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Review #26, by patronus_charm I Second That Emotion

28th February 2013:
Arthurís love for muggles must be serious, if he preferred the twins present to Mollyís. I have to agree with Molly though, what is there to be impressed with a plug and some sockets? I suppose I would find the magical alternatives to it fascinating, and would want to collect them too, so I sort of understand Arthurís obsession when I look at it from that perspective.

I canít wait to read the Valentines chapter, no doubt it will have a lot of fluff! I wonder if Madam Puddifootís was around? Though Molly and Arthurís alternative, of getting drunk in the Three Broomsticks sounds a lot better, even if itís less romantic.

I didnít expect that turn of events with the dates! It was nice to see Reid so cool about Cecilia going with someone else, perhaps this is a sign that heís finally getting over her, or heís just playing it cool. Petula how could you go out with Dunstan after saying you wanted someone better? I suppose if I was in her position I would say yes as itís better than being alone.

AHAWHA! That describes the levels of cuteness and fluff I was on. I thought it was just normal levels of it, with Molly wearing his jumper, and then her revealing how she got it! Then her coming out about wanting to have children with Arthur, and he agreeing with it! It was just awesomely fluffy! I thought it was cool how you tied it in with her future baby name choices!

Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: I don't get the attraction with batteries and plugs either, but he does collect them so... Ah bless, he's so dorky and precious. I love Arthur. XD

Valentine's is a super-fluffy day, and they are in love, after all. Petula and Dunstan will temper it a bit ;) She pretty much said yes just because no one else had asked her. Reid and Cecilia will continue to evolve, keep reading. lol

I think Madam Puddifoot's would've been there. It seems like the sort of place that's got Victorian origins, to me. I like the idea of witches in corsets and bustles having tea there.

That is a super fluffy scene, isn't it? I love it, I can't lie XD I'm a fan of romance. I try to keep it adorable without being cloying. I love the jumper scene so I'm always happy when someone else gets sucked into the fluff! haha.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #27, by patronus_charm Back in My Arms Again

25th February 2013:

Wah me and Molly are on the same wavelength, how awesome! I sort of thought Cecilia had slightly evil tendencies, due to her not being able to produce a patronus (sheís smart so I figured she would be able to, then I thought perhaps she lacks happy thoughts), her being mean to Siobhan, and lack of forgiveness towards Reid. I hope she isnít a death eater wannabe, but it does give you something to think about.

Haha Mollyís making them break the school rules then! Itís for a good cause at least, and I thought it was so sweet that sheís knitting him a jumper, I guess thatís where the tradition started from. Then the twins subtle hints about all her knitting! I love knitwear, and Iíve always wanted one of her jumpers, so I donít know what theyíre on about.

It was nice to see how much Arthur appreciated his birthday picnic, as she did put a lot of effort into it. Aw and the twins got him some batteries, I thought that was nice of them. And yay for the brief mention of Hagrid, youíve got to love him!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: haha! She was mostly being snarky about Cecilia. Cecilia won't be going Dark. Decidedly not, in fact. Molly just worries about her level of anger. Which is funny cause Molly's got a temper herself. Cecilia has a hard time forgiving Reid because he publicly humiliated her (not intentionally) and she had felt very strongly for him, so it hurt a lot more.

Molly is willing to break the rules for Arthur! Though she's not good at it and has to ask her brothers for help ;) They are quite experienced rule-breakers. They did try to warn her about the knitting, but fortunately Arthur's too in love to tell her how horrible it all is. lol

Arthur pretty much thinks everything Molly does is great, even when she's nutty. The batteries comes from canon - he collects batteries and plugs later. I figured the twins could help him get started on that.

Hardly anyone writes about Hagrid, but he was there! His accent is difficult so he just gets a cameo.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #28, by patronus_charm Let's Live For Today

25th February 2013:
Hi again!

I liked that scene with Fabian, Gideon and Arthur, itís nice to see that theyíre all becoming friends. I knew I was right about them staging that duel, so Iím glad that my assumptions have been proved correct. I thought Bellatrixís reaction to them talking to Andromeda was great, and it made me laugh about how crazy she is.

So Siobhanís got a new a boyfriend then? She makes me laugh, the way she moves from guy to guy so quickly, they donít seem to realise that theyíve spilt up! What was that with Hattie talking to Reid, Iím betting she was doing it to make Cecilia jealous. Well I hope it was because of that, as Reid and Cecilia still need to get together.

Go Siobhan telling them how it is! I do agree with her though, Reid and Cecilia do have some issues. Theyíre argument shocked me so much, but it was nice to see that they drew some emotion from one another, and it got them talking!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Ahaha... The twins didn't stage that duel. They were trying to get Andromeda to help them stage a duel and it became a real duel through no fault of their own. So Arthur and Molly both responded how they naturally would without coaching, and got to see each other at their best. :)

Siobhan's always got a new boyfriend. lol. She gets bored easily, always looking for something she can't actually get from some random boy. Poor girl. Hattie talks to Reid because she thinks of him as a rather idiotic little brother who can't fend for himself and needs help to see sense. Which is funny because it's true, even though Reid is actually a genius. No romantic involvement there at all.

