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Review #26, by NarniaWard 7

12th May 2015:
The flashback scenes give me so much heartbreak I want teddy and lucy:(

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Review #27, by HazelDimentia 7

12th May 2015:
G you updated yay!! I love this story a lot I think you write so well and I cant wait to see where this story goes. Because now the plot is beginning And your so good that I actually don't know what to expect! Super excited please update again soon xxz

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Review #28, by DaliaRose 7

10th May 2015:
I cant bare the pain Lucy is going through OMG
Please update again Soon I need to know she will be okay! There is so much emotion and raw feeling in this that I can without a doubt say this is one of the best fan fictions I have ever read xxx

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Review #29, by chinaglaze 1

6th May 2015:
Hi, this is a great read; the quality of the writing is much better than most –possibly anything I have seen on here. It is quite description-heavy but you handle it very well and it works excellently.

You’ve made some great characters here too, very appealing.

Just a couple of things I noticed;
‘him and I belonged only’ - I think ‘he and I’ would be better there.

‘my co-workers spit out name after name, one more useless than the next’ – should that be ‘each one more useless’?

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Review #30, by DiggerSilvee 5

28th April 2015:
Oh poor lucy:( you know I love teddy but I Want him go get back with Lucy!!
I wonder what's in that black shoe box!!
The element of mystery in this is just amazing
Your so original uve completely made this your own!
Update soon

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Review #31, by MollyWeasley 6

28th April 2015:
Please update:( don't think I can go much longer without a chapter 7

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Review #32, by Pixies 6

28th April 2015:
Can I just say how happy I am to have read this one of the best fanfics with teddy in ever
Please update soon I absloutelu love this story and I need a chapter 7!!

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Review #33, by NishaUr 6

28th April 2015:
Really quite excited and intrigued by this whole story! So many dynamics and emotions you did a really good job
I feel like this should be cliche but its kind of so good that it's not lol
Really really good job
Can't wait for the next chapter
You really are a very talented writer

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Review #34, by TriangLe 6

27th April 2015:
How I crave an update.
More of this magic please
Lucy and teddy are life

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Review #35, by Treacletarts 6

26th April 2015:
The flash back scene to the "I love you now you say it"
OMG the freaking feels
U need to give us more teddy Lucy love
Coz my heart literally breaks for them i love them together i think I ship them OMG
Love it

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Review #36, by MangoPeels 6

26th April 2015:
I really enjoy the element of mystery in this fic
Why did Lucy leave? What is the secret James spoke of when they were in the kitchen together? Is the wedding between pip and teddy even real?
Im so intrigued you have built a really non cliché story of a very cliché plot if you know what I mean? And that takes so much talent you should be really proud of this
Cant wait for an update
Lots of hugs xoxoxooxoxoxox

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Review #37, by Dirty Diana 6

26th April 2015:
I ship Lucy and teddy in this so hard
You don't understand
I feel them to my heart
This story is so damn good I don't understand why it doesn't have any attention
You should be winning dobbies for this shit
It is honestly so brilliant I cant even
I hope so bad that Lucy and teddy can make it work like I wanted to scream in chapter when teddy told her to be best man LIKE ITS NOT OKAY SHE'S STILL IN LOVE WITH U
I need him to love her I think it will break me more than Lucy if he doesn't
Still a maze balls chapter cant wait for a seventh like literally physically cannot wait:(

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Review #38, by theyKnole 4

22nd April 2015:
What comes crashing down?! Omg a plot a plot a plot
I wonder what happened in that Easter day
So excited to read on
But please update soon!

