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Review #26, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Old Enough to Understand

12th May 2012:
Poor Andromeda!!

She's always overlooked :(( It's wonderful, finally, to get an insight into her life and what she's done and what she's gone through.

All the other Next Generation stories, just omit Andromeda from the story... well done for doing the opposite!

I'm so proud of you and I don't even know you :'))

*excuse my weirdness*


Author's Response: Thank you so much! So much! Thank you! I don't like Andromeda much to tell you the truth, but that doesn't matter because I know she loved Teddy more than life itself so that's what I wanted to show.

Thank you so much for all your reviews. You just make me want to write more! I'm working on a fic that captures all of Lupin's life at the minute, if you want to check it out - Door Into the Dark.

Thanks so much for all your reviews and all your kind words! You've made my whole week! Thanks so much! Don't worry, I don't think you're weird at all!

Thanks so much for everything, I just don't know what to say. :)

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Review #27, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Fall From Grace

12th May 2012:
Ok, that is it. I'm not talking to you any more or reading any more of this story. You can't expect me to read this and not cry like a baby!

Poor Remus. Oh my poor husband, his son thought he was a monster :((( I love him, and I love Ted, I would probably have done the same :(

Well written, YET AGAIN.

Gosh, do you have to write every chapter perfect? (though I'm glad you do) ;)


Author's Response: Again, you are robbing me of words! I just don't know what to say, I really don't. You've made my week with all your reviews. You really have. I am so glad you are enjoying this. Thank you so much, really, thank you! :)

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Review #28, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Why

12th May 2012:
Ohhh no! The waterworks again :(((

I am seriously loving Teddy. I hate that he had to grow up without his parents and that he had to feel like this, but it had to be done.

Well done, yet again!

:))) 10/10 xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much again! I love Teddy too, and I also think it is so sad that he had to grow up without his parents. When Remus said his line in DH: "I'm sorry too, sorry I will never know him, but he will know why I died and I hope he will understand. I was trying to make a world in which he could live a happier life." I literally broke down crying, and I never cry watching films or reading books, but then DH came.

I mostly wrote this fic to express my own outrage at how Teddy was essentially brushed out of DH Part 2; that really annoyed me. I really hated that Lupin and Tonks got so little screen time and how Teddy was brushed out too. So I wrote this story to show why Lupin, Tonks and Teddy never should have been treated like that in the film.

Anyway, so glad you are enjoying this, and thanks so much for all the reviews! I really don't know what to say! :)

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Review #29, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Photographs and First Impressions

12th May 2012:

I don't think I'll be able to stop the swollen eye look tomorrow from all the tears!!

I just can't help but feel sad at what Remus would feel if he had heard his son saying all of this :((

Beautifully written, you have serious talent!

10/10 xxx

Author's Response: I just don't know what to say, I really don't. Thank you so much for all the kind things you've said. I just don't know what to say. I'm just so touched that my story makes you cry! Just thank you, thank you so much! Remus is my favourite character too, I can't stop writing about him, pretty much all my stories are about him, because he is just an awesome character, so it's great to meet another Lupin fan! :) Thanks so much for all your reviews, you've made my day, really have. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #30, by mrs_remus_john_lupin The Smile

12th May 2012:
Aw Ted

I knew he would have gotten a toy wolf... I just knew it but it was still beautifully written :)))


Author's Response: Thanks, I just thought it would be a fitting present. I am glad you agree :)

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Review #31, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Funeral Blues

12th May 2012:
Ok, yes now I'm crying.

I'm sure you can tell from my username that Remus was always my favourite character. I loved this chapter, because I felt you had written this exactly as it would have happened.

Beautiful chapter. Well done!

*excuse me whilst I go cry some more*

10/10 xxx

Author's Response: I am actually sort of glad you cried, because that's the ultimate result I wanted to have with this. I wanted to capture the grief and sadness of the day. Lupin is without a doubt my favourite character. I literally bawled my eyes out when I read that he died, so this is sort of expressing my grief over it, if that makes any sense, I just love him as a character and I was so sad when he died. Thanks so much for the 10/10 I really appreciate it, you've made my day with your reviews, you really have! :)

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Review #32, by mrs_remus_john_lupin Death is a Scar

12th May 2012:
Brilliant first chapter!!

