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Review #26, by ohmymerlin Daydream Believer

12th July 2014:
*smacks Dunstan and Reid*

*high fives Cosmo and Roddy*

I want to use mature words in this to describe how DUMB Dunstan and Reid can be! They're ridiculously stupid. It annoys me at how stupid they were being! But now is not the time to rant on stupid male characters otherwise I'd be here all day! :P

Poor Arthur got a bit cross in this chapter, didn't he? But yes, male PMS is much worse than a female's in my hearty opinion. My father and brother are MUCH moodier than I am but their's last the whole month instead of a week! :P And yes, if you insult their [MANLY MANHOOD], they do tend to get very bristly and upset. I think you wrote that aspect of men very well, haha!

Poor Molly though. She's just trying to help him. Yes, she's bossy but she does care about him. I just hope they get to have a nice, calm, rational talk about this and get it sorted as soon as possible! I don't want anything to happen to my favourite couple!

- Kayla :)

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Review #27, by ohmymerlin To Sir, With Love

12th July 2014:
Aw, even though the 'I love you' didn't go the way Arthur planned, it was still so beautifully romantic! He's so sweet, and he way he and Molly love each other so much is just so glorious! ♥

I could just imagine Arthur overthinking everything from the night before when Molly overslept, haha! The poor guy must have worried so much his hair probably begun to thin! ehehe

And yay! Both Arthur and Molly Apparated! I loved how Molly got so nervous when he was partway through it. She's such a mother but she's just such a cutie! She clearly cares about Arthur so much! It makes my heart melt! ♥


- Kayla :)

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Review #28, by ohmymerlin I Say A Little Prayer

12th July 2014:
Oh, poor Arthur and Molly! They missed out on getting to see Celestina! I can't believe Dumbledore is a fan though! That was definitely an unexpected plot twist, hahaha! I can just imagine him in his office humming merrily to it as he strokes Fawkes :P

And poor Arthur, he wasted all that money to sit outside of the venue and listen to Celestina! Oh well, he got a nice date night out of it with Molly and that was the important part!

And oh how I love the emotionally detachedness of boys. I remember when I used to talk to my guy friends I was so appalled at how unemotional they were and how they were much more concerned about the snogging and/or lingerie things like Dunstan and Reid, haha! It was funny how Arthur just knew it was a lost cause!

But he didn't profess his love for her! Unless that's in the upcoming chapter? *wiggles eyebrows up and down*

10/10, of course!

- Kayla :)

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Review #29, by ohmymerlin You're The One

12th July 2014:
Ahhh, there's the bossy Molly we all know and love! And I like that there's an aspect of Percy shining in her though :P It's always funny to see where her children's personalities come from!

I just love how easy going Arthur is! You've really managed to get that aspect of him spot on! Actually, you've managed to get them both spot on! It's just the easy going-ness of Arthur is just so perfect!

And poor Arthur cannot be subtle at all, can he? I'm surprised Molly isn't suspecting another thing is happening for her! I mean, she's noticed that there's something up but she hasn't figured it out yet, which is being a little blind, am I right? :P

Ahh, I was wondering why they kept picking fights with Molly but it was to distract her -- how cute! They must really care for her for them to do all this for Arthur! It's such a nice sign of friendship! :'D

Even though you think this chapter might be a bit fillery, I personally loved it! I loved reading how Molly slowly made her the boss of everything :P It was so great to see, haha!


- Kayla :)

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Review #30, by ohmymerlin How Sweet It Is

12th July 2014:

I know nearly all my reviews so far (and probably will continue to do so) are basically just the word cute reiterated a few hundred times but I CAN'T HELP THAT THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER AHHH

Oh god, I just love how you write Arthur! Especially his little panic at outdoing himself for her birthday! That was so funny! And I can totally picture Adult!Arthur still worrying about under-doing himself from past birthdays/Christmases :P

And it's a little disturbing how Dunstan is SO KEEN on Arthur giving Molly lingerie...

