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Review #26, by TheMissQwerty The Ball's in who's Court

13th August 2012:
It has been a year:(

Update soon?

Ever your servant,


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Review #27, by dasazm105 The Ball's in who's Court

7th July 2012:
the pair of you are very talented writers and i can actually see this novel being produced and bought in bookstores! you could fix up little things like the wordings but it doesnt really matter as long as you get your ideas across. this story is very capturing but it is actually a pain for us readers. 1 you havent updated in close to a year. 2 in multiple chapters you have lead us to a point where it seems "skip" will tell "minnie" his feelings when in the end he doesnt. by doing this you elongate the story and over the years you have been writing it you have clearly lost some motivation for it. thats fine as our lives come before any online stuff but from what ive read in your response to other reviews you have most likely finished the next chapter! at least let us have the pleasure of reading it if it is finished! anyway great story and i look forward to reading more :)

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Review #28, by ellie The Ball's in who's Court

6th July 2012:
please update or give us a lot of chapters at once for the long wait :)x

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Review #29, by elena The Ball's in who's Court

5th July 2012:
omg you are so talented and this is such a good story! your grammar could be touched up but we still understand it. Please please please please update this story! You havent updated it in soo long and you have left us in a bad spot because of their relatonship status'. From what ive read you have the chapter almost done so please get it up for us avid readers to read!! love elena xx

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Review #30, by sam scicluna The Ball's in who's Court

5th July 2012:
please dont stop this story!! It has been so long since your last update! please finish it, get skip and min together!!

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Review #31, by HPfan The Ball's in who's Court

22nd June 2012:
O.M.G. i love this chapter!!! So sad and yet so happy!! :D your a brilliant author and i love your writing. xxx

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Review #32, by Hermione_Malfoy_1 The Ball's in who's Court

22nd May 2012:
I can't wait to see what happens. This is a great story sof ar...

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Review #33, by Fly545 The Ball's in who's Court

12th May 2012:
hey this chapter was awesome, its like the 5th time i've read your story can you please hurry up and post more! i can't wait to find out what happens next

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Review #34, by Kara B “A Malfoy/Weasley Meeting…”

3rd May 2012:
It's funny that Rose corrects Scorpius on his grammar when the grammar is so terrible throughout the story. There is different from their. Roses are items. Rose's shows possession. Simple things like that. You're at university, figure these simple things out.

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Review #35, by harrypotterismylife The Ball's in who's Court

15th April 2012:
I Love this story !

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Review #36, by Fan The Ball's in who's Court

10th April 2012:
when is the next chapter coming out

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Review #37, by Ellie The Ball's in who's Court

22nd March 2012:
I really don't want to bug you, and i'm sure you've been very busy, but I can't wait any longer!! This is such an amazing story but it hasn't been updated in so long, all i can say is I hope once you're free you can keep writing and update soon!

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Review #38, by Mrunmayee The Ball's in who's Court

6th March 2012:
Please.. Please.. I beg you.. I go down on my knees and literally beg you to update this story.. I feel like I have been reading it since i was a kid! You take extremely long in updating this story! And no, this is not a complain, but if you can work out your story line so that it makes Scorpius and Rose come together like as soon as possible, and you can end the story in next 2 chapters on a nice, positive and happy note? Please? This dragging of the plot and updates kills us fans, you know? so pretty please?

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Review #39, by Dobby742 The Ball's in who's Court

28th February 2012:
Really love the story, everything I've wanted to happen all in one Chapter, love the ending. Can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #40, by Callippso The Ball's in who's Court

3rd February 2012:
Hey. have you abandoned this or are you just having writer's block. Because i am really curious to see how this plays out! I really hope you keep going because this is a great story you should be proud of it!

Author's Response: Don't worry its not abandened i just cant get hold of my co-writer and i've been snowed under with university work. But the next chapter will be up at some point- its halfway done


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Review #41, by Ellie The Ball's in who's Court

23rd January 2012:
I really hope you haven't abandoned!! this is also one of my favourites and this story is too good to be abandoned, hope you can update soon! :)

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Review #42, by Candy Corn The Ball's in who's Court

15th January 2012:
One of my favorites! Did you give up on this story? Please dont! Its simply amazinggg! Please, please update soon!!!

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Review #43, by MissIncendio "Exploding Snap with a Bang"

7th January 2012:
Love, love, love this story! I rereading it :) Such an amazing story and so well written!

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Review #44, by amanda.k The Ball's in who's Court

31st December 2011:
this story is sooo good i cant wait for the next upload! its been a while and i really want to read more, please don't abandon and update soon if you can! :(

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Review #45, by Sam The Ball's in who's Court

29th December 2011:
When are you uploading the next chapter!! please i am dieing to read more... its been to many months since the last upload :(

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Review #46, by cantbebotheredtomakeanaccount The Ball's in who's Court

29th December 2011:
imm sooo mad because there aren't any more chapters yet!!! i really wanna read more cause this story is amazing!!! :) please keep going :) ill always check this story to see if it has anymore chapters! :D

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Review #47, by EchoDream101 The Ball's in who's Court

26th December 2011:
When's Rose and Scorpius going to get together? Them not understanding each others feelings is killing me. Please, Please, Please, Please make it soon. I get so excited but then a little disappointed when they don't get together. Anyways, best fanfiction I've read so far! Good Job! :D

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Review #48, by Ellie The Ball's in who's Court

17th December 2011:
Wow. I have been reading this fanfic non stop and totally addicted!! i absolutely love this story and hope scorpius and rose will finally find out how they really feel about each other soon! btw do you know when you'll update with the new chapter? cant wait to read more :)

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Review #49, by shadowcat2 The Ball's in who's Court

13th December 2011:
I hope you update sooner than last time. It's hard to wait cause your story is so amazing. Please don't abandon it.

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Review #50, by isahorcrux The Ball's in who's Court

12th December 2011:
I have spent the past few days reading this fix and am absolutely hooked, you have to update soon, it's killing me.

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