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Review #26, by bewitched0902 Confusion Sets In

8th October 2008:
Oh my oh my...this is going to be very very good! I'm excited!

Author's Response: haha I'm glad you're still interested!!

Thanks for your review. :)

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Review #27, by bewitched0902 It's Been Awhile

8th October 2008:
Great chapter. I like their civility, and I'm glad that Draco started out nice instead of being a big jerk. I like how you've described everything so far, and I also like the way you've written the characters.

Author's Response: Thanks. That was one thing I really wanted to do with this story. I wanted to show people that you could actually grow up and not be your childish self anymore. I know that when I finally left school and went to college, I became a totally different person. And I wanted to show people that Draco had changed, as well. I'm glad you liked this side of Draco. :)

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Review #28, by bewitched0902 Prologue

8th October 2008:
I am definitely interested so far. I like the way you write. I can tell a lot from an opening chapter, and I normally decide right here and now if I will keep reading. I'm excited to see what the "truth" is. :)

Author's Response: :) Thanks, bewitched0902! I'm glad you like my writing and the beginning of this story. I'm sort of the same way. Sometimes I'll read the second chapter, just in case I was still iffy with the first one, but yeah, if I don't like it right away, I tend to stop reading.

Thanks again!! :)

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Review #29, by sydney Pen Pals

7th October 2008:
wow i really love this chapter and the whole story :):):) it`s really interesting how they end this way.please update soon as you can,because i love it:):)::)):):

Author's Response: Thanks, sydney! :) I'm glad you like my story. I will try to update soon. Thank you again. :)

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Review #30, by HarryGinny4eva Pen Pals

6th October 2008:
I know you aren't updating this story as regularly as the other, but I do enjoy it. It keeps me wondering and saying, "But, what..." and "Okay, but how..." Really well written as always, and yes, you still have me wondering. :-)

Hugs to you,

Author's Response: Thank you, HG4eva! :) Yeah, I wish I could get more inspiration with this one, but I have so many other fics I'm writing, that this keeps moving to the bottom. I do have those moments of updates though. haha

:) I like to keep my readers wondering.

Thanks again!! Hugs right back.

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Review #31, by lily rose potter Where Your Traits Define You

9th June 2008:
OMG! please tell this one answer to my burning question, Rose is really a Malfoy? I give you a 10!

Author's Response: Alas, that is the one question I cannot answer. But all will be answered soon. Thanks for the rating! I hope you continue to like my story, lily rose potter. :)

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Review #32, by Princess Gryffindor Where Your Traits Define You

8th June 2008:
Hey well that was a shock i hope i am correct in guessing that Rose is malfoy's daughter right? Please update soon X

Author's Response: :) My lips are sealed, but that is an interesting thought. Guess we will have to wait and see. I will post more soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Princess Gryffindor! :)

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Review #33, by gryffindor_princess21 Where Your Traits Define You

8th June 2008:
My response to the response from my last review on your other story: LOL I know! I must be crazy! Nah, ever since I joined HPFF I have been putting fanfiction before school as I write so many fics, but at times, I devote to school and study and since I have so much work at the moment, most of my time is devoted to that. And yes that means keeping on top of school and study. You did sound like my mother btw! Lol.

Anyway, I just got back from a weekend away and had spare time to read this update so here's my review. I'll just make it quick and it should be, not like the other time.

Was totally laughing at the beginning when Zabini said, "Mum is crazy, Father and I were about to strangle her by the end." It sounds like my mum sometimes! Haha.

But what shocked me so much in the end was that Rose was sorted into Slytherin! Wow, did not expect that! But it got me thinking after I read it, maybe Scorpius and Rose are twins? Don't tell me if I'm right or wrong though, I'll just see what happens. I was also suspicious after reading the scene where Scorpius' friends thought Rose was cute and he thought she was just an ordinary girl. Hmm, I'll be waiting for the answer to my theory!

Yeah, another theory of mine, you gotta love those! Anyway, I liked how the chapter was nice and short with a big surprise in the end! I'll be updating FL soon, I hope you'll like the chapter! Can't wait for more updates! Great work! :D

Your biggest fan,

Emma :D

Author's Response: I really liked that line, too, with Zabini. haha It sounds like your mom? Oh goodness. :) Okay, well, it sort of sounds like my mom, too. (just don't tell her I said that!) haha

Ah yes. The end. It was a bit shocking, wasn't it? I'm glad it's getting your mind thinking, though. :) That's always a good thing. And, I will not tell you if you're right or wrong. Where's the fun if I do that?

