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Review #26, by Musically_Challenged An Odd Dream

15th July 2009:
hey..i have just started reading the chappy there and it says that potions was last on Mondays but then it says that they head down to the dungeons for their first class of the year ritual?
Despite that I really like your story, i remember reading it a while back but i have forgotten the story line so i have to read it all again! =] yay for me i guess! lol I'm going to try to keep up with it better this time around! Great work, well done! xxx

Author's Response: Ah, thanks! The second one was right. They had Potions first thing on Monday. I've already changed it.

Hahaha, the story is so long, I'm not surprised people have to go back to read from the beginning.

Thanks for reading & reviewing! =]

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Review #27, by 4rm_h8_2_luv Parting Gift

14th July 2009:
THIS STORY IS AMAZING!!! Will everything eer be explained, there's still so much secrecy... So wait did she leave? I know it seemed that she didnt but this story has a tendency to throw me for a loop.

Author's Response: Haha thanks. You will have to wait and see in the next chapter. I'm in the process of writing that at the moment. But everything will be explained in due time. =]

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Review #28, by 4rm_h8_2_luv Something Dangerous In Our Dance

13th July 2009:
This is too interesting... Everytime something becomes clear to me, a new mystery comes about

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this far. There's still more to go! =]

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Review #29, by 4rm_h8_2_luv Happy Birthday

13th July 2009:
this story is very interseting indeed... i feel a bit lost, but the pieces are slowly but surely coming into place. I like it when you cant tell where a story is going after reading the first chapter

Author's Response: Thank you for the comment! I'm glad the plot is not too obvious... well, apart from the whole Sirius/OC thing, which I couldn't do much about.

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Review #30, by azsuks818 Parting Gift

12th July 2009:

Author's Response: Now that makes me wonder if it is in a good way or bad way. ahahahaha.

Thanks for reading this far. I will try to be more frequent with the updates.

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Review #31, by anonymous Parting Gift

11th July 2009:
that was so sad, but i loved it anyway

Author's Response: Hold on to your seats, it.s not the end yet.

Thanks for reading thus far! =D

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Review #32, by natholius Mistake

13th February 2009:
very good chapter. too bad about the writers block, but you did make a very good chapter that explained a lot.

Author's Response: Haha, it happens. Thanks.

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Review #33, by samitaclover Sense and Sensibility

13th January 2009:
very emotional! rhea seems really confusing to sirius but i like how he loves her now!


Author's Response: I think the story is beginning to touch more on the relationship between the two of them now... I know some of the readers might be actually rolling their eyes, thinking "finally!" haha.

I'll try to hurry with that next chapter. =]

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Review #34, by Emma Sense and Sensibility

12th January 2009:
Please, don't let her leave and never come back. I love this stroy i don't want it to end. Thanks x

Author's Response: haha, personally, I'd love that too, but we'll have to see how this goes... all i can say without revealing the whole plot is that its not going to end anytime soon. we're just barely at the midpoint of the story.

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Review #35, by natholius Of Death And Depression

20th December 2008:
amazing story. i think it is an absolutely great story, all the important bits, whole new threads, all merging into one great whole.

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch. =]

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Review #36, by samitaclover Of Death And Depression

19th December 2008:
wow that was great! the best twist ever!!! its really sad though...reallyreallyreally sad.


Author's Response: Thanks. Yup, that twist was in mind since the story sprang in my head..just had some trouble fitting the details in, but there you have it. I'm halfway through the next chapter already..shouldn't be long now.

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Review #37, by BSFB Noisy Morning

4th November 2008:
Hey! Great chapter... but I was a little confused during the bedroom scene. Hope the other chapters are posted soon!!! xoxoxo

Author's Response: Thank you. "Hectic Household" was on my mind when writing that. Hopefully not TOO hectic lol.

