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Review #26, by alicia rose potter Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

31st May 2012:
Well, I know I'm joining the party a little late, but I really love your stories! I love how you portray Dom as a real girl, who wants to be herself regardless of everyone else. We need more stories about girls like this. I'm also thrilled for you and your personal-life-fun-things too! Congrats on top of the class! Calculus is only fun when you're tossing your notes in the recycle, and if you find a real-life Lorcan, would you mind passing him this direction? :D I understand how real-life can be, but I really hope you update soon!

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Review #27, by Hermione____Draco2012 Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

12th May 2012:
Please update;)

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Review #28, by Ollivander382 Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

12th May 2012:
Your stories are some of the best I have ever read. Real Ladies is bloody brilliant. I LOVE Dom Weasley. She is probably the most sarcastic, profane character I've ever read about. I hate Lorcan for being a coward and not wanting to marry Dom. If she was a real person I'd marry her. Will we be seeing Dom/Holden again? Fred/Honor? I actually suspected it from the first story when Honor said the prankster and gorgeous one.

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Review #29, by Headless_Hunstman Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

9th May 2012:
Hey all I can say is AFT (About.. Fu well you fill in the blank but it ends with Time!)
I am glad things are working out and I know how real life can get in the way of Hobbies... You do have a gift though so keep it sharp.

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Review #30, by pauline Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

4th May 2012:
1) It has been a long time but I'm not going to shout at you for it because this chapter was so GOOD, like seriouslY!
2) I was NOT expecting the chapter to end when it did and I was left literally gaping like a fish. And you haven't even written the next chapter! Arrrgh. PLEASE, you must update soon!
3) Lorcan is still being a bitch, I can't believe it! He BETTER have a very very good reason.
4) Ooooh, Holden is giving Dom 'meaningful' looks, Hmmm
5) Gwenog JOnes, Gwenog Jones!
6) I am so happy for real life James and Penelope!

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Review #31, by HollyBerry Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

3rd May 2012:
Ah such a great chapter! So happy Dom didn't do anything dumb, and that she impressed Gwenog Jones. You should update soon. :D I've missed your writing.

Also I'm so happy for you about UNC and your real life James. :)

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Review #32, by Hope's Mom Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

3rd May 2012:
It's so nice to read a new chapter and hear that you are having so many good things happening in your life. Go Dominique! Thanks for the update!

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Review #33, by Amanda Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

3rd May 2012:
I love this story, and I'm glad you updated! Congrats on UNC, it's literally the best school in the world! I'll be a sophomore there in the fall, and I absolutely love it!

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Review #34, by golden_trio Of Breakdowns and Bludgers.

3rd May 2012:
I almost began to think you've fallen off the face of the earth. Although, I don't have room to talk. I haven't updated any of my stories since September. College Be prepared to have a blast, to hate everyone, to love everyone. To go to (or skip) class/lectures and stay up all night. College is amazing, but doesn't leave much room for writing. In my experience at least!

Great chapter. I'm glad you updated! :) Congratulations on graduating!

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Review #35, by Snapeywape Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

22nd April 2012:
Omg Fred and honor would be great together!! I can see it its an interesting but more than workable relationship. Ooh I really want to see this. Pleaaassee update soon pretty pwease?? :)

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Review #36, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 Of Scouts and Futures.

14th February 2012:
Oh. Holy. Merlin. I am so sorry. I have been so behind that I havent been able to keep up with real ladies! I swear once my life calms down I shall get back to it and sing praises of your brilliance I swear.

10/10 I'm assuming


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Review #37, by Morgan Delaney Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

22nd January 2012:
This Honor business seems wrong. I think there's something sneaky going on! After all, Jones has prooved she doesn't play fair.

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Review #38, by Morgan Delaney Of Serenades and Socks.

21st January 2012:
"Bloody Fucking Hell, hang a sock on the door or something?!"

I love Ladylike and Real Ladies, they always brighten my dayz.

