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Review #26, by Nadia Unchained

2nd April 2013:
WOOHOO!! Finally like after a billion years you post -.- lol but very well written. Somehow I never think Tonks would be the type to say "Darling"... I don't know why it's just how well I see her as, perhaps because of the actress Natalia Tena that played her.
I think it was wonderful when you showed Remus just thinking about bring up Teddy. Beautiful.
I also would love to get in more to the whole Liane story, and what happens to Ramirus. I secretly hope you DON'T kill him off ;) He's a very good character- maybe bring him in the next chapter showing him maybe seeing Teddy for the first time?
Keep em coming!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm sorry i wasn't able to respond until now, things have been crazy, but i will try to update soon.

i guess i'd say as far as Tonks using the word "darling", i'd explain it as with Remus, he brings out the maturity in her. but that's all i got lol :D

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Review #27, by Yeshu Unchained

2nd April 2013:
This story is great! I keep waiting for u to update!

Author's Response: thanks! i will try to update soon, sorry i haven't responded until now things have been so hectic of late.

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Review #28, by Olivia Webster Dropping Eaves

1st April 2013:
I love this story but I'm sorry all this changing words is really confusing is this something your going to continue? Again love the story and I know this isn't your latest one but I started reading about a week ago

Author's Response: yes i'm definitely continuing it. it's almost finished actually. not sure what you mean by "changing words" but yes, it is being continued until i get to the end of remus' life, plus a little more with teddy in it. hope that helps. :D

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Review #29, by The Last Marauder Little Phoenix

15th March 2013:
Ah that was really cute, how there were so many false alarms and then it happened and Teddy came into the world. I thought you captured Remus's sheer disbelief at holding HIS SON in his arms very well, the idea that he can hardly believe it has happened. Then when they were choosing the Godfather and it was Harry and how Ramirus was considered too

But I just loved the ending, how you captured Teddy's change of hair colour and how it become red like Phoenix Feathers, that just sums it all up perfectly

Can't wait for more now!

Author's Response: thank you so much! im so glad i was able to capture this well, being that not only have i never had children before, but ive never been a new father before. so im glad i got it right at least from one perspective.

thank you so much for the review, as usual, and i look forward to more of "door into the dark". :D

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Review #30, by Nerdface Little Phoenix

14th March 2013:
When's the next chapter out?

Author's Response: soon, I'm hoping. :D keep checking.

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Review #31, by The Last Marauder Rat's Redemption

8th March 2013:
Hi there, again sorry for the delay.

I really liked Ted's piece at the beginning, how he was calling out to Tonks with his heart, how he stroked the words his father wrote, quoting his mother. Then contemplating whether or not they would be there for his graduation, the idea of them being there in spirit sort of thing. That was very good

I really liked how you framed his chapter around Peter and the idea of his redemption. Even the title was good, the alliteration of Rat's Redemption. I even liked how you had Remus react to it, how he did feel saddened, because he remembered what Peter was once, many moons again, when they were all kids at school, all friends. He sort of mourned the loss of that Peter, not the man he became, if that makes any sense at all!

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter. Good work here!

Author's Response: no worries, i know how busy and overwhelming life can be. ;)

i'm glad you liked the chapter, and i just read your latest in "door into the dark" and really enjoyed it (but ofc you can read the review) :D

thanks so much for leaving this one, i always love your reviews! and i'm so excited to be getting to the bits with teddy as a newborn, and i hope you are too. :D

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Review #32, by Nadia Rat's Redemption

26th February 2013:
Hey, so I was wondering, while you're here writing this awesomeness, if you read any other hp fanfiction? Have any suggestions? Because I can never find any good ones because they aren't that well written like this :) Thanks

Author's Response: you know i do know a couple. carnivalgirl, who wrote "to love and be loved" on this site and another one as well, is a great writer of the remadora pairing! :D

thanks again for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #33, by The Last Marauder Ashes

24th February 2013:
Hi there,

So sorry for the delay in reviewing, things just got really busy, ah well, there is a few moments now to spend reading the much awaited updates of Moonlight - YAY!