Ah bless Arthur's soul! He's going to go to a Celestina Warbeck concert just for Molly and he knows he's completely gone but he doesn't care which is just so sweet that I just want to cry :'D


- Kayla :)

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Review #31, by ohmymerlin Canít You Hear My Heartbeat

12th July 2014:

They're just so cute oh my word. *holds my hand to my heart and weeps softly at their adorableness*

But oho, they're getting a bit too comfortable with their public displays of affection, aren't they? Tone it down Molly and Arthur! You don't want to get into trouble or lose your friends from your grossness, do you? :P

And even though I know Siobhan is pronounced as She-von, I will always read it as 'Sigh-oh-beh-han' :P Just thought you'd like to know! But I can relate to Siobhan in not wanting to get out of bed and preferring to just skip class in favour of sleep :P I have that struggle every time I have to wake up for university!

Molly giving the scarf to Arthur was so cute! It's so cute seeing that her love of knitting started from a young age! :'D

But naughty Molly and Arthur leaving their work to the last minute! Yes you've got a super cute relationship but EDUCATION FIRST, young lady/mister!


- Kayla :)

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Review #32, by ohmymerlin My Love

12th July 2014:

I legit got those warm little tingles in your stomach that you get when you fancy someone or really love them, y'know? JUST FROM READING THESE CUTIES BE ALL CUTE TOGETHER AND STUFF

And poor Molly getting all sad and worried that a) Arthur didn't get her a present (HE IS ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN WITH YOU, MOLLY. OF COURSE HE GOT YOU A PRESENT AND A SURPRISE BIRTHDAY GIFT) and b) that Arthur might no reciprocate her announcement of love. And while, yes, I think it may be too soon for them to announce such serious declarations -- THEY SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER AND THEY'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER 5EVA BC DAT'S MOAR DAN 4EVA

Ahhh, this was just such a beautiful lil chapter and I'm so glad that they're now "official" because that's just so flipping cute :') :')


- Kayla :)

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Review #33, by ohmymerlin Sunny

12th July 2014:
Hello again!

Yes Arthur, you weren't stalking Molly! Only watching! :P We AAALLL believe you!

It IS magic that Reid manages the time to do all his N.E.W.T's yet can sneak out into Hogsmeade all the time. Maybe I was wrong in my previous review where the twins got some of Arthur's mischievousness -- clearly it was all Reid! :P

HAHAHAHA Arthur's vision of Molly in her night outfit was hilarious! You truly know how to write a teenage boy's mind! :P

WTM, your mum-ness is showing in this line: "Arthur seemed to think clothing and bedrooms were self-cleaning, much to his mother's exasperation." :P

Already the twins and Arthur are bonding over rule-breaking. Bless :')

Great chapter! 10/10

- Kayla :)

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Review #34, by ohmymerlin Lightnin' Strikes

12th July 2014:

I'd had this on my reading list for AGES and I'd read up to here so I thought I should try and complete it just as a last stretch of Event 5!

I've been enjoying it so much! I absolutely adore the way you write Arthur and Molly, they seem so canon-like it's hard to believe that you aren't actually J. K. Rowling in disguise :P Seriously, they're just so perfect!

I do feel a bit sorry for Reid though! But he should back off and give Cecily her space!

I also love how Reid and Arthur do know secret passageways to Hogsmeade. It isn't like the twins got their mischievousness from nowhere, is it now? :P

I also love how flustered Arthur is at getting Molly a present! And it made me giggle at how he was so casual and blase in front of her about having a present but when on his own/in front of Hattie he got so worried :P It's such an Arthur thing to do, hahaha!


- Kayla :)

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Review #35, by grednforge217 Brown-Eyed Girl

30th May 2014:
This is so perfectly romantic it makes me entirely too giddy.

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #36, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish I'm Into Something Good

13th November 2013:
Glad he has his priorities straight. First, kiss her. Next Hogsmeade. Then girlfriend. Finally marriage, and maybe graduating. Oh awkward Weasleys, you make me giggle

Author's Response: Hehehe... Yeah, he's got his priorities sorted for sure. Thank you so much for reviewing! I love your username!

