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Review #26, by Reyes91 It Was a Strange Sensation

3rd January 2010:
Playboy Sirius, eh? You explained it off well, though. Usually, children who go through their childhood without any affection can sometimes hunger for it once one person shows them an ounce of care. Good job with that. But, Sirius was pretty much a jerk. He didn't handle it well, did he?

I take it that his expierence in Azkaban is coming up soon? That ought to be horrible to go through all over again.

Again with a great chapter.


Author's Response: Sirius is one of my favorite characters, but as much as I want to make him perfect, I can't ignore JKR's implications that he WAS aloof and arrogant when he was younger, like James [but in a different way, I suppose]. Looking at James's transformation, I wondered what would make Sirius grow up - and I came up with this, a test of brotherhood and his relationship with James. But that is for the next few chapters. *evil grin*

I'm glad you think my exploration of why Sirius might've been a jerk as a child was believable. His experience is Azkaban is not until much later, and it's approached in an unconventional way, so I hope you'll still like it! Thanks for reviewing, once again.

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Review #27, by Reyes91 The Loneliness of Eight Years

3rd January 2010:
I really enjoyed reading bits and pieces of Sirius' childhood. It had to be awful knowing his family. You depicted well (though I would have loved to read more about his childhood).

There is one little thing I have to pick on though. You were probably told this already, but I have yet to scan through your other reviews. Bellatrix was, in no way, close to Sirius' age. She was probably out of Hogwarts by the time he came in. They might be about eight or so years apart. But, since this story seems AU, changing the age to fit that memory works. So...go on and ignore my little nitpicking ;)

This was a wonderful chapter, dear. Onto the next!


Author's Response: Urgh, I'm always discovering these little oversights that mess up the way my story fits with canon. Of course, this is definitely AU, so like you said it doesn't matter much. But you're right, I think I switched Bella and Andromeda's ages. =[

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the important moments in Sirius's childhood. I know I skipped around a lot, but I figured I had to, or this story would be a thousand chapters long. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #28, by Reyes91 Through the Veil

3rd January 2010:
That was awesome. I always wanted to know more about the Veil, and was disappointed when JK didn't explain it in the final book. Your take on it is amazing and seems like it could actually work. You did pretty good on making Merlin seem old. I like how he calls Sirius "dear boy."

One last thing, that spell Remus did was cool.

Excellent story so far. Can't wait to read more.


Author's Response: Hey, thanks for stopping by! I love surprise reviews. =]

Sirius dying was probably the moment I cared about the most in the whole series, so it makes sense that I too would be fascinated by the Veil. After DH didn't explain it, I decided to make up my own story about what happened to Sirius. I'm glad you think it can actually work, and Merlin was believable. =]

Thanks for the review! Glad you like it.

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Review #29, by hogwartspoet14761 Epilogue

23rd June 2009:
I loved your story. It is perfect. 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #30, by Loosi_D Epilogue

2nd June 2009:
Aww, I loved it! Wish this had been what really happened. I miss Sirius =(
Great story, I loved the idea and you did it really well. The epilogue was brilliant, full of emotion, and I'm sooo glad Harry and Sirius found each other in the end =)

Author's Response: Yeah, I miss him too. That's why I wrote it - to bring him back to Harry [and me!]. They have such a touching godfather/godson relationship. I feel that each man needs the other's support.

Anyway, thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #31, by Loosi_D Something To Live For

2nd June 2009:
Aww, this chapter is so sweet!
I love the whole story so far, but I think this chapter's my favourite.
The bit with the broomstick is great, so cute to think Sirius gave him his first broom, makes the Firebolt mean so much more.
It's a great idea for a story, and I really like the way you've done it =)

Author's Response: Haha, I thought it was only fitting. James probably would've bought him one the day he was BORN, if Lily wasn't there to keep tabs on him. ;) Thanks again for the review!

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Review #32, by Loosi_D It Was a Strange Sensation

2nd June 2009:
Wow. This is brilliant. I love the way you've really delved into his past, the whole explanation of why he gained his reputation was great, and sad.
This is really well written =)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for dropping by! I love surprise reviews. =]

I'm glad you like it so far. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

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Review #33, by fred is dead Epilogue

30th March 2009:
Just, wow. Bravo. I don't think anyone could have tackled this as well as you did. Awesome, awesome job.

