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Review #51, by TenthWeasley Chapter Four - Severus

13th January 2012:
It has taken me about four days to read this chapter, and the contents of the chapter itself are probably the furthest cause of this -- on the contrary, I could never wait until I could get back and pick up wherever I had left off! I love your Severus chapters especially, having a deep fondness for him myself, and you certainly did not disappoint here. :)

I'm even more intrigued after this chapter, of course -- everything about your plot, very intricately and deftly woven, makes me more curious than the previous one. I cannot wait to see what Severus'z father has to contribute to his story! And his growing feelings for Avrille are so adorable, but very realistically written, I think -- highly commendable. I already love them together!

I'm really excited for the school bits, too, because already you've got a great grasp of canon (Lucius offering bribes to get Draco on the team was brilliant -- EXCELLENT adherence to your story, I am seriously so glad you wrote that and wrote it well)! And now I realize we'll get to see all the basilisk stuff too -- wow, I just cannot wait. :D

(And by the way -- LOVE the name Rose-Cochon. :D Very, very clever wordplay! I was duly impressed!)

Your story's fabulous, and I'm already storing up more questions about it for your MTA. :) And thank you for answering my other questions so quickly and thoroughly! This is very rapidly turning into one of my all-time favorite fics, and I've been reading for over 10 years. Great writing, great plot, great characterization -- absolutely amazing. Hopefully I won't have so many distractions before I get to chapter 5! ♥ Can't wait!

-- Jane

Author's Response: I always loved writing the Severus chapters because he always seemed to flow out more effortlessly than Avrille, which is really funny since I obviously have much more in common with her with regards to gender, dialect, age, etc. Severus' father has a huge part to play, though as I said before, he's a different character than the one in canon since I wrote most of this pre-HBP :) But you'll have to wait until chapter 20 or so (I think) until you find out what's going on there.

I always had a big problem with the idea that Snape let Draco onto the Quidditch team because Lucius bribed him with the broomsticks. Even early on I had the feeling that even though he wasn't a particularly pleasant person, Snape at least had character. So it was really important to me to "show" that he wasn't someone who could be bought.

Can't take credit for the Rose-Cochon thing. Funny how sometimes when I'm re-reading, I can tell exactly when I wrote something by a little detail like that. At the time I was playing this really awesome video game called "Radiata Stories" and in it the main character, Jack, is conscripted to be a knight in the Rose-Cochon brigade which sounds very impressive until you pull out a French dictionary and find out it just means "pink pig." Which is fitting because that squad was sort of...the knight rejects. So I guess I needed a random name there and decided to pay some homage to Square-Enix. :P There are a lot of things like that in this story, random references to things that probably no one but me would get.

I'm just so honored you like the story so much :) I, of course, love it, but it's great when someone besides your mom tells you it's actually good! Haha! Thanks as always for the review!

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Review #52, by ~*~lauren~*~ Epilogue - Avrille

11th January 2012:
I LOVED it! Well written and detailed... I have no complaints. One tiny thing: severus' dad's name is tobias, where he got his middle name. I loved nan and luna!!! Buy any chance, is nan a seer? Just a hunch...keep up the AWESOME work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it :D Yes, I realize that Snape's father was Tobias, but as I said in the author's note in the first chapter, I had to change some details of his past to fit my plot since I wrote most of the story before "Half-Blood Prince" had been released. I had assumed prior to the book's release that being the Head of Slytherin, Snape would be a pure-blood. Of course it ended up that he wasn't, but I had already written too much to change the entire plot, so I left his father being a wizard so he could be able to curse Severus in my own story. I also kept Severus' parents' names what I had originally chosen to purposefully differentiate between my versions of his parents and the canon ones, Eileen and Tobias.

