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Review #26, by DancingDarling Everywhere

2nd March 2011:
This was a nice chapter, but some bits were hard to understand. For example the one sentence on how she had to spend three hours with him. It may just be my stupidity. Your sentences don't quite flow either. I do really like this idea of yours and cannot wait to see how it pans out. Hope your enthusiasm returns

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Review #27, by pumba Everywhere

2nd March 2011:
this is so good ! keep on writing it !

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Review #28, by flozoeoreo The Year

15th February 2011:
soo funny.

"Nothing. Fred's just going to turn your hair purple on Thursday."


too funny. I died laughing. ROFLMAO.

1000/10 XD

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Review #29, by flozoeoreo The Seer

15th February 2011:
A new read! Yay, I'm so tired of flipping through the genres to find one that's not
a) totally yawn-worthy
b) a mess

So, yeah. Loved it ;)

1000/10 ;D

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Review #30, by drifter The Year

15th February 2011:
your last updated this story a year and a half back said you 'hit a roadblock'.1.5 some roadblock it must be

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Review #31, by i love you sort of The Year

9th January 2011:
alright, this quickly turned into a obsesion, i'm going to have to stop reading anything ever again :) i really love this story too! and guess what? i'm really excited to find out whats going to happen next :D

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Review #32, by Prongsie101 The Year

7th January 2011:
I'm beginning to really love this story, and we're only on the second chapter!
Please update soon :)

Roxy x

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Review #33, by Rachel The Year

6th January 2011:
Love. Lovelovelovelovelove. Pretty sure you should update, because otherwise I won't be able to get my fix. Nice referencing there to Miri - I liked it. You have such a way with characters and words. Alright. That's it. I'm getting an account on here merely to converse with you, because you're worth it. Fabulous; thank you.

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Review #34, by lily16 The Year

5th January 2011:
Omg I just fell in love with this story all over again!
This really is the best seer story out there. Vee's a very well developed character, and I can actually see why she's scared of falling in love with James. I can't wait for it to happen though :D

I hope you find inspiration for this story soon!

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Review #35, by Wordwitch13 The Year

29th December 2010:
i'm loving it! PLEASE continue writing it, though i doubt you will. i really enjoyed it, thanks for writing al least these 2 chapters

Author's Response: I will... I got slightly frustrated with this story a while back and left it alone for a while but I'm working on getting an update up

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Review #36, by The Sockpuppet The Year

27th December 2010:
I love this story! Will you please please please update soon?

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Review #37, by Unwrittenangle The Year

22nd December 2010:
Kee writing, this chapter was great, but i didnt like how you spelled Kaitlyn. You made it an i instead of a y. But it can be spelled both ways. Any way, great story, keep writing!

Author's Response: My best friend is named Kaitlin and she spells it that way lol

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Review #38, by i love you sort of The Year

13th December 2010:
i'm still excited :)

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Review #39, by i love you sort of The Seer

13th December 2010:
oh my goodyness! i"m so excited this story sounds so good (note my gushing and use of girl talk)! i just want to read every bit of it! i can't wait until you're done with it! no really, i can't wait. :))

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Review #40, by dream_BIG The Year

8th December 2010:
hi there :)
so... i was looking at your author's page because i love some of your other stories and i found this one! it's fantastic!
i'm writing a seer story right now, too, but yours is, hands-down, MUCH better. please continue with this, regardless of how many seer stories are now out there -___- it's both flattering and annoying that seer stories have become a trend and therefore not very original anymore (but yours was published before mine so i have no right to be pissed. ps i promise i didn't steal the idea from you! it was late-night muse strike after i read twilight and wondered what it would be like to be a seer...just thought i should clear that up because today i saw a story that was plagiarized word for word from another story and it literally made me so mad even though the original wasn't even my story! i'm a weird person)
so i just want to're brilliant, and please continue writing this :)
i'm sorry if my story is one of the reasons you stopped writing this...i don't want to seem like i stole the idea from you...

wow, i think i just made myself come across as really awkward. sorry about that. it's just that i feel kind of like a terrible person after reading this and realizing that i'm writing a james2/oc seer story, too, and you started yours before mine. even though i didn't take the idea from you, i still feel like i violated your rights to write the story in the first place.

...and i'll shut up now.

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Review #41, by Beckyboo1221 The Year

21st November 2010:

Really good, keep it up,



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Review #42, by Beckyboo1221 The Seer

21st November 2010:

Really good keep it up,



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Review #43, by hellouniverse100 The Year

29th September 2010:
Please UPDATE! UPDATE! I love the concept of the story and how she can see her future. Can't wait to see how it all happens.

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Review #44, by Sap The Year

30th August 2010:
Duude I know a lot of peopler have been copying this fanfic (and I mean literally using same sentences with some words changed) I think you should really continue it!
Cos yours is soo much better and once you update it people will put two and two together to realize that you were ripped off..
Anyway that's just my point of view I'm just a big fan of this awesome
And it makes me feel sad when I see the plagiarizers have more chapters Then the original ( granted their chapters aren't good;) )

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Review #45, by loz The Year

29th August 2010:
hahah gotta love fred!!!
please post more asap
loved it

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Review #46, by hf The Year

3rd August 2010:
Unconventional Love by Lalala-another 'seer falls in love with james II in the futer"

seriusly this is just like your! :O
so is "deja vu" by dream_BIG

i think you seriusly started a huge trend!
but seriusly both of the have J.S.P II as the future husband :S

Author's Response: Yep. I know. There is another one too... and that person reviewed mine. Which kind of left a bad taste in my mouth... even though that IS the risk you take with fanfics. And the whole world is JKR's. Still, this is partly why I haven't updated this one in a while. =/

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Review #47, by Eavan Shea The Seer

26th July 2010:
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update this story next. It has so much fricking potential, I can't even stand it. And the first two chapters are already wonderful, so it's off to the best start. Please, I'm begging you, work on this story!

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Review #48, by Twig The Year

23rd July 2010:
please please please can you write more of this? i love all your stories but this snippet has to be a personal favourite so far. such a great angle and the new gen are some of my favourites.

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Review #49, by Me Myself and I The Year

22nd July 2010:
Awesome! Please update soon!

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Review #50, by Hennie The Year

14th April 2010:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. (I can go on and on) UPDATE! This story is super awesome and I really want to read more. I will give you ten thousand million billion bazillion trillion jillion. cookies if you update. Everyone loves cookies. Please update!!! I'm begging you...

**Puppy dog eyes**

No one should be able to resist my puppy dog eyes.

I love your story. You will make me the happiest person alive if you update.

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