be done with school shortly and even if you end up far away from George you are a stinking witch! Grab some powder and floo over to him, you silly girl!! Scary cat. Even though I'm so different from her in terms of jumping in head first without thinking of repercussions, I do understand her reasons. Frustrating as they may be. I kind of want to pull one of her braids and maybe it will yank some sense into her.
Okay. I'm a messy pool of WAT feels and now I'm going to leave my office and get a coffee, and stop at michaels and get a new Christmas wreath just to cheer myself up. Oh and I might go crazy if I don't get the next two chapters soon. Please tell me your entire Christmas break will be spent chained to your computer? ;)

Love your gorgeous writing to itty bitty pieces.

Author's Response: Jamieee. I'd type the little heart here, but I'm technologically challenged and don't know how to. So, use your imagination.

aha! I love that you knew where Angelina's frustrations with studying came from. can't tell I was drowning in my own studies at the time at all, can you?? :P alkdjfowiea. Gah. You're my only reviewer that pointed out Fred's comment about showing up on their sofa and how he never has the chance for that to come to pass. Now I'm sad all over again.

Aha. I knowww. Angelina is a little bit infuriating. But then again, logic usually is. I find it interesting that you call her a scaredy cat because that's something I intended to get across. Of course she says she turns George down b/c they're both moving on with their lives and what now, but I think on a subconcious level that even she isn't aware of, she's afraid of rejection or losing his friendship.

I hope you had a wonderful christmas and tat you enjoy the next WAT chapter!! Thank you so much for all of your support so far.

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Review #44, by Gabriella Hunter Angelina, April 1996

28th November 2012:

I'm back, just like I said I'd be! Surprised? I hope so because I'm sort of fangirling all over the place. Anyway, so we're back with Angelina again! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my love for George, I mean, er, the fantastic writing when we get back to George (Right?) that I sometimes put her from my mind. Not because I don't like her or anything but because I sort of you know, have this huge crush and everything and Angie's not my type.
I really liked the beginning of this chapter, it really gave me a feel of how the kids were anticipating/dreading their graduation from Hogwarts. The uncertainty that you've weaved in with all of the characters was really something that I could relate too. Who hasn't felt that way at some point? You're never too sure what might or might not happen and I think Angelina's feelings about it were very well written. Also, I'm not sure why but Alicia's line about things feeling safe and comfortable with a relationship struck a chord in me. I've heard something similar from friends myself so I sort of had to sit back and think about it, since it sort of relates to alot of various things. The fact that Angelina started to think about George in that same way, despite how she obviously feels about him made me sort of uneasy. I had a feeling that the second half when she met him for that little adventure wouldn't go as smoothly as I, as a fangirl, would have liked.
And it didn't! D':
Argh, I thought, for some reason that George would be the one denying his feelings for Angie, not the other way around. I thought that he'd say something along the lines of just being excited and happy for he and Fred (Really liked how he showed her the joke shop by the way) but it was Angie!
Argh! D':
It was a wonderfully written play on emotions too and I could practically feel how awkward it was after Angie put him off. Poor George! Poor me!!!
Anyway, I do like that you've started making a contrast between the chapters. George's feelings are brighter while Angelina's are darkening! I thought it was a very interesting way to move the story forward and I can't wait for more! So, I'll be back, fangirling and squealing like the weirdo I am so look forward to that (?)
Much love,

Author's Response: Gabbie &hugs.

I'm always surprised and pleased to see your reviews for this story. :) You were my very first WAT fan that I didn't know all that well (at least when you first started reading it), and for that you deserve a golden star or a enormous box of chocolates. I am still very grateful and excited when I log in and see a review from you.

The frustrations my characters were feeling in their regards to studying came almost directly from my own feelings going into finals season in school. The adventure was fun to write -- it wasn't in my original notes for the chapter, and I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I'm glad it worked out as it did.

Huh, it's interesting that you thought George would be the one to deny his feelings. That boy is crazy about her -- we just don't get the oppurtunity to see his thoughts in the Hogwarts era chapters. :P

Thank you as always for your reviews. I hope you enjoy the next chapter. :)

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Review #45, by shadowycorner Angelina, December 1995

27th November 2012:
Oh I also forgot to add in regards to your AN, I recently bought an owl plush puppet and named it Mr. Nathaniel Hoothorne. Although I doubt wizards are familiar with this guy, so never mind. :D

This was another great chapter about Angelina and it built her character so nicely. Back here, she's this normal girl just living her life, having the usual problems with her own spin on it when suddenly very slowly war starts to seep in and she starts to realize it. You've thought this mixed chronology perfectly. It provides such a unique pace and flow to the story. I want to know what happens in the future just as I want to know what happened in the past.