Someone needed to tell them off! They really are ridiculous. It was good for them to hear it.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #29, by patronus_charm We Can Work It Out

24th February 2013:
Aw poor Molly, my heart goes out to you! All her conflicting emotions over whether she should take him back or not, but like she said it was just a stupid prank, so she should take him back! Aw I hate seeing her so sad, itís heart-breaking. I donít know why Iím getting upset, as I know they get married, and have tons of children, but still itís horrible!

Haha I love you Thad! The way heís trying to get them back together is sweet. I can see what heís doing! Heís guilt tripping them into being together again, by saying how sad it is that theyíve broken up, I always knew he was cool!

Yay for Siobhan she really is lovely. The way she got food for Molly, and then sang for her, itís a sign of what a good friend she is to Molly.

Yay for Arthur protecting the twins against Bellatrix, and for Molly to come and see! Was this what they meant about helping Arthur getting Molly back? Then Molly and Arthur got back together, I was so pleased to see that.

Another great and exciting chapter :D


Author's Response: Poor girl, she's so sad! And her friends try to help but don't entirely know what to do. Thad awkwardly trying to get Molly and Arthur to kiss and make up, oh he's a sweetie. Dim but sweet.

Siobhan has her moments, she just doesn't like it broadcast about when she shows some emotion. She's very private, likes to show off a facade of being really cool and unaffected. Much like Reid, actually...

This is sort of what they meant - you'll see next chapter ;)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #30, by patronus_charm Baby I Need Your Lovin'

22nd February 2013:

Poor Arthur! He and Molly were going so well, it didnít look like anything could stop them, I guess they were going too well, so there was bound to be something which would happen. He seemed so distraught by what happened, and that showed you how much he loved and missed her.

It was really sweet of the twins, to not drop Arthur in it as well, it was their fault though that he was there. It was also nice of them to decide to help Arthur out, with getting Molly back. Though they seem immature a lot of the time that must have been very mature of them to help Arthur gain Mollyís affections again, given that theyíre only 3rd years.

Iím glad that this chapter was on the shorter side, as I donít think I could take any more of Arthurís pain, as heís just so cut up about it, itís horrible to read!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: It's a very angsty sort of chapter here. Poor Arthur, he's so miserable. Molly is too. They should apologize and snuggle *shoves characters at each other*

A fight was bound to happen sooner or later. They've been rather on their best behavior, but now he's seen Molly's explosive temper and will learn how to deal with her when she flies off the handle.

The twins do feel bad, she is their big sister after all and they really didn't think it would end up that way with their little stunt. Of course, they didn't really think it through at all, so really they are to blame. They have an ulterior motive for keeping Molly happy, though. When she's happy, she doesn't owl their mother to tattle on her brothers.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #31, by patronus_charm 96 Tears

22nd February 2013:
Hello again!

So Reid disappeared because he was dumped? I have to feel for him, as I thought Gemma may finally help him get over Cecilia but I guess it wasnít meant to be. The good thing about this is that Reid and Cecilia may eventually get together.

I really liked that comment from Siobhan about whether Cecilia had an alibi or not, it made me crack up! Then that one where Siobhan said if Cecilia snogged Reid she might be able to do a patronus. Those two donít have the best relationship, by the looks of things, I wonder whether thereís a reason behind it, or whether itís just the fact that Siobhan enjoys annoying her.

Molly and Arthur snogging around the castle, and after curfew, whatís happening to them? I liked Cecilia and Thadís reaction, it again reinforced why Thad was so awesome! I thought it was nice touch to make Amelia Bones head girl, as she always seem to have the qualities necessary to be it, and it always seems more realistic when people include canon characters.

So Fabian and Gideon got Arthur in on their plan. That can never be a good thing! That reminds me I still need to read your one-shot about the firecracker incident. I knew that Arthur getting involved with them was a bad idea from the start, as it led to their first argument.

Another great chapter, and I do really hope that Molly and Arthur will get over it soon!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Reid was sulking because he got dumped, yes. He and Gemma were never going to work out when he was still so hung up on Cecilia.

Siobhan loves to pick on her BFF. She and Cecilia are close, they don't take it to heart and both are kind of mean to each other. They actually do have a really good relationship, just a rather sharp one. They enjoy picking on each other but are also supportive.

Ah Molly and Arthur out and about being naughty! Teenage love. So sweet. Misbehaving is part of the fun, but don't tell my kids I said that when they're teenagers ;) Thad is hilarious, he's a terrible prefect. He's just too nice to punish anyone. Cecilia's better at it, cause she's naturally bossy and always thinks she's right (Leo!). Amelia Bones seems a shoo-in for Head Girl, doesn't she?

Gid & Fab roping Arthur into their plans is not going to work out well. Poor guy. lol

Thank you for the review!

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Review #32, by patronus_charm Tell It Like It Is

22nd February 2013:
Iím back again!