Ah, I forgot that I haven't updated the epilogue yet :) I'm currently updating the whole story chapter by chapter, so I did actually include a bit in the epilogue about Nan's own powers. So good hunch! :D Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a reivew! ~Renny

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Review #53, by TenthWeasley Chapter Three - Avrille

7th January 2012:
This was probably my favorite chapter yet! Iím sorry it took so long to review it Ė life caught up with me, as life tends to do now and again Ė but I left you some questions on your Meet The Author page to sort of appease that. :3 But I think that one of the things that continued to impress me about this chapter, as itís done for the previous two, is your instinctual characterization and making the characters seem so canon. Lockhart especially was just brilliant! The right amount of arrogance and pomp and ignorance. I enjoyed reading him very much.

Youíve obviously got a really clear view of Hogwarts in your head, too, and itís always so fun to read about it as someone else sees it. I always get a bit annoyed when people just describe the movie set verbatim, but (and perhaps due to how long ago this story was started) yours was unique, unlike any Iíve ever read, and I have a huge amount of appreciation for that. Avrilleís bedroom, especially Ė I want to live there!

And now Avrille and Snape have finally interacted outside the lecture room! I am so excited for their romance, you donít even know. Snape/OCs just get me so excited and yours is absolutely one of the best. I wonder when heís going to start helping her with magic? Ooh, that is a scene I canít wait to see. Thanks for responding to my other reviews so quickly Ė it means a lot to me when authors take the time to do that Ė and thank you moreover for writing this story! Iíll be back soon to check up on Snape and Avrille, and, of course, Lockhart. :D Great work!

Author's Response: You *really* don't need to apologize for taking "so long" to review! I've only read two one-shots and left reviews for them in the past few *years* and that was only because it was for an online friend who was specifically asking for feedback. I'll head over to the MTA thread in a sec and answer over there as well. Thanks in advance for posting some q's for me :D

Lockhart is just such an awesome character to be able to mess around with, and the casting of Kenneth Brannagh in that role was absolute genius. I definitely enjoyed taking a rather more adult and ever-so-slightly dark route with Lockhart, something that little ickle 12 year old Trio kids wouldn't have thought of, but I think certainly would be possible with a man that full of himself and used to getting so much attention.

I definitely always tried to steer clear of "movie" Harry Potter and did my best to really draw all my reference from the books themselves. However, I still can't always remember which side of the entrance hall the Great Hall is on :) I think I actually had it backwards, even though I checked in the series, but I'm pretty sure I corrected it (it's on the...right...when you come in the castle? I think?) Believe me, I want to live in Avrille's room as well. My bed has curtains on it that I sewed, but they're not nearly as nice as hers.

It's funny how you're so grateful that I reply so quickly, and I'm just exceedingly grateful to get reviews at all. Believe me, no one EVER reviews every chapter, and definitely not a few paragraphs. So like I think I said before, I'm feeling very spoiled right now. I always try to reply right away because I went through a period where I didn't check for new reviews and felt bad when I did check and the responses were so late (meaning, I'm sure, that the reviewer never saw them). So now I'm staying on top of it! Hope you like the next chapter (ugh, and sorry my responses are so ridiculously long. I'm definitely a rambler.)

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Review #54, by TenthWeasley Chapter Two - Severus

4th January 2012:
I don't mind whatever liberties or alternate routes you've taken with Severus's past, believe me -- especially when you write so wonderfully! I really appreciate your quick response to my previous review and regret taking so long to return!

I love the way you write Snape, and -- I don't mean to sound conceited -- I am very picky about his characterization. But you seem to understand him so well, even in these brief glimpses of him I've seen so far, and you can't imagine how impressed I am. And Dumbledore, too! Dumbledore is /so/ hard to write and you make it seem positively easy. It's very admirable. :)

Avrille's backstory is so fascinating, and I can't wait to see where that goes, and what sort of a role Snape takes in aiding her return to her magical abilities. I really am just so excited to read the rest of this story, but I mean to savor it, and immerse myself in it, although from my first review to this one I've been itching to return! I'm a busy girl, but I make time for my reading and writing, and you're definitely on that list. :D

And so sorry for all that ramble -- I REALLY am enjoying this story, so much. You're doing your plot and characters so much justice, and it's always hard for me to convey my love for a story, but the feeling is present. Fantastic work, Renny (if I may call you that)! I am really, really excited to get to chapter 3!

