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Review #26, by iop Unwelcomed Changes

2nd September 2016:

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Review #27, by Caitlin Epilogue

31st August 2016:
So! I have just finished reading delicate, pt 2. I adored this series. I feel sad to have it end but so happy that all is right!! You had me going for a while with Tom there! I'm glad Scorpius and Rose worked it out. You are a great writer and I can't wait to continue with your other works!! Thank you for writing this series!

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Review #28, by rehan Epilogue

24th August 2016:
the best fanfiction ever i am sad its over i didn't wanted it to be but it will be good since i am so deeply engrossed in the book that all of my work is unfinished it was a great book betterthan delicate

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Review #29, by rehan Cry And Cry Again

23rd August 2016:
i am completely engrossed in this book better than delicate or probably i am attached to this story

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Review #30, by halfvics Epilogue

7th August 2016:
I never thought it would be possible to cry as much as I did reading your story. This was a hell of a ride. Thank you for writing this. Just thank you.

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Review #31, by *KaS* Epilogue

4th August 2016:
Well - wow!! What a journey! I'm very late to the fanfic party (i.e. I only got here yesterday), but when I started reading Delicate and couldn't do anything useful until I'd finished it and then unfortunately stumbled upon Still Delicate and continued doing nothing, I knew I'd have to keep on with the nothingness until I'd written a review to tell you how much I loved both stories.
You are an absolute genius and have made me laugh so much over the last 24 hours. I'm now starving, mind, and my cats have begun to chew my leg in frustration but that's ok as I do have a few excess tonnes I could do with losing.
Have to say, Rose Weasley may be JK's character in name but you have really made her yours. Can't wait to read your other stuff, but may just serve up the Whiskas first so that the kitties don't call the RSPCA and plead total neglect and starvation. (Just kidding - they get much better food than that).

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Review #32, by NWilkinson Epilogue

31st July 2016:
Loved it! Absolutely amazing story!

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Review #33, by PotterAddict Unwelcomed Changes

13th July 2016:
I love that his name is Livingston and the first thing you do is kill him it's so perfect and witty. I love this story. I have to admit that I kind of hated you for them not bring together, but now that I'm into it I like where it's going.

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Review #34, by Just Another Daydreamer Epilogue

10th June 2016:

(So I know I'm kind of *several years late* to the reviewing party and don't really know how these are supposed to go, or if you'll even ever see this, but...)

This story was fantastic!!! :DD

I hadn't read much fan-fiction before, but as HP was my childhood (like seriously, I was obsessed), when I saw this mentioned on Facebook, I thought, why not? And, although I may be an ancient college student now, this story had me feeling like a little kid in her Hogwarts robes again, wearing her Time Turner necklace and reciting the Sorting Hat songs to anyone who would listen. (And yes, I've discovered that I'm actually very much still obsessed. Cursed Child comes out in a few weeks AH!!!)

I started reading Delicate last night, and just finished Still Delicate a few hours ago. I was so hooked I was practically glued to my phone screen all day. :) (Okay, so probably not the greatest idea, as my colleagues at work probably think I hate talking to people now, but hey, there were books to be read...hehe)

I must say, I love the idea of next generation stories - and your books had so much that I practically hold as cannon, I think I'll adopt this storyline in my head until JKR tells me otherwise. :) (Like please, Al is clearly in Slytherin and best friends with Scorpius, and likewise Rose/Scorpius is obviously intended to be.)

I will admit though that I was quite shocked when Tom showed up in this story...
Alright, fine. Shocked is a bit of an understatement. I may or may not have sent a long winding rant to my sister (she hates when I do this) complaining how it was all wrong and now everything is terrible. In fact, I nearly stopped reading because I was so upset that Rose didn't pick Scorpius haha (whoops I get too invested in the things I read). But I'm glad I stuck through to the end because it all turned out okay!

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Review #35, by Dinthemidwest Endings

10th June 2016:
So glad that this is the direction of your story! I really like Rose & Scorpius!

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Review #36, by roxyroxtheworld Epilogue

27th May 2016:
Lol wow this chapter is hilarious!!! I was wondering how you were going to end this story and I love how you went into the future and especially you having Aiden bring his girl friend to meet his family lol I loved it!!! Great story!

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Review #37, by roxyroxtheworld Endings

27th May 2016:
Your right. We all did know it was going to go with rise choosing scorpious in the end. Exactly why Tom wasn't really all that necessary... but oh well it was still entertaining in some ways...

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Review #38, by roxyroxtheworld Awkward.

26th May 2016:
Lol I actually like Tom... he seems funny and well put together. And if scorpious is determined to stay with daisy then rose just as well find someone that makes her happy also. Anywho great chapter!!! And sorry!

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Review #39, by roxyroxtheworld A New Direction

26th May 2016:
Tom seems kinda random... I don't know about anyone else but I've not heard much where someone hooks up or does anything remotely like that with there lawyer isn't there like a biased rule against that or something? Anywho What's Up with scorpious anyways? Guess I'll just have to keep reading to find out :)

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Review #40, by roxyroxtheworld Return To Hogwarts

26th May 2016:
Lol I don't know if this is supposed to be funny but dang daisy has scorpious wrapped around her finger... that last part where she finds them in the closet lol priceless!!! :)

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Review #41, by roxyroxtheworld Trials and Tribulations

26th May 2016:
Wow... I was not expecting that. I was expecting scorpious to win but in winning I thought they would choose his idea where he would get Aiden for most the time not full time...
And wow it really does amaze me how much me and rose have in common. I know how she feels. I wouldn't be able to live if anybody took away my child from me. And all the things they had against rose then any single mother who isn't super rich knows it's extremely hard to raise a child while still bringing in income to support them. I feel for rose. I hope for scorpious' sake that he doesn't let it get to much worse then it already is. Anywho enough said. I will continue reading!

