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Review #26, by LizLemon Chapter 19-Hogsmade Part I: The Taming of Blondezilla

2nd January 2010:
This is a great story. I'm excited to see what happens next :)

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing. i just posted the next chapter.

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Review #27, by miss_aurora Chapter 19-Hogsmade Part I: The Taming of Blondezilla

1st January 2010:
I love the slow pace actually since this chapter isn't draggy at all. In fact, this one is rather amusing and I'm curious of what Willow will do next. Well, it's her turn next right?

Thanks for the update! :D

Author's Response: willow technically is up next but of course as the my favorite saying these days goes "life happens." and im really glad that the chapter isnt draggy despite the fact that it was quite slow. the next chapter is going to be like this in a way but instead of just a dramatic haircut there is quite a bit of drama and intrigue at the end. hopefully that will make up for everything. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #28, by closetgeek Chapter 19-Hogsmade Part I: The Taming of Blondezilla

1st January 2010:
Amazing! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: next chapter is up =)

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Review #29, by closetgeek Chapter 16- Answers and Beginnings

1st January 2010:
So amazing. The story is so interesting and creative. I would've left more reviews but I feel like its kind of silly to say "this chapter is awesome!" after every chapter..

Author's Response: thank you so much for all the reviews you have left so far! all authors thrive on feedback to know what people like/hate about their works. im glad that you're enjoying this story since it is so different from most of what i write.

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Review #30, by closetgeek Chapter 6- Daring to Hope Against Hope?

1st January 2010:
Another awesome chapter. I love the magic of Albus (I hope!) messing with Rose's parchment to pass notes

Author's Response: ah yes, the really minor mystery element of the story that has yet to be resolved and despite its seeming inconsequential nature is something that will pop up again much later. and yes, i do enjoy being deliberately vague while giving away some details.

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Review #31, by closetgeek Chapter 4- The Secrets of Friendship

1st January 2010:
I noticed that it says "Al likes you" so now I don't know if that was a typo that you missed or something that Grace totally skimmed over because she was so busy thinking that Willow knew she liked Al. Still awesome

Author's Response: i NEVER wouldve noticed that had you not pointed it out! none of my stories are beta'd which is probably why that error occured. i'll go back and correct it once i finish chapter 21 and do the edit before i go to post.

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Review #32, by closetgeek Chapter 2- Can You Speak?

1st January 2010:
Grace is great! I love how you've shown all their personalities so far and how much she wants to make friends but doesn't really know how

Author's Response: fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, there is the old saying that writers can only effectively write about what they know. thankfully, my real life awkwardness has managed to translate to typed words.

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Review #33, by closetgeek Chapter 1- Prologue

1st January 2010:
I'm really excited to read this story- if the rest is anything like the prologue it should be amazing!

Author's Response: im really glad that you are excited to read this story! it's only the third one that i've written and quite honestly developed as a plot bunny that got into my head one day and evolved from there. i hope you enjoy it as grace develops in my mind and in the story.

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Review #34, by hushpuppy Chapter 19-Hogsmade Part I: The Taming of Blondezilla

1st January 2010:
Thank you so much for the new chapters! It's wonderful to see Grace/Rinoa gain some confidence and make the changes necessary to gain the attention she deserves. Although what's great about the story is that Al liked her before she beautified herself. Maybe he didn't see her romantically (yet) but he was able to appreciate everything else about her.

After re-reading Ch 17, I'm anxious about the news Harry and Ginny have for their kids. Hopefully that's coming up soon :-)

Author's Response: Well I just posted the chapter with the much anticipated news. 12 days to write the longest chapter of Finding Grace...not a personal record by any stretch of the imagination but i want to keep my readers happy =) thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #35, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 17-Channeling the Heart of Hearts

7th November 2009:
AHH!!! I love it!!! :( I want more! I feel like a whiny child always asking for more candy. :D Please update as soon as you can, though. I know many of us would really really enjoy that. *cough*me*cough*

Author's Response: more will be coming soon. im going to beginning writing chapter 18 this weekend. school has this unfortunate tendency to get in the way of writing. but i promise, assumin you see this, that there will be an update soon =)

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Review #36, by miss_aurora Chapter 17-Channeling the Heart of Hearts

1st November 2009:
Somehow, Grace gains the courage she previously didn't have, perhaps the hidden confidence is finally boosted by some revelations, also by her own experience? In any case, glad I can finally read another update :)

Author's Response: im glad that you like it! and i thought it was about time, considering everything she's dealt with, to finally get the courage to speak up. plus, she's finally able to relax around Al since he is "taken" (although how long that's going to last is certainly up for debate. hehe...) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by hushpuppy Chapter 17-Channeling the Heart of Hearts

1st November 2009:
Thank you for the new chapter, it was a lovely surprise. You've done a good job with Grace as a character. I really liked how she dealt with Albus in this chapter. Usually fanfic authors would go the cliche route and have the OC not tell Albus the truth about the Evil Girlfriend but Grace was pretty harsh. Sure, she could have said more but I think that giving Albus enough information to know that Adia might be using him to advance socially was enough.

It seems clear that Albus doesn't really trust Adia that much anyway if he feels the need to get other people's opinion on her. If he had feelings for her, I don't think he would care what anyone else thought.

Sorry if you've addressed this, but do Grace's teachers know that she's losing her magic? If not, are they upset that she's skipping their classes?

Author's Response: First of all, this review has made my day. =)

With all things concerning Albus Potter, he is a sad, poor, confused little child when it comes to relationships, at least in my world. He is naturally suspicious considering who his dad is and the generals about his family. All of this is going to pop up later, and in greater detail, I assure you.