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Review #37, by Debra20 Then He Kissed Me

17th August 2013:
Tonight I was really in the mood for some amazing fluff, and you were the first person I thought of :D I simply love this story for how you've written it and how happy it makes me feel. They're so normal and so in character that I sometimes have the impression I'm reading from Pottermore haha (well, a fanfiction based Pottermore :P)

Molly is just great. I was just thinking now, realising, that of course she would know everything Fred and George were thinking when they were planning their schemes. How could she not when she had grown up with two tricksters? When you go through that once in your life, you learn to read the signs. It may be a motherly thing as well though. I wouldn't know; I'm not a mother yet. But I do know that mothers have this instinct that helps them guess when their children are being naughty. At least I was never able to hide anything from my mother, even if there were times when I put a really good effort haha

We know that Molly knits a lot, so seeing her knit her own clothes this early on in her life made me smile. It's these little details that are so very canon that make me appreciate your story so much.

Also, I was very excited to meet the twins this chapter! I hope we will see more of them in the future, because I simply love them! I am curious to know more about the kind of relationship they have with Molly. I think it's their names, because on other accounts they are almost OC, that makes me want to know more about them. Or at least, your vision of them.

Lovely, lovely chapter as usual!
- Debra20

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm always happy to provide the fluff. ;) I sometimes hope Pottermore will give us more about Molly/Arthur and sometimes hope it won't, because my compulsion to remain canon would make me want to rewrite this. But I'm too lazy to rewrite this :p I like it how it is, I have to admit, so I'm always very happy to hear someone else likes it too.

Oh Molly's onto Fred and George anyway, she did raise them after all. Kids think their parents don't know, but half the time we're just too tired and pretend we don't see it so we don't have to deal with it. Shh don't tell. Molly's seen them since their not-so-good-at-being-sneaky younger days, so she knows and polices them as best she can considering she's got five other kids! My boys think they're sly sometimes but I know what they're doing. Or I find out as soon as things go quiet haha

I think Molly's probably a longtime knitter, so I made her one in school - she knits for herself and her friends. She's a giving sort of person, she would absolutely make gifts for her friends. I love canon details, I always appreciate when someone notes them :)

The twins will be back more! They are tough because we know so little of Molly's brothers from canon - them being twins is not canon, to be honest. They're basically OC, especially given that I'm writing them so young. They're not fully developed yet as personalities, so to speak.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #38, by GryffindorSeeker4 See You In September

16th August 2013:
Fantastic story! You definitely deserve the awards it received! :) Thanks for the very helpful list in chronological order; I will be starting on "Fireworks" in the morning (rather after I wake up, since I couldn't stop reading and it's now 3:40 AM)
Sorry for not reviewing each chapter, but it seems a bit pointless for a completed work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. The list actually has one more - I wrote "Never There" (it's a Reid-POV one-shot) and forgot to add it here. It would come at the end, after Cherry Blossoms. Anyway, no problem, I appreciate every review, and thank you very much for reviewing the story!

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Review #39, by santosh See You In September

4th August 2013:
Could you write about Molly and aurthers 7th year at Hogwarts and when they get married and have their first child?

Author's Response: I wrote about their 7th year in "What It's Worth" (see my author profile, it's a novel-length), and I have a novella about their wedding titled "Over the Anvil". I haven't written about Bill's birth. One of these days maybe! Thank you for reviewing, I'm glad you liked the story!

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Review #40, by Debra20 I'm Into Something Good

17th July 2013:
Here I am with another reivew! I hope I'm not boring you with my repeated presence, but I can't help it if this story is so's your fault! :P

So I was just thinking that I've never really made any real comments about the OC's you've created. I've always thought writing OC's is a lot more difficult than writing already established characters, because you have to find a voice of their own, give them personalities that are realistic, etc. A great deal of things that don't always come so easily. And I wanted to say that yours are very well created. Each of the girls and the boys have a distinct voice, which I personally think is VERY hard to achieve. It's one thing to create one or two MC's, but several supporting characters with voices of their own, faults, desires, etc, is not easy feat. You've risen up to the task extraordinarily. I am eager to see what role each of them play in the development in Arthur and Molly's story and the War that's forever looming closer to them!

Author's Response: Absolutely not boring me at all! I love your reviews, they really make me smile.

I do love to create an original character. Making Molly and Arthur's circles of friends at school was a lot of fun. Large supporting casts can be difficult to juggle with screen-time, but I think it's worth it. Each member of their circle has a different part to play in the formation of their relationship, Molly's friends in particular. Thank you very much for the review! :)

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Review #41, by Debra20 Brown-Eyed Girl

17th July 2013:
Aww WTM, your story always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I honestly couldn't stop grinning all the way through.

