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Review #26, by Leah Kesrii Centiflora

20th April 2009:
This update made me happy - it's raining insanely outside and I wanted something to read lol. Also. Wow. Scorpius is so intriguing, so enigmatic, and I believe that holds a lot of appeal for Rose? It makes me wonder what's going to happen if she gets to know him better and he loses a little of his mysterious air.

PS. I don't like Finley. :P

Author's Response: oh thankyou! im so glad you liked it, and that it brightened up your day haha. scorpius is a real enigma for rose at the moment, which, you're right, is part of his appeal in that he is mysterious in her life when so many things are very clear and easy. And Finley is different to scorpius, and thus is not as easy to like. but he is still a good guy. :)

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Review #27, by The Empress Centiflora

20th April 2009:
An update! And I loved it. :) I adore how you're writing this story, it flows so poetically. It doesn't move quickly, but it has a nice pace to it. I love it! Can't wait for another update. :D

Author's Response: yes it is very slow, but it will move quickly i think in about 4 or 5 chapters hahaha.. :) im glad that you like it, and will write as fast as i can.

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Review #28, by Ink Centiflora

20th April 2009:
Update soon. I love how you write its so romantic!

Author's Response: thankyou! im glad you like it.

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Review #29, by tonks938 Centiflora

19th April 2009:
I just love this story. You write so beautifully. :)

Author's Response: thankyou very much!

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Review #30, by Natures Nobility Genunsus

19th April 2009:
I really like your words. They are really very flowing and poignant. However, sometimes it can be a little overboard with comparisons between things.
Besides from that, I really am goign to enjoy this, i think.


Author's Response: thankyou! im glad that you like it, and duly noted that i go a little bit crazy with them sometimes. i have nno filter! i just talk and talk and talk!

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Review #31, by lacewings Centiflora

18th April 2009:
Last review from me until you update. That's a pretty good incentive - right? I mean, these are pretty spectacular reviews.

You really do need some comic relief. I like the description of Ron though, I think JK Rowling would even appreciate it. I'm going to go outside now. It's a lovely day here in New York and I'm pale as a goddamn burnet rose.

I think those are white, right? Whatever. I think you get the picture, I'm pale as porcelian and batty as a cave.

Author's Response: its a great incentive, and i am writing as we speak, although it is very to get these chapters out i must say. i know, comic relief in this story is hard to come by. i suppose there is a little dry wit, but never any laugh out loud moments ,right? i love your reviews, they make me smile! i'm sure you are as rosy as a dumalis my dear.

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Review #32, by lacewings Roxburghii

18th April 2009:
Aha! I have woken up after a nice and lengthy sleep, turned on my computer, and remember to leave you another one of my 'reviews' - though they hardly count as reviews, more like fits of insanity in a review box.

This chapter was incredibly interesting. You do write these stories that Scorpius tells all on your own - right? Nothing is taken from anywhere else?

Rose needs to loosen up for a second or two. She's growing slightly boring, and I frankly think Scorpius is too good for her at this point, no matter how beautiful she is. Finely, good rather dull and sweet Finely, is a better match for her right now.

You should get a beta though. You have grammatical and spelling errors dotting every paragraph. It brings me out of my element while reading, and mars the quality of my legendary reviews.

I'm going to read chapter 7 now.

Author's Response: i like reading them nonetheless! they are fun! The stories that Scorpius tells are sometimes from my mind, sometimes from the book eucalyptus by murray bail but tweaked to fit the magical world.

she does need to loosen up a little. although in her defence she is a very confused girl at the moment. Scorpius is lovely though! maybe i should bring him down from his high horse haha..

thanks for the advice! read on!

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Review #33, by lacewings Persica

18th April 2009:
This amused me greatly, but alas, I am tired, and should be getting to bed. I'll continue this story tomorrow, probably. Maybe not, I have tickets to see Demetri Martin. I'm pretty excited.

Notice the lack of capitalization? This is because I'm assuming that boy was Scorpius. Bow to my great powers of observation and insight. You also might of said it somewhere, and it's as clear as crystal that that boy HAS to be Scorpius, but whatever. Let's just call me a demi-God of insight and observation and get on with our sodding lives.

Oh, I liked that part about scars. It's very true, and beautifully stated.

Author's Response: yes it was scorpius, well done! i never said it, she doesn't find out his name till next chapter, but i think the definition was enough.

and isn't it true? scars are a real interest of mine... scars are often very indicative of the person, in an odd way i think.

