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Review #26, by Winne Hogwarts is Fighting Back

15th November 2011:
Love the whole: Last Maurader thing

Author's Response: Cheers! So do I! Hence why it was the title I gave my first ever fan-fic (ie. THIS one) and it's also my pen-name, so I am very fond of the whole concept of the 'Last Marauder'. I'm so glad you like it too! :)

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Review #27, by Winne Teddy Remus Lupin

14th November 2011:
Wowowowowow!! What imagination!! Love it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so glad you like my story :)

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Review #28, by JenniTheSquib Past and Present

15th October 2011:
good second chapter! I like how Ted reacts to Remus coming back. But Tonks isn't angry at him at all for leaving her! Hm. Oh well :)

Author's Response: Actually the thought never entered my head to have Tonks angry at Lupin for leaving. I always thought that she was just so glad that he was back that she couldn't be angry, but now that you mention it.. yeah she most definitely would have been angry! I think you're right. I will go back and re-write this chapter to make Tonks more angry. Cheers for the criticism and the review! :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #29, by JenniTheSquib The Shrieking Shack

15th October 2011:
Wow, great chapter! You portrayed Lupin perfectly. I have no complaints :) The scene with the dementors is very powerful.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I am so glad you enjoyed this chapter!!! :)

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Review #30, by parashar_harry Teddy Remus Lupin

5th October 2011:
mind blowing chapter u know
i was continuously laughing for 5 minutes over the twins joke of fake wand. ( i got dirty look from my room partner for this).

what a start of this chapter !
what are u waiting for go go ( it make me smile)
u know rowling should not overlooked remus so badly in last part . i am guessing she will write more about him in pottermore.
i thought luna will make some funny and amusing statement, but she didn't. ( it make me little sad as i like her very much)

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad you liked the bit about the joke-wand! I did too!

I agree with you too that JK Rowling should have written more about Lupin in Deathly Hallows, but I also feel that the film never should have left Teddy out either, that really annoyed me. I do think, however, that JK Rowling will put more information about Lupin on Pottermore, I mean she put all of McGonagall's back-story up there, as well as the Dursleys' one too. So Lupin will be there, or so I hope!

The only reason I didn't give Luna a funny line was because JK Rowling wrote that scene in Deathly Hallows and she didn't give her a line. I want to fill the holes in the story, I don't want to change the scene she actually wrote. I want to stick to the actual canon as much as I can. But I do agree with you, that scene could have done with a funny line from Luna, JK Rowling should have written one!

Anyway, thanks again for the review, much appreciated! I'm glad you liked this chapter

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Review #31, by parashar_harry It's Time

5th October 2011:
u know u have written very well each chapter.
as usual i have few doubts.
1. u have written that death eater now knew that ron is actually faking of disease and so weaselys have vacated the borrows but as in ur story here aurther and twins are fighting against death eater . so it would be more appropriate if u mention this reason also that they now have proof that whole weasely is in order.
2. why bill has not informed about potter rescue yet to the order as trio went to his house?
over all i know u have not gone in detail so this little contradiction will arise.
its very difficult to summarize the whole deathly hallowes in 10 chapters
p.s- fighting scene was awesome and the best line was twin's joke .

Author's Response: Hi there. I am very sorry, but I don't quite understand what you are getting at in your first point. Arthur and the twins were fighting against the Death Eaters in the last chapter BEFORE the Death Eaters knew Ron was with Harry. The two events happen simultaneously: the Snatchers bring Harry, Ron and Hermione to Malfoy Manner, and the 3 Weasleys, Kingsley and Lupin fight off the Death Eaters attacking the Prime Minister. The Death Eaters, however, disapparate the instant they know (because their Dark Marks burn) that the Malfoy's have Harry. They have no need to target the Weasley family while they have Ron locked up in the cellar, furthermore, they only know that they have Harry, they don't know anything about having Ron or Hermione yet. It's only after the trio have escaped that the Weasley family are in danger, so they start moving into Muriel's then, when Bill informs them that the trio escaped the Death Eaters. So this brings us to your second point. Yes, Bill should have informed Molly and Arthur that Harry, Ron and Hermione were safe. That's a slight slip-up on my part. I'll fix that now.