I loved how you are going with this cheating death motif - focusing on how Remus has time and time again cheated death, while at the same time, knowing in his heart that he can't keep doing that forever, that death will find him at the end of all things, but that he can still cheat death in a new way - by having Teddy live on after him - that was a really nice way to look at it all!

While I did not agree with or like Andromeda's reaction, I do understand it, she needed to vent and she was very angry and hurt, so she just lashed out

I also really loved this phrase, where Tonks answers Remus's question about what she is thinking about and she says: "I'm thinking about the hole inside me where Dad used to be" - that was just brilliant, so well put and phrased

I also really liked the conversation between Tonks and Lupin about what to call Teddy - it was really nice having them go through names and various people they could name the baby after.

Anyway, this was a good chapter - I am looking forward to reading more now!

Author's Response: no i understand, life is full of stuff to do and can get pretty insane. lol. but yay! i always look forward to your reviews and your updates on "Door into the Dark"!!!

thank you so much for the review, of course, and i'm glad you liked all the stuff you pointed out in this chapter, especially the part about remus seeing it as teddy living on after him--i thought it made things less grim--and how they came to decide on what ted's name would ultimately be. i wanted it to seem organic rather than obvious because of course we already know what they're going to name him.

i also liked that though you didn't agree with andromeda's reaction, you understood it. it seemed to make sense to me, given how tense things are between her and Remus anyway in this story.

i am looking forward to updates of "door into the dark", and i hope you really like the upcoming chapters for this story! :D

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Review #34, by Nadia Little Phoenix

21st February 2013:
Wah sooo good! If i were reading how i was delivered I would be freaked out but this is different eh?

Author's Response: i guess so, but i suppose Ted doesn't really mind. lol but thanks for the compliment on the chapter.

and thanks of course just for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #35, by Nadia Rat's Redemption

20th February 2013:
Wow, I can't believe you've been writing this for almost 6 years! So cool! Pleaseee write more! Also, I was wondering whether you were french or canadian.. your french is quite good! I think this is great and you must continue this...

10/10 any day!

Author's Response: thank you! and i'm actually american, but i'm glad i managed to pull off the french so well. it was one of my favorite subjects in school.

i should have more up tonight. :)

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Review #36, by Nadia Gloves

19th February 2013:
I was re-reading this chapter (since it's so awesome) and I'd just like to point out that Lucius Malfoy was fired as a school governor in The Chamber of Secrets- because he threatened the others

Author's Response: oh woops! i will go back and fix that when i get a chance, thanks for pointing that out. :)

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Review #37, by MirandaTraveler Ashes

11th February 2013:
I honestly just love this story so much. Anxiously awaiting chapter 166!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i will try to have 166 posted soon. :D

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Review #38, by Nerdhead Ashes

5th February 2013:
AMAAAZING! MUST. WRITE. MORE! I know ur busy with ur other stories, but this is by far the most popular, so yeah

Author's Response: lol, thanks. i will try to get more up soon. thanks for reading. :)

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Review #39, by Nadia Grace of the Doe

22nd January 2013:
Hey, when are you gonna post more chapters?

Author's Response: i will, i promise. :)

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Review #40, by Nadia Restless Tension

19th January 2013:
Hey! OMG I LOVE THIS STORY! (Novel more like) Um..I just had a few suggestions... stuff like how James is a Chaser; not seeker. And how Remus keeps on saying Voldemort when the name's supposed to be tabooed. Just some thoughts!

Author's Response: oops, i will have to check those. I do know i need to change the seeker thing to chaser for James, lol.

I was hoping any mention of Voldemort was not spoken aloud, just Remus thinking it because his thoughts aren't being tabooed right? But i might've slipped up so I'll have to check that. regardless, thank you for keeping an eye out.

