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Review #26, by Courtney Dark It's Not Me, It's You

1st February 2014:
Oh god, I can't believe Boris' wife thinks he's having an affair with Rose! I would be absolutely horrified if I was in her shoes - what was Boris thinking, accepting Rose's invitation to stay at her flat?

Wow, that break-up with Scorpius was...interesting. Certainly the weirdest break-up I've ever read! I'm sure Rose doesn't regret her decision - I mean, Scorpius pretty much just proved that he was everything Rose thought he was! A complete weirdo, who wears too much hair gel!

Matthew seems like a really nice, stable sort of guy. I wonder whether he and Rose will ever grow closer?

Oooh, is Rose really going to visit Teddy in France? And if so, what will happen? I'm looking forward to finding out!


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Review #27, by Courtney Dark Misguided

1st February 2014:
Yay, we got to hear from most of the members of the Weasley clan! I like that you haven't stuck to the typical stereotypes. Usually, Fred is the very mirror of George and Fred Sr but I'm glad you made him a bit of a stick in the mud. And Louis is usually always forgotten about, so it was nice to see that he was included.

I loved the way you wrote the lunch scene - you included so many characters, and more often than not they just said one line, yet somehow it didn't seem rushed and the flow was still perfect. And I just loved the little glimpses we got of each of the characters.

I wonder if Rose will really go through with her plan and dump Scorpius? In some ways I hope she doesn't change her mind, but in otherwise I really hope she does.

Amazing chapter, as usual!


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Review #28, by Courtney Dark It's Complicated

1st February 2014:
Aaaah, you got Lockhart's character down to a tee. He was seriously perfect, and still had just the right amount of confusion!

Scorpius is a fan-girl. Wow. Just wow. See, in some moments I think Scorpius is adorable and sweet and perfect for Rose and in other moments (like these) I can definitely see why Rose isn't particularly into him. And I love that almost twenty chapters in, she still hasn't fallen head over heels in love. It's a nice change from most fanfictions!

I can't believe Rose just accepted Boris into her home. I am anticipating some...interesting situations!


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Review #29, by Courtney Dark Just a Tea Girl

31st January 2014:
This story never fails to make me smile!

Scorpius sleeps naked. That's, hmmm...interesting. And I love that even though she's agreed to go out with him, Rose still doesn't find Scorpius attractive in the slightest.

I got very excited when I learnt that Molly's family was coming round. And though we didn't see much of Audrey, Percy and Lucy, I loved them anyway!

I love all Molly and Rose's conversations. They just seem so natural, so realistic!

Aw, Boris' wife is leaving him, the poor guy. I sort of feel sorry for him! i think Rose is a much nicer person than she gives herself credit for!


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Review #30, by Courtney Dark That's Amore

28th January 2014:
Hey there! I'll make this review short and sweet as I'm journeying out into the cold...brrr!!

I loved this chapter, of course. My favourite bit was definitely the scene in the restaurant - Scorpius is so sweet! Pretending it was Rose's birthday to book the whole bar!

Oh my god, I so want Rose to meet Draco now, so I can see if he really is as Scorpius described. A Ron/Draco encounter could be amusing, too!

I will be back!


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Review #31, by Courtney Dark Smarmy Smiles

26th January 2014:
Hmmm, so far Matthew seems like a nice guy! But first appearances can be deceiving. And he doesn't like biscuits! Gasp! How is that possible? At the moment my healthy diet consists mainly of chocolate chip cookies.

Oooh, was that a bit of jealousy I sensed from Scorpius? I think so!

Rose, don't be so horrible to Lorcan! He is such a nice guy! And her If you hurt her, Ill hurt you, threat was great!

Yet another amazing chapter!


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Review #32, by Courtney Dark Unwanted Criminal

26th January 2014:
Agh, Rose and Molly were both being completely unreasonable in this chapter. Rose more so than Molly. I mean, it isn't REALLY her business who Molly sleeps with, and if Molly and Lorcan really like each other, then that's their business! So yeah, I think (like Scorpius said) Rose was being a little bit pathetic. But hey, it happens!

I love that Rose went to Scorpius' house. And I really enjoyed their conversation, it is easy to see that they are growing closer. And I felt so bad for Scorpius with his whole 'never had any friends thing'. Poor guy!