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Review #39, by NarglesLo 3

22nd April 2015:
What is the mystery james wants to make sure Lucy told no one I wonder?!
Very intrigued
Brilliant chapter x

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Review #40, by NirvanaWastheBand 4

22nd April 2015:
I can't decide whether teddys in love with Lucy still or not
I know he loves her as a best friend still but I want him to be in love with her:( I need more Lucy and teddy time
Poor lucy I'm hoping for some more Lucy teddy time in the following chapters!
Can't wait, good job babe

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Review #41, by RadTouring 6

22nd April 2015:
"He owns me just like that"
You have a talent for words
An update would be wine to my alcoholic lips

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Review #42, by ThrillerJackson 6

22nd April 2015:
So I'm wondering why this story has only 70 odd reviews, one of my friends recommended it to me and I was like hmm but jesus bajesus this is amazeballs
There is so much power In Lucy and everything is just wow
I'm genuinely so pleased with how much you give us but in so little
I really am intrigued to where your going to take this plot and I hOpe the future is bright for both Lucy and teddy(I love his characterisation btw, lots of people make teddy just like Remus but you've taken your own spin)
So yeah lol brilliant work really looking forward to a chapter 7, I hope to see one really soon?!!!
Lots of hugs xoxoxoxoxoox

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Review #43, by ravedTillnow😍 6

20th April 2015:
"It's good to have you back Lucy"
I don't know how you've done it but I'm so connected to her like I feel her
Omg please update!!
Tons of hugs xoxoxoxoxoox

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Review #44, by ThereIsRoomforOne 6

20th April 2015:
So my friends forced me to read this and I hate oc so I wasn't sure but wow totally changed my mind this is undoubtably the most emotionally amazing fanfiction I have ever read
I don't know how you've done it but in six chapters you have given me the forever of Lucy and teddys love story without even describing it that much?
I can't even describe how attached I am to Lucy like I feel her pain so bad
I just hope the future is bright for her and teddy! Because I hate piper I'm supposed to hate her right?!
I love this spin on the wotter family by the way very original
This story deserves so much recognition!
All the best can't wait for a seventh chapter!!

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Review #45, by ChisledJaws:; 6

18th April 2015:
Nothing to say apart from mesmerising just simply mesmerising

You are a gift as are your words
My favourite next generation fanfic is this I love it so much
Truly honestly thank you for ever uploading this it has inspired me so much
Can't wait for you to update

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Review #46, by Pea green fluff 6

18th April 2015:
I cannot express my sympathy for Lucy
Just wow
I've been listening to ed sheeran bloodstream as I've read and re read this whole fic twice in a day and the emotions man
You write with such intensity and passion and girth and you have the actual potential to move a reader
Because how Lucy is feeling surely is the worst pain
Great job babe! Update soon please

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Review #47, by CushSg 6

18th April 2015:
So my friends told me a bout this fic and I can't explain how grateful I am for it because this is amazing
The emotions god my heart is actually racing
I love Lucy and I hate her situation
Please please I beg there has to be a chapter 7 soon I can't live
Be proud of yourself btw! This chapter actually made me cry!!

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Review #48, by StrawberryDreams 6

18th April 2015:
My heart breaks for Lucy I can't even express the feels you give me the goosebumps the rawness
The setting of her hometown is paradise and her and teddy are just perfection I cannot express the heart wrenching pain I feel when I think that there is a possibility he will actually end up with freaking piper
No don't do that
I beg you
Do u want make me cry more than I have already
You are very talented well done! Hoping to see a chapter 7 very soon! X

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Review #49, by Alicelost 6

13th March 2015:
please keep writing I love this story so much it has a real depth to it

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Review #50, by graylady01 1

9th July 2014:
I absolutely adore this story, and the way you capture your audience. In all honesty, I don't have anything negative to say, except that sometimes the flashbacks can be a little hard to follow. But as I read more, I found them easier to understand and felt it flowed better towards the end. I do have to say, the thing I enjoy the most about your writing is how descriptive it is. Such lines like, 'resting a tired hand against the slippery surface of the window' and 'She leaves me standing in the pink room with my scream still lodged in a silent surrender in my throat' leave me bubbling with jealously. You have such a talent with words. I’m looking forward to learning more about Lucy and her story. It’s a little cryptic at the moment - same with Scorpius. I can’t wait to meet the rest of the Weasley/Potter clan. What I wonder the most, is why Lucy left them behind and her past with Teddy? It was a pleasure to read and I will definitely be reading more! Keep up the good work!

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