- Jane

Author's Response: I just have to say if you keep leaving such wonderful, long reviews Miss Jane, I'm going to get very spoiled :D I'm usually pretty quick to respond since I check for new reviews every day like a sad sad review addict, especially now that the story seems to be attracting a slight influx of new readers. What can I say, a new review makes my day!

I'm also very picky about Snape's characterization, which is why I very rarely read any fan fictions where he's the main character. I've definitely seen your story banners around a lot, though, so if I ever have a spare moment I'll definitely check them out (but since I have an Energizer Bunny one year old boy, spare moments are few and far between!) All I can say is that if you like the story this much so far, I can pretty much guarantee you'll like it more and more as you keep reading. At least I hope so :D I wrote most of the first couple chapters years before the story was completed, so I personally think it gets better as you go. But that's just my humble opinion.

It's kind of funny how you mention how I write Dumbledore because that's something a few different people have commented on before. He was just one of those characters who came out kind of effortlessly, and I never had to work to make him sound authentic I guess. But I believe the true credit should as always go to JKR for writing each character so masterfully and definitively. I just tried my best to put my own spin on some of the characters :D Dumbledore was fun to write, but he doesn't hold a candle to Lockhart. I'm pretty sure I decided to put the story in the Chamber of Secrets year just so I could mess around with him

Um...yeah...who's rambling now? Sorry :D I'll let you go. Thanks so much again for your amazingly wonderful reviews. I won't be selfish enough to expect them for every chapter! If you ever want to discuss Snape-y goodness, I have a new meet the author thread. I used to have one for the story, but it got lost in some server crash or other in the past. Thanks again! ~Renny

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Review #55, by piper Epilogue - Avrille

3rd January 2012:
I absolutely loved this story!!! I loved how you made Severus so detailed and intricate. Arville was wonderfully created and she fit into the story so well. This is by far my favorite fanfic!! Severus is my favorite character and I loved how you gave him so much more detail! Please write a sequel!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! If you couldn't already guess, Severus is my favorite character as well, and after finishing the series I was more determined than ever to give him a happy ending (though it isn't really the ending since I am indeed working slowly on a sequel.) Thank you for taking the time to leave me a review, and please recommend the story to others who might enjoy it was well! Happy New Year! ~Renny

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Review #56, by TenthWeasley Chapter One - Avrille

2nd January 2012:
I cannot wait to continue reading this story -- Snape is one of my very favorite characters from the books, and because I write a lot of him myself (including, of all things, a Snape/OC!) I always love seeing how he is portrayed by other authors.

Avrille seems very relatable -- always good, especially in an original character -- and I love the premise for her being in London, because not only is it very unique but clearly meticulously researched. I was very impressed with the academics and theses you talked about, because it's a rare writer who will go to such troubles, and an even rarer writer who can do it so naturally.

I've heard great things about this story and am very excited to continue on. Excellent first chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Um, you can't tell through the internet, but I'm blushing right now :) For my part, it's VERY rare to have a reader leave such a detailed review, especially for the first chapter. I really hope you keep reading! Just a note (I thought I'd throw it out there since it's been popping up in reviews and because you're such a die hard [haha, insert Alan Rickman pun here] Snape fan) I do have his past being slightly altered since I wrote a large chunk of the story before "Half-Blood Prince" was released. So please don't get thrown too much by that in later chapters if you continue on. Thanks again for making my night! ~Renny

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Review #57, by Rain_Darkartswitch Epilogue - Avrille

29th December 2011:
You are an absolutely amazing writer!! I couldn't put my comp down for a second while reading your incredibly well developed, detailed, and accurate story. Best story I have read here! Thank you for such an amazinf hpff story(: 100/10

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so happy you liked it, and it really means so much to me to get such a kind review. Thank you for taking the time to leave it! ~Renny

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Review #58, by stacielovesyou Chapter Thirty-Eight - Severus

28th December 2011:
Severus' mothers name was Eileen Prince, and his dad was a muggle, but other than that it's a great story!