And I'm happy that Rose and Molly made up. I wonder if Molly and Lorcan will continue to see each other?


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Review #33, by Courtney Dark Moo-ving On Up

26th January 2014:
Aaaah, this was another great chapter! I don't know why, but I really enjoy all the scenes in the bookstore. I think because one of the things I enjoy about this story is that Rose's life just seems so normal! She is a very believable character.

I am now very curious as to why Roxanne got chucked out of law school. And I am impressed with Rose for not giving into bribes and not giving her a job. I just hope she doesn't change her mind!

The bar scene was great, too. I love that fact that Lorcan is a milkman and Albus is just perfect.

I think Molly and Lorcan are sleeping together! I mean, I could be very wrong - I guess I'll have to go on to the next chapter and find out!


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Review #34, by Courtney Dark Splinched

26th January 2014:
I can totally understand what Rose is feeling. There are some days when I just want to lie in my bed all day, and not have to bother with socializing with other human beings. Especially when it's so bloody cold outside!

Aaaah, I loved the family scene for Ron's birthday. I always enjoy seeing the different interpretations of the Weasley Clan during the next-generation from different points of views.

The conversation between Rose and Molly-senior was so perfect! Molly would be the best grandmother ever! And Hugo is just...a pain, to put it in 12+ terms.

Rose ended up at Scorpius' house! Yay! Their little moment together was so sweet, and I'm glad Rose is starting to see that Scorpius' life may bot have been that pleasant.

Awesome chapter!


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Review #35, by Courtney Dark Natural Disaster

25th January 2014:
Oh Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose! That's really all I have to say about this chapter! I am so unsure of what I want!! I really want her to tell Teddy how she feels about him, but then at the same time I don't want her to tell him, because it could end very, very badly and completely blow up in her face. I imagine that Victoire would not be very impressed!

I'm still loving the concept of the slightly awkward/outsider Weasley's - I really love your portrayal of Albus!

Poor, Rose, being forced into cake baking. And then her interactions with Teddy are just so horribly forced and awkward. And then there comes Hugo with the photo, making things even worse!

I really enjoyed this chapter!


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Review #36, by Courtney Dark Camden Crazy Carpeting

24th January 2014:
Hahahahaha, I love Molly and Rose's relationship so much! I really wish I had a cousin like that to live with! They're best friends, yet somehow they're more than that. It's great!

Ahh, the mention of sticky date pudding has given me severe cravings! Even though I am full of cookies and frozen yogurt. WHAT TYPE OF WEIRDO EATS FROZEN YOGHURT IN WINTER??

I loved the flying carpet scene. Just Rose to get herself into such a weird situation. And James and Dominique! I can definitely see them as being the more 'popular' members of the family.

I loved all the mentions in this chapter of Rose and Scorpius' families, and also their time at Hogwarts. It was a nice change, that they had very little interaction while at school!


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Review #37, by Courtney Dark Book Borrowing

23rd January 2014:
Oh, I love this story so much!

And I know I say that at the start of pretty much every review, but it's true! And I feel the need to express my feelings and whatnot.

The bookshop scene was so bizarre! Boris's mother is certainly an interesting character! And I think Rose dealt with her pretty well! I would not have nearly so much patience.

Oh, I love Rose and Scorpius so much, particularly the way you have characterized them. They're both so different! Scorpius is kinda innocent and nice and awkward, while Rose has a bit of a temper. They're basically opposites, though they have one big thing in common: they're both pretty socially awkward.

And can I just say, wow, I was not expecting Hermione to show up! I would be extremely concerned if I were Rose!


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Review #38, by Courtney Dark Pretty as a Picture

22nd January 2014:

Agh, this was yet another incredible chapter! You are such an amazing, funny author - I am loving this story so much!

I am loving the scenes between Rose, Molly, Lorcan and Albus. All of those characters just have such great individual personalities, and I want to know more about all of them.

Wow, I really wasn't expecting Rose to go home with Scorpius. And they actually had a proper conversation! That's a first. Scorpius seems so sweet!

And then the shrine...that is extremely creepy and weird. As sweet as Scorpius is, I think I'd be running away if I was Rose. But he just seems so adorable, with his comment about not wanting to upset her with the flowers, and then being so embarrassed!

Oooh, they're going on a date/dinner thing. That could be interesting. Or disastrous. I'll have to wait and find out!