Wow Siobhan is really determined to be able to cast a patronus. I guess that as sheís a muggleborn and these times are getting darker and darker, she needs to take any precaution that she can, and I guess that includes being able to cast a patronus. Itís nice to see that though she may be a Ďscarlet womaní to some, that she does take the threat seriously, and is rather mature, as she shows that she wants to benefit herself a lot.

Molly and Arthur didnít seem to have much time for each other since the holidays, and you could tell that Siobhan noticed that. It was nice of her to be able to drop the lesson, considering how keen she was, and let them have time together. I like this new side of Siobhan that youíre showing, as it shows you that she does have more depth, and concerns other than boys.

I felt so proud for Siobhan when she managed to do it, and a zebra! Thatís such a cool patronus to have, and Iím feeling very jealous of her. Cecilia is rather touchy on the subject of her not being able to do one, I wonder if itís just jealousy which is fuelling this, or another reason.

I always knew that there was something special about Fabian and Gideon, so of course them being 3rd years, they would be able to cast a patronus. I loved their patronus forms a baboon and lion! It seemed to suit them well, and they appeared rather nonplussed that they could cast one. I can see how their death is starting to fit in with their characteristics.

I really liked this chapter, well I always really like them! I canít wait to read more :D

Author's Response: Ah well, I'm sure the Patronus Charm will come in useful at times like those, but Siobhan wants it for other reasons. You'll see ;)

School has been taking up a lot of their free time, but also I skipped past some of the less-interesting business-as-usual moments. Siobhan is always willing to be an enabler for someone else's naughtiness.

I think a zebra suits her. Cecilia is very touchy about it! It's not really jealousy, though that's probably a bit of it. It's Reid. Keep reading!

Gideon and Fabian were apparently quite talented at Defense Against the Dark Arts, and it ties in nicely with their future in the Order. And of course, as Lupin points out, it's easy to cast a Patronus with nothing scary in front of you ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #33, by patronus_charm Baby I'm Yours

22nd February 2013:
I finally have my laptop back, so I can get back to this story!

So the word scarlet woman emerges! Molly did seem rather keen on this word, and seemed to look down in disdain whenever she used that word, so itís funny to see that sheís friends with a person whoís apparently one. I forget that this book is set much further back than the times weíre in now. As if you saw a girl and a boy in a classroom together, you would just think that was normal, but here itís a massive shock.

Thad is one of the coolest characters ever. First of all his name is cool and that automatically gives you brownie points, if you have a cool name. Then he was cool with Molly about the whole love potion thing, and didnít seem to get too freaked out by it all. Then the whole cool prefect thing, and that he just awkwardly tells Molly he needs to get changed, and doesnít blurt out that she has to leave. Heís just cool really níuff said.

I thought it was a typo when Arthur said sheeing, then I realised he meant to skiing! I can see why wizards would find it a strange sport, as I was doing it just last week, and I realised that youíre basically sliding down a mountain on wooden sticks!

I liked seeing Molly as a clever and talented witch. Just because she decided to stay at home and look after her children, doesnít mean she was dumb, so I felt really proud for her when I saw that she managed to do a patronus straight away.

Iím not sure if Iíve said it before, as Iíve left so many reviews on this story now, but Iíll say it again anyway! I really love how you show so much of the school aspect, because if you think back to the books, school did feature more, than the social side of it, so itís such a delight to find a fan fiction which shows this as well, as most people tend to forget about it.

I really love how Molly and Arthur have matching patronuses, and I agree with Petula it is sweet. It reminds me of James and Lily, with their stag and doe patronuses :í)

Another great chapter, and I canít wait to see what the fun is in the next!

Author's Response: Welcome back! I had to switch laptops recently too, so I fell behind in review responses. Catching up now!

Ah "scarlet woman", Ron says it and claims it's something his mother says. It certainly fits with the time period and Molly's very prudish attitude toward sex. She disapproves of Siobhan's extracurricular activities, shall we say, but they're still friends. Yep, this is in the late 60s so about 45 years ago.

Thad is adorable, isn't he? Kind of dumb but a nice guy. He's a sweetheart.

"Sheeing" was a phonetic rendering of one of Arthur's Muggle mispronunciations. He never seems to be able to say things correctly. Siobhan, of course, being Muggleborn herself is able to correct him. Skiing does sound insane when you describe it in those basic terms!

I like showing Molly as smart and talented because she really is - after all, she was able to defeat Bellatrix without any training or practice - and so often stay at home moms are dismissed as worthless. Goes to show.

I tried to keep a lot of school in the story, since they're at boarding school to learn, not to snog in a broom cupboard ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #34, by patronus_charm Come On Down To My Boat

17th February 2013:

So Mollyís mum was a bit of a character. Even though I was initially glad that I didnít have a mum like Arthurís, after seeing what Mollyís was like, I would much prefer to have one like his. Itís odd thinking that though her mother appears rather cold, Mollyís such a warm and welcoming person, perhaps this was due to her motherís personality.

