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Review #26, by Dru Dreams The Bet

22nd February 2008:
Very good story thus far! I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. Update soon!

Author's Response: haha thanks so much ~ see i had a good feeling about this one.. too bad it took so long to get it out there *

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Review #27, by lilyjames Reveling Herself

24th January 2008:
I didn't even realize you'd updated! I really like this story! Hopefully you'll update soon. (Thanks for reading my story!)

Author's Response: lmao i was wondering about my crazy comment girl ;) i enjoy youz the most (but dont let them know lmao) and i enjoyed your story so it was no problem
but when are YOU gonna update ??

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Review #28, by butterfliesneedwings Reveling Herself

23rd January 2008:
She turns her head towards the door and makes her way to it.

it's extremely difficult to understand your meaning when half of your story is in the above format and the other half is in another. I think it would sound much better to say something like. "She turned her head towards the door then slowly made her way towards it."
It's just hard to read when you do it the other way.
I still like the story though so I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: ok thanks i know that was a weird one there.. my bad =$
i promiss to do better -- im usually more careful with those type of things

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Review #29, by butterfliesneedwings The Un- Makeover

23rd January 2008:
Finally I got a chance to read your update. I'll read chapter three as soon as possible. This chapter is a little confusing because of the way it's worded. Will try to explain more in next review.

Author's Response: i know sorry, i even felt that it was worded weirdly when i wrote it but i guess forgot to change it before post
ill deffinatly check on ch4 before posting
ive been a little off with my writting latly ..

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Review #30, by ishaGIRL Where it All Began

17th January 2008:
id lvoe to try and make you a banner.
just send me an email at if you still want one:]

Author's Response: i think i would like that since i just wanted some sort of banner for mine, so ppl would see it more, and want to read it.. im deffinatly gonna send you a message

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Review #31, by gracechow The Un- Makeover

15th January 2008:
lol. i love this chapter. keep writing u r on a roll i really like it!!

Author's Response: lol thanks

i was actually afraid that this one wasnt the best chapter ~ but thing s get really intresting in the next chapter, which i just put in for valadations ;)

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Review #32, by butterfliesneedwings Where it All Began

5th January 2008:
Brilliant, I know you stopped there to get the reader's attention and I hope you'll update soon.

Author's Response: i actually just added the next chapter, like a minuite ago ;)

and yea i just HAD to do a cliffy for the first one....
i think you'll like the next chapter, and i KNOW most of you guys are going to looove the 3rd one.. which im going to put up as soon as i can ;)

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Review #33, by Deception Where it All Began

4th January 2008:
I loved every word you wrote.When are you going to update?

Author's Response: lol just today ;)

and i have up to chapter 4 done .. i think you'll like it
and pay attention to the author's notes if i EVER put them up, which wont be often really, i know how annoying they can get =P
the next one is a cliffy too ...sorry =$
but i think you'll appreciate it when the 3rd one comes out, cause there was no other way to strt it off other than a cliffy in the 2ed one ..enjoy

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Review #34, by lilyjames Where it All Began

2nd January 2008:
oh man why did you stop there? I know you want to get the readers attention and you succeeded there but you could at least have written oh i don't know um maybe 1,000 more words for me(pouts). I'm kidding. I can't wait until you update, your story is wonderful!!!
10/10 without a doubt and going on my faves so i can keep reading. It's so hard to find a story you like when its not on your favorite list so mine has like fifty, at least it seems like it; but i've also found countless stories that i don't like. I'm going to tell a friend about your story. her penname is butterfliesneedwings. Hopefully she'll read and review. Your story is AWESOME!!! Please update when the queue opens tomorrow or at least as soon as possible.

Author's Response: sorry i just couldnt resit a cliffy =$
.. bust anyways thanks ♥
i have been trying to get the next chapter in valadations cause its done
.. i actually have 4 chapters done
but the valiadations wont let me add a new chapter =( *pout*

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Review #35, by CrazyForYou Where it All Began

28th December 2007:
hey beautiful!! Lol i'm so proud of you =)

you just had a couple of grammatical errors and the spacing is kinda annoying, but other than that, it's improved a lot!!


Author's Response: haha thanks

you know i couldnt have done a better job if it werent for you ;)

haha i know i just looked at the spacing... ill do a better job on the next one =P

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