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Review #26, by Dumbstruck The Awakening

11th November 2008:
Hmmm... Very interesting. I know that you may not have written it to be this way, but Harry's new power is very much alike to Dark Phoenix's from X-Men. Good work though.

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Review #27, by DarkHeart The Awakening

7th June 2008:
im sure alot of people, like myself, can relate to how Harry feels. except we are not as powerful. hoping the next books are up soon and have the same captivating points as the first. i enjoyed how Harry turned dark compared to the other stories i have read. nicely done and i have read the entire book and im looking forward to the rest of the series

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Review #28, by Prongsiepoo Villain

12th May 2008:
Well done! I can't wait to read the next book!

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Review #29, by Ahmed Body and Soul

16th April 2008:
These stories are waste.

Author's Response: wow..my first negative review to this story out of the three sites it's posted on. close to the 200'th total review i think, from all the sites. Though sadly, it's not an intelligent one...see the proper way to say such a thing is to say "these stories are waste" and then to explain why you think that. otherwise you're just a rude person who's probably jealous about having not written a similar story first..but if you had been constructive and said why you think the story is waste, well then i might take it seriously. sadly it wasn't and I don't, so farewell and happy reading of the other stories on this site.

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Review #30, by Leon Villain

8th April 2008:
Great story, can't wait for the next book!

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Review #31, by wsbenge Finding Resolve

6th April 2008:
I like your story. A bit like canon, in that you appear to hold that exterminating known vermin is evil, but that may only be a transition in the story. Good writing, flows well.

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Review #32, by Jordan Villain

13th March 2008:
Excellent story, I very much look forward to reading books 2 and 3! I read the entire story before submitting a review, since the whole thing was already posted ^_^" I give you a 10/10! Simply marvelous, your grammar and spelling were excellent, and development of the characters was superb! Throughout the entire story, the only things I didn't really like much, was
#1) the now rather cliche God-Harry going RAWR YOU ALL DIE NOW! although you still pulled it off marvelously! and
#2) how fast you jumped into giving Harry his god-like powers, I felt that it should have been something a little more gradual like you did with Hermione, where at first it was more like a little energy boost, slowly developing for a chapter or 2 on Harry's part, and then give the trigger that makes him go DIE! lol

But, that's just my opinion ^_^"

As for recommendations to readers, I would highly suggest the Dark Lord Nedved's Legacies series if you liked this one =) also an excellent read, with relatively similar broad plot lines, with the God Harry and turning evil ^_^" although to RavenMasters, reading his series couldn't go amiss for some inspiration =)


Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it. The reason I did Harry's power unlocking the way I Did was to make a point of Dumbledore's good intentioned mistake and his inability to actually see those mistakes.

He put Harry at the Dursleys because it would protect him from voldemort's followers. not even a decade later several of those followers found and attacked Harry within blocks of the dursley home. This caused harry's power, which should've stayed dormant until his 17th birthday, to force its way out so it could protect him. He couldn't handle the power because his body and his magic itself was still unstable. His body and mind wouldn't be ready to handle the power.
Now instead of helping Harry recover and teaching him to manage the power till he matured(which would've been easy given his young age and mallable mind.) (He wouldn't have been able to control it, but he could manage it so he didn't loose control of himself). Instead of that, Dumbldore chose to cover it up and bind Harry's power.

Now this attack would show most people that the dursleys weren't safe. is Harry to remain inside the dursley home for the rest of his childhood? what childhood is that? But dumbledore ignored the facts and returned harry there.

less than a decade later he's attacked by another group of followers, this time on the lawn of the dursley home. This again forces his power out too soon, but there's a catch. His power has been simmering for years with a dark part of his mind that was active during the first awakening. They've meshed together to become one and give the dragon a conciousness of its own. This makes it even harder for Harry to keep control of himself.