In all honesty, I really want to cry :(

I havent read a fanfiction where it picked up straight after the battle. I think you wrote it beautifully! :) xx

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am so glad you liked it. I was going for a sense of fragmentation, just to try and express all the trauma and grief after the battle. I am glad you enjoyed. Thanks so much for the review, much appreciated! :)

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Review #33, by reader Death is a Scar

2nd May 2012:
that first sentence was so perfect, it so simply and concisely captured everything. this was excellently written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! A lot of thought actually went into that opening line would you believe. I wanted to show a sense of disconnection and grief, how everything appeared fragmented, and I also liked the repetition of the 'f-type' sound: in faces, funerals, fragmented thoughts and a fierce emptiness. So I am really glad you liked the opening sentence! Thanks so much for the review, much appreciated :)

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Review #34, by Kellydofc Sorting

3rd March 2012:
This is a wonderful story. I can wait to see where you go with it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am so glad you liked it! I am sorry to say though that this is the last chapter. When the idea for this fic came to me I had only planned these eight chapters really. Things get far more complicated now that Teddy is at Hogwarts, and I feel that I have told the story I wanted to tell in these eight chapters; Teddy understands who his parents were and why they died. All that and I honestly have no ideas on how to continue the plot on through Teddy's Hogwarts years. I kinda felt that all the magic, adventures and classes would overshadow Teddy and Harry's relationship and would take from the aim of having Harry help Teddy understand things about his parents.

An awful lot of people have asked me to continue on with this, so I am currently half-thinking about not so much continuing on with this story per-say, but writing a sequel about Teddy at Hogwarts, where the focus is not so much on Harry, Remus and Tonks, but on Teddy himself. Anyway, still only early days with that, I need to a bit more planning before I can write that one!

But thanks so much for your review, much appreciated, and I am so sorry to disappoint you on the no-more-chapters-front, but I am so glad you liked my story :)

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Review #35, by kjb Sorting

27th February 2012:
Wow, what a wonderful story. You definitely had me crying a few times. I really like how you portrayed H & T's relationship. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing - I am so glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #36, by kriley Why

23rd December 2011:
Great story so far, but I just thought you may want to know, in the first paragraph of chapter 5 you said Hagrid not Hedwig was dead. Just a little typo. Thanks for it. Once i got it it made me smile. I love your work though

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you like the story so far. Actually, that isn't a typo... I did mean Hagrid, because in Deathly Hallows (the book), Hagrid jumps off the motor-bike, grabs a Death Eater and they both fall to the ground. Harry sees Hagrid lying spread-eagled on the ground before the bike crash-lands. Then, once Harry regains consciousness after the crash, he is yelling Hagrid's name and he crawls to Hagrid's fallen body and the book states that: "the dark mass [ie Hagrid] did not stir" - so I interpretated that as Harry being afraid that Hagrid was dead, because when I read that the first time I was afraid Hagrid was dead. Harry keeps yelling Hagrid's name and Hagrid doesn't answer, hence the fear that he might be dead. In this part of the book, JKR was deliberately leaving both Harry and the reader in suspense as to whether or not Hagrid survived his fall. So in the first paragraph of this chapter, Harry is remembering this first visit to Andromeda's house, how he crashed landed after fighting off Voldemort and Death Eaters, and how he was so afraid Hagrid was dead... that's what I was going for. If you look at the line, it says: "The memory flooded back to Harry; how he was hurt and utterly terrified beyond belief that Hagrid was dead." It says that Harry was TERRIFIED that Hagrid was dead, it doesn't say that Hagrid is dead...

But thanks anyway for the review, and for pointing out what you thought was a typo! :)

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Review #37, by NextGenna14 Sorting

13th November 2011:
This was an amazing story! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it! ;)

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Review #38, by magicmuggle01 Sorting

8th November 2011:
I suppose that the Potter family consider Teddy to be the first of the family to go to Hogwarts (even if he's not related to them by blood) since Harry's acting like a Father seeing his son grow into a young man and going out into the world to learn new things. And the three children acting like their his brothers and sister. I had to laugh at the bit where James grabbed Teddy around his legs and refused to let go.
Since he was sorted into Hufflepuff he will not be able to get the banner for James, or will he. And Harry expecting the owl to appear from Teddy was great.
I think you've left yourself open to be able to do a sequel here. Maybe something to do with Teddy's time a Hogwarts. And somehow he could get the aforesaid banner for James, just an idea.
You've written a great story here and I hope you do do a sequel to it. I'd read it no problems. 100/100 in total for this wonderful story and thanks for sharing. Good luck with your further writing career.