I really liked the DA meeting from Angelina's point of view. I should read OotP again because it brought memories of the book really swiftly. :) Lora and her Headgrilness is so much fun, and all the verbal exchanges with Alicia crack me up! It was nice and soothing to read a sort of lighter chapter like this after the previous emotion-packed one (although I really, really loved it). I mean, sure, the ending was darker and tainted with the horrible reality, but the rest of it just made me smile and sigh because it was so real-life all of it. And then some moments, like George holding Angelina by the shoulders. I melted into a puddle and had a hard time coming back from it. It was so fleeting and random and so, so lovely. Then Angelina's sudden decision and determination to tell George about her feelings! That takes some guts at that age, and I was looking forward to their meeting. I admit I completely forgot about the attack on Mr. Weasley, so my emotions were running very similarly with Angelina. I was upset George didn't show up (although I sensed he didn't do it on purpose) and then when they mentioned Arthur I just went week in the knees when I remembered all the worry of that scene. I'm not usually into female fanfic characters, but I simply adore your Angelina. She's the kind of girl I find myself desperately rooting for.

Another fantastic chapter, dear! :)

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Review #46, by shadowycorner George, May 1999

27th November 2012:
I've done the mistake of printing out this chapter and reading it in the library at uni today. I looked kind of awkward tearing up in the corner over a piece of paper but what the heck, I couldn't do otherwise because this was so packed with real, raw emotion. Everything about it, really. Just from the beginning when George arrives I felt my skin prickling, because I knew what was about to happen. It was poignant and significant in every new sentence. Your words carried the flow of the entire chapter perfectly, through many emotional turbulences. There's not only George's grief, but the reader's grief as well. It's not easy getting something like that across. What I most love about this story and why I cam back to it is how it affects and touches me as a reader and a person, so intensely that I feel like I'm a part of the story. It's amazing and I love being so immersed in some stories, although it's tough sometimes because my every fiber just wants to cry in moments like this.

I thought I'd die when George entered the Hog's Head. How desolate it looked, and sad, only a fraction of the Order sitting there. It could be felt around everyone, from Molly to Ron, and it broke my heart seeing them like that. And there truly wasn't only the sadness after Fred, but also Remus and Tonks, which later resonated even stronger during the ceremonial.

I loved how George realized he wanted and needed some of his mother's fussing. They both provided comfort to each other that way, and it truly warmed my heart. I can hardly find the words for the ceremonial. I don't think you could've done it better. It's perfect. It's tragic, but has a sense of uplifting as well. Still, I felt smothered by the sadness of hearing Kingsley speak, and then Minerva. By the way, having George's thoughts being broken up by Kingsley's voice during the battle was a nice touch. Then the descriptions, crushingly beautiful, really! The way you described the castle and the entire atmosphere was just brilliant. I don't get it how your words can affect me this much!

I was so glad Angelina went after George. I expected her to, but I still felt relieved when she did, and even more so when he didn't push her away. They hardly said anything, but the support between them was almost tangible. Angelina is such an amazing woman. What I love about her is that she understands him and doesn't push him in any way.

I really, really just love this story.

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Review #47, by baletgir Angelina, April 1996

26th November 2012:
Yay! An update! I hate how infrequently I leave you a review, to be honest I'm not sure if I ever have, but I follow your fic intensely and am always waiting for an update. I love this piece so much. I think you've nailed everything on the head, from the characters, to the plot, to the structuring (which I absolutely love), and keeping it canon. I admire you for this piece immensely. I absolutely love it, so please do not ever stop!

Author's Response: A review is a review and for that I am grateful!! I'm bowled over that you follow the fic and wait for new updates -- it's really surreal hearing that. I'm so so glad that you enjoy this story and this chapter. The structure was something I had been keen to try well before it even occurred to me to write about George and Angelina, so I'm glad it ended up suiting the story so well.

Thank you, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!!

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Review #48, by ValWitch21 Angelina, April 1996

24th November 2012:
This was a lovely chapter -- yes, yes, despite Angelina rejecting George.

I love the way you write, it's so beautiful. This was my favourite part:

Angelina freed a small, Snitch-sized chunk of glass from its makeshift wrappings and couldn't help but gasp. Its surface was smooth and glossy, but it had a depth that seemed to continue on far beyond the limits of its size. Colours and textures moved and shifted within it creating a new palette in rhythm with her breath.

You are so amazingly talented, I don't know what to say. Wow. Just wow.

I'll be around.

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hey again! The thing with having procrastinated the last chapters review responses is that now you get two responses from me on the same day! Thank you so much for your compliments -- I think I may be blushing. That passage, now that I'm rereading it, is a bit odd for the tone and style of this story and is much more like something I'd expect to write in my Luna-centric novella, First Star to the Right. Regardless, I'm very glad you enjoyed this chapter and thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

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Review #49, by Hogwarts27 George, July 1999

17th November 2012:
Yay! A new chapter! I'm glad you found time to write - amazed really that you found time while doing veterinary study. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it. The poker game with all the humorous banter was great. All the dialogue was in character. And I loved the bit about needing a cigar to play even if you never light it. And the names you gave the cards, especially Supreme Mugwump, had me chuckling. Very fitting and creative.

The part with Zonko and his personal quirks was also well done, including the bird. The way you portrayed him as eccentric fit so well into the story - sort of like Albus being eccentric and having Fawkes - except Zonko at the opposite end of the spectrum with jokes. I enjoyed all of it.