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Review #42, by roxyroxtheworld A Time For Wine

26th May 2016:
Rose really is a selfish idiot. I don't feel sorry for her not one bit. She got what's coming to her. She pretty much asked for it with her actions in my opinion. Anyways will be interesting reading about how she puts herself more down into the gutter then she already has.
At the beginning of this story then I wanted scorpious to be with rose by now I don't even care and I think it would proly be better if he stayed with daisy and the custody thingy... not to be harsh or anything but scorpious and daisy proly really do have a more stable home then rose by anywho I'll just keep on reading

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Review #43, by roxyroxtheworld Nuptial Catastrophe

26th May 2016:
You must be pretty messed up yourself to be writing a story with such messed up characters... oh Rosie if only you'd not been such an exploding bratt... oh well maybe I just don't like her cuz she reminds me so much of myself in the way where a good thing happens to her and she still gets mad and explodes at the lamest things... oh well tho. This story is still pretty interesting to read... unless I'm just reading it to see if at least the characters in the story can get there life together cuz I can't seem to get mine together no matter what I do but anywho... that's proly tmi about myself... interesting story you've got here!!!

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Review #44, by roxyroxtheworld A Case Of Foot-In-Mouth Disease

25th May 2016:
I don't like daisy. Even tho she wasn't even in this chapter besides talk of her...

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Review #45, by roxyroxtheworld New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

25th May 2016:
I don't see the point in having scorpious get married. I'm thinking that I proly won't like this one as much as delicate... oh well...

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Review #46, by roxyroxtheworld A Beginning Of Sorts

25th May 2016:
Typical. Of course rose and Scorpious are still getting mad at each other so there not together... and now this. If it's like this through the whole story I don't know if I'll like it much...

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Review #47, by Jenna Epilogue

7th May 2016:
Hi padfoot4ever,
i don't know if you read my review back at chapter 13 or something of delicate, but i thought i just let you know that i just finished this book! I really couldn't stop reading, your style of writing is highly addicting I have to admit... :D but in a good way!
All in all, I liked your story very much, although i was't happy with all of the turns it took. I didn't really like Daisy, or that Scorpius married her, even if they were breaking up in the end. Scorp was being such a scumbag while he was with Daisy, and I didn't know if i could forgive him at all. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Scorpius and Rose ended up together (they were meant to be together, and also Aidan needed to have a proper family), but in my opinion, you were a little exaggerating about his behavior. He was kind of too malfoyish, if you know what I mean. I would have liked him not to be so ignorant (just marrying some other woman on a trip to Las Vegas - I mean, come on!), but yeah, I am well aware that you planned this to be part of Rose's drama life. I'm glad that you let Scorpius change his mind, although I think it came a little too abruptly.
And I'm not sure if I am happy with James having a daughter with Laura (I don't know why I never really liked her either).
But of course there were several things I love about the story! Rose is perfect, I really like her character, it's so likable (at least for me) and I can perfectly understand her. I love her sarcasm and the way she dealt with Draco, for example.
In fact, I liked almost every character of the Weasley-Malfoy-clan, except maybe Audrey... you know her behavior is annoying af! (on purpose, I know, but still..)
So - thanks for writing such a great story!! I think I am never going to be able to read another fan fiction about Rose again - your Rose is way too stuck in my head. But thanks for that too, as I already mentioned, I love your Rose (so no need to worry).
Love from Germany,
P.S.: I had to laugh so hard at Draco having a pet owl named Lucifer, that fits so perfectly! And of course it has been Rose's idea - who's else? Big plus for that Draco-Rose relationship by the way.

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Review #48, by Diagon Allie Epilogue

13th March 2016:
I really loved the first story. The second story lacks the warmth of the first. With so many characters and plotlines, I found myself wishing the story ended sooner.

With a wandering attention span, I did not find that I had the same affection for the characters, which was invoked by the original story. I think that Rose had plenty of issues without Tom, tho I liked his character and would like to see him developed elsewhwere. Everyone is in so much pain that your lovely sense of humor rarely shines through. The sense of fun has come up missing.

There are a few errors grammatically, a word missing a time or two, but the most confusing is a scene with Rose and 2 others. You attribute actions to an unnamed person in about 5 paragraphs. Good luck, if you could lighten the tone it would be helpful. Allie

Rate 1st book at 8 of 10,

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Review #49, by Mary Epilogue

10th March 2016:
I just finished reading delicate and still delicate in one week. I was hooked. Every time something bad happened it would effect my daily mood. So depending on how a chapter ended is how I would be in my day so I knew I had to hurry up and finish it so my craziness would end. Now that it's ended I am so sad... and happy. For a few chapters I truly thought they were over and she will choose Tom but I'm so happy she chose Scorpius. Thank you for such a brilliant story. Much love, Mary xx

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Review #50, by DracoMalfoyRulesDaWorld Epilogue

25th February 2016:
Let's just hope and pray that Rose dumps Scorpius, and goes with Brian/Richard :)

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