Thanks for the reivew, hope you like the rest of the story. :)

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Review #32, by parashar_harry Hinkypunks and Grindylows

5th October 2011:
i am feeling very very sad. that much i can say.
just one line its best chapter yet
those who love remus will definitely start hating moon now.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you liked it! :)

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Review #33, by parashar_harry The Taboo

5th October 2011:
thats ultimate chapter
thanks for this one.
as u said u wanted to move the story , u did.
many things has happened in this chapter.
i can bet ludo must have been killed by goblins. (lollz)
i am looking forward for a live description of potterwatch . i hope u have done it .
the plot which u have created to find out the taboo is amazing , but u killed 2 innocent one , i am feeling sorry for them.
i think in second chapter while remus was talking to dora has mentioned the dark lord name . at that time i thought to mention u this very little mistake but i left that
i think now u can edit that
anyway i never felt bore while i was reading this one
beautifully written.
i was not aware that u guys use rat word to insult other. now i understood
p.s- i am from India. i too want to write story . i have few ideas also but english is not my first language. so it very difficult for me to write what i want in this language.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked this chapter. Also thanks for pointing out about Lupin using Voldemort's name in the second chapter, that was a slip on my part and I'll go back and change that now. Yes there will be a live Potterwatch coming, don't worry, I just hope you like it.

That's really cool that you're Indian, I've never been to India myself. Don't worry about English not being your first language, because I can understand everything you say so it's all OK!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the story, and thanks again for the review, much appreciated.

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Review #34, by parashar_harry Potterwatch

4th October 2011:
u have started really well
its so strange that when everyone loves moon and its cool light werewolves fear it.
that line when tonks told about moon that its so pretty or something like that its very realistic. anyone who will see the moon will definitely admire its beauty at first sight , its basic instinct.
but u know i was little surprised i thought u will start this chapter where u left the previous one
i thought remus will now tell the whole incident to tonks which occurs with harry and also most importantly his happiest feeling ( which he had just found during encounter with dementors )
i think dora must have right to hear it from remus mouth as earlier he had left her suddenly
whenever fred and george came into picture it make me smile , they are so lovely , they always know how to reduce the tension and make people laugh
As harry had stolen the madeye's magical eye from her office , i thought u will also brought it up but i think kingslay has no idea about it ( in ur story or u have forget about it lollzz)
any way u have written pretty well
p.s- i am glad u like my review and also a special thank with pumpkin juice and frog chocolate for considering me ur one of the best reviewer

Author's Response: Hi again! Random question, I was just wondering, what part of the world are you from?? I'm Irish, just for the record! ;)

Anyway, back to fan-fiction. I am glad you liked the bit about the moon, where Tonks found it beautiful and Lupin thought it horrible. I really like that bit myself. :)

With regard to your other comment: Remus explained everything to Tonks in the previous chapter, and since he did that, I did not continue the explanation into this chapter. I was anxious for the story to move forward and not to dwell too much on that particular moment. Tonks knows Lupin loves her, she understands why he left and why he came back, I don't feel that more needs to be said on that subject, a story must move forward, it can't drag on, or so I think anyway!

With regards to Mad-Eye's eye that Harry stole from the Ministry, I imagine that Umbridge would want to hush that all up, she would not want word to get out that her office was broken into and that someone had stolen something, in case others try and do the same thing, causing some sort of revolt against her (like what happened between her and the Students of Hogwarts in 'Order of the Phoenix'). It is for this reason that Kingsley doesn't know that Harry has stolen the eye from Umbridge's office. That's my reasoning anyway.

I am glad you like Fred and George, I love them too, they are great comic relief both in the books and the films and they are just both great chapters. They always make me laugh.

Thanks again for the review.

