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Review #26, by invain Its not Always what it seems

27th April 2010:
Aww. I didn't know this is a sequel for April fool's Day until I read the part about the love potion. I love them both. It's so funny. I thought this was some spooky story until Fred & George came in the end! Good work. Love the plot too.

Author's Response: Haha yup its the sequel! I wanted it to be a stand alone but still connect if that makes sense. I love hearing that people like my holiday series.

Hehe Fred&George stole the show if you ask me. Thank you sooo much for the awesome review!!

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Review #27, by Mina Cassier Its not Always what it seems

24th April 2010:
That was a very good story!

Author's Response: Thank you, I appreciate you taking time to leave a review!

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Review #28, by HorseBabexo Its not Always what it seems

24th April 2010:
wow that was incredible!
i LOVEd it.
and you really should do a holiday series! your writing is fantastic, i'm i'm excited to see what holdiday comes next. (i'm guessing...Christmas?)

that really was pretty freaky to tell you the truth, ahah(:


Author's Response: *Squeals*

You don't know how big I'm smiling right now! I'm definitely doing the holiday series. Have you read the first one? It's called April Fool's Day =)
The next one is going to be, well, unexpected lol.

I'm really glad that you liked it! Gosh, you've made my day. Thank you so much for the fabulous review!

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Review #29, by TallestTower Its not Always what it seems

4th April 2010:
Broomsticks here with your review!

Aww I liked this one much better! I like the other, but I found this one funnier. It was also written better.

I loved the twist at the end - though it is a bit cheesy to say it was all just a dream, you made it much more original by making it the sideaffect of a Fred and George product! I'm glad it was just a nightmare, otherwise I don't think it would have quite worked.

The dialogue and characters were written well, though I think when Hermione said:

"Look, we have to be logical about this. Two people are missing and so are our wands. I say we should look for a way out of this place; before something else happens."

that her character was a bit off. Hermione would never leave anyone behind. She is a Gryffindor after all - loyal and brave ;)

I loved the comedy - some of my favourite parts were Luna and Seamus, though the Luna suggesting animals was funny the first time, it got a bit repetitive.

I also really enjoyed Draco at the end, as a vampire!

The beginning was really good, I liked that you mentioned all the events that had happened previously. Although, if you were sticking to canon only Hermione went back for seventh year... though I don't think you were.

There was good grammer over all, a few sneaky errors here and there.

Sorry for having not much CC here, but very funny. Thank you for posting and I hope this review was useful,

- Broomsticks/Tallesttower

Author's Response: Hey again!

Yeah I think I like this one better too, It's definitely more developed. I love twists and Fred&George were perfect for the job.

I'm glad you liked how I portrayed the characters. But yeah you are so right Hermione wouldn't have left anyone behind. Thanks for pointing that out. I completely forgot about the Gryffindor-ness XD

Luna and Seamus were fun to write. Its funny what you said about the animal comments. I didn't realize I put so many lol.

Gosh, I love vampires, my other story is about them lol. Yaay you pointed out one of my favorite parts, where I put all the events that happened on Halloween.

Thank you so much once again. Your review is definitely very helpful =)

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Review #30, by DracoFerret11 Its not Always what it seems

31st March 2010:
Hey, it's DarkRose!

Okay, grammar/spelling corrections first: You have, "The first day that Ron and I got to go to Hogsmead." where "Hogsmeade" is misspelled. Then, "snuck back into Hogwarts scaring everybody out of there bloody mind" where "there" should be "their." And also, "its only bloody eight in the morning!" where "its" should be "it's." And "Okay girls lets get started!" where "lets" should be "let's." Andd... "I rung the doorbell at Number 12 Grimlaud place." where "Grimmauld" is misspelled. And lastly, "Neville shuttered but stood his ground." where "shuttered" should be "shuddered."

Characterization: awesome! I loved everyone, except for Luna. I thought she was a bit overly dreamy/ditzy. :P And it's odd still that they're all friends... but I suppose it's all right.

Descriptions were great!

Plot was so, so funny! I figured it was a dream or something, but it was definitely worth the read. :] Though I do hate "butterbeer" as a term of endearment. XD SO. LAME.

Hahaha, all righty then! Great job! It was a really good read. :]


Author's Response: Hey there!!

Thank you so much for pointing out those sentences. When I go back to edit I'll definitely use your suggestions. =)

I'm really glad you liked everyone. Well except for Luna. She was pretty dream-like lol. Yeah it is weird that they ll became friends but hey I'm just going with the flow =P

Yay for descriptions! &Yay for you for figuring out it was a dream or something. Most don't see it coming. Awww you don't like the butterbeer? LOL it was part of AFD and I thought hmm thats different lets use it again. I like it though haha.

Thanks again for the review. I really appreciate it!

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Review #31, by Jane_Volturi Its not Always what it seems

25th March 2010:
Hi, Oh My Gosh, I'm really really sorry about leaving this review so late, I have been so icredibly busy it's untrue.

Anyway, I finally managed to find time to read and review this brilliant one shot.