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Review #38, by samitaclover A Painting, A Painful Remembrance, A Palace

1st November 2008:
wow. i loved the descriptions of everything. and i bet sirius and regulus will have some catching up 2 do! wink wink


Author's Response: They do. I'm having a hard time creating that catching-up scene though ahaha.

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Review #39, by BSFB A Painting, A Painful Remembrance, A Palace

30th October 2008:
Love it! The chapter was great. All of the descriptions were so detailed... I could picture everything in my head!!! Wow, I like the cliffy (Regulus), but PLEASE update it soon! I am dying to know what will happen between everybody. xoxoxo

Author's Response: Thanks =]. The next chapter is waiting for validation..should be up soon.

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Review #40, by Ginny_Lily Something Dangerous In Our Dance

20th October 2008:
I love it. update soon pleasee!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will try.

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Review #41, by zEthHPfrEaK Let the Game Begin

27th April 2008:
hm... so she didn't wait for him to guess???

Author's Response: He took too long. She wanted to "start the game".

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Review #42, by zEthHPfrEaK Hello Again

23rd April 2008:
Nice! I would've been a little creeped that she just looks over random people's shoulders to see what their doing. (like... James and Sirius).

I can't wait to see Sirius' reaction when he finds out! Update soon!

Author's Response: She does that.

The next chapter has already been posted. It's just waiting for validation; should be done in about a week. I'm almost done with chapter 5 as well, though I won't get to post it until after the next is validate. I've also editted the other chapters, prologue included, but there are no major changes; just some spelling and grammar mistakes and a few alteration in the actual years Miu went away, though I doubt many people really take note of that. I like to keep the storyline as close to the original by JKR as possible while working on the parts unmentioned :)

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Review #43, by zEthHPfrEaK An Odd Dream

23rd April 2008:
Oooh! I love how you show us more that one flashback-ish-e thingy!!! I hope (even though it's kinda mean and stuff) that they'll still have a grudge and get into fights and stuff...

Author's Response: Well, Miu and Sirius didn't exactly have any nice memories together, considering they just didn't get along at all.

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Review #44, by zEthHPfrEaK Prologue: Innocent Fun

23rd April 2008:
:D Love it. I read the second chapter/first chapter actually before this by mistake. :D (I was about to go on to chapter 2 when I saw it had 3 by it... so yeah)

Nice! I wish that Mui would still be a tomboy though... so sad.

Author's Response: Oh, she still is in some ways. She just doesn't look like one anymore.

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Review #45, by zEthHPfrEaK Sorceress

23rd April 2008:
:D heh. "Just an easter sorceress." Love that line.
I'm kind of confused about "I see she's done a good job with Hagrid. We are very fortunate she decided to return this year." It might be because I'm assuming "she" is Miu, and the guy in the hospital wing is Hagrid... right? Then I think "why would they think it's so good she beat up Hagrid?" and "WHY would she do that?"
If we were supposed to be confused or something, you don't have to tell me in the reply (if you we're gonna, anyway :D).
This is a really good story!

Author's Response: haha, no, she didn't beat Hagrid up. She helped heal him. Yes, the "she" is Miu. It wasn't suppose to be that confusing lol. sorry.

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Review #46, by EileenPrince Hello Again

14th April 2008:
WONDERFUL! Simply wonderful!
I love James in this :) You've illustrated him perfectly! Golly, this chapter made my day! I love Miu's attitude... gah, I can't bring myself to call her Rhea... I'm gonna stick with Miu, cause it's cute. So... are you Korean? I absolutely love Korea, or any sort of Asian country - of course, I've only ever been to Singapore, and that was just the airport. I was like, 4, and my twin brother and I were getting swamped by all the women working in the Duty-Free stores, planting kisses all over us and chasing us up and down the isles and escalators :D *smilesnostagically*
My sister's friend, Teague, who's from Canada (we're in Australia at the moment) is leaving for Korea tomorrow. She's going to live in Sol (sp?)... anyway, I know nothing of Korea except that Miss Korea, Honey Lee, is gorgeous. Productive, no?
Anyway, I'd just like to say that this story is so under-appreciated for the quality that it is, and I hope that more people soon review!
Oh, and do update when you have the chance :D
arianeyy xx