And yes Fabian and Gideon time! They remind me of Fred and George in so many ways, yet they seem different to them as well. I canít really explain, but itís nice that theyíre not clones of one another, as that probably would have been the easier choice. I liked that they wanted to own a Hippogriff farm; I never knew that there were such things, but now youíve mentioned it, it would be pretty cool to have one!

I like how some of her most recognisable traits, such as being a good cook, and knitting, have some sort of explanation to how they started. I mean everyone wants a Weasley jumper, and to try some of her cooking, so it was nice to see that she was always like this.

So the meet the parents went rather well then. Mollyís parents do seem a little odd, but they seem likeable at the same time. I loved Arthurís mumís reaction to him getting a girlfriend, it was hilarious! I hope Molly meets Arthurís parents, as it will be interesting to see what type of reaction sheíll have there.

A great chapter as usual!

Author's Response: Antonia is a hoot, isn't she? She's so proper and overbearing and domineering - in similar ways to Molly - and has sort of a negotiated truce of a marriage. I don't think she's cold, but I can see how she comes off that way. She doesn't have Molly's warmth, that's for sure. I think Molly is more like Cedrella Weasley that way. In my head anyway. lol

Gideon and Fabian! I love their appearances, so I'm always happy to hear someone else does too. Twins are such fun. Identical boys generally seem to have a similar tone so I gave that to the Prewett twins. They share it with Fred and George for sure. It's a twin thing. My boys are 8 now and they definitely have it too. I have no idea if hippogriff farms are a real thing in the HP verse, but it seemed like such a little boy thing to like. Like wanting to be a cowboy.

There's a lot of roots-of-future-Mrs.-Weasley bits in this story. The knitting, the cooking, how it all began sort of. I like writing that. Molly's such an earth mother.

Meeting the parents did go well, but Molly hasn't been to see the Weasleys yet. Soon though. Thank you so much for the review! :)

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Review #35, by patronus_charm Canít Take My Eyes Off of You

17th February 2013:
Yay Iím halfway through!

I was looking forward to meeting Arthurís mum, as she sounded rather unusual, and I always love the eccentric characters, as theyíre so much fun to read. He really had to go to desperate measures to avoid being seen with her, didnít he? She did live up to my expectations of her, and I never really thought about what his mother would have been like before, but the slightly clingy, overbearing mother fitted really well! She reminded me of Molly in a way.

I enjoyed meeting Arthurís family, as theyíre rarely mentioned in the books, so it was nice to see them here. I think one of my favourites has to be Bilius, he just provided so many comedic moments, in his silent grumbling. He reminded me of Fred and George, as he refused to work despite his mother pestering him to do so.

I liked the mention towards Voldemort in the muggle deaths, as he was around then, and many people forget that, so that was good.

Aw Arthur he was so desperate to see her, it was adorable! I almost thought that Bilius would say no, and I felt as Arthur would have if that happened. No Molly and Arthur fluff on Christmas! That whole scene made me laugh so much! When Arthur got the wrong window, I thought her dad would have a reaction like Vernon did, when the Weasleyís came in the middle of the night, but it was fine! He sounded like a really nice guy, because Iím sure if my boyfriend came over in the middle of the night, my Dad would blow the roof off!

Then when Fabian woke up! I didnít expect that, it seemed as if the whole house was intent on ruining their romantic moment. Well I guess part of that was Arthurís fault, but sill you couldnít help but feel for them.

I thought this chapter was one of the best so far; it just had the right amount of romance, comedy and embarrassment!

Author's Response: Halfway point!

Arthur's mum is adorable. She's definitely eccentric, but it seems a lot if not most pureblood wizards and witches are like that. Cedrella is a product of her time, too - she's a 1940s/50s sort of housewife. But in a pureblood witch way. She's fun to write. She is a bit like Molly, isn't she? Arthur married his mum haha.

Arthur's family doesn't get much mention - they do say the Weasleys are a large group but then we never meet any of them! Only Molly's aunt/great-aunt (it seems nonspecific on her exact relation, but I think Aunt Muriel is Molly's great-aunt, based on her age at Bill's wedding and Molly's remarks about her). Anyway I enjoyed inventing the Weasleys in Arthur's immediate family. Bilius is the only one mentioned in canon, though he's passed away by then, and is only referred to as Uncle Bilius so I made him Arthur's older brother. I love writing all the Weasleys, but Bilius is especially fun.

Voldemort's rise to power becomes a more prominent storyline in the sequel novel to this. In Unsinkable it's still in the background, but in What It's Worth it's much more a part of their lives, as Voldemort becomes more and more powerful and dangerous.

Arthur really missed her over Christmas, the poor dear. I'm glad you liked the window scene! That was actually the scene that made me turn this into a full novel instead of a short story. I thought that up and wrote it down and had to keep the story going to get to this point.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really happy you enjoyed the chapter :)

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Review #36, by patronus_charm Ain't No Mountain High Enough

14th February 2013:
I canít believe Iíve only just realised that the music at the start of each chapter is 60s era music for a reason, I was just thinking you have great music taste, when it hit me that Arthur and Molly were at school in the 60s! I feel so stupid nowÖ.

