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Review #26, by iloveblack 

30th October 2009:
Oh crap, please ignore that last review, I accidently missposted that one (that's what I get for having ten HPFF tabs open at once) but I've got a small review for this chapter :)

Hey there! Iím here to spread the love for HPFFSAD.

Wow, this is what I get for ignoring Dobby Winners. You know when your stomach sort of clenches and saggs down and you feel unblelievably stupid? Well, thatís how Iím feeling right now. I canít believe that I just ignored a such good story when itís bouncing around infront of my nose. So typically me.

I really liked the first two chapters (obviously) and I canít wait to read on, just finishing off this review really quickly .

This is actually the first Molly centered fic Iíve ever read/started to read and I was somewhat sceptical but Iím totally not regretting having stepped out of my comfort zone.

Great start!


Author's Response: lol. Don't worry about the mispost.

Thank you so much! I'm always happy to get someone else who's not into the Molly/Arthur ship to read about them. I hope you keep reading, this wound up turning into a whole series so there's plenty more to read after Unsinkable! Thanks for the review! And the staff appreciation :)

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Review #27, by Historyrepeats 

30th July 2009:

You don't see many Molly fics, I like this one so far!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you keep reading :)

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Review #28, by Bella_Portia 

26th June 2009:
In canon, weren't Arthur and Molly cousins? I wondered if you eliminated this element to conform to TOS.

I enjoyed the portrayals of Flitwick and Slughorn. As to the Charms Master, I would well imagine him handling the situation in exactly that way. Also, he is a wonderful character of whom we see far too little in fanfic.

The little scene of Slughorn was also very true to character.

Again, very action-packed; wonderful characters and pacing. Terrific all around chapter.

Author's Response: They were distant cousins in canon - Arthur's mother's cousin's daughter was married to Molly's uncle (maybe - he was a Prewett but we don't know his exact relation to Molly).

Flitwick doesn't get enough screen time in fanfic, I agree. He's a great character. I wonder if his portrayals onscreen have affected it. The weird makeover they gave poor Warwick Davies really threw me.

Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #29, by WitnesstoitAll 

13th June 2009:
I said I wasn't going to review each chapter but I just wanted you to know that I now have a teensie crush on arthur. *blushing hoping Molly won't find out*

Author's Response: lol. I might have a wee crush on Arthur as well. I won't tell Molly if you won't. Thank you for the review!

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Review #30, by RonsGirlFriday 

29th May 2009:
"He fancied you before you ever gave him that potion."

Ooh, haha. Drama!

I did notice in the last chapter how Arthur almost immediately stepped aside when he thought Molly liked Thad, even while under the influence of the potion. Very strange, but maybe a pre-existing attraction interferes with how the love potion works?

I was so uncomfortable for Molly here. Now I just want to see how she works everything out! 10/10

Author's Response: You are the first person to point that out :D What I had in mind with Arthur's behavior is both that, as you said, the pre-existing attraction altered things - he already knew how to control a strong infatuation with her - and that Arthur has a stronger character than Thad. Thad's a nice guy and all, but he's no Arthur Weasley. So the love potion response was meant to show that Arthur was a much better choice because he COULD step aside.

Ack I hate watching uncomfortable situations but this one wasn't hard to write for some reason. But it makes me jumpy to read it now haha.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #31, by DeliriousforSirius 

2nd April 2009:
Ok, so I usually put my favorite quote in the review, but I forgot for the first chapter.

For chapter one my fav. part was Arthur letting Molly go, it just goes to show how much he loves her. That leads to this chapters favorite quote being: He justÖ let her go

Author's Response: Aw thanks :) I'm glad you're enjoying the story thus far.

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Review #32, by MoonNRoses 

23rd January 2009:
I am really enjoying this story. I love how you had Thad fancying another girl and how gracious Molly was about it. Even had her encouraging the young man to do something about it. I also loved the little boost Thad gave Arthur too. I was hoping he would slip something like that to her. And another wonderful name in Petula! Do you make these names up or do you look them up? Absolutely wonderful!

Author's Response: Well, Molly's not quite Thad's cup of tea :) But he's a nice guy, so... And Molly likes him enough to want him to be happy if he isn't with her.

Actually, none of the names in this story are invented. They all come from British, Greek, Irish, and occasionally Latin sources. Petula is named for the 60s-era singer Petula Clark (well, I named her for that, obviously her parents just liked the name). Thank you for the review!

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Review #33, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

25th October 2008:
Firstly, I loved the ending to this chapter! "Arthur Weasley. Hmm. . ." It was perfect! Your plot is one of the best I've ever seen. It's very obvious, again, why this won the Dobby. The plot is AMAZING, like I said, and the characters are spectacular too.

The way you have Arthur is amazing, I wouldn't have him any other way as a 6th year. Kind, sweet, caring. . . That's SO Arthur. Molly is still great, of course, the way you have her is unbeliveable!