Author's Response: I am aware of that, but I put in the author's note after the first chapter that some aspects of his past are not canon since I wrote the majority of the story before "Half-Blood Prince" was released. Before that I had assumed Severus would be a pure-blood since he was Head of Slytherin and all that. Oh well! Thank you for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #59, by EmilyBlack Chapter Twenty-One - Avrille

5th December 2011:
I have read everything up to this chapter in one sitting (is that pathetic to admit? haha) and this is my first review on this story. Good lord, you certainly know how to keep a reader wanting more. Usually, if a kiss takes this long to emerge, I abandon the story but wow, Severus and Avrille have wonderful chemistry. It was impossible for me to stop.
I really like how Severus is playful and almost chipper around her. It is a side of him that we never get to see, and it is extremely difficult to portray it without it seeming out of character.
Very well done.

Author's Response: That's not pathetic at all! A huge ego boost for me, maybe, and I'll admit that I basically wrote that entire chapter in one sitting (I was up until about 4:30 AM if I remember correctly) so I'll be pathetic right along with you if you like. I'm really glad you didn't stop reading when they didn't kiss right away. I know that might frustrate some people, but I just don't think it would be believable for Severus to throw himself at a woman so soon. Plus writing sexual tension is 100 times more fun than actual romance I find, so I also drew it out for my own enjoyment. Thank you so much for your review and please let me know how you like the rest of the story. ~Renny

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Review #60, by Somniloquence Chapter One - Avrille

4th December 2011:
Sometimes when I read good fan fiction, I just read and enjoy it. And other times while reading I get absolutely giddy and giggly and excited.

This gave me the second reaction. I can't wait to see where this is going!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's really an honor that you're enjoying it so much right off the bat. If it isn't too much trouble, please let me know along the way how you're liking it. Reviews absolutely make my day and really inspire me to work on the sequel to this story. Thank you again! ~Renny

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Review #61, by Jessica Epilogue - Avrille

4th December 2011:
That. Was. Amazing. I'm speechless! I loved the whole thing! Usually i dont like OC stories because they deviate from the story so much but this one was done flawlessly!! Only part that jarred me a little was the fact that snape was not indeed a half blood, and the fact that the parent's names were wrong, but i completely understand why you did it and you followed he rest of the plot so amazingly i didnt mind tremendously. Please write a sequel!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! Yes, I was a little frustrated when "Half Blood Prince" came out, thinking, "Um, there goes my plot." But I decided to just ignore it and keep going :) After all, if every single piece of fan fiction had to be 100% canon compliant, almost everything in these archives written before "Deathly Hallows" came out would have to be scrapped. So thanks for understanding :) I'm definitely working on a sequel. Hopefully in a couple months I'll be satisfied enough with the first few chapters to post them. However I have no idea where I'm going after there. I tend to write out of order, so posting as I go is definitely a new thing for me. Thank you so much for your kind review and please recommend the story to others who might like it! ~Renny

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Review #62, by HarryPLoveStory Epilogue - Avrille

26th November 2011:
Holy shizz! This story was absaloutly incredible! It was very well written and as realistic as a story about wizards can be ;) you showed the emotions beautifully and this is now in my top 3 fave stories on here! I hope you've done a sequel (I haven't looked yet) im eger to find out what happens next. Thank you so much for putting such a wonderful story up!