As far as pairings go in the HP world, Molly and Arthur together with Ron and Hermione are my favourites. It almost feels like they belong together, like they were born together. And your amazing skill at characterisation captures their essence with startling accuracy. I know I've said this before, but I will say it again (risking to sound like a broken record): you are fabulous at characterisation. It almost feels like the same characters jumped from JK's book to come and play their younger selves in your story. You know them inside out: what they would think in different situations, how they would react, mannerisms, speech patterns, everything. I will never stop feeling astounded at how real they feel!

Ok, so does it seem silly to say that I am looking forward to their date as well? :P I'm so excited to see Molly finally warming up to Arthur, that I almost feel like it's me who's going to go out with him haha I feel butterlflies in my stomach for her! Can't wait to see what happens next for them!

Author's Response: I adore Molly/Arthur and Ron/Hermione. Those are my top two ships in the HP world. They definitely belong together! I really tried to get into Molly and Arthur's heads for this story, so thank you so much for your kind words on their characterization. *blushes* I really love these characters, so that does make my job easier writing them.

Ah butterflies! Young love. So sweet. Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #42, by marauderfan See You In September

3rd June 2013:
I've just finished reading through the whole thing, and I loved it so much. I can certainly see why it won all those awards.

This is a great time period, too - amazing how much fluffier and happier things are when Voldemort isn't about to show up and throw a spanner in the works. What I really liked about this story is that it wasn't like a typical story with a climax and drama and stuff near the end - it felt a lot more like real life, just the progression of a happy relationship. And I loved the chapter titles, all lovey songs from that era :) Your writing is wonderful, and the characters were great. I don't think I can say enough how much I loved this fic! 500/10

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you get a chance to check out the sequel novel and the rest of the Unsinkable story series :)

It is very fluffy in the pre-Voldy days. But this is just the beginning of his rise, so their 7th year is a lot darker. This story is extremely fluffy though. It was a lot of fun to write. I'm glad you didn't mind the slice-of-life style plot. It's a bit tacked together in this one, since I didn't originally intend it to be a novel-length and sort of made it up as I went along. The sequel is a lot more tightly plotted. I'm glad you liked the era songs! I spent way too much time finding lyrics and listening to music during the research process. And it was easier than thinking up chapter titles ;) Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #43, by marauderfan Baby I Need Your Lovin'

2nd June 2013:
Gideon and Fabian cracked me up during this chapter. They've got good hearts but they are SUCH typical 13-year-old boys haha. A duel... oh dear.
And I loved that you added in the origin of that trick step which Neville always gets stuck in many years later. I like the little details like that :)

Author's Response: They really are! They want to help out, they just are twits about it. I thought throwing in the trick step there was fun, so I'm glad you liked it ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #44, by marauderfan Come On Down To My Boat

1st June 2013:
I have liked this whole story so far, but I particularly loved this chapter and the one before it. It was really great to see Arthur's and Molly's families. Gideon and Fabian are hilarious. They remind me of Fred and George in so many ways :) And Bilius made me laugh too.
Seeing Molly's parents definitely explains why Molly is the way she is. I loved their interaction too - all the bickering was pretty amusing. And Arthur's mum... lol. I'm enjoying this story so much! :)

Author's Response: These chapters are what made me turn the story from a short story to a full novel. I thought of the window scene and I just sort of kept writing until I got there ;) I love the brothers. Bilius would probably get along famously with Gid & Fab.

Molly's parents are my own invention since there's no canon detail on them. I just sort of went with it once Molly's dad at the window popped into my head. And her mom is like an amplified version of Molly. ;) Arthur's mom is just so flighty and feminine. Definitely a 50s/60s housewife.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #45, by marauderfan I'm Into Something Good

31st May 2013:
Oh my goodness I am loving this story so much. Molly and Arthur are adorable. (Arthur particularly - he is so awkward in a really endearing way.) And they just seem so believable and really relatable. Ahh!! I'm pretty sure I'll just end up spending the whole evening reading this fic. Definitely adding it to my favourites. But I have to make dinner now, so I'll be back to read the rest later ;) (And sorry this review is essentially just a long ramble!)