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Review #34, by lacewings Dumalis

18th April 2009:
Review #4 -

The chapter was indeed both short and unfulfilling, no offense. I think a comic relief is in order.

That bit about the pressed flower was lovely though.

I just realized who Murray Bail is. I have a book of his sitting right in the bookshelves about three metres away from me. It's called Eucalyptus - I haven't read it though.

When is the dashing Scorpius Malfoy going to enter the plot? I'm tired of waiting. Besides, do you know how long these reviews take me to write? Like, 30 seconds. Do you know what I could do in 30 seconds? I could listen to a incredibly short song, or sprint to the other side of the room and back a few times. In other words, I could do a lot of stuff.

Tallyho! Onwards to the next chapter, which better contain Scorpius Malfoy or I'm going to use an obnoxious amount of capitalization in my next review.

Author's Response: i agree, i need a little comic relief, but if you've read my other stories you;ll see that i have no talent with humour at all.!

yes! he wrote eucalyptus, and this story is based on that book. it really is a lovely book, and magical in its own way, i suppose. scorpius gets in next chapter i think, i hope you enjoy it!

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Review #35, by lacewings Damask

17th April 2009:
Another review! Chapter number 3 was good. I liked it. That bit about the Italian boy didn't entirely make sense. You might want to clarify a bit more.

That was the review part. Now for the more rambling section. Who is this Murray Bail person? Is he old? I feel like Murray is an old person name. Can't you see old Murray playing shuffle-board at the nursing home and hitting on the lady who pushed the jello cart? I can.

Author's Response: thankyou! im glad you liked it. the italian boy was just a little thing... not important at all.

murray bail is an author, he wrote the book euclyptus on which this is based. he is a bit old now, although he was once young. although i agree with you, yes, murray is an old person's name!

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Review #36, by lacewings Virginiana

17th April 2009:
Haha! Another review from I - the... reviewer?

I didn't actually think up a cool nickname. Perhaps you will choose one for me.

I liked this chapter. It was good.

I could be a book critic. Unnamed Person from the New York Times says "The Lovely Bones is good. I liked it."

I think I could get paid for creative stuff like that.

Anywho, I did read this chapter and now I'm reviewing, which doesn't seem to be happening very often for you. I don't know why, your writing is definitely good enough to be published. But probably not if your writing Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I think a little lady named Joanne would sue your bum to China.

In all seriousness, Rose is a little cliched, but the terrific writing makes up for it.

Maybe she could get something realistic in the world of teenagers? Perhaps a zit that she tries to display to the world as a mechanism to ward off boys? Or maybe she could fart.

Haha. I wonder how you would put that it.

"'I know.' She muttered, after a nice long fart, and the girls looked at her."

That would be sufficient I believe.

And Hermione talked a little strangely, not entirely Hermione-esque. But she's also 46. Which, by the way, I don't think is correct. I think that 18 years later, when Hermione was 35, Rose was 11. So Hermione would really be... 41. I think.

Author's Response: the reviewer is a great name, it is very profound and powerful. i think you should definitely stick with it. and she is rather cliched, but it's the point, she is so perfect, but she doesn't quite understand... she does have her faults though, she is veyr judgemental and insecure. trifles, i know, but to me they count.

i will take the farting into consideration! it is a rather good idea!

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Review #37, by lacewings Genunsus

17th April 2009:
I am leaving a review not to actually review your chapter, but to inform you that I am reading your story and will be leaving you notifications at the end of every chapter, just saying I read them - because I figure that knowing someone is enjoying your work will make you feel good.

Besides, I'm a rather fast typer.

Hm. This seems incredibly odd - doesn't it? Oh well. I hope you'll see past my crazy and recognize me as human. I should notify you of that too.


There. You have been notified.

I heartily enjoyed this chapter, the description of Rose is very cute.

That tidbit doesn't count as a review, does it? Oh - blast it all.

Author's Response: thankyou! it is nice to know that people are reading besides just the 'page views' marker going up. odd is good, by the way, if you have read any of my other stories you would see i worship at the temple of odd. i'm glad you like rose, although she will turn into a very infuriating person in chapters to come.

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Review #38, by miss_bee_yours Centiflora

17th April 2009:
hmm...i love Scorpious' mysterious aoura, he is slightly intimidating to Rose, i can picture her just sitting with him listening. and not to be mean but ewww Finley...he just seems false and coated. i can't wait for the next installment...hurry please :)

hellogoodbye-here in your arms...♫

Author's Response: thanks! he is intimidating, and she is very unsure and confused about him poor thing... oh no! finley is not eewww, he's just different to scorpius haha. im glad you liked it, and im going as fast as i can!