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Review #35, by parashar_harry Past and Present

3rd October 2011:
another good chapter .thanks agn for this one
i must say i just wanted to be at the place of mrs. tonks so that i can hit tonks !
how can he say that he is a werewolf , then isn't he is a mudblood
but as i thought again i found out he is also a father who wants to protect his girl.
nothing wrong i found out in this chapter.
u have portrayed remus feeling really good.
and if i would be sirius then first i would kick his *** for not telling us about his truth (hehehe) as in my real life also friendship means everything and i simply not forgive my frndz if they lie to me
lollz remus fell in love to tonks when she knocked down the troll umbrella its beautiful .
i am going to read next chapter tomorrow

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review, I'm glad you didn't think that I made any mistakes in his chapter!!! YAY!

I am glad too that you saw the duality to Ted Tonks, he only called Lupin a werewolf, not out of malice, but because he wanted to protect his daughter! I am so really happy that you think I protrayed Lupin's feelings well in this chapter!!! :D

I am so glad you like this chapter, thanks very much for reading and reviewing it, you make me smile!!! I hope you enjoy the next chapter to when you get around to reading it tomorrow! ;)

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Review #36, by parashar_harry The Shrieking Shack

3rd October 2011:
u have started really well
now i am reading from the starting .
it seems its going to be a wonderful story.
sorry but i always like to tell the truth . hope it will make u a great writer.
the whole incident with rosemetra was fabulous but i want to pointed out one thing that werewolf cannot remember anything while he is in wolf form thats the basic difference between werewolf and anigami . hope u understand what i want to pointed out .
u can plot it as podfoot told him this night adventure to him and now he was recollecting it.
but if we just forget this little mistake , i can say that its amazing.
i always wonder why wormtail was in gryfindor. he is such a coward.

Author's Response: Firstly, don't worry at all, keep telling the truth, I don't mind and I am not taking it personally - don't feel bad about telling the truth, constructive criticism is always good!

I take your point about werewolves not being about to remember anything while in wolf form, but I think he can remember things, because in 'Prisoner of Azkaban', Lupin tells Harry that when James, Sirius and Peter were with him as animals, Lupin's mind became 'less wolfish', so I took that to mean that while Lupin was with his animal friends, his mind became a little more human, so therefore we could remember things that happened. Plus, he tells Harry that there were 'near misses, and many of them, we would laugh about them afterwards' when they all explored the grounds with Lupin as a werewolf, which I took to mean that Lupin remembered these 'near misses'. Plus, Hagrid tells Harry that he was worried that Lupin might have hurt Buckbeak when Lupin was loose in the grounds as a werewolf, but Lupin told Hagrid he didn't eat anything when he was a werewolf that night so Buckbeak was OK, which again, I took to mean that he could remember bits of what happened at least. I may be wrong, but based on those points from the books, I think that while Lupin is in the company of James, Sirius and Petere in their animal forms, his mind is less wolfish, and therefore he can remember things. Again, keep telling the truth, it's great and don't feel bad about it, I'm not taking it personally at all! :)

I hope that clears things up, but if you still think I've made a mistake, please let me know, I don't want to be making mistakes!

Thanks again for the review!!! :)

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Review #37, by parashar_harry The Final Battle

2nd October 2011:
its amazing. i have just read the last chapter final battle as lupin was always my fav.
i really felt disappointed when in last part rowling didn't give her more space.
i really want to know how can remus be dead as he was one of the best against dark arts and in duelling . u have really created best plot and the reason he died to save the children .
but as u have given more space to remus u have not done justice to dora in the battle as i think . i don't think she died so easily
u should make some good reason for her departure .
its just my view don't take it personally
but one thing i truelly want to say that finally remus will be happy as u have done justice to him (lollz)
thanks for this amazing chapter

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review. Lupin is my favourite character too ;) And I was super annoyed that he did not have a death scene in the books, so I wrote him one myself, just to help me come to terms with him dying and everything.