Author's Response: (oh and forgot to mention in previous review response - Molly using a love potion is canon! She tells Hermione and Ginny about it in PoA)

Arthur is so awkward. He does loosen up though. He's just so self-conscious around her just then, so once he gets a little more secure about her feelings for him, then he's able to relax. Enjoy your dinner, and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #46, by marauderfan Red Rubber Ball

31st May 2013:
Hello! Started reading this based on a recommendation from a friend, and I love this so far!! I've never seen another story about Molly and Arthur at Hogwarts, so this looked interesting. And I love the way you've portrayed the teenage Molly and Arthur. Despite how uptight Molly is about rules in the HP books, I could definitely see her having a sillier side that doesn't come out in the books - we kind of got a hint of that in CoS when she mentioned how much she loved Lockhart, so I found it believable that Molly would use a love potion on the object of her affections at Hogwarts. And Arthur seems very similar to how he is when he's older - a bit awkward, red ears when he gets embarrassed, etc. I think the characterisations are perfect. This is really cute so far, I'm so glad I found it!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for coming to check out the story, I hope you enjoy it! There are a few other Molly/Arthur at school stories, but mine is the longest and (I think) only completed novel about them at school. Two novels, I should say, since I wrote a sequel for their senior year. I tried very hard to keep them in character but younger, so I'm glad to hear you thought they were. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #47, by MrWobbles Daydream Believer

1st April 2013:
Great so story far, I love how you manage to keep it interesting but without so much angst and drama, it makes it more believable. Honestly, many stories have far too much drama, I mean sure, love is hard and couples fight, but certainly not all the time.

On another note, I seem to be having a little problem with the last three or so chapters that I don't really know if anone else has had because I haven't seen anyone mention it in comments. Sometimes certain words in the story have been swapped out for other words that don't make any sense, for example "eyebrows" is a word that often appears, but like, the word it's supposed to be is still there (but most of the time the word's just swapped for another) so it can say like "embaeyebrowsd" and there seems to be more and more of them. Like it swapped "girls/women" for "bunny rabbits" and "boys" for "frogs". In this chapter it swapped "wand" for "banana" and that can't be right... So I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem or if it's just me.

Anyways, love the story!

Author's Response: Ah the silly word replacements were part of the site's annual April Fool's prank. They're all gone now. :)

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you're enjoying the story so far. There are a few fights between them but it's not constant drama. That sounds exhausting, and I don't think it makes for a solid foundation for a lifelong marriage. But anyway, I really appreciate the review, thank you!

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Review #48, by patronus_charm See You In September

18th March 2013:
The last chapter! Itís exciting to see that the conclusion of plot lines, then bittersweet as itís the end.

I thought it was a perfect way to end the story! Iím agreeing with Molly here about how it was still weird that Cecilia and Reid were kissing, even though I had wanted this to happen throughout, it was still rather shocking, but I loved it!

Then I liked the nod towards Thad, as it showed to Molly and us how much her year had changed, and how good it was that she gave the love potion to Thad, because if she didnít do that, she would never meet her love of her life. You can tell how happy he makes her, I think it was the part where she was talking about how he wanted to marry her, and that seemed to be the most obvious thing to me.

Even if the romantic mood was slightly ruined by Fabian and Gideon, I still loved their appearance! Their reactions were brilliant, and the ending wouldnít have been right if they hadnít featured in it. And of course the brief cameo from Frank was also great!

Then ending it Arthurís parents reactions was brilliant, and I loved how weepy his mum got, as it just made me laugh so much, and I could picture the scene so clearly.

Iím so glad that the review-a-thon was organised, because it gave me the push to read this book, and even if it did take a month and a half to finish reading it, Iíve enjoyed every second of it! Youíve made me have a new found love for Molly and Arthur, and made me view them in a different way, and made me realise that they did have a youth. I loved how you portrayed them here as it was just so natural and believable.

So thank you for this great read!

-Kiana :D

P.S. I will have to check out the rest of the Unsinkable seires soon, I just have a ton of exams coming up, so it will probably be after June but you will see me back:D

Author's Response:
You reviewed every single chapter of this story, thank you! I appreciate that so much, it really means a lot to me.

Reid and Cecilia being together creeps their friends out a bit haha. They'll get over it though, and in 7th year those two are still together (spoiler-ish there).

