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Review #26, by ohnobeans An Off Day

7th September 2014:
I LOVE Meghan and Tavish sitting around and talking about Fitz and Molly. I'm so happy things are starting to work out for everybody!!

Author's Response: Haha, those two are shipping it. I liked the idea of McCormack secretly having a boyfriend, and Fitz's old coach looking out for him and he has no idea. It made me smile. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #27, by Snuffles An Off Day

6th September 2014:
Please come back! Your story is too amazing to be left
hanging. We miss you!
I know it's not related to this story but since I'm a big fan ( read
all of them more than once) I am allowed to ask: what kind of
job does Ted have? With that much of kids and Victoire not
working is kind of amazing they don't struggle just as Molly
and Arthur did when theirs were little. Big hug

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I took too long on that update, I know, very sorry.

Of course you're allowed to ask! I always love questions about my headcanons ;) Teddy Lupin works for the Floo Network. He makes decent money, but not a ton - I just don't focus on any money issues they may or may not have. But, I picture it being budgeted but not tightened-belts, if that makes sense. Victoire is a smart cookie, she makes sure everything runs smoothly, even the money ;) Not nearly as poor as Molly and Arthur were, no.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #28, by ReallyAnAuror Surprising Depths

1st September 2014:
I freaking love this story. It makes me smile. Well-written and entertaining.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #29, by RupertsPheonix An Off Day

30th August 2014:
I love Molly & Fitz on his balcony just chatting and drinking a brew. Its so perfectly them.:)

I hope that Meghan doesn't make them stay apart too long. I know Ballycastle would be good, but I do love them working together too.

Anyways great chapter! Looking forward to another! -RP/Kate

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Review #30, by coolgf An Off Day

18th August 2014:
This was so great! I look forward to updates now. :) McCormack and that coach, love them. Its nice that we find abit more about her and that she is not mean but wants the team to do well is all. But poor Molly, like she didn't realize that the team would have figured it out, that they were hooking up, really? Lol. Can we see Hugo with a girl, he is a cute character. Thanks.

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Review #31, by LightLeviosa5443 Let Us Break A Few Heads

18th August 2014:
AHH. I'M SO SLOW. HOW HAVE YOU UPDATED SO MUCH. AND I HAVEN'T REVIEWED?! Glad the review battle brought these chapters to my attention! (even if I got ninja'd because it takes me forever and a half to review)

I'll just review spam you now :)

Okay, so I'm like absolutely 100% in love with Fitz and his stubborn miserable firewhiskey-drinking self. Oh man, I'm afraid now. I don't like this. Fitz, drinking, in a bar, next to the guy who slept with his ex wife. Who he hates. (have I mentioned lately that I love that he hates her?)

Still wary. Terrified, actually. Oh. Good lord. I can't. I'm literally reading this between fingers because I'm covering my eyes because I can't. I can't. Ferris is a little thick, isn't he? Oh boy. Oh man. No. Don't take it outside. Outside is always a bad idea. Outside is like the worst of all ideas. Where is Molly. Molly needs to come running up and stop this. I don't know if I can scroll down and keep reading. stahp.

Uhm, I might be wrong but nearly ripping doors of their hinges and then kicking them shut is N E V E R good!! No shoving boys!! I'm afraid to keep reading. I'm just going to keep repeating no until this scene is over. No, don't do it. Oh stop insulting each other. OH NO. NO NO NO. NO NO NO. I can't. What? Wow. Um. Wow.

Oh no no no. I feel like this is 100 levels of not good. Like on a scale of 1-not good this is very bad. Like my description? yeah me too. I'm not even capitalizing correctly anymore. Only sporadically. It's for emphasis, I swear. Okay, wait, I'm going to go back to reading. LOL OMG IT WAS RON THAT'S PERFECT. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN. I can't.