Wow Arthur really is upset about his manhood, donít worry Arthur, Iím sure everything really is fine down there, and Siobhan was just being mean.

Yes Fabian and Gideon are back! That was a lovely moment, and it showed what good siblings they really all are, and even thought the twins seem to tease Molly most of the time, it showed that deep down they did care for her and looked out for her!

Siobhan is really growing on me, even though she picked on Arthur, who is now one of my favourite characters thanks to this story, sheís just so funny. I guess sheís the modern woman, as sheís rather promiscuous for those times, and we always need a character like that, whoís unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Ooh and Christmas is coming up soon, well in the story anyway! I wonder whether Molly and Arthur will have to endure the awkward meet the parentís moment or not, I do hope they do as I canít wait to find out more about these people.

Another awesome chapter, and Iím glad that Molly and Arthur are ok now, as that means more fluff!

Author's Response: Yes, the music is all from about 1966-1968, with a 1965 here and there. I chose it specifically to fit this school year. Don't feel stupid, it's obscure music knowledge to know what year a song came out, fifty years ago!

Arthur is a bit touchy about his male ego. Ah teenagers. Hormones make you crazy. Siobhan was just teasing him and didn't know he was feeling touchy.

Gid and Fab are starting to mature here, growing up, so they are able to bond a bit more with Molly. They interact in new ways. But they're still siblings so they'll always have the bit of picking on each other too. There's love there though.

Siobhan tends to be the #1 fan favorite of my OCs in this story. She is definitely the most modern and liberated of the girls. And the most damaged as well.

Christmas soon! Those are fun chapters. Awkward meeting the parents will be happening. ;) Hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #37, by patronus_charm Daydream Believer

14th February 2013:

Wahahaha why Reid, why? Is all I can say! It was supposed to be him and Cecilia and then he goes and asks out this Gemma person, I guess Iíll never get my dream of those two being together then, Iíll just have to leave with it :(

I really like how much school related things youíve put into the story, so many people tend to forget to do that, and itís just like itís based in Hogwarts they have to go to lessons at Hogwarts, so Iím really glad that you featured it so much, as it does tend to be missing from a lot of stories.

Arthur and muggles he really does have an obsession over them, doesnít he? Well itís a rather cute obsession so Iím not really complaining!

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Awww Reid and Gemma. Keep reading to see what happens with them!

There's a lot of school in this because they're at school, that's their life at this point. They don't have all the craziness that Harry has at this age. School is the priority.

Arthur does love his Muggles! It's an endearing trait because he really does value them, I think it teaches people to be broad-minded when they interact with him.

Thank you so much!

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Review #38, by patronus_charm To Sir, With Love

14th February 2013:

Iím really glad that Molly still liked the date, as I was worried that she may be secretly angry about not being able to get in, but she made the best of the situation, and it was still a nice evening. I enjoyed the brief mention of her motherís possible horror though, and she sounds like a character, and I hope we get to see her in the future.

And their declaration of love for one another. Though it was impromptu, and not highly romantic, I still loved it, and it just seemed so much more natural, I especially liked Mollyís initial reaction to it!

Aw and then he thought that she perhaps didnít really love him, and he was all embarrassed and nervous, poor Arthur! Iím so glad that they finally told one another though as it just seemed so obvious to the rest of us.

An awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Making the best of the situation was definitely the big reason I wrote the scene that way. They spend most of their married life very poor, and are still happy, so Molly's ability to make the best of things is important. Molly's mom does appear later on. :)

Aww the drunken "I love you"s. That was a fun scene to write. So much fluffy goodness! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Arthur's so sweet.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #39, by patronus_charm I Say A Little Prayer

13th February 2013:

I thought at the beginning Arthurís thoughts were great. I loved how though he was pleased for his friend, like you expect him to be, he likes that he made a profit out of it as well! And also the banter between him and his friends over Molly was great as well!

I almost thought that when they were walking down the tunnel, that Molly turn back, and you could see how worried and anxious Arthur was getting about that possibly happening. You really felt for him, as you just wanted to tell Molly, so she wouldnít go back, but if she did, then it wouldnít be a surprise, luckily he managed to get her to come!

And it was going all so well, and Molly and Arthur were being all cute and lovey dovey, then Professor Dumbledore appears. I thought it was a great twist, as you think that theyíve finally got there, then something else happens. I thought it was funny that you made him a Celestina Warbeck fan!

I liked the ending, as it was still happy in a way, and there was lots of fluff!

Author's Response: The guys' banter was a ton of fun to write. I really like writing friends sort of scenes :)

Arthur was so sure Molly was about to ditch him. She's not good at accepting surprises, is she? Scorpios like to be in control. lol Poor Arthur, the best-laid plans go awry - Dumbledore appears and wrecks the plan. I can totally see him at a Celestina concert. I bet he knows her personally.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #40, by patronus_charm You're The One

11th February 2013:

I canít believe that Iíve only just noticed, but Molly and Arthurís thoughts are just so in synch! Itís almost weird at times, but adorable at the same time to, of course! How can anything those two do, not be adorable?