This is such a great story, I can't wait to read more!!! 10/10, again!!! I moving on to chapter 3!

Author's Response: Wow thank you! You are too sweet :) Arthur and Molly are definitely some of my favorite characters from canon, so I'm very glad to hear I did ok with their characterization. Thanks for the review!

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Review #34, by evil little devil 

8th October 2008:
I love how she's starting to think about Arthur now. And I just adore the way you've characterized Molly, it's perfect, just how I imagined her.
I really, really love your writing style. It's so clean and elegant and awesome :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for the compliments!

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Review #35, by merlins_pants 

6th October 2008:
Hey Megan! So I've finally gotten around to reading Unsinkable, which I've heard so many good things about. I can definetly see what all the buzz was about. :) I love stories that stick to canon so I think this will quickly become a fav!
So, I've never read a Molly fic before and now I'm afraid I won't read another because I think you capture her personality very well! I love that you didn't automatically sink into a Molly/Arthur cliche but instead made her fancy someone else to begin with. After all, I'm sure even though Molly claims they were "meant to be" they didn't start out together! I'm very interested to see what happens next. 10/10!

Author's Response: Hey Marissa! Good to see you stop by. I hope you keep reading :) Thanks so much for the great review! There really aren't a lot of Molly stories on the archive, certainly not at this age either. I had to write one, cause she's a fellow twinmom.

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Review #36, by HannahGranger 

9th June 2008:
a very interesting take on them getting together :)...also i wonder if you'll cover the early morning walk thats mentioned in the books :)

Author's Response: Out of their dormitory at four in the morning... Yeah it wasn't specified what year they were in when that happened, but I think I'm going to go for it ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #37, by shadowycorner 

1st June 2008:
Arthur is such a sweetie. Exactly like I imagined him to be when young. He's just so humble and noble...it was portrayed so well. And Molly...I love your Molly. She really is a Gryffindor and very nice one at that. And she's still the Molly Weasley we know from books but of course you added an all new element to her. I'm so thrilled to be reading this piece, because I've never read anything with Arthur and Molly as the main characters, which is a shame...for they are so loveable. But I have found myself just the right story.

And I also have to compliment your writing, which is fantastic. It makes one smile and reads so smooth. Ok, onto the next chapter now. :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I'm glad you like them. I'm a canon stickler so I'm trying to stay true to what I think they must have been like as teens. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by rowenaravenclaw94 

15th May 2008:
i hope this leads to more of an involvement in arthur's life for her! they just seem so nice together! 10/10! good job!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #39, by Labby 

4th May 2008:
Wow, I'm finally back. Sorry it's taken so long.

Anyways, great chapter once again! I really love that idea of a love potion and that Molly didn't really think about Arthur until it happened accidentally. I guess her liking of Thaddeus isn't really that much. She just kind of forgot about him once she realized he wasn't interested. I love the last line of the story. Great job so far and I hopefully won't take as long to read more!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think Molly was inexperienced with liking an actual PERSON, and not just their appearance :) So she got over Thad quickly. And, she was only 16 (nearly 17), a lot of girls that age switch crushes quickly. I know I did!

Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you liked the chapter and hope you keep reading!

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Review #40, by Girldetective85 

8th April 2008:
"Arthur Weasley. Hmm" indeed! Haha! Fickle, fickle Molly. I guess she never really cared for Thaddeus after all, did she? Just thought he was handsome and would maybe help her popularity or something. She did the news of his fancying Cressida rather well, and then immediately after she was intrigued by Arthur's gallant stepping-aside. I guess in the end, she will be glad she made this love potion and that Thaddeus happened to duplicate it! Humiliating school day aside, she'll get to meet the love of her life. :) The characterization of Slughorn was perfect! I enjoyed that whole scene when Thaddeus was like "I love you Molly" and then "Oh" and then "Oh..." Realization struck! Great job so far, on to the next chapter I go :)

Author's Response: hehehe... Yeah she never really liked Thad, she just liked his handsomeness. I think most 16 year old girls are fickle like that though. I read one of my high school journals and almost every time I wrote in it, I had a new "love" *lol* Highly embarrassing as an adult. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #41, by Ford the Prefect 

21st March 2008:
Each chapter a new song! What a great concept!

I'm enjoying your story very much. It's interesting to see Arthur and Molly in their youth, and yet the signs of what and who they will become are plainly visible. I especially liked your description of Arthur. He's a fine young man. And now she's beginning to take notice. Good stuff!

I love the way you've grabbed bits of songs to supplement the chapters. I'm forever hearing lyrics that'll make me think about things that are going on, or have gone on, in my life. The Life Soundtrack, I call it. And I have to commend you on your song selections too. There's only one that I don't immediately recognize, which means they're old (like me) :).