That's just what I was showing with the brief mention of Thad - Molly has really changed a lot over the year, and he was the beginning of her getting with the love of her life so though he wasn't for her, he certainly helped her out a lot, even if it was because she attempted to drug him. Sounds crazy when you phrase it that way but it's not inaccurate ;)

Gid & Fab had to ruin the schmoopiness. Probably for the best, things might get over the top without those two to tone it down. I'm so glad you liked them, and Frank's brief appearances. :D

Arthur's mum is one of my favorites. She's just so very silly, it's fun to write. Such a mama.

There was a review-a-thon? I didn't even realize it was why I got all these lovely reviews from you! Well that's awesome, thank you so much. And I'm super happy that I can introduce people to my favorite ship and maybe convert them to it too ;) I adore Molly/Arthur. They're so sweet. Thank you so much for all the kind words, and again for reviewing every chapter! You are a sweetheart. Thanks! I hope you do get a chance to read the rest of this series and that you enjoy it!

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Review #49, by patronus_charm Strangers in the Night

18th March 2013:
Haha I guess itís true about how thereís always someone who gets picked on! I knew that this council was going to be great straight away, due to that, and then bringing up Reid was just great! I didnít realise that Cecilia had been acting odd recently, but since you mentioned it, it does seem fitting! Poor Arthur having permanent scars, I guess Pringle could leave, as it would time in with Filch arriving.

I was really pleased with the house cup results. Gryffindor rarely loses, so it was a refreshing change to see that they did, and Hufflepuff won! That never happens, and I think that made me even happier than Gryffindor winning.

I didnít expect that twist with Professor Ampara, but I thought it was great, as it fitted in with the darkening feel of the school and the outside world, and showed that even Hogwarts wasnít safe at times.

They kissed! I thought something was up with Cecilia, with her not going to the feast, then disappearing on the train, but it was well worth the rate! At least they finally got their act together even if it was at the end of the book!

Haha then everyone elseís reactions to it was brilliant, and so fitting. But I think the credit has to go to Arthur for the best one!

Author's Response: Cecilia's been more prickly and volatile than usual, yeah. Explanations in "I Will Follow" (though I really do want to re-write that). Pringle was still there the following year, because Molly says Filch wasn't caretaker when she was at school, but I think he was toward the end of his tenure at this point. Filch started up by the time the Marauders were hitting their heyday but that's still a few years away (the 70s).

I think Hufflepuff should win sometimes! And they must have, or people would have talked about it, you know? Like with the Chudley Cannons, who always lose.

Professor Ampara also got a spin-off to tell her story in this year, it's a one-shot called "Shift". I was sad to kill her off, I quite liked her.

They totally kissed. And had been kissing quite often. haha. Glad you enjoyed that scene! Thank you very much for the review!

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Review #50, by patronus_charm In the Midnight Hour

15th March 2013:
Haha Iíve been waiting for the infamous Pringle to appear, and I rather liked his appearance. There Molly and Arthur were having an innocent time stargazing and he has to come along and ruin it all. It was rather heroic of Arthur to sacrifice himself for the sake of Molly, and it made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy about that.

It was nice to see that all of the friends were so supportive though. I was worried that they were going to a Fat Lady on them, and accuse them that it was their own fault due to breaking the rules. Well I feared that Cecilia would say that, due to her being a prefect, but I think Reid would probably distract her enough to forget about it.

Wow that Pringle sounds even worse than Filch, the worst he got was threatening the students, not actually hitting them. Poor old Arthur, I felt so bad for him winding up in the Hospital Wing, but I guess it was for a good cause, and I can imagine that he would be even more distraught if that had happened to Molly.

Author's Response: Pringle is horrible! Arthur being caught out at four a.m. and permanently scarred by Pringle is canon. Molly tells Bill and Harry about it in Goblet of Fire. It was hard to think of a scenario that made sense, since she remembers it with a twinkle in her eye and says it merrily, but Arthur still had the marks 30 years later.

Corporal punishment was pretty common in the 1960s British boarding school, from what I've found. Sad really. Arthur is totally heroic. XD

Cecilia likes Molly and Arthur together, she just wishes they'd follow the rules. lol. Thank you for the review!

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