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Review #26, by gitgit Better Than Quidditch

15th October 2008:
that was interesting
i wonder how they are going to react if they were found ike that by others

Author's Response: I pondered having them discovered by a disgruntled Ron. But I decided against it. Haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #27, by gitgit Reunited

15th October 2008:
im glad harry was found that was an interesting chapter

Author's Response: (: Thanks again! I appreciate you taking the time to leave me reviews as you read.

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Review #28, by gitgit Lost and Found

15th October 2008:
o harry is back
nice chapter that was reallly interesting

Author's Response: He's baaack. (: Haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #29, by gitgit Late Night Chat

15th October 2008:
cant wait to see what happens now
great chapter
very interesting
i wonder whats going to happen to harry

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #30, by gitgit Secret Protector

15th October 2008:
wow that was interesting
i wonder whats going to happen now

Author's Response: Thanks again. (:

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Review #31, by gitgit Underneath It All

15th October 2008:
oh shoot i wonder where harry is and what the secret is that draco is hiding
nice chapter

Author's Response: (: Thanks for another review! Glad to see you're intrigued.

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Review #32, by gitgit Loyalty

15th October 2008:
ew ron kisssed her ewww w
so this is their sixth year so the year that dumbledore dies?
or is this seventh year?

Author's Response: Not a Ron fan? Haha. And this is seventh year. (:

Thanks for the review!

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Review #33, by gitgit A New Connection

15th October 2008:
i wonder what draco is crying about that was a really interesting and well descritpive chapter

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate your compliments.

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Review #34, by snwgrl Epilogue

13th May 2008:
Great Story. i can't wait to read the sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks. (:

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Review #35, by Mrs_J_Potter Epilogue

26th April 2008:
YAY!!! he's not dead!

Author's Response: Yay! Haha. I didn't have the heart to kill him. (; Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #36, by SBSL -- not logged in A New Connection

26th April 2008:
I normally wouldn't take Hermione as the type to feel sorry for Malfoy, but that could just be my hate of Dramione coming out. There was absolutely nothing wrong with your story, I just don't like the ship. I know that Hermione is a caring person, but I don't think she's quite that caring. This is very well written and all, but I don't think I can continue reading this. I'm sorry.


Author's Response: Uh, you already left me a review for this chapter. (; Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read and review, even though you don't really like Dramione.

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Review #37, by Mrs_J_Potter Truth is a Poison

26th April 2008:
NO why did Draco die :(

but good chapter nonetheless

Author's Response: Sorry. ): But I'm glad you thought it was good, haha. And thanks for the review.

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Review #38, by Scelerat A New Connection

12th April 2008:
Good job. It's well-written and I like it so far.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. (;

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Review #39, by angeolyn Epilogue

11th April 2008:
i cant believe you making me think draco was dead
i like how you wrote it out though
i'm also interested in who you placed in the coffin. was that why it was sealed so shut? because they didnt want hermione to know he was alive but move on and think he's dead?
great story
when i'm not to busy again i'll go looking for the sequel!

Author's Response: Haha, tricky, no? (: And the coffin was sealed because he wasn't in it. There was no one in it, just an empty coffin.

Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. (;

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Review #40, by SBSL A New Connection

8th April 2008:
I should get this out of the way now. I can not stand Dramione or AU seventh year. That being said, here is my review.

Ron is characterized very well. Hermione is a bit iffy, but Draco is good so far. In Dramiones, Hermione and Draco always are out of character by the end. It's just the only way it could happen. I think Hermione is caring about other people, but not about people who had tortured her for six years. Both Ron and Hermione's reactions to Harry's letter are very in character.

It's too early to tell much about flow and pacing, but I think this chapter did very well with it. It's just a tiny bit fast, nothing to really worry about and obsess over.

8/10 :D good job on this, and I'm very sorry that I won't be continuing it, but I really don't like Dramione. Pop by my thread and request a different story, I'd be happy to do it.

Author's Response: That's completely understandable. (: It's your personal preference, and I respect that.

Thanks for taking a look at the characterization. I'm glad to hear that you thought it was alright. And I agree... Hermione will probably never be exactly perfect because I tend to put a bit of myself in my main characters. It's something I need to work on.

Thanks for the review. I'm especially grateful because you took the time to read it even though you didn't like the pairing. To tell the truth, I don't remember requesting a review for this story - my mind has been elsewhere lately - but your review was absolutely helpful, so I'll keep you in mind for a new story I've just started working on. (;

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Review #41, by Ireland Nighttime Stroll

3rd April 2008:
Ahhh!!! That jerk!! How could he do that?? Once a mean Draco, always a mean Draco?
Or was he maybe under the Imperius Curse?
hmm... I definitly was not expecting this twist. You wrote it so well! Especially the small battle scene with her and the two Eaters of Death. I can't wait for the big battle scene!!

Oh. And this is your THREE HUNDREDTH REVIEW!!!


Happy 300th!! Woohoo!!

Author's Response: Heh. I told you about this a while ago (almost a year ago, I think), but I'm glad you've forgotten and that this was still a shocker. Or I'm glad that you are at least pretending to be shocked, ahaha.

AND YAY MY 300TH REVIEW (again). That's so weird that I had 300, then it went down to 299. -shrugs- Oh well.