I liked the howler, as itís funny to see that the howler sending runs in the family. I liked how youíve included Fabian and Gideon a lot, as you tend to forget that Molly has siblings, as she never seems to mourn about them. But in this story you have shown that she deeply cares for them, so it would be interesting to see how she reacted to their deaths.

The appratition lesson was funny! I never imagined the boys fighting over who would be the next to apparate, but given the amount of testosterone they have, it seems like the obvious thing they would do!

Thereís still no sign of Cecilia and Reid on the cards then! I hope you havenít just been teasing up about them perhaps getting together, as I really hope they do, as they would be a rather eccentric couple.

Haha the concert! I did wonder why the girls were picking fights, but itís nice to know that they donít hate Molly after all!

Author's Response: They are pretty in synch at times. And at others they just don't get each other. I think that happens. Sometimes my husband really gets me, and sometimes he is utterly clueless.

I bet a lot of moms send Howlers. It's definitely attention-getting. Kids don't listen until Mom is losing her head! I'm sure Molly mourned her brothers quite a lot, but by the time the books happen, they've been dead for 15 years or more. That's a long time. She's been able to move through her grief.

Apparition has such potential for comedy, I couldn't resist. And it is sixth year, that's the time for learning to Apparate!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #41, by patronus_charm How Sweet It Is

11th February 2013:
Hello again!

I loved Arthurís thoughts at the beginning of this chapter, as he just seems so much more confident, and it really shows you how love can you change you. I love this new Arthur so much; he just seems like a really nice guy.

Can I just say a quick thank you for making Molly and Arthur so loveable, as they usually donít appear in many peopleís favourite character lists but after reading this, I think they may be featuring on it, as they just so awesome!

I think it was really sweet of Molly to put her schooling first, as I wouldnít have really expected that to come from her, but I guess it shows her genuine their love is for one another, as they both recognise that they canít always be together as otherwise other parts of their lives will suffer as a result of that.

I thought it was really nice of the girls to help Arthur out on Mollyís Christmas present. And it was such a good idea, and so romantic, as itís personalised for Molly, and Arthurís suffering through it just for her!

I found it hilarious that they both love each other, yet they wonít admit to it! I think they both secretly know that the feelings mutual they just donít want to ruin their relationship by saying so.

Another great chapter, and Iím off to the next!

Author's Response: Arthur's confidence really grows through being with Molly. He feels a success because he got her, whether anything else happens or not, he feels successful because she loves him. I like that about him. And it's a good foundation for marriage, y'know?

There aren't a lot of Molly/Arthur focused stories set in their school years. The last time I checked, I was still the only one to do an entire finished novel about them. I'm always happy to convert more people to my OTP ;)

The girls like to help Molly be happy, and they know Arthur is making her happy. And Hattie notices things a lot, so she'd know Arthur was a bit clueless about a gift.

Thank you so much for the review! I really enjoyed reading it, it made me smile a lot.

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Review #42, by patronus_charm Canít You Hear My Heartbeat

11th February 2013:
Hello! I can't believe I didn't read this at all yesterday, I'm surprised I didn't get withdrawal symptons!

I really love the girls interactions with one another, sometimes you just need a bit of girly time, and I thought Siobhan's idea of getting a boyfriend was hilarious!

Yay another appearance of her knitting, it really is awsome and should be valued more!

And another yay more Molly/Arthur fluff, they just seem to be meant for each other, and they're just adorable! Wah I'm in love with these two, as it's so nice to seem them lovey dovey now as they don't always seem like that in the books!

Another awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! I'm glad you like it so well!

I love writing the friendship scenes between the Gryffie girls. Well, and the boys too. Siobhan's line about "wear your skirts shorter" made me smile, I'm glad you thought it was funny too!

Knitting it good! Weasley sweaters ahoy!

They are totally meant to be. Made for each other, that's what Molly says in book 6. Love her. Thank you very much!

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Review #43, by patronus_charm My Love

9th February 2013:
I have habit of leaving 3 reviews a day! I would break it, but I seem to do it just before I go to bed, so Iíll stick with it for now!

I loved how confused Molly got about quidditch, donít worry I have the same feeling about football, I mean all those rules, and itís not even interesting! I think itís a girls thing ;)

Poor Molly, Iíve been through that as well, when you think someone hasnít got you something, but theyíve actually got you something awesome, and you just donít know it! I really like how youíve made Molly a really identifiable character, and you can really sympathise, and understand what sheís going through.

But then sheís saved when she goes to the party, I still want someone to throw me one though, but if I ask it wonít be a surpriseÖhmm Iíll have to think about this!

And yay Fabian and Gideon were there, I loved their reactions to them kissing!

Níaw this chapter so fluff filled, it was wonderful!