Not sure if that helped explain my reasoning. But the reason Hermione's transition was easy and she kept control was because Hermione's powers awoke on her 17th Birthday as they were meant to. Had Harry been 17 when his power awoke, it would've taken a similar path to Hermione's. but it wasn't and that, along with what happened because of Dumbledore's actions and lack of action, are a big part of the story plot.

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Review #33, by lovette Villain

10th March 2008:
pleasew do continue the story please and thank you

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Review #34, by Happy Rotter Chapters 5-6. Correspondence and Massacres

9th March 2008:
Awesome chapters, can't wait to read the next one, but i'll have to, as i have school tomorr-wait later. 1:30 AM now, so i can't read more till i get home, also means i am too tired to write a long review as i'd like to, sorry 'bout that.


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Review #35, by Happy Rotter Deja VU

8th March 2008:
Extremely awesome chapters, i shouldn't have read this one, as i am now late for getting ready for Church, ah well, i'll make it.

At least Harry hasn't completely lost his mind, that would be terrible and it's great to know that he hasn't.


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Review #36, by Happy Rotter The Awakening

7th March 2008:
Ouch! Idiotic Harry, thinking he's controlling magic while killing everyone he sees and destroying everything he sees.

Why do that? Now i think the green pulse in your other story was very tame and polite compared to this. Well, if he can control it, it would be awesome.


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Review #37, by Will Villain

6th March 2008:
Hi I'm Pyrogin I reviewed and I placed question wrong I was wondering when next story is coming up.

Author's Response: ah, now that I can't tell you. I'm going to finish the projects I'm working on right now before I do anything else, I've been neglecting them. It'll probably be a few months

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Review #38, by Pyrogin Villain

3rd March 2008:
When are you updating?

Author's Response: that was the last chapter of the first book. that's why it's labeled completed.

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Review #39, by jmcinnj Villain

3rd March 2008:
wonderful cant wait for the next book I hope it is done

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Review #40, by jmcinnj Finding Resolve

2nd March 2008:
wow I loved this one good job

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Review #41, by jmcinnj Harry Hunting

29th February 2008:
another good one can't wait to read the next chapter

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Review #42, by jmcinnj Chapters 5-6. Correspondence and Massacres

29th February 2008:
another great one keep up the good work

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Review #43, by jmcinnj Deja VU

29th February 2008:
another great one . Keep up the good work

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Review #44, by jmcinnj 60,000,000 Galleon Man

28th February 2008:
Wow again I really liked this one too. I would like it more if we could have more be in more contact with the people involved. like feel what they do with more desciption of feelings and surroundings. not that I could even come close to doing the fine job you have. just to help you along to being the wonderful writer I know you are.

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Review #45, by jmcinnj Secrets Revealed

28th February 2008:
another great one i love all the imagination

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Review #46, by jmcinnj The Awakening

28th February 2008:
Wow what a start. Good work please keep it up

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Review #47, by JoeBloe Villain

26th February 2008:
A W E S O M E story, real cool. Keep up the good work!!!

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Review #48, by indrajeet6 The Awakening

26th February 2008:
it feels a lot like Jean Grey in the X-Men turning into the dark phoenix.Is that what inspired it??

i like it a lot,though.

no,i LOVE it!

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Review #49, by indrajeet6 Villain

25th February 2008:
this is the best fanfic i have read.

i love it!please post the others as soon as possible!

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Review #50, by ev11000 Body and Soul

23rd February 2008:
ohhh things just hit the fan to coin a phrase man they are stupid and harry just had a relapse intense fighting not a monotonous bang.smack haha you died. it was riveting and i've read all the epic battle story's this must be nearing the top of my list i think your on par with nedved and seeing as you ship harmony and are into super powers you've probably heard of him

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it, and hope you review the last chapter. I can't say i know who nedved is, but I'm sure it's an honor to be compared to him. lol, I did focus this story more around action than anything else. I'm tired of reading angst filled stories honestly. these days they're either angst filled or the "for whatever reason harry spends the summer with hermione and they fall in love and yadiyada" gets old fast.

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