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Review #41, by Joel F Grace of the Doe

18th January 2013:
I feel bad having read all 164 chapters over the past few days and only leaving this one review. I typically don't review any of the limited fanfiction I read but I wanted to commend you on your work, not only the length but also the quality (I'm confident in saying it surpasses any other fanfiction I've read [and I'm not one to typically give compliments]). Overall your grasp on the Potter cannon is excellent and I've noticed very few errors (and most of the things I've noticed aren't so much errors so much as they are stretches in terms of some of the books' implications). The only thing that bothered me from a consistency standpoint is the Marauders informing the Order that they are animagus in chapter 20(you later fix/contradict this mistake since Dumbledore would've obviously known about Sirius being able to transform into a dog - although I suppose it is possible that Sirius lied to Aurelia and that she never mentioned her and the Marauders' animagus status to the Order). Anyway I'm just being an annoying, anal nitpicker here to hopefully demonstrate how well you've written this (since someone as OCD as me can only find/remember one error to complain about).

Anyway, again, great work and keep writing! I can't wait to keep reading new chapters (with hopefully more Ted Lupin [and Victoire] parts as I really enjoyed the continuing framing bits that were common at the story's beginning).

Oh, and the 10/10 is more for the story as a whole than this chapter - although this chapter is great in itself.

Author's Response: thank you! thank you so much, and don't worry there will be more, and more teddy and victoire too. :)

and thanks for pointing the little errors. i'll probably go through and comb for more errors after i've gotten all the chapters up, lol.

and thanks again so much for the review, that and sticking with me for 164 chapters. :D

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Review #42, by The Last Marauder Grace of the Doe

3rd January 2013:
I really loved how you started the chapter, describing the pain Remus was in, it was really brilliantly written, I just had to stand back and soak it all up, it was really great stuff.

I don't remember Gail from before, (don't worry I trust you that they had encountered each other in the first war) but I liked how she took care of Remus and how her daughter let him go because she could relate to his plight as her father had been in the same position.

The Doe - now, is Remus really in the Forest of Dean and that Doe is Snape's patronus leading Harry to the pool with the sword of Gryffindor in it? Am I right in saying that? C'mon, I have to be. It was nice to think that Remus and Harry were close to each other at that time, even if they did not know it themselves.

I also like how Kingsley and Ramirius came to Tonks and looked after her when word of Remus's supposed death reached them. It was a really nice gesture and it shows the great bond of friendship between the four of them.

There were just two things I spotted:

"He ate what he could of berries frozen and preserved beneath the crusts of snow, and when there was no water source nearby and he was thirsty, he ate the snow instead." - wouldn't the aguamenti spell have been easier? More practical here? Or was Remus too weak to do that?


"He didnít even know where he was, and thus far he hadnít done himself any favors by walking for four days straight with little food and rest along the way.

He didnít even know where he was." - maybe get rid of the secon "He didn't even know where he was" because it does not read well here in this instance.

Other than that, this was really good. Please update again soon, looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: oops, thank you for pointing those out, lol. I will fix that. Thanks again for the awesome review too, ofc. :)

and yes, that was Snape's Doe ;) i thought it would be nice to give that kind of proximity, even if Harry and Remus never fully know it. Plus I wanted to give an idea of where Harry was in his journey, timeline, etc.

oh, and yeah Remus probably could've used Aguamenti. Though perhaps he refrained from too much use of magic to avoid detection?

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Review #43, by The Last Marauder Blood On Snow

28th December 2012:
Hi again,

Again, I am so sorry for the delay, life just keeps getting in the way of fanfiction. It's a bit crazy.

Anyway, there was so much right about this chapter. My favourite bit was the conversation between Ron and Remus in Bill and Fleur's - the idea that Ron would confide in Remus, because he's made mistakes too and recovered from them, you know? And you see how Ron still sees him as his old teacher, and Remus still sees him as the student and is doing what he can to help him. Really brilliant stuff really. As Dumbledore said (and I'm paraphrasing here) it is the habit of old school teachers never to forget their charges youthful beginnings.

I also really liked the fight with Dolohov at the end, it was very exciting and intense and you really captured how much each character loathes the other one. You could feel the hatred in each word and action.

I also loved the final line, exceptionally poetic, being swallowed by cold water, which became darkness, really brilliant stuff.

Anyway, please update soon :-)

Author's Response: i am finally responding, yay! which means i'm going to check to see if you've updated "door into the dark" after i've replied, and then update "moonlight", woo!

so thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your always awesome input, i'm so glad you liked this chapter, especially the bit with Ron. And I'm planning a non-canon exchange with Remus and Harry at Shell Cottage (after the scene where Remus announces Teddy's birth) just one last kind of peaceful goodbye between them, because of course after that it's kind of chaos from there and i want to put an effective close on that relationship. ;)

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Review #44, by The Last Marauder Moonstone Noel

15th December 2012:
Hi there!