Author's Response: Cheers for the review there! Yeah I was going for Teddy being practically part of the Potter family, because in the epilogue James wanted to give his room to Teddy and have him move in and Harry said he came around for dinner four nights a week, so I figured that's the relationship they have: Teddy is practically part of the Potter family.

You are right to say that I have set myself up for a sequel here. Unfortunately it will be the summer before I have time to write it because I have so much reading and tonnes of essays to do for college. But there will be a sequel, eventually, I promise you that! James would be so disappointed if he didn't get that banner after all.

Thanks again for the review and that 100/100 you really made me smile! I am so glad you liked my story! :)

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Review #39, by adoranymph 2 Sorting

7th November 2011:
oh wow! i didn't know that jk rowling had said that teddy was sorted into hufflepuff! if i had known that before i started writing moonlight, i'd have made it that way, rather than put him in gryffindor. argh! now i wonder if i should alter the story...? i just don't want to go back, but i pride myself on trying to be as canon as possible (i guess except where i feel like i want to take liberties). i dunno. i have teddy going for becoming an auror, like his mother, and he likes the weird sisters, like his mother, so i hope that sort of helps but oh! i didn't know that.

also, i actually wondered if this wasn't the last chapter, because it actually seemed like the perfect spot at which to end it, so i am actually not at all disappointed (except perhaps insofar as not hearing anything more from you and your great writing).

and let me just say that that is totally cool that james and oliver phelps came to your college. very awesome. :)

Author's Response: I think Moonlight is fine the way it is, you don't need to change it! I would have preferred Teddy to have been in Gryffindor myself, but there you go! I would keep it the way you have it, it's a 'don't fix what isn't broke' kind of thing. Plus, I can't find any online source that says Teddy was in Hufflepuff, except for the fact that JK Rowling came to my college in 2007 to do an interview (unfortunately I was still wallowing away in school at that time - not fair!) and my cousin, who used to go to my college, but he's finished now, asked her, in Q&A with the audience afterwards, what house Teddy was in and she told him Hufflepuff, so that's the fact I am basing my fic on. I looked online and it doesn't say what house Teddy was in on Harry Potter wiki, so you're fine with Gryffindor really. I don't think JK Rowling told the world that Teddy was in Hufflepuff, maybe no one asked her before my cousin did, and the fact that she answered this question while she was visiting a college in Ireland, well, most of the rest of the world don't know about what goes on in Ireland really, which is understandable because we are a very small island. Anyway, I'm digressing, JK Rowling's visit to my college was all over our news and newspapers and stuff and I even tipped Mugglenet off at the time that she was coming (she recieved a James Joyce award too!!!) but mugglenet didn't post it in their news feed :(. Also, Mugglenet didn't post about the Weasley twins coming either, even though I uploaded a video of the Q&A we had with them onto youtube! I suppose JK Rowling and the Phelps twins having a Q&A with 500 students in a college in Dublin isn't really massive headline news internationally, and understandably so, which is why I get why Mugglenet didn't report it! Ah well! Sorry if I sound a bit bitter, I don't mean to be, honest! I love Mugglenet, they are great! I visit their site everyday! Anyway, we will have to wait and see if Pottermore reveals the final secret of Teddy's house to the world!! But seriously though, leave Moonlight the way it is, it's grand as it, honest! :)

Also thank you for saying I have great writing, that made me smile :) And even though I probably won't be posting any new fics any time soon, I will still be around to review Moonlight, because it's just the best!!! Actually, I do have an idea for a new one-shot at the moment, just trying to find the time to write it is the problem. I am supposed to be reading George Bernard Shaw at the minute though, that's probably why this reply is so long, I'm procrastinating!!!

Thanks for review number two, much appreciated! I would would like it if the site would let authors post more than one review when they are signed in but there you go!!