Molly and Ron's relationship is perfect. You've written Ron perfectly. Molly is perf. It's all perf. Okay? Okay. Ooooh, she used his first name. I don't know if that actually has any significance, but I haven't noticed her doing it previously, so maybe it does. Wait, is she being formal with him? Ugh. Why'd you break them up?? I just want them to get back together again. #riorolly4ever ... fiteasley? Yeah, no, there's no good way to mash that up. I give up.

RON IS SO CUTE. I want to hug him. Ugh. ♥ can they just be a couple, molly and fitz? I'm gonna repeat it until it happens. Flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt! This review is totally senseless. UGH THEY'RE SO CUTE. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. YOU'RE PLAYING WITH THEM AND ME AND I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT. kiss kiss kiss kiss. YES. I wish it was a more substantial kiss.

LOL I love Duff and Sid. They're both perfect. You're one of us after all. That line is perfect times a million. Hugo is priceless. The team is priceless. I love that they whistle and catcall and encourage his bad behavior. and they don't even know what he did. And Hugo just goes with it.

Yes. Kick their butts. YAY THEY WON. WOO.

This chapter was like a million levels of perfection. I loved every second of it. Even if I read half of it with my hands over my eyes and saying no no no no over and over.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #32, by AlexFan An Off Day

18th August 2014:
The Review Battle gave me a good reason to read this a week before I wanted to.

Fitz can't seem to catch a break. I mean, of course he was never going to get back to full range, and eighty percent is pretty damn good considering but at the same time it must've been hard to hear anyway. I think Fitz needs to find some other outlet for his anger instead of letting it out on his team when they don't deserve it. The rumour about Ballycastle seems like it could be good if it ended up being true. I mean, it would mean long distance but I'm sure that Molly and Fitz could manage, I've just gotten used to the two of them working together that I'm a little sad at the idea that they might not be anymore. Speaking of Fitz and Molly, it looks like there may be some good news in terms of their relationship as well. Meghan might end up letting them be open about the fact that Fitz and Molly are dating (she ships them just as much as the rest of the team does let's face it).

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Review #33, by ThestralPrincess An Off Day

18th August 2014:
I loved how you painted the scene from Meghan's eyes of Fitz and Molly. So adorable! Lovely chapter. Your story is keeping me going through writing my thesis at university! :D

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I really liked writing that scene, it was nice to get another POV on those two. McCormack does see it, y'know, she just was leery of messing up the team. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #34, by fangirlfanatic An Off Day

18th August 2014:
McCormack and Ogilvies just kidding. It's great that McCormack has him to give her advice about what to do about Molly and Fitz. I hope she lets them stay in their relationship. Anyways amazing job, the team makes me laugh everytime they open their mouths.

Author's Response: I'm sure it's not a spoiler to say there'll be a happy ending ;) I do like to write them. Can't resist a HEA. Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

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Review #35, by ohnobeans A Chance

17th August 2014:
and in the 21st chapter this readers newest OTP finally came true!

Author's Response: Woohoo! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by UnluckyStar57 Let Us Break A Few Heads

14th August 2014:
Rakes really IS a troll. Grrr.

I think it's awful that he just had to do all of those things to Fitz: have an affair with Mariah, hex him on the pitch and keep quiet about it, and et cetera--and THEN he had to go and rub it all in Fitz's face. Fitz had every right to be angry, but their brawl could have caused a stir in the League if it weren't covered up so quickly!

Ron is AWESOME in this chapter. He seems to have gained a bit more sense than he had in his Hogwarts years (growing up does that to people, I've heard), but it's so nice to see his loyalty to the Chudley Cannons is still intact. And major props to him for not identifying Fitz for the records. :)

And Molly comes to Fitz's rescue again! I love that she is the one who keeps him in line most of the time--they balance each other out perfectly. And despite all of their awkwardness after Fitz's dramatics in the previous chapters, they are still willing to have a professional relationship as coach and captain.

Rakes really ought to pay for what he did. It's good that Mariah didn't know about the hexing thing, though. That would just give me another reason to despise her...