~Carys- whom without this story would be bored stiffless :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Carys! I've started a sequel for NaNoWriMo (though it had to be put on hold temporarily for personal reasons...know any spells to get rid of fleas in an apartment? Ugh.) Hopefully I'll be able to find time soon to get back to working on it and post the first couple chapters once I'm satisfied with them. Thank you again for your review and compliments! They really mean so so SO much to me and give me the motivation to get another story out there :) ~Renny

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Review #63, by SnapeFan77 Epilogue - Avrille

19th November 2011:
Very impressive. I couldn't stop reading. I loved your interpretation of what Snape may have been like. Excellent, excellent story telling. Very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Believe me, I really REALLY needed a nice review today, so thanks extra for that :) I'm so happy you liked it! ~Renny

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Review #64, by Tracey Chapter Twenty-One - Avrille

3rd November 2011:
Oh dear lord...Awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you! That chapter was so incredibly fun to write :) ~Renny

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Review #65, by Sissycortina Epilogue - Avrille

2nd November 2011:
I just discovered HPFF a few weeks ago and have already found some amazing stories, but this was by far the best. I did not stop reading it from start to finish. Severus Snape is my favorite character and it's heart warming to see him have a happy ending. I do hope that you write more because I'm so sad it's over! I love the bond that Avrille and Severus share and I don't want this to be the end. I'd love to know more about what happens to them in the next few years.
Also I love how this story gradually built up to their relationship and actually had substance to it, unlike a lot of other ones I've read. The plot was brilliant and captivating and I loved every second of it. I can't even think of one thing to complain about or critique. Great job! I hope to see more!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Glad you found HPFF. There are really some amazing writers on here and I'm lucky to consider some of them good friends. I definitely agreed that Severus needed a happy ending (though, of course, I wrote the story before knowing that he didn't have one...but I was pretty sure one wasn't in the cards for him. Ok, I mostly wrote the story because I felt he needed to get know... :D) I've started work on a sequel and will most likely be posting the first chapter once I'm completely happy with it unlike this story where I waited until I was completely done writing to post. I'm trying to do as much writing as I can this month (which I'm supposed to be doing NOW while my baby's napping! Oops!) since I'm doing my own modified version of NaNoWriMo. Hopefully there will be something up soon! Thanks so much for your wonderful review, and I'm just so happy you enjoyed my story. ~Renny

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Review #66, by angelicdemon1209 Epilogue - Avrille

2nd November 2011:
Hey, your story is one of the first stories i had ever read after discovering HPFF, and I sincerely apologize for not having posted a review then.
Even today, it is still as amazing and as enthralling as it was, then.
Thank you so much for this story.
Avrille is one of the sweetest OCs ever, and your Severus, fits in exactly with our original Severus, and still adds so many layers to him, he is absolutely amazing. And your story, is wonderful. It has everything. It is a great love story in itself, and yet has thrilling moments, and comedy, and everything really..
:D.. Thank you.
How about a sequel?

Author's Response: Wow, it's really cool that my story was one of the first ones you read on here! I'm so glad to hear you came back to it again. I actually really appreciate the review more now than when I first posted the story since it's so old the reviews have trickled down (though I'm still getting a couple new ones a week, so definitely not complaining!) I'm really just so happy you enjoyed it. I actually am currently working on a sequel, though the going is incredibly slow since I have a baby of my own now so I have very little time to write uninterrupted. But at least it's giving me some great experiences to use for Avrille being a new mom as well :) Though I don't have time to officially do NaNoWriMo, I'm trying my best to write as much as I possibly can this month. I waited to post TDoON online until it was completely finished (which took me four years) but I might post at least the first chapter of the sequel right away once I'm happy with it so people can know that there is one being worked on. Thank you again so much for your super nice review!!! ~Renny

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Review #67, by Bekah Epilogue - Avrille

28th October 2011:
This story was absolutely AMAZING! I loved every minute of it! Two thumbs up!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Wahoo! Glad you liked it! :)

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Review #68, by AvidHPfan Epilogue - Avrille

23rd October 2011:
This was one of the best stories I have read on here. It was heartfelt and utterly charming. I've always had a soft spot for Snape and I'm so glad that he got the happy ending he deserved.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I also felt like Snape needed a happy ending (especially after finishing Deathly Hallows...what the HECK!). I'm so glad you liked it. Please recommend to others who might like it, too!