I take your comment about Tonks, and don't worry, I'm not taking it personally. I kinda see where you are getting at about Tonks not having enough space in this chapter. I guess it's more to do with the fact that this story is really about Lupin's journey, not Tonks's. The focus is Lupin, not Tonks, hence why she doesn't get as much time in the whole story as he does. You said you only read the last chapter, and based on reading the last chapter alone I can understand why you think Tonks got less time than Lupin. The focus of this story is Lupin, not Tonks really. The only reason I wrote from her point of view in the last chapter (I haven't done that in any other chapter) is to show the effect Lupin's death had on her, that and she didn't get a death scene in the books either and I thought I would give her too. But I take your point that I haven't done Tonks justice, mainly because I was trying to do Lupin justice, not Tonks. Do you have any suggestions on how I could do Tonks justice more? I'd appreciate come suggestions!!! :)

All that a side, I am glad you think my story is good. It's the first fan-fic I ever wrote (and I actually wrote the last chapter before I wrote the first) and I was still quite young when I wrote it so I thank you very much for those kind words. ;)

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Review #38, by Maanf - sorry not signed in The Final Battle

10th May 2011:
I loved this! I was off school sick today, so I read all of your story and I loved it! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, for the review and the 10/10. You made my day! I hope you feel better soon! :)

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Review #39, by Owlpost68 The Final Battle

28th April 2011:
wow, this was an intense read. I read it all the way through from beginning to end, and thought the plot was wonderful. I loved seeing Remus throughout all this, see him grow from being so afraid all the time to knowing there was hope for the future. We never got to see him so happy in the books, and it was great to see that, even if it was brief. There were a few spelling errors too, some the same sounding word, but meaning different things so it won't come up on spell check. I saw how the story has 63 favorites, and 62 reviews. mine is #63 :)
I wish the story ended happier, even with Teddy years later or something, thinking of his parents, maybe with Harry or his grandmother. but this was more on what happened in between Harry's year in hiding, so I guess it could be a fitting end... still incredibly sad though. But, I guess that's war for you. I did a similar ending with my With Sirius Black story, that was about the last 10 years of his life in a one shot (rather long, but still lol) I'd love your opinion of it if you're interested :)
great job on this though, it must have been rough to write with all the difficulties going on in their lives.
great job

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! First of all, thank you for alerting me to the spelling mistakes, I will definately go back and try and correct them (sometimes it's just hard to get them all in Word's spell-check, and also it's hard to proof-read something you've written yourself, so I think I will get someone else to proof it for me, that might help!). I know you wanted the story to end on a happier note, I half-debated throwing in a chapter about Teddy afterwards or something, but then decided not too, mostly because this story is a tragedy and I really wanted to capture it as so. I guess it was pretty rough writing this, as you said, but I wrote it more to justify Lupin. I know many people were angry at the way he wanted to leave Tonks and (the then unborn) Teddy to go with Harry. I just wanted to show (my reasoning anyway) why he did that. He's not a bad guy at all, he is a very good man, and he thought he was doing the right thing, but just needed the fight with Harry to show him he wasn't. Also, I was most upset that Lupin and Tonks died in the books, Lupin is my favourite character and he didn't even get a death scene, so I wanted to give him one and so this fic came into being. Anyway, I will definately take a look at your Sirius fic, it sounds interesting, I haven't read many Sirius stories (I mostly stick to Lupin) so I look forward to it and I will of course leave a review. Thanks a mil (again) for your review, glad you liked my story


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Review #40, by Nitenel (not logged in) The Final Battle

25th April 2011:
Loved it! Great job!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! The 10/10 made my day! ;)

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Review #41, by myname The Final Battle

28th December 2010:
What no quick part about Lupin coming back to see Harry?? I think that would have given me a bit more closure. Love love loved the story though!