Author's Response: 3 reviews a day is great! I'm glad you're still enjoying the story. :)

I agree about football, the rules are too much and it's boring. I'm glad my husband isn't that into it so I don't have to hear about it all the time haha

I'm glad Molly is relateable - I like her a lot so I want other people to like her too, to see her for more than just the mom who yells and punishes the kids for misbehaving. Probably because I'm a mom myself.

The fluff! It's all over this story. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #44, by patronus_charm Sunny

9th February 2013:
Arthur really does love Molly? I mean heís willing to break the rules for her, and he always seemed like a rule abiding person to me! Well I guess he doesnít have to watch her now, as heís dating her! I liked the fact that he talked to the muggleborn students. They probably didnít though; I mean how on earth do you explain the function of a rubber duck?

Reidís such an odd character, but every time heís mentioned I internally cheer, as he provides so many laughs! Heís socially doesnít seem to be very high, I mean look what he did to the person he likes, but his mental intelligence is very high, and if you watch TBBT, he seems to remind of Sheldon Cooper, due to the contrast of both forms of intelligence.

Ooh Arthur was having rather racy thoughts? I never would have thought he would be the type to have those! It was funny to see him a different light though, and it would be funny to see Arthur like that in Mollyís mind!

And yay for the Gideon and Fabian, theyíre just like replicas of Fred and George! I really do hope they appear more in the story, as even though theyíve only had minor appearances, every time theyíve made me laugh!

I loved the little side note, it made me laugh;D

Author's Response: Of course he does! He's head over heels. I think Arthur is mostly rule-abiding, but he does what he needs to do and likes to smooth things over for people.

Reid is fun - he's a genius and an egotistical jerk. That winds up being fun to write. He's a teenager and will grow out of it. He's not like Sheldon except in that he is very smart.

Arthur is a teenager after all - hormones! lol. Poor guy. And of course he and Molly have a healthy attraction to each other, they did have 7 kids after all.

Gideon and Fabian are some of my favorites ;)

Thank you for the review!

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Review #45, by patronus_charm Lightnin' Strikes

9th February 2013:

Yay! Arthurís hoping for Reid and Cecilia to get together as well. Well Iím guessing most of them are hoping that they get together as that way it will stop them arguing, and allow both of their friendship groups to be together.

You write Molly and Arthurís interaction with one another so easily, and it just seems so natural, that I love reading them, as you just slip them in subtly so you donít tend to notice them. I think thatís great because if it was in your face it would just get irritating.

I noticed Hattie smug look, and itís annoying me why it was there. Hopefully weíll find out soon!

And yaya a secret party, there always fun. I just hope that Molly doesnít think that somethingís going on with Hattie and Arthur due to all the planning. I wish someone would plan me a secret party now!

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Reid and Cecilia getting together would help the two groups blend better, wouldn't it?

Thank you! I do think it would get irritating after a bit, so I'm glad the portrayal is good. Thanks for the lovely compliments!

I hope the reason for Hattie's look is clear now! :) Secret parties are fun.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #46, by patronus_charm I Hear A Symphony

8th February 2013:
Iím backÖfor the 9th time;)

I really loved that the realisation scene when Molly admits to loving Arthur and the fact that she had to change her scribble as well! As they got married quickly, I can see why now they had to fall in love quickly to make it work!

I liked the idea of the girlís council session, it was nice to see such a muggle concept being used in the wizarding world, and Siobhan had rather been under my radar so far, so it was funny to see her complaining about sleeping on the floor, but I can see her point though!

The fact that Cecilia mentions Reid quite a lot, may suggest a change of heart. I donít why Iím obsessed about these two getting together, I just think they would be really cool together.

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Ah, she did fall in love quickly ;) Probably at this point it's really infatuation, but it will develop into love. Cause of course they wind up together. They did run off quickly, and Molly says they were "made for each other", so I think it was a love at first sight sort of thing. Once she noticed him, anyway. lol

The Gryffindor Girls Council is fun, isn't it? They're so cute. Siobhan is an interesting one, she's probably the most complex of the girls. Sleeping on the floor is silly, but Molly has a point about it. ;)

Cecilia does talk about him a lot, doesn't she?

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #47, by patronus_charm Sunshine Superman

8th February 2013:
Hello again!

I really love how Arthur is trying to make this date so perfect, as itís just lovely, as you would have never have put him down as a perfectionist, but I guess if itís due to Molly of course heís going to be one! And the way he was reminiscing about the kiss, it just made me aw so much!

Yay there was a sign of hope on the Reid/Cecilia front! I really hope they work out, as then they could double date, and that would just be lovely!

It was nice to see more of Arthurís friends, as weíve only got to know Reid, and they all seem so funny and unique. On the point of peeling grapes, it has a different texture but itís still lovely!

I liked the idea of the photo, and is Cecilia strangling Reid? It was nice to see the groups blend together, so they donít have to divide their friendships!

Another great chapter as usual!

Author's Response: Cecilia wasn't strangling Reid. That was a joke about how wizard photos seem to display the emotions of the subjects and not just what they were doing. :)

Arthur tries so hard. He does want to make things just right for Molly, cause he's hoping to make her fall in love with him.

