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Review #26, by Green_Eyed_gal Chapter 16: The Witches' Sabbath, Stirring Counter-Clockwise

2nd March 2009:
fanfiction doesn't need to be totally accurate. THe scar has been identified as a lightning bolt, but this is your story. You can change it how you want.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for taking the time to comment. Also, thank you for reinforcing the idea of fanfiction =)

The thing about a lightning bolt is that it can be a rune if it's got three lines, but not if it's got more than that. Anyway, I've always thought of it as a rune =P

Thank you again for reading and reviewing.

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Review #27, by dancer Chapter 16: The Witches' Sabbath, Stirring Counter-Clockwise

25th February 2009:
first of all forgive me for not reviewing earlier. It's a failing of mine that once I get interested in a story I read it all the way through to the last chapter before I think of a review.
It's obvious from the good grammar and syntax that you've put a lot of work into correct writing just as is is obvious from the ebb and flow of the story that you have put a lot of thought into characterization,plot and line. Your wonderful footnotes show how much work you have put into the story and are very helpful in clarifying certain points.
Thank you for a wonderful read. I'm anxiously looking for additional chapters. Do you plan to go all through the 7 books?

Author's Response: Hello, thank you for the extensive review!

There's no need to apologize. I'm very thankful to those who post their thoughts and comments, however it isn't necessarily what motivates me to write.

I try to keep good grammar, although it's very difficult since English is my third language. But I like to imagine an alternative universe that makes sense while still respecting the wonderful characters of the original books =)

Yes, I do plan to write all seven years of Hogwarts and I've already written several incomplete chapters for that.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as it progresses.

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Review #28, by Dom073 Chapter 16: The Witches' Sabbath, Stirring Counter-Clockwise

25th February 2009:
LOVED it, the sabbath was very amusing, especially with how merry all the old witches were being!

I think the tokens were very well thought out, good work on that.

Can't wait for see more from you in the future.

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for your kind words!

I'm glad you liked the merry-old-witches and the ritual itself. It was based on trditional druidic rituals, as I wrote in the footnotes, so it can be adapted to those who believe in the powers of nature in real life as well =)

I hope you continue to read and have fun in future chapters!

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Review #29, by hlpur Chapter 16: The Witches' Sabbath, Stirring Counter-Clockwise

24th February 2009:
That was very nice. Thank you. I giggled for a while as I imagined the older witches flat on their backs with their feet in the air.

Author's Response: Hahaha, someday I might draw a picture of the old witches with their hairy legs sticking up in the air. It really is a funny scene!

Thanks for following the story!

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Review #30, by pinks Chapter 12: L'Oiseau de Feu

24th February 2009:
I loved this chapter! The strange trip Fawkes took harry on was fantastic!

Author's Response: Hello again! Oh, Fawkes is very magical indeed. He doesn't speak, so he'll have to do with inducing psychedelic trips in order to communicate. Poor Harry will end up with a skull fracture after so many whackings!

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Review #31, by epsilon Chapter 13: Measured Confessions

3rd January 2009:
Even though you have every right to do what ever you like with your story i must say that you have betrayed Dumbledores character as he would have never wanted to be separated from his friends because he knows that the only thing that keeps harry from turning to the dark and being over taken by Voldemort love. i only say this because my fav character in HP was always Dumbledore to me there are very few things that are sacred and Dumbledores good Good Heartedness is one of them, but like i said i accept that this is your story and you can do with it what you wish, i will also carry on reading but i just wanted to say what i felt. Oh... should have read the full chapter... kinda answered my own question by reading on, but i don't think that he would think that Hermione and Ron would go to the dark and another thing that i don't like is Ablus's intelligence not been shown properly and in book 6 we see that Albus always give people a chance and harry has not given him the same kind of edivance that riddle gave to ablus in there first meeting.

But now i have finished reading i think the end result was great so no worries lol

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for posting your oppinion!

I have a conflict with Dumbledore's character as a fictional man, but still a man. He's magnanimous. A magnanimous person is, as you correctly mentioned, someone who is noble, generous and forgiving, who will forgo resentment and revenge, and give second chances to everyone, including a defeated enemy.

However, I believe a leader cannot be magnanimous. Of course legends make many historical leaders to be like that, but that's what legend is for, to serve as an unreachable ideal that will make people strive to be better, when the truth of the matter is that true leaders in a conflict must be ruthless, be it on the negotiating table or on the battlefield.

Alas, while I believe a leader must be ruthless, he must also be fair when leading a cause that will bring betterment for all. (Sorry, the subject needs a larger platform for discussion, forgive me if I make it short and boring) And here's a thing about fairness: the magnanimous leader of goodness forgives the enemy. Isn't it unfair to those who fought and died defending goodness, to spare the one who spreads evil?