Author's Response: I was thinking about doing that, but I thought JKR did such a good job on it in book seven that I didn't want to ruin it, you know? Glad you liked that story though and thanks for the review

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Review #42, by Sophia Watson The Final Battle

26th September 2010:

I loved this! The way I've pictured Lupin and Tonks dying is always with their worst enemies. Loved how you portrayed Tonks and Bellatrix fighting.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #43, by Ginny The Final Battle

26th January 2009:
Excellent i really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I am so glad you liked it!!! :-)

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Review #44, by shinypennies The Final Battle

28th November 2008:
I really enjoyed this, best tonks/remus I've read =) I loved the portrayal of remus' feelings towards his son, very senstive and well written. Once peice of constructive criticism though, in some places I feel your sentences are too long, could use a few more commas and full stops to make the writing flow and thus be more powerful. Great story as a whole, well done =)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely comment! I seem to have problems with long sentences and commas...I have been told that when teachers correct my essays...I am working to improve that though. Thanks so much for leaving a comment and the constructive criticism - it's much appreciated! ;-)

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Review #45, by rosie_weasley The Final Battle

6th June 2008:
Aw, what a lovely story. I had tears welling up in my eyes pretty much the whole way through this chapter. Remus thinking (knowing) that he would never see Teddy or Tonks again... It was so sad...
The battle between Tonks and Bellatrix was so realistic. It would be so like Bellatrix to finish Tonks off even though she'd been told to retreat.
I really loved the early chapters too, I enjoyed your insight into Remus's feelings after he had fled Grimmauld Place and when he went back to Tonks. I've never really imagined his emotions in regard to his childhood and Harry and the Death's of his friends, the way you wrote it was very interesting. This is probably the best story I've ever read from Remus's P.O.V. So realistic!
So sad that it had to end when I've only just discovered this story, lol.
Oh well, It was a really great read. 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! That was such a nice review!!!! Remus is my favourite character and I felt that he did a few things in the last book that were so unlike him ie. Leaving Tonks! So I tried to sit inside his head and figure out why he did the things he did. Because I know that most of my friends thought a lot less of Remus after he left Tonks and that annoyed me because he is not a bad person! He's a very good person! So basically why I wrote this story was to tell things from Remus's Point of View (as I saw it anyway) so people would see why he left Tonks, but more importantly why he came back and of course to give him and Tonks (and Colin) a death scene! I hated not knowing how either of them died in the end!!! Anyway I am rambling! Thanks again for the review and for the 10/10! I am so glad you liked my story!!!!


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Review #46, by deeeeee The Final Battle

1st June 2008:
this was an amazing story.
it is so something that would have happened.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I am glad you liked it!


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Review #47, by 11_mafer_11 The Final Battle

7th May 2008:
OMG !! That was... i have no words seriously i mean it was great but it is one of the most touching scences i've ever read and the way you describe tonks feelings, i mean you are great seriously it feels soo real i mean it makes you wanna cry!! You are genius really i mean this chapter was like masterpiece !! and passing from that you are irish ?? that 's soo cool!! i'm mexican (yeah i know it's weird right ?!?! LOL) anyway greaat ending and obviously great story

Author's Response: Thanks. That was a fantastic review! I am so glad you liked my story! I was trying to make the final chapter sad and realistic and it looks like I succeeded! YAY! Yes I am Irish, I live in Dublin. Wow you're Mexican? I have never met a Mexican before! This is really cool! Thanks again for the review!


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Review #48, by Tonks1247 It's Time

29th March 2008:
I love the story so far but there is only 1 flaw i truely see. When Remus goes up to Tonks and askes her if he can go with Kingsley, he uses Voldemort's name and no death eaters show up. you might want to fix that, but other than that, This story is awesome!!!

Author's Response: God, I can't believe I missed that *slaps head*! Thanks for letting me know! I'll go and fix it once the queue opens again!

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Review #49, by brokenx4xever The Final Battle

28th March 2008:
Aww...this was sad...
Great story though.
Good Job.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah I tried to make it really sad and it looks like I succeeded! Thanks again for reviewing!!!! ;-)

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Review #50, by isa The Final Battle

20th March 2008:
lovely story
but you reallyyy should have added the moment harry recalls remus from the death.

ps. beautifully written

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Yeah I have been debating whether or not to include the bit where Harry calls Remus back...I'd have to think about it carefully though because it is a very moving scene and I would hate to ruin it! But I will think about it. Thanks for the tip! Glad you liked my story.

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