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Review #40, by Jen Sorting

6th November 2011:
Love it Love it LOVE IT. Great story. I have been in tears more often than I care to admit reading this story and giggled out loud a few too many times - my co-workers are currently wondering about my sanity lol.
Well done. Just a truly beautiful story. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and all your kind words! I am so glad you liked this story, I am so happy it made you laugh and cry! That's what I tried to do so I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you again for the lovely review, you make me smile! and don't worry we all laugh out loud in public places that make others question our sanity - you're not alone ;)

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Review #41, by adoranymph Sorting

6th November 2011:
very awesome! and very touching, how harry's like a worried, hovering parent even until the last minute of parting, shouting out anything any bit of advice he could give that he had forgotten in all of the excitement. and i do like that Teddy was sorted into Hufflepuff (not for the purposes of my story, moonlight, but this is your story, not mine) because I feel like everyone sorts the entire next generation into Gryffindor, with the exception of Scorpius in Slytherin. on the other hand i guess if guess it felt a bit anticlimactic to me, only because we've spent much of this story spent on teddy's view and feelings about his father, who was in gryffindor, but at the same time it's a good twist. i mean i was genuinely surprised anyway.

but now i wonder what's going to happen next!

PS loved how you described Muggle King's Cross and talked about how it had modernized, and then how Platform 9 3/4 pretty much remained timeless. i think that says a lot about the wizarding world, which is not to say that it remains in stasis, but that it holds onto age-old traditions and takes value in that (even if the younger people wear Muggle clothes more often than the older generations). that's something I've always liked about the wizarding world is it seems to be this close-knit community, in its way (even if there is dissention) where everybody knows everybody. i wish aspects of the Muggle world could be more like that.

but i digress. overall, it was a wonderful, brilliantly touching chapter, and i give you a 10/10 for it! bravo! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! For the review and the 10/10!! I am sorry that you thought Teddy being in Hufflepuff was a bit anti-climatic, and it is definitely a fair comment because I've really pushed Remus in this fic, so it would make perfect sense for Teddy to be in Gryffindor. However, JK Rowling herself said in an interview after Deathly Hallows was released that Teddy was sorted into Hufflepuff, like his mother. He is JK Rowling's character, her creation, I am not going to change it! Her word is law!! Also, I was sort of worried that this fic focused too much on Remus and not enough on Tonks. I trusted Andromeda to fill Teddy in about his mother behind the scenes, in between the chapters I wrote. I chose to focus more on Remus because he had the more complicated life, being a werewolf and walking out on Tonks when she was pregnant. But at the same time I didn't want to push Tonks into the background. I am glad Teddy was sorted into Hufflepuff, because it showed that he was as much his mother's son as he was his father's, if that makes any sense. I think I am rambling here!!!

I know you are wondering what is going to happen next, but I am afraid the story is at an end here. This is the final chapter. I wanted to capture moments in Teddy's early life (before he goes to Hogwarts) where he learns about his parents and tries to understand who they were and why they died. I think (or more accurately, I hope) I have achieved that. To continue the story would dilute that goal because Hogwarts, magic and the adventures Teddy would have in that school would force the plot to diverge away from what I was trying to achieve in these eight chapters. That, and I will be honest here and admit that I honestly have no idea what to do next if I were to continue this story. When the idea came to me, I had only planned eight chapters, so if I break that original plan, I will have no idea what to write in the next chapter. Perhaps, next summer (when I am less busy) I might write a fic about Teddy at Hogwarts, but I think that is an undertaking that I really can't commit to at the minute... I am so so SO sorry to disappoint, but this is the last chapter.

I am glad you liked how I described Muggle King's Cross as ultra modern and all changed, while Plantform 9 3/4 remains the same. I think that's an important thing about Harry Potter in general. It is timeless, because the wizarding world is timeless. James and Oliver Phelps, you know, the Weasley twins, came to my college a month ago, and they mentioned that themselves, that Harry Potter would become very dated very quickly if Harry was getting a Playstation 1 or a Spice Girls or Boyzone CD for Christmas, or even if he was getting an ipad, because in 10 years ipads will be ancient. I was actully surprised myself when I learned that Deathly Hallows was set in 1998, because when I read it, the first time, I thought it was the present day (then 2007). I think that is a very important aspect of both the books and the wizarding world: both are timeless!!! And you're right, I wish that aspects of the Muggle world were like the wizarding world too. :)

Anyway, I'm rambling again, Sorry! But here, thank you so much for the review, for the 10/10 and for just taking the time to read my story. That means a lot. Thank you so much! :)

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Review #42, by x_weasleyismyking_x Funeral Blues

4th November 2011:
Wow you wrote that so beautifully!!
I almost began to cry myself - you really captured the emotions.
I feel so bad for little Teddy :(

