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Review #26, by Tinkerbell Chapter 1

19th May 2009:
Absolutely great! Especially the last part, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much.

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Review #27, by iscreamdraco Chapter 1

22nd April 2009:
OMG i loveee thiss!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH hillariouss!!! SEQUEL SEQUEL

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Review #28, by Simison Blake Chapter 1

12th March 2009:
I really need to learn how to make love potion. To think about it that would get the idiot my mother calls my twin to ask this girl out on a date and stop annoying me and Spencer for advice. God Artemis is an moping idiotic prat. By the way, this story is really funny and yes you should write a sequel.

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Review #29, by Texas Chapter 1

11th March 2009:
This was funny! Though I wish you had Hermione drink the potion. I can't help it, I'm a romantic. Veryveryvery good story. :)

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Review #30, by Tomb Boy Chapter 1

2nd January 2009:
omg im sitting here laughing my ass off that was hilarious really great

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Review #31, by Angel Chapter 1

1st November 2008:
I LOVED IT! I couldn't stop laughing from the start of the story. I could even hear Tom Felton say the words in my head. (which helped to drown out the other voices..I didn't say that) Well done!

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Review #32, by elovegood Chapter 1

15th October 2008: XD

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Review #33, by wingardium leviosa Chapter 1

8th October 2008:
i think u should have made it with more chapters . . . . . and how every plan that draco formulates fails . . . . .but through certain circumstances he is given the chance to show hermione how he is like . . . . .and in turn when he as at the point to give up . . . . she confesses she reciprocates his feelings for her . . . . .im pretty sure it would have been a hilarious read

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Review #34, by Janelle Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
YES SEQUAL haha bravo

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Review #35, by Caramel Apple Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
Ha ha I loved this! Best one-shot I've ever read. And yes, you should definitely consider writing g a sequel, that would be fantastic!

xoxo Caramel Apple

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Review #36, by Looney_luna_lovegood Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
hahahaha bloody vrilliant!

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Review #37, by pheonix_feathers Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
that was so good. I nearly couldnt finish reading cos i was laughing

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