Ouch. The match sounded positively brutal. I know that I wouldn't want to be a professional Quidditch player if I had to go through that sort of roughhousing on a regular basis! But I'm glad they won--that gives the Prides a victory in the midst of their attempts to regain a good reputation as players, and it gives Fitz a bit of a victory over the insidious Rakes as well. :)

One question: When Fitz kissed Molly, did she get blood on her lips? (His lip was cut, right?) Or... I guess the blood had dried by then. But seriously, Fitz. That had to hurt, at least a little. He obviously doesn't care about slight pain if it means he gets to kiss Molly. ;)

Great chapter, as always! I hope they find a way to convict Rakes of his crime and get him out of the League.


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Review #37, by UnluckyStar57 Strength of Will

13th August 2014:
I'm back to review another chapter! :D

Wow, Fitz is being super dramatic about the situation with Molly. Threatening his best friend? Max out to make him pay his tab for that. But I guess that he knows that Fitz is completely and totally stuck in his own head and needs to work himself out. Still, that was pretty confrontational!

You know, I have trouble thinking about writing male characters because I've seen so many stories where they seem too much like they were written by girls, and so they behave more like girls. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I like to see stories in which male characters are portrayed just as accurately as girls are by a female author. And vice versa, of course. I think that you've done a fantastic job of this--especially when it comes to Fitz. He's a very masculine character, but he's also incredibly emotional. And yet, his emotions are not out-of-character. They burn like his anger, and if he eventually cries about something, I know it's going to be a HUGE thing. Not something like losing a match or being cold-shouldered by Molly. So thank you for writing such a true-to-life character! :)

Beathan would totally be a neo-Romantic poet if she weren't a Quidditch player, just sayin'. She's so in awe of the gardens that it makes me laugh. She reminds me a lot of my mother, actually. Hahaha. :D

Molly's hair!! Dreadlocks sound like just as edgy of a hairstyle as a mohawk, but Jinks seems to think that the mohawk was better. I think he should definitely grow one, and maybe the others could cut their hair in funky shapes, too. The Prides would certainly make a splash that way! ;D But I like the change. I think that it was time for a change, and if it got Fitz to daydream about it a little bit, then I am totally okay with that. :)

Ooooh, Mariah! I really don't like her at all. Of COURSE she tattled on Fitz and Molly just because she wants to jump into the sack with a few of the team members. She's acting out of jealousy here--jealousy that Fitz and Molly had a romance behind McCormack's back--and that's never a good motive for acting on something. The revelation about her father being a rabbi comes as quite a shock! I guess that what they say about preacher's kids is true, after all...

AHAH! So this Rakes fellow is the one that Mariah cheated on Fitz with, the last straw before Fitz divorced her. He seems pretty raunchy right from the start, and I've barely seen him in action yet! I think he'll be one to watch.


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Review #38, by AlexFan A Chance

11th August 2014:
It's party time! Mitz is canon once again and I am silently cheering so as not to wake my mum up. (I'm going to refer to Molly and Fitz as Mitz because it's just easier).

This chapter was just fluff, fluff everywhere and I was just dying from all of the cuteness. Molly finally put her feelings out on the table and the result was FAR from negative. But hey, at least Mitz are willing to give it a go now and really try and see where their relationship goes (I hope nothing horrible happens).

I think that Mitz should definitely talk to McCormack about their situation. It may not give them the answer that they want to hear, and it might make Mitz's life more difficult but I think that would be better than having McCormack find out from another source like last time.

Every time Mitz moments come up Take a Chance just starts playing in my head. I don't even have to think about it anymore, it just happens. It has become my theme song for this story.

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Review #39, by Penelope Inkwell Friends Again

10th August 2014:
Finally, he knows! I suppose we rarely like our parents getting involved in this sort of thing, but in this case, meddling for the win! It would drive me positively crazy if my father did such a thing, admittedly, but I appreciate Percy and what heís trying to do. Itís very him--he always was a bit nosy and certain he knew the best way, but all the Weasleys were so family-centric, Percy included, in the end. I can totally see him having a talk with his daughterís...well, whatever Fitz is, to try to straighten things out. And now Fitz knows how she feels! Hooray!

