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Review #26, by blueirony Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

2nd December 2009:
The beautiful thing about this story is that you really have managed to tapped into the mind of young Teddy Lupin. If I had to say one word to describe this story it would be 'adorable'. It really is. I found myself smiling the whole way through. And it is the little things that really make me realise how well this is written. Harry helped Albus with his ice-cream cone. Dominique stood by Victoire's sand creation. Teddy considering Ginny's words when she explains what Fleur's pregnancy means. The little things. There are so many more. Those are the ones I can think of from the top of my head. They're just adorable. It is so sweet. I don't know if you have spent much time around little kids, but this is exactly how they act. Teddy. Victoria. Dominique. You have them all really well characterised. Adorable, cute and very well thought out and written.

One thing that struck me was that you made Dominique a boy. I don't think that's a bad thing. If at all, I think that it's different to what most people think. Most characterise Dominique as a girl. You didn't. It's different. And I love it. Dominique was one of the 'characters' in my early French textbooks and he was a guy. So that made me applaud you silently.

And it isn't even the little children you have characterised well. All the others work. They really do. Harry. Ginny. Bill. Andromeda. They are all how I expected them to be. Harry, slightly weary and awkward, but very loving and loyal. Ginny, gentle and loving, with a bit of attitude. Bill, very fatherly. Andromeda, a wonderful grandmother to Teddy.

I was going to ask you about why she is distant from the Weasleys, but I think I have figured it out for myself - she may never feel like she fitted in. And she may always characterise herself as a Black. She may also feel slightly guilty for the many lives lost who were dear to Weasleys. I do not know if my assertions are correct, but whatever the reason may be, that coldness and distance adds another layer to the story. Most Next-Gen stories have her as a very warm and loving person who just blends into the Weasleys. I like that you have her slightly separated. It adds something to the overall story.

There are, as you said, minor grammar mistakes in the chapters but none of them are an eyesore. If you read over the chapters, a simple editing process should get rid of the remainder of them. However, even if you don't, no quality will be lost. They are hardly noticeable. Just some sentences that could be rephrased or some phrases. That sort of thing.

Of course, the relationship between Teddy and Victoire is the most striking thing of this story. You have it written so well. They are way too adorable. And it's just... it's just how you would expect them to act, you know? The older boy, being introduced to a younger girl. They become best friends. And they form a bond that they perhaps do not understand yet, but will in years to come. It's just so adorable. I don't know how to describe it. Other than very real and very believable.

Don't change a thing in how you are progressing through the story. It is a very clever idea. Have the proposal in the first chapter, followed by a small snippet into important events in their relationship together. Though there is not a very thick and heavy plot, there is just something very light and beautiful about this story that keeps the reader very interested. Certainly, out of the recent stories I have read, this is definitely one of ones of which I genuinely wish there were more chapters to read!

I don't know what CC to give you. I really don't. The pace is fine. Plot is smooth. Transitions from chapter to chapter are not too jumpy. Characterisation is spot-on. Dialogue suits every character.
Perhaps, and this might just be for my own selfish pleasure since I enjoy them so much - but perhaps add more of the little things that I mentioned before? Just the every day things that you have dotted here and there. They really make this fic something else. They make this fic very real. And it is such a strength.

Ju :]

Author's Response: Alrighty. Again, Sorry about the long wait for this response, but this is a lovely review that deserves an equally lovely response.

So, onto my response:

You have absolutley no idea how incredibly happy I am that a reviewer noticed the 'little things' in this story. It is a story of a normal young boy growing up. Fantastic and extraordinary things don't happen everyday. The little things are important to me, as are the characters. Characters are what makes this story a story. I try very hard to keep them all believable and tangible to the readers.

Ah yes, Dominique is in fact a guy in my fic. Before really delving into the Fanfic world, I had never considered the fact that Dominique is a unisex name. He was always a boy in my mind. When I started reading fanfiction and realized how many people wrote him as a girl and how many people wrote him as Vic's down to earth tough little sister that also dotes on Teddy, my mind was set. Hence, Dom, Vic's little brother, was born.

