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Review #26, by ronronXD Gossip...

18th May 2013:
this is one of my favorite stories (this one and those who were before), and I was wonder if I could translate this one (and those who were before) to Hebrew.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I think it might have been done into Hebrew possibly...

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Review #27, by Brianna Gossip...

10th February 2013:
im so so glad that you are updating again! loving this story. keep it coming!

Author's Response: I am most definitely trying. Though I'm going to be busy over the next month or so: I'll do my best. Thank you xx

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Review #28, by Paddy_Pronsie Early Morning

5th September 2012:
hey. nice to have a bit of recap. I still remember All is not Lost vividly. :-) used to love that story !!

Author's Response: Awww. I do like recapping my favourite bits :-) lovely to know people remember All is not Lost still!!! That's made my day!

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Review #29, by Voldy Needs a Hug Arrivals

4th September 2012:
This chapter certainly has an interesting beginning. I felt like I was on name overload toward the start of the chapter, though, and I still don't feel like I have all the names down straight. That was a bit confusing.

Also, your chapter was a little on the short side. Not much happened in the chapter, and I'm not exactly sure that it was compelling enough for me to read more.

However, I enjoyed Al's reaction to relying on Muggle transportation. It seemed spot on and very realistic. Additionally, Al's characterization was excellent, and the plot flowed very nicely.

Good job!

Author's Response: It's kind of a sequel to a sequel, so the characters were all introduced in another of my fics- I can see how it would get confusing though.
This chapter is just setting the scene, catching up with the characters etc. But again, I understand if you don't feel like reading anymore.
I'm glad you liked Allegra's characterisation. She's a favourite of mine to write, as is her mother :)

Thank you :) :)

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Review #30, by sarah Celebrations

3rd September 2012:
please update soon, your stories are really good

Author's Response: Thank you. :) Hopefully I can in the next couple of days (if I can stay awake haha)

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Review #31, by verbal87 Easter

30th August 2012:
Delightfully written as always! Really enjoyed it, and I agree with both Harry/Steven and Sirius/James' taste in music, can't beat a bit of Motown! At least Sirius didn't put Barry White on, that could have got awkward! Anyway, loved the chapter and yay for Steven being centre of attention for once. Loved the little exchange between Allegra and Harry too! Anyway, as i've already said, really enjoyed this and I hope your inspiration continues



Author's Response: LOL Barry White would've been awesome *facepalms*. It is only fair for Steven to get some attention every now and again (although living abroad does mean his mum fusses over him when he gets home, lol)
Thank you :) hopefully it will... who knows... haha

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Review #32, by allie Discussion...

25th June 2012:
hey i was just wondering if u have abandoned this story as its been 2 years since u updated i love this story and want to read more please up date

Author's Response: Hey. I haven't abandoned as such... I've had a mad busy couple of yrs and haven't had any inspiration for this one as much. I do keep trying so hopefully we shall see... thanks for the review and I'm sorry for the delay xxx

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Review #33, by HP_Luver21766 Discussion...

12th September 2010:
Please please please update this story! I've read all the others and I love his one so much! It's so good! Please update soon!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it :) I'm waiting for inspiration at the moment but I'll update as soon as I can xx

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Review #34, by Deidraaaaaa Discussion...

5th September 2010:
I love this series of fanfics :) allegra is so awesome i wish i knew her :) please update!!! i want to know what happens next!!

Author's Response: Awww thank you :) thats lovely of you to say. I do love Allegra. She is such a fun character to write as well. I'll update when I can. Waiting for inspiration! hehe. Thanks againxxx

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Review #35, by tEar_leSs Hogsmeade

10th July 2010:
YES THEY FINALLY KISSED! haha or rather like properly kinda. urgh, teddy and victoria are so annoying! can't wait for more!

Author's Response: hehe they did indeed... :) They are annoying aren't they, but Teddy's not unlike James when Sirius and Terese got together I think... I'll update when I can. Thanks xxx

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Review #36, by ilovehim52 Hogwarts Express

21st February 2010:
i just finishedd reading this and i loveee it (:
please update soon!

Author's Response: Aw thanks!! I don't have many ideas for this one at the mo, but I will as soon as I do

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Review #37, by Rachel_Black Hogwarts Express

14th January 2010:
Awaiting for ideas...well Voldemort hasn't been caught yet and well you could say that Teddy get assigned to gaurd hogwarts and some things get heated up between Teddy and Al?

Author's Response: OOOo now thats interesting! I could well do. Thanks :)

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Review #38, by Rachel_black Hogwarts Express

14th January 2010:
I hope you put another chapter up soon.

Author's Response: I'll try- awaiting ideas lol

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Review #39, by EN Hogwarts Express

21st November 2009:
i wish AL and Ted would have a heart to heart talk and get over this but i kind of feel that its not going to happen anytime soon... good for allegra that she is beginning to like dan... maybe if she is interested in him then she will know what ted likes in vic and she would stop badgering him. im eaget to see where this goes... pl so update soon.