Aw, and Lucy and Hilarion are so sweet and adorable. And baby Flora, pitching in as well! Yay for familial support, all around. :D


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Review #40, by B A Chance

9th August 2014:
YAYY they're finally together!! They better stay together forever from now on. Great writing as usual!!

Author's Response: Hehehe... Together forever is always my romantic-writing watchword ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #41, by fangirlfanatic A Chance

9th August 2014:
Aw. Fitz and Molly are now together again, well not exactly but they are well along the way. This story is completely adorable in the best way.

Author's Response: They're definitely much closer to it! I'm really pleased to hear that you like the story :) Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #42, by coolgf A Chance

9th August 2014:
Yes, they are together :) Super !

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #43, by ThestralPrincess A Chance

9th August 2014:
Oh my gosh, they are finally together! (well kind of) and they finally know they love each other! Made my day. I think my favourite part was the scene is the changing room where Molly has her arms wrapped around herself and debating the difficulties of just telling him she loves him. I could relate, it felt so familiar, you are genuinely such a fantastic author. :D

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Review #44, by UnluckyStar57 Something Real

7th August 2014:
Poor Molly. :/

Despite his being not the quickest Snitch in the Quidditch chest, Hilarion spotted that something was wrong with Molly pretty quickly. I think that being with her family for a little while helped her out a lot, and even though she wanted to talked to Lucy, it was Percy who helped her the most. Who knew he had such great parenting skills?!

I love Percy in this story, just because he seems to have lost some of the pomp and circumstance that plagued him in his Hogwarts years. He is frank and honest with Molly, and he lets her cry on his shoulder. That's so beautiful. :') Also, I think he's been where Molly is right now--too busy being a leader to realize that it's okay to NOT be okay sometimes. You did such a masterful job of writing that scene. It was brilliant. :)

Molly's time to be "NOT okay" is now. It's an oddity for her to be late for Quidditch practice--whether five minutes or thirty--but she's trying to keep it all together. Fitz can't see that, perhaps because he's not good at telling emotions or perhaps because Molly is so good at keeping up a facade. :/

So I guess the junior league coaching thing is out for him, then. That makes sense--he was particularly rude to the team during practice in this chapter. Molly wanted to shout at him--I think he deserves a good chewing out. :P

And Molly's going to change her hair! From a mohawk to...What? I'll have to find out! :D

And maybe she'll start to be okay again. That would be good. :)


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Review #45, by UnluckyStar57 Colour-Coded and Perfect

7th August 2014:
...I forgot about this chapter.

Really, it must've been a dissociative thing, because I don't enjoy remembering all of the high drama and utter angstiness that happens. :/

It's very well-written, of course, and I KNOW that it all needed to happen, but WHY?!?! Why are you so excellent at pairing the very, very good with the soul-crushing, heart-wrenching bad and making me think that it's supposed to be this way?! *sob* Stop making me FEEL things, darn it!

So, since I forgot about this chapter, I thought that things were looking up for a longer period of time (for a change). And the first little bit of it was all happiness and gruff!Fitz and cohesive!Prides. It was great. Really, I loved seeing the team finally coming together after their devastation at the loss to Appleby. They're learning from their failure.

BUT MARIAH WALDMAN IS AN AWFUL PERSON. I'm sure that you get a lot of reviews that snark about her and her utter ridiculousness, and this review isn't going to break that tradition. Gr... She is so utterly awful, and it seems that her main mission in life is to stir up trouble for Fitz. She is jealous, lazy, ambitious in the worst sort of way, and positively conniving. In short, she's probably the embodiment of characteristics that people see in themselves (I know I do). As unfortunate as it is, I can understand why Mariah Waldman is so necessary to the plot of this story. But that doesn't mean that I like her. :P

