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Review #26, by Skyler315 The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

9th January 2014:
You can't just leave the story off here! I just reread the entire thing, and I really think that you need to update! Please!!! I love this story and this is the worst cliff hanger ever!

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Review #27, by Godric_the_gryffindor The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

5th January 2014:
I don't know whether to love this or hate how you ended it because i think I need more and I'm having a slight existential crisis because you sort of left that on a cliffhanger and I feel really lost. Thank you and I hate you for that recent feels attack. I would like to add on a closing note that you have inspired me to re-write/fix/finish my marauders era fanfic, so I thank you because this writes block has lasted 2 years now.

Author's Response: I'm hoping it will comfort you to know that, of all of my stories, this is the one I'm closest to updating. I'm glad I inspired you to get over your writer's block. Hopefully I can break through mine as well.

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Review #28, by Godric_the_gryffindor Hogsmeade

5th January 2014:
no. no. If she doesn't break up with him now I will die!

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Review #29, by Neha The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

18th November 2013:
why did u stop writing..its great story..plz finish it..

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Review #30, by SW The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

19th October 2013:
Love it. Cant wait for next chapter

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Review #31, by TheWizardingPorcupine A Very Unhappy New Year

15th October 2013:
I just want to know, is this story abandoned?

Author's Response: Nope. Just stuck on my to-do list until life calms down... hopefully that will be soon!!!

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Review #32, by Molly The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

9th October 2013:
Great post more please

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Review #33, by a fan of your stories The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

23rd September 2013:
Ok, warning before I write this. It may be a bit insensitive.

Red, you have enough talent and this story is so good that you have a Dobby Award for it. You also have over 500 favorites and 400 reviews. It is unfair now to leave us (your devoted fans) for over a year with no new chapters. Especially with a cliffhanger.

Red you are amazing and truly have a gift. Everyone loves your stories. But there's one thing we don't like about you: you never really follow through with it. You leave us on an edge, like with Coming Back a Swan, etc..

Red please update soon. Mirabelle Rose is one of your best fanfics yet and you cannot give it up.

We'll be waiting

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Review #34, by She Whom Must Not Be Named The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

22nd September 2013:
PLEASE update soon! You are killing me with suspense!!! Seriously, I have literally been checking for chapter 17 five or six times a day. (I am pathetic ;) )

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Review #35, by TheWizardingPorcupine The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

15th September 2013:
Aww man this is such a beautiful sad story it almost made me cry. *sniffs*
No but honestly, this is one of my favorite stories on the site. I feel so sorry for Mirabelle and Sirius. The only bad part is. Actually no, I can't find one. And I'm a major critic.
So, where's Mira going? To Lena or Nora's house, or to the Potters? How is she going to deal with her pureblood society back at Hogwarts (u mentioned that there's a member of the PB society who's a year below her). Is she even gonna go back to Hogwarts?
Is she gonna die, as a tragic story heroine (PLEASE NO!)


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Review #36, by Kat20 The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

14th August 2013:
Just wondering, are you still writing this or is it abandoned?

Author's Response: Not abandoned, just stuck and a little neglected. I have a long plane flight in a couple of days and I'll probably knock out a chapter (hopefully two or three) while I'm on it because I can't sleep on those!

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Review #37, by Alex The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

30th July 2013:
Please please PLEASE update soon!

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Review #38, by Jess The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

22nd July 2013:

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Review #39, by Jessica Pureblood Predicament

21st July 2013:
Wow! Great job! Your ability to weave Harry Potter with your own writing creativity and talent is very admirable. Congratulations! My only suggestion would be to proofread your writing. There were several spelling/grammar mistakes.
All in all... A wonderful chapter! Happy writing!

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Review #40, by Me The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

15th July 2013:
NO! You just can't do this! Please update, you've left this story for MONTHS! It's such a good story, and you've left it at a cliffhanger. Please just finish it, at least some more chapters.

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Review #41, by Tapi The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

30th May 2013:
Please please please update! The story is incredible, one of the best I've ever read. JK would be proud!

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Review #42, by jmethelin The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

7th May 2013:
This is quite possibly the best piece of fanfiction I have ever read. I stumbled across your work by chance and have fallen in love with this story.

I love Mira's character. She is trying her best to survive in a world that doesn't seem to offer her very many viable options. I can't wait to see what happens next. Will she be caught? Will she join The Order and end up being sent back to her family as a spy? I wish she could have a happy ending with Sirius, but since there is a good chance she will have a more tragic end it does make their relationship seem that much more intriguing.

Thank you for writing and sharing this incredible story.

I will keep my eye on this story and will be eagerly awaiting your next update.

- Jme

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Review #43, by Lexi The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

5th May 2013:
On Merlin's blessed purple bloomers, UPDATE! Is she going to go to Andy's or Potter's or just what on earth is going to happen?!?!? And that last line- oh my god, it's just like...wow. My vocab just escapes me. It resorted me to squealing 'UPDATE ASAP BECAUSE I'M DYING OVER HERE!' at the top of my voice. Congrats- your awesome and cliffhangery story has left a Ravenclaw mind-blown. Hopefully the next chapter can do just the same! (hint)

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Review #44, by KB The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

16th April 2013:
Update Please! You can't leave at like the best cliffhanger ever!

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Review #45, by Izz The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

28th March 2013:
Really good! I'm obsessed! When are you uploading the next chapter?! I can't wait!

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Review #46, by a person The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

27th February 2013:
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. Siriusly this is the best fanfiction ever and if you dont update soon i think i will cry xox

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Review #47, by Avis123 The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

23rd February 2013:
Oh My God. That was bloody amazing. Please write more soon!

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Review #48, by Paige_Black Hogsmeade

19th February 2013:

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Review #49, by Paige_Black Avoiding Boys and Bludgers

19th February 2013:

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Review #50, by Shadowhunter The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

19th February 2013:
Please do not stop writing!! I love every one of your stories -- The Complicated Love Life of Mirabelle Rose, Knowledge and Experience, Swept Under, Coming Back a Swan.the whole lot of them. You truly have a gift, and I really hope you aren't discouraged and have decided to discontinue your stories.
Best of luck, and happy writing!

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