I'm glad you liked this chapter. I will post the next one, once my other chapter to Who Knew has been posted. Can't wait to read your next one. Thanks again!! Hope you had a good weekend! :)

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Review #34, by tori Where Your Traits Define You

8th June 2008:
omg love it.MORE! MORE MORE MORE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! k thanx bye

Author's Response: :) So glad you love my story so far, tori!! More will be on the way. Thank you!

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Review #35, by HarryGinny4eva Where Your Traits Define You

7th June 2008:
Oh boy! I knew it was coming and still felt the shock. And, he just sees her as any other girl...hmmm. This is so not going to go well for their parents. tee hee hee Someone was bad about eleven years ago! I like the family characteristics showing through in the children and I can't wait to see the family's reactions to this new revelation. Should be fun. ;-) Keep it up! HG4eva

Author's Response: haha :) Gotta love it, right? I have a feeling their parents should be quaking in their shoes right about now. ;) I'm glad you like how I wrote the children.

Thanks for reading!! I will post another chapter, once the next chapter of my other story has been validated. Hard writing two stories at the same time. haha :)

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Review #36, by Myaaz Where Your Traits Define You

7th June 2008:
CONTINUE!! Very good. i loved it.

Author's Response: :) Thanks, Myaaz!! So glad you like my story. I will post a new chapter soon. Thanks again.

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Review #37, by sydney Where Your Traits Define You

7th June 2008:
oh my god!!! i love it,i just love it!!!
this`s one of the best storyes i have ever read,and it`s just in the 2-nd chapter!! i belive it will be very good,and intresting so i hope that you will post another chapter soon.
very pls if you can update soon!!!
btw very good job,you`re very good :):):):):)

Author's Response: Yay!! I'm so happy you love my story, sydney! I hope it will continue to keep your interest as I post more!

I'm working on two stories right now and am going back and forth with posting chapters. Since this just got posted, I now have the next chapter of my other story in the queue. Once that is posted, then I will post my new chapter to this story. It won't be too long of a wait, I promise. :)

Thank you again for reading and reviewing!! :)

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Review #38, by HarryGinny4eva Prologue

4th June 2008:
Hello again!

Oh, this is going to be good. I feel it already. I love that you picked up on the platform at the end of DH and will build from there. Makes things very interesting. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Thanks! HG4eva

Author's Response: :) Thank you! I really wanted to try and see if I could write a story after all the books have been written, including the epilogue. I wasn't much of a fan of that part of Book 7, but I think I can maneuver some things around. haha :) I really really hope you will like where I take this story. I just put the next chapter into the queue! :)

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Review #39, by weasel87 Prologue

1st June 2008:
Good start, definitely needs another chapter, maybe with Rose at school, I can tell it's going to keep me interested and I know it isn't yet finished.

By the way, are you on another fanfiction websites? Because I really like the way you write. :)

Stacey :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Stacey. Yes, the story definitely needs more chapters. haha I'll try to update this as quickly as I can. The story will actually go back and forth between the kids and the parents. You'll see what I mean. :) Glad it already interests you though!!

Oh, to answer your question: I am actually on two other HP fanfic sites, but I'm posting the same stories here over on those, so you aren't missing anything. I'm so happy you like my writing. Makes me very happy to hear that. Thank you very much!! :)

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Review #40, by gryffindor_princess21 Prologue

31st May 2008:
I think this was the new story you were talking about! I thought I would see if it was up and I was right! Yay!

Aw, poor Hermione. Seeing Draco must have been hard enough to make her cry, even though Ginny thinks it's about Rose. I see it's also hard for Draco too.

I'm really interested to know what happened eleven years ago! More soon! Lol. I really liked this!

Your biggest fan,
Emma :D

p.s. glad I was the first to review this! :D

Author's Response: Yep, this is it. Wow, you wasted no time finding it. haha :)

Yes, it is rather difficult for both of them to see each other right now. And why? Well... can't tell you that just yet. :)

Hmm... what could have happened eleven years ago? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

So glad you already like this. More on the way. I promise!! :) haha I think you are almost always the first to review my chapters, which I just love!! So happy when I see your name!! :D Thank you always!

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