And McCormack is just being dumb at this point. She's willing to believe MARIAH WALDMAN, who is FITZ'S EX-WIFE. Of course, the things that Mariah said were true, but why did McCormack have to go and get all angry about it before hearing Fitz's side? Why would she believe a player over a coach? Is she in cahoots with Mariah? Gr. Ugh, you know, at this point, I'm thinking that this story will end with Fitz taking a different coaching position (maybe in the junior league) just so that he can date Molly. But I don't really want that to happen. :/

AND THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND KILL MY FEELS. Because Fitz just HAS to go and tell Molly about McCormack's inanity, and then he tries to pull away from her when he doesn't even want to. And he thinks that she'll leave him later because he's just "someone for her to fix." Oh no. No no. Fitz is being so overdramatic in this chapter. He's got a terrible temper, yes, but can't he think rationally? Why don't he and Molly have a legitimate conversation for once, and sort things out?!

Your characters are giving me a headache. But in the best possible way. :)

I'm going to read on, just in case everything turns around again in the next chapter. (I hope it will!)


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Review #46, by UnluckyStar57 Stamp of Approval

6th August 2014:
So the repercussions of the bar brawl aren't too terrible, then. That's good! But the team is still taking the loss a bit hard, considering that they're a fairly new line-up and they've only won one game out of four. There is still disagreement amongst them, as evidenced by Zara accusing Jinks of losing the match for them. I can only hope that the highlights that Fitz shows them will make them think about what they need to improve!

Ooh, random thought--how do these training reels come about? Is there a magical film industry in the Next Generation world? Or do they just have a quick-clicking camera that takes a bunch of pictures and animates them? Or did the wizards finally wise up and start using Muggle technology? *smirks* I'm kind of curious about this now! :D

Like the good, ale-quaffing Quidditch players they are, the team is only too happy to accept Molly's invitation for drinks. Adding Lucy in their midst is just hilarious--but she doesn't think so, of course! Her differences from Molly are really emphasized in this chapter, and it's nice to see them compared side-by-side. So many fics write Molly and Lucy as carbon copies of Percy, and it's quite obvious that neither of his daughters are exactly like him in this fic. :)

D'awww, Lucy is being so obvious around Fitz. She may be able to keep a secret, but she can't resist a comment or two. :) And Fitz was being quite adorable himself, alerting Molly to her firewhiskey shortage so that the team wouldn't see her meticulously-arranged bottles.

Hmmm, in the bar on a Sunday? What are their livers made of, steel?! What I'm curious about is the reason why Molly and Fitz went to the bar when they were going to have to wake up early the next morning. Rough weekend? I'm not sure...

But I'm not complaining, because it led to more fantastic awkwardness and sexual tension between them. That's the best part! :D No, just kidding--while it is one of the best parts, it's not the only thing that drives the story. But in the past few chapters, there have been a lot of those little moments...

And of course, Fitz finally realizes that what he's feeling for Molly might be just a wee bit more than physical attraction. Uh oh. I'm sure that if there were no relationship bans, they would be together and already sick of each other by now, but that is entirely not the case here. The Great Romance Crockpot is slowly starting to simmer, and I'm waiting for it to boil over! :D

(Sorry, I like weird metaphors/comparisons...)

Anyways, there were lots of interesting interactions in this chapter, and I enjoyed it immensely!


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Review #47, by Leonore Friends Again

6th August 2014:
Hmm, has Mariah given up or is she planning something? So she was shocked to find out that Fitz and Molly were actually serious... but I'd almost say jealousy is more likely than acceptance in that situation. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Ooh, Fitz does care about Mariah. If he'd really moved on, he wouldn't be wanting revenge or being keen to not look at her. It's that it's revenge for the affairs - not just for being the cause of his injury. I guess it might be a pride thing, that he's embarrassed that she wasn't happy with him but felt the need to have those affairs. *shrugs* Well, something tells me there's going to be some Mariah trouble later.

Good ol' Percy. Getting thing sorted out. And making Fitz actually think about Molly's feelings rather than just making assumptions. I love the way he hints at his own experience of coming back into the family for the battle.

Love the cottage pie thing - it's just so normal and relatable.