< 33

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Review #42, by Ireland Almost Perfect

31st March 2008:
I loove their relationship!! You make it work so well! I am awed by your skill of writing. You write really well, and now I can't wait to finish it tomorrow. I definitly think that it was a good idea to put this chapter in. It showed a strengthening in Hermione and Draco's relationship, and his attitude towards the Death Eaters. I'm just worrying about the two of them! I hope they both are okay..

Is this the 300th post?? I hope it is!!

Good job Gina :)

Happy 300th!
Now you can tell everyone else that this is sparta and I am an awesome writer who will kick your butt. :) okay bedtime.

Author's Response: Heh. Some people love it, some people are weirded out by it. I, personally, love Dramione, but ya know. Haha.

OMG 300 I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. Wow. I never would've thought I'd get this many reviews. Not that the number of reviews makes a story good or bad, but still... wow. I'm overwhelmed.


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Review #43, by Ireland Better Than Quidditch

31st March 2008:
Wow. There really are no words. This chapter is my favorite so far :) You definitly made the kiss between Draco and Hermione so believable. It wasn't corny or unimaginative at all. Or unbelievable for loss of a better word since its 12 and I can't sleep :) haha. Great chapter~!
Now, To the batcave!

no wait. i

to the next chapter!

Author's Response: DORK. Aha. This review made me laugh, thanks Kelsey. (: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that it's believable. I actually think it's a bit rushed now that I look back at it, but then again it isn't. If you think about it, Hermione is feeling lonely and upset which makes her vulnerable, plus she's decided that she's loved him for a while (there's a thin line between love and hate, and she's a bit confused), plus they are teenagers and we all know what that means. (;

Thanks! (Bat cave, haha!)

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Review #44, by Ireland Reunited

30th March 2008:
What a great chapter! One thing (out of many), that you do really well, is show the expressions on the character's faces, which really help to create the same feeling inside the reader.

"Voldemort must be furious," Harry said, a genuine smile claiming his lips at last.

I loved that part :) At that point, you really brought Harry to life. I was definitly excited to get to the ending of this chapter. I'm really happy that Hermione the Great is back, and that Ron and her are finally friends again. To the next chapter!

Author's Response: Heh, yeah. I often feel like I'm repeating myself when I do that, but if I leave it out, it doesn't really feel like a story to me. Like I told you earlier, my favorite part of writing is definitely creating characters and bringing them to life, so yeah... (:

Thanks again!

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Review #45, by Ireland Lost and Found

30th March 2008:
HARRY??!! ahh!! okay now i just have to read the next chapter. This chapter was amazing. I was wondering what was going to happen with the two people in the Three Broomsticks that Hermione saw, but did not think anything of them. What a very good twist. I feel really bad for her, having Harry missing in the beginning of this chapter, and still having Ron acting like a pious jerk. I hope things get better for her. I'm off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Ahahaha. (: Yeah, I'm mean to my characters. I think it was JKR that once said something about being allowed to make her characters suffer because they were, after all, hers. It made me laugh.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #46, by Draco is sexy! Epilogue

30th March 2008:
thank god that he isnt dead! i love draco!!! kinda like hermione!!! please write a sequal!!! that was a great story!! what is the sequals name??? please write more!!!

it took u 2 years to write this story??! great determanation!![ i dont think i spelled that right]

Author's Response: Haha. I didn't have the heart to actually kill him off. (: And I'm glad you liked it! The sequel's name is 'Unrighteous' and I've got three chapters posted now. (;

Yeah, it took me quite a while to write it. Mostly because I took a few breaks just to clear my head and whatnot.


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Review #47, by DracoFerret11 Epilogue

29th March 2008:
Eekk! Stupendously, amazingly, charmingly, beautifully written! I can definately say that I moved along with the story, happy and sad at intervals, I knew he wasn't dead. :] Though I did tear up a bit last chapter... Hmm.. but anyway, I absolutely loved it, I'm going to read the sequel now.. :] Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so so so much! I'm so flattered that you enjoyed it so much.

I hope you like the sequel too! (:

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Review #48, by Ireland Late Night Chat

28th March 2008:
Okay I can definitly say I was not expecting Draco to reach out to Hermione like that. I love how you are showing his layers, and how he really is an emotional character. Gut job! And Ron is really such an immature jerk. Ugh. When will he grow up? This chapter was really nicely written too :)

Author's Response: Weee. I'm sleep deprived so ignore me if I get a little crazy in replying to your reviews.

I love bringing out the characters of my... characters. Okay, that was redundant, but you get my point. (: It's so enjoyable to expound on their personality and whatnot.

Thanks again, Kelsey!

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Review #49, by Ireland Secret Protector

28th March 2008:
Wow Gina! This chapter was great, just like the three previous ones. I really liked how you used the connection of hope and the warmth of the common room and the fireplace. It made it seem like the goodness, the warmth and calmness, was shown with the bright colors, and then the abandonment of the warmth was the leaving feeling of hope. I thought that was really neat. You also do such a nice job of detailing situations and showing really how the character is feeling and what battles they are having inside. Poor Draco, always taking on jobs much bigger than himself. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yay! A review from Kelsey! (: I'm overjoyed at the moment. You're quite the reviewer!

I love hearing what you took out of the chapter. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, rofl. Glad you liked it!

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Review #50, by pisceandreams Epilogue

27th March 2008:
I hope they get together in the sequel. I'll have a total fit if they don't.

Author's Response: Heh. From on Dramione fan to another, I'd have a fit too. (:

Thanks for the wonderful reviews, and I'm simply delighted that you enjoyed it so much!

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