And in my opinion, each of your chapters were equally good and each deserved a review, so there you are. Well done!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! I am so flattered because this was my first HP fanfic and despite the occasional OOC-ness, numerous canon deviations, and totally crazy ending, you still liked it! =]

Thank you for all of these great reviews! If you ever put up a story and want me to pop by, let me know. I'm under ChoS_sista_gurl at the forums, if you have an account.


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Review #34, by fred is dead Dulce Et Decorum Est

30th March 2009:
Ugh yea I totally agree with the disappointing epilogue in the seventh book. Too... predictable.

This was good though. Very good.

Author's Response: So, I take it what I did with Merlin was not predictable, then? Woo hoo! I'm glad you liked it.

I just found the DH epilogue so cheesy. It was like a fairytale ending. I didn't want to end this story like that.

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Review #35, by fred is dead Cathartic Experiences

30th March 2009:
Very philosophical near the end. Props! Probably the only thing that made me understand most of it is the fact that I'm currently taking a philosophy class. It made the chapter much more enjoyable!

Author's Response: Haha, I drift in and out of philosophical phases, but I did want to end this story with a deeper theme than just Sirius loves James and Harry, you know? I'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't find it boring.

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Review #36, by fred is dead A Marauder's Last Stand

30th March 2009:
I agree, it's so heartbreaking. Very nicely written chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you. You have no idea how great it makes me feel to recieve so much feedback [and positive feedback, too!] on my story. I love you for it!

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Review #37, by fred is dead Something To Live For

30th March 2009:
absolutely heart wrenching! he said "PAD"!

Author's Response: *tears up* This was my favorite chapter to write, by far, and it came out the easiest, also. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #38, by fred is dead His Midlife Crisis Came Early

30th March 2009:
My only comment would be you seem to overdo the "dear boy" statement from Merlin. But that's just my view anyway. otherwise, it is continually awesome.

Author's Response: Hmm, that's a valid point. My main goal was to make Merlin sound old...really old. =] I have no idea what else I can use to achieve that ancient & tired tone.

I'll take a look at it again. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #39, by fred is dead Part III: Full Moon

30th March 2009:
I definitely acknowledge the effort you put into this chapter. It was really intense!

Author's Response: Thanks! It was difficult to write, but I think it really marked the turning point in this story, in terms of writing maturity and quality. =]

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Review #40, by fred is dead Part II: Confrontation and Guesswork

30th March 2009:
About time someone shouted some sense into James! He was getting irritating.

Author's Response: HAHA, he's sad, the poor thing. Teenage boys can be so dramatic, and James Potter always struck me as the dramatic-to-the-point-of-obnxious type anyway. Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #41, by fred is dead Part I: The Morning After

29th March 2009:
Man, I just can't stop reading this! It's so good!!!

Author's Response: Wow, really?! Thanks so much! I really appreciate your reviews. =]

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Review #42, by fred is dead A Bigger Mistake than Landing in Azkaban

29th March 2009:

did not see that coming!

Author's Response: *looks around guiltily* Gah, the OOC-ness could make me cry. But such is the first instinct when one is new to writing the Marauders...

I hope you'll forgive me. ;)

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Review #43, by fred is dead It Was a Strange Sensation

29th March 2009:
Another drop dead 10 :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! =]

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Review #44, by fred is dead The Loneliness of Eight Years

29th March 2009:
haha, yea I've reviewed your Saviour story as 'scarlett nixon'. I just got impatient, and when I got a stroke of inspiration for another story, I decided to put it up in another account. Don't worry about the stalking! it flatters me :)

fabulous chapter by the way. very well crafted. it fits all of JK's portrayals of Sirius and his situation as well as his mother's attitude towards Gryffindors and blood traitors. Bravo!

Author's Response: Haha, when I get reviews I sometimes click their profile to see what led them to my story. =]

Thank you, I'm glad you think it is accurate. It might veer a little OOC later - forgive me, this was my first fic ever - but it was essential to the plotline so I left it. Thank you once again for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #45, by fred is dead Through the Veil

29th March 2009:
This is simply amazing! How unexpected and interesting to meet Merlin beyond the veil! Just, wow!

Author's Response: Hiya! I'm glad you stopped by - and you're the same person who reviewed Saviour, right? [Yes, I stalked your profile. =P] I hope you like this, even though it was written about a year before Saviour and is probably not up to the same caliber. That said, thanks for reviewing!