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Review #39, by mathildarose Centiflora

17th April 2009:
wow this keeps getting better if possible. So beautiful made me want to re-read all the story, which I did. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: thanks! i'm so glad you liked it, and i apologise profusely about the wait. it was much too long and i am a horrible person.

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Review #40, by ..................... Genunsus

17th April 2009:
this is amazing. very nicely written. wowowow!!

Author's Response: thankyou! i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #41, by dianap00 Centiflora

17th April 2009:
Oh Em Gee, I love it. c:
It's simple and lovely. I am so pleased to read something that is simply lovely. You are a talent and I love all the stories, though they seem to be quite generally unhappy, that Scorpius tells her and the reactions that they garner. Her questions never fail to amuse and I wish there were more of them and that he'd answer one every now and then rather than just ask questions that she never answers either... *breathes in*... so much is left unsaid. Yeah, yeah, yes, I like that too.
Scorpius is the most intriguing character I've ever encountered. Yep, I said ever. I think Rose is slightly silly, but endearing in all her silliness. I love them both, in short. I like the slightly jumpiness of it all. The sudden appearance of Ron was pretty awesome. Him being a gardener is adorable, he is such a funny sort of fellow. Glad for the update and will confess that it was quite unexpected to be honest... but in a very pleasant way.

Author's Response: ah yay! im so glad that you do! it is a simple story, and each chapter is just a little slice of simple cake, but i'm glad that you are enjoying it nonetheless.

the stories are fun, aren't they, although this chapter was very sad... rose is a silly girl sometimes, and especially arounD Scorpius. she just doesn't know what to do with herself, he is an enigma to her.

there is a lot left unsaid, and we still dont know why scorpius is doing all this. DUN DUN DUN! to be continued.. :)

and i just couldnt resist a little ron-description. He is an incredibly interesting character for me, and my idea of him might be very different from others, but as he gets older i see him becoming very domesticated and content.

and im trying to get more involved back in hpff, i really want to finish all my stories, and i started a new one haha. but im hoping to get at least a fancy or a feeling and this finished this year. there's not much left to go with lola and james... :(

thanks for coming over!

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Review #42, by Spar Centiflora

17th April 2009:
It's all very elaborate, all very magical

Author's Response: thanks... this is magic of a different kind, i think.

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Review #43, by Spar Roxburghii

17th April 2009:
I adore your Scorpius.

Author's Response: thankyou! he is such a dreamboat in this hahaha (and did i just say dreamboat... SHAME!)

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Review #44, by Spar Persica

17th April 2009:
I glad you made Scorpius enter the story without doing Rose's rose challenge.

Author's Response: no no no scorpius is serving a different purpose! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #45, by Spar Dumalis

17th April 2009:
Adorable chapter. Love the character interactions.

Author's Response: thanks! it was so much fun writing this chapter.

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Review #46, by Spar Damask

17th April 2009:
It's such a strange task that the boys have to go through. Lovely idea.

Author's Response: i know, but rose is a very strange girl in a way. glad you like it!

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Review #47, by Spar Virginiana

17th April 2009:
Isn't Hugo younger than Rose and Victorie supposed to be out of school?

Good chapter. I love reading how you weave in details about the rose with Rose.

Author's Response: m maybe... i think hugo is a bit younger than rose in this. ah sorry i'm so bad on details like that, in my other story i forgot that i had said the dad was dead and brought him back in chapter 8 haha. thanks! im glad you like it!

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Review #48, by Spar Genunsus

17th April 2009:
It's a good start. Love the writing style.

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you liked it.

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Review #49, by Fangirl Roxburghii

16th March 2009:
Please update!

Author's Response: i will try most definitely to get an uupdate up before the month is out! i'm so sorry for the wait!

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Review #50, by GryffindorGirl153 Roxburghii

19th February 2009:
aghh you've got me hooked onto his story.

i honestly admire your writing, how it flows so nicely. I love how this isn't as cliché as other rose/scorpius fics are, and this one is quite unique as well. update soon.

Author's Response: yay! my evil plan is coming to fruition!! *excellent* hahaha.. im glad you like it, and i do love writing it. i am trying desperately to update on all my fics, i've been dreadfully neglectful, but i am about 25% done of the next chapter. so hopefully not too long now!

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