EEK! I am super-de-duper happy that the grown ups are in character as well. Since they all were given such wonderful characters by JKR, I do my best to do each of them justice. They are just as important to the story as the main characters are.

Andromeda is difficult to write. I want her to be stern and proper without her seeming cold and unloving. And, yes, you struck the nail on the head as to why she is distant from the Weasleys. Black blood still runs through her veins despite her loyalties.

Grammar is actually being fixed as I am writing this. I found myself a beta so once the queue opens up they will hopefull be dissappearing.

I am thrilled that the relationship between Teddy and Victoire is not only cute, but realistic and believable. I always worry that I delve too deeply into cute and stray away from realism too much. You seem to have interpreted their relationship how I intended it to be read.

Your comment on the progression of this story really made me feel better about the plot. I always worry that this is all fluff and that there really isn't a plot. I like your description of it though... light and beautiful.

As for the second review box, the progression of their ages is something that I worried about too. Its wonderful to know that it seems believable enough.

I actually just finished writing the next chapter. :) So after the queue reopens, there should be more of this story to read. I'm hoping to get a few more chapters done between now and then. I will be sure to add more of the 'little things' since these are the things that make my story a story.

This was a wonderful review! thank you so much for taking the time to seriously read and comment on this story. I'll be sure to rerequest once the next chapter is validated.

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Review #27, by troyfin2 Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

2nd December 2009:
Awesome! This chapter was ace! The writing was the best so far, and it kept together nicely. :)10/10

Author's Response: Awww. Thank you. I have begun working on this again and plan to start updating after the holidays. :)

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Review #28, by troyfin2 Chapter Three: Those Lazy and Emotional Days of Summer

2nd December 2009:
Very good! :) I felt that Harry talking to Teddy about his parents seemed a bit rushed. It just felt like... I don't know. Like, I can tell that you led up to it nicely, but it just felt like Harry was dropping a big bomb on him. lol. I'm not sure how to explain my opinion about that!

It was so cute how Teddy explained families to Harry, too!

Author's Response: Thanks for this review too!!! They really make my day. :)

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Review #29, by troyfin2 Chapter Two: Snowy Days and First Kisses

1st December 2009:
Aw, very cute. I loved this chapter as well. Teddy is too adorable! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I'm really happy that you took the time to review each chapter. :) it means a lot.

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Review #30, by troyfin2 Chapter One: A Brand New Adventure

1st December 2009:
Aw, really great. :) I loved how Teddy's hair kept changing. This chapter was really sweet! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! Reviews are always so wonderful to read!

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Review #31, by troyfin2 Prologue: Grown-up Questions

1st December 2009:
Aw, really good! Loved it! The only thing that bothered me was a bit of the beginning. It seemed the word 'nerve' was being used too much. Also, Dom being a guy! Ha! Love that! So great. I will for sure read on. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on editing before I begin updating... nerve is on my to-fix-list. LOL. fear not...

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Review #32, by Siriusly Smitten x Chapter Three: Those Lazy and Emotional Days of Summer

30th November 2009:
Review number four.

I think the ending moment between Harry and Teddy was my favourite part yet. It was perfect, and something different from Teddy/Victoire. I felt the Teddy/Victoire moment in this chapter was almsot unneeded. Readers have comprehended by now that they grew up together and were best friends. Besides for the added fluff and cuteness, it was sort of pointless. Just something for you to consider.

Now onto my praise. =D This truly is lovely. Not only is it beautifully written, but your characters are captivating, and I love how you've included everyone - esp. Percy and his wife. Thank goodness you did; I love it when Percy is included. Haha. I like the little side-plots going with Hermione and Ron and Harry/Ginny/James. It's really nice, and flows nicely.

As I said above, the Teddy/Harry moment was perfect. It gave me an insight to Tedd'y feelings outside Vicotorie, and how he feels about his family and such. Lovely.

Anyway, hope this helps. =D

Author's Response: Yay! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this. Life has been horribly hectic lately.

I'm very happy that you enjoyed the Teddy Victoire moment. I never said this wasn't a fluffly story. The way I see it, nobodies life has a plot per say... This is the tale of Teddy's life. The major plot of course is the progression of his relationship with Victiore. The minor plot is the everyday ups and downs in his life. Essentially, this is merely the story of his life. Take it or leave it.