I'll start with the storyline first because it seems like a reasonable place to begin. It's very different to what I'm used to reading, I got into the middle of it and I was unsure of exactly where the story was going, but then when I realised the whole thing had been produced by a joke product from Fred and George I couldn't help but laugh. It's the exact kind of thing I'd see them doing. The plot was really imaginitive, really original and really fun to read.

As for the characterization, I thought Hermione was very in character. malfoy behaved a little unexpectedly but I suppose that's normal considering that he's no longer an immature schoolboy. I never expected Pansy and Hermione to grow to be best friends but hey, it's realistic, that kind of thing happens every day in real life.

I thought your writing style was good, there was a good use of description in there and a range of interesting vocabulary. Grammar was a small issue that could easily e improved, do you have a Beta for this fic? You also worded a few sentances strangely, i had to re read a few of them to understand exactly what you meant.

There were these tiny square things at the end of nearly every sentence, i don't know whether or not they're supposed to be there, i suppose they don't really matter.

Other than the odd grammar error I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one shot.


Author's Response: Awww no worries! I understand how busy life can get.

Brilliant one-shot? *blushes*
I'm glad to hear you liked it! The story is a bit decieving but thats how I like em lol. It was really funny writing this one because I kept changing the entire plot as I was writing it. From the very beginning I knew I wanted it to be a dream but when I reached the end the awesome idea of Fred&George just popped in my head.

YAY!! You thought Hermione was in character? She's a challenge for me to write &yet all my stories are from her POV XD. Yah Malfoy is a bit different but your right people grow up. I like what you said about Pansy&Hermione, although its not expected it is possible.

Yikes! Grammar is not my friend. I plan to go over the story again to really fine tune it. So thank you for pointing that out. &as for the lil square things, I have no idea where they came from! They don't show on my computer though.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! You don't know how much I loved reading it. Your awesome =)

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Review #32, by M Its not Always what it seems

15th March 2010:
wow! Didnt guess that at all! April fool's day was great and so's this!

Author's Response: Yay.. I'm glad the ending surprised you.

Awww thank you so much for reading both stories! &For leaving a review.

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Review #33, by hplover123 Its not Always what it seems

1st March 2010:
This was bloody fantastic! for a bit i actually got a bit scared, brilliant story!

Author's Response: I've never written a horror type story before this so I was scared that it wouldn't be realistic. I love it when I hear that people got a bit scared.

Gosh, thank you so much for the review! =)

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Review #34, by Misty_Dreamer Its not Always what it seems

1st March 2010:
SO CEWL! i really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it =)

Thank you for taking the time out to review!

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Review #35, by dramione4everanever Its not Always what it seems

27th February 2010:
holy crap!
i was reading this in the middle of the night and i was scared lyk hell!!!
i think u should have a little warning in the summary tht its slightly scray so the feint hearted wont have any problems...apart frm tht the story is ah-mazing! and in the first one...april fools day, wat did they swap the real potions they made with?? i dont get it...

Author's Response: You don't know how much your review just made me smile! It really scared you? I'm glad its scary because thats how I wanted it to be.

In April Fools Day, Dumbledore and Snape played a "prank" on them in a potions lesson. They thought they were drinking amortentia but it wasn't so they acted like they were but it was really themselves.. if that makes sense?

It is a bit confusing. lol

But thank you sooo much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #36, by tc Its not Always what it seems

16th February 2010:
u need a lesbion! and more gay action!

Author's Response: Lol hmm I think thats the first time I've heard that one for this story.

Thank you for reviewing!!

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Review #37, by oceansweetie Its not Always what it seems

15th February 2010:
OMG! That was scary! And the bad thing was that I was reading it late at night, and now I want a tazor for next Halloween. LOL.

Author's Response: Lol I'm really happy that it came across as scary. I was worried it might not be believable.

Ya know a tazor isn't that bad of an idea lol
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! You've made my day =)

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Review #38, by SP Its not Always what it seems

14th February 2010:
I was.I can't.oh my god. PANSY AND NEVILLE? SEAMUS AND RON? GAY?!! WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?!! Horrible plot...

Author's Response: Yup those were the pairings. It was part of my funnier first shot. So I had to continue it in this one lol. Sorry you didn't like it. Thanx for your opinion though

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Review #39, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER Its not Always what it seems

11th February 2010:
lol love it.LOL!!love it hope u add another chapter to the sequel.

Author's Response: Lol aww I'm glad you liked it hun. I will definitely add another one to the sequel. It's just a matter of time!

Thank you for reading&reviewing! =)

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Review #40, by No1HarryPotterFan Its not Always what it seems

4th February 2010:
Wow. Nuff said...yeah ok AWESOME story I absolutely love it (loved April Fool's Day too) cant wait for the next one

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I'm glad you read both and I'm really glad you liked them.

The next one is going to be a challenge for me but I hope it turns out to be the best one out of them all lol.

Thank you for reviewing! Your awesome =)

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Review #41, by Miss Lily Potter Its not Always what it seems

14th January 2010:
Hey, here from the forums with your review!

Whoo. So let me say, the entire time, I thought the boys were playing a joke on them. But I wanted to know what happened after the door was opened. xD

I liked this. (: The ending was, if a bit cliche, funny and really added the 'humor' aspect of it.