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I tried really hard to capture the emotions of the day, so I am so glad you liked it! I feel sorry for Teddy too. That's why I wrote this fic, because he was brushed out of DH part 2 and that annoyed me! He deserved to be there, so that's why I wrote this story about him! :)

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Review #43, by TheSilverKey Sorting

31st October 2011:
I was so excited to see this chapter up a few days ago. Had to come back and read and review again tonight, because I loved it so much.
I am in awe of the detail you manage to fit so beautifully into this chapter in particular.
The feeling of loss Harry feels as Teddy grows up is so perfectly real and wonderfully written. The interaction between the four children is so rich, as is with all the characters, that gives such a deep understanding.
The giving of the map and Harry's worries is great, a true moment of sharing, that both characters father's would have loved for sure.
My ultimate favourite part would have to be the line: 'He was so proud that Teddy was not following in his foot-steps, or even in Remusís, but instead following in the foot-steps of his mother, Nymphadora Tonks.'
This line and other little details in this chapter gave a really nice finish and balance to the story, that made sure Teddy's father was not the sole focus and registered Harry's appreciation of Tonks as a person too, without taking away from Remus.

A truly amazing ending to a story I have truly loved. You should be so proud of the story you have created. I'm sure it has brought much joy to the many that have read it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your kind words. They mean the world. I am so glad you liked this story. And here, thanks so much for sticking with the story from its beginning, and for leaving all the lovely reviews you did.

I am so glad you like the last line. That was always going to be the last line. As soon as I came up with the central idea for this story I knew those words would be the last line. I was sort of conscious that Tonks was a little neglected in this fic, I trusted Andromeda to fill Teddy in about his mother in the pieces between the chapters in this story that we don't get to read. The focus here was Remus mostly, just because he was the more problematic one, being a wereworf and leaving Tonks before she had Teddy and things.

There is not much else to say, except thank you, a thousand times, go raibh mile maith agat, and I can't say any better than that ;)

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Review #44, by maddy Sorting

28th October 2011:
aww! gotta love teddy and harrys relationship! cant wait for the next chapters :)

Author's Response: Thanks - I am so glad you like the way I write Harry and Teddy's relationship. I am sorry to disappoint you though, but this is the last chapter. The intension of this fic was to show fragments of Teddy's early life (ie before he goes to Hogwarts) where Harry tries to help him understand who is parents were and why they died. I feel I have done that, so I won't be writing any more chapters I am afraid, because I've done what I set out to do with this fic. I am so sorry to disappoint!!! :(

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Review #45, by parashar_harry Sorting

28th October 2011:
sorry for late reply.
just one line "its perfect ending"

at last u brought potter children in this story. u have portrayed them superb .

starting the story with nervous lilly was best way to start. 10/10 for the starting .

lilly is shying in nature just like lilly ( harry mother), albus knows his responsibility for her sister as he became serious when teddy told him to take care of little lills just like dumbeldore and snape.
and our dear james what to say i bet he will create another era just like marauder era when he will join school with little fredi. u have done justice with all three children ( as i feel , don't know about other reviewer )

i was guessing that harry will give him THE MAP.
it make me laugh that teddy lupin use his wand fist time for wrong thing ( definitely its perfect start but from the point of view of his grandmom ^_^.its very wrong)
i bet all three marauder will be watching that moment from the heaven.
i was little disappointed as u didn't disclosed the type of wand he is using . u can name the wand here easily "n excited grin spread across Teddyís face at the thought of actually using his *$$$ wand".

how little teddy know about marauder era - u can write an one shot on it as harry is telling story to him when he came back in holiday.

i was a little surprised when i figured it out that teddy's father - gryfindor, mother- hufflepuff, grandmother - slytherin and gfather- revenclaw. of course i knew it but i had never put it together.

i was surprised to see teddy in hufflepuff. i thought that he is like his father.
poor james now he will not get the flag of gryfindor from him ( heheheh)
i am feeling very sad that its over and u have put the tag of completed .

p.s.- its very bad that we can put a single review for each chapter.
i want to reply back again on ur one shot in which remus get bitten ( sorry i have forgotten the tittle )
u have written that chapter awesome no doubt but actually i was comparing that with other author and also with ur other work for example this chapter.

anyway now i am waiting eagerly for ur other new story


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked the way I wrote Harry's children!

