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Review #26, by vintage90vinyl Dream

28th November 2011:
Another great chapter :] i'm loving this story!
I think it's the only fic i've ever read from a muggle perspective.
I can't wait until she finds out properly!

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Review #27, by Emandem Dream

17th November 2011:
It shows that it wasn't easy. This chapter lacks the usual ridiculously funny feeling yours usually have. I mean, it was funny, but not ridiculously so.

I saw that movie! Wasn't it hilarious? It think it shows how fond I am of this story that the moment Annaleigh appeared, I was reminded of your banner.

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Review #28, by harrypottergirl55 Cursing

11th November 2011:
hahaha i love this you are such a good writer!

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Review #29, by SiriusPotterhead Delivery

24th October 2011:
This Chapter Made Me Laugh So Much :)

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Review #30, by YetAnotherWeasley Evidence

23rd October 2011:
It's kinda weird how although Mellie is a creeper I don't find it weird at all, maybe it's the way you've written it. Hmm... anyway, love the story, it's hilarious !


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Review #31, by Yum01 Dream

4th October 2011:
Despite you saying it was hard to write, this chapter was really good and I enjoyed reading it! I love your style of writing and I hope you do manage to keep on updating reasonably frequently but I understand if you don't- I barely get enough time to read them because of sixth form let alone finally going and writing one :) Anyway, I really loved the mini scene where James was shrieking a song and playing air guitar- I think it gave us an insight into how he is when he's around his friends with no audience and it was fun to read. I really want to know what's going to happen next and if Mellie's going to realise the dream was real !!! Oh yeah, and well done on coming up with wizard band names and songs, they were really original :)

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Review #32, by -A Dream

26th September 2011:
This was a great chapter. You're reallygood, and I just can't wait until she finds out the truth! :) Please update asap!! :)

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Review #33, by a rollerball Dream

24th September 2011:
awww. cutie. update soon.

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Review #34, by Sirius_Rocks Dream

23rd September 2011:
Another great chapter! Please update, I really want to know what happens!

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Review #35, by moony girl Dream

23rd September 2011:
LOVE this story with a burning passion. Mellie, Sirius, James and co are my lives! I love your style of writing an how you are able to make the story really flow! 10/10

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Review #36, by ipopo75 Dream

23rd September 2011:
She thinks that Sirius is a secret agent ? HAHAHA, I just love Mellie, she is so funny and adorable! I can't wait to see how she will react when she'll know what they really are ! And I'm so happy that you posted this chapter, I was so scared that you would drop it. Anyway, thank you for still posting ! (:

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Review #37, by Blue Biro Dream

23rd September 2011:
wow, amazing chapter! i have to be out of the door, like right NOW, but i HAD to read this! i cant belive they erased her memory! :O :'( please let her find out! i bet her reaction would be halarious :D
you're awesome, and an amazing writer!
becky :)
p.s update? pretty please? its been so long!

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Review #38, by enchantedx Dream

23rd September 2011:
Ohh, a new chapter:) I remember this being the first story ever that I reviewed on this site! Ahh, the memories. Lols.
So I might aswell be the first reviewer to this chapter also xD
I really loved this chapter and can't wait for more:):)

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Review #39, by Sirius_Rocks Evidence

22nd September 2011:
That was really good! Can't wait to see how the story progresses!

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Review #40, by Natalie Bonding

12th September 2011:
Oh my! What's happened to Mellie! Can't wait for more! :)

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Review #41, by shayrocks50 Bonding

6th September 2011:
*GASP* update! Please! this is becoming one of my favorite stories!! =D and plus I just sat up all night reading this when I have school ina few hours.Great story =D Mellie is a cool character and her friends seem nice!!

so I really think you should update.


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Review #42, by Marnie Bonding

5th September 2011:
I've seen the date on this story and realised that it hasn't been updated in a while. Please update soon!!! It's AMAZING x

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Review #43, by BellaFan202 Bonding

17th August 2011:
:O What happened? Did a Deathie get her!? Or is it before the war started getting bad? I don't know. It's kind of hard to tell exactly what's going on with the war when it's from a Muggle's POV. But I'm not complaining. It's a nice, original change, and I like it.

Can't wait for the next chapter!!! :)

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Review #44, by Rowan Dragomir Bonding

17th August 2011:
Having Remus talk to Mellie was a great window into what the other Marauders are thinking about the relationship. It seems as if he's hinting that he wants Sirius to tell her. Also I like how you don't try to treat Peter as an annoying slightly suspicious seeming follower as most other fics do. But then the amazingness ends with DUN da DA dun! A cliff hanger and promise us that there will not be a huge gap as it is mostly written. TWO MONTHS. Please Please PLEASE! I am on my hands and knees please upload.

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Review #45, by DrPepperchik Bonding

15th August 2011:
Ahh can't wait for more! Love it!

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Review #46, by DrPepperchik Caught

14th August 2011:
Ha!! She is hilarious. I love it!

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Review #47, by DrPepperchik Evidence

14th August 2011:
Ha! I loved that last little bit! I really like this! Its definitely keeping me interesting! I love her journals and observations.. hilarious!

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Review #48, by SmileyChabbit Bonding

4th August 2011:
Dammit! the cliff hanger!...i was so upset when i realized there wasn't a next button, but oh well...
I'm so into this story! i didn't expect myself to be this drawn in honestly, but i am.
You MUST update soon!>___<

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Review #49, by SmileyChabbit Detour

3rd August 2011:
the beetles son! HAHAHAHA!
i HAD to comment on that.X]

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Review #50, by Ania Bonding

30th July 2011:
Hey, hey! Ending like this is just wrong, you know? You should be ashamed of yourself. And to make me forget you should update as son as possible. And the next chapther better be freaking long! Anyways I love it. It is just so uhm... Mellie, which I love so so much:D

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