Author's Response: I think both Allegra and Teddy are too stubborn to back down any time soon...ut maybe Dan will help. I'll update when I can, promise

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Review #40, by verbal87 Christmas Night

16th November 2009:
Aww, got a ridiculously big smile on my face right now haha, that's awesome. Funny how one rant about hating glitter can turn into a brilliant chapter eh lol.

Perfectly done anyway, I'd forgotten just how awesome (i'm using it cos she did) toddler Allegra was and we had the 'Stoopid Steben' and 'Daddy did it' lines as well, just brilliant.

The little bit at the start with all the family winding each other up was great as well as was Sirius's little bit with Allegra at the end. All in all, just brilliant :)

10/10 soph

James xxx

Author's Response: I thought you'd like thia one (the awesome again comes from my neice, although I did teach it to her haha). And where would toddler Allegra be without her immortal catchphrases LMAO!!

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Review #41, by verbal87 Christmas part 1

16th November 2009:
Aww, god I hope James never changes as far as Xmas morning goes. Loved the line about being nervous of walking in on other people haha, pity it's taken him so long to work it out!

Thought Terese's little interaction with Renee was fantastic as well, was a really good way of helping her come to terms with things I think. Brilliant as always anyway



Author's Response: Tee Hee I don't think James will ever grow up but anyway- makes for fun writing!! I thought it would be interesting to have those two bond in some way as their experiences are so similar!

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Review #42, by verbal87 Christmas Eve

16th November 2009:
Ooh, sorry I haven't reviewed for you in so long, haven't thought about this site since NaNo started to be honest. Anyway, another great chapter, and do we see a hint of a crush for Allegra. Can't wait to see Sirius's reaction to that one haha.

Anyway, fantastic as per usual, 10/10 soph!

Author's Response: Poor old Sirius. He will have a job keeping Allegra in check methinks hehe. Don't worry, I figured NANO would be a priortiy- hope its going ok- let me know if I can help in any way!!

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Review #43, by EN Reflections

15th November 2009:
Im happy to see sirius working out his issues. he is getting sentimental at old age...:-)

Author's Response: I know, bless him!!

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Review #44, by EN End of the holidays

12th November 2009:
i cant understand why sirius is angry... its good riddance of rubbish. why is he so upset... ??

Author's Response: I think because the betrayal still rankles, and it makes him think of what he nearly lost.

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Review #45, by EN Christmas Night

1st November 2009:
hey... nice to see an update after so long... i thought allegra was more smart than this... she should have known that guys get defensive about their girls when spoken directly... how stupid can she be to call victoire a bitch in front of ted ??? do update soon...:-)

Author's Response: I think with alcohol and the relaxed atmosphere she wasn't thinking- we know what her fathers like for that lol

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Review #46, by AmayyMalfoy09 Christmas Night

1st November 2009:
i like your story (:
btw your title in the banner says 'Finding THE future' but your title of the story says 'Finding A future'

Author's Response: Thanks :)
I noticed a while back, just keep forgetting to sort it. Thanks

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Review #47, by EN Christmas Eve

11th October 2009:
i have a feeling that Allegra will be doing the - ' keep ur friends close but keep ur enemies closer ' thing. she does consider victoire her enemy right...? ? ? well this could be fun. im eager to see how this turns out .

Author's Response: She does have a plan... she's her parents' daughtr after all... haha... We shall see..

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Review #48, by marauderqueen Christmas Eve

10th October 2009:
I liked this chappie. Al is getting to the 'grown up' stage of life lol
Keep it up

Author's Response: She is growing up, isn't she? I'm writing the next chapter now.

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Review #49, by verbal87 Home for Christmas

10th October 2009:
I thought it was nice, the way Renee was immediately integrated into the family and got the chance to see the madhouse that created Allegra. The little bit between Lily and Terese was brilliant as well, and perfectly written. Now all we're missing is a little Allegra/Teddy reconciliation although I can see that being easier said then done with Victoire in the way. 10/10 anyway


Author's Response: I have an idea re Allegra/Teddy/Victoire... tee hee just about to post the beginnings of it...

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Review #50, by verbal87 Learning

10th October 2009:
Another lovely chapter and as you said, a fantastic way of cementing the friendship. It was especially nice to see the more caring sensitive side of Allegra come out. Obviously we know she can be like that but most of the time, she just puts up the bolshy, slightly spoilt front we've come to expect which I think she hides behind slightly so it was nice to get more of a true reflection of her. 10/10 again anyway soph!


Author's Response: I think coming from a family full of strong characters she feels she has to hold her own. But she is very much her mothers daughter, and would do anything for the people she loves!

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