Well, returning to my simple tale, you saw that Dumbledore is conflicted. He's tied-up because of the prophecy, because of his desire to do no harm and to be magnanimous, and because, in the end, he feels deeply for each and every pupil in Hogwarts, and for Harry to a larger extent.

I hope you can continue enjoying the story with Dumbledore as I imagine him to be, but if not, I'm glad you had a good time reading the first chapters =)

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Review #32, by epsilon Chapter 12: L'Oiseau de Feu

3rd January 2009:
Your story is really good, it is unfortunate you don't get more recognition for it, especially seeing as each chapter it a monster of a story the max per chapter i am uset to is like 10k words and yours are 13K average lol and its not like its a matter Qquantity vres quality because like I said your story is really good, its most probably because the story takes a while to get into movement and you probably lose a lot of readers there.

So well done

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for such a big review!

Thanks for the praise, and while I appreciate your sympathy regarding the amount of reviews, I'd still be happy if only one person found this tale worthy of a couple of comments.

As it is, I've read oppinions ranging from finding the story partly interesting, somewhat confusing, at times poorly written and other times funny, which is all true. I believe I've commented before, here in the answered reviews, that my primary readers are some cousins that can read English, and posting the story here gives it access to anyone else =)

About the length of the chapters. I never wanted to type so much. In fact I loathe the act of typing, it's confusing and time consuming, and my handwriting is worse than ever because all my work correspondence is also done on the computer. Anyway, although I've tried to keep them shorter the adventures and growth of the characters just keep on coming, and sometimes I can't just cut a piece out, because it affects an idea for later on!

Again, thanks for your kind words and I'll answer some of your concerns regarding the headmaster in the next response.

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Review #33, by madeye622 Chapter 10: The Alchemy Between Us, End Results

20th December 2008:
Ok, you have a great story here and I love the way you depict Hermione, really in the beggining. The only thing is that you may want to keep out of the character's thoughts and stick to dialouge. The best reference to this is Elmore Leonard's (3:10 to Yuma) Guide to Writing. Its an article in the New York Times. You can find it in their online archives.

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for reviewing!

I'm glad you found this variation of Hermione's life and character likeable. An earlier review said the story had touched the interesting subject of nature vs nurture, and I guess that's what makes my idea of Hermione to be partly rooted in the original Potterverse while still being intriguing. Who knows, I just type what pops in my head =)

I want to thank you for the advice too. I haven't read the refered article (I only looked at the reviews today because I posted a chapter) but I'll read it as soon as possible and slowly bring more dialog and less thoughts to the story.

Again, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of the tale!

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Review #34, by Mae Silvepaws Chapter 14: Surviving Hogwarts

20th December 2008:
great story so far. I love the Hermione back story.please keep the chapters coming...

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts =)

I have no previous writing experience at all, but I've always been eager to read a book and I understand most stories are told from a single point of view. I wanted to experiment with two threads, Harry and Hermione, and show their insight and background as completely as possible.

Well, it took a while to post again (Summer holidays are over, unfortunately) but I hope this next chapter is as interesting as expected.

Thanks again!

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Review #35, by rocio88 Chapter 14: Surviving Hogwarts

10th December 2008:
A very beautiful story, the best Ive ever read. I think harry and hermione are in love, they are just to young to notice. I cant wait to read about them when thier older. you will make this story into a siries wont you. that would be good to read. to see thier beautiful connection grow stronger every day. I love this story so much. Are you a harry/hermione shipper? If so you should post this story on portkey, it takes a while to get a replie though. Pleas update really soon or else.

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for your kind words!

I'm glad to read that you liked the story, and that it manages to show Harry and Hermione as having a meaningful relationship. My idea was to make them close without resorting to a Magical or Soul Bond in the beginning.

Adolescence will come as they enter Third Year and it will give them a rocky start to a romantic relationship, and I'm still not sure about having separate stories (one for each Hogwarts year) or putting it all together...

Yes, I like HHr the most, yet I enjoy reading many different pairings. Personally I've began treating books 5, 6 and 7 as wonderfully written fanfics as of late. Oh, the first story I ever typed was canon HG and it's published here, it's a three part story that I haven't continued, but I'll do so just because you reminded me of it indirectly.

I don't want to publish on Portkey precisely because they limit pairings too much.

Anyway, thanks for giving me an unforeseen nudge to continue my earlier (and quite short) work, and I hope to keep up to your expectations in future chapters! "The Witches' Sabbath" chapter was supposed to be ready by this week, but the holidays got in the way...