I am sorry I didn't state what type of wand Teddy had, but JK Rowling never told us, so I didn't want to make it up or guess in case I got it wrong, so I just left the core of Teddy's wand unsaid!

Sorry that you were surprised to see Teddy in Hufflepuff, but JK Rowling said in an interview after Deathly Hallows came out that Teddy was sorted into Hufflepuff house when he went to Hogwarts. JK Rowling said he belongs in Hufflepuff so I wasn't going to put him in any other house than Hufflepuff!!

I am sorry to disappoint you in ending this story with this chapter, but the intension of this fic was to show fragments of Teddy's early life, before he goes to Hogwarts, where Harry tries to help him understand who is parents were and why they died. I feel I have done that (or at least I hope I have), so I won't be writing any more chapters I am afraid, because I've done what I set out to do with this fic. I am so sorry to disappoint!!!

With regards to the new story, I'm having a few problems with it so it is not quite ready yet to put up on the site. But keep an eye out, it will be up eventually, once I get it right!

I know what you mean about it being unfair that you can only put one review per chapter, it does get annoying especially when you want to reply or something. But what can we do? Rules are rules, no matter how annoying they are!! :(

Anyway, thank you so much for this review (and all the other ones you have given me), they are much appreciated. I am so glad you liked this story and thank you eversomuch for the 10/10, it means a lot!!! Thank you so much :)

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Review #46, by R A E Sorting

25th October 2011:
this story always makes me teary!! Tonks and Lupin are so freakin adorable so sad they are dead!! Love Teddy though and of course the metamorphmagus are in hufflepuff! (i got sorted there for pottermore!)

Author's Response: Yes I agree! It is so sad that they had to die!!! But their deaths and the son they leave behind do inspire such great fan-fiction though!!! That's so cool that you're in Hufflepuff. I got Gryffindor, but I am not sure that suits me to be honest! But a friend of mine is in Hufflepuff and she loves it, the details of the underground common room and everything are amazing! Thank you again for the review. I am so glad you liked my story! :)

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Review #47, by adoranymph Old Enough to Understand

25th October 2011:
aw, that was so sweet! and i loved how you compared this to the shouting scene at the end of order of the phoenix. this was an excellent transitional chapter, showing teddy moving from childhood into pre-adolescence. well done! and like the images of remus' life in free fall (in the photographs)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I liked that idea about the photos being in free-fall too - that concept just popped into my head as a visualised the scene in my mind's eye as I wrote it! I just saw loads of photos, each containing their own little scene, fall down to the ground like snow and then the line just came to me! I am so glad you liked it! Thank you, as always, for the review!! :)

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Review #48, by GinnyWeasley_13 Old Enough to Understand

18th October 2011:
Your story has so far been excellent. What a lovely idea, seeing Teddy grow up from Harry's eyes. Some parts of it have brought tears to my eyes. I loved the realness of grief in the first few chapters, as hard as it was to read, seeing our beloved characters like that. I thought Harry getting Teddy a toy wolf was a beautiful idea.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you liked it! I really liked the idea of the toy wolf too, that's why I wrote it! I just thought it was a real cute idea and a really good way to introduce wolves to Teddy as good things. New chapter is in the queue now, so keep an eye out, it should be up soon. Thanks again for the review, much appreciated! :)

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Review #49, by Marie Death is a Scar

17th October 2011:
at least Teddy will be on the DH Part 2 DVD :)

Author's Response: Will he?? ahhh!! I can't wait to see his scenes!!! They never should have been taken out of the film in the first place. DH Part 2 was the shortest HP film ever, so they totally could have kept Teddy's scenes in! :) Can't wait for the DVD now! But it doesn't come out in Ireland until early December, which SUCKS! :(

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Review #50, by magicmuggle01 Old Enough to Understand

14th October 2011:
Another totally awesome, excellent and fantastic (and any other words you'd care to praise yourself with). You are one of my all time fav authors on this site. This chapter brought me to full tears and the way you had Harry handle the delicate situation perfectly. Adding you to both fav author and story lists. Another well earned 10/10 and plz update soon.

Also plz check out my stories and tell me what you think.

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much! I feel so honoured that you think of me as one of your favourite authors on this wonderful site! Thank you so much! I'll update as soon as I can, just a bit up the walls at the minute!

I will most definitely check out some of your stories in a week or two, just a little busy at the minute. Thanks again for the review! :)

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