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Review #26, by evil little devil Stand by the Fire

1st March 2008:
Ooh, I really liked this. It was very believable and very well written. It was interesting the way you wrote Voldemort. With feelings yet still cold and uncaring, if that makes sense.

It was written so beautifully. Your description is absolutely stunning. There are so many sentences that are just amazing. Bellatrix is one of my favourite characters so I'm glad you did her justice. You wrote her perfectly.

Everything about this story was amazing. I love it.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much. I'm so glad to hear that I did your favorite character justice, and that you enjoyed this one-shot. (; Thank you!

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Review #27, by vanessa Holland Stand by the Fire

28th February 2008:
hey well done that was a tough plot to write to. I think you captured the tensions really well though, the insight into Bella was great and the conflicts within Voldermort himself was tactfully approached- not making him seem too human yet hinting at feelings for Bella,
great effort

Author's Response: You've got that right. It was very difficult, yet very rewarding when I finally managed to get it to work. Thanks so much for the review, it really means a lot. (;

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Review #28, by severus_lover Stand by the Fire

27th February 2008:
Hi there, Kimaru-Sama from the forums here!

All i can say is wow.what a beautiful piece of writing.This is the second one that I've had to review from this challenge and they are both phenomenally written! I don't know what to say first!

The sheer description is breath taking. You have a very good writing style and it was so easy to get pulled into this! Bellatrix's characterization is flawless. I liked this part:

It was the only way to keep that terrible sound from pushing her sanity closer and closer to the edge of that deep, black hole.

Little did she know, her sanity had fallen into that deep crevice long before she had come to Azkaban. And truth be told, Bellatrix loved it there without even knowing where ‘there’ was.

and this one:

But for a fleeting moment, before the arrival of the summoned Death Eaters, the Dark Lord allowed her to place her hand against his chest, so that she could feel his heart beating. He was colder than she had imagined, but when his hand gripped her arm, a warmth like none other she had ever felt shot under her skin like a drug. All she knew for that one moment was incandescent ecstasy.

She was free.

May I also say i loved the quote at the beginning =D, wonderful work. So beautiful. You get a 10/10 from me! and on my favs list. *hugz*


Author's Response: Thank you so much! My smile is seriously stretching off my face at this point. (:

Bellatrix is one of my favorite characters. I love how dark she is, but I also love that she has a passion that most people would view as a good trait if that passion weren't for the darkest wizard of the time. Heh. So I'm glad I got her chracterized alright.

Thanks again! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #29, by Rebekka Stand by the Fire

27th February 2008:
Ah, this was the first sentence that really caught me. It's beautiful: The pale woman reached out a skeletal hand. It emerged from the shadows like a snake, slithering through the air. Oh, another lovely sentence: The world was an open book of lavish sensations. You have a way with descriptions and I really like your style. It's unique and very intriguing way of writing. I just can't seem to stop quoting... this is marvelous: She watched him as he gazed out the window, snake-like fingers grasping onto the sill as though it was his sole source of balance. Ah, I'm truly enjoying this read. Your words are magical. ^_^

This was a great story and even if it felt difficult to write... it seemed effortless, beautiful, enchanting. I think this was marvelous. Although, I found the sudden: It was imperative that the Dark Lord did not love. a bit odd. It felt too... abrupt, somehow. Other than that, this was perfect. Very very good one-shot. And wow, your descriptions really are marvelous. Excellent work.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I enjoyed the quoting, because I got to see what you enjoyed most of all in my fic. (; I'm so flattered right now.

Ah, that part. Yes, I see what you mean about it being abrupt. I may fix that later on. I was just trying to justify his change in demeanor, but I should probably make it more subtle. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Review #30, by nellyy Stand by the Fire

27th February 2008:

you wrote that so well, all of the feelings were conveyed and such beautiful language!

Author's Response: Thank you! I tried to express the feelings without coming out and saying "This is how it is." (;

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Review #31, by witch_in_training Stand by the Fire

26th February 2008:
Hello, this is Wildheart!

Challenging challenge, eh? I think you definitely overcame the difficulty, because I certainly found it believable and interesting.

I love how you showed Voldemort's affection quite clearly, too, and not just Bella's. You were good at making it clear without just having them say the words "I love you" or something.

Thanks for joining in on the challenge! I hope you enjoyed writing the entry like I enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: Heh, it was rather challenging. This is my third attempt at making this believable, and I must say, I really like how it turned out.

I'm glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun writing it. (; Thanks for the review!

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