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Review #36, by tepiestar Chapter 14: Surviving Hogwarts

5th December 2008:
omygee!!! such a long chapter!!! i'm so happy. i had to stop and come back several times. (i'm a slow reader). i found "he's not my harry" very cute, the way hermione was arguing with herself. i liked the argument between harry & hermione, about hermione's nagging. i think it opened up the opportunity to see that harry's magic is a bit different and draw them closer to understanding each other. and the musical tones lights was cool and mysterious. oh, and yes, fred & george were beaters during harry's first year. i can't wait until next. i wonder what's going through dumbledore's mind. is he just trying to make sure draco doesn't complain? i totally feel like rereading from the beginning all over again.

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for reading!

I know what you mean about having to return many times, I'm just like you.

Hehehe... Some pre-teens I've known are quite possessive, and Hermione being neurotic is even more likely to have that fixation on someone who's meant so much to her.

The show of light and sound will be explored far, far later in the story, but I hope you caught that magic in tandem can be more than the sum of their magics ;)

Thanks for telling me about the twins, I wasn't sure. As for Dumbledore, well, since Harry isn't evil, he'd expect the opposite, a kid who'd never use violence in any way.

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Review #37, by KazeHayate Chapter 14: Surviving Hogwarts

4th December 2008:
very nice story, although its a shame that dumbledore doesn't give a wit about harry's well being

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for reading!

Hehehe... Dumbledore is the bumblebee caught in his own web. He made a mistake listening to Snape and testing Harry to see if he was possessed by evil. Now that he knows Harry isn't evil, Dumbledore expects the opposite, a child who is peaceful and who would never raise a hand against another.

I believe Dumbledore in the books is a very bad judge of character. He may be smart and powerful in magical terms, but he fails to understand his fellow human beings' complexity unless it's spelled out for him.

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Review #38, by auror_snape Chapter 14: Surviving Hogwarts

4th December 2008:
Was it Madame Pomfrey who said that, at the end? Does she know what's going on?

And I've never seen any story where Harry thought Snape might be Voldemort. Brilliant!

Is there a connection between the fiendfyre and Snape being injured in the same arm that he proudly bears the Dark Mark on? Could the fire have been seeking out the residual magic of the Dark Mark?

Author's Response: Hello again! As always, thank you for reading. And as always, you've hit the mark. Yes, it was Pomfrey but, you'll see in the next chapter, she will display a few Slytherin qualities by bidding her time before accusing two Hogwarts Professors.

Fiendfyre and Snape have no relationship other than a very tricky fire to put out. It will also be explained in chapter 15, which I'm rearranging for the nth time today.

Once more thanks for commenting and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story as it goes!

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Review #39, by madeye622 Chapter 4: The Thief and Saviour

23rd November 2008:
By Gutenburg, this is a good story!

Author's Response: Hello!

Ha ha ha ha, you've used Aunt Claire's exclamation! I'm happy to know you enjoyed reading so far, and hope you like the rest of the story too.

Thanks for your note!

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Review #40, by M.Guarneri. Chapter 13: Measured Confessions

5th November 2008:
Breathtaking. I absolutely love it. Cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for adding a review!

I'm glad you've enjoyed the story, and I hope to keep up to expectations as it develops =)

Thanks again for reading!

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Review #41, by mrs. invisable Chapter 5: The Thief and Saviour, Part Deux

16th October 2008:
i just want to say, that i love your hermione

Author's Response: Hello, thanks for your note!

I'm glad you enjoyed her childhood. It's always devastating to lose family, and that created a different Hermione, yet I hope she's still in part the Hermione everyone loves from the books.

Thank you!

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Review #42, by auror_snape Chapter 12: L'Oiseau de Feu

11th June 2008:
So Fawkes' actions in taking Harry away to the Phoenix Dome proved that Harry isn't the most evil child ever born. No wonder Dumbledore can't get in then. First of all, he'd need to go back in time and tell Gellert Grindelwald just what he can do with his desire for world domination, instead of encouraging and training the evil bastard.

Also, I noticed something. Dumbledore gave testimony about what he had witnessed that Halloween night James and Lily Potter were killed. How could he do that, unless he went there with Voldemort? I know he's cruel, especially with the way he treated Harry, but he can't be *that* evil. Except in my stories :)

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for posting such a thorough review!

Yes, Fawkes chose to intervene, and Dumbledore is convinced Harry isn't evil. However I know someone who won't be so easily swayed... Cough *Snape* cough.

On your second observation, I must say your conclusion holds ground, but another deduction could also be that Dumbledore witnessed the aftermath of Halloween, not the attack in Godrics Hollow itself, and presented his own conclusions on what happened to the Wizengamot. I'll leave it to each and every reader to decide =D

Thanks again for taking the time to read this simple story!

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Review #43, by Happy Rotter Chapter 1: Manipulating the Book

11th June 2008:
Awesome chapter, awesome story so far, not sure when i'll get time to read more, but i'll sure be looking forward to it.