A big thanks to ginwannabe for pointing your story out to me. I look forward to reading the rest, as well as your other stories.


Author's Response: Thank you! Arthur is such a stand-up guy as an adult, principled and just and generous, except for when he hides his Muggle crap from his wife lol, I figured he would have started out as a good kid too. And I'm glad you like the songs, yes they are old - all of them are from between 1965 and 1967 so far. It gets harder to have apropos songs from just the 1966/1967 years the longer I go in this story! *lol* Thanks for the review! I hope you keep reading and enjoying the story.

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Review #42, by Marauderette 

17th March 2008:
Oh my gosh! I love the start to this! I've seen it a lot but I just passed it by, but I really like it! Arthur's so sweet, insane maybe, but sweet! I am extremely glad I started to read this! I like you're diction and how you write the dialogue in a more old fashioned way! 10/10

Author's Response: Well thank you! I'm glad you stopped by to read. I hope you continue to like it :)

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Review #43, by JLHufflepuff 

3rd March 2008:
This is wonderful. I like it that Thaddeus told her that Arthur already fancied her before the potion. It was so sweet, and now she knows that he likes her, unbeknownst to him... So she gets to fall in love with him, and there's going to be all this secretive, embarrassing, tense stuff going on - I will love it! I'm also glad that Thaddeus wasn't too upset. Molly's reaction to him liking Cressida was also similar to how Arthur reacted in charms classroom. Hm. I wish I had time to read more right now... Maybe I will anyway..

Author's Response: Aw I love your review, you're making me squee *lol* Thank you for your comments! I'm so glad you like it, I hope you keep reading. It's pure fluff, you might need to brush your teeth afterward ;) Writing this story is my guilty pleasure, I'm normally very sarcastic and, um, Cecilia-like. The B-word, as Sergeant Angua says.

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Review #44, by beating_faster 

29th February 2008:
Boy does she apologize a lot. Although she should be apologizing anyway. I love all the Hmms. For some reason, I find them pretty entertaining. I also like how you went about showing Molly Arthur's true quality, being able to step down like that. foof.

Author's Response: LOL. Yeah, she does, but she had to. Thank you for the review!

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Review #45, by SereneChaos 

19th February 2008:
This is a lovely fic so far. I've looked before for a good Arthur/Molly, and I'm delighted to have found one of these rare stories written so sweetly. At the moment, I don't have the time to finish the entire thing in one sitting, but I shall be sure to read the rest of it eventually.

Thank you so much for having written a beautiful Arthur/Molly!

Author's Response: Thank you for a lovely review! It means a lot to me. *hugs*

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Review #46, by quidditch77 

7th February 2008:
Very nicely done. I seriously felt myself blush when Molly had to explain herself to Thad and Arthur- how awkward! hehe.
I felt so badly for Arthur though, he was definitely upset.
Anyway...great chapter, you are a good writer and I am enjoying this story, its so unique :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #47, by slytherensangel26 

5th January 2008:
awwe! this is precious!

Author's Response: :) Thanks!

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Review #48, by Resplendence 

27th December 2007:
Aw, Thaddeus is rather adorable, isn't he? I can see why Molly took a fancy to him, what with his gentlemanly ways and overall pleasant personality.

And Arthur! Dear, dear Arthur. Nothing is cuter than a boy who blushes his way through situations. This must really be hard for him, to know that Molly had wanted his friend over him.

God, McGonagall is sending a letter to Molly's parents. That's more than just embarrassing, that's mortifying! Personally, I'm not sure I'd ever be able to live something like that down. And speaking of her brothers, I hope we'll get to see a bit of Gideon and Fabian. :)

Another nicely written chapter. Onto chapter three!

Author's Response: I know, can you imagine that kind of a letter? My mother would have KILLED me. And Gideon and Fabian will be appearing later :) Thank you for the review!

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Review #49, by ginwannabe 

8th December 2007:
I'm loving the songs you pick out...but then they get stuck in my head, lol. Arthur Weasley, indeed...hm. I love that she went to Slughorn, he hasn't changed much, I see ;o).

Edwina Crouch...is that supposed to be Barty Sr's sister, or his wife? Or no relation? She wouldn't be Crouch yet if she were his wife. Just something I'm pondering.

Author's Response: All the songs I'm using are circa 1965-1967, and I'm going to make an iTunes mix with them later :) There's a lot of good music from that period, and I picture Celestina Warbeck as a sort of Diana Ross/Aretha Franklin type so I've been throwing in a bunch of Supremes. Whee!

Edwina is Barty's sister, but she's an invented character just so I could have the Crouch family (who is now extinct in the male line, which means Edwina could have lived, who knows) appear in the story.

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Review #50, by jkgiggle 

5th December 2007:
the seed has been planted. oooh. can't wait

Author's Response: lol. whee Molly!

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