I'm very glad that you enjoy the writing! I work very hard to make the wording flow. Any compliment on my characterizations pretty much makes my day. In my book, they are the most important part of a peice of fiction. Without strong characters, there is no story. I work very hard to keep them realistic and am ecstatic when people take notice. :)

If you like Percy you should check out my new one shot, From the Outside, its a Percy/Audrey exravaganza!:)

thank you so much!

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Review #33, by Siriusly Smitten x Chapter Two: Snowy Days and First Kisses

30th November 2009:
Review number three. =)

Very cute; very fluffy. Now, I'm a fan of fluff, believe you me - I am a fan, haha, but I can't help get the feeling that this story is nothing but fluff. I would like to see some action, some adventure, and for something to happen. I haven't read ahead, so who knows, something might. While I caught myself smiling at this chapter, it was also sort of predictable.

Some of your dialogue is a bit off, but I love your characterisation. Victoire is by far my favourite; I like how she's like Fleur.

On the plus, this chapter is nicely written, flows brilliantly, and your spelling and grammar is spot on.

Onto the next chapter. =D

Author's Response: as with the last response, sorry about the long wait. I feel really bad leaving you hanging...I know that I get frustrated when authours don't respond to my reviews right away. lol

Outside of what I explained in the next response, there won't be as much fluff in the next ten chapters or so. Teddy is now a young adolescent boy. They just aren't as cute as little kids and so don't lend themselves towards fluffy scenes.


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Review #34, by Icestorm Prologue: Grown-up Questions

29th November 2009:
Oh my giddy-God! That was beautiful!
Hey, it's Ice from the forums, here to drop you a review!
This was so beautiful, I love the little flashback! But, I do think that the flashback should be in italics. Just so you can distinguish it better. Just an opinion.

So far, Teddy has stayed consistant as you painted him. But, I don't know, seeing as I've only read one chapter.
Such a beautiful beginning! Post chapter 2 on my review thread so I can read more (if you don't... I'll read it and not leave a review... I'm kinda bad about that...)!

Keep it flowing beautifully!
-Ice (sorry, it's not the best review, but I hope it helps!)

Author's Response: wow. this is quite the review... I think that I may be blushing. lol. :)

I'm so very pleased that you enjoyed this. I've never considered putting the flashback in italics... that's a fantastic suggestion. I'm working on editing and cleaning up what is currently written. My goal is to start posting again after the queue closure. :)

Any feedback on this story helps me to get my head back to the world I had created in the story. That means this review!

Thanks so much. I'll be sure to rerequest.

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Review #35, by Siriusly Smitten x Chapter One: A Brand New Adventure

28th November 2009:
And onto the first chapter.

Having Teddy meeting Victoire for the first time was great for the first chapter.

Your characterisation so far is great. Seeing Andromeda's pain at losing her daughter was nice to see.

Again there was moments of lagging, but nothing too major.

Not much else to say. There's only so much you can write with a toddler-aged Teddy, and I look forward to seeing him age.

Author's Response: Thank You for this review!!

I figured that the beginning would be a good place to start my story. lol. I'm thrilled that my characterization seems on target. I try very hard to do each all-ready-established character justice and to make each next gen character fully believable.

Andromeda is a challenge to write, but an integral part of the story considering she is Teddy's primary care giver.

Again, Thank you for this review.
I'll be sure to rerequest!

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Review #36, by Siriusly Smitten x Prologue: Grown-up Questions

28th November 2009:
Hey, it's Siriusly Smitten from the forums. Here's your review:

Okay, so I've read the proglogue.

It is evident that you have a talent for writing. I like your style, and although I haven't yet read any further, I've got a somewhat idea of where you're taking this. That's nice for readers to know - sometimes total surprise and suspense can be plain annoying.

I love Teddy Lupin, and I love that it's in his POV. Everyone's take on Teddy is different, and I can't wait to see how you develop him and your other characters.

Only a few little things I noticed. Firstly, there were a few clumsy sentences, which as a result, made your pargraphs drag on. I love description, but it felt like I was reading the same thing over and over, and found myself searching for the interesting bits. Last little thing is "Teddy Bear". I dunno, it just seems too easy.