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Review #69, by CS Epilogue - Avrille

22nd October 2011:
AMAZING! One of the best I have read.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know! :)

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Review #70, by Cordelia ♥ Epilogue - Avrille

20th October 2011:
OMGOMGOMG! I stayed up all night reading this because I simply couldn't stop. It was beautifuly exciting and romantic, and made me really wish I was Avril. Is there going to be a sequal? if so, please let me know. I have bookmarked this story and reread it numerous times. I appologise for not commenting earlier, but I was simply at a loss for words. Thank you so much for writing this.
Cordelia ♥
P.S. This story made my already existing love of snape grow x10.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! You're too sweet! Yes, I'm currently "working" on a sequel (quotes because I have a whole page and a half actually written down...much more in my head, though). I'm going to try really hard to write a lot more during NaNoWriMo, but since I have a baby myself now, writing has kind of taken a backseat to more important day to day stuff. But thank you again for the review! It's just so awesome to know that people are still enjoying it after being up on the site for a few years.

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Review #71, by Elysa Strink Epilogue - Avrille

14th October 2011:
This was just a phenomenal story! I loved the way you created a believable Severus while still skewing his character slightly from the books. And the whole thing was well written... this is the rare type of story I love to read that reminds me fan fiction is still worthwhile :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I have to admit I have the same feelings about most fan fiction, and I mostly wrote this story for myself and not because I wanted to write fan fiction per se. This review really made my day (and believe me, having a sick teething baby...I really needed it!) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm writing a sequel, but it could be years (again) until it's finished.

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Review #72, by Ariel Kingston Epilogue - Avrille

12th October 2011:
Lovely fic it's hard to find such well thought out OC/Snape fics and I must say I devoured yours. Hope to see more fics from you in the future.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I've started a sequel, but have no idea when I'll ever be able to post anything since I now have a baby boy of my own. I'm so happy you enjoyed it, and thank you for letting me know. :)

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Review #73, by SeverusLove Chapter Four - Severus

1st October 2011:
So far, the story had been good but I have to disagree with your take on Lucius. Although he is cruel and cold, I've always known him to be cool in demeanor, I don't think he'd be a playboy either since the books always portrayed him as someone who, although had high expectations for his family, took them in high regard and was one of the Death Eaters capable of feeling "love". But I guess that's your opinion on him so I can't really disagree. :))


Author's Response: I'm going to guess that Lucius is a favorite character of yours :D We always get sort of defensive of our favorite characters, especially when we think they aren't being treated right! But like you said yourself, it's my personal take on Lucius. I wrote most of the story before DH came out, and if I remember correctly, that's really the first time we actually see Lucius giving any sort of real fatherly attention to Draco. Just keep in mind that this a fan fiction :) I think I take some pretty big liberties with Severus' character as well to make him sort of a romantic lead (something we do NOT see with the Harry-filter in the books!) I guess I just needed a couple bad guys, and Lucius was honestly super fun to write as a lecherous playboy! Thanks for the review! I'm (haha, VERY SLOWLY) writing a sequel that takes place in the OotP year. I'm considering maybe making Lucius become much more aware of his family responsibilities in light of Voldemort's return. Maybe not. We'll see.

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Review #74, by Shannon Epilogue - Avrille

21st September 2011:
I can't string the words together to tell you how much I love this story, your writing pulled me in from the very first chapter and I could not stop reading. I absolutely loved it. Well Done *claps hands*

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hopefully it will be even better once I'm able to complete the update (I have a new banner coming as well. Hooray!) Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!

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Review #75, by miss_emmz Epilogue - Avrille

5th September 2011:
this story was just amazing! words can not describe how much i enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm currently working on updating it on this site, so hopefully nothing in the old version was confusing. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thanks for letting me know! :)

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