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Review #46, by No_oneKnows The Loneliness of Eight Years

2nd February 2009:
omg this is brilliant!
Sirius :( . my fav character .

Author's Response: Thanks for dropping a review! I'm glad you like it so far, and hope you keep on reading and enjoying. =]

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Review #47, by Lunicle A Marauder's Last Stand

1st January 2009:
Hello again! Well, my normal computer isn't working so I thought I'd sneak on here and try to get caught up a bit on my reviewing!


"I guess it couldn’t help that you’re at about his maturity level.”

Ha ha, I love that little dig.

Also, I find that adorable that Remus had his yard all perfectly gardened. Then again, I find Remus adorable in general. XD

Okay, wow.

I just finished, and now I see why your A/N at the bottom says you cried while writing it. I mean, they're all so alive and then... bang. :( That was a really great way to do it, though, just so simply at the bottom there. That whole chapter seemed pretty light and happy, despite the war, and then just... wow. *blinks back tears*



Author's Response: Hey, welcome back!

I always thought little digs like that are part of the Marauder flair...when they aren't being goofy, of course. =]

And Remus and his garden. I thought that fit his personality perfectly. I'm happy to hear that you think I made the Marauders seem very alive.

Yay, I'm glad you liked the way I ended it. This chap was meant to be fun and fluffy like the last one, but somehow as I wrote I started to take on a different tone. Until finally...bang. =(

Thanks for the review! It's great that you're still reading and enjoying!


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Review #48, by LEMONSKY4 Epilogue

30th December 2008:
Wow. Just Wow.
This story was absolutely amazing. Amazing job!

Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for dropping a review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. This story took forever to write--over a year--and it was my first ever fanfic. Hope you come back to read more of my stories!


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Review #49, by Lunicle Something To Live For

22nd December 2008:
No grammatical errors this chapter! And with that out of the way, off I go onto the real review.

To point out something specific...

" “Speaking of, where’s Moony been lately? I haven’t seen him since that time I set off that crazy Muggle contraption and he had to come help me escape from that po-lease station. You lot weren’t picking up your fellytone,” Sirius explained."

LOL at all the wizarding versions of Muggle words!

What really stood out to me was how rich this chapter was with foreshadowing of what was to come. It obviously wasn't meant to be suspenseful, but it had me acting how I do when I read a mystery or suspenseful story- I wanted to shout out to the characters and warn them about what was going to happen, and tell them how practically everything they were saying was going to come true at some point. I particularly liked how James and Sirius ridiculed the name Albus Potter. XD

10/10 again!


Author's Response: Hey, glad to see you're still reading and enjoying! This is my favorite chapter out of every Marauder one I've ever written.

I have that urge, too. Even when I read/write fluffy Marauders, I always feel a tinge of sadness when I remember what happens to them.

I totally thought it was classic Sirius: setting off the "Muggle contraption", getting sent to the po-lease station, and then having to call Remus to rescue him. Glad you liked it. ;)

Albus Severus Potter! James probably rolled over in his grave! I thought that was great, so I threw that in as well.

Thanks so much for the review, and I'm happy to hear you liked it!


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Review #50, by Lunicle His Midlife Crisis Came Early

30th November 2008:
After that REALLY LONG intermission, I have returned. I got my 50k for NaNo, by the way! *does dance of joy*

Moving on to the review...

Well, I honestly don't have all that much critique for this chapter. I truly think that the story progressed well and at this point you seem to have learned a lot as a writer.

This, however, probably shouldn't be capitalised (weighing): “The Weighing of your wand shows me what is important to your fabrication, as I have told you, so I may judge your worthiness of return..." I could be wrong, because I always get confused on what she capitalises in canon, so I'm very sorry if I am. XD

Hmm... I don't really think it was a bad idea at all to have this chapter here. You need the ones like this to tie it all up, like you said. Can't all be fights and drama and parties and all that, right? Just like real life. XD

Again, sorry for the wait. :(



Author's Response: Ahhh! *huggleglomp* Congrats! I'm so glad you're a NaNo winner, especially since it sounds like you almost went insane in the process...=]

Hmm...Weighing? I don't know. I'm pretty sure that "Weighing of the Wands" is capitalized in the first chapter, but I'll go back and check. That's just something I made up, by the way. It's not canon at all. =]

Haha. Thanks for the review, and take your time! You must have a huge review queue. >.<


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