Now, onto the good stuff! It was an excellent prologue, and achieved what all good prologues should: it captivated me. It really did. You have some nice little sentences scattered in there, which made me grin, and I loved reading about them as kids. Adorable.

Your spelling and grammar is great - you're so lucky you have a good BETA.

I know getting back into the swing of writing again can be hard. I plan to read on, and hopefully, will be able to give you some more feedback as I read on. But, keep writing - it seems like you have something good going here. =D


Author's Response: My oh my... your comments are too kind. I just write whatever comes to mind and hope that it fits together into a coherent novel.

I do love Teddy. His character in my mind is so fully developed and wonderful... I only hope that he translates onto paper, er, computer screen.

I know that I have a tendancy for lengthy and bulky sentances. :( I like to think that it improves as the story progresses. And Teddy Bear is basically just Andromeda's nickname for her grandson. He was a cuddly little tyke when he was young. Victoire picked it up since she is so close to the family. Fear not, no one except those two will ever use that name for him.

AntigoneBlack is a fantastic beta! I'll be sure to pass the compliment onto her. I plan on sitting down and busting out a chapter this evening. Thanks for the encouragement.


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Review #37, by Leigh Kelley Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

26th November 2009:
Here's the last one.

I liked this chapter just as much as the others. Already we can see a more grown-up Teddy. Albeit, not that grand a change, but enough to pick up on. His excitement at going to Hogwarts was definitely felt, along with the nervousness of embarking on a new adventure. I never once considered that he though Victoire was going as well, and his disappointment at the discovery that she wasn't is really heart-felt.

The bit you included with Harry was needed. We see him worrying about his godson and whether he got his letter, wanting him to experience what they had told him about. As well as him entering another world that his parents had been a part of. So that was nice. The starving house elves line had me chuckling.

I feel sorry that he has to leave his friend behind, but I'm sure he'll still have adventures. At least he won't have to wait too long before she comes along.

The entire story, so far, was fairly well-written. Your descriptions were on point throughout, and the scenes were set up in a way that I can picture them clearly. There were a few typing errors here and there, such as missing words or commas, but nothing too glaring. It certainly wasn't anything that could distract a reader from enjoying this, like I certainly did. You did a good job with the transition from baby Teddy to his eleven-year-old self. You portrayed him wonderfully, and I am falling in love with his character.

All in all, good job.

Keep it up!

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: wow... five wonderful reviews... you are fabulous.

this chapter was incredibly nerve-wracking for me to write. After settling into little-kid Teddy, jumping up to school age Teddy was unsettling. I'm glad that it was a good transition.

yay!! the House-elf line made me laugh when I wrote it... I'm so happy you picked up on that.

I'm currently writing the next chapter and working on editing what I have. proof reading grammar has never been my specialty. I'm so happy that you enjoyed these five chapters and hope that I can rerequest in the future.


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Review #38, by Leigh Kelley Chapter Three: Those Lazy and Emotional Days of Summer

26th November 2009:
Percy is still Percy, haha. Never misses an opportunity to brag, no matter how unenthusiastic everyone is about listening to him. Never considered that Audrey would be a muggle, but it's interesting. Just like how Dom's a boy. Never considered it, but since the name could be for a boy or a girl, it's all about the author. Different, but still enjoyable to read about.

So Hermione's pregnant with Rose. Only explanation I could come up with for her suddenly running off, though George's reason could work too :D. But considering Ginny's reaction to her news, I think my assumptions to be safe.

Aw. Teddy holding baby James is such a cute thing to picture. I sense he already feels like a big brother.

Vic is still feeling jealous, I see. I can understand why she would, as it's easy to feel like someone else is taking your place, no matter what the person says on the matter. How you describe Teddy's patience with her; it's cute. I keep repeating that word, but it's the only word I can use to describe all this.

What he told Harry has him seeming wise beyond his years. It's exactly what a child would say, as they don't view the world in a way an adult would. And he's right. Everyone's family is different. At least he recognises that he has one.