Molly and Fitz, just friends? Mmm, not sure about that. No, Molly, you're more than friends, as everyone except you can tell...

I'm half surprised that nobody made a sarcastic comment about Hilarion "watching" the game on the wireless. I guess it's not my family, and they aren't really in the mood for picking up on technicalities like that.

Hilarion's so sweet.

Hold the baby. The cure for everything :)

Love it, as always.

~ Leo xx

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Review #48, by TumTum A Sabotaged Sorceress

5th August 2014:
I'm really enjoying this so far although I feel sorry for any quidditch player who doesn't drink...

Author's Response: I know right? Cast-iron livers up in there. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you like the story!

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Review #49, by UnluckyStar57 Spiralling Self-Control

5th August 2014:
Oh dear... Right when I thought that Molly and Fitz were going to have a rational conversation, they go and start snogging again. :) It really isn't a bad problem to have, but right now I'm wondering how they can possibly keep this up without McCormack finding out. I'm also wondering if there's any way for them to change McCormack's mind about her no-romance policy? That would make things easier, certainly, but a whole lot less fun/awkward. :D

Of course they lost. How could they win against a top five team? I think it's incredibly realistic, and although some of the team members are a bit upset, it's going to be worth it in the long run. And maybe next year they can take the league!

Hilarion and Lucy just keep getting cuter. Like, seriously, could you have written a cuter couple? Probably not. While Molly and Fitz are a bit like tigers--sort of wild and things like that--Lucy and Hilarion are like Pygmy Puffs. They're so cute! And Hilarion is really of a rare breed--a super handsome guy who's almost embarrassed by his looks? That's unheard of in fanfiction! Which is why I'm glad that you wrote about it. :D

This chapter was going along so swimmingly--no fights, no arguments, just some yelling and gruffness from Fitz--until the end happened and everything got messed up again. What could the Beaters have said to each other to make them start brawling?! They've really got to work on that, especially since the Prides are just starting to become a reputable team again and McCormack won't like hearing about the fight. Hopefully things will work out...

Jinks continues to make me laugh. He's such a goof. I love the personality that he's developing throughout the story! And also, I'm seriously in awe of you for being able to balance the characterizations of so many characters! It's such a wonderful story to read, and it makes me very happy. :D


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Review #50, by UnluckyStar57 Tentative Hope

5th August 2014:
Well played, Molly and Fitz. Well played. :)

I don't think that the team suspects anything yet, except for maybe Mariah, and who cares about her? She's kind of my least favorite character right now, and out of all the cool and funny characters you've written in this story, I'm glad that there's one I can sort of hate. :)

Petition for you to write a romance novel about Hugo Weasley finding his lurve after you finish this story. :) Hugo is COOL. He's so smart and pretty sarcastic, and the way he deals with the crap that Fitz gives him is just perfect. And he's so understanding of Molly and he knows when he should stop badgering her (unlike Roxanne). So I think that Hugo should find somebody permanent to luuurveee. :) Or you know, maybe not. Maybe he's the Uncle Charlie of the bunch. But I would still like a story about it. :D

Fitz is seriously stepping up his role as coach! I think it's brilliant that he took a day off of training to show them Ballycastle's weaknesses. That can only make the team stronger and more confident in their abilities, so it was a good move on his part. And it was wise of Molly to suggest that he look at the reels in the first place!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I really loved the scene in which Molly boosts Fitz's confidence before the match. He's obviously sort of a wreck, he has no idea how to be optimistic, and she basically fixes all of that. :D Yet another reason why they should be together. And that was one of the most rousing pre-match Quidditch speeches that I've ever read in fanfic. It made ME feel like I could beat Ballycastle, and I'm no athlete! It obviously made the team feel better about themselves, because they stormed out of the locker room, set to divide and conquer!

I'm so glad that they've finally won a match, but I don't doubt that they're going to lose a few more before this story ends. That's pretty realistic, but for now, they can party! :D

Another marvelous chapter! I really love rereading this story. :)


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