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Review #39, by Nat Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

24th December 2011:
Oh my god I am so intrigued! I wonder what made honor change her mind about James and switch to Fred and I can understand why dom would agree, that girl is blackmailing het whilst she's at her lowest point with lorcan.
Can't wait for the next chapter and I thought I'd mention in case you wanted another nickname for James to tease her with, you could use min or Minnie . My sister is called Dominique but we all call her Minnie and nobody actually calls her dominique to the point where I just asked myself if that was her name loool

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Review #40, by sonnet Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

23rd December 2011:
Please update!! I love this story. I hate Honor, and Dom is not smart to trust her, but knowing how the amazing author has built up the characters, something different will happen.

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Review #41, by Gal22 Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

29th November 2011:
So this is what I get for catching up? A broken up Dom and lorcan, a deal with the devil, and a bitchy girlfriend? Really... I mean it's all written great, but still some happiness would be nice:D Dom and lorcan need to work through their issues asap, Dom is not mentally stable enough(she just made a deal with HONOR JONES, nough' said.) Penelope and James are adorable, per usual :) I absolutely love scorose so um even though you don't really even focus on them, like at all, they need to get back together : D and last Wood seems like he genuinely cares but I just hope it doesn't turn into Dom/Holden Pt. 2. I will be seriously upset if it is. Pretty please update soon and I would love to hear about where you're applying/did you apply early anywhere? And dw, ill go vote as soon as I'm on a computer(normally read from my itouch) please update soon! :)

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Review #42, by Loony_Scorpy Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

23rd November 2011:
Wow, so I've really disliked Holden for pretty much the whole time, but after that chapter where Dom screams at him and he gives her chocolate, I love him. It was so weird, all of a sudden I just decided that I wanted Dom to get with Holden again! I really don't like Lorcan at the moment and not just because of the marriage thing, he is just kinda annoying me :/ What is with this Delilah prat?! I don't see how Fred could have gone for her...but I guess love makes you blind? Hah. Err yeah I really love this story (and its prequel :P) ♥ aaand I can't wait for more :D

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Review #43, by Amie Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

16th November 2011:
So, I read your first story in about a day(I'm a reading fiend) and now I have come to the conclusion that you are a pretty good writer, and I really enjoy this story you have. Update soon please, because I'm not sure I can wait that long. P.S. I voted, and I don't really know about this Honor stuff. I mean, she could be better than Delilah, and I'm glad that you let another side of her come through. I'm not asking for them to be friends, but maybe Dom and Honor could not hate each other?

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Review #44, by i love harrypotter 143 Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

11th November 2011:
I love it. Update soon!

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Review #45, by Jaded94 Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

5th November 2011:
So I haven't been on for a while so i had a lot of catching up to do (I think it was about 5 chapters!) But now i am going to need to remind myself to keep coming on to see the updates for this! I do not know what to make of Honor but I really hope she doesn't screw everything up for Dom. I like that Dom and Lorcan broke up which sounds bad but i am hoping they get back together in the future but i think i ship Dom and Wood in my current mind frame :') Update soon?

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Review #46, by newest honor fan Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

23rd October 2011:
I'm actually glad you included depth to the character of Miss Jones in this chapter! I know she seems like a bitch and is part of the high school drama that essentilally runs this story but YAY FOR NICE PEOPLE ^^

I'll be interested to see character development of honor woot!

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Review #47, by Forever Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

18th October 2011:
I voted! Also, I love Freddie and I can totally see it... Idk maybe shell become a nice Person. I wanna know tho! Update again! I'm addicted!

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Review #48, by golden_trio Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

16th October 2011:
Oh Merlin. This is a bad deal all around. Terrible bad deal. More like a horrible deal. I don't know how Dom hasn't completely broke down yet from all these bad things that are happening to her. She is a strong girl. Good chapter, in any case. Update soon!

Author's Response: I feel awful for my poor character :(

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Review #49, by ohtasha Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

16th October 2011:
Aww, poor Neville! But still, I have to love anyone who paraphrases 'Gone With the Wind' (:
Great chapter again and I'm looking forward to finding out what Dom has to do next and what the repercussions of her deal with Honor are.

Author's Response: It should be fun :)

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Review #50, by AlPadfootPotter96 Of Longbottom and Sincerity.

16th October 2011:
Woahhh, total change in Jones.
That was definitely unexpected.
Do explain, haha. :)

Author's Response: YAY for unexpected :)

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