So sorry for the delay in reviewing, things have just been absolutely mental and I haven't had time to even breathe would you believe

Anyway, this chapter was worth waiting for. I really liked it. I loved that you had Ramirus stay with them for Christmas and that he was a little freaked out by Tonks and her pregnanacy making her act a bit mad. I also thought it was really cool that you got Remus's patronus to tell Ramirius the location of the house, that was a really clever way to reveal the secret, just like Dumbledore did with the letter to Harry.

I also liked the presents they got each other, they were really nice and thoughtful, and I thought you ended very well with the baby starting to kick, the the kicking being intertwined in their conversation!

Looking forward to the next chapter, which I will read now!

Author's Response: thank you so much! and i hope you enjoy the next chapter, though i warn you it's got another cliffhanger ;)

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Review #45, by Violet Bailey Blood On Snow

7th December 2012:
This is my favourite fan fic ever! I love this story! Ar! Keep up the awesome work :) I have read all the chapters up to this moment!

Author's Response: thank you so much! so glad you're are happy with it so far. :D

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Review #46, by Espresso Patronum Blood On Snow

6th December 2012:
so good update soon please!

Author's Response: thanks i'll try! :D

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Review #47, by Espresso Patronum Moonstone Noel

24th November 2012:
I would offer you some baby names if we didn't already know it would be called Ted, lol.

Awesome, beautiful chapter.:) It's so sad Tonks and Remus died :( leaving teddy all alone :'( 11/10

Author's Response: lol, thanks :)

inorite though, so sad they have to die! i think i'm going to cry when i get to that part. :'(

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Review #48, by Lori Bad Timing

22nd November 2012:
Your fan fic is one of my fav. I think as long as you show that you are indeed doing your research while writing it, which you have, it should be fine. :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! :D

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Review #49, by Lillytiger87 Moonstone Noel

22nd November 2012:
id like to hear more of Ted thoughts on things

like his grandmother dancing with his uncle that was funny

Author's Response: thanks! there will be more ted soon don't worry. :)

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Review #50, by The Last Marauder First Snow

30th October 2012:
Yay! An update! YES!

I must admit the opening of the chapter was my favourite part - how you described Remus's shock and fear at seeing the Dark Mark. Even though I knew Tonks wasn't dead (because that would be non-canon) you managed to suspend my disbelief for a moment, where I actually felt the fear Remus did, that she was indeed dead. That was just a great piece of writing and was my absolute favourite part by a country mile!

I also liked that you started to show Tonks's fear of motherhood in this chapter, where the reality of what is going to happen presses down upon her and she is just scared that she will be a bad mum or that she will drop the baby. Though I have no experience whatsoever in this area, it does seem very realistic to me anyway!

I also thought it was really sweet that they now can feel a sort of tremour, even if the baby is still too young to start kicking, that was just really nice anyway, and how that little thing defused the whole situation, flooding them with his powerful happy feeling. That was great.

I also liked the ending and the idea of the first snow fall. Snow is quite a special thing where I come from, because we so rarely have it and when we do it's so beautiful and exciting and I just loved your final paragraph. It was truly fantastic and such a great piece of descriptive writing.

Anyway, very well done again, and I can't wait for more so please do update soon! :-)

Author's Response: thank you so much! and i'm hoping to get the next chapter up soon.

yeah, i always thought that what with tonks' proclivity for clumsiness, she'd feel insecure about it and how it would make her do something to hurt the baby. i've been doing reading on pregnancy and such and most expectant mothers start to get a bit anxious during that time as the full weight of what's happening really hits them.

and i'm glad you liked the bit with the snowfall. it's a bit poignant now, because we know that everything, like the first snowfall, is the last time they'll experience it before the Battle of Hogwarts, which was what i was kind of driving at, they're commitment to living life while they can. :_(

Anyway, can't wait to read more of Door into the Dark, and thank you so much for the awesome review, as always. :D

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