Nice chapter.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Alas, Percy is still pompous big-headed Percy. I couldn't resist throwing him in there. In my mind Audrey has always been a muggle... no competition for percy in the magical world... and dom has always been a boy... Don't know why, but I suppose its just how my mind works.

Yeppers... Baby rose is a budding little secret in this Chapter. Ron knows and is still unsure how to deal with the news... hence his awkwardness. The rest of the family basically assumes as much... babies are sort of a Weasley specialty. lol.

Victoire is a very Jealous girl. Teddy is her only friend older than her, and so her only friend she doesn't feel the need to look over. Instead, he looks over her and she likes it.

Cute is basically my aim in these kiddo chapters... so the repetition is appreciated.

Teddy is very much Remus' son. He is empathetic and wise beyond his years. He has a very solid grasp on the world and often understands much more than the adults give him credit for.

Thanks again. Your reviews are wonderful.

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Review #39, by Leigh Kelley Chapter Two: Snowy Days and First Kisses

26th November 2009:
I'm enjoying young Teddy, and he is definitely in character with a boy his age. With his feeling of importance and pride because he knows a secret, his will to keep it, and his inability to keep anything from his best friend, I can sense a young boy here. Just the way you word their sentences, and describe their actions, you have me believing all of this.

The kiss was amazing. Not in that way, lol, but in the sense that she kissed him to make up for their fighting. Children tend to mimic what they see the adults doing, so it's something that I can see her doing. Teddy's reaction to it was natural, as he is a little boy, and kisses, especially from girls, are filled with cooties and completely unwanted. You wrote it realistically, including Dom going to tell on them. Haha.

Loved the last line. It's full of meaning, and I'm happy that he feels that way.

The next one, then.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: In Character?!? Oh boy. that is assuring. :) Teddy was quite proud of his secret. However, even at this young age, he is powerless to the whims of Victoire... lol. She already had him wrapped around her fingers.

I enjoyed their kiss scene immensely. She is very much her mother's daughter and Teddy is very much a six year old boy. the contrast begged this scene to be written.


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Review #40, by Leigh Kelley Chapter One: A Brand New Adventure

26th November 2009:
Normally I don't like switches in POV; I like when a reader sticks to one throughout, especially when I have already sat back to enjoy a story in the way that the first chapter is written. But here, I like it. I don't think it would have been easy to write from a toddler's POV in first person, so I like this decision. All the little bits and pieces from those he's interacting with is nice, too, even if it's just a glimpse into what they are thinking or feeling.

I did feel sad for Andromeda. I can only imagine what she experiences on a daily basis, taking care of a boy who is so much like her daughter, and as you wrote, 'a painful remainder of everything she had lost'. It must be so difficult to not close in on one's self, but at least she has something physical and living to remind her of her daughter.

Teddy is so adorable. I like how he has traits from both of his parents, and despite what Andromeda is feeling, is able to bring a smile to her face. Unknowingly, the switch in his hair color when she shed that tear was distracting.

It's clear that he adores his godfather, and that the feeling is mutual. It's so cute the way he says Harry's name, and switches his hair to match that of his godfather's. It's so cute, and aw-worthy. He's so innocent when he asks Ginny if she has a baby, and I can't help but sigh with everything that he does, says, or thinks.

I like when the baby came, and what he thought about her. I especially liked this line. As such, Teddy expected this baby Victoire to be a great new thing. It shows how much he looks up to Harry and what he says.

I'm enjoying this trip down memory lane. This chapter was well-written, everything flowed well, and you portrayed young Teddy in a very believable way. Can't wait to read more.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Normally I do not like POV changes either. However for this story, since the body of the story are Teddy's memories as he awaits Vic's answer, it seemed it should be third person. It is good to here some support for this decision.

I really wanted Andromeda to be a prominant figure in Teddy's life. Afterall, she primarily raises him. I feel like far too many fics writer her off altogether.

Teddy does indeed adore his godfather. By the time he is grown, he'll exhibit quite a few of harry's habits. :)

Yay!! Enthusiasm to read on!! I know requesting five chapters is daunting especially if you don't enjoy the story. I'm happy to know that at least this project can be enjoyable.