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for posting a review!
I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter, and I hope you find the time to read more. Subsequent chapters 2 to 5 deal with the kids' life before Hogwarts, until their acceptance letters arrive.
Thank you again!

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Review #44, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 11: A Time for Mystery

17th May 2008:
So they found 'fluffy' I'm not happy with Dumbledork and mcdonalds saying Harry should be left alone. He's been alone ALL his miserable life. He needs Hermione ,he needs her more than Ron so its not important he stays around lol, but Hermione has too.I loved this chapter. I really felt for Harry, he was only trying to find an instrument to play on,and he ended up getting yet ANOTHER detention for it. That's so not fair.It was somewhat funny the situ' with the antlers and tail but why did ron get a trumpeter lol, i can't see him as an elepant-type animal more like a mongrel hehe, or a hamster teehee.

Well this is a FANTASTICALLY MAGICAL story, i'm hooked and i need MORE you hear MORE NOW lol. PRETTY PWEASE WITH A MILLION CHERRIES ON TOP will you update soon. PWEASE.


Author's Response: Hello! Wow, you sure are a fast reader. All those chapters at once!
The twists to this story will make for a different outcome in the end. In every sense of the word =D
Poor Harry is a magnet for disaster; it wouldn't be fun otherwise.
I'm half-way done typing chapter 12. More mystery clues, adventures on brooms and spilled tears to come!

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Review #45, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 10: The Alchemy Between Us, End Results

17th May 2008:
awwwe that was so funny. i hate snape though, no matter what happened at the end of dh.hje was too mean to harry in this chapter. Its fitting harry should have antlers and hermy a tail. kinda like what happens in the books. And harrys dad was a stag in animagus form after all.

Author's Response: Hello, I'm happy that you've enjoyed that chapter!
Snape is mean, oh so mean =O He reminds of several teachers I've had... *shivers*
Thanks again for taking the time to review!

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Review #46, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 9: The Alchemy Between Us

17th May 2008:
Ron is an idiotic fool. Harry's not gonna choose him when hes been looking for hermione for three years. when hes been dreaming about her, when he LOVES her. he might only be 11 years old but even i fell in love at that age.geez he really is a gingernut geez

Author's Response: Hello!
Our idea of Ron is that of a regular eleven-year-old, but he's also egocentric out of unfulfilled desires, possessive out of a certain level of neglect in his family, and insecure out of the constant comparisons to his older brothers. He was dumb to ask Harry to choose, but it was his most sincere reaction =P
I hope to portray child-love as believable as possible during this first year in Hogwarts!

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Review #47, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 8: Castles in the Air

16th May 2008:
that was (to quote a familiar red-head) bloody brilliant.lol

Author's Response: Hello! I'm very happy you liked this chapter too, even if Harry and Hermione suffer some clashes between them.
Thank you again for reading and for posting such kind reviews!

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Review #48, by auror_snape Chapter 11: A Time for Mystery

16th May 2008:
"Persuade the other children to stay away from Mr. Potter for the time being." What on God's green earth is Dumbledore trying to pull?! Does he think Harry let Fluffly loose on purpose, and that he was trying to kill Hermione and Ron?

One last question: Why didn't the great and powerful Hermione Granger sneak out and hex that traitorous Headmaster? My personal favorite would be transfiguring a part of him (like his family jewels) to something unnatural, like lead... Maybe a switching spell to switch his head with his jewels...

Yeah, I have a really sick mind :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for adding another review and sharing your opinions!
First on Dumbledore: We all know exactly why Fluffy was there, yet there's more to the Headmaster's words than just the suspicion that Harry intended to harm the other kids. He's listening to both McGonagall and Snape as well, and making decisions for the greater good =D Sorry for being so vague in my answer, but it's for the greater good too!
Hermione wouldn't be familiar enough with - ahem - that particular part of the male human body as to cast a succesfull matter transfiguration spell on his "jewels"... Besides, she'd rather wait and see. Think first, act later.

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Review #49, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 7: Dich wiederzusehen, dich!

16th May 2008:
yay that was so adorably sweet. They found each other. awwwe i'm swelling with happiness for them. I can't wait for more

Author's Response: Hello again!
It was difficult (with my lack of English knowledge) to type a silent meeting between them, but I'm honoured that you found it to be sweet (and hopefully emotional) =)

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Review #50, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 6: Paper Cannot Wrap Up a Fire

16th May 2008:
I liked how you had Hermione and Harry just missing each other. Lol i thought she would have seen him when she saw Hagrid. Oh it's getting closer to the meeting. Oh i can't wait. I'm jumping with excitement. wooho

Author's Response: Hello!
If you're looking at a huge bearded eight-feet tall giant, it's hard to notice the scrawny kid standing next to him =P
I'm glad you continue to find the story appealing!

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