The two circles of friends blending together is fun. They both want to spend time with each other, and also with their friends, so I think it's inevitable. They're all (except Cosmo) in the same year so the same classes anyway.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #48, by patronus_charm Then He Kissed Me

8th February 2013:
Hello itís me again! I was glad to see that you loved that people review every chapter, so Iíll carry on then;)

I found it was nice that you included the fact that she had knitted her own hat, as the Weasleyís knitted jumpers are rather important, I mean I even want one myself. It was interesting that she had already started knitting at this age, hopefully her attempt at it, are better than Hermioneís for the house elves!

Ok a little Brit pick, sorry but I canít help myself! We wouldnít say slumber party, we would say sleepover party instead :)

Cecilia and Reid hypothetically dating keeps on coming up, I hope it does, as they sound like rather different characters, and it would be funny to see them together. I do hope the fire cracker story does come up, as every time itís mentioned it makes me want to know what happened even more.

I liked the brief mention of their families; I forgot about old Bilius, I hope he appears, as heís so hyped up in the book, I need to meet this man! And Fabian and Gideon I hope they make an appearance as well, as I want to see the predescors of Fred and George.

Oops no need to write the last bit as they just made an appearance! Their relationship seemed so natural and so typical for annoying brothers!

Another great chapter, and I loved their kiss scene!

Author's Response: I really do love reviews on every chapter! It's not that common after a story is finished, so I especially love them :)

Molly and her knitting! She would've had more time for it pre-motherhood so I'm sure she did quite well. And from canon, she seems to have been good at it, so I think she'd be better than Hermione knitting for the house elves.

Ah thank you for the Brit pick! I did my best, but I am not British so there are I'm sure a lot of errors in here.

Cecilia and Reid is a recurring plotline :) You'll have to keep reading to see. I did a one-shot on the firecracker incident, you can find it on my author profile if you want to read it!

Bilius does appear in the story a couple of times! I think you'll like him, I had a lot of fun writing his part. He sounded like he was a hoot. Fabian and Gideon are in this story quite a few times.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #49, by patronus_charm I'm Into Something Good

7th February 2013:
I hope youíre not getting annoyed by all these reviews, itís just if I left it to the end, I wouldnít be able to express my love for this story, so itís easier doing it this way ;)

I really loved the Ďnewí Arthur in this chapter, he just seemed so much for confident especially with the ĎHello ladiesí, I just couldnít help but laugh, as thatís possibly one of the last things I could have imagined he would say. I guess it just shows you how much love can you change you, and itís lovely seeing him braver.

Molly such a hypocrite! Dreading that she would receive a howler yet she sends her son one. I mean driving a flying car to Hogwarts and giving someone a love potion, are similar levels of crime, so I do feel she was unfair to poor old Ron.

We got to know a bit more about their friends characters today which was nice, especially Reid heís just so funny, I hope we get to know more about the firecracker incident as it sounds very entertaining. Poor old Cecilia you can tell that he still loves her but heís not having any of it.

Another great chapter in my opinion, but I donít really need to say that as all of its awesome!

Author's Response: I **adore** reviews on every chapter! Never fear, I am enjoying them immensely. The opposite of annoyed, I promise!

Arthur gains a lot of confidence through dating Molly. He tries to be suave and polite to her friends so everyone will like him.

Ah it's not hypocrisy! When you're a teenager, you don't want to get in trouble, but as an adult you have to be the one to deal out trouble. It's the cycle of life. lol She did get up to some crazy things, didn't she? The love potion is canon, the events surrounding it are my own invention. I think the underage grand theft auto was definitely worse than a little love potion, though.

Their circles of friends are definitely a big part of the story. Reid does still have a thing for Cecilia haha.

Thank you so much! I'll get to answering your other reviews very soon, but I wanted to let you know that I love it when people review every chapter, so no worries about that. :)

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Review #50, by patronus_charm Brown-Eyed Girl

7th February 2013:
Hello itís me again!

I really liked the lines Molly had to write, I never would have thought Flitwick could have been so funny and creative, when giving lines out. Itís nice to see from Mollyís perspective that Arthur seems rather brave, as he still wanted to date her despite the mishap!

Itís just so sweet their love for one another, it just seems so genuine and natural, and just so lovely, I canít even describe it, their thoughts for one another are just lovely. Thanks to this story Arthur and Molly now become my new OTP! I just canít get enough of them :D

Wahah this chapter was awesome as the fluff was just heart-warming, and has left me with a happy glow! Your writing is equally as awesome as Molly and Arthur!

Author's Response: Molly's lines are one of my favorite parts of the love potion incident (which is based on a canon scene but the details of the incident are all my invention). Arthur is brave for wanting to date her after seeing that love potion mess, isn't he? Probably he should think she's a bit crazy.

Arthur/Molly is my favorite pairing in the HP universe. I really love them. I think their being still totally in love thirty years later shows how much they really had a true love story, you know?

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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