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Review #41, by Leigh Kelley Prologue: Grown-up Questions

26th November 2009:
Hey there :).

I'm not the biggest fan of prologues, but I loved this. You gave just enough to have me anticipating more, wondering as to her answer. Her facial features, at least seen through Teddy's eyes, are enough to cast doubt. She seemed so in love with him, through her previous actions, so you would have expected a quick yes, a ring slipping on a shaking finger, and a leap into Teddy's waiting arms. So the ending was definitely unexpected, and a bit mean (xD), but effective in getting the reader to move to the next chapter.

I love your writing style. You spend just enough time on details, which easily sets up a scene and makes the reader feel as if they're right there peeping over Teddy's shoulder. I felt his nervousness, and his love for Vic.

Hm. The memory was a nice touch. You wrote them as children believably. Everything seems so simply and easy at that age, and you can easily spot their innocence through their words. That section was sweet and cute, and definitely had me smiling.

Reading on.

~L. Kelley

Author's Response: Hello! thank you so much for reviewing this. :) As I said, its been awhile since I've updated this and I figured some reviewing would help get me back into the story.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the prologue despite your usual distaste with them. It is my hope to frame the story of Teddy's life thus far with his proposal to Victoire.

Yay!! I've found several readers who do not enjoy my writing style, so I'm very pleased that you find it enjoyable.

Thank you!!

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Review #42, by Yoshi_Kitten Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

21st October 2009:
Hello Witness!!
First of all, I am like a million times sorry for putting this off for So long!!! It feels like its been ages since I've had time to actually sit down and read ANYTHING, I've been SO bust here latley... But I'm present now, at long last, here to finally review the next chapter in this adorable little tale of yours!!! :)

Oh my goodness, Teddy was Soo cute when he was sitting there thinking about what to say in his responce letter!! And I don't know why, but for some reason, the bit about Teddy going to get his wand, and then Harry reflecting back to when he bought his own wand really stood out to me. I liked that part a lot, and I am so glad you thought to put that in there! It is remembering to add in little details like that that make you such a stupendous writer in my book dear!! :)

Everyone was in character here, as always, especially Harry! The ending was so bittersweet and perfect... Totally Aww-worthy, lol!!! I just love this story SO much, and I cannot wait to see what you have planned for Teddy next! PLEASE update again before NaNo, Witness, please, lol!!! Idk if I can wait til December to read the next part now, haha! =)

Amazing, as always!! A 10/10!!

Author's Response: Hello!!! so sorry that it has taken me this long to respond. I am not usually this much of a procrastinator.

I'm glad that even though he is growing up that Teddy doesn't cease to wow people. In my mind he is one of the world's best characters. :) It is very important to, althought the story is my own, keep what I do know consistent to canon.

I'm currently working on a percy/audrey one shot and a hugo one shot. Once those are finished up I plan on rereading snips 'n snails and getting back into the tddy frame of mind...

all this of course is going to be while reading stuff for college and writing two ten page papers and mastering the ever difficult concept of physcis. lol. so basically don't hate me if the updating process is slow. :(


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Review #43, by Jazzeh Turnip Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

7th October 2009:
AMAZING chapter. I'm wondering how you do it, and I'm wondering why I have nothing more to say when this is so fantastic.

I think I adore everything about this, even the way the chapters jump forward to random points (well, not random but they're not like... 2 years apart each chapter -tries and fails to explain-). Usually that format would confuse me, but this really doesn't. It's not often something doesn't confuse me, so well done.

The characters.. what can I say? I'm still in love with them all. They're all written so well, especially Teddy. I had tears come to my eyes at that tender/adorable little moment at the end. YAY.

10/10 again. It was faultless and I envy you for that xD. I promise I'll get to the nexy chapter much quicker when it's posted, rather than a good few weeks after.

Author's Response: hello again. :)

I'm so happy that you touched on the progression of this story. I worry that the timeline would throw people off, but there is really no way to explain it short of leaving a distracting authour's note. I hope that since the body of this story is a series of memories as Teddy is waiting for Victoire's answer that they all make sense. Since you aren't confused I assume that it does.

I'm glad that the characterization is still strong even though they are now pre-teens instead of children. I'm sorry you teared up, but am glad that you found that touching.