And the part with George and Angelina - it was nice to see them together being affectionate without any reservations in private - I especially liked the part where he slid her off the table. I think that would have been George's style, very bold. Yet fitting how you portrayed George reluctant to openly admit to his other friends how much he's involved with her. Which I think would be just like George to play it cool around his friends, who probably WOULD love to tease him to death about it.

I've found this story absolutely delightful ever since I started reading it, and I voted it for a Dobby. Finishing a novel-length story is a big commitment, but keep writing whenever you find the time, and I hope you never lose your muse! And good luck with your vet studies as well. Hagrid would be proud of you!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so sorry about how long it's taken me to respond to this reveiw. I could blame my veterinary courses, but instead, I'll just apologize. You've been such a support since you first began reading this story, and I really appreciate your dedication to the story -- your reviews really bring a huge grin to my face!

The whole guys' night sort of began as a spur of the moment decision, but as soon as it was made, I knew I was going to write about magical poker. Thankfully, my friend and her boyfriend were able to teach me the basics of the game!! Having only learned it as I was writing it, it is a relief to hear that it was well done /and/ entertaining. :) (though I completely attribute the entertaining bit to Lee -- that boy has a way of stealing the show no matter what scene he's in).

Zonko is basically just my guilty pleasure character. It's just so much fun to have a character that can do or say anything and have it be completely normal! That is such a cool analogy... I am flattered (and my mind is sort of blown).

Annd georgelina. I am such a fail at writing physically romantic scenes, yet here I am 70K words into a romance. I'm always very suspicious of these scenes and cobbsquint them like crazy to try and make sure they don't sound too purple or forced or ridiculous, not to mention in character.

Baww. Again, you're just too sweet. I'm literally grinning from ear to ear over your hagrid compliment. thank you!

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Review #50, by Gabriella Hunter George, July 1999

14th November 2012:

I told you that I would be back and I'm really sorry that I haven't given you a proper review. Real life came in the form of me being busy with military stuff and I've been trying not to cry as my laptop is still, sadly, deceased.
Anyway! :D
What a nice way to start this chapter. Its always great coming back to George (As you know, I'm such a fangirl where he's concerned) and I really enjoyed the lightness of the poker game. Lee was hilarious and I it was a pleasant surprise to see a slightly more mature Ron there too! The passage of time is nice and I got the sense that he and Angie are slowly molding into one another in a really nice way. Does that make sense? I hope that didn't sound perverted...
What's really great I think is that George is slowly pushing himself towards the rest of his life and really going for what makes him happy. With Mr. Zonko of course and his relationships, I'm really happy to see that he's moving forward. If only a little and I'm happy that you've put in some of his sadness for Fred, which is something that you could never get over of course.
Now, the second half!
Talk about a girl blushing over here! See how mature I am? Hahaha. While I did really like that Angie and George are getting into the habit of being together and snogging on desks and such, its really nice to see their relationship developing. Its great that he sees her as someone so important in his life and her determination to be with him is just...perfection. Sigh. What's funny but not-so-funny I guess is the fact that we had sort of a mind meld! I sort of had a fangirl moment myself because, in my Georgelina, George actually expands the shop sort of in the same way! Hahah. My face was sort of embarrassing to be honest. Anyhoo, can't wait for more of this and I hope everything goes well for you with school and congrats for all the votes you got for the Dobby's! :D
Hope to see you on the forums too!
Much love of course,

Author's Response: Heyy! I never doubted that you'd be back ;) seriously, though... your enthusiasm rocks and means a lot to me.

I always feel like I can pick whether I enjoy writing George chapters or Angelina chapters more, but truthfully, I like different facets of both of them equally well. I don't know if you've noticed or not (I'm not even sure how evident it is in the story just yet... but perhaps after you read the next chapter) but George's chapters are slowly lightening insofar as mood and his general demeanor towards life. But because it's a cyclical story I'm hoping to balance out the lightening of his chapters with a gradual darkening of Angelina's -- afterall, they will be graduating and going out into a world on the brink of war.

anywho... not sure where that tangent came from, but I'm glad you liked the poker game!! It was a lot of fun to write. Lee is the bomb, end of story and sort of carried that scene. :) Ron... I really love his character, so any chance I get to include him is a good one.

Honestly, I don't think I could make it through a george chapter without a mention of fred -- he was too big a part of his life not to. However, I do hope that as george's chapters have progressed that the context in which fred appears is progressing as George learns to accept and ultimately live with his grief.

And Georgelina scene. Gah. I really dread writing any sort of physical romance (why exactly I set out to write a romance novel is beyond me). You know how sometimes you read a romantic scene and it just feels forced and awkward -- that is my biggest fear with these scenes. I feel like I'm intruding, but am trying not to intrude... and hoping that it all comes out sounding legit. lolol. Anyway, I'm glad that you enjoyed their scene and that it wasn't too awful.

Yayy for Georgelina shippers. We, in my most humble opinion, rock. :) Thank you so much for your review and all your enthusiasm and support.

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