I don't know, but I don't like the idea of Hermione and Pansy being friends. xP They just seem incompatible... Or maybe I read too many Dramiones where they hate each other.

But I really did enjoy reading this. (: It was entertaining and fun, and kind of scared me at bits. (;

Thanks for the request. (:

Author's Response: Hi Jasmine!

Lol..the way I wrote it was so funny. It started out completely different but as I kept writing I kept changing the entire plot. At one point the boys were playing a joke on them. But I was like nooo its got to be more than that lol.

Yeah Hermione and Pansy are an awkward pair. But I had to do it. It only made sense from the pairings XD

I'm so glad you liked it! &I'm happy it came off as scary at a couple points. I wasn't sure if it would.

Thank you so much for the amazing review!

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Review #42, by IS bookworm Its not Always what it seems

30th December 2009:
I loved it! It was definitely very different from AFD but I really liked it. Not at all what I expected. Very neat! :&)

Author's Response: Yeah, it is very different from AFD but they both have that twist in the end lol. So the next one is going to be surprising too XD

Gosh, thank you so much for reading both stories and leaving a review! It really means a lot to me =)

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Review #43, by AussieAnatomy627 Its not Always what it seems

21st December 2009:
WOW. I totally fell for it. GREAT JOB!

Author's Response: Lol yay! I'm glad you liked it. I was worried it wouldn't be convincing.

Thank you for sticking with the series =)
I hope you'll be able to read the next one too. It should be good haha.

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Review #44, by Midnight Writer Its not Always what it seems

19th December 2009:
So sorry about the confusion, I think I was reading this and then stopped because my finger was throbbed and thought I had finished it. So sorry, hon. Haha.

Anyway. I'm pretty sure I like this one better than April Fools Day, just because I was like 'woah, wtf?!?' the whole time for this one.

I didn't notice any errors, maybe a few typos here and there, but either way it was well written. I really liked this one. Great job, darling. (:

~Midnight Writer

Author's Response: Awww.. no problem at all =)

Gah! So many people say they like this one better lol. I'm happy that you liked it! It was pretty "woah, wtf" haha. Really you should have seen my process of writing it. Insane, let me tell you!

Yay thank you so much for the review! I'll definitely be stopping by your thread soon.

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Review #45, by Lizzie_Lizzard Its not Always what it seems

15th December 2009:
I LOVED it!!!

You had me going the whole time and the ending was amazing twist on the story line. I will be on the lookout for the other holiday oneshots that you do!

Author's Response: Yay! I didn't think of the ending for awhile but then it hit me like a ton of bricks. So I'm glad you liked it. It was definitely my favorite part. Have you checked out my other one-shot April Fool's Day? If not, you should check it out. Thats the one that started the whole series idea. =)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

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Review #46, by emylee94 Its not Always what it seems

14th December 2009:
This is good!
Really..It was quite scary..
At first i thought it was a prank too!
Way to go for convincing people!

Author's Response: That was my biggest worry, seeing if it was scary enough and if it's convincing! I'm glad that it was and I'm glad you liked it =)

Thank you dear for reading&reviewing

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Review #47, by dracos_lover365 Its not Always what it seems

12th December 2009:
that was even better than april fools and it was kinda scary to lol good job

Author's Response: Really.. you like this one better? Yay! I was scared people really wouldn't like it as much as AFD because it was sooo different. But I'm glad it didn't disappoint!

So the first one was funny, this one was scary, I wonder what the next one is going to be? Hmmm.. *wink*

Thank you for reading both stories and leaving reviews! Your awesome.

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Review #48, by Miriel Its not Always what it seems

7th December 2009:
Muhahaha.That was awsome! I was so bloody scared...You really did a great job with this..Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Yaaay! I'm glad it was authentic enough, I never wrote a scary type fic before lol. I kind of liked it though, I might have to do a scary novel in the future =)

But thank you so very much for reading &for leaving a great review!

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Review #49, by DramioneFan4Eva Its not Always what it seems

5th December 2009:
Haha, You Nearly Gave Me A Heartattack! I'm Breathing All Fast And Shallow:P But Thats Good Right?? Very Very Good:)
-Emma xx

P.S. Ronnie-Poo, Great Name. Haha.

Author's Response: Lol I didn't mean to give you a fright! But yes in a way thats good, very good. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Thank you hun for the lovely review =)

P.S. Ronnie-Poo does have a nice ring to it huh? Haha

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Review #50, by shesXaXfake Its not Always what it seems

5th December 2009:
The whole dream was a little strange. Obviously, no one was in character lol. But it was a cute idea for Fred and George to have a new nightmare pill that she took. I definitely wasn't expecting it.
The only thing I thought you could have worked on a little more is their maturity in the dream. They all talk and think like they're 13 years old or something and this clearly states they're out of Hogwarts already.

Author's Response: It was a strange dream I have to admit. Nightmare pill definitely unexpected I know, it was unexpected for me too lol.

Sure, they are a bit immature but they are still teenagers. A lot of times I find that people still have that little kid inside of them even though they are adults. I didn't want them too serious lol.

Thank you for the review!

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