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Review #39, by Courtney Dark Worst Case Scenario

19th January 2014:
Wow, Rose is so incredibly awkward! I just can't express enough how much I love her character. She is just so normal (while being completely not-normal if that makes any sense at all) and her life is just so realistic while being funny at the same time.

Her conversation with Teddy was...interesting, to say the least. I really do wonder whether Teddy knows that Rose has feelings for him. I'm sure he must to, she's pretty obvious! Unless he's just really oblivious.

This was another awesome chapter!


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Review #40, by Courtney Dark Roses are Red

19th January 2014:
Aw! Scorpius gave Rose roses! And then threw them away! That's so sad! I actually feel really bad for him now, the poor guy! UNLESS...wait for it...was Molly perhaps the one to throw them away?

Hmm. I don't know, but it's a theory!

Eugh, I don't like Victoire. And I'm not sure if I don't like her because this story is from Rose's point of view and Rose has a very low opinion of her, or just because she seems to be a rude, insulting person who is all too perfect. I hate perfect people!

Okay, this sounds really weird, but even though Rose's job seems very boring, it also seems kinda nice, too! It would be quite relaxing, working at a bookshop, alphabetising and eating tea and biscuits. Better than working in a poky office, anyway.

Great chapter!


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Review #41, by Courtney Dark Goodbye Kisses

19th January 2014:
Hahaha, oh my goodness this chapter was great! I was laughing so hard at the end!

I love how Scorpius and Rose's first kiss was absolutely awful, and how Rose didn't enjoy it at all, didn't feel any sort of spark or that 'Oh my god this is who I'm meant to be with for the rest of my life type feeling'. Her reaction was just so funny, and Scorpius clearly felt that she'd enjoyed the kiss when clearly she HADN'T.

Sorry, I'm rambling a bit, but I enjoyed the end to the chapter so much!

I loved the lunch scene at the Weasley's, too. I loved all your characterizations of Hermione, Ron, and Hugo. I love that it was Ron who does the cooking and Hermione drinking wine. And I also loved your portrayal of Hugo, because he was just so annoying and younger brothery! It was great.

Wow, I can't believe Hermione invited Scorpius around for lunch. Poor Rose, I'd be absolutely furious if I was her. I'd probably have a childish tantrum and go to my room. Which, I guess, is pretty much what Rose did. I love her so much!


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Review #42, by Courtney Dark Lobster in a Wig

17th January 2014:
Hey, me again!

So this was another awesome chapter. I'll make this review short because I'm cold and tired and in need of sleep.

So far I love both Lorcan and Albus. They're both just so cool in that really not cool way. Albus, especially, was adorable, and so different to how I usually see him characterized. That's another thing I like about this story, actually - how you've switched up all the character's personalities and relationships.

Uh-oh, that gatecrashing the party was not a good idea. I'd be like Rose and Albus - perfectly happy to be boring!

I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!


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Review #43, by Courtney Dark The Tea Thief

17th January 2014:
This was another awesome chapter!

I love the way you write. Somehow this chapter was so funny and easy to read, without the humour being completely overdone and unrealistic. I think that's because in this story, all the humour comes from Rose's awesome personality.

I love that she's sort of an 'Every Girl' - everyone can relate to her. She has hit a bit of a block in her life - her lovelife sucks, and she can't get the man she really wants, she has to get up early in the winter which is HORRIBLE and she works a non-satisfying job. That's enough to depress anyone!

I really loved all the little scenes in the bookstore. Rose's conversation with Teddy was great. I wonder if he knows she has feelings for him? And then I felt bad for Scorpius yet again! Though at least Rose told him what she really thinks. Or at least what she THINKS she thinks.

This is an awesome story!


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Review #44, by Courtney Dark They'd Overdone It A Bit

17th January 2014:

So, I read the first chapter of this ages ago and remembered that I'd really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd come back to this particular story, as I have a strong need to be cheered up today, and reading a humourous story that involves a slightly mournful character seemed to be the way to go.

Anyway, this chapter was awesome, I really, really enjoyed it and I am thinking that I am just going to have to read as many more chapter as possible when I get the chance because this story somehow managed to make me feel so happy! Perhaps because of how crappy Rose's life currently is!

