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Review #26, by sweetredrose Fred\'s Wish

24th August 2005:
HA! I <3 fred. =D + george. Gred and Forge. Maybe potter doesn't die by the killing curse ... *runs at potter with a sword* =P x

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Review #27, by sweetredrose Hermione\'s Wish

24th August 2005:
Weirdo. By the HOW THE HELL did you get these cute but tiddy(my word for tiny) chapters validated? i didnt get my 700 word chapter validated. *mutters angrily and kills granger* wow im on a roll! *potter comes back to life* dont you EVER die? *kills him again* x

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Review #28, by sweetredrose Ron\'s Wish

24th August 2005:
aww! i <3 ron. he rocks. unlike potter! *potter comes back to life* damn! why did this happen? how do you do it? *kills potter once again* x

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Review #29, by sweetredrose Harry\'s Wish.

24th August 2005:
aww what a sweet wish. *kills potty* mwahahahahahaaaa. x

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Review #30, by Sam M Sandry\'s Wish

12th July 2005:
I decided to leave you a little review after reading your, ahem, chapers. Not much... very short. I don't see the point in this story... at all. I can't even list up all those things that you got wrong. Please, don't take this the wrong way. Everybody can develop and get better! ~ Sam M

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Review #31, by Phoenix Fires Sandry\'s Wish

9th July 2005:
LOL! I'd be afraid to put a horrible comment ;)...Good, strange but in a very interesting way. I liked the way how some of the wishes linked up. Doesn't Malfoy get a wish ;)

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Review #32, by ??? Hermione\'s Wish

2nd May 2005:
THis is WAY too short!!!!!!

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Review #33, by jtsoccer Sandry\'s Wish

1st May 2005:
I think this was a great idea, it's totally original and a quick, light read, I loved it!

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Review #34, by Reviewer Sandry\'s Wish

4th February 2005:
Um, this would have been MUCH better if it were a one-shot, and if you put more effort into it, no offense. Your author's notes were longer than the story!

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Review #35, by tranferwitch14 Sandry\'s Wish

28th January 2005:
well, instead of breaking each wish up, you could have used more detail, AND you could've put all thw wishes into one chapter, then afterwards, divide your chapters up by person

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Review #36, by centaursh Sandry\'s Wish

26th December 2004:
this story was really sweet, brilliant idea, writing everyones wishes....i'm following yur advice! on Jan. 15, or thereabouts, check out my story, Discovering Fate part one of Fated. =)

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Review #37, by Squishy_Fred Sandry\'s Wish

15th October 2004:
This is sweet, but is Dean's wish symbolic that the other wishes won't necessarily come true, or do you believe you can only wish for the past?

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Review #38, by Lunalovegood99 Penelope\'s Wish

28th September 2003:
haha percy sucks! lol jk

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Review #39, by evilcourtney Wishes

28th June 2003:
really cute, I love all your fics.

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Review #40, by SilverMirror Wishes

29th May 2003:
Kind of cheesy, but very sweet! And the chapters were too short, nice story though. :)

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Review #41, by IluvRupert Wishes

28th May 2003:
It\'s not bad. I think it\'s kinda cute. The chapters are just a little short though.

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