Author's Response: Haha. Glad you loved it. I'll try to put up the next chapter ASAP. I'm having exams right now and my computer recently crashed so all my data are in an external hard drive; haven't put them back in my computer (chapter 4 along with it since its done & so is half of chapter 5). Miu has a lot of nicknames & aliases in fact. Miu is her middle name and Lily decides its cute so she called her by that. One other person does as well.
In any case, no, I'm not Korean. I'm Cambodian. I live in Singapore at the moment though because of my studies. btw: it's spelled Seoul.
women chasing cute kids, haha, i was never considered cute as a kid, but my sister was and i remember a lot of incidents involving women cooing, kissing, pinching her cheek and such. She actually got annoyed once and kicked one of them in the nose. that was before she could walk though.
Anyway, thanks again for reading and the review. =)

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Review #47, by EileenPrince An Odd Dream

14th April 2008:
Another great chapter! *stretches* my back hurts :3 I've been reading this really slowly so to savour it, but I haven't moved by position yet :D
If the link didn't work then tell me (:
arianeyy xx

Author's Response: I understand what you mean haha. It takes a minimum of 5 hours to write each chapter, and that's if I've already got the chapter plot in mind. Luckily I think ahead about what should go in each chapter so I don't have to think too much as I type it up haha. But still, 5 hours can really make your whole body stiff. I go non-stop sometimes when writing and can do up to 2 chapters (4000 words/chapter) in one go, albeit a few toilet breaks lol. Glad you like the story, really makes my day.

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Review #48, by EileenPrince Sorceress

14th April 2008:
Another brilliant chapter!
Hey... I was just thinking - the reason that this story hasn't had many viewers and reviews is probably because it doesn't have a banner - that's not meant to be offensive or anything, the context is brilliant! But sadly, people do judge books by their covers, and as this hasn't one, I've decided to make one for you!
It's certainly not as brilliant as this story -- it only took an hour or so, as opposed to the ones I make that take days. I'm not too good, as I have been trying to practice but the laptop doesn't have Paint-Shop Pro...
But anyway, until you get a nice pretty one, here's the banner:

www [dot] i31 [dot] tinypic [dot] com/16komjo [dot] png

just remove the '[dot]'s :)

I'm onwards to the next chapter!
arianey xx

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. I haven't seen the banner though. I tried, and even put it in with the story summary, but it seems the file is no longer on the web.

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Review #49, by EileenPrince Prologue: Innocent Fun

13th April 2008:
Woah - nobody's reviewed this chapter!?!?
Oh my. Sacrilege! Blasphemy! Holy Merlin up a cypress tr---
Hehe, sorry. I'd just like to say this is fantastic!! At first I thought Miu was Severus, and then I was trying to guess which character it was... I was like, "Lily has another male best-friend?" and then I realised it was a girl. Very funny, I loved the Olde-English acting part... Miu is very funny! Now, I'm onwards to read the next chapter, but first I have to get my passport photo taken... argh! Be back to read more soon!
arianeyy xx

Author's Response: Well, I try not to make any mention on Miu's gender until the very end, so the readers can follow the boys' (minus Remus) point of view. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #50, by Siriusly_In_Love Hello Again

19th March 2008:
wow, i cant believe no one has reviewed this yet! unless some on has in thetime it has taken me to read the chapter. anyway i really love it but the first 2 chapters were really confusing cause i didnt know the flashback thingo was a flash back but anywho im good now, please update soon!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, I thought I'd never see a review for this! lol
Well, thanks for being my first reviewer. I'm glad you liked the story and sorry about the confusion, I was kinda experimenting a bit there I guess.
And I'd love to update as soon as I can, really. In fact, I've finished chapter 4 ages ago and editted twice already, so it's finally ready for uploading....

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