As for the questions you ask at the end, you're quite right i didnt adress the fact that the teachers dont know the truth about grace's problem. and yes, they will be quite upset about her skipping classes. however, it will come to an amusing encounter between rose and grace for a later chapter.

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Review #38, by raberbar Chapter 17-Channeling the Heart of Hearts

1st November 2009:
Thoughtful, calculated discussion, I can really see the complexity of their relationship - great writing!

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review. and yes, their relationship is rather...complicated...;)

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Review #39, by stevie_HPuff_girl Chapter 16- Answers and Beginnings

13th September 2009:
Wow 8I that alot to take in! Poor grace, i think she handle every thing very well and in a highly mature manner. The last three chapters have really made me like Grace more than i already had. Cant wait to read more.
great storry!

Author's Response: im glad that you're enjoying my attempts at character development. i know you're probably not interested in the idea behind why i had the last 3 chapters but i wanted to give grace a chance to experience some things that would make her grow as a person to the readers and i didnt just want it to be random shy girl becomes extroverted overnight. but im going to start writing chapter 17 this weekend! i have an idea of what i want to have happen, i just have to make it happen lol. thanks for reading and reviewing. =)

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Review #40, by greenapples Chapter 16- Answers and Beginnings

13th September 2009:

i sort of feel bad for Grace
that is alot of information to receive within a week about family and al and all
but hey, i reckon she'll cope ;)

and tsk at Albus
what on earth is he thinking :O
but then again, i reckon, he just needs a little push in the right direction :P

update soon !

Author's Response: im going to start writing this weekend. and yes, albus is being a bit of a butt however, well i cant give away too many details but i think the next chapter will be up to snuff on the sadly delayed grace/al.

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Review #41, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 16- Answers and Beginnings

9th September 2009:
Sorry, I didn't read it a couple of days ago. I was at my grandpa's without a computer. Anyway, I'm glad Grace has found some of her family. I think she should stay Grace though. Even though she's might have given up on Al, there should still be some action. ;) yay!!
10/10 :D

Author's Response: dont worry, there will be grace/al action despite the fact that grace has given up hope. and yes, i do plan on keeping her as grace, but i wanted to fill in that info so that i didnt have people questioning what it really was.

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Review #42, by redflameeyes Chapter 7-Worth

7th September 2009:
i love the story, but you keep spelling the word decent wrong
the word descent means a drop, decline, fall etc

Author's Response: thanks for pointing that out. sometimes when im typing i notice microsoft word auto-filling it for me and in another story i wrote it did that as well. i'll try and go back and edit it as soon as i can. thanks for reviewing. i appreciate the feedback.

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Review #43, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 15- A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

16th August 2009:
WHAT!!!??? You're so cruel to your readers! :( This truly is the biggest cliff-hanger in the history of cliff-hanger!! 10/10 Good Job!

Author's Response: IM SORRY! I tried to warn you gentle readers that this would be a rather cruel cliff hanger. Chapter 16 is in the works though, dont worry. I'll probably be done with it and have it posted on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Keep an eye out for it. Thanks for reviewing, you're giving me motivation to write faster.

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Review #44, by widz Chapter 13- A Girl Lost in Two Worlds

10th August 2009:
I'm really liking how the story goes. Really don't want Grace to leave Hogwarts though (when Al seems to like her too)! Can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: al, as you will soon see, is rather dense when it comes to relationships. and i have update news: i have chapter 14 done, but the reason that it's not up here yet is that grace's trip to the muggle world is going to take another chapter to finish because i had to be evil and give grace more issues to deal with before she leaves. so im waiting until chater 15 is done and doing a double feature update.

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Review #45, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 13- A Girl Lost in Two Worlds

6th August 2009:
Grace is the best as usual. :D I can't wait for the final chapter!

Author's Response: i have quite a bit to go before a final chapter. or at least that's what im currently intending in my head. unfortunately im having some difficulty with the coming up chapter. im not quite happy with it yet, so im sorry to say that you'll have to wait a little bit longer. dont worry though, it wont be TOO long =))

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Review #46, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 12- The Least Expected

14th June 2009:
Ooohhh Awwwee. I hope Grace is adopted!! :D Another great chapter as per usual. Now time to wait for the next chapter! Hooray!

Author's Response: haha. well she'll get to meet the adopting family in the next chapter. and hopefully i wont have to make you wait too long for my next update.

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Review #47, by Dark_Angel123 Chapter 12- The Least Expected

14th June 2009:
I can't believe Chris did that! I was just starting to believe that he liked Grace. Aww... keep up the good work, this is a really good story so far, and I'd love to read more.

Author's Response: im rather mean arent i? but grace has far bigger fish to the moment. let's just say that she will get her own 'unique' form of revenge. and yes, i will begin to work on the next chapter. it's funny because ive been spending a lot of time figuring out how i want this to end and now im left to fill in the rest of the pieces.

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Review #48, by RH Chapter 12- The Least Expected

14th June 2009:
Your story plot-line is really original and your writing style is great! I'm definitely hooked on to find out more. 10/10

Author's Response: im glad that you're enjoying it. and im hoping to publish at least one more chapter (definitely leaning for more but you never know what will happen) during the closure.

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Review #49, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 11-Repercussions

3rd June 2009:
WOAH!!! Another great chapter for the ever so graceful Grace. Keep the chapters acomin'.

Author's Response: well your wish will be my command now that my computer got fixed. appearantly opening up an email caused my hard drive to be wiped away but geek squad fixed it and im back to writing!

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Review #50, by ChaosxxLovesxxMe Chapter 10- A Walking Contradiction

1st May 2009:
YAY!!! Another chapter!! Grace is amazing!! Keep the chapters a comin'.


Author's Response: im trying. believe me. unfortunately finals are coming up and my writing time has been severely diminished.

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