I love the relationship between Rose and Molly, partly because their personalities are very contrasted. Molly seems a lot more confident, slightly more outgoing, more positive and seems the time that always has a plan, always has something to do next. Rose is definitely more negative, mopes around a lot and, like Molly mentioned, wishes and thinks about what her life could be like, rather than actually doing something about it. I relate to her a lot, so I think you have created a very believable, realistic character here.

Aw, I actually felt very bad for Scorpius - or 'rat-boy'. He was just coming round to do Rose a favour and then hears her bad-mouthing him, poor bloke. And then when Molly invited him for lunch, I could pretty much feel Rose's horror!

Agh, how I wish I could Apparate and avoid the snow all together. All my life I have lived in the warmth but a few days ago I moved to a VERY cold place for five months and its FREEZING! I want to be a witch so badly!

I loved this chapter, and this story is definitely going on my favourites. I will be back!


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Review #45, by alicia and anne Goodbye Kisses

15th January 2014:
Scorpius is there for dinner! I knew he couldn't resist being around Rose :D

I love how awkward Rose is! and hilarious I might add, especially with the soap incident and her love for it. :P

Hugo is such a typical brother, embarrassing her like that. :D

Have I ever mentioned how Scorpius is like a major stalker and how much I love it because he's brilliant! :D

He is so awesome and he kissed her! And she was horrified! I love it!

Ahhh I can't help but gush about how much I love this story! I'm only 5 chapters in and I love it so much!
I can't wait to read and review the rest of this! I shall read more later on and write my reviews in my little notebook to write up on here. :D

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Review #46, by alicia and anne Lobster in a Wig

15th January 2014:
Lost in the post? Brilliant! :D

I love that you don't have all the cousins getting on and loving each other, as much as I want them to all get along and love each other (I'm guilty of having them do that in my stories) It's more believable to have them not getting on.

Ahhh! They're going to gatecrash the party! They're brilliant! I can already tell that it's going to be hilarious!

YES! They hid behind a car which moved away and exposed them! Hahaha they're terrible at hiding! I love it so much!

I love how terribly this gatecrashing is going, Especially with Lorcan yelling that gatecrashers are cool!

This is such a brilliant story! Especially with Rose stealing the biscuits as they left.


Author's Response: That's the first rule of crashing parties: always steal the biscuits!

Okay not really, I just made that up. But if that is definitely something I would do :P

There are a LOT of cousins so I'm sure eventually they'd all fall out one way or another. And it makes for fun writing so win all round :)

Thank you for the review!!

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Review #47, by alicia and anne The Tea Thief

15th January 2014:
I love how groggy they are waking up early, I hate waking up early, people have learnt not to talk to me early in the morning. :P
Haha I would so bet as well on what time Scorpius would should up that day. I wonder who will win the bet?

Awww poor Rose, her crush on Teddy is so cute!

Scorpius got her figurines of her parents? That's so cool! I wish Rose appreciated them more. I would love them!

Oh no! I don't want Scorpius to go, although I bet he'll be back soon enough.

On to the next chapter! :D

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Review #48, by alicia and anne They'd Overdone It A Bit

15th January 2014:
I love that they have severe reactions to being around family, I feel that way about being around certain members of my family. :D

Yay! Molly is going to help her!

Haha is it bad that I'm rooting for Rose/Scorpius to get together? Once we all get past Scorpius's stalkerish ways of course.
He needs to calm down on his creepiness.

Ahhh! He's staring in her window! That's so scary haha.

Brilliant! although he shouldn't have been listening in on the conversation.

What? Where was her coat? Why was it outside? That's strange

Ah! Scorpius! I should have known.

Conga Solo? How... how is that even possible?

Another brilliant chapter! Definitely adding to my favourites :D

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Review #49, by alicia and anne Let Them Eat Cake

15th January 2014:
I must say that I am loving this story already! Rose seems like so much fun and awesome, I can't wait to read more about her.
I love that Rose suggested a guide dog when thinking of Scorpius's job, I couldn't help but chuckle.
Speaking of Scorpius, I love how he's just randomly sneaking around and stalking her, I can just imagine him lurking out of sight, peering around corners as he waits for her to appear.
I can't wait to read more!
Excellent job Marina *squishes with hugs*

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Review #50, by GoldenFeather Let Them Eat Cake

29th October 2013:
Lovely!I love the idea of Rose and Scorpius together! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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