The next chapter should be up soon. I deleted the entire sixth chapter that I had written originally and started over. (hence the delay)

Thanks for the review, the support, and the eagerness for the next chapter.

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Review #44, by Jazzeh Turnip Chapter Three: Those Lazy and Emotional Days of Summer

7th October 2009:
I'm so sorry that I haven't been keeping up with this. I forgot how in love with it I was. And for good reason, too. You seem to have thrown out another great chapter.

I'm, pretty much, completely in love with Teddy now. He's so adorable. Though I should really make comparisons to the last chapter, I can't. It's been so long since I read it and my memory is terrible, but I have a feeling he has been developed and stuff.

Victoire is adorable too. I think her speech is a bit too house elfy for my liking, but I know that trying to get little kids speech perfect is REALLY difficult. It's hard to get the balance between too simple and too complex.

The complete fluff was gorgeous. It's been a while since I've read absolute fluff, I think this was the last fluffygoodness thing I read. I like how you don't make it too sickly, you just have various "squee" moments.

I saw no mistakes, which makes me so happy you wouldn't believe... I love no mistakes :D

I'm eager to see how this progresses (HERMIONE'S PRGNT?!), and I'm still desperately waiting to see if she says yes or not. 10/10

Author's Response: It's quite alright! All that matters is that you are reviewing now... which I thank you for. :)

Teddy is a sweetheart who is easy to love. I do think he's grown some since the last chapter. I always worry about the little kid speech, and I hope you'll forgive me for her 'house-elf stage'. lol. The good thing is that where I am now, they all speak proper english instead of toddler english.

I'm glad the level of fluff in this chapter was 'gorgeous' and not overkill. :) Indeed Hermione is pregnant with little Rose. Ron just a tad jumpy about it incase you haven't noticed. lol.

Thank you so much for this lovely review.

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Review #45, by hopelessromantic3 Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

3rd October 2009:
pretty pretty please add more soon! i love this!! ( i may have already commented on this story but still...)

Author's Response: I will. I promise. As soon as I have a break from my overload of school work that I have fallen into this semester.

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Review #46, by marinahill Prologue: Grown-up Questions

2nd October 2009:
OK, leaving it there was cruel. Very cruel, in fact, but cliff hangers are lovely so I'm not complaining. It's a very strong prologue; you've established Teddy & Victoire's realtionship very nicely and the atmosphere is appropriate. I can really sympathise with their younger selves, because when you're a child twenty years old seems so far away and so old. It's very sweet that Teddy kept his promise.

Author's Response: Hello!! It was cruel of me, but I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :) Strong is a lovely adjective to describe this... thank you. I'm glad that you feel that thier relationship is well defined and established. I do hope you read the rest... :)


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Review #47, by MovieMagic Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

1st October 2009:
Love it. Best Next Generation story i've read about Teddy. I can never find any good ones! Keep up the good work still cant wait for the endning! 12/10

Author's Response: This is a wonderful compliment!! I love Teddy and am so Happy that you love my version of his story... :) I'll be updating when I get a chance...

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Review #48, by MovieMagic Chapter One: A Brand New Adventure

1st October 2009:
I like how you see the end at the begining its so cool and makes you want to read more! Keep it up! 12/10

Author's Response: another review!! Yay! I'm so happy that you are hooked into this story. :)

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Review #49, by MovieMagic Prologue: Grown-up Questions

1st October 2009:
Finally a GOOD Next Generation! thanks you! Keep writing and can't wait to find out her awenser! Brilliantly written love it!12/10!

Author's Response: Aww why thank you. While I appreciate the flattery, I do want to let you know that there are many good Next Gen fics out there. You just have to poke around. I'm so happy that you enjoy this story. :)


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Review #50, by hopelessromantic3 Chapter Four: A Letter and a Goodbye

21st September 2009:
aww! that's so sad!! please, please--i'm begging you--add more chapters soon!! im in love with your teddy and victoire--you are doing an amazing job!!

a gagillion/10! (idk if a gagillion is even a number.. oh well!)

Author's Response: Why thank you. I plan on updating soon... I'm so very glad you enjoyed this.

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